Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/6/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/6/21


Episode #12145 ~ Amanda makes a vow to Naya. Chelsea plots an escape. Ashland is exposed.

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Adam: Alright, I'll see you soon. That was one of our reporters. I'm gonna meet with them and ask them to investigate the rumors about ashland's health. I should be back before connor and nikki get home.

Victor: Okay, son, keep me posted. And by the way, having you and connor here is a joy.

Adam: Well, it's good to have him home.

Victor: Now that you and he are both on the ranch, it's gonna pay big dividends, you know. You can focus all of your attention on our company. We're gonna make it bigger, better, and stronger.

Chloe: Hi. How's it going?

Chelsea: Not good.

Chloe: What's wrong?

Chelsea: Adam was here. Everything's changed. It's everything I was afraid of. He is determined to erase me from my son's life.

Chloe: Are you sure?

Chelsea: He made it crystal clear. So everything we talked about the other day -- you know, the plan to get me out of here -- it's not gonna work anymore. I found out that dr. Hedges is not on my side. So if I want to get out of here anytime soon, I'm gonna have to force his hand.

Victoria: So, was it worth the wait?

Ashland: You made a dying man feel like he could live forever. And that is truly a gift.

Victoria: Well, then, I guess you just better prepare yourself for the gift that keeps on giving.

Abby: Ben! Hi. I'm surprised to see you. I thought you'd be gone by now.

Stitch: You anxious to see me go?

Abby: No, of course not. It's just since your colleague at the hospital's party was last night, I thought you'd be headed home by now to see max.

Stitch: Well, what kind of friend would I be if I left without saying goodbye?

Nate: So, moses, I haven't seen much of you lately. Glad we could all come together and do some catching up.

Moses: Yeah, yeah, me too.

Nate: You know, that cookie looks delicious, but I can't stop thinking about how much I'm jonesing for those society crab cakes.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Moses: Hey, man, that's not funny. Like, you could've died that day.

Nate: Are you still really upset about what happened?

Moses: Upset? Man, I'm been having nightmares over this stuff.

Naya: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: I am so relieved that you finally agreed to let me represent you. Now that you are out on bail, we can talk about how to handle your defense.

Naya: Don't misunderstand me, amanda. I am grateful to be out and to be working with you, but before you get ahead of yourself, i want to discuss sutton's plans for my defense strategy.

Amanda: What do you mean "sutton's plan"? This isn't about him.

Naya: Well, pleading not guilty at the arraignment today doesn't change the fact that i confessed. I'm guilty, okay? I had your father killed so the secrets of the two babies that i gave up for adoption would stay secret.

Amanda: No one in this room believes that -- not me, not imani, and most definitely not you. So my plan is simple -- to prove your innocence. In order for me to do that, you need to abandon this lie so that I can mount a defense that will keep you out of prison.

Imani: Please, mom, listen to her.

Naya: No! I won'T. I know where amanda wants to go with this, and I'm not having it. Look, I don't want you going after sutton as some alternate theory of the murder. He had nothing to do with what happened to richard.

Amanda: It is more than just a theory. And why are you letting him do this? You are willing to face the consequences all so that he comes out of this clean?

Naya: I did it. Why can't you just accept that?

Amanda: You need to stop this right now, mom.

Naya: Mom? You never called me that before.

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Amanda: That's right. I called you mom because I need you to understand what we are to each other. You're my mother and I'm your daughter, and that's why I'm so determined to help you. But I can't do that if you insist on standing behind this blatant lie.

Naya: Daughters are supposed to listen to their mothers.

Amanda: They're also supposed to care about them and protect them. And now that I finally found you, I don't want to lose you. So that's why I need you to listen to me, okay? I need you to let me help you so that we can this defense all the way.

Naya: You can't be okay with this. Why are you letting her influence you this way? Your grandfather adores you.

Imani: So I'm just supposed to accept you going to prison for no reason to protect him?

Amanda: Okay, right now, what we need to focus on is naya's confession, okay? That's where we need to start. I need you to renounce it.

Naya: I see where you're trying to go with this, and I am not falling for it. So you just want to chip away at me so I'm in a corner and forced to go along with redirecting guilt towards my father.

Amanda: Because he's the one who is guilty.

Naya: You want to see a great man convicted of murder. Pillar of society and the backbone of our family.

