Y&R Transcript Friday 6/18/21

Y&R Transcript Friday 6/18/21


Episode #12133 ~ Jack gives Kyle sage advice. Christine shares news about Chance with Abby and Nina.

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Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Harrison gets you to bring him to the park when we got beautiful grounds and gardens at home.

Kyle: Well, it has everything but the kids.

[ Exhales sharply ] Whoa! Everything okay, harrison? Yeah, okay. Kids who kick sand and yell. I --

Jack: He's a new yorker. He can handle himself in a sandbox.

Kyle: Yeah, but he's so young. How do you stop yourself from wanting to protect him?

Jack: You don'T. You just get better at hiding it. And you'll learn to accept that you can't always. Welcome to parenthood. You're new to this, but you've handled it admirably.

Kyle: Well, I'm learning from the best. I always knew you'd be a good grandpa.

Jack: I love the time I spend with that boy.

Kyle: You know, when I found out there was a possibility that he was even mine, I won't lie, i was scared as hell.

[ Chuckles ] That all went away when i actually met him, and now i can't imagine my life without him in it.

Jack: Well, thankfully, you don't have to worry about that.

Kyle: Whoa, harrison, be careful!

[ Chuckles ]

Summer: Okay, what kind of proposition are you talking about?

Tara: I've heard from a very reliable source that an opportunity will soon present itself to you.

Summer: Well, with everything going on in your life, I'm surprised that you have any time to think about mine.

Tara: Oh, this will make your career. Catapult you to the upper echelon of the fashion world.

Summer: Okay, something going on with jcv that I don't know about?

Tara: Angelina marchetti. You're familiar?

Summer: I am, mm-hmm.

Tara: She is on the verge of offering you the creative director job at her fashion house in italy.

Summer: Well, it's obvious that you've been talking to sally, and I thought you'd know better than that by now, because nothing she says can be trusted.

Tara: You will be receiving a very generous offer. It's all been arranged. And you are going to accept it.

Abby: [ Sighs ] "Wear this and feel me wrapped around you. There's no place I'd rather be. Love, chance." Mm.

Mariah: I think you and that sweatshirt need to get a room.

Nina: [ Chuckles ]

[ Laughter ]

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: Victoria was kind enough to accompany me to new york. I thoroughly enjoy her company, and I can easily say that I've never met anyone quite like your daughter.

Nikki: She is a remarkable woman.

Ashland: And fortunately for me, there is something about me that holds some interest for her.

Victor: Mm. You must admit, ashland, that the optics are rather curious. You're about to go through a very public divorce.

Ashland: The timing isn't perfect, but the marriage isn't ending because of something that I did. I'm the injured party. But I'm not gonna stop living my life because of some indiscretion that tara committed.

Nikki: You may not care about how it looks by flying off with another woman, but I do --

Victoria: I've heard enough. Both of you, not another word. Are you tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean?

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Abby: This sweatshirt's a gift from chance. He let me wear it on our second date.

Nina: Aww. And how do you have it now?

Abby: Well, chance sent a package to devon a few weeks ago with instructions to give it to me when I need my spirits lifted.

Mariah: And devon knew that today was the perfect day?

Abby: [ Chuckles ] That's what friends are for.

Nina: [ Chuckles ] That's very sweet. It's goo to wear something warm and cozy that belongs to someone you love.

Mariah: Ugh, I know, I miss wearing tessa's clothes for that exact same reason. Hey, your dad is a rock star, and he just did something very romantic for mommy.

Abby: Yes, he did, and a few months from now, I will be able to introduce the baby to this sweatshirt.

Mariah: Well, I want to get a walk in before the sun goes down, but I will see you guys in a few.

Nina: Good, have a good walk. I know that I said that we should be patient, that chance will call, and that just because you guys got cut off the last time you spoke doesn't make a big deal.

Abby: Look, I've been trying to stay calm and cross-stitch like you suggested.

Nina: Well, despite what i said about being patient, I want answers, too. I think we should get as much information as we can about chance.

Abby: I know who we should call.

Victoria: Ashland and I do not need to explain ourselves. I'm not a teenager at the prom. I chose to accompany him to new york, fully aware of what people might say. Clearly, that doesn't matter to me, and I don't know why it means so much to you.

Nikki: I am not going to apologize for being concerned that you're being dragged through this divorce -- not to mention the possible effects it could have on our grandchildren.

