Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/29/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/29/21


Episode #12140 ~ Victor makes Adam an offer he can't refuse. Nikki grills Victoria. Billy fishes for a scoop.

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Ashland: Thanks for the update. Sounds like there are a few sticking points that, uh, need to be addressed. Okay, well, let me know when you have some answers. Thanks. Lawyers -- makes me think about when I started building my empire. I was as hands-on as you can get. Handled everything personaly. I was small and hungry and anxious to take over the world.

Victoria: And you did.

Ashland: Well, now I have so many lawyers that I'm thinking about having them wear name tags so I can keep track of them.

Victoria: That sounds like you're feeling nostalgic about earlier days. I can guess why.

Ashland: Well, this isn't just another deal. It's -- it's everything. It's my entire legacy. I know I don't have to tell you what that means to me. And by necessity, you know, there's so many people that have to put their hands on this thing. My -- my gut, my heart are telling me to wrap my arms around the enormity of what we're trying to pull off here.

Victoria: Newman and locke -- two great entities, perhaps coming together as one.

Ashland: Yes. Feeling our way as we go. Looking for compatibility. Hoping for synchronicity and... creating something extraordinary.

Victoria: I have a feeling we're not talking about the merger anymore, are we?

Ashland: You tell me.

[ Door opens ]

Chelsea: Hi. Chloe, come in.

Chloe: I, uh -- I wasn't sure how happy you would be to see me since the last time -- you know, you seemed pretty upset when i came to visit.

Chelsea: When you told me adam offered you a job and you accepted it?

Chloe: Well, I was hoping maybe you were just stressed from being cooped up here for so long.

Chelsea: You're right. That's exactly what happened, but I'm better now. Really, I am. It's really good to see you. Have a seat. Can I get you anything? Do you want some water? I can have a nurse bring us some.

Chloe: Uh...wow, you seem very upbeat. What's going on?

Chelsea: I'm acting normal. It's my only way out.

Adam: What I do know for sure... is that I must have done something right to... deserve a woman as special as you.

Chelsea: You deserve only good things, adam. I'm gonna help you get them.

Adam: [ Chuckles softly ]

Adam: You should be much further along. So if there's something that i should know, if you're holding back, just stop and show me. And whatever it is that's going on, we'll sort it out and we will make it right. And I know it sounds crazy, but is it possible that you are the one -- what am I thinking? I'm sorry. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Do you know what this is about? Okay, I can only imagine the garbage that chloe's filling your head with. Did she convince you to turn on me? Did she somehow set this in motion? Or are you two in on it together? Or was it you? And you alone? That's really the explanation that makes the most sense. That you have recovered just enough to fool us all.

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: Perhaps I should remind you that we agreed to meet for business purposes. Maybe we should focus on one kind of merger and save the other kinds for another day.

Ashland: I know you're not the cautious type.

Victoria: Maybe not, but I am the focused type.

Ashland: Or maybe you just want to keep me wanting more.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Don't you think you should answer that? It might be your lawyer. What's wrong?

Ashland: [ Sighs ] How could this have happened?

Kyle: No, dad. Summer's gone. You were right, I couldn't stop her. Can we talk about this another time? There's nothing more to say right now.

[ Sighs ]

Tara: Kyle, I didn't hear the door.

Kyle: Yeah, just got here.

Tara: Is everything alright? Jack told me that, uh, summer was planning to leave the country. I take it from your expression that nothing's changed. If there's anything I can do...

Kyle: No. There's nothing. I appreciate it.

Harrison: Daddy!

Kyle: There's my little buddy. Told you I'd come back and hang out with you, didn't I?

Tara: I know you promised, but if this is a bad time...

Kyle: There's never been a better time. This is exactly what I need. Let's go see what mrs. Martinez has cooking in the kitchen. Let's go. Yeah. Ooh, it smells good.

Lily: Billy, you have to see this. Hey, everything okay?

Billy: Yeah. I'm just thinking about kyle. He's got a lot going on. I hope it works out for him. Anyway, what did you want to talk about?

Lily: Uh...no, no, it can wait. I mean, clearly, you have a lot on your mind already.

Billy: Please, if this is about work, I could use the distraction.

Lily: Okay, you asked for it.

Billy: That says that ashland locke is dying and he's got six months to live.

