Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/10/21

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/10/21


Episode #12127 ~ Michael and Rey strategize about Chelsea. Sally forms a dangerous alliance. Kyle challenges Ashland.

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Nikki: I love seeing a smile on your face, but that's such a sly smile.

Victoria: Does that bother you?

Nikki: I just wish you would give me a hint, this secret you're keeping.

Victoria: Why do you need to know?

Nikki: I don't need to know. It's just that that smile has me a little worried.

Victoria: Well, mom, there's no reason for you to worry or spend any time or energy trying to guess.

Nikki: Well, I think I know what it is. That phone call you got earlier -- it sounded like you got an invitation to go to new york city.

Victoria: I just asked you not to spend any time trying to guess, and yet here you are.

Nikki: And it sounded like it was from a very determined man.

Victoria: I don't know how you got all of that from listening to my side of the conversation, but I'm not going to argue with you.

Nikki: Not unlike the dinner invitation that you got the other day from ashland locke, who is a very determined man and happens to live in new york city. Since you're not denying it, I'm going to assume that I am correct.

Victoria: Yes. Congratulations.

Nikki: Victoria, what does this mean?

Victoria: He and I are friends. I told you. That's all.

Nikki: He doesn't seem like the kind of man who would pursue friends in such a determined manner.

Kyle: Again, what the hell are you doing here?

Ashland: I want to know how my son is doing.

Kyle: No, no, no, you can't come into my family's house and demand things.

Ashland: There was no demand. I merely asked.

Kyle: Well, we need answers first. I assume you're here about the ultimatum you issued tara.

Ashland: I didn't realize this was public knowledge. But of course she shared that with you.

Tara: Ashland, you can't ask me to cut kyle out of harrison's life. You're forcing me to make an impossible choice. It's not impossible. You have two options. You either cut kyle out of harrison's life and you and he receive substantial financial support, or you keep kyle in harrison's life and you receive nothing. It's an either/or situation.

Tara: You're being completely unreasonable.

Kyle: I can understand your anger because even though I've only known him for a short time, I already feel connected to harrison. I've seen what an amazing kid he is, and that's a testament to what good parents you and tara are.

Ashland: Flattery?

Kyle: No. Truth. And you can continue being a good parent by not taking your anger out on tara and forcing me out of my son's life.

Michael: Rey!

Rey: Michael, take a seat. Catch your breath. Explain to me why this is so urgent, please.

Michael: Well, apparently I'm checking in with you before you go on vacation. I mean, did I hear correctly?

Rey: Yeah, that's right.

Michael: Yeah, you're just taking some time off.

Rey: Sharon and I are going to miami. We're going to miami for our second honeymoon.

Michael: Fine. Okay. Congratulations.

Rey: Thank you.

Michael: You and sharon earned that. However, before the fun begins, you and I have something to discuss.

Rey: What is that? What?

Michael: Chelsea lawson.

Chelsea: Connor's coming back to genoa city? When can I see him?

Adam: Okay, just hold on.

Chelsea: How long has it been? Oh, my sweet little boy. I miss him so much.

Adam: Don't get too excited.

Chelsea: This is my son we're talking about. Why wouldn't I get excited?

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: And you just told me he's coming home. I've asked. He's allowed to visit me here.

Adam: You think that's a good idea, for him to see you like this?

Chelsea: I don't have a problem with it, adam, but it seems as though you do.

Adam: I think maybe we should wait until you're feeling better, maybe till you're out of this place.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. I knew this would happen. I knew it. This is all part of your plan. This is what you wanted. You want to keep my son away from me. And then slowly, bit by bit, you are gonna poison connor's mind against me. - Bedtime!! - Bedtime.

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Tara: I think you should take kyle's word for it. It's true. We've both been good parents.

Ashland: Fine. I'm father of the year. What I'd like to know is what harrison's been told. Does he know?

Tara: He does. But we've been very careful not to undermine you in any way. I've made it very clear that you will always be "father" to him.

Ashland: And how has he responded?

Tara: I think it went well. Of course it's just so much. I don't think it all sunk in yet, but he has such a big heart. He was happy to have one more person to love.

Kyle: And another person to love him back. Actually, a whole new family who's willing to embrace him.

Ashland: I'm glad harrison wasn't upset.

Tara: I think it would help if you spoke to him. I mean, he's so young. Having two men in his life, it would become second nature, if you would just accept it.

Ashland: [ Breathes deeply ] Well, I've, uh, given this a lot of thought. And I do not want harrison growing up resenting me for keeping kyle out of his life, just as I'm sure you wouldn't want him resenting you for keeping me away.