Ashland: I understand why you're worried. And I've come to realize the last thing I want to do is fight with anyone. A friend told me recently that ending the marriage with civility is the best revenge, and I've decided to heed that advice.

Victor: And I assume that advice comes from my daughter.

Ashland: She's fearless about speaking her mind, and she's offered me some good advice.

Nikki: Still, you are going through a major transition. Perhaps it's not the best time to get involved with someone new.

Ashland: If victoria thought for one minute that this was some kind of rebound move, do you think we'd all be sitting here?

Nikki: I'm sure she's convinced herself that it's not, but I do have my doubts.

Victoria: Okay, I think that we're all better off not discussing this, period. I agreed to this get-together because I don't have a problem sitting down with the two of you, but if this is gonna be a nonstop interrogation, [Sighs] It's gonna be a wasted evening for all of us.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I agree with you.

Summer: What makes you think that I have any interest in moving to italy?

Tara: It's lovely -- the food, the history, the men.

Summer: Well, I already have a man, and kyle and I both have great jobs here in genoa city. Okay, our families are here. Harrison is here. So why should we just pack up and move?

Tara: I never said kyle should go. Just you.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] I don't understand.

Tara: This is about your career, your life. This is your offer. You should go to italy on your own and seize the opportunity.

Summer: Okay, you can't seriously imagine that I would leave the man that I'm about to marry for a job.

Tara: Not just any job. It's a dream situation.

Summer: Okay, no, there is no job in the world that I would choose over kyle. I wouldn't even consider it.

Tara: You should consider taking this job, and you will. Not in spite of your love for kyle, but because of it.

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Nikki: Now that the inquisition has come to a close...

Victoria: Has it?

Nikki: Well, I doubt that we will have any opportunities to spend time with ashland often, so I would like to know a little bit more about the man my husband bought his new company from.

Ashland: Well, I agree we should put the time we have to better use.

Nikki: So, if you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be?

Ashland: Well, let's see. There's this lovely gelato place that serves the most exotic flavors. It has the most incredible view of the ponte vecchio and the uffizi.

Victoria: Oh, in florence.

Ashland: Yes, I know that city has a lot of meaning to you, as well, from your time studying art.

Victor: Obviously, you told ashland quite a bit about your life.

Ashland: Victoria and I have had some incredible conversations.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] The sunsets, the light -- it's just one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Nikki: Speaking of florence, I have a birthday trip there coming up. Victor has given me tickets to see leslie brooks at the teatro bocaccio.

Ashland: Those tickets were impossible to get.

Victor: Well, not if you pull a few strings, you know.

Ashland: Well, to hear her in that space, those acoustics are phenomenal.

Nikki: Oh, you're familiar with leslie.

Ashland: One of the finest interpreters of chopin -- no, i have no idea who she is.

Nikki: [ Laughs ] We've known her for ages. She was at our first wedding.

Ashland: You don't say. That's incredible.

Victoria: Do you play?

Ashland: When I was a child. But alas, I quit. One of my great regrets.

Victor: You know that nikki is a wonderful pianist.

Ashland: You don't say. I'd love to hear you play one evening.

Victor: Nothing makes me happier when I come home after a long day's work to hear the sounds of her wonderful piano playing. I love it.

Nikki: You should take it up again. It's never too late, you know.

Kyle: Yeah, that's right, you put the sand in the bucket.

[ Laughs ] Okay, champ. Good job. That kid, he's been in my life less than a month, and he's already changed it so much. It blows my mind to think about him learning to crawl and walk and talk, and I wasn't there for any of it.

Jack: You didn't know.

Kyle: Yeah, and now that i do, I'm gonna be there for the rest of it, and not just playtime in the park, but the bad days and the messes -- i want to be a part of it all.

Jack: I felt the same way when I learned you were my son. You feel that inextricable bond, all the joys of fatherhood. I know it's more complex than that, but ultimately, the only thing that's important is what's best for the boy. Speaking of that, have you given any thought to how it's gonna work out with harrison having two fathers?

Kyle: Yeah, we'll figure something out.

Jack: Well, you and locke are two very different men. I'm guessing your idea of how harrison should be raised is gonna be just as different.

Kyle: I'm not really worried about that right now.

Jack: You know what? It's gonna be more important when he's older. And then you just trust your instincts and always, always be ready to compromise. As long as you and locke have harrison's best interests at heart, everything's gonna be fine. Oh, one other piece of advice, if I may.

Kyle: Please.

