Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/24/21

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/24/21


Episode #12137 ~ Summer makes a decision. Amanda uncovers a family secret. Phyllis spills the beans.

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Sally: Ooh! Jack. I'm glad I ran into you.

Jack: Oh?

Sally: I wanted to tell you that I was one of the lucky fenmore's employees who got to sample jabot's newest waterproof mascara before it debuts at fenmore'S.

Jack: You don't say. What'd you think?

Sally: Well, after a steam in the sauna and a double feature of two tear-jerkers, I am happy to report 100% satisfaction.

Jack: Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Sally: Glad to be of service. And if you want the numbers on the rollout when it launches, i will be happy to go over it with you. By e-mail, of course.

Jack: You are in a remarkably good mood. Any particular reason?

Tara: Lauren. Tara locke. Well, I'm feeling more settled since the last time we spoke. And that offer you made about working together? Exactly. If I could just find the right way to market my shoe line. Oh, I'd love to. I'm flexible, so you just name the time. Well, you know, making genoa city my new home -- it was just a brilliant decision. I mean, everything my son and i need is right here in this fabulous town. Thanks. Sounds great. Bye, lauren.

Kyle: Whatever is going on with you, let's work through it together. I mean, there's something you've been obviously reluctant to tell me.

Summer: Um, do you remember that phone call that I got this morning when you walked in?

Kyle: Sure. What was that about?

Summer: It was angelina marchetti.

Kyle: The angelina marchetti? From the fashion house in milan?

Summer: Yeah. That's the one.

Kyle: That's incredible. What, does she want to do some crossover thing with jcv?

Summer: Uh, not exactly, no. Um... she's looking for a new creative director. It's a highly coveted position and amazing opportunity for the right person.

Kyle: Well, does she have someone in mind?

Summer: Me. She offered me the job.

Kyle: Wow! That's flattering.

Summer: Yeah. It is. It's, um -- it's very unexpected.

Kyle: It's good to know all your hard work is paying off. You're really making a name for yourself internationally. That's got to be a good feeling.

Summer: Yeah. It is. Um... yeah, it's the kind of job that will take my career to the next level.

Kyle: You mean "could." You said "will take" your career to the next level instead of "could take." If you were going to take the job. But...you're not, are you?

Summer: I mean, how could i turn that down? Right? Being brought into the company by angelina marchetti herself and getting to learn from her?

Kyle: I get it's a great position. But you decided to take a job in italy without even running it by your fiancé.

Summer: I'm sorry, but, um, I'm -- I'm gonna take it.

[ Sighs ]

Kyle: Okay, um... I'm confused. [ Chuckles ] What about the logistics? Never mind you have an amazing job here. Your whole life is here, summer, your friends, your family, me. Why would you even consider it?

Summer: [ Sighs ] Because i need to get away from genoa city.

Phyllis: It's a non-hovering zone, sir. You're gonna have to step over there, please.

Nick: Well, I wouldn't have to hover if summer would just respond to your text.

Phyllis: Oh, she'll get back to me soon.

Nick: Hey, what if, you know, we just reworded the text? Or we could --

Phyllis: Oh, please don't make me regret telling you about her job offer in milan.

Nick: Well, how do you expect me to react?

Phyllis: [ Exhales sharply ] You're not even supposed to know. Do you know how angry she's gonna be at me if she finds out that I told you?

Nick: I just don't care. Let her blow up if she wants. Of course you were gonna tell me about this. Our daughter's thinking about moving halfway around the world, putting thousands of miles between her and kyle. Well, I want to know why.

Amanda: So, you said you were able to discover more information about richard's murder?

Denise: Indeed I was. Using the date we know richard had set to meet with your foster parents, I looked at both his and naya's phone records.

Devon: I'm surprised those still exist after all this time.

Denise: It took a little digging to get my hands on them, but I searched them for the two weeks before he was to meet with your foster family, just to see if he was in contact with anyone at newman or with sutton ames' office.

Amanda: And since richard was killed a few days before the meeting was supposed to take place, these records will point us towards anyone he was in contact with during that very crucial time period.

Denise: Exactly.

Amanda: What did you find out?

Denise: There was no calls made to anyone at newman enterprises, but richard did call sutton's office three times. And he made a call to naya's cellphone that lasted for more than five minutes.