Amanda: Some backbone. He's willing to let his daughter go down for a murder that he commissioned. Deep down, you have got to see how wrong that is. But if -- if you can't face him, if it's too difficult, that's fine, because that's why I'm here. I have no such reservations.

Naya: Don't you dare pretend to know what I'm thinking. I have been clear throughout. There is absolutely no proof that sutton had your father killed -- zero!

Amanda: Well, if it exists and it means keeping you out of prison, I will find the proof.

Stitch: A brief goodbye is better than no goodbye at all, right?

Abby: Well, I'm happy that you stopped by.

Stitch: I just wanted to tell you how great it was seeing you again. And I understand if you don't feel the same way. I get it if my presence reminds you of what we lost.

Abby: That was a long time ago. Well, uh, [Chuckles] Safe travels and it was good to see you.

Adam: Stitch! Man, when did you get back in town?

Stitch: Adam, what's up, man? I'm actually on my way out of genoa city right now. I was just saying goodbye to abby.

Adam: Oh. So, how are you things going for you?

Stitch: Good, thanks for asking, man, but I really got to get going. Um...take care, abby. Yeah, man.

Adam: Uh, wow, that was a little surprising, running into stitch like that.

Abby: Yeah. Well, you two will probably always have a connection on some level since you saved him from the fire in the newman tower, but, um, you know, it does make me wonder...

Adam: Wonder? About what?

Abby: The two adams. Yeah, you never know which one you're gonna get. I mean, is it gonna be the adam that everybody loves to hate, justifiably, or the one who saved ben and faith?

Adam: Well, I guess I get off on keeping folks like you guessing.

Abby: Yeah, well, why does that answer not surprise me? I guess we know which one walked through the door today.

Adam: Alright, well, let me just start over. I know that I've hurt a lot of people, including you, abby, but now I have a chance to make up for all that. So all I can do is try.

Victoria: Is everything okay?

Ashland: Everything is more than oka. You know, earlier, this disease had me feeling lower than I've ever felt in my life. But now everything's different. I feel energized and strong, and that is 100% thanks to you.

Victoria: Really? I did all that?

Ashland: And more. Before, I was content sitting in this room and hiding from the world. That's never been who I am. I can't stay cooped up. I've got to get out. And more than anything, I want to do that with you. I want to walk in the beautiful fresh air and let the sun shine on our faces. And don't worry, I'm more than feeling up to it.

Victoria: You know that's not my only concern, right? I mean, the chanccomm article came out today, which is gonna ensure that all eyes are gonna be on you when we're out in public. Everyone's gonna try to gauge whether or not the rumors are true, and if you're with me... I mean, are you really up for that much scrutiny?

Ashland: The last thing I'm worried about are prying eyes. Let them wonder. Who cares? You know, I love that restaurant your sister owns -- society. Let's go down there and order their best bottle of champagne.

Victoria: Okay, you talked me into it.

[ Chuckles ] Air wick

Nate: Nightmares about my allergic reaction to shellfish?

Moses: Yeah, l-- it's really not that big of a deal.

Devon: If you're having dreams about t, it is a big deal.

Moses: It was just hard to see nate struggling to breathe and I couldn't do anything to help.

Nate: Okay, but you were more helpful than you remembered. Elena told you what to do, and you handled it.

Moses: Yeah, but after i froze in a blind panic.

Nate: Okay, but elena's a professional with years of training. She's seen it all and been in situations like that a million times, and that's what it takes to get past panicking in an emergency -- experience.

Moses: Yeah.

Nate: So any doctor who acts tough or tries to make you think nothing fazed them when they first started out is probably lying.

Devon: Are you reconsidering being a doctor now?

Moses: No, no way.

Devon: Okay.

Faith: Hey, everybody.

Nate: Hey.

Moses: Faith, this is a nice surprise.

Faith: Glad I ran into you. I was gonna call. I have a question about the books on the summer reading list.

Moses: Oh.

Devon: Well, hey, if you guys want, you can go and talk on the patio. We can catch up with you later.

Moses: Yeah. Okay, cool. I'll see you guys later.

Devon: Sure.

Moses: Thanks.

Faith: For what?

Moses: For getting me out of that.

Chloe: Love you, bye. Sorry, that was kevin wondering when I'm getting home. So now tell me more about what's going on with your doctor.

Chelsea: Well, it all started when I learned connor is coming home from school.

