Y&R Transcript Monday 6/21/21

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/21/21


Episode #12134 ~ Tara steps up her threats. Christine arrives with news for Abby. Victoria has a proposition for Ashland.

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Ashland: When I invited you up here, this isn't at all what I was expecting.

Victoria: Well, you have to admit, merging locke communications group and newman enterprises would solve a lot of your issues.

Ashland: Thanks to billy, the rumor is out that your father exploited my heart attack to get his hands on cyaxares. And if word that I had cancer got out and you and I were to sign a deal like this, then people might say it's more of the same. And doesn't that give you pause?

Victoria: Only if you're one of those people. Are you?

[ Door opens ]

Nina: [ Gasps ] Did I just wake you? I'm so sorry about that.

Abby: No, it's okay. Um, was someone just here?

Nina: I don't think so. Why?

Abby: Never mind. I must've been dreaming.

Kyle: Where's my dad?

Tara: Oh, he went back to the office.

Kyle: Mm.

Tara: How'd it go with harrison? Were you able to calm him down about losing the ball you gave him?

Kyle: Yeah, we had a good talk. Now the nanny is getting him ready for his bath.

Tara: Sounds like progress.

Kyle: Yeah, threw me a little that he thought I'd get upset about something so minor.

Tara: I mean, after telling him about the divorce, even though he seems to take it in stride, he might have anxiety bubbling up to the surface.

Kyle: Looks like we're getting a glimpse of that now.

Tara: Could be. He doesn't know who he can count on right now. And when ashland dies, ugh, it's just gonna crush him. Breaks my heart to think about.

Kyle: I've been thinking about that, too. I ordered some books on how children grieve. I want to be prepared -- know what to say to help harrison understand when the time comes.

Tara: That's very thoughtful of you.

Kyle: Well, I'm new at this. I've got a lot to learn.

Tara: Well, the most important thing is that you're a consistent, reliable presence in our son's life and that you love him. That's really all there is to it.

Kyle: Well, I'm committed to that. I appreciate you making it possible. You didn't have to agree to stay here. You could've gone and started your life over again in new york. Keep me on the sidelines.

Tara: Oh, I could never do that. To you or to harrison.

Summer: Okay, so what kind of self-serving deal did you make with tara locke?

Sally: Hey, summer. How's your evening going?

Summer: Mm, no, I don't really have any patience for your games right now. I just want to know how much you had to do with all of this happening.

Sally: As usual, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Really? That big job offer from the italian designer, angelina marchetti -- the one that you claimed you were after. Well, I suspect that you knew i would wind up getting it.

Sally: [ Sighs ] You got the offer? From the boss herself, no less. Perfect! Congratulations on having everything I want fall into your lap yet again. Is now a good time for a flare-up?

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Abby: I don't suppose you've talked to christine yet about chance -- where he is, how he's doing?

Nina: Actually, I just came from seeing christine.

Mariah: I know, I know, it is way too early for me to be in pjs, but what can I say? Elastic waistbands are where it's at these days.

Abby: Nina talked to christine.

Mariah: Did you hear anything about chance?

Nina: Unfortunately, no, i didn't, but she has a lead and she's gonna follow it, and hopefully, she'll have some news for us soon, maybe even tonight.

Abby: When you say news...

Nina: Well, I mean, not where chance is or what he's doing, but about his wellbeing. I think that's the best that she can do. It's all we can hope for.

Abby: Well, I hope you told christine that she can call anytime, day or night.

Nina: Yeah, believe me, she knows how anxious we all are to hear about chance.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Summer: I know that you told tara about the job offer.

Sally: [ Sighs ] So what if I did?

Summer: I swear, sally, if the two of you are conspiring against me --

Sally: I never said anything to keep you from getting it, and if tara says I did, it's a lie.

Summer: Oh, how reassuring.

Sally: I stayed out of it completely -- not because i think you're deserving of it, but because I knew anything negative coming out of my mouth would just sound like sour grapes.

Summer: Why would you ever talk about my private life with tara locke?

