Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/15/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/15/21


Episode #12130 ~ Victor provides Amanda with information about her past. Adam and Sharon reach an agreement.

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Johnny: Katie, come see this!

[ Laughter ]

Lily: I think they like it.

Billy: Oh, I think they love it. They're gonna love you even more.

Lily: Oh, I'm just so happy this day is finally here. I told devon earlier how much i miss the fun of having little kids around.

Billy: I know, they sure do bring the fun.

Lily: Yep, I'm all for that.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Katie: Are snacks allowed in the living room?

Billy: Uh...

Johnny: How much screen time do we get here?

Billy: Screen time? You're worried about screen time? Look at all this you get to explore. And let me just say this right now, okay? The same rules at mom's house apply here, so don't try and get away with anything. Lily and I are gonna run a very tight ship.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Johnny: Wait, does this mean you're daddy's new wife now?

Ashland: I like what you said about needing to make every moment count. And right now, in this moment, I'd very much like to kiss you. A dying man's last wish.

Victoria: [ Laughs ] That's funny.

Ashland: Nothing fazes you, does it?

Victoria: Not yet.

Sharon: I promise, I just have a few things I need to wrap up here, and then I will not have to give the coffee house a second thought while we're on vacation. I'll just think about you when we're in miami. It's a second honeymoon, babe.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, I'll see you later. Bye.

[ Knock on door ]

Rey: I'm going on my trip soon. I didn't want to leave things the way they were between us.

Chelsea: I am so glad to hear you say that. I'm really glad you came back. I have to apologize. I should not have gone off on you like that. It was completely unfair of me. I mean, you're allowed to go wherever you want, with whomever you want.

Rey: Thank you for that.

[ Both chuckle ]

Chelsea: I'm sorry. It's not like you need my permission. I think I was just really worked up, you know? Adam had been here, and I think just sometimes being around him makes me irrational.

Rey: Yeah. He has that effect on people.

Chelsea: Mm. So I hope you can accept my apology.

[ Sighs ] I tell you, sometimes trying to be sane can be exhausting.

[ Chuckles ]

Victor: Hello, amanda. Thank you for coming. Please have a seat.

Amanda: Thank you. And you are very welcome. I'm not sure where this is going, but I figured I owed you the courtesy of a visit.

Victor: Well, that's very kind of you. Thank you.

Amanda: So you wanted to discuss my relationship with my client?

Victor: And I want you to be very honest with me.

Amanda: About what?

Victor: I ran into sutton ames. Formidable man. To be taken seriously, you know.

Amanda: Yeah, I also find that to be very true.

Victor: And he's not only your client, but he's your grandfather, right? Somehow that didn't come up in our last conversation, did it?

Amanda: He told you this?

Victor: Not in so many words, no.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] I see. So you've summoned me here to confirm or deny your suspicion?

Victor: [ Chuckles ] I didn't ask you to come here to discuss the weather, now, did I?

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

[Sfx: Psst psst]

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Victor: Ames had a slip of the tongue, you know, then he tried to correct himself by claiming that he was talking about his other granddaughter, imani. But it wasn't difficult to surmise the truth, whether you are here to inform me otherwise or not.

Amanda: You're not wrong. Sutton ames is my grandfather.

Victor: Why didn't you tell me that when you were inquiring about richard nealon?

Amanda: Do you remember how you helped richard with his search for his child? Well, you're looking at her. So, yeah, I left our last meeting with my head spinning. I knew who he was prior to our conversation, but I had no idea that he was aware of my existence or that he cared enough to want to find me.

Victor: Wow. So you grew up without either of your parents?

Amanda: I know you can relate. I know we come from similar backgrounds. Devon filled me in on your childhood. So, yeah, I, um, recently tracked down my mother, met my sister, my grandfather sutton, but learning that my father wanted a connection with me badly enough to quit his job and dedicate his life to finding me, that really meant a lot to me, victor.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Why didn't you tell me about that? Did you think it would diminish your position somehow?

Amanda: You're not far off the mark. You know, learning that information about richard, it did make me reconsider my defense strategy for sutton, as you can imagine.