Chelsea: That's wonderful.

Chloe: Actually, sorry, did i say home? I shouldn't have said home. Mnh-mnh, because he's not going to the penthouse. Oh, no. No, no, no. Adam has chosen this opportune time to move, and he's moving to the worst possible place. He's moving back to the ranch with victor and bringing my son with him. It's so typical of victor, you know? First he persuades adam to get into this business with him while I'm immobilized due to my stroke so I can't object. I mean, he's gotten his hooks into adam and now he's going after connor.

Chloe: That sounds like maybe a bit of a leap.

Chelsea: I can just picture it already. It's gonna be adam, victor, and nikki all sitting around a dinner table or down by the stables using every possible opportunity to subtly poison connor's mind against me. And what am I gonna do? I'm stuck in here. I can't defend myself or go against what they're saying.

Chloe: Connor loves you. They just can't turn him against his mother. That's just cruel -- and not just to you, but to him.

Chelsea: Chloe, come on. You know what the newmans are all about. Even if I got out of this place, I can't fight their influence. But stuck in here, there's no way.

Chloe: Maybe you're just blowing this out of proportion. Maybe this is just about connor spending quality time with his extended family.

Chelsea: Imagine if you were in my position. Chloe, how would you feel if these people were getting between you and your children?

Chloe: I know. I sympathize with you. And I want you to get out of here and be reunited with your son as much as you do, but you can't just escape from this place, you have to wait for the doctors to declare you well enough to leave.

Chelsea: No, I don'T. I have a new plan. And I'm just gonna need one thing from you to pull it off.

Adam: So we're trying to verify if the rumors are true about his health. I'm sure that you've read about them in the press, and, uh... um...

Ashland: Abby, always a pleasure to visit your lovely establishment. I was just telling your sister that this is my favorite restaurant in genoa city. Best food in town.

Abby: Well, I am happy to hear that. Welcome back.

Ashland: Thank you so much. Is there a chance we can sit in the lounge?

Abby: Of course, it's all yours. Let me escort you.

Ashland: I think I know the way. Thank you.

Abby: Okay. Okay, vick, spill it. I read the article about ashland. So is it true? Is there something going on between the two of you?

Victoria: We're just friends, very good friends.

Abby: Well, I hope the rumors about ashland's health aren't true, or at least they're just exaggerated.

Victoria: You can't believe everything that you read, abby.

Abby: He does look like the picture of heath to me.

Victoria: Well, there you go. There's your answer.

Abby: Well, I'm happy to hear that, 'cause all I want is for you to be happy and in love.

Victoria: Oh, please, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Abby: Well, I am holding out hope until proven otherwise.

Victoria: I'm gonna catch up with ashland. Hello, adam.

Adam: Victoria. I was just telling ashland what a surprise it is running into him here. Are the two of you having a little late lunch together?

Ashland: We're out for a bite and a bit of fresh air.

Adam: Mm.

Ashland: [ Breathes heavily ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me, I have to take this call. Hello.

Adam: Well, he seems fine to me. Your mission:

Victoria: Well, you've obviously read the chanccomm article.

Adam: Who hasn't read that article?

Victoria: So now you're questioning ashland's health. I'm surprised that you would give the competition that much credence.

Adam: Hey, I'm just commenting on what I see with my own eyes.

Victoria: Really? A little shortness of breath is -- yeah, I mean, that never happens to perfectly healthy people at all, so we should just -- we should sound the alarm.

Adam: Need I remind you that he is on the board of newman media. Can't I express a little concern for a colleague?

Victoria: Oh, of course. I mean, you know, you showing concern for someone besides yourself is kind of like a whole new concept. I'm gonna need some time to adjust.

Adam: Well, get used to it because this is the new me.

Victoria: Oh, really, and how long is that gonna last? How long before you throw out the new and improved adam so that you can revert back to your old self?

Adam: I really am changing. And frankly, I like the new life I'm building for myself. And I know that you may have your doubts, but other people are willing to give me a chance. Like dad.

Victoria: Well, you're really going all in sucking up to our father.

Adam: Mm, whereas you feel like you don't need dad anymore because you've hitched your wagon to another billionaire.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] If you're trying to bait me, it's not gonna work.

Adam: You're completely misreading me. I can tell that the two of you are growing close. It's just I can't help but wonder how much time he has. And have you prepared yourself for the heartache of losing him?