Kyle: So, what are you saying?

Ashland: Well, I'm withdrawing my ultimatum. I've come up with a new decision regarding harrison's future.

Rey: We've covered a lot of ground when it comes to chelsea. I don't know what's left to discuss.

Michael: Plenty. This case is endless.

Rey: You're having second thoughts after the judge's ruling, huh?

Michael: If you can have a second honeymoon, I can have second thoughts.

Rey: Oh, my god. Listen, she's been hospitalized. She's getting the help that she needs. What's the problem?

Michael: No, no, no, no. You and I both had many, many questions about chelsea, a woman with severe mental disorders, recovering from a stroke, able to execute this elaborate plan to poison you?

Rey: So, you think she had some help?

Michael: Don't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind.

Rey: I mean, it has. But she's resourceful. I mean, if anybody could pull something off like this by herself, it would be chelsea. I mean, she hid her recovery from everyone, including her doctors and nurses.

Michael: So, you feel that gave her the ability to sneak out of her house at night, undetected, to get to your house and break in, undetected, to spread a poison that she obtained from who knows where, and that she put evidence in adam's car and then returned home to her wheelchair, undetected?

Rey: It seems unlikely.

Michael: A bit.

Rey: Yeah, but she was able to fool all these people -- her doctors, her caretakers, me, adam -- for weeks. It wasn't a one-night operation. She had time to plan and execute step by step.

Michael: The case is closed if no one else is involved. But I cannot ignore the fact that the chances that she did this all on her own are miniscule, 10 million to one. It kills me to say this. Chelsea did not commit this crime alone.

Rey: Well, michael, if you're right about that, I will do whatever I can to find out who else is involved and hold them accountable.

Michael: Yeah, well,

[Sighs] The thing is, I'm a bit upset, I'm a little worried because I would not care to arrest my own sister-in-law. Because if anyone helped chelsea... it was chloe.

Chelsea: That's why you came here. You want to rub it in my face that you're out there, free, and you were able to keep my son away from me while I'm locked up in here.

Adam: Chelsea, calm down.

Chelsea: I am finally able to talk to connor for the first time since my stroke, and you want to cut that off?

Adam: That's not what I'm doing.

Chelsea: You are so cruel!

Adam: Okay, I would never use connor to torment you like that.

Chelsea: No? Like you wouldn't torment me by kissing sharon while I was stuck in a wheelchair?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Chelsea, I am sorry that that happened. It was a momentary lapse.

Chelsea: You don't have momentary lapses, adam. Everything you do is cold and calculated.

Adam: Look, I came here because we're both connor's parents and I don't want to keep anything from you.

Chelsea: Except my son.

Adam: I'm only thinking about how to protect him, okay? And it's gonna confuse and scare him to see you like this.

Chelsea: Like what?

Adam: You're not at your best, chelsea. We were so careful to protect him from finding out about your stroke so he wouldn't worry. We have to stick to our strategy.

Chelsea: That was your strategy all along, adam. I didn't really have a say at all, considering I was paralyzed.

Adam: All the time you were faking your symptoms. You could have reached out to him. There was nothing stopping you from texting him, just like you were texting sharon to frame me. But you didn't do that. Maybe 'cause you thought it would wreck your plan. But I would like to believe that you didn't do it because you knew that's what's best for connor.

Chelsea: I'm still his mother. I still have rights, even if I'm in here.

Adam: Haven't your doctors recommended the same thing? Don't they agree with me that you shouldn't see him while you're in this state?

Chelsea: I am so sick and tired of people acting like I'm too crazy to live my life, like I'm incapable of doing anything, when the truth of the matter is, the sanest thing I've ever done was to --

Adam: No. Please continue. What were you gonna say?

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Chelsea: I only meant coming here, getting help, was the sanest thing I could have done.

[ Sighs ] And although it's been really difficult facing all of my deep issues, it's been rewarding. I'm finally starting to get some clarity.

Adam: I'm glad.

Chelsea: I know how messed up I've been. But being here every day is really helping me. It's incredible what some time and solicitude can do for the psyche. I am gonna come back from this.

Adam: Good. I'm happy to hear that. I think it's important for you to hang on to that mind-set. But you're proving my point, chelsea. You're on the road to recovery. You're not there yet. So, until you are healthy and you are strong, you should not see our son.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] And once I'm out of here?

Adam: Once you're released from here -- and hopefully that's soon -- you can spend all the time you want with connor.

