Y&R Transcript Monday 7/5/21

Y&R Transcript Monday 7/5/21


Episode #12144 ~ Phyllis intervenes in Jack's affairs. Adam makes a move. Tara comforts Kyle.

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Billy: You ready to pop the champagne?

Lily: Uh, let's hold off on the bubbly, at least for the moment.

Billy: Okay, but why? The clicks are roaring in. We're about to break a record on the site.

Lily: Because we should stay on our toes. Now that the story is viral, who knows what kind of fireworks could come our way?

Billy: Well, you're not wrong, especially given our last-minute bombshell revelation.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

Adam: Oh.

Sally: Oh! Sorry.

Sharon: It's fine.

[ Chuckles ] You must be looking at something very important.

Sally: It's an article on the lockes' divorce. I'm not gonna lie. It is fascinating.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: This article is unbelievable. I'm gonna kill billy.

Jack: I'm not thrilled with him, either. This is not good for anyone involved.

Tara: That's an understatement.

Kyle: No, I'm furious on harrison's behalf. We can't just ignore this. So what the hell are we gonna do?

Billy: I am ready for whatever backlash comes our way. We are prepared. I mean, we talked to everyone involved in the story. No one should feel blind-sided, including tara, who I personally interviewed.

Lily: Yes, I know, but I do think that we put our own tone and spin on the story that people might not expect.

Billy: Well, it helps when our source found out that locke was flying in his personal doctor into genoa city. That was a big one.

Lily: Yeah, that's true. It does give credence to the rumors about his health.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] I am proud of our scoop. Yes, there may be a few people that are surprised by the article, including victoria.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: She might be, uh, a little taken aback just how many times she's mentioned in it.

Lily: And are you worried about that?

Billy: Ahh. No, I am not. I did everything I could to make sure that our children won't be affected by this article in any sort of way, but as far as victoria's concerned, she should know that, being involved with locke, this is what you get.

Lily: Well, I think she comes off really well. I mean, if he is sick, then she's being very caring and supportive.

Billy: Either way, if she gets burnt by this article, even though I warned her, she's gonna understand that playing with locke means you play with fire.

Victoria: Oh, uh, you don't really look like you're ready to jump on a flight to L.A.

Ashland: I had a bit of a difficult night's sleep.

Victoria: Oh. Um, a-are you okay? How are you feeling?

Ashland: Not great. I've been having some chest pressure and feeling some difficulty breathing and swallowing.

Victoria: Oh, no. I'm so sorry.

Ashland: No, I'm the one that should apologize 'cause I think I've got to cancel our trip.

Victoria: Oh, yes, absolutely. Forget about it. I'm more worried about you. You think maybe we should call someone?

Ashland: Nah, nah. It's just the inevitability of the illness. Yeah, it'll probably get, uh, worse, and it'll keep going on for a little while, but I can still walk and talk, which is a win in my book.

Victoria: Do you think maybe there's something that we could do to mitigate the symptoms?

[ Cellphones ping ] Oh. It's my P.R. Team.

Ashland: Yeah. Mine, too.

Victoria: The chanccomm article is out.

Ashland: Might as well dive in and read, see how much damage my ex managed to do.

If you have postmenopausal


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[ Tablet rings ]

Phyllis: Hey! Ciao, baby.

Nick: What are you doing?

Phyllis: You know, working. I miss you. I miss summer. So, how's her office? How's her apartment?

Nick: Her apartment is awesome. I went by her new office. She's got a very cool setup.

Phyllis: That's great. That should make her feel good while she's getting used to everything in italy, you know? How is she emotionally? How's her heart?

Nick: She keeps pushing the "this is great" narrative. But I can tell she's hurting.

Phyllis: I'm glad that you're there. I'm glad that she has you to distract her and italy and --

Nick: And pasta and good wine and, uh, a fun new job.

Phyllis: Well, that should take her mind off of things on the internet, you know?

Nick: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: You didn't see the article that was just posted on chanccomm?

Adam: You finished that in record time. I guess they don't have those kind of pastries in boarding school.

Connor: It was good. But I could have waited to eat it until we got home.

Adam: Yeah. About that, um, I got to tell you something. We're not going back to the penthouse.

Connor: Why not?

Adam: We're moving to the ranch.

Connor: [ Gasps ]

Adam: And we're gonna have our own house on the grounds.

Connor: That's awesome! I love the horses, and there's so much space. I'll be able to practice soccer all the time.

Adam: Good. I'm glad that you're happy about that because your grandfather and nikki are very excited that you're gonna be around.

