Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/13/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/13/21


Episode #12150 ~ Nate and Elena fend off a third wheel. Rey gets a new assignment. Chelsea's dreams come true.

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Rey: Hey.

Michael: Hey. Welcome back. How as miami?

Rey: Oh, it was just what we needed. Sharon and I are gonna be flying high from our trip for a long, long time.

Michael: I'm glad you're back. Uh, we need to talk about chelsea's convalescent leave. You know I've always had my doubts about this case. And knowing chelsea's history, i did my research. Her mother's condition is definitely confirmed, and that's why I didn't oppose the leave even though her history also indicates that, you know, she likes to go on the run.

Rey: Yeah, but you covered all your bases by insisting a police escort be with her during the duration of her time outside of genoa city.

Michael: Not just any escort.

Chelsea: Victor, it's been decided. Adam is allowing me to take connor to minnesota to see my mother.

Victor: And I'm looking out for my grandson.

Chelsea: And you think I'm not? I mean, this is all about control. You're trying to keep me from my child.

Adam: Dad, I know we talked about this, but I changed my mind. For connor's sake as much as for chelsea's sake. He needs to know that I'm not keeping his mother from him. I want him to know that he can still rely on her.

Victor: Son, this isn't good enough, and you damn well know it.

Moses: Man, I had a blast. I mean, I haven't ridden a horse in years.

Faith: Really? You looked like a natural to me.

Moses: Oh, is it natural to almost fall of your horse five times?

Faith: [ Chuckles ] And we hadn't even gotten out of the stables yet.

Nikki: Hey. It's nice to see you two having so much fun. You must be thirsty after all that riding. How about if I get you some lemonade?

Faith: Thanks, grandma.

Moses: Yeah, thank you, mrs. Newman. I mean nikki.

[ Chuckles ]

Faith: I was just kidding. Deep down, I bet you've got real equestrian talent.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] I guess you missed it when my horse threatened to bolt, 'cause my life -- as short as it is -- flashed before my eyes. But at least it didn't take long.

[ Both laugh ]

Elena: I've prescribed that medication at least a dozen times, and then, in front of the patient, blanked on the name.

Nate: Oh, no!

Elena: The nurse had to remind me.

Nate: That doesn't inspire confidence.

Elena: No! I'm surprised she didn't ask for another doctor.

Nate: I'm -- I'm sure she knew it was a momentary lapse. She must have realized how lucky she was to have someone so gifted treating her.

Elena: Gifted? I don't know how gifted I was if I couldn't even remember the name of her medication.

Nate: [Laughs] It's happened to me a zillion times. Trust me, don't worry about it.

Elena: Wow. Well, hearing that someone as flawless as you has made the same mistake actually does make me feel better.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] So, save room for dessert?

Elena: Actually, I hope you saved room because I have arranged something really special with the dessert chef. Don't move. I'm gonna serve it to you myself.

Imani: Nate. What a pleasant surprise.

Nate: Hey.

Imani: Oh, I love that tie on you. The color brings out the sparkle in your eyes.

Nate: Oh, thank you, imani. It's always nice to run into you. Are you meeting someone for dinner?

Imani: Oh, no, I'm just picking up food for amanda and me. We're working on the case tonight. You know, I got here early, and there's no way my order's ready yet. Maybe we could have a drink or perhaps a little dessert. Oh. Hello, elena. I hope you brought enough for three.

Elena: Nope, just two.

Devon: So this is naya's confession?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: A traci abbott work of fiction would be more believable than this.

Amanda: I mean, the very idea that she would have hired someone to tamper with richard's brakes, it's ludicrous.

Devon: Do you think sutton told her what to say?

Amanda: I'm convinced that he had my father killed to protect his political fiefdom. You know, the mere existence of his twin granddaughters was a threat to his career, but to coach his daughter into confessing for a murder that he committed? I mean [Scoffs] That is just too horrible to even contemplate.

Ashland: Well, it was bad enough that I went to the park to have alone time with my son and I walked into family time with tara and kyle.

Victoria: That sounds like a set-up to me.

Ashland: Yeah. I mean, the whole thing bugged me so much that I started having trouble...

Victoria: Trouble?

Ashland: Catching my breath. Right in front of my son.

Victoria: Oh, come on, I bet harrison didn't even notice.

Ashland: Well, I'm not too sure about that. Kyle of all people had to distract him and take him away from me. It was so humiliating.

