Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/9/21

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/9/21


Episode #12126 ~ Nick and Phyllis debate over a business venture. Sharon and Rey make plans for their future. Nikki gives Adam a warning shot.

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[ Door closes ]

Phyllis: How was your meeting?

Nick: It went very well. Devon's very excited about our collaboration with newman media, and, honestly, I am, too. We're gonna meet up with dad and adam in the next few days and iron out the rest of the details.

Phyllis: I don't like this. I have a really bad feeling, you joining forces with adam and your dad.

Nick: The way I see it, I'm using them to benefit our work. They've already offered up free tech for our buildings and also free media coverage, which will help generate new interest and financial backing for new hope.

Phyllis: Oh, great. Great. Sounds good. Sounds really promising. But...you know... you'll be working with your dad. He's not exactly altruistic, is he? And I think he's only interested in how newman benefits, teaming up with a nonprofit and...

[ Sighs ] You'll be under his thumb again.

Nick: Trust me -- my eyes are wide open when it comes to my father. And adam's offer was very impressive. This is all good stuff.

Phyllis: How can anything good come from adam? He taints everything he touches.

Nikki: Well, you look right at home.

Adam: Yeah. This is where I belong. Uh, victor's not here. He's at a lunch meeting.

Nikki: I know. You're the one I came to see.

Rey: So, I talked to my family in miami, and everyone is so excited to see us. My mom is trying to schedule a million things for us to do, but I told her -- made it clear -- that this is our second honeymoon, and we are gonna need some alone time.

Sharon: Well, you know, I'm really excited to see everyone, too, but, um, I agree 100%.

Rey: Uh-huh. And lola's got us reservations at the restaurant she's doing her chef residency at as well as a couple hot spots, and I cannot wait to hit the clubs and dance the night away, and I'm gonna do that -- that thing, you know, where I got the -- the crazy moves. You know what I'm talking about?

Sharon: Yeah, I know. You got the moves.

Rey: Oh, I got the moves.

Sharon: I'm gonna see them all, I'm sure.

Rey: Oh, and I also got that suite at that amazing hotel we talked about.

Sharon: Um... you know, lounging on the beach in front of the ocean every morning just sounds like heaven. It truly sounds perfect, but, um... there is one problem.

Tara: Summer, hi.

Summer: Hi.

Tara: I'm glad I ran into you. I've been wanting to touch base.

Summer: Oh, uh, because...?

Tara: Well, kyle told me you finally got to meet harrison. Sounded like it went well.

Summer: Yeah, yeah, I did. Um, he's a really wonderful little boy.

Tara: Oh, he really is. I can't tell you how much it means to me that he has so many people looking out for him. And I heard that your wedding plans are back on track?

Summer: Yeah. Yeah, they are. Um... we're -- we're thrilled.

Tara: I'm really happy for you. I mean, with everything being so overwhelming, you shouldn't have to put off making your future plans.

Summer: Yeah, thank you for saying that. I really appreciate that. I know this has been a really trying time for you, as well. And just so you know, tara, um, harrison is kyle's number-one priority, and he's not gonna lose sight of that just 'cause we're making plans. I'm gonna support him however i can.

Tara: Oh, that's great to hear. Thank you.

Summer: Uh, well, I don't want to keep you any longer, so I'm gonna go.

Tara: Bye.

Summer: Bye.

[ Footsteps departing ]

Sally: Hey, small town, huh? I'm still getting used to how often you run into people here unexpectedly as opposed to L.A.

Tara: I'm in the middle of running errands, so --

Sally: So you don't have a second to chat?

Tara: [ Sighs ] Let me be more clear. I don't want to talk or have anything to do with you.

Sally: I just need five minutes. Trust me, it will be worth your time.

Ashland: You gotta be kidding me. That is not what I wanted to hear. Uh, no, um... I-I'll make the necessary arrangements.

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: Hi. Is everything okay?

Ashland: Ah, I just got a bit of unwelcome news is all. It's all in a day's work, right?

Victoria: Yeah, it seems like I spend half my time putting out fires.

Ashland: Yeah.

Victoria: But I'm hoping that both of us can take our minds off of business later. Looking forward to dinner.

Ashland: My apologies. I have to fly back to new york tonight.

Victoria: Oh, that's a shame. Well, you know, when duty calls, you have to answer, so...perhaps some other time.