Lily: Mm-hmm. I mean, that's if you believe the national inquisitor. But my god, that little boy that turned out to be kyle's son? It's like he's too young to even understand that ashland's not his real father. This is gonna be a crushing blow for him.

Billy: Devastating. But if this is true...

Lily: I mean, it's a big if, considering the source.

Billy: If this is true, and victoria knows, that makes this a huge story. Super emma just about sleeps in her cape.

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[ Cellphone chimes ]

Ashland: I don't even have to ask. No doubt you got the same alert that I did.

Victoria: This is just a gossip site. It's hardly a reliable news source.

Ashland: Yeah, well, what difference does it make? They may not be reliable journalists in any way, but they sure got their facts straight. And I'll tell you, the timing's very curious, to say the least. You can count on one hand the number of people that would know enough of this information to have leaked it.

Victoria: What are you saying? I mean, who do you think leaked it?

Ashland: I apologize for having to dash off like this, but there's someone I have to see.

[ Knock on door ]

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. What a surprise. What brings you back so soon?

Nikki: Well, when I was here, I realized that your new office is missing something very important.

Victor: Oh, what's that? Ohh! Oh. I love that picture, you know.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: You know where I'm gonna put this? I'm gonna put this on my desk in my private office down the hall. And then when I look at it, I'm gonna be reminded of how beautiful you are and how extraordinary...of an adventure our marriage has been.

Nikki: Well, I have to get back to work. Otherwise, I just might stay and start another extraordinary adventure.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Well, uh...don't you tease me, okay? You know, I even had thoughts of luring you away from victoria's office and getting you a job here.

Nikki: We both know that you will never do that because you're still holding out hope that I will be your informant and spy on victoria for you.

Victor: No.

Nikki: Not going to happen.

Victor: Okay. Now wait a minute. Before you go, have you heard anything from nicholas and summer yet?

Nikki: I'm gonna call when i get back to the office. It's gonna be so hard on all of us having her so far away, but...I hope she'll be happy.

Victor: So do I. Makes me sad that she's going, you know? Actually very sad. But she's strong and resilient and she'll be alright.

Adam: Hey, wait till you see this. Oh, um, I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?

Nikki: No, not at all. I was just leaving. I'll see you at home later.

Victor: So, son, what brings you by?

Adam: Check the latest post on the national inquisitor.

Victor: Well, I'm not interested in gossip.

Adam: Trust me. This is an exception.

Victor: Oh. Hmm.

Kyle: Alright, little man. You ready to show me your picture? Ready? 1, 2, 3. Ooh, look at that guy. Who's that happy man? Me? You drew a picture of me?

Harrison: Daddy!

Kyle: [ Exhales sharply ]

Tara: Who wants ice cream?

Kyle: Yay, ice cream!

Tara: Yum. I thought you could use a treat more than harrison.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Thanks.

[ Doorbell rings ] What? I'll get it. You and harrison go ahead. I'll be right back. I assume you're here to see harrison.

Ashland: No, I am here to see my soon-to-be ex-wife.

Kyle: Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Tara: Thanks, kyle, but I got this.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Tara: What are you doing here, ashland?

Ashland: I'm here to get confirmation. You leaked the news of my illness to the media, didn't you? Get more out of summer...

Ashland: Just admit it. Now that you've latched on to your next set of millionaires, you feel you can afford to be vindictive. You came after me after I cut you out of my will, clearly not taking even a moment to think about the consequences.

Tara: Ashland, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ashland: Please, don't lie to me. Only a few people knew, and you are the only one with motive to destroy me. I mean, do you have any idea what this could do to my company's value, its prestige?

Tara: What? What do you mean destroy you?' Why would I want to do that?

Ashland: Why indeed?! Hurting locke communications group only hurts harrison down the road, but apparently you're okay with that. And what's more important -- what if harrison were to hear about this second hand? How could you justify leaking such incredibly private information?

Tara: Stop! I have no idea what you're talking about. What leak?

Ashland: The national

inquisitor just posted a story about my impending demise. Does that ring a bell?

Tara: I wouldn't do it to you, and I wouldn't do it to harrison. I'm not the vindictive one in the family.

