Y&R Transcript Friday 7/2/21

Y&R Transcript Friday 7/2/21


Episode #12143 ~ Tara takes Kyle down memory lane. Billy and Lily mix business and pleasure. Victoria has news for Ashland.

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Billy: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Something wrong?

Lily: No. You're perfect. Why do I find you so sexy?

Billy: Mm, it's a curse.

Lily: Oh, believe me. I know.

Billy: You, on the other hand, your beauty and sexiness is nothing but a gift.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Stitch: Thanks for the refill.

Victor: Hey.

Stitch: [ Chuckling ] Hey.

Victor: Stitch, my man, how are you?

Stitch: Victor, how's my ex-father-in-law and sparring partner doing these days, huh? Huh?

Victor: Still ready to go a few rounds.

Stitch: Yeah, I can see it.

Victor: How about you?

Stitch: I'm good, man. Yeah.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Nice to see you, man. What's going on? I saw abby earlier, you know? She told me you were in town. But she also told me that the brain surgery for your son max didn't go too well.

Stitch: Mm.

Victor: Sorry to hear that.

Stitch: Well, thank you for your kind words. How is abby doing?

Victor: I think she's doing well. Yeah, married to a nice guy, expecting a baby.

Stitch: Yeah, she told me all about that. Um, but with all due respect, i know abby pretty well.

[ Chuckles ] Or, at least, I used to.

Victor: Yeah.

[ Chuckles ]

Stitch: What I mean is, how's she really doing?

Tessa: Oh, there you are.

Mariah: Hey.

Tessa: When I rolled over and you weren't there, I had a momentary panic. Leave a note next time.

Mariah: Sorry, the, uh -- the belly got in the way of the sleep. But if you come looking for me each time I'm up late, I don't think you're gonna get much shut-eye before the baby is born.

Tessa: Oh, I don't mind. If you're awake, I want to be awake. What are you reading?

Mariah: I am reading a pregnancy book.

Tessa: Mm.

Mariah: And it's crazy. You know, the more I get into it, the more amazed I am at this whole process. It'S... it's really incredible.

Tessa: So why do you look like you just ate some bad leftovers?

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] I feel guilty.

Tessa: About what?

[ Door closes ]

Abby: I am back with the surprise you requested for tessa.

Tessa: Oh, what surprise?

Abby: You know what? I should look before I talk. I'm so sorry.

Mariah: No, uh, it's okay. Uh, ta-da! I got you a surprise, uh, pastelitos from society to honor your record-breaking view count on your latest video.

Tessa: Oh, my gosh. That's so nice.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: Uh, isn't it a little late to be chowing down?

Mariah: First of all, never. And, uh, why eat tomorrow when we could just eat them right now and celebrate? Okay, uh, I'm gonna go get some plates. Plates, plates, plates.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: [ Chuckles ] Okay, I'll give you this much. Driving in the snow -- you made a real adventure.

Sally: What is that supposed to mean?

Jack: There were times i feared for my life.

Sally: Stop it. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe you weren't the best teacher?

Jack: No, because I'm an excellent teacher.

Sally: Oh, so you're saying that I missed out on learning some things from you. What else could I have possibly learned?

Jack: Oh, I'm beginning to think it's the other way around, that you could teach me a thing or two about tenacity, about not taking no for an answer. Where's that come from?

Sally: You know, I don't think I've ever gotten a "yes" in my life the first time i asked. So -- at least not for anything important. So I realized that I had two choices. I could either give up on anything I ever wanted in life, or I could endure repeated rejections.

Jack: Well, you certainly get credit for persistence.

[ Dishes clink ]

Sally: Wow. Looks like we are shutting down this place.

Jack: Whoa. How did that happen?

Sally: You know, to be honest, I really didn't think you'd show up. But given that thick skin of mine that we were just talking about is what gave me the confidence to ask.

Jack: I wasn't sure I'd make it either. There are people that I'm very close to that question my judgment. And yet here we are.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Hey. I thought you went to bed a while ago. What are you doing up?

Tara: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Insomnia. You always had a hard time sleeping.

Tara: Can't believe you remembered that.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] I hope you didn't misunderstand the details of our trip. Our flight to L.A. Is tomorrow.