Victoria: I'm sure it's not as bad as you think.

Ashland: You've got to be kidding me. You see for yourself. Someone must have filmed this, and now it's gonna go public. God, I hate this situation. The -- all of it -- the video, the damn cancer --

Victoria: Ashland.

Ashland: I need to know who else has this video. That's the question.

Billy: Man, ashland is really struggling.

Lily: And in front of his kid, no less. Look at what a jerk he's being to his ex-wife.

Billy: I wonder who took this video.

Lily: I don't know, but whoever made it made it anonymously.

Billy: Yeah, and unfortunately sent it to all the other outlets, which means we need to act fast if we're gonna put it out there. We need to beat our competitors to the punch.

Lily: Without knowing who made it or where it came from? I mean, we have no context.

Billy: We can ask those questions later. We got to scoop our competitors right now. That's the most important thing.

Lily: We can't do that without knowing where it came from.

Billy: Lily, what's the difference? It's clear, it's authentic. You're not gonna be able to fake something like that.

Lily: Putting this on our site without more information would make us the kind of journalists that we don't want to be, which is putting gossip out for gossip's sake, and that's not who we are.

Billy: Actually, I think that you're having a hard time seeing the big picture.

Washed your hands a lot today?

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Billy: Ashland locke is a public figure. His health directly impacts people's livelihoods. The video has context and meaning. Not to mention, when we wrote our article, we talked about his potential illness. This only gives credence to our story. We have a right to follow it up.

Lily: I don't know, sounds awfully self-serving to me.

Billy: Lily, we agreed to pursue the story. Except...this is not about good or bad journalism, is it? This is hitting a little too close to home for you. When you had cancer, you wanted privacy. Until it made it to the courts, and then everyone knew. Wasn't your choice anymore.

Lily: Yes, that was bad, but this is worse. I can't imagine how I would have felt at my worst moment if this this video of me comes out circulating for people to gawk at.

Billy: Look, I admire your strength and your bravery. And please don't think that I'm taking this lightly, but that is your experience and that is your story. And I think we need to question whether your experience belongs in this conversation.

Ashland: Okay, thanks. My lawyer found out that the video is being fed to media outlets in new york, but whoever uploaded it did it anonymously.

Victoria: Ashland, look at me. Whoever is doing this, whatever happens, you don't have to go through it alone.

Ashland: Thank you. And you were right to demand that I open it. You know, all of my life, I've kept my problems and feelings bottled up tighter than a drum, even with tara. I always thought it was my secret weapon that gave me the upper hand. Finally, I have someone who i can let my guard down with. It's a relief.

Victoria: Just kind of glad you actually listened.

Ashland: You know, I wonder what my life would have been like had I met you sooner. How different a man I would have been. That's almost...

Victoria: Almost what?

Ashland: Too late. I don't want to hear you say it doesn't have to be that way. I can't have that conversation anymore. I'm just grateful for the time that we do have.

Victoria: You know, I will never see you as anything other than the most compelling man that I have ever been around in my whole life. I know you wonder what things might have been like. Maybe they would have been different. I don't know, but the one thing that I do know about you is that cancer or no, you don't let anyone or anything define you. You define yourself. And that's why I am so drawn to you.

Moses: You know, I just realized I forgot to thank you.

Faith: For what?

Moses: For hearing me out about medicine. I mean, it helped a lot to have someone to talk my second thoughts out with. And I guess I can just tell you things that I can't tell anyone else.

Faith: You've done that for me, too.

Moses: We are that for each other, aren't we? Do you ever think about that?

Faith: What?

Moses: About what we are to each other?

Faith: Sure, I do, sometimes. Why would I invite you over otherwise? We're good friends, right? Besties? Anyway, have you read the first book on the summer reading list?

Moses: Yeah. I mean, no, I haven't had the chance to yet.

Faith: Me neither. I just noticed that the first chapter alone is over 25 pages.

Moses: Wow. Okay, I guess -- I haven't started on that yet. Maybe I should probably go now.

Faith: Yeah, okay.

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: Here we are. Where's moses?

Adam: Dad, this is not your decision to make.

Victor: And I'm telling you that he is my grandson and I'll damn well be looking out for him, alright?

Chelsea: Well, he's my son. And you don't get to dictate what he does.

Victor: I dictate to anyone any time I want to regarding my family.