Ashland: You know, I just hope that you're not foolish enough to think that a stunt like this would somehow get you control of my company if I were to die before this divorce is final? Not in a million years.

Tara: I'm getting tired of telling you I don't want your company at all. I never meant to hurt you, ash, but I doubt you're ever gonna believe that or stop trying to hurt me for what I did.

Ashland: Don't try to play the victim now.

Tara: Is that what's driving whatever it is between you and victoria newman? Are you trying to just prove how fast you can move on, how little I mattered to you?

Ashland: You know, you're trying to change the subject. This is about my personal business being publicly exposed for all to see.

Kyle: You need to stop this now. Do you want harrison to hear you fighting?

Billy: I wonder if victoria knew about this before the news broke, and if she did, maybe it has something to do with her mysterious comment about having a plan.

Lily: Okay, before we do anything else, we have to find out if the story is even true. I mean, right now, no legitimate news source has even picked it up.

Billy: Yeah, no, I agree with that.

Lily: So let's just get our reporters on it and see if they can find anything out.

Billy: Okay, but hold on a second. I mean, victoria, she flies to new york with the guy, she has dinner with him. Anytime I ask her anything about the two of them, she shuts me down and she puts a wall up, but clearly, there's got to be more going on -- more than she wants to acknowledge to me.

Lily: Yes, I'm sure it's a possibility. But, I mean, this story about locke's health is gonna affect our story about his divorce, which means that if we're gonna dig into this, we have to take a different approach.

Billy: A different approach?

Lily: If victoria puts up walls when you're asking the questions, then we should switch things up. Let me be the one to do the fishing -- subtly, of course. Meanwhile, you can focus on ashland.

Billy: Divide and conquer?

Lily: Our specialty.

Chelsea: If I'm gonna get out of here and back to connor before adam can cut me out of my son's life completely, I have to show them that I'm making progress, that I have a positive attitude.

Chloe: Makes sense.

Chelsea: I mean [Sighs] This place -- obviously, it's better than prison, but I still don't have my freedom. And the clock is ticking. I have to be the poster child for normalcy. I mean, they can't keep me in here if I'm cured.

Chloe: Right, but are you? I mean, honestly, are you acting normal or are you really feeling normal?

Chelsea: Well, I mean, what difference does it make? I mean, how normal is anyone anyway? I spent all of those years in love with adam while he was obsessing over sharon, and although I have to take the blame for being clueless, I'm obviously way more normal than the two of them will ever be.

Chloe: And you think the doctor's gonna buy that?

Chelsea: I didn't spend all those years honing my craft as a con artist for nothing.

Chloe: Do you really think that you can pull off two back-to-back miraculous recoveries without anyone being suspicious and figuring it out? So then I said to him,

Dr. Hedges: Hello, chelsea. You have a visitor.

Chloe: I'm sorry, I hope i didn't come at a bad time. I'm chelsea's friend chloe.

Dr. Hedges: Dr. Hedges. Not a problem, but I need some time with her now.

Chloe: I completely understand. Um, I'll come and check in on you soon. Okay. Uh, sorry, I-I just wanted to say thank you.

Dr. Hedges: Mm.

Chloe: It's obvious that chelsea is making great progress, and I'm hopeful that she's going to make a full recovery soon.

Dr. Hedges: Mm. I'm glad to hear that, but as you know, this kind of work takes time and patience.

Chloe: Of course.

Dr. Hedges: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Love you. See you soon.

Dr. Hedges: Looks like you have a good friend in chloe. Very supportive.

Chelsea: Yeah, she is. And, you know, I agreed with what she said about you.

Dr. Hedges: Mm.

Chelsea: It's taken me too long to accept that you're on my side, you want to help me, and you have wanted to help me since the beginning.

Dr. Hedges: That's what I've been trying to get you to see.

Chelsea: Mm. Your message is finally sinking in. I mean, you could see that i needed treatment way before i did. I mean, all these weeks being under your care, it's really helped me to, um...dig deep, you know, and -- and be able to face the truth.

Dr. Hedges: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm glad you're finally willing to admit that there is more going on in your psyche than you previously wanted to believe.

Chelsea: Yeah. Well, you helped me to see that.

Dr. Hedges: Mm.

Chelsea: So now I am putting myself in your hands because i need to heal. I need to get stronger for my son. And now I realize that you are probably the only one who's gonna help me get there.