Connor: That's great and all, but the person I really want to see is mom.

Adam: Your mother is, um -- she's back in the hospital. But she's resting up, and she's getting better. And the doctors are gonna make sure that she's ready to visit very soon.

Connor: Why can't we go visit her? I won't tire her out. I promise.

Adam: I know. I know. It's just -- it's not that, connor.

Connor: But it's been so long since I've seen her.

Adam: Look, I promise you that your mom is gonna be ready for a visit very soon.

Sharon: Connor! You're home. It's so good to see you.

Connor: You too.

Sharon: So, how was boarding school?

Connor: I liked it, but i miss my mom.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm sure you do.

Connor: Dad says we're going to see her soon and we're moving to the ranch.

Sharon: Oh! You are? Well, that sounds fun. Are you giving up the penthouse?

Adam: Hey, uh, connor...

Connor: Mm-hmm?

Adam: ...Why don't you go grab another glass of milk, okay?

Connor: Okay, dad.

Adam: Okay. So, we're gonna be neighbors.

Sharon: Yeah, I guess we are.

Adam: I hope that's not gonna be a problem for you.

Jack: I understand why you're upset. This article is invasive and infuriating, but there's really not a lot that can be done. I mean, it's already out there, and every word of it appears to be true.

Tara: I hate to admit, but jack's right.

Kyle: Whether what's in there is true or not is irrelevant. Harrison's paternity was a personal matter. This shouldn't have been exploited.

Jack: I tried to get billy to kill it. There was no talking him out of it.

Tara: And I get the feeling that billy might have had another agenda, as well.

Kyle: Like what?

Tara: I mean, let's just say that victoria features a prominent role in the story.

Jack: Look, I understand it would be difficult to hear about ashland moving on. The end of a relationship is difficult in any circumstance.

Tara: Okay, I've let all of that go, and I'm not surprised ash has, as well. And I genuinely hope that he can find happiness with victoria in the time he has.

Jack: Wait. What do you mean, "in the time he has"?

Tara: [ Sighs ] Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches,

Tara: I'm just saying that there is a chance that the rumors about my ex's health could be true, especially if this article is right about him flying the doctor in from new york.

Kyle: But he isn't exactly sharing anything with you these days.

Tara: True.

Jack: I guess none of us can know what's actually going on with locke. Best we can do is weather the fallout from this article. Listen, I'm gonna get to the office. I'll see you both later.

Tara: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Thank you for helping me out there. The sentence was halfway out of my mouth before I caught myself and...

Kyle: It's not my place to tell my father about ashland's condition.

Tara: The momentum is building, and the truth is gonna come out sooner rather than later.

Kyle: Yeah, then we need to figure out how to deal with it.

Tara: Yeah, well, I'm still processing it myself.

Kyle: So, are you okay?

Tara: I don't know. I mean, to be honest, I'm more upset than I let on to jack.

Kyle: I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Tara: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Well, what about you and chelsea?

Adam: Uh, chelsea's future is up to her. I mean, eventually she's gonna be released from the hospital. And I'm gonna tell her that she's welcome to live in the penthouse. I, uh, even hooked her up with a job for a fashion platform with newman media, with chloe, if she wants it.

Sharon: Well, do you think you two will ever give it another try?

Adam: No, I'm afraid not. Whatever love we used to feel for each other, there's just no coming back after what happened.

Sharon: Does connor know?

Adam: No, not the whole story. He still thinks that we're together. But once she's in a better headspace, I'm not gonna stand in the way of her seeing her son. And I'll have to make him understand that, even though is mom and dad aren't living in the same place anymore, that we're still a family.

Sharon: That's important for connor. It'll be important for all of you.

Adam: We're gonna have to learn to co-parent as exes. But I just don't see a future for us as a couple.

Sharon: It's terrible that things went so wrong for the two of you.

Adam: It is. But things can go wrong, even for the strongest of couples.

Ashland: How the hell did they get these details? Who could have leaked the fact that I flew my doctor to genoa city?

Victoria: Well, I don't know, but I'm not exactly thrilled about how many times I'm mentioned in this article. They don't flat out accuse me of being a player in your divorce, but it's definitely left open to interpretation. And the referral to your legal team being seen outside my office -- that's just gonna spark more rumors.

Ashland: Well, at least nobody asked your neighbors or your employees what they think about your attentiveness as a spouse.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] I'm sure that billy is just saving that for his follow-up article.

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Ashland: I'm so sorry i dragged you into this.