Victor: So you will no longer tell the jury that someone at newman was involved in shady business -- you know, blackmail or even worse.

Amanda: On the contrary, that angle is still very much a part of my case.

Victor: Then I got some bad news for you.

Billy: No, buddy, we are not married, but we are in love and we are very, very happy.

Katie: We love lily, too.

Billy: Aww.

Lily: Aww. I love you guys, too. And you know what? If you go to your rooms right now, my brother left a surprise in there for you both.

[ Laughs ]

Billy: Surprise. I appreciate devon's gesture, but do you think there's any way they don't make a racket with all those instruments?

Lily: Nope, not at all. Nope.

[ Kids playing instruments ]

Billy: Hey, you two! You sound amazing, but can you keep it down just a little bit, please?

[ Door closes ] Thank you!

Lily: Expecting a text from someone?

Billy: [ Sighs ] I thought I would've heard back from victoria.

Lily: Why, about the kids?

Billy: No, not exactly. Um...jack told me that ashland coincidentally is in new york at the same time as victoria.

Lily: And you think they went together?

Billy: Uh, well, it's a strong possibility.

Lily: Okay, but why do you feel the need to call her? Are you checking in on her?

Billy: Well, no, but if the mother of my kids flew off with a powerful man in the middle of a very messy divorce, then i feel like I should know about it.

Lily: Well, I don't think she would do anything to affect the kids. I mean, she's too good of a mother.

Billy: There's no argument there.

Lily: Then is it really about the kids, or are you trying to protect her? I just -- I don't understand why that's always your first instinct.

Billy: I guess because I know what ashland is like, and victoria has always had my back, just like you have, and I feel like I owe it to her to have her back, just like I would do if the roles were reversed with you.

Victoria: I enjoy your company very much, but there's making every moment count and then there's just being impulsive.

Ashland: And you don't do impulsive.

Victoria: I don't think it would be good for either one of us right now.

Ashland: I can respect that. I hate to admit it, but once again, you might be right.

Victoria: I just think we should proceed carefully.

Ashland: You have a way of always getting to the heart of the matter. Sold.

Victoria: You don't seem upset.

Ashland: Why would I be upset? You used the word "proceed." That means we're moving forward. All hope is not lost.

Victoria: Well, I would like to see where this takes us.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Well, wherever it's going, it's probably gonna be a short journey, given my diagnosis.

Victoria: Why do you -- why do you make jokes about it? I mean, seriously, is it like your defense mechanism or something?

Ashland: Wallowing in self-pity has never been my style. Besides, I can't do anything about my condition. I might as well have a laugh or two.

Victoria: Except there are things that you can do.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] We've been through that. I've already made my decision about my treatment.

Victoria: It could give you more time. I'm sure your son would be grateful for every minute that he could have with you. More is -- is better.

Ashland: You know, you keep talking like that, I'll start to think you don't want to lose me.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Does scrubbing grease and food feel like a workout?

Victor: You know, after our conversation, I did an internal investigation at newman regarding your insinuations, and I can tell you with 100% certainty, there was nothing -- nothing illegitimate about any of the moneys paid to sutton ames. They were all political contributions, donations, you know, nothing funny. No under-the-table payments, no cash for favors.

Amanda: Well, my grandfather accepting bribes, that was always part of this case. He's neither confirmed nor denied -- in typical politician fashion -- but it was the original reporting about consulting fees paid by newman to his campaign that reopened the entire case.

Victor: All I can tell you, it wasn't accurate, okay? No matter what you or anyone else thinks.

Amanda: And you are the sole witness? There's no one else from back then still working with the company?

Victor: Yeah. You don't have to take my word for it. I'll send you the report.

Amanda: Well, I appreciate that.

Victor: You know, it's extraordinary how professional and how calm you are considering how personal this issue is to you.

Amanda: Well, that is a tight-wire act. I -- I've gone years without knowing anything about my family, and now it's coming at me pretty fast and furious.

Victor: Yeah. Must be overwhelming.

Amanda: And emotional -- as I'm sure you can understand.