Victoria: If I didn't know better, I would think that that was an actual question. Or you cared about the answer.

Adam: Shocking, isn't it?

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Hey.

Elena: Moses and faith are so cute. You think there's something there?

Devon: Oh, yeah, he's got a big crush on her.

Elena: Ohh.

Devon: I think they're still friends, though.

Elena: Huh, who knows? Maybe it'll blossom into something more.

Devon: I'm glad to see things seem to be good between you guys. It's nice that we can all sit together and put the past behind us, you know?

Nate: Can't argue with you on that one.

Devon: Would you guys want to get drinks with amanda and me tonight at the penthouse?

Nate: Uh, sounds great to me.

Elena: That does not sound great. I'm kidding, it sounds perfect.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Amanda: If michael baldwin knew what I know, this case against sutton would be airtight right now. The charges against him were dropped because you confessed, but that can be easily reversed.

Naya: You don't know that.

Amanda: I can provide means and motive. Sutton decided that he couldn't afford for it to get out that his daughter had twins out of wedlock while still in college, so you did what he wanted. You gave up your babies, but then you told richard about his little girls and he made it clear that he was determined to find us.

Naya: Yes, and what does that prove?

Amanda: My father was looking for me when he was killed. It is so clear to me what happened, and I suspect that you can provide even more damning details.

Naya: Enough. I am not giving in on this. I want your help, but if you're gonna take my case, you must follow sutton's guidance. You must do what he wanted when he first asked you to defend him.

Amanda: Well, that is one thing that I will not do. Still fresh

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Imani: I'm sorry, mom, but i just can't stay quiet any longer. You have to listen to amanda. Unlike grandfather, she's trying to keep you out of jail. I hate to say this, but he's just not the man I thought he was.

Naya: Don't you dare talk about your grandfather that way.

Imani: He doesn't deserve your sacrifice. I admit it, at first, I was angry with amanda when you confessed, but I've had some time to process this whole thing now, and the only one I'm angry with is sutton because he's allowed his own daughter to take the fall for something he did. It's inexcusable, mom.

Naya: You want to know what's inexcusable? This. All of it. Amanda has brainwashed you into going along with incriminating your grandfather. I meant what I said. If amanda doesn't back down, we are done here. I'll call sutton and tell him to hire someone to defend me who will listen to us and do what we want.

Imani: Please, don't let her go. She needs our help. If it has to be on her terms, just that's the way it has to be.

Moses: It was really scary, faith. I mean, nate was struggling to breathe, and I just felt hopeless. I just panicked, froze.

Faith: How could you have even begun to know what to do? You're not a doctor yet.

Moses: Yeah, but I still shouldn't have freaked out like that. And now I'm sick with this sinking feeling, and I almost...

Faith: You almost what? After all of the embarrassing and personal stuff I've shared with you, I hope you know you can tell me anything.

Moses: Okay. Well, a few minutes ago, devon asked me if I was reconsidering a career in medicine.

Faith: Are you?

Moses: No -- that's what i told him. But the truth is I...I don't think it's right for me.

Faith: I can't believe you're letting one bad moment scare you away from your dream.

Moses: Yeah, but what if it's not my dream? What if it's just something i thought I needed to do to please my mom and honor my dad for the fact that he just passed on too soon?

Faith: I don't really have any answers for you, but maybe you're not ready to make a decision yet, and you don't have to know. I mean, come on, you're still young. You don't have to lock in your whole future right this minute. Most of the kids our age haven't even begun to figure it out. I sure haven'T.

Moses: Yeah, but the thing is, the whole reason I came here in the first place was to learn what it's like to be a doctor from nate. And if I'm not doing that anymore, my mom might want me to come back home.

Faith: Back to new york?

Moses: Yeah. But that's not what I want to do. I like it here. I like everything about it.

Faith: Well, whatever happens, I'm really glad you want to stay in genoa city, and I hope you do because you are my one and only friend. And losing you would make me lonely and very sad.

Victoria: If you have one talent, it is for keeping people guessing -- most people, not everyone. Because I've been burned by you so many times I know not to let my guard down ever.

Adam: And yet your guard isn't even up around locke, despite his equally checkered past.

Victoria: Oh, well, vicious rumors, they're always swirling around him. The ones about his health are just the latest. I am willing to bet that he's gonna outlast all of us.