Victoria: I jumped in willingly.

[ Chuckles ] This is just billy being billy. He's just digging the knife in to try to teach me a lesson.

Ashland: What does he think you need to learn?

Victoria: He warned me that i was courting disaster by getting involved with you.

Ashland: Is that what we are? Involved?

Victoria: I hope so.

Billy: Now, that is good information. Thank you. That is fantastic work. Please keep us in the loop. Thank you.

Lily: What was that about?

Billy: One of our reporters found out what kind of doctor locke flew into genoa city -- an oncologist specializing in late-stage cancer cases.

Lily: Oh, my god, that's horrible.

Billy: Yeah, and it definitely paints a clearer picture, doesn't it?

Lily: Yeah, a sad picture. I mean, getting a cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest things that anyone can go through.

Billy: Yeah, no, of course. I mean, I hope I'm not coming across insensitive.

Lily: No. I just -- I know what it's like to get that news, and if that's what he's facing, then I really feel for him.

Billy: Okay. So, do we keep this information to ourselves? Or do we use it to further clarify the information that we've put out there already?

Lily: I don't know. I mean, it would be nice to have some additional confirmation before publishing such sensitive information.

Billy: Oh, I know one person that may know the truth.

Lily: Wait. You think victoria knows how sick ashland really is?

Billy: And if it's factoring in to her admitted agenda where he's concerned.

Lily: How are those connected?

Billy: If locke is dying, he's gonna have to shore up his position. Maybe victoria is angling for a seat on the board... at locke communications group.

Jack: Hi.

Sally: Hey, you.

Jack: Hey. Hey! How is your first day going as head of jcv?

Sally: It's going well. Do you think I am projecting the right image? Powerful, cutting-edge, sophisticated.

Jack: All of the above.

Sally: Well, I changed my outfit three times this morning 'cause I just wanted to make sure that I gave the right impression. So I decided on head-to-toe jcv, and the outfit will do most of the work.

Jack: Well, you look very professional, and I think that's a good call. Wearing the brand is the best way to set the tone.

Sally: Well, I know that this is just a trial period and I'm just the interim president until I prove myself, so I'm actually a little more nervous than i look.

Jack: I'm not sure I believe that.

Sally: So, does that mean you're not gonna give me a pep talk?

Jack: Oh, you don't need a cheerleader. You have a deep well of innate confidence. You needed a chance to prove yourself, and you just got one.

Sally: Pretty sure that was a pep talk. Thank you. [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Best of all, you came by this honestly -- no scheming, no ploys. You should be very proud of that.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: I just finished the article. I mean, what the hell is billy thinking? To drag victoria into it is bad enough, but did he have to go into all the intimate details of kyle and tara's affair? This being splashed all over the media is the last thing summer needs right now.

Phyllis: That's why I'm even more grateful that you're with her, even though I miss you like crazy.

Nick: Yeah, I miss you, too. I mean, it's beautiful here, but I need to get home to my bellissima donna.

Phyllis: What? You speak italian now?

Nick: Eh, I can order bolognese or ask where the library is.

Phyllis: Do it. Do it. Ask.

Nick: Dove la biblioteca?

Phyllis: That's awesome. It's very sexy. You're very sexy in italian.

Nick: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: I could sue the hell out of chanccomm media... just for the fun of it.

Victoria: Yes, but what difference would that make? I mean, even a retraction wouldn't make that much of a difference in public opinion.

Ashland: Well, if I sic my arm of lawyers on them, I could tie them up in litigation for years. The company is a competitor, and they're eager to start a rivalry with newman media.

Victoria: Trust me. As a board member, the last thing you want to do is encourage billy's feud with adam and my father.

Ashland: Wait, you'd rather that I encourage your father

[Winces] To make peace with your ex?

[ Inhales deeply ]

Victoria: Are you -- are you okay?

Ashland: I've been better.

Victoria: Is there something that I can do to help you?

Ashland: Your beautiful eyes are such a nice distraction, even when they're filled with concern.

Victoria: I'm serious. Is there something that I can get you?

Ashland: A magic elixir? A time machine?

Victoria: You know, there are more realistic options that -- that might help to save your life.

Ashland: But if I don't die, you don't get your merger.

Victoria: Yes, we do. We do because, you see, we can -- we can merge our companies and we can run them together. We can rule the entire business empire...

Ashland: Mm.

Victoria: ...If you would maybe just think about getting some treatment.

[ Sighs ] Can you picture how amazing that could be?