Victor: Yeah, I certainly can. You know, I don't envy the family politics you have to navigate.

Amanda: That is definitely a challenge.

Victor: Yeah. Hope you get to the bottom of what happened to your dad. Always important to have closure in these cases, you know?

Amanda: "Closure" -- that is a word that I never thought i would use when it came to my history.

Victor: It could mean everything, amanda. Thank you for coming by.

Amanda: Have a good day.

Victor: Same to you.

Sharon: I spoke to noah. He said he's thinking about doing some work with you and victor at your new company.

Adam: Yeah. I mean, I hope that's okay with you.

Sharon: Absolutely.

Adam: Okay. I mean, we have big plans for him, if he decides to take the job. I've seen his recent work, and i think he could be a great eye for newman media's image. He has a lot of talent.

Sharon: Well, you don't have to tell me that, but I love to hear it.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I know that he's had an issue in the past with us -- more specifically my influence over you.

Sharon: Well, he's not alone in that.

Adam: Yeah, he's got a lot of company there. But if he does decide to take the job and come back to town, he'll realize that he has nothing to worry about anymore.

Sharon: I can see how excited you are about this new company with victor. It's like a completely new reboot.

Adam: It's going well so far. But one day at a time, right?

Sharon: You know, I've been hearing that a lot lately -- from faith. "One day at a time."

Adam: Hmm. Well, it fits a lot of situations. Hers, mine, chelsea'S. You know, I hope that she can recover for her sake and for connor'S. I don't have to tell you that i have been counting the minutes until I can see my son again. You know, it sure would be nice to give him some good news about chelsea, but, um, I just think, um...

[ Sighs, chuckles ]

Sharon: What? What is it?

Adam: I just -- I shouldn't be opening up to you like this. We can't go down this road again.

Sharon: It's alright.

Adam: No, it's not. It's not. I overheard you talking to rey. You sounded very excited for your trip, and I hope it's everything that you want it to be. You guys -- you deserve to be happy.

Sharon: I know you haven't always believed it, but you deserve some peace, too.

Adam: Thank you, sharon.

Chelsea: Then I have a group session in the afternoon. That one always makes me feel better. I'm telling you, some of these people need to be committed.

[ Laughs ] Get it? See what I did there?

[ Sighs ] Look, I may be crazy, but compared to some of the people in this place, I am like the poster girl for sane behavior.

Rey: But you still find it useful, right?

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. It's a lot of work. And it's painful at times, but it's helping. I know as long as I just stay positive and do the work, I'll be able to see my son again. Because that's what all of this is about for me. I just want to be with connor.

Rey: That's good to hear. I'm glad we were able to move past what happened at our previous meeting. This won't be the last time that I see you, chelsea.

Chelsea: Right. You'll come back and visit me after your trip...with sharon.

Rey: That's right. But remember, sharon's not your enemy.

Chelsea: I know. I know that.

Rey: I still don't get exactly why you got so upset yesterday.

Chelsea: I told you, adam was here.

Rey: Right, but...it didn't seem that you got really agitated until we started talking about sharon. If I'm gonna keep coming over here like this, we might as well be honest with each other.

Chelsea: I agree. And I hope you have a great time on your trip with sharon.

Dr. Hedges: Oh, uh, hello, detective. Uh, chelsea, you're gonna be late for your session with dr. Kerrigan.

Chelsea: Oh, right. I meant what I said, rey. I hope you enjoy your vacation.

Rey: Thank you. I'll see you when we get back. Doctor, a moment please.

Dr. Hedges: Uh, oh, sorry, I've got a lot on my schedule today.

Rey: Yeah, this'll be quick. I just have a few questions for you. I brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein.

Naya: Oh.

Amanda: I wasn't expecting to see you again today.

Naya: Well, I have news, and I didn't want to share it over the phone.

Amanda: About sutton?

Naya: I talked to him, like i said I would. He finally calmed down, and we had a much more reasoned conversation than the one that preceded it.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: Probably because i wasn't there. I seem him to set him off.