[ Sighs ]

Victor: Well...the question is can this gossip be trusted?

Adam: Well, that is the billion-dollar question, but let's go ahead and suppose that it is true.

Victor: That will shake things up, you know.

Adam: And it would make you wonder what that means for us.

Victor: Well, you imagine they're so vulnerable that we might buy the whole damn thing.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Buying cyaxares might have been just the first step for us.

Victor: Yeah. Hmm.

Adam: Well, I am suddenly more excited about our meeting with locke later.

Victor: So am I.

Tara: Kyle is right. This ridiculous conversation ends now. Ashland, you don't really think I did this. You're just accusing me because you're humiliated and you're looking for an easy target, and here I am. You easiest and most enjoyable target.

Ashland: Don't try and talk your way out of this.

Tara: You forget how well i know you. Taking the torment out on others is your release, and I'm done.

Kyle: I don't know what that was all about, but that's your cue to leave.

Ashland: You know, word on the street has it that your girlfriend took a job in milan with angelina marchetti. Have you been dumped, kyle?I guess I'll take that as a yes. Wish I could say I'm sorry, but I'm not. Strangely enough, we're in the same boat. The ones left behind.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Lily: Hi, can I get a coffee to go, please? Thank you. Victoria, hi. Um, I love your outfit, actu-- you know, I was gonna buy that exact same one, and I'm really glad I didn't 'cause it looks great on you.

Victoria: Thanks.

Lily: Yeah, I just -- it's this time of year. As soon as the weather warms up, I just want to buy sundresses and sandals.

Victoria: I don't really have much time to do any shopping.

Lily: I'm sure, I mean, you're very busy, you know, with the kids and newman enterprises and your personal life, as well. I am -- I wasn't sure if i should bring this up, but i don't know if you saw the article about ashland in the

national inquisitor.

Victoria: I've been very busy this morning with my work, so...

Lily: I'm bringing it up 'cause I know that you two have become friends, and I'm sure this news about his health, it's very disturbing.

Victoria: Which -- the story or his health? Nobody likes seeing their names on sites like those, so, um, if this is you fishing for information about my relationship with locke on billy's behalf, you can just stop with your concern because i already shut billy down on the topic.

Lily: No, I told billy that I'm very happy for you. I think that you deserve to have someone new in your life -- if that's what's happening between you and ashland.

Victoria: Well, thank you for your permission. I was waiting for that.

Lily: Okay, look, I am not trying to be antagonistic here. I'm just bringing it up because if something is going on with his health, then I'm sure that impacts you, as well.

Victoria: Well, I am certainly not responsible for what gossip sites choose to publish, and if you ask me, it's just a rumor, designed to make ashland look vulnerable. It's a common business tactic. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Adam: Well, the good news is the transition is going smoothly. We've brought some real pros to the team, and we have some outstanding candidates for the positions that we still need to fill.

Ashland: Well, I've looked over your reports, and I'm impressed with how quickly and efficiently everything is moving.

Adam: Well, I'm gonna be sending you a list of some people that would be interested in joining you on the board. I think you'll be impressed with them, as well.

Ashland: Well, it looks like I've made the right decision. You prove every day that you're the best team to take my vision forward.

Victor: Well, ashland, I hope you'll keep that in mind whenever you're ready to spin off some of your other divisions. Newman media, we are perfectly able to accommodate them, you know.

Ashland: That's good to know.

Victor: Yeah.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: Adam, I, um -- I hate to bring this up, but it's sort of the elephant in the room.

Ashland: [ Laughs ] It's time to transition to speculation about my health, right? Or didn't we just cover that when victor offered to buy more of my company?

[ Chuckles ]

Victor: Are the rumors true?

Ashland: I'm curious. When was the last time that you paid any attention to anything those gossip mongers had to sell?

Adam: So there's no truth to the story, huh?

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Well, there it is. The question on everyone's lips. What is the story, ashland? How you feeling?

Victoria: Are you looking for something?

Nikki: I was just dropping off those numbers you wanted from the san francisco office, but while I was doing that, it was hard to miss this document from locke communications group with what appears to be a list of assets and valuations. Now, as coo of newman, I was really very surprised to learn that something is going on that I have not been apprised of. Or consulted on, for that matter. There are times, I wonder...

