Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/7/21

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/7/21


Episode #12146 ~ The truth comes out at Devon's party. Billy makes a bold offer.

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Nate: I got to tell you, when chanccomm took over askmdnow, i had no idea it would take off the way it did.

Billy: Mm.

Lily: Well, that's because the new face of askmdnow is so easy on the eyes.

Nate: Get out of here, woman.

Lily: No, I'm serious. The traffic to the site has doubled what the previous owners reported.

Billy: And our new features that we added helped.

Lily: Or it's because of nate's charm.

Billy: Yes, of course. That, too. Look, in all seriousness, it must feel good for you to be helping our users start to take their health seriously.

Nate: Well, if I can help just one person.

Lily: Actually, you're helping millions -- 10 million, to be exact, based on our recent metrics.

Billy: How about we make it 10 million and one? Do you mind if I ask your professional opinion?

Nate: Sure. What are your symptoms?

Billy: Oh, no, it's not me. I'm all fine in that area. No, it's actually a colleague of ours, a friend.

Nate: Okay.

Billy: He's having a hard time catching his breath.

Nate: Well, that's gonna be difficult to pin down. Could be anything from allergies or the common cold --

Billy: Would it be easier to pin down if I told you an oncologist was involved? That's not a good sign, is it?

Victoria: You know, you don't get to decide what is or isn't fair to me.

Ashland: I realize how selfish I'm being, and I'm aware of what I'm getting out of this relationship. I get to spend time in the company of a brilliant, beautiful woman who makes me feel invincible. Along with the confidence that comes with knowing that my legacy is secure. But I am asking you to bear witness to my inevitable decline.

Victoria: But I get to watch one of the most dynamic men of our time do what he does best.

Ashland: While my attorneys tie you up over the merger. So much for romance.

Victoria: No, I don't accept the premise of your inevitable decline. I'm sorry, I mean, what if the treatments --

Ashland: There's no "what ifs." I'm not going to change my mind about trying it. That would keep me from enjoying nights like this with you. And I'm just not willing to consider that.

Victoria: You're not really sounding like a potential business partner.

Ashland: Good. I'm speaking as someone who's involved with you.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Is that what we are, involved?

Ashland: I need to know that you accept my decision.

Devon: You know, there's still a chance to cancel if you're not feeling up to this. I'm sure nate and elena would understand.

Amanda: No, no, this is good for me. Making small talk with friends would be a welcome distraction from worrying my mother, who is facing a life sentence for a crime that I'm convinced she didn't commit, so...

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, no, I'll get it because the only way out is through.

[ Sighs ] Imani!

Imani: I hope I'm not too late.

Devon: Nah, you're right on time.

Amanda: And you look amazing.

Imani: Thank you. You do, too. You're gonna love this wine. I first discovered it when I was vacationing in bordeaux.

Amanda: I can't wait to try it.

Adam: What is chelsea's doctor doing here?

Victor: There's no cause for alarm, now, is there, doctor?

Dr. Hedges: Of course not.

Adam: How is chelsea?

Dr. Hedges: Uh, she's fine.

Adam: Then I don't understand. If this doesn't have to do with chelsea, then why are you here?

Victor: Well, this pertains to a different medical issue. I'll follow up with you later. Thank you.

Adam: I'm not buying that this doesn't have anything to do with chelsea. Whatever she's done, she is connor's mother, so just tell me what is going on. Your mission:

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Nate: It's one thing to be stopped in the streets by a stranger, but when the guy you work for tries to trick you into going on the record for a story about someone's health and wellbeing...

Lily: No, we would never put you in a compromising position. We're just concerned about this colleague.

Billy: And if our colleague wasn't such a private person, listen, I would ask him myself, but we're trying to be respectful and, you know, understand how concerned we should be. How can we help? Can we give this person some time off?

Nate: Like I said, there are many reasons why someone would have difficulties breathing. Could be allergies, pneumonia, viral infections, bronchitis --

Billy: What about lung cancer?

Nate: Yes, even lung cancer. But that's not my diagnosis. If your concerns are real, i suggest you take them up with your friend.

Billy: And the oncologist.