Chelsea: And that's the truth?

Adam: Absolutely.

Chelsea: You better mean every single word you're saying because playing me -- that would be a mistake.

Michael: I am just gonna have to be prepared in case chloe is involved in -- in chelsea's plot against adam.

Rey: You know, I've already asked myself plenty of questions about how chelsea managed to pull everything off.

Michael: Have you come to any conclusion?

Rey: No, not yet. I mean, I've had several conversations with chelsea since she's been admitted to the facility. I've even brought up chloe more than once to see if she would slip up, reveal something, but that hasn't happened yet.

Michael: It's possible she's working you.

Rey: Oh, I'm sure she thinks she is. Look, I'm not a psychiatrist. And while chelsea seems to have a grip on what's going on, acts like she's in control, it's clear that emotionally she's teetering on the edge.

Michael: Sounds like you sympathize with her.

Rey: I do. I feel for all of adam's victims, even chloe.

Michael: Yeah, well, okay. We're on the same page there. I just can't help having these lingering doubts.

Rey: Look, I get what you're saying. And I think it's time I pay chelsea another visit.

Nikki: And the shibata deal is officially closed. They'll be sending us design proposals next week.

Victoria: That's great. Anything else?

Nikki: Nope. That's all I got. What, are you in a hurry to get somewhere, like maybe new york?

Victoria: If I send you a picture of the statute of liberty, then you'll know that you were right.

Nikki: I really don't understand how you can be interested in ashland locke, who dangled his company in front of you and then yanked it away like it was nothing.

Victoria: It was a business decision.

Nikki: Victoria, it speaks to who he is.

Victoria: So, you have a problem with ashland locke? Have you seen who you've been married to for the past several decades?

Nikki: Oh, that is completely different.

Victoria: No, it's not. There is more to ashland than just business. The reason that he came to town --

Nikki: Is to harangue your father and adam over the media company that they bought from him.

Victoria: He could have done that over the phone. The reason that he's here in genoa city is because his son is here. His wife took their child and fled new york city, and he's just trying to be a good parent.

Nikki: Maybe tara had a good reason for leaving him.

Victoria: You of all people know how complicated the end of a marriage can be, mother. It's a difficult time for him. I'm just trying to be sympathetic.

Nikki: Well, that's very compassionate of you. I don't have any qualms about

your motives in this situation, but ashland maybe be the one using you.

Kyle: You can't make unilateral decisions where harrison is concerned.

Tara: Kyle, hear him out.

Ashland: I will be flying back to new york in a few hours, and I will be meeting with my legal team first thing tomorrow. They will be in touch with your lawyers about this new custody request.

Kyle: Do you want to give us a sneak preview of what's in it?

Ashland: Well, it will detail a very even-handed, shared custodial arrangement with tara over the guardianship of our son.

Kyle: What about me?

Ashland: Well, that's up to her. I won't be sharing my time with you. If you want to see harrison, it'll have to come out of tara's time. But you're free to be involved in his life. I won't stand in your way. I assume that that's an acceptable solution?

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Tara: I -- I don't know what to say.

Ashland: Well, I'm not expecting a grand, eloquent speech. A simple thank-you would suffice.

Tara: I'm grateful.

Ashland: Close enough. Would you agree to these terms?

Tara: Depending on what my lawyer says, I'm open to it.

Kyle: Yeah, the devil's in the details. It sounds like a fair compromise.

Ashland: Good to hear. Now I'd like to see my son.

Tara: I'll take you.

Summer: Well, that was intense, but, I mean, it's a big relief.

Kyle: It was a surprise.

Summer: Yeah, but there's not gonna be a big, ugly custody battle. You're gonna get to see harrison. It's all great news.

Kyle: Sure. If locke can be trusted.

Victoria: Usually i appreciate your concern, mother, but this is completely unwarranted. How could ashland be using me?

Nikki: Well, he's obviously on the rebound from a divorce that's just barely been filed.

Victoria: And you don't think that I'm smart enough to recognize a situation like this by now?

Nikki: Darling, I am not underestimating your intelligence, but the man is known for his ruthlessness.

Victoria: Oh, and you would never get involved with a man known for being ruthless.

Nikki: Oh, is that what you're doing -- getting involved?

Victoria: We had dinner. We'll probably have dinner again. I'm not looking for some deep commitment. I just -- I think he likes talking to me. And I like talking to a man who's not intimidated by my position. Look, not everything has to be some deep, co-dependent relationship like the one that you have with dad.