Jack: Given my experience with phyllis and your mother, do everything in your power to foster a healthy, cordial relationship between summer and tara.

Tara: Harrison is now an important part of kyle's life. He is deeply invested in him.

Summer: What's your point, tara?

Tara: Having a child changes everything. It's definitely changed kyle, too. Can't you feel it, how his priorities are shifting? And that adorable little boy already means so much to him. And I suspect that he has never been so invested in anyone in his life.

Summer: Well, you're clearly counting on that.

Tara: Kyle has been dreaming about watching him grow up -- baseball and hockey, birthdays, weekends, learning to ride a bike, learning to drive, going on a first date. He'd never want to give that up. And if, for some reason, he had to, if something came between him and his little boy, imagine how awful that would be.

Summer: That almost sounds like a threat, you know.

Tara: Let's be clear with each other. Shall we, summer? I hate misunderstandings.

Summer: Alright.

Tara: If you don't take this job and leave the country, i will make sure kyle never sees harrison again. To be a thriver

Summer: I am getting a look at the real tara locke for the first time.

[ Scoffs ] Wow, you had everyone fooled. Playing the victim, pretending that all you cared about was your son's wellbeing.

Tara: I do. And harrison needs the stability of two parents who are united. Together.

Summer: Yeah, that makes sense since you just found out that ashland only has six months left to live. Yeah, that's right. Kyle told me because we don't keep secrets from each other.

Tara: So you both keep saying.

Summer: My god, it's astounding how quickly you've started to make plans. You must have loved really putting together those parties in the hamptons, huh? All a part of your luxurious lifestyle -- the designer clothes, trips to the most exclusive destinations, being a part of an elite circle. My god, what an incredible hostess you are, seducing all of your guests in the home that you shared with your husband and the child that you claim is your everything.

Tara: Of course you want to believe the worst of me. It's 'cause the truth is far too painful. You don't want to acknowledge what kyle and I had together.

Summer: No, tara, the truth? The truth is that he used you when we weren't together. But we're a couple again, just like we have been for a very big part of our lives because we are meant to be together. And kyle and I are gonna get married. Kyle is going to start a life with me, the person that he shares everything with.

Tara: Except the most important thing -- a child.

Summer: Harrison is not your number-one priority. Maintaining the lifestyle that ashland is cutting you off from is. If you really cared about your child as much as you say that you do, then why would you threaten to take away the only father that he is going to have left? And, my god, tara, you have to know that I'm gonna go tell kyle about your threat the moment that I see him.

Tara: And what do you think he's gonna do? Try and take harrison away from me? Good luck with that. I'll disappear. And I guarantee kyle will never see his little boy again. He'd never forgive you for that. You do realize that, right? Oh, he'd pretend he did, but things would never be the same. So, really, you don't have a choice.

Summer: Oh, my god.

Tara: You've seen how quickly kyle has bonded with his son, fallen in love with him.

Summer: You seem to forget that kyle is not the only one who has fallen in love and taken a vow to protect that child. Jack has, too. Kyle has the entire abbott family behind him, and they will never let you get away with this.

Tara: I've been married to ashland locke. I navigated a life with that ruthless man for years while hiding his son's paternity. He's taught me so much. So, yes, you're seeing the real me -- a woman who can handle anyone or anything, including the abbotts.

Summer: God, you've really miscalculated this situation.

Tara: Have I?

Summer: I'm going to warn them about you.

Tara: I thought you loved kyle more than that. I mean, you said that there wasn't anything you wouldn't do. Guess I was wrong about you after all.

Summer: I guess you're seeing the real me for the first time, too.

Tara: [ Sighs ]

Victor: What do you think?

Nikki: Ashland is very charming, fascinating, smart, makes for exciting conversation.

Victor: But?

Nikki: Well, as concerned as I am that he's getting victoria tangled up in his divorce, she's a grown woman. It's not like we can forbid her from seeing him.

Victor: I'm afraid our girl is in for more than just a few scintillating conversations.

Nikki: You think she's serious about him?

Victor: Something else going on. I watched them very closely. Can't figure it out yet, but I'm going to find out what it is.

Ashland: Our evening with your parents went well.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, once I put an end to the interrogation.

Ashland: Well, their questions weren't unreasonable. They're just worried about you. They don't trust what the big, bad wolf will do to their daughter. You know you never stop worrying about your kids. Not that I'll have to contend with that for very long.

Victoria: I don't like when you do that.

Ashland: What did I do?

