All My Children Update Wednesday 7/19/00

All My Children Update Wednesday, July 19th, 2000

By Merilee

>The bar

Arlene opens the bar and in walks in some customers among them a lady that Arlene had once worked for.  She told her that the drinks were on the house and then leave. 

The homeless shelter

Gillian, Tad, Tina, and the reverend are sitting around a table.  Gillian is apologizing for fainting and then tells the others that she hasn't slept very well lately and she hasn't had anything to eat.  Tad leaves to go to work and Tina leaves to go get Gillian something to eat.  She is left with the reverend and they talk.  She finally admits to him that the first time she
got married was so that she could obtain a green card.  It was not love. They got a divorce and she realized her mistake.  She did love him but it was too late.  She was already married to Jake.  The worst thing was that she still loved her first husband.  She admitted that she felt like she was being punished for loving this other man. 

The hallway of the homeless shelter

Haley and Tina are out in the hall.  Tina tells Haley that it's hard to love a ghost.  She's afraid that if he comes back; his feelings for her will have changed.  Haley is quick to reassure her friend that when Adrian comes back that he will want to pick up where they left off. 

Ryan's apartment

Greenlee admits to Ryan that it was stupid of her pretending to be Cynthia. Ryan says that it doesn't matter that since she doesn't want to be a partner in the business; he wants his keys back.  He tells her that he has a very important meeting and then leaves.  She plops down on the couch in frustration.  The phone rings and she slowly gets up to answer it.  It's a famous pop singer who wants to make a deal with  She hurriedly takes the message and then is off to find Ryan.

Marion's house

Liza and her mother are talking when Haley drops by.  All 3 of them are talking about Adam and Arlene when the door knocks.  "Delivery for Colby Chandler".  Marion takes it and hands it to Liza.  Liza opens it and reads the card.  "This is not Adam's writing".  She hands the note to Haley who confirms that it is Arlene's writing.  Liza gathers up the present and heads out the door. 

Chandler Enterprises

Tad just gets off the phone when Ryan walks in.  "She's not here, I have no idea where she is, and I don't know when she'll be in."  Ryan tells Tad that his business has an exciting opportunity but somebody he wants to invest in his company wants Ryan to pay him 11 million dollars.  Tad is just about to question him further when Greenlee rushes in.  "I'm sorry to interrupt but I have an important message for Ryan and here it is."  Ryan's eyes literally pops out of his head when he reads the message and tells Tad about it.  Tad realizes that he was serious about the 11 million dollars and beats a retreat out to start the ball rolling.

The bar

Arlene's back is turned when Liza slams the present down on the counter. Liza asks what in the world she is up to.  She then tells Arlene that she will never be any kind of step mother to Colby.  Adam comes back and asks them what they are talking about.  Liza literally spits in his face when she announces that Arlene was just discussing hers and Adam's fantastic lovemaking.  Adam helps Liza out the door and he angrily comes back to his wife.  He reaches out to her and demands to know what in the hell she is doing. (the look on Arlene's face is priceless)

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