Sally: Well, that was a mistake I will never be making again. Tara doesn't give a damn about my feelings. She was very happy for you, just like everybody else in this stupid town. It's like you're cinderella and I'm the wicked stepsister, only I'm the one that's working my butt off, and yet still, everybody is rooting for you.

Summer: I did not campaign for this position. Hell, I didn't even apply. I did not make any phone calls. I didn't pull any strings. I did not express the slightest bit of interest to anyone.

Sally: Well, so does that mean you're not gonna take it?

Summer: I don't know, sally. I haven't decided.

Sally: This is an opportunity of a lifetime, of course you're gonna accept it. You would be crazy to pass that up.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: You're too smart to wonder whether I can clearly and rationally evaluate a business proposal. I'm still of sound mind, if not body.

Victoria: Of course you are.

Ashland: And I'd also like to believe that you wouldn't trouble me with any offer that's less than serious. Not since I have so little time left.

Victoria: You said you had two main concerns -- providing for harrison and protecting your legacy. Now, I know that you can take care of harrison on your own, but I can help you ensure that the company that you spent your entire life building will survive and thrive intact. I know what your goals are, and you can trust me to see them through, and maybe if I can take some of that burden off of your shoulders, you'll be able to focus on the things that matter the most.

Ashland: That is, without a doubt, the most compelling argument you could make. But that's no surprise, 'cause i knew you were extremely talented at negotiations.

Victoria: Thank you for the compliment.

Ashland: Well, you deserve it.

Victoria: However, that's not a yes.

Ashland: It's not a no, either. I have a question for you. If my answer were no, is this the last time I would see you?

Victoria: I hope you already know the answer to that.

Ashland: Humor me. This is a cold call!

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] I was spending quite a bit of time with you before you learned that you were ill because I -- I like -- I like being with you.

Ashland: Do you, now?

Victoria: You know, there aren't many people that understand what my life is like, how driven I am and how much i have riding on the decisions that I have to make.

Ashland: It's lonely at the top, huh?

Victoria: It's more than that, because with you, I -- I can acknowledge that I have arrived at the top, without feeling like I'm being arrogant.

Ashland: Well, who cares how you sound to anyone else? Especially since you're simply telling the truth.

Victoria: You know what? You're right. I shouldn't have to apologize for my accomplishments. In addition to all of the other reasons that I like being in your company, you also give very good advice.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] There's plenty more where that came from. Go ahead, ask me anything. You want to structure a leverage buyout to minimize financial risk or what to consider when buying a yacht, ask away.

Victoria: Well, I'm already an expert at leveraged buyouts, and, uh, I've never really been interested in boats, but I'm sure I will have a question for you at some point, and I'm just glad that I can come to you with it.

Ashland: It's beginning to sound like you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

Victoria: I, um -- I'm definitely going to miss you, ashland.

Ashland: [ Sniffles ]

Victoria: My merger proposal, I understand that you need time to think about it and you can't give me your answer right away -- you shouldn't -- but i suspect that you will have an answer for me soon.

Ashland: You're talking about two extremely complicated financial entities, both with lots of moving parts and a certain amount of overlap. It's the kind of deal that could take months to put together, if not longer.

Victoria: We have a head start. Your team did their due diligence going over newman's books when I was bidding on cyaxares. With any other potential partner, I mean, you'd have to be starting from scratch, which would eat in to your time and it might even cause a frenzied speculation, and I'm sure that you would want to avoid that.

Ashland: You've thought this through from every angle.

Victoria: I'm gonna leave you to ruminate on my offer in peace.

Ashland: You're leaving? Well, what a pity.

[ Clears throat ] Wouldn't you rather stay and convince me of the brilliance of your plan?

Victoria: You know, I expect that you will arrive at that conclusion on your own without any more prodding from me. But I'll check back in with you tomorrow.

Kyle: Did you ever get back to lauren about working with fenmore's on your line of shoes?

Tara: It was on my tentative to-do list until this morning. When ashland told us about the illness, it just pushed everything right out of my head. But I'm gonna call her soon. Never hurts to listen.