Victoria: What, you make jokes instead of, you know, acknowledging what you might be feeling.

Ashland: Oh, you...don't want to know what's on my mind.

Victoria: I do. I do. I want you to be honest with me. I know that you're probably thinking about all the things that you're gonna miss out on.

Ashland: Well, unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of lingering over those thoughts.

Victoria: Well, I mean, you must be considering plans for harrison's future.

Ashland: I have every intention of doing so, but tonight was A...a pleasant diversion from all that. I'm enjoying the time I have left, especially with you. The idea of putting my affairs in order, uh...you know, i really don't want to have this conversation down here. Come upstairs with me.

Kyle: I know, champ. I miss that ball, too. It was fun to grab and easy to throw, but we'll find it.

Harrison: Where?

Kyle: Well, that's a good question. Where does a ball go when it disappears? Well, even if we don't figure it out, that doesn't mean we won't get another one that's even better than the one that went on the adventure. You know what? It's getting late. Maybe we come up with some ideas on the way home? And then tomorrow morning, we can come back and hunt it down and hope that the ball monster hasn't gobbled it up.

[ Growls ]

Harrison: [ Growls ]

Kyle: [ Laughs, growls ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Nina: We're so glad you could come by.

Christine: It's my pleasure. I'm always happy to see my best friend.

Abby: We're confused, and we're turning to you for help.

Christine: Oh, this is about chance.

Abby: He called me a couple days after I heard about the federal agent who had been shot. I could barely hear him, and then there was shouting and then the line went dead.

Nina: We just want to make sure he's okay. Is there someone you could call?

Christine: I'm afraid I don't have that kind of security clearance anymore, now that I'm no longer working for the federal government.

Nina: Yeah, but you still know people. I mean, you have contacts, right?

Abby: Please, I need to know something -- anything.

Nina: We understand the need for secrecy. I've been through this so many time, being kept in the dark for weeks, even months at a time, but that was when chance was single, without kids, and the ideal candidate, but now, you know --

Abby: He has me and a baby on the way, after so many setbacks. And this is supposed to be the most exciting time of our lives, and I am trying -- I'm trying so hard to keep the faith and just think that he will be home soon. And listen, I know that chance's job was part of the package when I married him, but this -- this assignment, it took us all by surprise.

Christine: I realize that.

Abby: And I can deal with him not being able to call home that often or, you know, not knowing where he is, and I've been keeping this video diary of the pregnancy so he can see all the moments that he missed, but...

[ Sighs ] Please, I am trying -- I am trying so hard to stay positive, but I need some information.

Christine: And I wish I knew something, abby.

Abby: I need to know that my baby's father is safe. I nearly lost him once.

Nina: We know it's a big ask, but what would it take for you to use some of your contacts and get some information.

Christine: I understand what you're going through, and god knows I wish I could give you some news to relieve your worry.

[ Sighs ] I mean, there are limited avenues I can pursue, and i can't make any promises.

Nina: No, we understand.

Christine: I'll do what i can.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Hey, I promise you the new ball is gonna be 100 times better than the old one.

Harrison: Okay.

Jack: A few more afternoons like this, it could be the downfall of jabot. The co-ceos spending time with harrison in the park instead of going to work?

Summer: Yeah, well, he's a cute kid. I don't blame you.

Jack: Hey, speaking of that, I want to get all the abbotts together so that he can meet the rest of his family.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I'm sure that would really mean a lot to kyle.

Jack: We were all so relieved when ashland dropped his threat to cut kyle out of harrison's life -- not that tara would have agreed to a deal like that.

Summer: Yeah, well, I guess we'll never know how that would have gone, huh?

Jack: Well, we would've fought it, but that's not a battle I want to get into with locke. Kyle has only known him a short time, but I'm telling you, cutting harrison out of his life right now would be devastating to him.

Mariah: Alright, I got my steps in.

Nina: Oh, good for you.

Mariah: It was gorgeous out there. You should come with me next time.

Nina: Oh, I've already got mine in.

Mariah: You beat me every time!

Abby: You wouldn't mind the company?

Mariah: No, not at all. It'll be great. Wake up at the crack of dawn so we can beat the steps queen here.

Nina: Ha, good luck with that.

Abby: [ Laughs ] You're on. Now, can I make you a snack?

Mariah: Uh, no, you don't need to wait on me.

Abby: It's a five-second snack, not a five-course meal. Are you craving anything?