Amanda: I mean, that's way too long for her to have accidentally answered and hung up on him. She said she avoided his calls. I mean, she swore to me that she'd never spoken to him again.

Devon: Well, apparently she was lying about that, too.

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Amanda: This is incredible.

Denise: I told you I'm good at this.

Amanda: Naya spoke to my father days before he died?

Denise: Look, if you want me to stay on the case and see what else I can dig up --

Amanda: Yes, please.

Denise: Sounds like this was some information that's crucial to your case.

Amanda: And very upsetting. I can't believe naya would lie to me about something like this.

Sally: You want to know the secret behind my sparkling smile?

Jack: Sure.

Sally: I'm happy, jack.

Jack: Again, any particular reason?

Sally: You're suspicious of my happiness?

Jack: I didn't say that.

Sally: I am happy with where my life is now. Or as happy as I can be. I love my job, I love this city, and even though I lost your trust and we will never be friends or whatever it was that we were about to be to each other, I still count you as one of the most fascinating men I've ever known. And if that means that we only get to talk about work and our joint successes, then I'll take it 'cause, fingers crossed, i plan on being in genoa city and at fenmore's for the long haul.

Jack: I'm glad you found a home.

Sally: And whether you care or not, I'm very glad you're here, too.

[ Chuckles ]

Kyle: When you say you want to "get away" from genoa city --

Sally: This situation, kyle. We have been here before, like when we were going to elope but I couldn't get myself to go through with it.

Kyle: That was completely different. We're not rushing off to prove a point to our families. We've got their support.

Summer: Yeah, but the reason that I called things off was because I didn't trust that you were fully committed to me. I had a feeling that I couldn't shake.

Kyle: Yeah, that we worked through. We rebuilt the trust, took things as slow as you wanted so that we could be solid and we could face anything. And we can.

Summer: Yeah, that's what i kept telling myself after harrison came into your life.

Kyle: Our life.

Sally: And tara and ashland, and suddenly it's not just the two of us anymore. It's a crowd.

Kyle: Okay, okay, there are a lot of things that are still unsettled, but they will work out.

Summer: Look, I know that that's what you want to believe, but, look, I have to trust my instincts this time.

[ Sighs ]

Kyle: What do you mean?

Summer: I'm getting that bad feeling again.

Kyle: How come you never said anything to me about it?

Summer: I don't know. I just wanted to chalk it up to paranoia or, you know, that i was overthinking, like I did the last time when I found out that you and lola were texting the night before our wedding, but this is not about my insecurities. This is just a rational, appropriate response to something that is very, very real.

Kyle: Yeah, which we were working through. I mean, you told me again and again that you were okay with everything that was happening.

Summer: Yeah, because I was trying to ignore my gut feelings. I was trying to fight them. I mean, I moved up our wedding to august. Remember how shocked you were by that?

Kyle: I was surprised. That was all.

Summer: I told you that that would show people how strong we were, how united we are in the face of change, how we were unshakable.

Kyle: We are.

Summer: That is not what drove me to make such an impulsive decision, and if you're honest with yourself, you know that, too.

Kyle: No, I don'T. Nothing you're saying to me makes any sense.

Summer: It was a desperate act to prove to everybody and to myself that we would be fine, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. The reality is, is I just can't see myself raising a child with you who is the product of an affair with a woman who will forever be a permanent fixture in your life, a woman that you clearly still have feelings for. Banana boat sunscreen

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Okay.

Nick: You know, if you think about it, pretty much every bad decision that summer has made can be linked back to kyle.

Phyllis: Well, that's not entirely true.

Nick: How about when she just moved to chicago, you know, when she was a kid, to get away from him?

Phyllis: I know, but kids that age -- they do stuff like that.

Nick: When they eloped, that went terribly south.

Phyllis: Yeah, it's true, but --

Nick: Then there was that really super amazing time that she gave up a part of her liver for kyle, you know, and...

[ Sighs ] She didn't even tell us about it until it was over.

Phyllis: Right. That wasn't, um... I know another couple like them.

Nick: Oh, we are nothing like them.

Phyllis: Oh, we're nothing like them, of course. But, you know, we're on again, off again, can't live without each other, the perfect team.

Nick: Okay. You might have a point. But I think we just need to, you know, convey to summer that there are times when her relationship with kyle will be on rocky ground. That doesn't mean she needs to just move to europe.