Adam: Look, chelsea and connor, they need to spend some time together.

Victor: I'm telling you, you're making a mistake.

Chelsea: Why don't you just say it? You don't trust me with my own son.

Victor: I don'T. You're damn right.

Adam: Alright, alright. Why don't we calm down, guys?

Chelsea: Rey -- rey, can you please explain to victor that if the judge doesn't see any danger with my release, then victor shouldn't either?

Rey: There's something you all should know. The police escort that's gonna accompany you on your trip... it's gonna be me. I've never slept like this before.

Faith: Moses had to go.

Nikki: Is everything okay?

Faith: I'm not sure.

Nikki: Oh, honey, what happened?

Faith: Moses wanted to talk about what we are to each other, and I wasn't sure what to say and then he left.

Nikki: So he wanted to talk to you about taking your friendship to a deeper level, and you're not interested in that?

Faith: Yes, I am. A lot. I just messed it all up. I froze. And I think I sent the wrong message. The opposite of how I feel.

[ Sighs ] I did not handle that well at all. I think I sent him the signal that I want to keep things the way that they are.

Nikki: Honey, you just got scared. That's perfectly normal. And you have a good thing going with moses, and you don't want to ruin it or lose it altogether.

Faith: I just didn't expect that subject to come out of the blue like that.

Nikki: I think you're putting way too much pressure on yourself.

Faith: [ Sighs ] I don't know, grandma. It's like whenever I'm riding my horse and about to go for a jump. Right before I commit and go for the leap, there's this split second between knowing that I'm safe and not feeling so safe at all, and I either have to go for it or chicken out.

Nikki: Well, you have made that same leap 1,000 times before and you were always safe, right? It wasn't terrifying. It was exhilarating and fun.

Faith: Yeah, but this is different.

Nikki: Well, no, it really isn'T. I mean, your heart starts to beat faster and your breath gets a little shallow. That can mean that you're afraid, but it can also mean that you are full of anticipation, waiting for something wonderful to happen.

Faith: Really?

Nikki: Really. Now, I want to promise me that you will never hide behind your feelings 'cause the only thing that will do is make sure you don't get what you want.

Elena: [ Clears throat ] Um...would you care to join us? I'm sure it's challenging being in a new town. No friends, lonely nights.

Imani: Oh, don't worry about me. I'm making new friends every day. But thank you for the offer. However, it looks like my order is ready, so I'll have to turn you down. That tie really is your color.

Nate: [ Clears throat ] Man, I -- I can't believe how delicious this dessert looks. How did you know it's my favorite?

Elena: Let's just say I know what you want. I always do.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nate: Ooh, sorry. Been waiting on this.

Elena: Work?

Nate: No. It's good news. I don't want to share it until it's all locked in, though.

Elena: You know it's only gonna make me more curious.

Nate: I promise it'll be worth the wait.

Elena: You're just gonna leave a girl hanging? Not even a little hint?

Nate: Just -- just a little bit longer. I promise it'll be better once all the pieces are in place. In the meantime, maybe you could put in a good thought for me.

Elena: Oh, I'll hold on, alright. But only until tonight. My place?

Devon: Look, I know I'm just an interested bystander in all this, but I'm kind of confused about your take on sutton. 'Cause he's obviously and clearly a dangerous man. You've proven that. But it's too much for you to think that he's dictated every word that naya said? You can be honest with me. Is there a part of you that's still trying to keep hope that your grandfather isn't just, like --

Amanda: Completely evil?

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah. I -- I don't think I know how to answer that. I mean, this is all uncharted territory for me.

Devon: I understand. Well, listen, at least you don't have to go through this alone.

Imani: Guess who I just ran into at society.

Devon: Oh, boy. Who?

Imani: Your cousin. How long before some local magazine does a piece on the city's most eligible bachelors and puts nate at the top of the list?

Devon: Well, he's not exactly eligible, though.

Imani: Mm, elena.

Devon: Yeah. Well, listen, I'm gonna leave you ladies to get dinner and to get to work. But if you need anything at all, call me, okay? See you.

Amanda: Oh, I sent you a copy of the brief that I plan to submit. Take a look at the witness list and the arguments that we're gonna make. Whenever you get a chance.

Sutton: Oh, imani. Hello. I'm relieved that you finally decided to take on naya's defense, and I'd like to talk to you -- to both of you -- about it, if you don't mind... in private. When you have metastatic breast cancer,

Lily: Look, your questions are fair, but you're wrong. I only brought up my bout with cancer for context, and I'll just leave it at that.