Kyle: Smart move. You'll love working with lauren, and fenmore's marketing operations can make you a household name.

Tara: Well, I'm grateful that she reached out. I appreciate your family's hospitality, but it's important to me to be self-sufficient.

Kyle: I understand that, but I hope you won't be in too much of a rush to find your own place. My dad loves having you and harrison here.

Tara: It's so sweet to see the growing connection between him and his grandpa. I mean, they just light up around each other. It's adorable. And, uh, jack was mentioning that he wanted to host a family gathering to introduce harrison to the abbotts.

Kyle: Oh. You okay with that?

Tara: I'm more than okay. I mean, once ashland demanded a divorce, I'd resigned myself to the fact that harrison wouldn't have much in the way of family, but now he has a grandfather and aunts and uncles, cousins to run around with, and big family gatherings. It's incredible.

Summer: You know, I just can't help but feel like you're not giving me the whole story as to how this all happened. Why would angelina marchetti even know that I exist, let alone consider me her number-one candidate?

Sally: That's right, just keep rubbing it in.

Summer: Excuse me?

Sally: You got the job offer that I was so desperate to get. Now you're acting as if it's no big deal? It is beyond insensitive. But I guess you can't handle the fact that there's even one person that doesn't think you are so perfect and deserving of every good thing that comes your way. So, fine, I will join the chorus. I am so happy for you, summer. Seriously, it is such fabulous news, and you're obviously way more creative and talented than anybody else that was in the running. Okay? Satisfied? A lot of people think dealing with copd is a walk in the park. Turned down because of age or

Billy: Hi.

Victoria: Hi.

Billy: Let me guess, coming from ashland's suite?

Victoria: Oh, is he staying here? I didn't realize.

Billy: Haha, that's very funny.

Victoria: What about you? You don't live here anymore. What are you doing?

Billy: I had a meeting in the area, so I thought I'd stop for a drink. Join me.

Victoria: Hmm, not sure that's a good idea.

Billy: Why not?

Victoria: When we talked this morning, you were intrusive.

Billy: Curious.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I don't know. I'm gonna get home to the kids. Rain check?

Billy: Oh, come on, it's one drink. I promise I won't bring up your trip to new york.

Victoria: Hmm, it might be entertaining watching you twist yourself into a pretzel to keep that promise.

Billy: Exactly. Your usual?

Victoria: Fine, you win.

Billy: Hi. Uh, scotch neat and a vodka martini, dry as hell, extra dirty.

Victoria: Well, that's an interesting drink order. Which one is mine?

Billy: Whichever one you pick up.

Victoria: Smooth.

Billy: So, kids seem to be enjoying their summer day camp.

Victoria: Did katie show you the sit-upon that she made?

Billy: I'm sorry, "siddapon"? What -- what is this?

Victoria: Sit-upon -- it's two vinyl pieces of fabric that you string together with plastic yarn and you stuff a little pad in the middle, and then when you go outdoors, you --

Billy: Ah, you sit upon it.

Victoria: Yes.

Billy: Sit-upon.

Victoria: Yes.

Billy: Very cute.

Victoria: All into the arts and crafts. And for johnny, it's all about baseball.

Billy: Well, I guess that is something that you and your friend have in common -- parenting. Have you met harrison yet? Has he met our kids yet?

Victoria: Honest to god, billy, you are worse than my father. You couldn't go for two minutes without prying into my personal life.

Billy: Come on, now, I'm just talking about the kids and parenting.

Victoria: No, no, no, stop. Did I or did I not tell you this morning that you could not use our children as an excuse to "express your concern over me"?

Billy: That is not what I'm doing, victoria.

Victoria: Not to mention, you're the one who moved in with someone without bothering to share any of the information with me.

Billy: There's a couple things there, but let's just start with you cannot compare lily and ashland.

Victoria: Oh, no?

Billy: Lily is kind and warm, and she's a total sweetheart. Ashland -- or shall I say the "locke ness monster" -- is ruthless and the last person that I ever thought that you'd be involved with.