Ashland: Or perhaps you could come back with me, and we could have dinner in manhattan. Allergens are little terrors all around us.

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Sharon: I know I'm the one who suggested that we go to miami in the first place, but... I just wish I could be in two places at the same time.

Rey: You're nervous about leaving faith.

Sharon: I know she's doing great emotionally and she's on her way to a full recovery from her surgery, but I still worry about leaving her. Especially now. She's about to restart therapy, rehab.

Rey: No, I agree with you. Of course. And I -- if I felt faith was struggling in any way, I would cancel this trip in a heartbeat. But she's doing so much better. And she's got plenty of people to lean on while we're gone.

Sharon: Yeah, that's true. And she's the one who's really urging us to go. She thinks we deserve a second honeymoon.

Rey: Yeah, I agree with her. We've been through so much this past year -- your cancer treatment, my poisoning, faith's accident. We could really use the time together. And we know she'll be in safe hands over at nick'S. If you guys need to talk, she's only a phone call away.

Sharon: You're right. I don't know what I did to deserve such a generous and loving man, but thank you for understanding, especially when it comes to faith.

Rey: Can I take that to mean that the trip is still on? Hmm?

Nick: Thank you. Look, I can totally see your point of view about adam.

Phyllis: Mm. Can you? Really? 'Cause not long ago, you agreed with me.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Look, I'm not adam's hype man, alright? I haven't forgotten everything he's done in the past. I'm not out here telling everyone he's full of goodness and light. But considering everything he's done for faith, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And so far, he's lived up to his claims about wanting to be a better person.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, "so far" is the operative phrase.

Nick: If he backslides, then I will adjust accordingly. But instead of assuming he's gonna revert back to his old ways, I want to...hope that he doesn'T. Can you live with that?

Phyllis: I respect your attitude. It's lovely. I respect it. I reserve the right to hate adam, okay?

Nikki: I saw victor earlier. He seemed upset, but he didn't want to tell me what was going on.

Adam: Mm. Not sure what that has to do with me.

Nikki: Well, I assume that his mood was due to something underhanded or selfish that you did. I never approved of this partnership from the very beginning. It's only a matter of time before it sours.

Adam: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but dad and i are getting along better than ever before. Probably because there's no secrets anymore. Everything is right there out in the open.

Nikki: I'm worried that you're going to leave my husband heartbroken again.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Look... I realize that I have a long way to go before I can even start to earn your trust, but I want to. And I hope that seeing that nick is willing to give me another opportunity will inspire you to do the same.

Nikki: Trust is earned by actions, not promises.

Adam: I'm working on that.

Nikki: Well, you can start right now. Tell me what you said that made victor upset.

Summer: You know, I feel so much better now that we had that conversation with our parents and the wedding's back on. Just feels so good to have my dad's approval, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Kyle: Mm, mine too.

Summer: Speaking of, I have been looking up some of the vendors that we were originally interested in using, and it looks like we can just pick up where we left off?

Kyle: Perfect. I can't wait.

Summer: I know. Me too. Um, actually, I wanted to let you know that I told tara about our plans earlier when I ran into her at the park.

Kyle: You did?

Summer: Yeah, I did. Um, she actually seemed really supportive. And I told her how wonderful i think harrison is.

Kyle: [ Breathes deeply ] Thank you for putting in the effort and being so positive. I'm really grateful.

Summer: Well, you can show me just how grateful when we go back to our suite later.

Kyle: Mm. You better believe it.

Summer: Mm-hmm. So, what are you up to in the meantime?

Kyle: Mm. Well, harrison's finishing lunch with mrs. Martinez, and then we're gonna have some playtime. Any chance you're up for that?

Summer: Yeah. Yeah, I definitely am.

Sally: Alright, I'll just get right to the point. It's obvious that your marriage is over and you've set your sights on kyle.

Tara: I have no idea what gave you that idea, but it's insane.

Sally: I just saw the look on your face after your chat with summer about her wedding.

Tara: Whatever you thought you saw, you didn'T.

Sally: Look, I'm not judging. Okay? Kyle is gorgeous and rich, and he is the father of your son.

Tara: Excuse me?

Sally: Look, don't bother denying it. I've suspected it for months now, and now I'm even more sure of it. If you really were not interested in kyle, you could've stayed back in new york to deal with your divorce, but instead, you're here, in genoa city, living at the abbott house. It makes perfect sense. If you were interested in kyle when you were married, why not go after him now that you're about to be divorced?