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Now, connor, I want you to know, even though you and your dad live in the tack house, you have a run of the entire house and the entire property.

Connor: Cool. Can I text my friends about this place?

Victor: Of course you can.

Connor: Is that okay?

Adam: Of course. Go for it.

Connor: Yes!

Victor: So nice to have both of you here.

Adam: Yeah.

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: It is.

Victor: Hey, did you read my text?

Adam: I did.

Victor: Interesting bits of information, right? I think it may be time to consider moving in. What do you think?

Adam: Um, I think that we need to make sure the facts are certain before we do anything, but, um...first I need to take care of one very important thing.

Victor: What's that?

Adam: I'll tell you later.

Victor: Alright.

Adam: Alright? (Vo) I am living with cll

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] You're back. Again.

Adam: Well, I wanted to see how you were doing.

Chelsea: Fantastic.

Adam: I also wanted to tell you that, um, connor's home.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] Oh, my god, that's wonderful. I can't wait to see him. Is he in the hallway?

Adam: Chelsea, he's not. I'm sorry. After my last discussion with you about him, I discussed it with dr. Hedges, and he's not sure that you're ready to see him.

Chelsea: Whatever conversation you had with dr. Hedges is irrelevant. He may be the best at what he does, but he's not inside my head. Adam, I am getting better and better every day. I'm not gonna lose it in front of my son. I wouldn't traumatize him like that.

Adam: And I know that you would never intentionally hurt him like that, but we just have to take this slow.

Chelsea: "But" nothing! You can't do this! I have to see my son!

Tara: You have done more than enough for me already. I mean, harrison and I are living with your family. You put in a good word for me with lauren. And you are such a perfect dad to our son.

Kyle: He's brought so much to my life.

Tara: And I am so glad you're living here now. I mean, it's really nice to have someone to lean on. My life had been all planned out, and now it feels like the ground is just giving way beneath my feet.

Kyle: It's a lot to digest.

Tara: And I know that you're in a similar situation with your new son and a broken engagement. And, um, maybe going forward, we could lean on each other.

Sally: Jcv has a lot of great stuff in the works. We're gonna launch a new line of cashmere, and lauren has entrusted me with hiring a few new designers for the winter season. But, I mean, in general, summer left the division in great shape. I'm impressed. Despite our differences, I never lied about respecting her business savvy. And I don't plan to wipe out anything that she's done. I just want to enhance it and take it to the next level.

Jack: Sounds like the right approach. Listen, on various occasions, other people have run jabot. Every time I've come back, I've done the same thing -- analyze the changes that they've made and keep the ones that work.

Sally: Hearing that is reassuring. It makes me feel like I'm on the right track.

Phyllis: Hey, guys! Hey. Alright.

[ Sighs ] What's going on?

Billy: I have been skeptical of victoria's feelings about locke from the get-go. Now, maybe I'm right. Maybe this has more to do with business than anything else.

Lily: Do you really think that she's trying to get close to a dying man to get a seat on the board of his company?

Billy: I don't think she's gonna see it that way, especially after the way she lost cyaxares.

Lily: Okay, well, before we do a follow-up piece, we should get one of our reporters to investigate that angle and see if it's true.

Billy: Yeah. That's one way to approach it.

Lily: Sorry? What's another?

Billy: Well, getting the scoop would be a big score. But maybe there's a bigger score to be had.

Lily: Like what?

Billy: What if chanccomm takes over locke communications group altogether? ( Lovely day instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis

Lily: Are you seriously proposing that we take advantage of a dying man?

Billy: Locke's company's gonna have to go somewhere. And he has no biological heirs. And after the way cyaxares was yanked away from us, why not go after the brass ring?

Lily: Well, what about victoria?

Billy: Victoria doesn't need a seat on the board. She already sold newman media company to us. And chanccomm can actually do something good with locke's communication company, and more importantly, it would put us on par with victor and adam. It would give us the power to fend off an attack that they claim isn't coming. But we both know it is.

Chelsea: Why did you even bother coming if you're not gonna let me see connor? Do you just want to taunt me? Do you just want to rub it in my face?

Adam: I swear that is not what I'm doing. I just want you to know that he's doing well...and, um, we're moving out of the penthouse.

Chelsea: So, when you told me you were considering moving to the ranch, it was already a done deal.

Adam: Look, it's a great environment for him. He's really excited about living someplace where he's gonna have acres of land to explore. It's gonna be a fresh start for him...and for me.

Chelsea: And what about me? You just want to see me locked up in here forever?