Naya: He appreciates what you're doing. The last thing he wants is for you to leave the legal team. Your grandfather wanted you to head up his defense for a reason. He needs you, and he knows it.

Amanda: Does that mean that he's ready to endorse my theory? Does sutton now believe that richard contacted him, not in an effort to blackmail him, but because he needed help finding his daughter?

Naya: One step at a time. Keeping you in charge of his legal team is the priority.

Amanda: Funny, because i thought a winning strategy that kept sutton out of prison was the priority.

Naya: Unfortunately, he's still not on board with what you proposed.

Amanda: Has he finally given you a reasonable explanation for his resistance?

Naya: We've been over this. He's resistant to making private family business public.

Amanda: Yeah, you and imani have given me this argument before, but it doesn't make any sense. This happened so long ago. Attitudes have changed.

Naya: Well, he -- he doesn't want it to appear like he forced me to give up my babies.

Amanda: Yeah, and imani said the same thing. But revealing a chapter in a family's painful history, that does not compare to spending the rest of your life behind bars.

Naya: You don't understand. He's a very pro--

Amanda: No, I don't, but I am trying to help, and he's fighting me every step of the way. And it has me wondering if there is something that he is keeping from me, if that's the reason why he is sticking to his guns. So I have to ask you, naya, if we go down the road that I am suggesting, are we gonna uncover more family secrets? Is that what sutton's afraid of?

Naya: That's way off base. I mean, what would he be hiding?

Amanda: You tell me

Adam: Hey, did you get what i sent over?

Victor: Yeah, I'm looking at it as we speak.

Adam: Good. Think you'll find a number of intriguing ideas that we should pursue over the next two quarters. It's some hard-hitting topical stuff with a little controversy thrown in there. The recipe for success for this new venture of ours.

Victor: Well, son, I have always believed the quickest way to success...is by eliminating the competition.

Adam: I thought I made my feelings clear about that. There's no reason to go after billy abbott.

Victor: I know you mentioned that last time we talked, but, you know, don't inform ashland locke about any of this. I want to keep him at arm's length.

Adam: I think locke's otherwise occupied at the moment.

Victor: What do you mean?

Adam: I, uh, hired a few sources around town to keep an eye out for hot leads. My guy at the airport told me that he actually flew back to new york yesterday.

Victor: Huh.

Adam: And he had a passenger along with him -- victoria.

Victoria: Of course I want you to stick around, but, you know, just moments ago, you and I both agreed that taking it slow was probably the best approach.

Ashland: How dare you use my own words against me. Slow and steady it is. And as far as my condition goes, I propose we drop it.

Victoria: What do you mean? Just not acknowledge it at all?

Ashland: Dwelling on it serves no purpose. Instead, I propose we have another glass of wine.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] No, thanks. This is probably where I should say good night. Will I see you in the morning before my flight home?

Ashland: Actually, my plans have changed, and I'll be on the jet with you.

Victoria: Oh, you're going back to genoa city?

Ashland: Harrison is there. I really need to see him.

Victoria: I understand. You should spend as much time with him as you can.

Ashland: I shall let myself out. Thank you for salvaging my trip to new york, just when it looked like it would be nothing but disappointment. Sleep well, victoria. You'd never want leftover onion residue

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Billy: Alright, pizza's here. Who's hungry?

Katie: I am!

Lily: Okay, we'll wash up soon, but first we're doing a contest of who's picture is gonna be worthy to go up on the fridge.

Billy: Oh, wow, okay. What's first prize?

Lily: A coveted spot on the fridge, of course.

Billy: Of course. What is second prize?

Lily: Second prize is pizza.

Billy: Okay, good, pizza. Alright, I like this contest. Let me see what you got. What are we working with? Wow, very impressive. I love the use of color, both of you. Good job.

Lily: Okay, so which one's the winner?

Billy: Hmm, I don't know. This is really difficult, but I'm gonna say -- I'm gonna say it's a tie. You both win.

Lily: Oh, a tie.

[ Laughs ]

Billy: You know what? I think we're all winners.

Victor: Victoria went to new york with ashland locke? You sure your source is not mistaken about that?

Adam: He's 100% accurate.