Tara: You're talking crazy.

Sally: I do not expect you to tell me the truth. But just hear what I have to offer. The only thing standing in your way is summer. And I have a way of getting her out of both of our lives.

Victoria: I need to get back to the office.

Ashland: Well, you haven't responded to my invitation.

Victoria: I didn't realize you were serious.

Ashland: I was. What do you say?

Victoria: Mm. I'm really not sure that's such a good idea, given your impending messy divorce.

Ashland: Well, I don't think this trip will impact the proceedings, and we're not doing anything wrong and nobody needs to know.

Victoria: Given the circumstances, don't you think you better play it safe?

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] That's never been my style.

Victoria: Well, I'll give you that -- you definitely go after what you want.

Ashland: And so do you, which is one of the things I enjoy about you. Your confidence and drive. In fact, I've been thinking a lot about our last conversation, and your advice that the best revenge is civility.

Victoria: Are you considering that as an approach to the divorce, I mean, even though you feel betrayed?

Ashland: Not sure I'm at that point yet, but I appreciate your perspective. And I just enjoy being with you. So why don't you come and we can enjoy each other in new york?

Victoria: As tempting as it is, I just don't know. I mean, I have the kids at home, and I don't even know what's on my calendar in the next few days.

Ashland: No, I got it. It's okay. No worries. I just sprang this on you. Just check your calendar, see what works, and I'll follow back up with you.

Victoria: Well, how can I say no to that?

Tara: Takes a lot of chutzpah to approach me out of the blue, pitch this crazy scheme, and then suggest we collude. And how do you know I'm not gonna blow you out of the water, tell everyone that you're plotting against summer?

Sally: I have a special radar for kindred spirits.

Tara: You and I are nothing alike.

Sally: Except we are. I felt it the first time we spoke, and now I'm even more sure. Nothing brings people together like a common problem, and ours is the woman who's running jcv and wearing kyle's engagement ring. I am working on an amazing opportunity that will take summer far, far away from you, from me, and most importantly, from kyle. All you have to do is make her want to take it.

Tara: [ Chuckles ] And how do you propose I do that?

Nick: So you respect my new attitude about adam?

[ Inhales sharply ] I don't know about this. Doesn't seem right. Can I get that in writing? You know, never mind, never mind. Never mind. Just gonna roll with it.

Phyllis: I mean, I want to get in on this -- this new attitude that you have. I mean, wow, you're giving your brother, who's a monster, a chance, thinking he's less monstrous than usual. And you were really laid-back when kyle and summer were talking about their wedding plans. So what about me? Can I be, um, naughtier than usual?

Nick: Ooh. I mean, I don't know. You're pretty naughty as is.

Phyllis: That's disappointing.

Nick: Would it also be disappointing if I told you i got to go?

Phyllis: Yeah. I'm devastated.

Nick: Then I'm so sorry. I got to break your heart. I really got to go handle this thing.

Phyllis: I'll figure out something to do on my own, you know. But I'm gonna take advantage of that when you come back.

Nick: Done.

Adam: Victor and I had a disagreement about a business thing. He was annoyed that I didn't back down, but it actually wasn't that big of a deal, so... is there something that I'm missing?

Nikki: No, I suppose he was more irked than upset, but i worry that that's a sign of things to come. Frankly, I'm very concerned about my husband's health.

Adam: I'm not gonna do anything to jeopardize that.

Nikki: Before he started this company, victor had settled into his version of retirement. He was still doing some business, but it was much less stressful for him. And he accepted that victoria was running newman enterprises. He didn't have to worry about the day-to-day operations. Now, he's jumped into this venture with you.

Adam: You do realize he wanted this -- this was actually his idea?

Nikki: Yes, I know that. But even though he said you would be running things, that is just not in his nature. Now, he's emotionally invested in creating another powerhouse to use as a legacy to share with you.

Adam: I don't see the problem with that.

Nikki: No, I'm sure you don'T. Why don't you tell me what you really want out of all of this?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I want to be a man that connor can admire and respect, the kind of man that hope always wanted me to be and my father believes that I can be.

Nikki: Do you really think that's possible?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I know what I've done. I know who I am, and I have all the regrets to go along with it, but I also have insight into why I was that person. I have tools to cope with it, and I don't want to repeat my mistakes and get caught up in this vicious cycle.

Nikki: Well, you're saying all the right words.