Adam: No, of course not. The penthouse is all yours. You can live there. Or you can sell it. You can do whatever you want with it when you are released.

Chelsea: Oh, how generous of you, offering me real estate to assuage your guilt over what you've done to me.

Adam: I just want you to know that when you get released from here, you're not gonna have to worry about somewhere to live, okay? I'm doing everything I can to make sure this is an easy transition for you.

Chelsea: So, what's the timeline? When do I get to go back to the penthouse?

Adam: I don't know. Your doctor hasn't shared information with me.

Chelsea: And in the meantime, victor gets to spend more time with my son than I do?

Adam: Okay, it's not always going to be that way.

Chelsea: Why are you torturing me like this?

Adam: I'm only thinking about connor and doing what's best for him, chelsea.

Chelsea: Adam, keeping him away from me is not what's best for him.

Adam: I promise you, as soon as the doctor says that he can see you, I will talk to connor and I will prepare him to see you.

Chelsea: It's not good enough.

Adam: That's all that I can give you right now. I'm sorry.

[ Door closes ]

Chelsea: [ Sniffles]

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Victoria: You could manufacture an excuse to keep you out of the limelight for a little while. You know, find a private hospital to get treatment. Nobody would have to know.

Ashland: I appreciate the sentiment and, uh, passion that is with it, but it would never work. Everyone's already suspicious about my health, and people would see right through a fabricated attempt to explain my absence.

Victoria: What does it matter, if you're getting the treatment that you need to prolong your life?

Ashland: Well, even if there was a chance it worked, the available treatment is not for me.

Victoria: Are you sure about that? Because at this point, what have you got to lose?

Ashland: You are one hell of a negotiator. But I'm not giving in. And now it's my turn to make you a proposition.

Jack: We were just having a little chat.

Phyllis: Oh! That's great. I love chats. What are you talking about? Fill me in.

Sally: I just got a promotion. I am now running jcv.

Phyllis: Wow. Wow. Well, you have some very big shoes to fill.

Sally: I agree. That's partly why I was so grateful to have summer's blessing.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] I highly doubt that my daughter would approve of you taking her old job.

Sally: Mm, well, not only did she approve of it. She actually recommended me for the gig. And if you don't believe me, you can ask lauren. By the way, give summer my thanks next time you talk to her.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I'm sure I won't have the chance because you're not gonna keep the position for long, I'm sure.

Jack: Okay, that's enough. Could we talk for a moment?

Phyllis: Sure, sure!

Jack: Hey, you need to stop this.

Phyllis: I thought you came to your senses about sally. Do I need to warn you again?

Jack: Phyllis' drink is on me. Enjoy it in here.

Phyllis: She has an agenda. She always has an agenda.

Jack: Not another word.

Phyllis: Come on, jack.

Jack: Whatever you're thinking, whatever you're going to ask, whatever is in your mind, don't!

Sally: Is everything alright?

Jack: Everything's fine.

Sharon: Would you like your usual, phyllis? Uh-oh. I know that look. You used to use that one on me. A little free advice -- don't go there.

Phyllis: I'm not about to let jack fall into sally's trap. It's my 5:52 woke-up-like-this migraine medicine.

Chelsea: [ Breathing heavily ] Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Dr. Hedges: Is everything okay in here?

Chelsea: Perfectly fine.

Dr. Hedges: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: Did you talk to adam about my son?

Dr. Hedges: I did.

Chelsea: Oh, okay. And, um, what exactly did you say to him?

Dr. Hedges: Uh, I don't think you should rush into spending more time with connor. Everyone will feel more comfortable if you take it slowly.

Chelsea: And by "everyone," you mean victor. I need to be re-evaluated right away. I have to get out of this place and be with my child. So, how do we make that happen? What kind of deal can we make?

Dr. Hedges: [ Laughs ] There are no deals to make, chelsea. Only time will heal your wounds.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Hey.

Victor: Hi.

Adam: Glad you're here. Where's, uh, connor?

Victor: Nikki's showing him around the ranch.

Adam: Ah.

Victor: I think your boy likes it here.

Adam: This was the right move.

Victor: You're finally home, my boy.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Where I belong, huh?

Victor: Yeah, where you belong, right.

Adam: Well, I will not argue with that. This time, it does feel right. So, anyway, I, uh, got a tip about ashland.

Victor: Mm-hmm?

Adam: He was supposed to fly to los angeles today with victoria, but it got canceled at the last minute.

Victor: I see. Well, I think we need to jump on that information, you know, have as much ammunition as we can in order to make our move, um, even though he may be seriously ill, even fatally ill.