Nikki: I'm going to pretend you didn't say that. And we're not talking about just a casual meal in town. He wants to fly you to new york.

Victoria: And you heard me turn him down.

Nikki: Yeah, but you were tempted.

Victoria: Yes! I was. I might even be having impure thoughts about him. Oh, my goodness, mom, what kind of a woman have I become?

Nikki: Oh, please stop!

Victoria: Look, all of the lectures that you give me lately are about how I work 24/7 and how I need to take time for me, I had to go out and meet new people, so that's what I'm doing. I'm taking your advice. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?

Adam: I'm not playing you. I know better.

Chelsea: Do you?

Adam: I've learned.

[ Knock on door ]

Rey: What's going on here?

Adam: I think the question is, what are you doing here? And why do you keep coming to see chelsea?

Rey: She asked me to. You know, even if you have a problem with it, you don't have jurisdiction over who chelsea can see.

Adam: Yeah. I guess not. Alright, well, watch yourself. Don't get too familiar. Detective rosales may seem like a friend, but I get the sense he's after something. I mean, why else would he keep coming to see the woman who almost killed him?

Chelsea: Rey is helping me.

Adam: Is he? Or is he helping himself? I mean, he wouldn't be here if he didn't have some sort of doubt about what happened.

Rey: Oh, I guess compassion is still a foreign concept to the new and improved adam newman.

Adam: Yeah, but my new mind-set doesn't preclude me from wanting to protect the people that I care about.

Rey: Oh. You're protecting chelsea?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Rey: From what, exactly?

Adam: Harassment. Coercion. Whatever else you're up to. And I'm gonna keep looking out for her interests.

[ Door closes ]

Chelsea: Is he right? Do I have reason to be suspicious?

Rey: [ Sighs ] Advil dual action fights pain 2 ways.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Summer: Hey, ashland seemed genuine, and your lawyer and tara's lawyer should be able to tell if he's trying to pull a fast one.

Kyle: Yeah, you're right. I just don't trust the complete 180. I get the feeling he's trying to pull something. How'd it go?

Ashland: Great. He treated me with love and affection, as if nothing has changed. And he gave me this.

Tara: It's a father/son thing. They find lucky rocks and then give them to each other. And I think we all had a little luck today with ashland's compromise.

Ashland: Well, don't feel too fortunate. Even though I changed my mind about the custody issue, the prenup still stands. I will make sure that harrison is well taken care of, but your alimony will be minimal compared to what it would have been had you not cheated.

Tara: If I hadn't cheated, we wouldn't have a son.

[ Door closes ]

Adam: Chloe! Chloe!

[ Exhales heavily ] God, I feel like I've been calling your name for two blocks. Did you not hear me calling your name?

Chloe: No. No, I didn'T.

Adam: I wanted to let you know that I just went to see chelsea.

Chloe: How is she?

Adam: She's upset that she's not able to see connor in her current state. And she could probably use a visit from a friend, if you have time.

Chloe: Okay. Thanks for telling me.

Adam: Have you, uh, thought about my offer? We could still use someone dynamic for our online media platform.

Chloe: You know this offer still sounds more like a bribe to assuage your guilty conscience than an actual job.

Adam: Look, I'm not gonna deny that I am trying to make amends, but the opportunity is very real. And I still believe that if chelsea knew that she could work with you again, it would give her something to hope for, motivation to get better.

Chloe: I can't argue with you on that. It's the only reason why I'm still talking to you. I agree. Chelsea needs a goal, something to focus on when she gets out.

Adam: Then what is stopping you from saying yes? I'm gonna be hands-off. You will never see me. The only interaction we'll have is when I'm signing your checks.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] Fine. I'll do it. But you better not be messing with me.

Adam: I'm not, okay? I'll have the contracts drawn up, and I will include a provision for chelsea, as well. Chloe? Thank you for being chelsea's friend.

Rey: I'm a detective. So it's in my nature to be suspicious and to look out for trouble.

Chelsea: I thought you agreed with the judge's decision.

Rey: I do. I think you're having a difficult time, chelsea. You're genuinely struggling, possibly even more than you're willing to admit to yourself, and I want to help you through this.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Rey: And I think all your troubles just walked through that door. Adam pushed you into a corner.

Chelsea: You're right. I mean, he wrecks everyone he comes into contact with.

Rey: Well, fortunately he didn't wreck my marriage, even though he tried to.

Chelsea: Mm. I'm glad.

Rey: As a matter of fact, sharon and I are going to miami for our second honeymoon.