Victoria: And that would be risky, right?

Billy: Yes, exactly.

Victoria: Do you ever hear yourself?

Kyle: I didn't know you were stopping by.

Summer: Yeah, um, we need to talk -- alone.

Kyle: Mm, no one's around. My dad left a while ago.

Summer: Okay, well, what about tara?

Kyle: She's upstairs, getting harrison ready for bed.

Summer: Can we just go somewhere where we're not gonna be interrupted, like the pool house or maybe on a walk or something, please?

Kyle: Hey, what's this about?

Summer: [ Sighs ] I want to tell you the real reason why I was so upset earlier.

Tara: Summer. How nice to see you. Harrison's asking for you. He's invented a new song and he wants to sing it to you before he falls asleep.

Kyle: Ooh. This won't take long. Then we can talk.

Summer: Okay, hurry back, please.

Tara: So clear and beautiful outside. And you can see the stars here. Planets, even. You don't get that in new york. Are you interested in astronomy at all?

Summer: You couldn't care less what I'm interested in.

Tara: You're wrong about that. Did you get that call from italy?

Summer: I did, and, you know, I still think it's weird that you somehow knew about that before I did.

Tara: And how was the offer from marchetti? Everything you expected?

Summer: It is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Tara: So you took it.

Summer: No.

Tara: Well, I hoped that not telling kyle about my encouragement to go to italy meant you were on board with the plan.

Summer: I hope you realize how irrational it is to be tossing around threats like that. Kyle has plenty of room in his heart for both harrison and me.

Tara: So you intend to tell him what we discussed?

Summer: I think he has a right to know.

Tara: I do hope you'll have the decency to at least wait until morning. Give kyle and harrison this last night together.

Summer: You listen to me --

Tara: I told you what would happen if you made this choice. I will take kyle's son and never look back.

Mariah: Okay, number five. What do we think?

Abby: Too much bergamot. It's not my fave. I'm guessing this isn't my mother'S.

Mariah: Damn, you're good.

Abby: I just prefer clean citrus scents. I think this needs a little bit more work.

Mariah: Okay, I will pass that information on to r&D. Nina, do you want to take a whiff?

Nina: Oh, goodness, no. I'm just useless. I smell three of those things, like, they all smell the same.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Well, you are not alone. It takes years of training to be able to evaluate different scents at once.

Nina: I've used the same perfume for so long, nothing else smells right on me anymore.

Mariah: Ah, it's your signature scent.

Nina: Yeah, I guess so. I suppose I'm a perfume marketer's nightmare.

[ Laughs ]

Mariah: No, we have no problem with lifelong repeat business.

[ Laughs ]

Nina: You okay, abby?

Abby: I just... I wish we would hear something.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nina: I'll get it. Hi! That was fast. Come on in.

Christine: Thank you.

Abby: Christine.

Mariah: Man, are we glad to see you.

Abby: Thank you so much for coming.

Nina: So what's the latest?

Christine: I have some news about chance. Rinsing the dishes before they go in the dishwasher?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Christine: So I was able to get in touch with chance's superior, using my contacts at the justice department. And the key thing to know is he's heard from chance recently -- after the phone call you received where the signal dropped out.

Nina: Oh, thank god.

Abby: Then he's okay.

Christine: As of the last few days, yes.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Nina: What else can you tell us? I mean, of course, without jeopardizing chance's safety or breaking any rules?

Christine: Unfortunately, as I expected, I was only able to get limited intel, so I do know that originally, they sent him to michigan, but that doesn't mean he's still there.

Mariah: So, if chance is talking to his supervisor, why hasn't he gotten back in touch with abby?

Christine: From what i gather, he is closing in on his contact, and if he is, that is good news because the end's in sight. But it's really crucial for him to maintain his cover, so there will probably be fewer opportunities for him to check in. I mean, he just can't risk being exposed.

Abby: My husband's safety is the most important thing, but it is good to know that he might be home sooner rather than later.