Billy: I understand why you would object. I really do.

Lily: Yeah, I think posting this video without more information is wrong. It's a mistake. We're media professionals. We have to know everything there is to know about material before we run with it.

Billy: And being professional means that you don't get scooped by your competitors. That's how we succeed in this business, but...you're right. We need to find more information before we post it. Ashland locke doesn't deserve privacy, but he does deserve our commitment to fair journalism. So I'm gonna put someone on this and we'll see where it goes.

[ Cellphones chime ]

Billy: Well, there we go. It's out there, isn't it?

Lily: [ Sighs ] Are you upset our competitors beat us to the punch?

Billy: No, you can't win every battle. But I think you gave us a great idea.

Lily: Really?

Billy: You were right to question this context and the agenda of the person who sent it to us. And that is the story that we need to pursue.

Lily: Right. Who wants to hurt ashland and why?

Billy: Exactly. And believe me, I want to find out just as badly.

Lily: Well, do you have any idea how?

Billy: A few.

Victoria: Okay, look, we have to face the reality. The video is out there. There's no doubt it's gonna get a lot of views. There's nothing that we can do about it, so we need to focus on what we can control.

Ashland: You're trying to distract me. Well, we do have a huge merger coming together, and I suppose that that's a worthy topic to distract ourselves with.

Victoria: Speaking of distractions, maybe there's an upside to this video after all. The media, they might be so focused on that that we can quietly finalize our deal.

Ashland: True.

Victoria: Coming to an agreement is nothing compared to what we're gonna have to accomplish. We have to make sure that this merger is a huge success.

Ashland: And the devil is in the details, but that's what we do, isn't it?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: We get off on fine-tuning a business until it hums like a well-oiled machine.

Victoria: We both have offices internationally. We could travel the globe together, making our way through the great cities of the world.

Ashland: Now, that is the best idea that I've heard in quite some time. Taking the time and energy i have left, investing it in making this merger work and investing it in us. This requires a toast. Let's go downstairs and order their best bottle of champagne.

Victoria: I'm gonna check in with my nanny first, but I'll join you down there. You can order for me. I know you know what I like.

Ashland: Yes, I'm pretty sure I do.

Chelsea: See? It's not just any police officer that will be accompanying me. It's rey. So you have nothing to worry about. Connor's gonna be fine.

Rey: This was completely michael's idea. The only way he wouldn't fight you leaving the state was with tight security in place.

Sharon: And so he chose you?

Rey: Yeah. And we're gonna be driving, not flying, to avoid airport terminals and large crowds for chelsea to lose herself in.

Victor: Not gonna change my mind, alright? This is not fair as far as my grandson is concerned. That boy has barely settled in here. Now you're gonna uproot him again?

Adam: Dad, this isn't up for debate. It's my call. Connor is going with chelsea.

Victor: Your son, your decision. You'll trust this woman after all she has done?

Adam: I do. Anita needs chelsea to be there, and chelsea and connor need some time together. Is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Nate: Hey, my man. What's up?

Moses: Trust me, you don't want to know.

Elena: Of course we do.

Moses: Well, faith and I had a great day. I mean, we were hanging out, having fun, and then -- I don't know -- she just shut down, just when I thought something was happening.

Nate: Exactly what happened?

Moses: Well, we were just talking. But when I started to bring up what we were gonna be -- I don't know -- she just -- it got awkward. She didn't want to discuss it and she changed the subject really fast.

Nate: Did you take into consideration that faith has had a pretty tough year? Maybe she's not ready to jump into something right now.

Moses: So what are you telling me, I should just give up?

Elena: That is the worst thing you could do, especially if you care about her. You just need to make it clear that you're still interested.

Moses: But what if she's not into me like that?

Elena: Then she'll tell you and you'll have to accept it. But it doesn't seem like that's what's going on here. Taking things to the next step is one of the scariest parts of a relationship. But if you give up now, then it'll never happen. And then you'll never know. So don't give up yet.

Moses: Alright. Thanks. And I'm sorry to drop all my drama on you guys, but it seems like I have some thinking to do, so I'll catch you guys later.

Nate: So, were you talking about moses and faith or you and me?

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Both.

Rey: Everything is in place. We'll be on the road shortly.