Victoria: Oh, no, I am aware of the departure date.

Ashland: This just got much more interesting.

Victoria: No, not -- not the way that you're thinking. I have some news that you need to hear.

Ashland: Oh. Do come in.

[ Door closes ] Open talenti and raise the jar.

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Ashland: Is this the kind of news that would go down better with a drink?

Victoria: Maybe.

Ashland: Better safe than sorry. Bourbon?

Victoria: On the rocks, please. You know, I debated whether or not I should share this with you, but then I-I figured that you had the right to know.

Ashland: Little information can't hurt me.

Victoria: My father, uh, well, he has suspicions about your health.

Ashland: Well, victor can join the club. Thanks to the gossip that's in wide circulation, half the world is speculating about my life expectancy.

Victoria: Ah, yes, but half the world didn't overhear us in my office. Um, look, I tried to cover and say that we were just joking about the rumor, but I think my dad senses that there's more going on.

Ashland: Well, let him think what he thinks.

Victoria: No, that's the problem. When my dad gets like this, he's like a dog with a bone. He won't give up. He's probably planning a move as we speak.

Victor: Now, why would you think that abby's anything but happy?

Stitch: I just figure it must be difficult for her with chance away and out of touch on a, you know, dangerous operation.

Victor: Yeah.

Stitch: I mean, that's probably a recurring thing with his job.

Victor: Nice of you to be concerned about her.

Stitch: Well, I always want the best for abby.

Victor: Yep. As do I. Now, I have a feeling that her husband, chance, will be back home again soon, and I'm sure he will accept a new assignment after his baby arrives, you know? Besides, they offered him a job in the gcpd.

Stitch: He sounds like a good guy. Abby deserves nothing less.

Victor: I agree with you wholeheartedly. He is a good guy. Decent man.

Tara: Tonight kind of reminds me of one of those rare nights when you would stay at my place in the hamptons. When ashland would go back to the city, and I would send the staff home for the night.

Kyle: I remember.

Tara: I recall one particular evening when I couldn't sleep, and you came out, found me sitting by the pool, staring at the stars.

Kyle: I came looking for you because I was worried about you.

Tara: All that sneaking around and worrying if we'd get caught. It just, um, didn't make it easy to sleep.

Kyle: It wasn't healthy for either of us. It was way too stressful.

Tara: It was a whirlwind of emotions, and not all of them negative.

Kyle: And then it ended as quickly as it began. And I never knew why.

Tara: I am truly sorry about that. I was just scared that ashland was getting suspicious, and I-i didn't know how to handle it. And I thought cutting things off would be the safest choice.

Kyle: And then you learned you got pregnant.

Tara: You have to know that i did want to tell you -- all the time. But there's this part of me that always felt like you needed to know, you deserved to know.

Kyle: Yeah, because I did.

Tara: I also felt like i didn't want to complicate things. I didn't want ashland coming after you.

Kyle: But I still wish i would've known. I would've liked to help out with harrison, even if it was in secret.

Tara: For what it's worth, i second-guess myself all the time. Think about all the other choices I could've made.

Kyle: Yeah. I suppose we all do.

Tara: Whatever was going on back then doesn't explain why i can't sleep tonight. You and I aren't sneaking around and worrying about getting caught. Everything's out in the open. And yet I still can't sleep.

Sally: So, what convinced you to show up?

Jack: Curiosity. Anyone who went to these lengths to, uh, win back my favor should have a chance to explain why. Of course, I thought that explanation would last maybe the length of a cocktail, and here we are hours later, having discussed market trends and labor disputes and toboggan rides. Let's see, uh, summers by the lake...

Sally: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Jack: ...Us driving in the snow.

Sally: I think we have exhausted all the topics humans talk about, so I don't know. What's -- what's left?

Jack: Just the real reason you wanted me to meet you here. We both know it's about more than just a friendly drink.

Sally: Well, maybe I like a challenge. Wow. Really are a stickler for the truth, huh? Okay, fine. You asked, so here it goes. Part of me feels like I need your forgiveness to move on and live the life of my dreams in genoa city.

Jack: What does that life look like?