Nick: Christine, thank you so much. You've gone above and beyond, and I know that we're all grateful.

Christine: I was just happy to do what I could. You guys hang in there, and i will let you know if I hear anything else.

Abby: Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: When we were breaking up, did you or did you not tell me that I needed to be more spontaneous, more reckless, and that I was stifling you because I refused to color outside of the lines? And now, suddenly, you're full of the exact opposite advice.

Billy: No, this is about ashland, okay? Because he is trouble, full stop. And it does have something to do with me. The only reason you met him is when you bid on his company to try and protect me.

Victoria: Which thoroughly ticked you off.

Billy: Well, it's just proof that we still care about each other.

Victoria: Billy, why are you suddenly acting like I'm so gullible and defenseless? Did you ever think that maybe -- maybe I know what I'm doing? Maybe I have a plan. Did you ever think of that?

Billy: What are you talking about?

Victoria: Oh, look, it's the total sweetheart. I'll leave you two alone so you can enjoy your beautiful new life together. I hope that you'll do me the same courtesy.

Lily: What just happened here?

Summer: Just calm down, tara. You are way overreacting. There is no reason why you need to leave town.

Tara: I can just imagine how you're gonna frame this to jack and kyle. I mean, you'll portray me as manipulative and evil.

Summer: I am only planning on giving them a factual account of what happened since it involves harrison.

Tara: The way they'd see me and what they'd say, maybe even in front of my son.

Summer: Kyle would never do anything to hurt his son, unlike you, though, if you're willing to take away the one father that he has.

Tara: I can't risk it. I won't risk it.

Summer: Okay, tara, maybe we both just need to take a step back and we can pretend that this never happened, okay? I want kyle and harrison to have a great relationship. I would never stand in the way of that. I am not a threat to you, tara.

Tara: Harrison's wellbeing is not something I'm willing to compromise on. My little boy deserves the best life I can give him, and that means growing up in a family that is supportive and strong and complete.

Summer: He can have that, i promise. The abbotts are incredibly welcoming, and I'm not just talking about jack and kyle. He's gonna have aunts and uncles and cousins.

Tara: I want him to have stability. And that means parents that are together in a loving and supportive relationship. He fell for me before, even though he knew I was married. And now that I'm single, it'll be easy to rekindle those old feelings. 'Cause remember, I'm the one that ended our relationship, not him.

Summer: You are delusional. You really are. You really think that you can get kyle interested in you again? No, the only reason why he was interested in you in the first place is because he was trying to get over me, so whatever you two had is nothing compared to the decades of what kyle and i share.

Tara: Oh, I'm aware you're childhood sweethearts, but first loves aren't meant to last a lifetime.

Summer: Well, kyle and I are an exception. You know what, even if I do wind up taking that job in italy --

Tara: I thought you said you turned it down.

Summer: Well, you assumed that because I told angelina that I needed more time to think.

Tara: Oh, I find that telling. It means somewhere deep down you're aware it's the right thing for you to do.

Summer: Once again, you're assuming things. It just shows how little you know me.

Tara: Okay. Where do you stand? Am I packing harrison's bags or are you packing yours?

Summer: Kyle is committed to me. Whether I am here or I'm across the atlantic, he is not going to accept seduction attempts from other women, including the mother of his child.

Tara: I must not have been clear. I don't want you to just leave the continent, but I want you to set kyle free.

Summer: Excuse me?

Tara: Cancel the wedding, call off the engagement, tell him it's over. Is that direct enough for you?

Summer: Oh, my god, this really is a part of your whole plan, isn't it? You just want to take advantage of kyle's broken heart and manipulate him again, just like you did in new york.

Billy: Victoria wouldn't confirm that she was visiting locke, but it was pretty obvious.

Lily: And that bothers you.

Billy: Not because she's moving on -- that's bound to happen -- but it's who. We both know the guy's a ruthless jerk.

Lily: Well, if anyone can handle themselves around a guy like that, it's your ex.

Billy: I understand, and she made that very clear. She was quite enthusiastic, and she definitely didn't want to talk about it.