Phyllis: Okay, seriously, you think that us throwing her entire relationship is gonna be a good idea, really? It's gonna make us look irrational. Is that what you want?

Nick: No, I don't want that.

Phyllis: Okay. So let's just figure out why this sudden change. Why does she want to go to milan so bad? I mean...

Kyle: I don't have feelings for tara. I've made that clear every way I know how.

Summer: Yeah, kyle, you've said all the right things, but I've had to watch the two of you reconnecting right before my eyes.

Kyle: You've seen me what? Spend time with harrison, take him to the park? Nothing has changed between you and me.

Summer: And his mother?

Kyle: She likes you. She thinks you're great. She's told me that more than once, which is why it's so weird that you're throwing this at me out of the blue.

Summer: It is not out of the blue.

Kyle: All this time, you have told me that you're okay with what was happening, supported me being in harrison's life, that you were with me 100%.

Summer: Yeah, kyle, because i so badly wanted to be that strong, supportive girlfriend who, no matter what or who walks in your life, I will always be there, even when I saw what was going on between you and tara.

Kyle: No, no, no. All you saw were two parents concerned about the child they share.

Summer: You are so protective of her, so it's clearly more than that.

Kyle: Summer, where did you get that idea?

Summer: I have seen those close, intimate moments that the two of you have shared. The other day, I walk into the abbott house and the two of you are standing in the living room and you're telling her that you don't want her to be alone in the situation and that you want her to be in genoa city.

Kyle: Summer, you are the only one I love. If you had just me what you overheard, I could have explained it, put what I said to tara in context.

Summer: I didn't want to interrupt.

Kyle: You weren't interrupting anything. I swear. I was telling her I was glad she was willing to relocate because that's what's best for harrison.

Summer: I know that you are fully, fully invested in this little boy's well-being, and you should be.

[ Voice breaking ] Kyle, I've tried to step up and be the bigger person, but I can'T. I can't do it, and it's not fair of you to ask that of me.

Kyle: Well, if I put any pressure on you, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Summer: Look, I would never, ever do anything to stand in the way of you being with your child, okay? I'm giving you what you really want.

Kyle: What I want is you, to build a life together, like we planned. And if this job in milan means that much, I'll go with you.

Summer: You can'T.

Kyle: Who's gonna stop me?

Summer: Harrison.

Kyle: No, I'll fly back and forth. People do it all the time.

Summer: Kyle, it's not the same. You just said how important it is to your son that his parents live in the same place.

Kyle: That's completely different. Tara doesn't have anyone or anything keeping her from moving. She doesn't have any reason not to. I would be with you, my soon-to-be wife, as she takes on the career opportunity of a lifetime.

Summer: Kyle, think about it. I know that you want to share in all the moments in harrison's life, big and small, the milestones and the everyday stuff. And you would be missing so much that you would start to resent me for taking you away from him.

Kyle: I could never resent you.

Summer: Yeah, it wouldn't happen at first. You'd try in the beginning. You would pretend that the distance wasn't that hard and that you could get so much done on the jet. But then you'd start to miss soccer games and reading to him before he goes to sleep. And then you'd start to blame me for creating the situation by taking this job, and the resentment will only grow because harrison will always be a part of your life. And I just -- I cannot face that.

Kyle: You're jumping to this over-the-top worst-case scenario.

Summer: I'm not. I'm being realistic. Making it work somehow is only delaying the inevitable. Kyle, that's why I'm taking this job...so that I can have the life that I want and you can lead the life that you need to by raising your son. Okay? You have already missed so many moments with him, and... I don't want you to miss another minute.

Kyle: [ Voice breaking ] There's got to be a way for us to stay together. Summer, I love you, and if you think I'm going to let you walk out of my --

Summer: I can'T. I can'T. I can'T. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, okay? I'm -- I'm just -- I'm doing what's best for everybody here, okay?

Kyle: [ Breathing deeply ]

Amanda: And you'll let me know the minute that you learn anything new that can help me solve this mystery?

Denise: Count on it.

Amanda: Thank you for all of your hard work.

Denise: I can see how much this means to you, not just as a lawyer, but as richard's daughter. So I hope you find your answers. And I hope they give you peace.

Amanda: Thank you, denise.

Denise: I'll be in touch.

Amanda: I can't believe naya lied to me about being in contact with my father.