Adam: God, you are really intrigued by this guy, aren't you?

Victoria: Do you have a problem with that?

Adam: At first, I thought your relationship was purely transactional, that you were using locke and his board seat to influence newman media, that you were trying to wrestle your hands on another division of his empire, but now I see that there is something much deeper going on. And I have to say, I'm very happy for you.

Victoria: Really? The day that you or I are truly happy for each other is the day that the world stops spinning.

Adam: Wouldn't it be easier to try, though? To bury the hatchet, have a fresh start?

Victoria: Loathing you requires no effort at all. In fact, it's like breathing air for me. And I will never trust you because this new adam? Oh, he's not gonna last very long.

Adam: So what you're saying is I am always going to be your enemy.

Victoria: In a word, yes.

Adam: Good to know.

Ashland: Sorry that too so long.

Adam: Guess running an empire's a 24/7 operation.

Ashland: Accurate.

Adam: All work and no payoff can be grueling. Seems like the two of you are on the job all the time. You know, a weekend getaway might be nice. Los angeles is great this time of year. You know, I can definitely see potential in whatever's going on between you two. Weekend getaway might be just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Hedges: I was told you needed to see me. We've already said all there is to say about your situation here.

Chelsea: I never would've allowed you to bring me to this place if I knew it meant permanent incarceration.

Dr. Hedges: I never said anything about permanent. What I did say is that you have to put in the time to heal -- however long that takes.

Chelsea: Mm, you said a lot more than that, and you know it. It's obvious victor wants me stuck in this place forever, and he's calling all the shots. You're just his flunky.

Dr. Hedges: [ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: Following orders.

Dr. Hedges: I am nobody's flunky.

Chelsea: I know everybody wants me to just whither away in here and disappear, but I can promise you that is not going to happen. My son needs his mother, and that may not matter to you, but here's the thing, doctor, I'm just wondering what would happen if it got out that you've been taking money from victor to keep me here.

Dr. Hedges: That's an empty threat, and no one's gonna believe it because it's my word against yours, a patient with a record of a recent psychotic break.

Chelsea: So you admit you're on the take.

Dr. Hedges: [ Scoffs ] It doesn't matter how much I've taken from victor, you can't prove it, and no one's gonna believe a mental patient over her doctor, so get used to it, chelsea. You're here until I say you're getting out.

Chelsea: I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you. You see, I recorded our whole conversation, and now I am sending it to my friend, who is on standby just waiting to send it to the medical board if need be.

Dr. Hedges: Alright, you're bluffing.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Am I bluffing, though? Here's the thing. This is what you're gonna do if you don't want this getting out. You're gonna go against victor's orders. You are gonna declare me healthy and have me discharged immediately. Nothing less. Somehow, I suspect that you value your career, your reputation, and your freedom far too much to turn me down. ( Lovely day instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis

Victoria: I'm sure I don't need to inform you that adam was fishing. I think it's in both of our best interests if we remember that he's always up to something.

Ashland: Sounds like adam is one of those sharks you warned me about, circling because he smells blood in the water.

Victoria: Yes, and until this deal is done, we have to be very, very careful.

Abby: I am so sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to make sure that everything's to your liking.

Ashland: It was absolutely wonderful, as always.

Abby: Great. Let me know if I can get you anything else.

Victoria: Oh, abby, friend of mine at the hospital said that stitch was in town. Have you had a chance to connect?

Abby: Yeah, yeah, we did. I was really glad to see him, but he is back in iowa, where he lives, now. Yeah, he's headed back, so i wished him well.

Victoria: Oh, stitch, he was a doctor that abby was married to briefly.

Ashland: Sounds like she has a better relationship with her ex than I'll ever have with tara.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] Hey! Stitch, oh, my gosh. I thought you would be halfway to iowa by now.

Stitch: Yeah, I was just spending a few minutes here before I left. Uh...nice spot to end a run.

Mariah: Oh, well, I actually plan to go much longer, but my little travel companion here is dying to stop.

[ Laughs ]

Stitch: Makes sense.

Imani: I know you believe, like I do, that saving our mother comes first.

Amanda: Alright. If I agree to leave sutton out of this, will you let me continue with your defense? I suppose there are other options that I can consider to get an acquittal.

Imani: Yes, there are.

Amanda: But trust me, it's not gonna be easy.