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Victor: Well, I promise you abby's in good hands, okay? She has a new life, and, uh, i think she's thriving.

Stitch: Not that any of this matters anyway, since I'm heading back to iowa tomorrow.

Victor: You are?

Stitch: Yeah.

Victor: Oh, man.

Stitch: Yeah.

Victor: Good man. We should sit here, do a few rounds.

Stitch: Yeah, maybe next time, right?

Victor: Yeah, exactly. You bet. Safe travels.

Nikki: Oh, my goodness. Ben, it is so good to see you back in town after all these years.

Tessa: You didn't eat much. Is there a reason? Are -- are you okay?

Mariah: I'm fine. I'm fine. I guess you were right. It's just pretty late.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: I mean, 'cause earlier, you were saying that you felt guilty about something.

Mariah: Was I? I -- I honestly don't remember, and my emotions are all over the place. Remember the other day when i raged at you because you didn't take out the trash?

Tessa: Yeah.

Mariah: I forgot that we now live in a house that has a full staff, so...

Abby: But, mariah, I mean, if -- if something's the matter, we'd like to hear it.

Mariah: Okay. Um...

[ Clicks tongue ] I never thought...about... the idea of carrying a child before all of this. You know, how it would feel emotionally and physically. And I think that now that I'm in the thick of it, I am realizing that pregnancy is, uh... it's incredible.

Tessa: That's awesome. But why would that make you feel guilty?

Abby: You feel guilty because you get to experience this joy, and I don'T.

Mariah: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Abby: No, don't be. 'Cause I am -- I am beyond grateful that this pregnancy has been an incredible experience for you, because that's exactly how it should be.

Lily: So, what are you working on at this hour?

Billy: Going over the reporter's note on the locke divorce story.

Lily: Yeah, I was looking at that earlier, too. They keep playing up victoria's sudden involvement with ashland and the fact that she hasn't been linked to anyone and now she's with the male version of herself.

Billy: Which I'm sure is exactly what victoria would say. She's finally met her match. I got to say, on paper, they do look good. I just don't believe that she's actually emotionally evolved with the guy. He's really not her type. And I realize that I'm going on and on about victoria again. I'm an idiot.

Lily: Yes, you are.

Ashland: Well, I appreciate the warning, but I'm not worried about victor. Let him try and make a move.

Victoria: Oh, I agree. We can thwart any move that my father tries to make, but I just hope you realize that this isn't the kind of secret that you can keep for very long. I mean, not just with my father. I think that it would be smart for you to maybe make a move of your own instead and get ahead of the rumors.

Ashland: Well, you might be right. But I'm not about to preemptively confirm anything about my health. I mean, the last thing I want is pity pouring from all corners. And until we finalize our merger, I can't afford to look weak and vulnerable.

Victoria: That's not how i see you.

Ashland: Well, thank god for that. And I doubt anyone would dare say that to my face. But I've already got my potential rivals sniffing around for blood and reporters harassing my staff for confirmation on the rumors.

Victoria: You know, I-i completely get your frustration, and I so respect you keeping your condition private, but time is of the essence here, so I'm thinking that maybe we speed things up and flip the script. We're eating and drinking foods and beverages

Sally: After paying my dues and helping jcv soar to the top of the global marketplace, proving to lauren that her faith in me was justified, I see myself returning to my design roots. I'd like to relaunch my own line, which will take off and be so successful that it will put genoa city on the map as a fashion mecca. What? You asked me for the fantasy version of my life.

Jack: No, no, no, no. Go on. Please. Please.

Sally: Well, of course, i hope to find someone to share my life with, a partner in every sense of the word. But also equally as important, a dog. A furry one, not one that I can fit in my purse. I hope to grow old gracefully while still stopping traffic walking down chestnut street with my dog in my latest, self-designed couture.

Jack: I can actually picture that. Go on. What else.

Sally: My golden years will be reserved for travel. And I want to donate the bulk of my earnings to charities. But I never want to stop designing. It's what I absolutely love to do. So I plan on staying on the cutting edge until the very end.

Jack: You have it all figured out.

Sally: What do you think?

Jack: I think you can have all of that and more if you stay on track, if you maintain this new, improved version of you.

