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Written by Suzanne
Pictures from Suzanne

Ryan finds Gillian upset at the hospital and asks her why she's crying. She's wearing her pink candy striper uniform, so she looks pretty silly. She claims that she is upset about a patient, but he can tell that it's about him. She tries to avoid telling him and reminds him that they are divorced. Ryan admits that his feelings are hurt, too, whenever he sees her with Jake, but he wants her to be happy. They rehash why they got divorced, even though they still love each other. Ryan thinks that he can't have a normal relationship and doesn't want to hurt her. They share some fond memories, and then Gillian yells at him or being a liar because she saw him kissing Hayley at the beach. Gillian cries, so Ryan comforts her. Jake walks by and sees her in his arms.

Ryan protests to Gillian that the kiss meant nothing. He confides that Hayley has been very depressed about the breakup with Mateo, and when he found her clothes on the beach, he thought she was trying to drown herself. He was so happy to find that she wasn't, they were just overcome with emotion. Gillian still thinks that Ryan wants Hayley and not her. She admits that she kissed Jake, too, but it wasn't the same as kissing Ryan. Ryan lets slip that he knew that she saw them on the beach, and she figures out that he is concerned that she not tell Mateo about the kiss. She gets very angry then and figures that's the only reason he came to see her, to keep her from telling Mateo. He still only cares about Hayley, she thinks. Gillian angrily snaps at Ryan that he was right, that he does screw up all of his relationships. She yells that he deserves to be alone, and then she storms out.

Erica arrives at the Cortlandt Electronics board meeting; she is to be their tie vote breaker. They are having a vote to decide whether Palmer or Adrian should head the company. Opal and Belinda are there, too. Opal is glad to see Erica and notices that she is no longer wearing her mask. Erica tells her cheerfully that her operation was a complete success, so she is almost all heeled. Opal hugs her and is very glad to hear it. She invites her to come down to the new and improve Glamorama, where they now have karaoke. Opal is confident that Erica will vote in her favor, since they are pals. Erica praises the work that Adrian has done at the company. Adrian and Palmer trade insults. Adrian and Opal make it clear that they are worried about Opal and Petey's financial future and what Palmer will do to it. Erica agrees that it should be protected.

Palmer calls Opal over and offers her an increase in her settlement if she'll just let him stay as head of his company. He practically begs her, but she won't give in, figuring that she's won. Erica makes a speech but then tells them that she thinks Palmer should stay as head of the company. Opal is stunned, thinking that her friend betrayed her. All of the rest of the board congratulates Palmer. Opal worries about how Palmer will take his revenge on her and Petey. Palmer thanks Erica for her support. She advises him to use Adrian and his ideas for the company, but Palmer makes it clear that Adrian is a goner. Adrian tells Belinda that his fight with Palmer is far from over.

Opal is very angry at Erica and will barely speak to her. Erica tries to explain that the vote was not personal and that they are still friends. Opal stands alone in the conference room, looking bitter and defeated. Palmer walks in to get some papers. They exchange a venomous look.

Also at the hospital, Tad and Jake are trying to convince Dixie that she shouldn't go through with her pregnancy (she's 8 weeks along), since it will put her life in danger. She resents them trying to tell her what to do with her own body. Tad keeps saying that he doesn't want to pressure her, but he keeps pressuring her all through the episode. Tad is just very afraid that she is going to die and leave him and Junior all alone. He suggests that she go talk to David Hayward, since he saved Dixie before. She is not so sure because she knows that David cares more about the heart than other things. Jake doesn't think going to David is a good idea, either, since he's a slimeball. They are all arguing when Joe comes in and tells them to knock it off. Joe points out to his sons that they are not helping Dixie. He suggests they all wait and see until the test results are back. Joe assures Dixie that her decision is all hers, but it will affect them all. Dixie asks Joe's advice, based on the fact that when Ruth was pregnant with Jake, there were complications that might have caused them to want to abort him. Joe points out that it was different because Ruth's life was not at stake, but they were worried that Jake would be born with severe problems. Joe assures Dixie that she will make the right choice. Tad and Dixie hug and kiss and talk more about her decision.

 Dixie thinks that lots of women with one kidney can have a healthy child, so Tad decides they should research that and see if it's true. They go to the computer and download a bunch of medical stuff. Dixie remembers that she has to go pick up Junior, so she kisses Tad and then leaves.

Jake and Joe leave the room. Jake is very worried about Dixie. Joe is on Tad's side and thinks that Dixie should talk to David. Jake doesn't trust him. Joe pats Jake's face and tells him how happy he is to have him and that he's turned out to be a blessing. Jake doesn't think that Dixie's choice will be a blessing; he doesn't think she should have this child.

Jake looks at some files in his office and then remarks to himself that he knows how many weeks Dixie is pregnant. Gillian walks in and they look at each other in an awkward way.

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