Lily: Well, of course not. It's a sensitive subject. But maybe you're worrying about this for nothing. Maybe it's just a dalliance or a friendship.

Billy: Locke doesn't have friends. And it feels more than just an affair or a fling. Victoria might be up to something.

Lily: Like what?

Billy: I don't know, but she hinted at something. Either way, she's playing with fire. And I know -- before you remind me, she's a grown woman. She can take care of herself. It's not up to me to tell her what to do.

Lily: No, actually, I was gonna say that usually your instincts are pretty spot on. So I think if your alarm bells are going off, that's something that we should take seriously.

Mariah: Ooh!

Nina: Oh, potatoes and onion dip now.

Mariah: No. This is potato chips and marshmallow fluff. What? What are you giving me that look for? It's not like I eat this all the time. I just had a --

Nina: Craving, yeah, I know. I get it.

Mariah: Don't yuck my yum.

Nina: No, I get it. I had some very bizarre cravings when I was pregnant with chance.

Mariah: Bizarre? This is not bizarre. This is culinary genius at work, okay? You know what? Why don't we just ask the restaurateur abby?

Nina: "Organized crime and domestic terror organizations in michigan." Abby.

Abby: What?

Nina: The whole point of having cricket look into chance's situation is so we can relax a little bit.

Abby: [ Sighs ] I feel better knowing that he's okay. I do, but, you know, it doesn't seem right trying to distract myself with perfume samples while my husband could be dealing with this level of corruption and violence.

Mariah: Okay, guys, I think that I have just the thing to take your minds off of this. But I'm gonna need both of you to pull out your phones.

Tara: You naive child. By all means, keep telling yourself that's what happened in new york. But what kyle and I have is real and deep, and it still exists.

Summer: Oh, come on, tara. What do the two of you really have without the thrill of sneaking around, getting worried that ashland's gonna catch you?

Tara: Oh, you talk a good game, but I know you can sense our connection. Otherwise, why would you try and rush this wedding through before kyle can figure out what he really wants?

Summer: [ Scoffs ] That is beyond ludicrous.

Tara: No, it's not. You and I both know that if kyle had time to truly bond with harrison, he'd figure out that's what he wants for his future. And the mother of his child.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] You know, you severely underestimate kyle's ability to see through you. As much as you pretend that you long to be a part of a traditional household, everyone will eventually see it -- including kyle -- that all you really want is to latch on to another wealthy man.

Tara: My feelings for kyle are genuine.

Summer: Well, yeah, no, I'm sure that they are. I'm sure that you love his bank account and his ceo title, but just so you know, jabot is a little bit smaller than ashland's empire, but it's a fantastic plan "B."

Tara: Your opinion is irrelevant. I hold all the leverage here. So, it's your call which one of us leaves. But if you want kyle not to lose his son, well, there's only one choice for you to make.

Summer: You utter bitch.

Tara: Oh, sweetie, you have no idea. I guess you came here to call my bluff. But by now, I hope you see that it's no empty threat. Either you leave town or I leave and take harrison with me.

Summer: You know, it really mystifies me. How you can claim that you have feelings for kyle and, in the next breath, threaten to take away his only son.

Tara: I told kyle, from the beginning, if he wanted to be a part of harrison's life, he needed to be all in. And for that to happen, you need to be all out.

Kyle: What a cutie. Does he make up little songs a lot?

Tara: Oh, constantly. Our son is extremely creative.

Kyle: Well, thank you for sending me upstairs. I would've hated to miss that performance. Now, if you'll excuse summer and me, we're gonna have that talk.

Tara: Oh, no, you guys don't have to leave. I'm gonna go for a walk. It's so nice outside, and I know that summer is very anxious to have this time with you. Until tomorrow?

Kyle: Man. Harrison -- you should've heard him. That kid can carry a tune. Listening to him, I envisioned all the school concerts in our future. But you may not be thrilled about that idea.

Summer: No. That -- really, that sounds so wonderful.