Chelsea: Oh. Oh, that's nice. So that means, um, you won't be coming to visit?

Rey: No, not for a while. I think sharon and I need this time together.

Chelsea: Yeah, of course. Good for you. And her.

Rey: Yeah. It's getting late. Um, I should let you rest. But before I go, there is something I need to ask.

Chelsea: What's that?

Rey: Well, I was wondering -- and I hope you can be as honest with me as I have been with you -- but I was wondering how you did it. How were you able to, in your condition, poison me and frame adam for it all along? I mean, it's the one part in this whole thing that still doesn't make sense.

Chelsea: I've told you.

Rey: No. We've always skipped over the logistics and the details.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. Adam was right. You don't believe me. No one believes me. You're all the same! You just want me locked up in this place for the rest of my life!

Rey: No, no, chelsea, that's not true.

Chelsea: Why don't you just go?! Leave me alone! Go on your vacation with sharon. Go enjoy your freedom and your love while I sit in here and rot!

[ Exhaling heavily ]

Sally: Well, look who it is. Guess you didn't fall off the face of the earth after all, though it looks like you kind of want to.

Ashland: I don't suppose you could give me some time alone? I didn't think so.

Sally: We had a deal.

Ashland: We did.

Sally: You know, I've heard a lot of stories about ashland locke. He's brilliant, manipulative, will do just about whatever it takes to win. But I have never heard one story about him weaseling out of a deal. (Drill sergeant) what a pleasant morning. It's warm, but not too warm.

Sally: So, was the information that I gave you about where to find tara and your son useful?

Ashland: I'd like to enjoy my drink, and then I have a plane to catch.

Sally: I know you're busy, and I don't want to take up much of your time, but the thing that I was asking you for was so simple for a man like you. You said that you could do it in one phone call as long as I told you where your wife and your son were hiding out, which I did. So now it is your turn to make good on our deal. So, take out your phone, call the right person, and summer will leave genoa city for her dream job in italy.

Kyle: Everything with harrison go as smoothly as ashland said?

Tara: Yeah.

Kyle: He's okay?

Tara: He was his normal, adorable self. Ashland didn't do anything to upset him.

Kyle: Good.

Summer: Okay, so, maybe the worst is over, and maybe now you can just relax and enjoy this good news.

Kyle: Yeah, I'll have a better feeling once the lawyers look at everything.

Tara: Yeah, it won't be real until it's all on paper.

Summer: Alright, tara, um, I'm just curious. You never told us what your answer would have been to ashland's ultimatum.

Kyle: Ah, it doesn't matter. It's a moot point now.

Tara: I would have turned him down, of course. I couldn't take kyle's son away from him after he just found out the truth.

Kyle: I appreciate that. And I'd like your honest take since you know the man better than anyone. Can we trust him about this compromise? Or this another ashland locke mind game?

Rey: Hey.

Michael: Hey. How'd it go?

Rey: Well, adam was with chelsea when I arrived.

Michael: Delightful.

Rey: Yeah.

Michael: How are they getting along?

Rey: They seem to tolerate one another, but she was starting to become unglued. And the way she reacted when i mentioned sharon's name, it was clear that she was on truly shaky emotional ground. But when I asked her if she acted alone, she went off. Her reaction was so defensive. It was -- it was like a performance. It felt false.

Michael: Like she was lying.

Rey: I think so.

Michael: Hmm. I wish you were staying in town. It'd be good to keep the pressure on chelsea so we can get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Rey: Chelsea's already under enough pressure as it is. I mean, she's clearly not well. And she clearly wasn't in the right mind-set once she poisoned me. She needs the help that she's getting. As far as I'm concerned, justice has been served.

Michael: So, what if she had an accomplice who was helping her try to kill you? How would you feel about that?

Rey: I'm not so sure I would go so easy on chloe.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: I heard you needed someone to visit.

Chelsea: Finally, someone i can be totally honest with.

Chloe: Bad day?

Chelsea: The worst. Adam showed up, and I almost blurted out everything.

Chloe: Everything?

Chelsea: Well, you know, that I'm faking my condition. And then rey shows up. He starts asking me all these questions, like he's still investigating, even though the judge has already sentenced me to this hell.

Chloe: Whoa, wait. What kind of questions?

Chelsea: He wants to know how I did it, how I was able to do it alone. He doubts that was possible.

Chloe: See, this is what I've been worried about the whole time. He keeps digging, and then he finds out that I was involved. I'm not gonna be able to talk my way out of a prison sentence.