Nate: Look, the awful truth is that symptoms from lung cancer don't often appear until it's already spread. So, hypothetically, it would make sense your colleague would consult with an oncologist. Obviously, if the symptoms you witnessed were signs of cancer, I hope he seeks treatment as soon as possible.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: I want you to be brutally honest with me. As impressive as the merger would be, I need you to seriously consider whether you're up to dealing with all of this.

Victoria: Well, to tell you the truth, I never considered the possibility that you wouldn't try to beat this.

Ashland: Well, that's not gonna happen. When the specialists all gave me the same prognosis, I skipped a bunch of the steps in the grieving process. I went from anger to acceptance, and it became abundantly clear that I don't have any time to waste. And now that the vultures are circling, it's imperative that i secure the only legacy that i have and the only heir that i have, which is harrison.

Victoria: You know, our deal would accomplish that.

Ashland: We don't share the same dna, but I'm his father in every way that matters. And tara probably can't wait for harrison to forget that I ever existed, now that I cut financial ties to her. And I can't see kyle giving much room for keeping my memory alive.

[ Sighs ] And you're a committed parent and you know the importance of leaving something for your children.

Victoria: Is that one of the reasons that you like me, for my maternal instincts?

Ashland: Well, among other things. You're the only one I can count on to keep me alive in harrison's memory when I'm gone.

Victoria: This is why you should fight. This is why you should at least try the treatment. It'll give you more time with your son.

Adam: Dad, I just want you to level with me. Dr. Hedges wouldn't have shown up here unannounced if there wasn't a problem. Guy could barely look me in the eyes until you chased him, so for the last time, what is going on with chelsea?

Victor: Alright, son. I'm not -- not going to keep this from you any longer, okay? I offered chelsea a chance to avoid a lengthy prison time.

Adam: Keeping her from ending up behind bars seems a little beyond your considerable powers.

Victor: I had her agree to confessing to poisoning rey rosales. And I had her agree to spend some time in a psychiatric ward, and I had michael baldwin enter an insanity plea.

Adam: But she was desperate to frame me. How on earth did you get her to go along with this plan?

Victor: I promised to shorten her time in the psychiatric ward.

Adam: So this entire time, she's just been faking, just pretending to have some kind of breakdown?

Victor: I wouldn't go that far.

Adam: [ Sighs ] (Vo) nature...

Lily: So, do you approve of the changes at askmdnow?

Nate: Yes, they make all the information on the site easier for users to understand.

Billy: That's the goal.

Nate: Well, as much fun as this has been, I have got to run.

Billy: Hot date?

Nate: Devon invited me and elena over for drinks.

Lily: Excuse me? Should I feel left out?

Nate: No, it was last minute.

Lily: Uh-huh, right.

Nate: Hey, look, I could put in a good word for you, get you on the guest list.

Lily: Ha-ha. Well, I'm very happy that you and devon are in a good place and you and elena, too.

Billy: And thank you for your professional opinion about our colleague. It's helpful to know what he might be up against.

Nate: So we're clear, I know those questions weren't just idle curiosity.

Lily: You don't trust us?

Nate: I know when you pose a hypothetical, there's probably more to it. You are running a media company, after all.

Lily: That's true, and speaking of which, I have to get back to the office. Do you want to join me?

Billy: No, there's something I need to take care of first.

Nate: Alright, I'll see you two later.

Lily: Okay.

Billy: Thanks, nate.

Lily: Give devon my love.

Nate: I will.

Lily: I know what you're up to.

Billy: And?

Lily: You have my full support.

Ashland: I'm dying, I'm not abandoning my son. This wasn't a choice. I refuse to squander the time i have left, holding out hope for a cure that doesn't exist. I want to live life to the fullest, charting the future for my company, and for harrison.

Victoria: Okay, fair enough.

Ashland: And that's what I'm proposing to you -- that we spend the time I have left together without holding out hope for a miracle, and that includes no talk of a treatment.

Victoria: I'm very sorry. I'm being selfish. I just -- I want to keep you around for as long as I possibly can.

Ashland: You may have victor's cold-blooded business instincts, but this is something very different. I've made my decision, victoria, and if you can't abide by it, i need you to tell me now, before this goes any further.

Victoria: Ashland, I --

Ashland: I know this is gonna be difficult for you, for both of us. And I want you in my life for whatever time I have left, but it has to be on my terms.

Victoria: Okay. I accept your terms.

[ Sighs ] We have a deal.