Kyle: Hey, what did you want to talk about?

Summer: Um, it can wait.

Kyle: You sure? You came here to see me, and it seemed pretty important.

Summer: Yeah, I ju-- um... I was just really upset about this -- that work thing that i told you about. And you're having such a great night with your son, I don't want to bring you down.

Kyle: Babe, I'm happy to listen.

Summer: No, really, it's fine. It's, um... it's okay, I promise. I'll be okay. I can handle this on my own.

Victoria: Thank you so much.

Ashland: You again.

Victoria: Me again.

Ashland: Fate has a way of throwing us together.

Victoria: Oh, apple danish for breakfast tomorrow morning. What's your excuse?

Ashland: Strong black coffee.

Victoria: At this hour?

Ashland: I can't sleep without it.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Okay, well, good night.

Ashland: Victoria, wait. Before you go, there's something I want you to know. My plaque psoriasis...

Ashland: Full disclosure -- i told you a little lie just then.

Victoria: About?

Ashland: The coffee. It's hardly a sleep aid.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, you had me going there for a minute.

Ashland: I was planning on staying up late and doing some serious thinking about your offer, whether I should accept it. And, well, after seeing you again, I realize I known exactly what I want.

Victoria: Don't keep me in suspense.

Ashland: Well, you're absolutely right. Teaming up with you means that i can be proactive in shaping the future of my company instead of defensive and shielding it from vultures who would raid it and sell off the assets. Beyond that, it means we'd have the opportunity to work together after all, and I very much like the prospect of that. So, yes, I'm interested.

Lily: So, did you tell victoria about our impending article about locke's divorce?

Billy: No. It didn't come up. Although I should give her a fair warning, which will definitely tick her off.

Lily: Well, I'm not worried about that. I mean, it was her decision to get involved with a very public figure who's going through a very public divorce. Which also is not in her lane, which makes me wonder even more if maybe you're right. Maybe there is something more going on. You know what? I'm gonna oversee this investigation with you.

Billy: Really?

Lily: Sorry, why do you say it like that?

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: Because I'm a little surprised. I had to talk you into covering the story in the first place.

Lily: No, you were right. I mean, it's a big story and we should cover it. But one of the major players is your nephew, and now it looks like your ex-wife's role may not be as peripheral as we thought.

Billy: So really you want to keep an eye on me, make sure i keep my perspective?

Lily: Sorry, do you have an objection to that?

Billy: No. I think it'll be fun.

Summer: Hey, mom, it's me. Um...I've been looking all over for you. Can we please talk first thing in the morning? It's -- it's really important. Okay, bye.

Mariah: So, nothing is off limits, with the exception of tessa's music because we're trying to expand the baby's repertoire, so you're gonna pick a song and play it, and I will let you know if the little dude in here is feeling it.

Abby: Okay, here's one.

You gotta hold me up

more than just fill my cup

yeah, I know a place where you and me could...

Mariah: I don't know about that. He's, uh -- he's not responding. Maybe it's not alternative -- oh, go-- oh, oh. I am so sorry, I spoke a little bit too soon. Oh, yeah, he's -- he's liking it.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: He likes it a lot. You know what? I'm just gonna have to -- I'm gonna have to go with him on this one and...

Nina: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: ...Help him out.

[ Laughter ] Yeah?

Abby: Thank you so much for cheering me up. But I do feel a little bit guilty.

Nina: What for?

Abby: I'm supposed to be taking care of you, not the other way around.

Mariah: Hey, I got everything I need. I live in this beautiful, wonderful house. I got snacks. Oh, which speaking of, I need a refill. Is anybody interested in the wonderful delicious marshmallow chips?

Nina: Oh, gosh, no. Thanks, though.

Abby: You know what? I'm game. Yeah, I want to experience every bit of this pregnancy with you, so yeah, count me in.

Mariah: Okay.

Nina: I could use some lemon for my water.

Mariah: Lemon for your water. Wow, you're a health nut.

Christine: Oh, yeah, absolutely, that sounds like me.

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