Adam: You want us to write a story about a member of our board, a guy that has been more than fair to us? I mean, that is incredibly ruthless.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] My boy...you're a tough kid. But you haven't been around the mulberry bush as often as i have. I built this company over 40 years, without sentimentality. In business, you've got to be ruthless. I don't give a damn how ill ashland locke is. If he's seriously ill, then I'm sorry. But you and I right now need to use all this information to jump on it before anyone else can and gobble up his entire company.

Kyle: I thought summer and i had finally gotten it right, but now everything is shattered. I just... I don't know how I'm gonna be able to get over her this time.

Tara: You will. It's just going to take some time.

Kyle: I feel like shutting down, turning off my heart completely.

Tara: I understand that feeling. I've had it, as well. But it never works. Somehow love always finds a way.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] After everything you've been through, you still believe that?

Tara: Look at ashland turning to victoria so soon. I mean, even the most controlling man on the planet yearns for connection, companionship, closeness. If it's true for him, it's true for anyone. And anyone who says different is either lying or dead inside.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Yeah, you know, my beef with sally is nothing like our history. You know? She's a snake.

Sharon: No, I wasn't questioning your motives. It was your method.

Phyllis: Thank you for your advice.

Sharon: Sure.

Sally: Oh, I will. This was fun.

Jack: You bet.

Phyllis: Hey, jack, hold on. Hold on, please.

Jack: Phyllis, for god's sake, let this go.

Phyllis: I -- listen. I-I just want to talk to you. It's not about sally. I promise. Please. Um...I-I just wanted to know, uh, how the abbott household is doing, you know, after the fallout from billy's article?

Jack: Well, we're weathering the storm. Kyle is still pretty torn up inside.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm sure. He's so lucky. I mean, he has your whole family to support him. I know that, you know, tough times cause people to go to troubling sources for solace.

Jack: Okay, this is about sally. It was a little conversation.

Phyllis: Oh, really? Really? Was it a little conversation last night for cocktails? I mean, I just want to know.

Jack: Just like it might be with dinner tonight, and that, too, is none of your business.

Phyllis: Okay. It's none of my business. Okay. You're right. It's none of my business. I'm gonna stop. I'm gonna back off. I promise you. I promise. Hey, um, can I offer you an alternative for tonight, though? Can you have dinner with me? Please?

Jack: What?

Phyllis: I-I just want to know if you can have dinner with me.

[ Voice breaking ] It's so hard for me with summer gone. And -- and nick's gone, and i just feel so alone and... hey, don't I have stronger dibs on our friendship than your friendship with sally? Jack? Please?

Jack: You're really begging me to have dinner with you?

Phyllis: I'm not begging you. I just -- I want to know if you'll -- you'll do it. I'm very alone. And there is nobody in the world that cheers me up like jack abbott. I mean, there is nobody in the world with that jack abbott charm.

Jack: Okay, yeah, yeah, you can stop with the flattery.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: You win!

Phyllis: Thank you.

Jack: One word about sally, you pay.

Billy: Imagine the power and reach we would have if we got our hands on locke's entire empire.

Lily: Okay, first we have to make sure that locke is actually sick because if he is, then -- that's horrible, and I don't want to diminish the tragedy of it.

Billy: True.

Lily: But if he is, then we have to act fast.

Billy: No. You're right. There are going to be a line of poachers waiting to get their hands on whatever's left of locke's company, but no one going after the whole enchilada.

[ Hands clap ] I love this. I'm 100% in it.

Lily: Okay, wait. Wait, wait, wait. We have not thought everything through.

Billy: Okay, well, let's do that. What is it?

Lily: Uh, well, money -- where do we get it from? We don't have anywhere near enough.

Billy: We can go back to jack for that.

Lily: No, we can't just borrow that much money from him. This is a chancellor industries-level takeover. We need jill to sign off on it.

Billy: I can talk to jill. She'll be good with this. We'll find the money. We can go after more backers if we need.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Okay. And there is another point that I want to make clear.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: If we do this, we could be undermining victoria trying to get a seat on the board. Are you okay with that?

Billy: When victoria went after cyaxares, she claimed she was doing it to save me. I'm just returning the favor.

Ashland: Victoria, I have had a great life, and I've always lived it to the fullest. I've never been the kind of person to compromise or to make the desperate choice, and I am not gonna start now. I know and accept what my future holds because I forge my own path, and I am determined to stick by it. I want to make every last moment I have count... starting with this one.

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