Michael: Remember, this is chelsea's first breath of freedom since her hearing, and we both know how cunning she is. There's always the possibility...

Rey: That she'll pull something. I'm confident she won'T. We had a long conversation about what she did. Her remorse seemed genuine. I think we can trust her.

Michael: Just keep your eyes open.

Rey: I will. I'll be checking in. You okay with this?

Chelsea: Wasn't there someone else available?

Rey: Yeah, trust me, I'd rather not go, but I've been given the assignment, and I have to see it through. I promise I'll be back before you even have a chance to miss me.

Sharon: Oh, that's not possible. I already miss you.

Victor: I just don't understand why adam won't listen to reason. I mean, why is he willing to take such a chance with his own son, for heaven's sake? This could backfire on all of us.

Nikki: Well, it sounds like every precaution has been taken to ensure connor's safety, and it's a good idea to have rey watch chelsea. You know, what more can be done?

Victor: Nothing. You know that chelsea's on the way over to pick up connor. You know that, right? This could very well be the last time we'll see him.

Nikki: Oh, victor, hyperbole is not going to solve anything.

Victor: No, sweetheart, I'm not exaggerating one iota. Have you forgotten chelsea's history?

Nikki: Oh, believe me, my eyes are wide open when it comes to that woman. But adam has driven many people to the extremes. Connor doesn't understand any of that. He just knows that he loves and misses his mother.

Adam: Thanks, nikki. I didn't expect you to take my side...even if you managed to insult me in the process. I brought in ensure max protein,

Ashland: Why am I not surprised to run into you?

Billy: I assume that you've seen the video? Did you know that it's gone viral already?

Ashland: Mm, so this is your ambush-style tactic? Here to grill me for a comment?

Billy: No, chanccomm didn't link to the video. We had it early enough, but we chose not to.

Ashland: Oh, so I guess you're looking for congratulations on not being pond scum? Looking for my eternal gratitude that you have taken the professional high road for a change? What is it that you're after this time?

Billy: Oh, I just wanted to remind you, in case you've forgotten, that there is a deal on the table for chanccomm to acquire locke communications group.

Ashland: No, I haven't forgotten, and I hope you also understand that there would be no deal at all if you had posted this video, right? Your company would be dead in the water. I hope that's not why you held back.

Billy: No, no, we have integrity.

Ashland: Good.

Billy: That's why we did it.

Ashland: Because I said i would contact you within 24 hours if I was interested. Obviously, I haven't, so that should've been a clue to you that there's no deal to be made.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Billy, what are you doing here?

Billy: Oh, just talking business. It's what people like us like to do.

Ashland: Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. The conversation was over, right, billy?

Billy: Uh, not quite. I do have one more thing, and this is not an ambush question. It's more of an observation.

Ashland: I'm not sure if i care to hear it, but go on.

Billy: The video that was sent to us was sent anonymously. And chanccomm has the resources to uncover who anonymous is, if you are interested.

Victoria: Uh, may I remind you that chanccomm isn't the only company with resources. And, also, if I recall correctly, I think that locke communications' resources far exceed chanccomm'S.

Billy: Well, there you go. I guess I will be moving on then. Great to see you both.

Ashland: Accidently on purpose, no doubt.

Billy: No doubt.

Ashland: Uh, billy? You know, there might be something that we can share with you for publication. Victoria and I are making an announcement in the morning. Something of a personal and business nature.

Sutton: Let me start by saying I truly regret how heated things got the last time we talked. Some things were said -- outlandish things that I hope we can get past. I'm sure everybody in this room wants the same thing -- naya's acquittal.

Amanda: Whatever it takes.

Sutton: So I think it's best that things said in the heat of the moment be forgotten. We need to be allies instead of foes if we want to win this thing.

Amanda: No one wants to see naya go to prison for something she didn't do. Now, that would be a tragedy.

Sutton: I've lived a lifetime navigating difficult situations, and I want to put all my knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Amanda: I am sure you do.

Sutton: So it would help to know the approach you plan to take once you're in court.

Amanda: I'm afraid that's still a work in progress.

Sutton: So what's your angle? Imani, I'm sure you have some idea of the direction of your defense.

Amanda: Sutton, to be honest, we are not comfortable discussing our defense strategy with you. You will hear all about it when the judge calls for opening remarks. But until then, we want to be quiet. I think it's best for everyone involved, especially naya.