Devon: Oh, I can. So, according to denise, the phone call was made to your dad just a week before he was meant to go see your foster parents

Amanda: And five minutes? That's a long time to talk to somebody that you're trying to avoid.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: She could have been trying to stonewall him with more lies. Or did she realize that he found out about the pregnancy and come clean? She could have told him about his two daughters. She could have told him anything or nothing.

Devon: Yeah, and then he was killed shortly after that.

Amanda: Well, there is no point in standing here wondering what happened, not when I can look naya in the eye and demand that she finally tell me the truth. People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Amanda: I took this case so i could find out what happened to him. And I told myself to remain objective... that it was just another case.

[ Scoffs ] I foolishly believed that I could keep my emotional distance from my family. I mean, it's not as if they wanted to have anything to do with me anyway.

Devon: It doesn't matter what they wanted anyway. You don't need them. You have people in your life. You have friends. You have me. And we all know how amazing of a woman you are.

Amanda: [ Voice breaking ] You know, the more that I learn about him, the more that... I know I would have loved him.

Devon: I know that. If he was standing in front of you right now, what would you say to him?

Amanda: Oh, wow. Um...

Devon: Think about it.

Amanda: Probably a combination of [Sighs] "Thank you" and "I'm sorry."

[ Crying ] "Thank you for looking for me. Just knowing that there was somebody out there who wanted me, that I mattered." And even though it was so long ago, it means so much that he worked so hard to try and find me.

Devon: Mm.

Amanda: And I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm sorry that

[Sniffles] It couldn't happen before he died. And I vowed to find out what happened to him, but my family's been lying to me from the beginning.

Devon: I know. But you have to know he would have been very proud of you.

Amanda: I just feel like i let him down.

Devon: Why? From day one, all you've done, amanda, is give a thousand percent of yourself to your family. They're the ones that have let you down, over and over again. You came up with an amazing defense strategy that sutton shut down. And then you called his bluff and walked away. That didn't keep you from digging. You haven't stopped fighting to try and find out the truth about what happened to your father. That shows how strong you are.

Amanda: Am I? I mean, am I strong? Am I strong enough to walk away from what's left of my family now that I've finally found them?

Phyllis: Hey! We need to talk about something. It's for your own good. Please.

Summer: Okay, well, I have a million things I have to do right now.

Phyllis: Okay, I have something to discuss with you.

Summer: Okay. What is it?

Phyllis: I told your dad about your plans.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Really, mom? After I asked you not to do that?

Phyllis: Okay, how could you expect me to keep it to myself? Really, summer. What kind of parent would I be if I didn't tell your dad that you were planning on moving to milan?

Summer: I don't know. A loyal one?

Phyllis: No.

[ Sighs ] We love you so much. We're always gonna worry about you. That's never gonna change.

Summer: Okay, well, it doesn't really matter anymore because I told kyle everything.

Phyllis: Everything everything?

Summer: Yeah, I told him that I can't stay and watch him raise his son and he can't move to milan with me and, um, miss out on watching his child grow up. It just wouldn't be fair.

Nick: If you really think that's a good decision, then why all the secrecy about it? Why not just be more open?

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Tara: Kyle? What's wrong?

Kyle: Um, it's -- it's something I can't discuss with you.

Jack: Hey, kyle.

Kyle: Hey, um, tara, I really need to talk to my dad alone.

Tara: Yeah. Of course. I'll be in the garden.

Jack: Hey. You look like you've been hit by a truck. What's going on?

Kyle: Yeah. Summer. Harrison. All my plans for the future. My life is suddenly on the brink, and I have no idea how it happened.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Devon: Alright. So, if naya lies to your face again, you're gonna know it. And if she tells you the truth, you're gonna be ready. So, either way, you're gonna be just fine.

Amanda: Thank you, devon.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

[ Knock on door ]

Devon: Hi.

Amanda: Come on in.

Devon: I'll talk to you later, alright?

Amanda: Yep.

Naya: I must admit, when you said you wanted to meet, i almost turned you down.

Amanda: Why?

Naya: Something in your tone of voice.

Amanda: Oh.

Naya: You sounded angry.

Amanda: Well, you can imagine how I felt when you warned me not to walk away from sutton's case, told me that I didn't want him as an enemy.

Naya: I knew you'd misinterpret that.

Amanda: Did I? Because it felt very much like a threat.