Victor: Chelsea was cognizant enough to agree to confess to the poisoning of rey rosales, alright? And she agreed with me so that she would stay out of prison. Does that mean she's well? No. That means she has a sense of self-preservation, that's all.

Adam: Mm-hmm. And the doctor that's overseeing her care is a shrink that you paid off to go along with the plan, who now has her locked away in a ward.

Victor: And that is where she belongs.

Adam: How can you be sure of that?

Victor: Son, do I need to remind you of what it was like to visit her? She sat in that damn chair pretending not to be able to move, all the while plotting the demise of rey rosales.

Adam: She's angry. She's resentful. But I'm not sure she isn't in her right mind.

Victor: I don't care how angry and resentful she is, she needs psychiatric care.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Imani: Thank you so much for inviting me.

Amanda: Oh, of course. You deserve a night to relax just as much as I do. And you look gorgeous, by the way. Love the outfit.

Imani: Thank you, thank you. It was so nice getting dressed up. It was a great distraction instead of focusing on our family issues.

Amanda: Yeah, I was just telling devon the same thing. He wondered if we should cancel the night altogether.

Devon: Well, no, I just know you've been going through it lately, and sometimes it's nice to come home after a stressful day to just some peace and quiet, that's all.

Imani: Mm, a decent option, but some nights require a red lip and a high heel.

Amanda: Ooh!

[ Both laugh ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Devon: I will get that.

Imani: Well, I'm glad you went ahead with this. I'm in the mood for a party.

Amanda: Ditto.

Devon: Nate!

Nate: Hey.

Devon: How you doing, man? Glad you could make it.

Nate: Good, good.

Devon: Where's elena?

Nate: She's running late, but she'll get here as soon as possible.

Amanda: Nate, hey. I've introduced you to imani, right?

Imani: We have to stop meeting like this. It's becoming a habit.

Nate: A good one, I hope.

Imani: The best.

Amanda: Oh?

Imani: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: We ran into each other again a few days back.

Imani: Mm-hmm, and that's when I realized why he looked so familiar. He's "dr. Askmdnow."

[ Chuckles ]

Nate: So you're back in town working with amanda?

Imani: For the foreseeable future.

Nate: Oh.

Imani: Can we tell him?

Amanda: Oh, god, this girl cannot keep a secret.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] I'm not just her coworker.

Amanda: She's my sister. Charlie's my little sidekick when it

Amanda: There you go.

Imani: Bring nate some wine. I think we just broke him.

Amanda: [ Laughs ]

Nate: So you're the one who took out the restraining order against amanda.

Amanda: Obviously, a lot has changed since then.

Nate: Uh, well, I'm glad everything worked out, but what happened?

Devon: That's probably a conversation for another day.

Amanda: Yes, tonight is supposed to be a family-drama-free zone.

Nate: Fine by me.

Imani: Besides, I'd much rather hear about your meteoric rise to internet stardom.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] You already know a lot about me. I'd like to know more about you.

Imani: Okay. Let's see, uh, I have very strong opinions. I like to be direct with people.

Nate: Which I found out about 10 seconds after I met you.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] Yes, I can make people feel uncomfortable sometimes, but i enjoy knowing where a person stands, especially when that person is the internet's favorite doctor.

Nate: So, we're back to that.

Imani: Mm-hmm. And another thing about me, I'm really good at steering the conversation. I know I teased you about it earlier, but it must feel gratifying having that kind of platform.

Nate: Yeah, it is, you know? It really hit home when the people who run the site told me about the latest numbers, and it made me think about how many people were benefiting from what we were doing.

Imani: Hmm. So how often do you get asked for your autograph?

Nate: [ Laughs ] Never. I do get asked for the occasional selfie. Most recent one was by a cashier, who managed to unload a laundry list of aches and pains while simultaneously snapping a photo.

Imani: [ Laughs ] Well, you have to appreciate her ability to multi-task.

Devon: There you go, man.

Nate: Thank you.

Devon: You got it.

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, I got it.

Nate: Talk about timing.

Imani: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Hey, elena, you made it.

Elena: Hey.

Devon: Nice.

Elena: Thanks. Sorry I'm late.

Amanda: What can I get you to drink, elena?

Elena: Whatever you're having is fine.

Nate: Well, I'm glad you could make it.

Elena: Yeah, me too.