Naya: This is what I've wanted all along. I'm relieved that you finally agreed, but you must stay the course from here on out.

Amanda: We are gonna make sure that you don't pay for something you didn't do. That's a promise.

Naya: Well, I need to let sutton know that I'm out for now.

[ Sighs ] But obviously we'll pick this up again soon.

[ Sighs ] There's one more thing.

Amanda: What?

Naya: Thank you.

Imani: [ Sighs ] Alright, amanda, truth. You have no intentions of going along with her demands, do you?

Amanda: You may have seen through me, but fortunately, naya didn'T. By the time I'm through, she will be free of all of these charges, and sutton will finally pay for what he did.

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Stitch: It's great you're running. No doubt you've read up on the best exercises during pregnancy.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Stitch: In fact, an ob colleague of mine back in iowa just worked up a whole program for pregnant women, broke it down by the trimester.

Mariah: Oh, wow.

Stitch: I can give you his name if you want to research it.

Mariah: That is incredibly sweet of you. Thank you. But just so you know, I'm doing this run for me. I just need to get a jog in sometimes and, you know, clear my head. Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant and I'm thrilled to be helping abby out, but I am a lot more than [Clicks tongue] This.

Stitch: You probably get that a lot. I guess I was mansplaining about pregnancy, no less.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Stitch: Yeah, you're right, of course. Don't mind me.

Mariah: Well, it was great seeing you.

Stitch: Yeah.

Mariah: And have a safe trip back to iowa, okay?

[ Chuckles ]

Stitch: Thanks.

Mariah: See you around.

Stitch: Yeah.

Mariah: Bye.

Stitch: Okay.

Devon: Imani, hi. Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Amanda: No, not at all. You are just in time to hear the good news. I finally got naya to agree to let me handle her case. Although she may not be pleased with the direction it ends up taking.

Devon: That's really good. I'm glad to hear you're fired up about it again. Do you feel like you're ready to take on your grandpa?

Imani: No worries. She's got me in her corner.

Devon: Yeah, I'm sure the two of you will make a formidable team.

Imani: We're gonna be unstoppable.

Devon: Hey, I invited nate and elena to come have drinks with us tonight at my place, just 'cause they seem like they've worked things out, and I'm trying to get things back on track with my cousin, but I know I didn't talk to you about it first, so if you don't want to do it, it's --

Amanda: No, I think you're right. It's time that we move forward. Do you mind if imani joins?

Devon: No, no, not at all. Tonight's about family, and you guys are family.

Ashland: Just makes me wish that I had cyaxares to you and not to victor and adam.

Victoria: Oh, believe me, i do, too. But what we're working on is so much bigger.

Ashland: Well, that phone call before was about the merger. My attorneys are keeping me up to speed on everything.

Victoria: I know, I've been getting some more updates. It seems like everything's coming together.

Ashland: I felt so good before. After we made love, having difficulty breathing in front of adam and then having to cover was just a reminder that we need to get this deal done and we need to close it before I'm too weak to see it through.

Victoria: Hey, hey, hey, hey. We'll get there, trust me. We've had such a nice day. It's okay if we don't focus on the business aspect of our relationship for one minute. Ashland? What are you thinking?

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Being with you today was wonderful. It's just what I needed and more. I'm just worried that I'm creating...a complication for you that you don't need.

Victoria: Where exactly is this coming from?

Ashland: Victoria, I'm dying, okay? And as difficult as that is to face, it's not going to change. I'm just worried that by pulling you closer to me this way, it's not exactly -- not exactly fair to you.

[ Tablet chimes ]

Adam: Ashland put up a good front. But there is no question in my mind that the rumors are true about his health. He was talking and then suddenly he was trying to catch his breath.

Victor: [ Sighs ] You're sure about that?

Adam: He was trying to hide it, but it was obvious. And he canceled his trip to la.

Victor: Hmm. So the evidence is mounting that he could be dying.

Adam: There's no question in my mind we shouldn't waste another minute making our move. Especially if victoria's gonna make her own.

Dr. Hedges: [ Clears throat ] Mr. Newman, I was told I could find you here.

Adam: Dr. Hedges? What are you doing here?

Dr. Hedges: I'm here to discuss something with your father.

Adam: What, about chelsea? What's going on? Is there something you don't want me to know?

Dr. Hedges: [ Sighs ]

Adam: What is going on with chelsea?

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