Sally: Well, I'm determined to do that no matter what. And if I earned your forgiveness along the way, it would be even sweeter.

Jack: Why is my forgiveness important to you?

Lily: Well, I'll admit, i could do without the dissection of your ex's love life, but she is a part of the locke story. Question is, is she too big a part? You think we should tone down her role in the article?

Billy: Absolutely not. I've warned her about being involved with locke. She didn't want to hear my opinion on the matter.

Lily: Okay, well, what about katie and johnny?

Billy: Well, katie and johnny, I mean, I'm gonna make sure that they're not harmed in any way because of this article. They won't be mentioned in the story whatsoever, which is another reason why I thought it was a good idea that we were the first ones to break the story. Look, if we tell the truth, all is fair in love and journalism.

Lily: Yeah, I mostly agree with you, but I think that things could get emotionally dicey here, and I'm just wondering if you're ready for that.

Ashland: When you say "flip the script," what do you have in mind?

Victoria: I propose that we push full steam ahead with the merger so that is the ashland locke story that everyone is focused on and not your illness. We put out a big public statement, and, hopefully, that will keep the sharks at bay.

Ashland: Well, I'm not scared of the so-called sharks.

Victoria: No, I understand. I-I understand that you're not scared of anyone or anything, but --

Ashland: But you didn't let me finish. I also see merit in changing the narrative.

Victoria: Then we're in agreement. I think we need to make a plan for a big media blitz, and once the --

Ashland: Hold on. I didn't say that we're in complete agreement.

Victoria: Oh. Oh, well, what do you have issue with?

Ashland: Well, making plans means e-mails and documents, information that can get out there, and I'm not about to risk another leak before the merger papers are signed. Our deal isn't final yet.

Kyle: You're not the only one who can't sleep. I haven't been able to relax since summer told me she was leaving.

Tara: I'm sorry. Sometimes some warm milk helps.

Kyle: Oh, no way, but thanks. Occasionally, I try tea. Or this breathing exercise -- four, seven, eight. Inhale for four, hold it for seven, exhale for eight seconds.

Tara: I've tried it. I have this girlfriend that swore by it. But I always kind of felt silly.

Kyle: Well, we have a pool, if you want to sit outside and stare at the sky all night.

Tara: Breathing exercises it is.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Okay. You're supposed to start with a deep exhale.

[ Exhales slowly ]

[ Light thud in distance ]

Tara: What the...? That must be harrison.

Kyle: Is he okay? Should I go check on him?

Tara: No, he's probably fine. I'll go. He sometimes wakes up at night. Keep breathing without me.

Dry eye symptoms

driving you crazy?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Stitch: As your former doctor, I'm happy to hear you haven't had any ms flare-ups for a while.

Nikki: Well, I do my best to take good care of myself. I know my symptoms could come back at any time, but for the moment, I'm living a happy and healthy life.

Stitch: Well, um, it was great to see both of you again.

Victor: Stitch, nice to see you again. Safe travels.

Stitch: Thank you. It's good seeing you guys.

Nikki: Uh-huh. You, too. What's with the look?

Victor: Hm?

Nikki: Did I miss something?

Victor: Mnh-mnh.

Abby: Honestly, I was worried that you might feel miserable being pregnant. All the symptoms, the changes to your body. So to hear that it's the reverse, I mean, it's amazing. And I would never want you to feel bad about any aspect of this journey.

Mariah: Are you sure?

Abby: 100%. But, um, can you do me a favor? When I was pregnant, I-i never -- well, I was never this far along, so, um... well, can you describe what it feels like?

Mariah: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I can try.

[ Chuckles ] Sometimes it feels like, uh -- like my heart is beating faster, and, uh, it turns out that it is. I read that in -- in one of my pregnancy books. Your body pumps more blood through your veins when you're pregnant, I guess. Um, so sometimes that'll feel like -- like a little pulse in my stomach, or my -- my face will get flushed, but in -- in a good way.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: I mean, it's that gorgeous pregnancy glow.