Victor: What else do you know about this?

Adam: They haven't come back yet, if that's what you're asking.

Victor: And your source will tell you when they arrive?

Adam: Sure. But there's no way to know if this is a deal of some sort or if it's something else entirely. I mean, the guy is going through a messy divorce right now.

Victor: Well, I think victoria is smart enough not to put herself in the middle of that.

Adam: Well, maybe she doesn't care. But there's no point in speculating about them. But, uh, speaking of women in our family, nikki came by here earlier.

Victor: Why? What about?

Adam: She's worried that I'm going to have a negative effect on you.

Victor: Why would she say that?

Adam: She was responding to the mood you were in after we had a disagreement about billy abbott.

Victor: Well...[ Groans ] That's just my sweet nikki. She worries about me. She's protective of me.

Rey: So what is your opinion of chelsea's progress?

Dr. Hedges: Well, it's a process, as you know, but she's making an effort. Fortunately, she's got a great team here.

Rey: Yeah. With you in charge, overseeing everything?

Dr. Hedges: Of course. She is my patient.

Rey: Yeah, so you must be happy with her improvement.

Dr. Hedges: Well, you can't assume too much from your brief visits. Chelsea is not a well woman.

Rey: I realize that. But she seems so much different than she was a few weeks ago. It's remarkable.

Dr. Hedges: Yeah, but you're not seeing the big picture.

Rey: Right, right. Although we have these long conversations here that no one would guess are taking place in a mental health facility. It's like the two of us are just sitting at a coffee shop.

Dr. Hedges: Well, it's a good sign, but once again, may i caution you, detective -- chelsea is here for a reason. Look, I really need to get back to work. Good to see you.

Naya: There are no other secrets. Sutton isn't hiding a thing.

Amanda: Then why does he keep fighting me on this?

Naya: I think imani is partially right. Sutton would be handing his opponent in the election a gift with the questions that could be raised about his personal life. "He kept secrets about his own family. How can you expect him to be honest with his constituents?"

Amanda: That was such a long time ago. Who would care?

Naya: Voters. It's almost worse that it was so far in the past. So now the story becomes, "he covered up that scandal for all those years. What else is he covering up?" Even if it's not a political problem, I think the personal shame that he feels is just -- it's just too much for him to bear. He denied his own grandchildren, a man who holds family above all else.

Amanda: You do get the irony in a statement like that, right?

Naya: I know how personal this is for you, but I encourage you to take a step back and look at things from sutton's point of view.

Amanda: Well, it's interesting that he sent you here to tell me all of this instead of facing me himself.

Naya: He's very busy.

Amanda: Maybe. Or maybe he will keep sending you and imani until I give in. So why don't you tell him this -- I'm done.

Naya: You don't mean that.

Amanda: He wanted to fire me. I accept.

Naya: Well, what can I do to change your mind?

Amanda: Nothing.

Devon: Hey. You okay?

Amanda: Yeah, why wouldn't i be? I suddenly have a lot more free time on my hands. When it comes to laundry,

Amanda: And it will never end, so I finally did what you suggested and I told naya that i am done.

Devon: Wow. I'm sure that wasn't easy for you to walk away, but I know you're just doing what you feel like you need to do.

Amanda: Yeah, I was trying to help, but I ran into road block after road block -- most of it set up by the people that I was doing this for.

Devon: Well, those people don't deserve you.

Amanda: I don't know. I probably should be thanking them for stonewalling me. I mean, I just -- I feel so liberated now that I don't have to defend sutton anymore. Now I can concentrate on what really matters -- finding out what happened to my father. I don't have to worry about leveraging what I've learned with sutton's defense. I can just have a singular focus now. And I will see this through till the end.

Devon: Well, listen, I'm very proud of you, but I want you to remember one thing.

Amanda: What?

Devon: You may have walked away from this family that you never knew you had, but you're never alone in all this.

Amanda: I know. And that means everything.

Victor: Maybe victoria needed to be in new york, and she hitched a ride with ashland locke.

Adam: Mm. Right. I mean, why take the newman jet when she could hitch a ride with the guy that jerked her around to buy his company?