Amanda: Oh, let me introduce the two of you. Imani, this is elena.

Imani: Uh, we've met, actually. It's good to see you again.

Elena: You too. So how long are you in town?

Victor: I want you to understand why I offered chelsea the deal. You damn well know that the cops were looking for you. They were searching for you because they thought you had poisoned rey rosales. Then when she agreed to confess to her crime, they stopped their search for you, which allowed you to come back home. And her insanity plea kept her out of prison, which was important to me because I didn't want her son and your son, connor, to know that their mother was behind bars. Do you understand? I think I did a pretty damn good job.

Adam: Well, you should've told me what you did right away.

Victor: Wouldn't have changed a damn thing. Now you're upset? I had good intentions with all this.

Adam: And I'm grateful for everything that you've done for me, but right now we need to figure out a way to get chelsea out of there without serving jail time.

Victor: Adam, that is your guilt talking.

Adam: It's my fault. You realize that? What she's done, whatever is wrong with her, it's all because of me.

Victor: Don't you realize that she is getting the help she needs in that place?

Adam: Really? Because from what I've seen, it's making her worse. So let's get dr. Hedges back over here.

Victor: Why the hell would you do that?

Adam: Because I want to hear his assessment of her condition. And then we'll figure out what we're gonna do next.

Billy: Looks like I lost my bet with myself. I put money on you spending the night.

Victoria: Well, I guess if i spent the night with ashland, then, uh, you'd have more gossip for your little tabloid. But I go home, and you still don't lose.

Billy: Yeah, those are the only odds I like to take these days.

Victoria: Good night, billy.

Billy: How's ashland feeling? We can make it an exclusive. You can tell me when he plans to admit that the rumors about his health are true. This is the sound of an asthma attack...

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Victoria: Shouldn't you be running your company instead of pestering people with insinuations?

Billy: Vick, I heard from an unimpeachable source that locke has cancer. And the prognosis isn't good.

Victoria: Who is this source of yours?

Billy: It's someone in the know, someone who hears things, like a conversation between locke and the oncologist that he flew into town.

Victoria: I can't believe that you would stoop so low, spying on ashland. Covering his divorce is one thing, but you need to stop digging into his personal life, billy.

Billy: You wouldn't get that upset if it wasn't true. So I guess I'm asking out of concern for you, as well. How long does he have? He's got access to the best care that money can buy, so are we talking years?

Victoria: Why don't you stick to the actual news and save the other stuff for the tabloids? This is beneath you.

Elena: So, what was it like finding out that you had a sister? It must be quite a surprise.

Amanda: Yeah, it was. And if you remember, nate was the one who encouraged me to get the dna test, which led to me finding my biological mother.

Imani: Who also happens to be my mom.

Elena: Amanda, didn't you tell me that your mother's name was naya?

Amanda: Yep, that's right.

Elena: Okay, then I have to ask. I read this article, and it said the daughter of the man that you were defending -- sutton ames -- was arrested for murder and her name was naya. Isn't -- isn't that your mother?

Amanda: Yes, sutton ames is my grandfather, and now, instead of defending him, I'm defending my mother.

Elena: Wow.

Nate: No wonder you two needed to blow off some steam.

Imani: Yes.

Devon: Yeah, amanda hasn't gone public with her family ties.

Amanda: Yes, and I would really like to keep this information private, just until further notice.

Imani: You look like you can keep secrets, nate.

Nate: No one will hear anything from me.

Elena: Me neither.

Nate: Amanda, you've been keeping this all to yourself for months now. And, imani, you've been dealing with this, too. You're lucky to have each other.

Imani: Yeah, hashtag "blessed" in so many ways.

Devon: The whole point of tonight, though, was to take a much-needed break from it all.

Amanda: Yes, yes, so please, let's change the subject, because we are all here to have a good time.

Imani: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Cheers.

Ashland: You know, it's been a long day, and mostly because of you, so whatever it is, it better be damn good.

Billy: I am 90% sure that you are suffering from a serious illness. And I truly feel terrible about that. It's got to be horrible, what you're going through. But you're also not a man to shy away from the harsh realities of life, which is why I feel like i can be direct with you.

Ashland: You don't expect me to accept condolences for a nonexistent illness, do you?