[ Both chuckle ]

Mariah: And the way that i experience everything has changed. Um...gosh. Uh...my senses are heightened. I-I smell things more vibrantly, and sounds are intense. It's almost like this, uh -- this otherworldly feeling. I can feel every time he moves, every time he kicks. Uh, this guy likes to give me a lot of little love taps.

[ Both chuckle ]

Abby: [ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] I can almost feel it, and it's magical.

Kyle: Tara.

Tara: Kyle, what are you doing?

Kyle: Tara? Tara? Was harrison alright?

Tara: Yeah, he just, um -- he just said he had a bad dream, and, uh, he drifted right back to sleep with a little reassurance.

Kyle: Mm, what did the trick?

Tara: I told him not to worry, and his daddy's here.

Sally: Well, as you may have guessed, given some of the stunts I've pulled in my life, I've seen a lot of disappointment in people's eyes. But when I saw it in yours, it really stung. I mean, here's this good, generous, open-minded guy who goes out of his way not to judge people too harshly, and i completely blew it. I mean, I couldn't help but think how badly I must've screwed up to fall so hard out of your favor. And it just nagged at my brain. I mean, it actually surprised me how crazy it drove me because I've trained myself to just keep bulldozing forward, you know? No time for regrets, and it takes a lot for me to feel ashamed of myself, but when i saw that look in your eyes, that did it.

Jack: That was never my intention.

Sally: I really don't know how to explain it. I don't know, maybe it's just because you took me by surprise in -- in so many different ways. I mean, first, I saw you as a mentor and then a friend and then...more. I mean, I-I didn't expect or plan to fall for you, but sometimes you just know when it's right. And I know that those times are rare. So, you know, you have a choice. You either lose out, or you just stop, and you recalibrate everything that you thought you knew, everything that you thought was important, what you think defines you. Head-to-toe reinvention. But only if it's worth it. And you are definitely worth it. Get more out of summer.

Kyle: Mm.

Tara: Thank you for showing me the breathing technique, but I don't think it's gonna work for me.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Tara: Listen, I'm sorry if i upset you earlier, talking about the hamptons. It's just I haven't had anyone to discuss it with except you. The risk was too great.

Kyle: I know what you mean.

Tara: Then can I say one more thing? Despite all the sleepless nights and the complications that came along with us, ultimately, I am glad what happened, happened, 'cause it changed my life, gave me harrison.

Kyle: Can't deny it changed my life, too. I was in new york, trying to forget the love of my... the woman who I thought was the love of my life. I did some crazy things then. Some of them I'll always regret. But the time I spent with you, i learned something I need to remember right now. That I can have a life without summer.

Billy: This is not a hit piece on locke and victoria. In fact, I actually suspect that she might enjoy the limelight.

Lily: Why would she want that?

Billy: Well, if they do actually become a thing, they instantly become a power couple. Their statuses are raised, and, you know, they become two titans that the world want to hear from. It's actually a brilliant business move.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Or she could have genuine feelings for ashland. Maybe she feels like he brings out the best in her and vice versa. You know, some people like having that effect on each other.

Billy: You have that effect on me.

Lily: Do I?

Billy: Mm. I think we should go upstairs so I can show you just what kind of effect you have on me.

Lily: Okay.

Jack: I don't know what I was expecting tonight, but you contemplating changing every aspect of your life to try to win me over was not even in the realm of possibilities.

Sally: Look, this isn't some big pitch for us to try and get back together. I just -- I wanted to share my feelings with you because you asked, and I wanted to be honest.

Jack: No one can blame you for that.

Sally: And also, since i can't stop being my pushy, determined, optimistic self, I'm just gonna come out and say it. Since I put all my cards out on the table, I'm hoping that you will do the same.

[ Sighs ] I guess part of me was just hoping that I wasn't alone in that... that this wasn't a one-way connection.

Jack: No, it's not one way. There's definitely something here.

Victoria: Of course, I know that we need to hammer out some sticking points, but I'm coming around to your way of thinking, and I am willing to fight any potential antitrust issues that our merged company might have so that it can be one of the biggest and strongest out there, because, I mean, after all, that's what we'll be, one of the mightiest conglomerates on the whole earth.

Ashland: The hard sell, huh?