Naya: It wasn'T. I was only looking out for you.

Amanda: Ooh.

Naya: So, is that why you wanted to talk? Have you changed your mind about helping your grandfather?

Amanda: Mm. Well, that depends.

Naya: On what?

Amanda: How you answer my questions.

Naya: Alright. Ask away.

Amanda: No more lies, naya. Did you speak to my father before he died? Did you tell him about me?

Summer: Look, this is a big decision, and I didn't make it lightly. And as much as I love you both, I had to handle things my way without feeling judged.

Nick: Ouch.

Summer: Look, this -- working for marchetti is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and, um... yeah, I'm -- I'm gonna take it.

Nick: Look, it's not -- this isn't judgment, okay? It's concern. Something major must have happened between you and kyle to do this, for you to even consider moving away.

Summer: I'm just doing what i have to do for myself.

Nick: But, summer, you moved up your timeline for your wedding, and now this sudden turnaround raises...

Phyllis: Concern.

Summer: Look, the bottom line is I can't be with kyle. This whole situation with his son has just finally made me realize that. That's all.

Nick: It's no secret that I've had doubts about you and kyle's long-term prospects, alright? But you not marrying him and then deciding to move halfway around the world is two different things.

Summer: Look, I just know in my heart that this is something that I have to do.

Phyllis: Um, let's not make any decisions right now. Uh, we're -- we're not in a rush, right?

Summer: Actually, I kind of am, yeah.

Nick: What do you mean?

Summer: Angelina marchetti wants me to start work right away.

Phyllis: What? Just like that?

Summer: Look, I know that it's all happening really fast, but --

Nick: Look, I'm just gonna ask you straight up. What happened? What did kyle do to drive you away?

Jack: Just try to calm down and tell me what happened.

Kyle: Summer's leaving me.

Jack: What?

Kyle: She got a job offer in milan from angelina marchetti to be the new creative director for her fashion house, and she's decided to accept it without even running it by me or even trying to figure out a way for us to stay together. Dad, we don't even order dinner without discussing it first, and now she's talking about jetting off to milan like it's nothing.

Jack: Marchetti is a very iconic brand. I can understand her thinking about that job.

Kyle: No, no, she loves jcv. We created that together. That's our baby. What is she gonna do, abandon it, abandon me?

Jack: Wait. I'm on your side here, but i have to be sympathetic to summer. A lot has been asked of her in this situation.

Kyle: I have been honest with her about harrison almost from the beginning. We were together in this, or so I thought. Why -- why couldn't she just be honest with me and tell me what she was feeling?

Jack: I can see this is painful for you, but try to see it from summer's point of view. She was your priority, your everything.

Kyle: She still is.

Jack: And what about harrison? Harrison has become a very big part of your life lately, and that changes the dynamic of your relationship with summer in ways she never bargained for. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault.

Kyle: Dad, we love each other. And harrison won't be 3 forever. He will grow up and not need as much of my time.

Jack: That may not be soon enough for summer. Look, there are no easy answers here, for either one of you.

Kyle: How do I stop her from going?

Jack: Are you ready to let go of harrison? I mean, that's what this comes down to. I know you've grown very close to him. I know you have plans and dreams for him.

Kyle: I didn't even know he existed a few months ago.

Jack: But look how much you've come to depend on your relationship with him. Are you ready to end it now? Darrell's family uses gain flings now so their laundry

Summer: No. No, no, do not go there.

Nick: All I'm saying is historically --

Summer: No, do not make this about something that kyle did to me. He has a son now, and he is just trying to do right by him. That is it.

Phyllis: Uh, that's very admirable.

Nick: Yes. I'm impressed at the way he stepped up.

Phyllis: Yeah, but we see what it's doing to you.

Summer: I am only trying to do what is best for myself, okay? I told everything that I was fine with everything, with the son, with the woman that kyle had an affair with moving to town, and I just really wanted to be that magnanimous person. But the reality is, is I'm not, okay? I -- I can't live like an outsider while kyle and tara raise their child. I should be living my life, fulfilling my dreams, and the two of you should be proud of me for that.

Nick: We are.

Phyllis: We're so proud of you.

Summer: Okay, so then do not blame kyle for my decision. If you want to do something for me, stop treating me like i don't know what I'm doing and just respect that this is something that I have to do. And -- I don't know -- maybe even consider being happy for me.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Wow. Did you see how much she defended kyle?