Mariah: Oh, yeah, I know what this one wants. This boy loves his peanut butter and apples.

Abby: What did you just say?

Mariah: I, uh, uh -- I didn't say anything. What did I say? What?

Abby: Are we having a boy? I'm still exploring what's next.

Mariah: I -- I, uh -- I -- I don't know what you're talking about.

Abby: The baby. You said "boy."

Mariah: No. Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh. I said, "boy, oh, boy." I -- you know, I say it all the time.

Abby: No, you don't,

Mariah: I do now. Mm-hmm.

Abby: Mariah.

Mariah: You didn't want to know, okay? You didn't want to know. You said that at the ultrasound. You said you wanted to wait until you and chance could find out together, right, nina? Yeah?

Nina: Maybe you misunderstood.

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Nina: What she was saying.

Abby: No, you said, "this boy loves apples and peanut butter." I know what I heard.

Mariah: I said it in a generic, not necessarily the sex of the baby sort of way.

Nina: Like, "boy, this is a silly conversation we're having about the sex of the baby."

Mariah: Exactly.

Abby: Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth.

Mariah: Oh, god, you wouldn't hurt a pregnant woman, would you?

Abby: No, why would I hurt you?

Mariah: Because you didn't want to know and I -- I tried, i really tried. I really tried.

Abby: They were able to tell the sex at the ultrasound.

Mariah: I am so sorry. I just kept telling myself to shut up, and then it just all came out and I -- I'm so sorry. Do you hate me forever now?

Nina: Abby? Sweetheart, say something.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] A boy!

[ Laughs ] We're having a boy. Oh, my gosh, we were gonna be just as excited if we were having a girl. I mean, we just -- we wanted a healthy baby, and he is. Ah! So anything else is just icing on the little baby cake. Oh, my god, I cannot believe that chance and I are having a son!

Mariah: Yes. Yeah, you're having -- you're having a son, a son who loves peanut butter and apples.

Abby: I cannot wait for chance to get home. He is going to flip. Oh, my god, and devon.

Mariah: Wait, wait, so you're -- you're seriously not angry?

Abby: Of course not. How can I be angry? We're having a baby boy.

[ Laughs ]

Summer: I'm gonna miss you.

Kyle: It's just one night.

Summer: Yeah, I know, but --

Kyle: I'll miss you too. My kid invited me to a sleepover, and I can't turn him down.

Summer: Yeah, no, of course not. I mean, something like that, that's a big deal. You can't miss it.

Kyle: Yeah. When he lost that ball I gave him, it killed me. We were having such a great time until then. He was so upset. It broke my heart.

Summer: I know, I saw you. You were really great with him.

Kyle: I told him we'd look again tomorrow, but when he looks at me with those big& eyes...

Summer: Kids. [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: I've got a lot of time to make up for. All the years he wasn't in my life. I want him to know I'm in this thing forever, and I'm not going anywhere. Hey, maybe two of you need to hear that. Summer, hey, hey, tell me what's going on.

Summer: It's nothing.

Kyle: If I've missed something or you feel like I'm not paying enough attention to you or you feel left out, you need to let me know. We tell each other everything. Remember?

Victoria: I'm glad that you feel comfortable enough with me to share your diagnosis. I hope that you'll be okay talking about what happens next.

Ashland: Well, there's no one in my life I'm more comfortable with at the moment. It's strange. We haven't known each other that long, and yet I feel this certain --

Victoria: Connection.

Ashland: Yes.

Victoria: Sometimes coming face-to-face with your mortality has a way of bringing things into focus.

Ashland: You're speaking from personal experience. I read about that incident where you were stabbed at victor's party.

Victoria: It just [Sighs] Happened in the blink of an eye and changed things for me. I made a lot of decisions during that time. Fortunately, I recovered. I'm -- I'm still hoping that you will, too.

Ashland: Well, it would be foolish for me to ignore the reality of what I'm facing. A waste of valuable time.

Victoria: Still, it's hard trying to control what you can while you can.

Ashland: It isn't easy. Seems like nothing in my life is easy right now. And I invited you right into the middle of all this chaos. That's kind of selfish of me.

Victoria: I could have said no. I'he because iant to be.

Ashland: You know, that's the beautiful thing about .There'nolayi p games, nokeeping secrets. Want you to always be completely honest with mand with youf.Rs

Victoria: Alright.