Kyle: Wow. Guess I was too caught up in my personal issues to realize the news about ashland released. What makes him assume you leaked it?

Tara: I mean, knowing ash, he just wanted someone to lash out at. But the bottom line is he is absolutely wrong about me. But I'm not gonna dwell on it. And I hope that you don't dwell on whatever it is that he said to you after I left.

Kyle: What makes you say that?

Tara: Well, if it's none of my business, just say so. I don't mean to pry, but couldn't help but notice your mood swing. I mean, you were having so much fun with harrison before ash came by, and now you're completely different. What did he say to ruin your mood?

Kyle: It was about summer.

Tara: Of course. Should've guessed. He knows just how to find your sore spot and go right to it. Don't let him get to you.

Kyle: He didn't say anything that wasn't true.

Tara: Well, I hope that you know you can lean on me if you want to talk about any of your feelings. God knows that you have been that person for me. And I don't mean to pry, but it's obvious that you could use someone to talk to.

Ashland: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm searching my memory trying to recall the moment when i asked you to join us.

Victor: Never mind him, ashland. He has a habit of showing up uninvited.

Billy: Oh, come on, I usually do my best to try and respect boundaries, but I have to say, this time, curiosity's got the best of me.

Adam: Respecting boundaries? That's rich.

Billy: Come on, everyone's talking about it. You were just talking about it. Ashland, I have to say, you look strong, you look vital. You don't look like a man who's on borrowed time, but then again, looks can be deceiving. It is quite a conundrum, isn't it?

Adam: Billy, you supposedly work in the news business. Any real pro knows that stories can be spun and manufactured in many ways, so a little surprised that you believe everything you read.

Billy: Oh, I said I was curious, adam, I didn't say i believed it. But we'll know the truth if you start writing a bucket list, which I highly recommend.

Adam: The story's garbage, okay? Based on what you've printed in the past, I'm surprised you don't recognize trash when you see it.

Ashland: To quote mark twain, "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." I've never felt more alive and vital.

Billy: Well, that is a relief. I'm very glad to hear that. I'm sure everyone here shares that sentiment. Carry on, gentlemen.

Victor: Goodbye, billy.

Ashland: Thank you.

Victor: That man is a nuisance, to put it mildly.

Victoria: If I felt the need to run something by you, I would do so. I would love it if we could get to the point where you weren't constantly questioning every breath that I take.

Nikki: Victoria, that was not my intention. And in case it came off that way, this has nothing to do with your feelings or lack of feelings for ashland locke. It's about me simply trying to do my job.

Victoria: Good to know.

Nikki: You know, a company as large as newman usually requires a team that's all pulling in the same direction. It's very rarely a solo act, especially when it has to do with the future of the firm. So is that what this is? That document, does that have to do with the future of the company?

Victoria: I was just curious about ashland's business. I wanted to do a little reading up on it.

Nikki: And this little reading up that you did, did that have anything to do with the news that came out today about ashland? Because I saw it. Is it true? Is he dying?

Victoria: I have no idea.

Nikki: Do you really not know, victoria, or are you trying to protect him?

Victor: You know, I think it was very smart of you to intervene on ashland's behalf. I think he appreciated it. Which makes me think that the story about his ill health is true.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Victor: You alright?

Adam: Hmm? Yeah, I'm fine.

Victor: Oh. Didn't get enough sleep, or what?

Adam: [ Sighs ] No. No, not really. For the past several nights. It's that penthouse, it's, uh, full of ghosts.

Victor: I can only imagine, son.

Adam: Yeah, it's hard to be there, especially all alone. I'm, uh -- I'm actually thinking about moving out and selling it.

Victor: You know, under the circumstances, I think that's a good idea.

Adam: Just parts of me are hesitant because connor's gonna be coming home soon. He's been gone for so long, and he's gonna need sense of normalcy when he comes back, so a new home and no chelsea might be a lot for him, but being there is just too much.

Victor: I understand. Now, if you ever make the decision to move, you let me know, because I think I have the place for you to go to.

Adam: Where's that?

Victor: The ranch. Tack house is empty. If you don't like the tack house, then move in to the main house. Imagine that you have the whole damn ranch at your disposal. Connor can go riding any time he wants to.