Billy: I'm sure you're frustrated and maybe even a little scared -- hell, I would be. You don't have any family to carry on your legacy, ashland. Yeah, of course, you'll leave something for harrison, but what are the chances that he's gonna follow in your footsteps when that time comes? Now, there's no one that appreciates what you've built more than lily and I. Media and communications is what we do, and we do it well. It takes a certain vision, a certain vitality, something i think we share. Which is why I know that you seriously considered our offer for cyaxares.

Ashland: Mm, I did. But you could never afford locke communications group.

Billy: Actually, this is the exact opportunity that chancellor industries has been waiting for. So money's not an issue.

Ashland: You don't expect me to take your word for that.

Billy: I'm gonna assume that victoria made this play already. She'd be a fool if she didn't, and she is no fool. I'm also gonna assume there are many companies waiting to pounce, adam and victor included.

Ashland: No doubt.

Billy: I'm gonna make you a generous offer for locke communications group. We can make this happen immediately, or we can do it down the line. Either way, you can ease out of this empire smoothly, enjoying whatever time you have left, secure in the knowledge that the company you built is left in the best hands. (Denise) if your husband gets lung cancer from smoking,

[ Jazz song finishes ]

Devon: Alright, what do you guys think?

Amanda: That was beautiful.

Nate: Yeah, very, very nice.

Elena: I think it's amazing how you were able to capture this -- ugh, I don't know -- purity of their sound. It's almost exactly like it was when it was live at that club.

Devon: Oh, good. Good, good, good. Yeah, no, when they were playing live at the venue, everybody there knew they were listening to something special, which is why I signed them immediately.

Elena: You putting them on the winter's mood?

Devon: Uh-huh, yep, yep. Neil would've gotten a kick out of these guys.

Imani: Elena, you're a doctor, yet you know so much about his business.

Nate: Hey, you know, this new label, it's shaping up to be, like, something --

Imani: Wait, no way.

Amanda: What?

Imani: If I'm wrong, i apologize, but when I first met nate, I felt this -- I don't know -- this thing between you two, and then I found that you both dated each other.

Amanda: Yeah, briefly. Very, very, very briefly.

Devon: What's your point?

Imani: Well, I got the same vibe from you and elena.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

Imani: I told you, nate. I do not hold back.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: No, you're right. We dated for a while.

Imani: Wow, it's a small world, huh?

Devon: Yeah, something like that.

Imani: Yet you're able to make your friendships work.

Nate: Friendship is important, so is family.

Amanda: It has been complicated at times.

Imani: I'll bet.

Devon: We all figured out where we were meant to be.

Elena: Right.

Nate: Yeah, everything worked out the way it was meant to.

Imani: Hmm. Fascinating.

Victoria: Thank you so much. It's time for you to put a leash on billy.

Lily: Excuse me?

Victoria: He likes to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. You and billy need to stay the hell out of locke's personal life.

Lily: Oh, I guess you don't like the article we published.

Victoria: That article on locke's divorce was trashy enough, not to mention dragging me into the fray.

Lily: It was nothing personal, victoria.

Victoria: Well, maybe not for you, but for billy, it certainly was. And speculating on whether a man is simply sick or dying is inexcusable. I know billy has no qualms about swimming in the sewage, but i expected a lot more out of you.

Lily: Do you feel better now?

Victoria: Much.

Ashland: The nerve it took for you to walk in here and throw those dice -- remarkable. You know, I can just visualize you at a baccarat table, down by a couple hundred thousand dollars and still holding out hope that your luck is about to change.

Billy: Yeah, that's how I've spent most of my life. Except nowadays, my high-stake bets are made in a more constructive way.

Ashland: Well, I got to hand it to you, this is the second-most interesting thing that's happened to me tonight.

Billy: You're not saying no.

Ashland: I'll tell you what, you write down your offer on this piece of paper. If I'm interested, I'll call you tomorrow. If you don't hear from me by the end of the day, you know I'm not interested.

Billy: A number.

Ashland: What you would be willing to pay for my empire.

Billy: The magic number.

[ Chuckles ] I seriously hope that I'm wrong about your prognosis. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Victor: Please have a seat, doc.

Dr. Hedges: I'm not sure why you asked me to come back here.

Adam: I need to know the truth about chelsea's condition.

Dr. Hedges: You want my medical opinion about the mother of your child. What I really think.