Adam: And i'm gonna back them up. But I fully expect you and the rest of the family to keep an eye out and make sure I'm not veering off the path of good intentions.

Nikki: You can count on that. I really hope, for victor's sake more than anything, that you're sincere. But the moment I think that you have reverted to your former self, I will show no mercy.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Your mission:

Adam: Look, I get it, I'm officially on notice. But hopefully, there won't be a reason for you to follow through with that warning.

Nikki: I hope so, too.

Adam: Well, any other concerns you want to throw out there?

Nikki: There is one other thing on my mind -- chelsea.

Adam: What about her?

Nikki: Well, assuming she fully recovers, she will eventually be released by the psychiatric hospital.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: So, for connor's sake, I am curious if you are going to try to mend that relationship?

Adam: She will always have a place in my heart, regardless of what's happened. And I take responsibility for pushing her over the edge. But whether or not we can get back what we had, I don't know. We'll have to wait to see how the treatment goes and take it a day at a time.

Nikki: I think that's a wise approach. Although it will be difficult to explain things to connor. He's going to want to see his parents together.

Adam: Yeah. He doesn't know how bad things have gotten. But I'm doing my best to protect him, letting him know that his mom and his dad love him, so regardless of what happens in the future, I am determined to do right by my son.

Nikki: I truly hope that you do...because god knows you have a lot to make up for.

Nick: Well, it sounds like you guys are gonna have an amazing time in miami. Don't worry about anything here. Faith's gonna have a great time staying with me, and, of course, christian loves having his big sister around.

Sharon: Yeah, he loves spending time with her. Although he doesn't always admit it.

Rey: I bet you've got some special activities planned out.

Nick: I would bet summer drags faith into some wedding planning.

Sharon: Oh, that sounds encouraging. So have kyle and summer worked through their issues?

Nick: Yeah, they're full speed ahead.

Sharon: How do you feel about that?

Nick: I realized I just needed to trust summer's judgment, so I gave them my blessing. Doesn't mean I stopped worrying. I think I'm incapable of that. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with being a parent.

Sharon: You don't have to tell me, but I commend you on your effort. I'm sure she really appreciates your support.

Faith: Hey, guys.

Nick: There she is.

Sharon: Hey, honey. How was school?

Faith: It went fine. Half-days are a good way to get back in the groove.

Nick: And how are you feeling about your next rehab session?

Faith: I'm not as nervous or intimidated as I was before. I'm not saying it's gonna be easy, but I can see now how it helps. It's all part of figuring out who I am and who I want to be.

Nick: Well, let me tell you, kid, at your age, you are way ahead of the game.

Faith: Yeah, this has been a tough school year for me, but it's also made me think about what's gonna happen after high school's over -- like about college and stuff and what path I might want to take.

Sharon: You're looking towards the future -- we're very impressed.

Rey: Sounds like you've made some real revelations.

Faith: Almost dying might do that for you. Also, I guess hanging out with moses has rubbed off on me. He already knows he wants to be a doctor, and it makes him so focused and excited about what's to come for him. I want to find something I'm that passionate about.

Sharon: You just keep doing what you're doing. It'll come. You find yourself, and then you find your passion.

Faith: You really believe that?

Nick: Absolutely, because we all believe in you.

Kyle: Looks like that toy's going to the top of the list of his favorites. Hey, buddy, summer was hoping she could play with us today too. Is that okay? So, what should we do? A little hide and seek? Tag? Maybe build some cool stuff with your blocks. You got any ideas?

Summer: Hmm, um... ooh, we could play a game of "I spy" in the backyard.

Kyle: Ooh, that's a great idea. I bet we can find all kinds of cool stuff out there.

Harrison: Yeah!

Kyle: Yeah!

[ Laughs ] Thank you.

Sally: If summer takes this job, we're in the clear. Everyone wins. I will keep working on the summer side of the equation, but I need you to handle kyle. It is simple, really -- all you have to do is get him to fall back in love with you. Okay, well, you're intrigued, at least. Look, I have no doubt, if you play it right, kyle will fall for you in no time.

Tara: I don't know why I'm bothering listening to this. Your plan is ridiculous.

Sally: Just give it some more thought.

Tara: You might have time to play these kind of games, but i can't be bothered. I'm facing a devastating divorce and the possibility of losing custody of my child. So I'm going to forget that we ever had this conversation.