Chelsea: Don't worry. I stuck to my story. I said I did it on my own. I didn't implicate that anybody else was involved, okay? And I never would.

Chloe: He's a good cop. And I don't really think he's gonna take your word for it, especially -- no offense, but you're not exactly credible right now.

Chelsea: Oh, exactly, which is why if he had any evidence that anybody else was involved, he wouldn't be asking me anyway. Just take it as a good sign.

Chloe: A good sign would be him not having any suspicions at all.

Chelsea: No matter what he does, no matter what he says, I'm going to protect you. I would never throw my best friend under the bus for something I tricked her into doing. You know that, right?

Chloe: Yeah. And it's very reassuring to hear it, especially since I had a strange day myself. I also had a run-in with adam.

Chelsea: Really? And did you tear into him like normal?

Chloe: Not exactly. He actually has a different tack with me these days.

Chelsea: [ Scoffs ] What do you mean?

Chloe: He offered me a job.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

Chloe: Yeah, to take over the new fashion platform at newman media.

Chelsea: Wha-- why would he even bother wasting his energy? As if you're gonna take that position

Chloe: I said yes.

Chelsea: You didn'T. Why am I the one locked up in here when everybody else is acting crazy?! Liberty mutual customizes car insurance

Chloe: The job is actually for both of us.

Chelsea: This makes no sense.

Chloe: Okay, the idea is that I'll get the platform up and running, and then, once you're released, you will join me. And we will run it together. It'll be like the old days.

Chelsea: Why?

Chloe: Frankly, I need the money. Raising two kids on kevin's salary just isn't cutting it. And eventually we can turn it into something amazing, all our own.

Chelsea: But it won't be our own, chloe, because we'll be working for adam. What were you thinking? This is, like, the worst decision you've ever made, and you've made some really bad decisions.

Chloe: Okay, not necessarily.

Chelsea: Don't you see, chloe? This is adam's way of controlling me again. He's keeping me from my kid, deciding my future, running my life. No! No. I'm not letting him do it again. I'm not letting him dismantle my entire world. I have to find my way out of here.

Tara: I understand being suspicious of ashland.

Kyle: Yesterday he was adamant you keep me away from harrison. Now he's okay with me being a part of his life. I don't know what changed his mind.

Tara: I'm surprised, too. But my sense is that it's sincere. I can usually tell when he's bluffing.

Summer: Kyle, come on. Just take her word for it. There is no need to be on high alert right now. You can't fight a battle when the other guy has already surrendered.

Kyle: There's something still bothering you, isn't there, tara?

Tara: You always could tell what I was thinking.

Kyle: What is it?

Tara: I mean, there has to be more to it than this. It's not like him to just reverse course because of your speech. So, what made him change his mind?

Sally: Maybe I'm framing this wrong. It would be super easy for you to make that call. We all know that. But it would be beneficial for you, too.

Ashland: How?

Sally: Kyle. He loves summer so much. He would never let her go to europe on her own. He'd have to move with her. He'd leave the country. Tell me that is not music to your ears.

Ashland: I don't see why this would matter to me.

Sally: Well, if kyle is in italy, it won't be easy for him to spend time with harrison. He might not even spend any time with him at all. Out of sight, mind. You would be that little boy's only daddy in every way that counts.

Ashland: I'm only one investor, so I don't do the hiring at marchetti. But I own a big enough piece that they have to listen to me. If the ceo wants to hire summer, I will convince the other investors to support that.

Sally: Okay. What's his name?

Ashland: Eric forrester. Give him a call.

Sally: W-- but --

[ Exhales sharply ]

Nikki: Okay. I'm heading out. I'll follow up on the shibata designs.

Victoria: Oh, thanks. I'd love to see them.

Nikki: One more thing?

Victoria: What is it?

Nikki: All I want is for you to be happy. You know that, right? Good night, darling.

Victoria: Good night, mom.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello.

Ashland: This is your last chance to be wined and dined in the greatest city in the world.

Victoria: You want to take me to paris?

Ashland: [ Chuckling ] Well, maybe next time. Today I have business in new york. What do you say? You care to join me?

Victoria: Didn't I already turn you down once?

Ashland: You did, but it wasn't very convincing. Uh, I'm gonna give you another opportunity to reject me all over again. I don't think you can do it twice.

Victoria: I'd have to get billy to watch the kids.

Ashland: Well, that seems simple enough. My jet is waiting at the airport. I'll save you a seat.

Victoria: You're so confident.

Ashland: Victoria... please join me.

Victoria: What the hell. Let's go to new york.

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