Nick: Yeah. It's, uh, probably just a reflex at this point. But I still think kyle did something to hurt her.

Phyllis: I'm not so sure.

Kyle: Why does this have to be an either/or kind of thing? Why is summer willing to throw away everything we have because of this?

Jack: You can't always have it all.

Kyle: No, no, no, I didn't ask for harrison to come into my life, but he has. The universe throws you curve balls. You deal with them and find a way to make them work.

Jack: Which is exactly what summer is doing, in her own way.

Kyle: No. No. This can't be how we end.

Jack: Maybe she has made this decision out of love for you. She knows you would never choose between her and your son, and she made the choice for you.

Kyle: But there's always a way, and I will figure it out. I just need to find a way to

[Voice breaking] Slow it down, show summer that I still need her in my life, that she's still an important part of it, that this is our adventure, this is our journey, and I want her in harrison's life. It could be the start of something beautiful together.

Jack: You've convinced me. Can you convince summer?

Kyle: I've got to find the words to make her understand. I will. I have to.

Tara: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: I know for a fact that richard called you one week before he was scheduled to meet my foster parents.

Naya: How could you know a thing like that?

Amanda: Would you like to see the phone records? You spoke to him for five minutes, naya.

Naya: That was a long time ago.

Amanda: Well, I doubt that it's something that you would forget, your ex calling you, the father of your twins hunting you down. How did he know you were pregnant? Who told him?

Naya: I don't know.

Amanda: You never asked?

Naya: [ Sighs I-I don't remember.

Amanda: But you remember he called you. You admit that?

Naya: Yes. He reached out to me.

Amanda: Why?

Naya: [ Sighs ] He couldn't stand that I had disappeared from school, from his life, without explanation. He had some idea of what might have happened, I assumed because that was often why girls left college. He said that he searched for the truth until he had confirmation that I was pregnant. He told me somebody at his job was empathetic towards his situation and steered him to an investigator who could help him.

Amanda: Then what?

Naya: He sounded so desperate. I offered him money just to let it go because if something like this went public, the damage to my father's campaign would have been detrimental, to say the least.

Amanda: And what was his reaction?

Naya: [ Sighs ] He was insulted.

Amanda: Ah.

Naya: Disgusted.

Amanda: Mm.

Naya: He never wanted money. He'd admitted that he had been far more deeply in love with me than I was with him. He said to hell with sutton. All he wanted was... his daughters.

Amanda: Daughters?

Naya: Yes. He knew I'd had twins. I was worried about what he might do, you know, what would happen if word got out to the press and...

[ Sighs ] I felt so sorry for him, too.

Amanda: You never would have kept this call from sutton. You had to warn him about the potential threat to his campaign, so you told him that richard knew everything. And he wouldn't keep quiet. Look at me, naya. Look at me! You went to sutton, didn't you? You ran straight to daddy.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yes. And sutton had richard killed, not because of a bribery scheme, no. He did it to silence the one person who could destroy his life. He needed to keep secret that you gave birth to two illegitimate children. My god! Sutton was willing to commit murder to keep hilary and I a secret.

Naya: No.

Amanda: Oh, my god.

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Naya: Amanda --

Amanda: Don't you dare say my name!

Naya: I need you to understand.

Amanda: Oh, I understand all too well. Before any of this began, before I took sutton's case, I asked you, could he be guilty? Did sutton kill my father? You looked me straight in the eye, and you lied to me!

Naya: I didn't lie then, and I'm not lying now. Look at me, amanda, please. Look into my eyes so you can see that I am telling you the truth. I am ashamed of how I handled richard. And I am heartbroken that you didn't get to meet him and he didn't get to be a part of your life. But that's not my father's fault. He didn't mastermind some plan to have richard killed to avoid some political fallout. My father, your grandfather, is not that kind of man. You have to believe me.

Amanda: I don't believe you. I don't believe a damn word coming out of your mouth.

Tara: Did kyle leave?

Jack: Yeah.

Tara: Is everything alright? He seemed really upset when he got home.

Jack: Change is difficult. Sometimes it's harder than you ever imagined.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: Um... I was just gathering all my stuff, trying to figure out what I can, um, take with me and what I can leave behind.

Kyle: Summer, I can't let you do this. I won'T.

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