Adam: I just -- I -- I can't believe how far we've come or that I'm actually going to say this, but I will think about it.

Victor: Well, that makes me very happy, you know? I got to tell you, as your father, I've wished nothing more than for you to become a member of my family, you know? A newman. I've wished nothing more forever than that. Still fresh

Kyle: I wish I knew what happened. One day, everything's fine and we're planning our wedding, and the next, summer's moving to milan and telling me she doesn't love me anymore. No matter how hard I tried, i couldn't get her to stop from leaving.

Tara: I'm so sorry. I mean, I know this can't be easy for you.

Kyle: Now she's gone and I've got to figure out a way to start over.

Tara: I hope that harrison and I showing up didn't have a part in her decision. I mean, I know that showing up like that probably complicated your life.

Kyle: Don't blame yourself. The last time I caught up with her, I begged her to stay and rethink what she was doing. Told her I would go to the ends of the earth for our love, and you know what she told me?

Tara: What?

Kyle: She told me there was nothing left for me to fight for. I've never felt so helpless.

Tara: Oh, don't blame yourself. You did everything you could.

Kyle: Thank you.

Tara: For what? I didn't do anything.

Kyle: Yes, you have. Talking it through with you has helped better than expected. Even though I've already said it before to my dad and a couple close friends, somehow this felt different.

Tara: Well, maybe it's because I went through something similar -- a heartbreak of my own. It's still fresh for me and for you. I think that connects us.

Kyle: I didn't think about it like that, but you're right. I told you how sorry I am about what happened to you. If I have to go through this, I'm grateful for the company.

Billy: You should've seen adam, all defensive with ashland, trying to come to his protection. At the same time, trying to get me to take a hike. Maybe there is something to this story.

Lily: I don't know. You wouldn't know it talking to victoria. I mean, she shut me down pretty effectively, which could also be an indicator that maybe there is something she doesn't want to get out.

Billy: See, there it is. I like the way you're thinking. But we need something concrete. The man is dying. Victoria's been circling him. There's got to be something going on here. The good news is I feel like we're getting to the bottom of it.

Lily: You seem very confident, given the fact that we both had failed attempts trying to get victoria and ashland to talk.

Billy: Well, you got to remember, I know victoria better than almost anyone.

Victoria: You sure are full of questions.

Nikki: If you want me to stop asking about ashland, just tell me what's going on.

Victoria: Okay, fine. You'll have to be told at some point anyway, but before I get into it, you have to swear that it doesn't leave this room.

Nikki: Oh, come on. After all the secrets I've kept and continue to keep, you can trust me.

Victoria: Okay, well, this is more than just a secret. Ashland confided in me about his condition. Every word that they wrote about him is absolutely true. So I pitched folding locke communications in with newman enterprise before the news spills out. It would give locke a strong say in what happens to his company and it would ensure his legacy.

Nikki: Well, you are your father's daughter, aren't you? So where does that deal stand?

Victoria: It's looking very promising, so not a word to anyone -- not while we're this close to making it a reality.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] What are you doing here? You must know you're the last person I want to see.

Adam: I only came here to see how you were doing.

Chelsea: Yeah, right. Make sure I haven't improved, make sure I haven't healed enough to be released from this place.

Adam: Chelsea, I swear to you that is not the case. Look, I know that I'm partially responsible for pushing you into this state.

Chelsea: You -- you bet you are.

Adam: Yeah, and I have to live with that guilt every day. I wanted you to know that connor's coming home soon, and hopefully that'll give you something to look forward to, some motivation so you can push harder to earn your release.

Chelsea: Okay, well, is that all?

Adam: I also wanted to tell you that, uh, I'm thinking about moving in to the newman ranch.

Chelsea: Oh. Oh, you mean your new command post, don't you? You must have realized that you're gonna need allies if you're gonna try to steal my son from me. If you take him to that ranch, adam, I will never have access to my son.

Adam: That's just not true.

Chelsea: Don't you see? I know what you're doing. You're setting it up so you can have enough time and space to turn connor against me.

Adam: I really wish that you would stop thinking that I would do that to you or to connor. He loves you.

Chelsea: Adam, I have had ample time in this place to dig deep and recognize the truth. You are my biggest enemy.

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