Victor: It's possible.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Look, I'm just passing along information. I don't care one way or another if victoria's interested in ashland. But I look forward to your notes on the proposal, so let me know when you're ready.

Victoria: This is

victoria newman.

Please leave a message after

the tone.

Victor: Kindly call me back as soon as you get this message, okay? What the hell are you doing in new york with ashland locke?

Lily: Well, to a successful first night with the kids in our new place.

Billy: You made it an unqualified success.

Lily: No, it was 50/50.

Billy: No, it wasn'T. You know me. I'll take credit for anything, but it was your plan, it was your idea, and it was your presence that made them feel at home.

Lily: Well, I mean, when you put it that way, you're right. I'm amazing.

[ Both laugh ]

Billy: You are, and I love you for it. You know, [Clears throat] It's weird, sometimes I feel like i didn't earn what we have.

Lily: What do you mean?

Billy: Well, it just feels so good. It feels so right, and we got here, and it wasn't brutal and contentious.

Lily: Well, I mean, we do argue all the time.

Billy: Yeah, but they're not these bone-crushing arguments that leave us resentful and hurt. We don't hold on to them.

Lily: No, I appreciate that 'cause I've had my heart broken over and over, until I just decided I'm not gonna go down that path again. So I think, in a way, we did earn this, on our own. I think our separate paths and journeys led us here to each other.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: Cheers.

Sharon: Hey. I was getting worried. We have a plane to catch.

Rey: No, we have plenty of time.

Sharon: How was your meeting with chelsea?

Rey: It was fine. Her condition seems to be improving, but I was just so distracted.

Sharon: By what?

Rey: Well, I kept thinking, "I can't wait to go on my second honeymoon with my beautiful wife." Since we started talking about, it's all I've been thinking about.

Sharon: Is that really all you've been thinking?

Rey: No, sometimes I think about cheeseburgers and tamales, of course. Come on, let's get out of here and show miami how it's done.

Sharon: I'm ready. Are you?

Rey: Absolutely.

Sharon: Well, I'm not sure you're prepared for the amount of kisses you're going to receive or the number of times you're going to hear "I love you." I don't think that you're prepared for the amount of affection coming your way, and you might get tired of it.

Rey: No, I won'T. I live for it. Come on. Hmm?

[ Chuckles ]

Dr. Hedges: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: What's wrong?

Dr. Hedges: Detective rey rosales, that's what's wrong.

Chelsea: I wouldn't worry about him, if I were you.

Dr. Hedges: Yeah, well, he stuck around after you left, asking a lot of questions about your treatment, your progress.

Chelsea: Well, that's not surprising. He's got a vested interest in my recovery.

Dr. Hedges: It was his tone. He was digging for something. I could recognize the difference between casual conversation and being interrogated.

Chelsea: Well, did you say something you shouldn't have?

Dr. Hedges: No.

Chelsea: Okay, so you have nothing to worry about.

Dr. Hedges: I'm concerned about you. If you've done something to alert him, you should undo it. You are not well, and no one can doubt it.

Chelsea: I've got it all under control.

Dr. Hedges: Well, I'm not sure that you do. I mean, otherwise, why is he still coming here?

Chelsea: It's all part of my plan.

Dr. Hedges: Well, it's not just about you. I've got a lot on the line, too, and given that I am doing this for victor.

[ Sighs ] Don't forget, chelsea, I hold your future in my hands.

Victoria: Hey, it's me. I'll be in the office tomorrow. Can you put together everything that we have on locke communications group and send it to me? I want, um, size, employees, liability, assets. Send me everything.

Devon: Alright. I think I'm gonna see myself out and head home 'cause I can see that look in your eye that you just want to get to work.

Amanda: I'm sorry. I just have a lot of research to do.

Devon: Don't be sorry one bit. It's fine. Good luck with your research, and call me if you need anything.

Amanda: Thank you. Denise, hello. Um, this is amanda sinclair again. I remembered what you said, but you're not retired yet, so I do have one last case for you to investigate. I want you to find out why my father was really killed.

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