Victoria: I know it seems like I'm pushing hard, because i am. Because, uh, even though I wish it weren't the case, time is a factor.

Ashland: I'm aware.

Victoria: And I want you to experience this historic merger in all of its glory, you and me side-by-side. The world will have a new dominating business force in us, and I want you to share in those spoils.

Ashland: I love your passion and the fire in your eyes. It's a bit contagious.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] I hope so.

Ashland: You love this as much as I do.

Victoria: At least.

Ashland: And I may be resigned to my fate, but I want to go out with a bang.

Victoria: I'm sure you do. I want to help you leave your mark.

Ashland: Would you like to spend the night with me? We're eating and drinking foods and beverages

Tara: You have to admit, we had some pretty fabulous cocktails that summer. Your time as a bartender served you well. Do you remember that time that we took the thermos of them out to the pier?

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] That was a fun night. My future was altered from the moment we got together. It was all leading up to this.

Tara: I agree.

Kyle: Fatherhood was a real game changer for me. How I got here proves that there's no certainty for what happens next. You can't predict the twists and turns, so you got to live for the moment. Pay attention to what matters, and do what makes you happy.

Tara: I couldn't agree more. What are those things for you?

Kyle: Harrison is my top priority, period. And then my work with my father at our family's company. As far as what comes next, i guess I'll have to figure it out day-to-day.

Jack: Look, I want to be clear. I said those things because, well, I-I wanted to be honest, and I think you deserve that. But this is not an invitation. I still don't think you and i are a good idea.

Sally: Alright. Fine. Yep. I hear you. I won't argue that. You and I are not happening. It's the worst idea over.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: And, you know -- but, you know, casual evening of drinking and chatting seems harmless.

Jack: Yeah, yes. Something like this is alright. I -- I would just never use the word "harmless" when it comes to you.

Sally: Well, that's okay 'cause harmless is boring.

Jack: Yeah, we could definitely do something like this again, if you like.

Sally: Yes, please.

Victoria: I would love to spend the night with you. Really, I would. But I told you, I -- I have to get home to my kids tonight.

Ashland: Oh, no, I understand they're a priority. Of course they are. It's just that I really want you, and I don't want to wait.

Victoria: Well, we have los angeles to look forward to. The kids will be taken care of. And then I can celebrate with you then.

Ashland: Okay, you win. But so do I. Because you are giving me another reason to live.

Victoria: I like that attitude. Sounds a little bit like maybe you might consider getting some treatment.

Ashland: Well, I've been thinking. Let's say, uh, the idea is back on my radar.

Victor: Sweetheart, you didn't miss anything other than me looking out for my family, as I always do.

Nikki: What does that mean, exactly?

Victor: Well, what that means is that I simply told stitch that, uh, abby was happily married, uh, to a very good and honest man.

Nikki: Well, I hope you weren't too harsh about it. I feel for ben. He probably asked about abby because he's looking for some sliver over happiness, and who can blame him? There's nothing worse than watching your own child fade away.

Victor: It's horrible. It's horrible. I understand.

Abby: Thank you for sharing that with me.

Mariah: Thank you. It was special for me, too.

Abby: Well, um, I'm gonna head to bed, but, um, thank you again. Good night.

Mariah: Night.

Tessa: [ Exhales slowly ]

Mariah: How are you doing? Was that too much?

Tessa: Oh, no, not at all. This is an amazing journey, and I'm just excited to be here with you.

Mariah: Well, I don't know how I would've survived this roller coaster without you by my side.

Tessa: Well, luckily, you don't have to worry about that. Back to bed?

Mariah: Uh, yeah, I'll be up in a minute. Promise.

[ Sighs ] You listening, little guy? You've got one special mommy. And a very special daddy who's gonna be here very soon. So you better get ready, alright? 'Cause the love that is gonna be dumped on you when you get here, it's gonna be epic.

[ Sighs ]

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Chelsea: I found out that dr. Hedges is not on my side, so if I want to get out of here anytime soon, I'm gonna have to force his hand.

Phyllis: There is nobody in the world that cheers me up like jack abbot. I mean, there is nobody else in the world with that jack abbot charm.

Stitch: What kind of friend would I be if I left without saying goodbye?

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