Victor: You can tell him the truth. He knows everything.

Dr. Hedges: She has legitimate mental issue, but chelsea's skills as a con artist are very much intact.

Adam: What does that mean?

Dr. Hedges: She secretly recorded me admitting to my part in the deception.

Victor: She what?

Dr. Hedges: Using a phone that appeared after a visit with chloe mitchell.

Adam: What does she want?

Dr. Hedges: To go free. We have to give in to her demands.

Victor: We will do no such thing. It's an empty threat.

Dr. Hedges: But my career is at stake if she plays those recordings for the authorities.

Victor: If she plays those recordings for the authority, she will confess to having gamed the legal system, which will end her up in prison. We are finished here, doc. Thank you.

Dr. Hedges: [ Sighs ]

Victor: And by the way, don't screw this up again. Yeah, well, chelsea behaved recklessly, you know. She didn't know what the hell she was doing.

Adam: Because she is desperate. She's in a psych ward. She has no idea when she's gonna get out. And her freedom is in your hands.

Victor: Yeah, that's what she resents.

Adam: So we need to get her out of there as soon as it's reasonable. She's not gonna be a threat to anyone for all the reasons that you just mentioned. I will make sure she gets the help she needs. I owe her that.

Victor: Son, this is your guilt talking, okay? We can't let her out of there, hoping for the best, that she'll behave. What you and I need is a bargaining chip. A real bargaining chip.

If you have postmenopausal


[ Indistinct conversation ]

Amanda: Hey.

Nate: Hey.

Amanda: I'm glad that you were able to join us, especially with your busy schedule, dr. Askmdnow.

Nate: Look, I -- I know you said you wanted tonight to be an escape, but I got to ask you, how are -- how are you doing?

Amanda: Uh, let's just say that I've been through a lot last couple of months.

Nate: I can't imagine having to face all that. When I encouraged you to get that dna test, I didn't know where it was gonna lead you.

Amanda: Well, I was determined to find my family. I dreamt of being a part of it, and I guess I'm getting what i wished for.

Imani: Thank you for inviting me.

Devon: Yeah, absolutely. I hope you had a good time.

Imani: It was eye-opening.

Elena: Well, amanda is lucky to have you here to help her in this incredibly difficult case.

Imani: There's nowhere else I'd rather be. There's a lot to like about this place. Genoa city's really growing on me.

Amanda: Oh, wait, no. Are you leaving?

Imani: It was a lovely evening.

Amanda: Aww.

Imani: Thank you for including me. I really needed this.

Amanda: Of course, of course. Come on, I'll walk you out.

Imani: Okay.

Nate: Have a good night.

Imani: You too.

Devon: See ya.

Billy: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Billy: You beat me home.

Lily: Yep, not even a tongue-lashing from victoria could make me late.

Billy: Yeah, that's probably my fault. I ran into her at grand phoenix and she spent a lot of energy telling me to stay the hell away from ashland.

Lily: Oh, and I'm sure your next move was to go and see him.

Billy: It's so sexy how you know me so well.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] So how'd it go?

Billy: I made an offer for locke communications group.

Lily: Just like that?

Billy: Well, I could tell that he was upset about the article, but not so upset that he didn't understand where we were coming from. So I took the chance and I went for it.

Lily: And how did he respond?

Billy: He didn't laugh and throw me out, so it could've gone worse.

Lily: But he didn't say yes.

Billy: He didn't say either way. He told me to write down a number.

Lily: What was the number that you wrote?

Billy: It's a number.

Lily: Okay, no, you're gonna write it down the way that you did with him.

Lily: Oh, gosh. Um, excuse me, but where are we supposed to find this money?

Billy: We'll let that be the problem once ashland accepts our offer.

Adam: I will go talk to chelsea. I'll let her know that we're gonna give her an opportunity to get her life back. I don't want to go to her with any more threats.

Victor: Son, think about this for a minute. What does chelsea want more than anything else in her life? Access to her son. That's our ace in the hole.

Adam: Yeah. Well, dad, you're not hearing me.

Victor: I'm hearing you loud and clear, son. You go to chelsea and you tell her that what we are offering her is a wonderful opportunity and she'd be stupid to jeopardize it.

Adam: She will understand.

Victor: You also tell her that she even thinks about betraying me, she will have no longer any access to her son. You think you can do that?

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