Sutton: This is a mistake. If anyone can help you make this case, it's me. I am a powerful man with lots of connections.

Amanda: Oh, we don't want you to bring out your big guns just yet. We are confident that we got this.

Sutton: I would hate to be disappointed. And I guarantee you don't want to be the one who lets me down.

Amanda: Well, that is good to know. Now, I hate to cut this short, but we have a lot of work to do and our dinner's getting cold, so...

Sutton: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: I hope you're not expecting an apology for what i said because I stand by it. Actually, I was defending connor.

Adam: As always, I do appreciate the honesty.

Nikki: Well, I'll leave you and victor alone. I'm sure you have things to discuss.

Adam: I thought this was settled. Then I show up here and I find out that you're just as opposed to it as you were before.

Victor: Listen to me. Connor's your son. And you should make decisions where he's concerned. But I want you to know that i always look out for my family.

Adam: Look, I know that we've been treading carefully.

Victor: Okay.

Adam: Working out this new partnership, learning to work together without stepping on each other's toes, and I think that we've been successful in that. But this isn't business. This is deeply personal, and I'm not gonna let the lines get crossed or even blurred, for that matter.

Victor: This is your decision to make because it pertains to your boy. I just hope we won't regret it.

Adam: I'm right there with you.

Rey: Are you gonna be okay? I know you were worried about mariah.

Sharon: I did find it odd that she left town without telling tessa or abby, but i texted her myself.

Rey: She respond?

Sharon: Yeah. She apologized for worrying everyone. Turns out she forgot her phone charger and her phone was dead. She's fine. She's just enjoying a little time away from everybody hovering over her.

Rey: Knowing you're not worried is gonna make it easier for me to go. Speaking of which... chelsea, you ready?

Chelsea: Yeah. And, rey, I know you were ordered to do this, but I just want you to know how grateful i am.

Rey: I think getting some distance from adam will be good for everyone. I order my groceries online now.

Billy: I tell you, ashland really threw me with that last comment.

Lily: What do you think he meant?

Billy: Mm, I have no idea. I just hope he's not sending me a wedding invitation tomorrow.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Now, that would be a scoop.

Billy: Victoria was surprised by his little tease. The fact that it was in personal and business nature. She didn't expect it.

Lily: Mm, curiouser and curiouser.

Billy: I think she thought she had more time before this went public. I said from the beginning she's getting too deep with this guy, and it's all just way too intense and very risky.

Ashland: Forgive me for surprising you like that in front of billy, but I called my lawyer when I was on the way down here in the elevator.

Victoria: And?

Ashland: I learned that the due diligence is finally done. You will be hearing soon from your attorneys. They signed off on every aspect of the deal.

Victoria: [ Gasps ] It's done? Really?

Ashland: We are one, victoria. All that's left now is to share it with the rest of the world.

Victoria: Then let's do it.

Ashland: Salud.

Imani: Well, I guess that's what you call a calculated fishing expedition. It was all I could do to keep from screaming at grandfather.

Amanda: Let's just keep him guessing. I'm not sure how long we can keep him from realizing that we're going after him as part of naya's defense, but every day that we keep him at bay, the better chance we have of making this work and making sure that my father's real killer pays for what he did.

Imani: Defying him on anything, especially this, it's hard. But you're right. This is the only way to save our mother.

Amanda: Look, I know that this must be more difficult for you than it is for me. I've never had the type of relationship that you have with him.

Imani: If he hadn't acted so horribly, I wouldn't have even considered betraying him like this.

Amanda: Well, maybe in the meantime, we should both get the brakes on our cars checked daily.

Imani: I know you're joking, but there are other ways he can do damage if he wants to. That's what he was hinting at when he left.

Amanda: Well, he might be used to taking down all of his enemies, but he's never gone up against me.

Victor: Well, chelsea and rey. On time.

Chelsea: Um, where's connor? Is he ready?

Adam: Nikki is helping him finish packing. He's very excited, so he's gonna meet you guys at the car with his bags.

Victor: Rey, I would like you to keep me informed about the trip, alright?

Chelsea: Victor, you don't have to worry. I'm not about to jeopardize my chance at legitimate freedom. And, um...adam, thank you again. I'll never be able to express the words of how much this means to me.

Adam: I hope that this time away is everything you want it to be.

Victor: They're leaving as we speak. I do not want you to let them out of your eye sight, is that clear? Not even a minute.

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