Ashland: And the moment you feel like you've had enough of this whole deathbed relationship thing and you're ready to move on, I completely understand. You're under no obligation to stay with me past my expiration date. I want you to tell me. And then we'll shake hands and part as friends.

Victoria: I don't want to do that.

If you have postmenopausal


Victoria: I appreciate your gallantry, that you're offering me a way out. And I believe this goes without saying, but since you felt the need to say your piece...

Ashland: The floor is yours.

Victoria: I am more than capable of letting someone know when I've had enough.

Ashland: I'll bet you're quite adept at it.

Victoria: And whatever this is that's going on between us, if I got to the point where i was ready to move on, I would tell you, and then I would do so.

Ashland: Thank you.

Victoria: Now, I think we should talk about getting your business affairs in order.

Ashland: Right at this moment?

Victoria: Do you have something better to do?

Ashland: I can think of a few dozen better things, yeah.

Victoria: I told you before, I am not giving up on a long relationship with you. I accept that hope is not a luxury that you can afford right now, so I will hope for the best for you while I help you prepare for the worst. I have a suggestion that might make it less daunting, maybe even a little enjoyable.

Ashland: A woman who can make dying pleasant? Is it too late to take back my gallant offer?

Victoria: You're dying without having someone that you trust to carry your business interests into the future. Your legacy swallowed up by another conglomerate, everything that you've built and worked so hard for, dismantled.

Ashland: It's like you're reading my mind. It's a really complicated organization, and I don't know how much of my remaining six months I'll be fully functioning.

Victoria: Do you really want to spend the remainder of that time fending off predators?

Ashland: Agreed, but I'm still waiting for the enjoyable part.

Victoria: I think that we should get closer. A lot closer.

Ashland: I'm starting to enjoy this. Go on.

Victoria: I propose a merger between newman enterprises and locke communication group. One company. A powerhouse that will change the entire landscape, and it will send those predators running for their lives. We'll take your company into the future and your legacy will live on. What do you think?

Jack: Harrison should sleep well tonight after all that running around in the park.

Tara: Harrison's still upset about losing that ball kyle gave him.

Jack: Oh, it's the first gift kyle ever gave him. I'm sure it meant a lot to him.

Tara: Yeah. I just hope that he'll feel better once kyle gets here.

Jack: Hey, he promised his son he would be here. Trust me, wild horses couldn't keep him away.

Kyle: I just got to the house, so I'll let you go. Mm-hmm. You know I will. I love you, too.

Jack: Everything okay?

Kyle: Yeah, that was summer.

Tara: Oh?

Kyle: Yeah, she seemed so distracted before I left, like she wanted to tell me something but she couldn'T. I don't know, she said it was work or... not a big deal.

Jack: Well, look, your son is upstairs waiting for you. I don't think he's gonna be able to sleep until he sees you.

Kyle: Oh, I got here as fast as I could.

Tara: Glad you could make it.

Kyle: You kidding? I'd do anything for that kid.

Tara: I just hope that summer feels the same way, that she's willing to make room for harrison in your lives.

Kyle: Oh, she knows how crazy I am about him, how important he is to me.

Tara: You know, I truly believe she does.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Summer: Hello?

Angelina: Is this summer newman?

Summer: Yeah. Who is this?

Angelina: Angelina marchetti.

Summer: Um, hi, signora marchetti. Um, it's a pleasure to hear from you.

Angelina: Are you free to talk?

Summer: About what?

Angelina: Becoming my new creative director. Is this a good time?

Summer: Um, yeah. Yeah, it's a great time. Really love to hear all about it.

Christine: And that's all you have on chance chancellor?

[ Sighs ] Okay, yep, thank you.

Nina: Hi.

Christine: That was fast. Can I get you some coffee?

Nina: [ Scoffs ] I should be treating you after agreeing to do this for me.

Christine: Well, I mean, it's& worth it if I can give abby a little peace of mind.

Nina: That last call from chance nearly broke her.

Christine: It's just so hard, you know? She's new at this, whereas you've dealt with the reality of chance's profession so many times. The unpredictability, not knowing where he is, knowing that he is putting his life in danger.

Nina: Do you know something that you're not telling me? Do you know something about where he is, what he's doing?

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Billy: Whatever's going on with you and ashland, it's news. You're both public figures, and people are curious.

Victoria: "People are curious." Or maybe you're curious?

Nate: I want to let go of the past and move forward with you& by my side. Do you think you can take that leap with me?

Summer: You utter bitch.

Tara: Oh, sweetie, you have no idea.

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