Sally: Okay, if that's what you really want.

Tara: Please, leave me alone.

Sally: Wait. If, and when, you change your mind...just say the word.

Seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Nikki: Sorry I'm a little late, I know we have a lot of business to discuss.

Victoria: No, no, that's fine. That's fine. You seem a little frustrated or frazzled.

Nikki: Probably a little of both, due to a lengthy chat with adam.

Victoria: Oh, well, that will do it. What did he say to get under your skin this time?

Nikki: Oh, nothing, really. It was just an odd conversation. And it was very unnerving because he sounded so sincere in wanting to become a better person. But now I know why victor and nicholas are willing to give him another chance.

Victoria: Just give it a minute. You'll soon realize it's part of his grand performance.

Nikki: You don't buy it either.

Victoria: No, not for one minute. And I'm not gonna get worked up about it. Eventually, the truth will come out.

Nikki: Really? Okay. I was expecting a more forceful rebuttal.

Victoria: No, I have much more pleasant things to think about than my half-brother.

Nikki: Oh, someone's in a good mood.

Victoria: Yes, I am. Is that okay, or would you prefer it if I'm grouchy?

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] No, of course not. I'm glad that you're happy. What's the reason?

Victoria: I've just had a very productive day.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: What, you don't believe that? I'm a very productive person. Speaking of which, we should get to work.

Kyle: Harrison, you spotted so many things. That nest in the tree was a really good one.

Summer: Yeah. Oh, and that plane that was above the clouds? That was so high.

Kyle: That was a good game. We'll have to do it again soon.

Summer: Well, in the meantime, I have something for the two of you to spy later. I took a bunch of photos of you guys playing.

Kyle: That's awesome. Thank you. I want as many pictures as possible to capture these moments.

Tara: Looks like you three are having fun. What did I miss?

Faith: Thanks for the drink, mom.

Sharon: Of course.

Faith: And you all for the pep talk.

Nick: We have a lot more prepared for whenever you want them.

Rey: And even when you don'T.

Adam: Oh, uh, looks like the gang's all here. Faith, it's good to see you out and about.

Faith: It's good to be out. Thanks.

Adam: How you feeling?

Faith: Better every day. Thanks to you for saving my life -- twice.

Adam: Listen, we don't have to talk about it every time we see each other. You don't owe me anything, and you don't have to keep thanking me.

Faith: Okay, thank --

[ Chuckles ] Oops.

Adam: It's okay. You'll get the hang of it.

Faith: I guess. Eventually. See you guys later.

Rey: Bye.

Nick: Bye.

Sharon: Adam, can I get you anything?

Adam: Actually, right now I just need to have a word with detective rosales.

Rey: You have an issue with me?

Adam: Yeah, a big one. I don't like what you're doing with chelsea. Banana boat sunscreen

Rey: What are you talking about?

Adam: Don't play dumb, rey.

Nick: Okay, guys, let's take it easy.

Sharon: Yeah, I don't want either one of you causing a scene.

Adam: There's nothing to worry about. It's just a conversation that needs to be had. Apparently rey has paid chelsea some visits in the hospital. Now, I assume that you're trying to prove that she should've stood trial, but the decision's been made, rey, and she's where she should be. She's getting the help she needs.

Rey: You're right. Chelsea does need help. And whose fault is that?

Adam: It's mine. You don't think I know that I've caused people damage? I know it's gonna be hard for people to forgive me, but that's my goal -- to be worthy of forgiveness.

Rey: It's pretty easy to make over your image while you're free to walk around the world, do as you please. Meanwhile, chelsea's locked up in a ward, fighting the demons you inflicted on her. You broke her heart and her mind. That's the kind of man you are.

Nick: Rey, he gets it. Alright, refighting old battles isn't gonna do anyone any good.

Sharon: Yeah, I think everyone's said what they wanted to say. We can probably just end it off here.

Rey: You know, it's good that you want to improve yourself, give yourself another shot. Just do me a favor -- stay away from me and sharon.

Adam: I have no intention of causing the two of you any harm.

Rey: Good. That's great. So why don't you do as I asked and walk out of here right now?

Adam: That's good. I have somewhere to be anyway. Nick.

Nikki: So, what did you think about the proposal for the project in denver?

Victoria: Well, my concern is the profit margin. In that market, with the costs involved, I'm not sure it would be worth our while.

Nikki: I tend to agree. I just had to run it by the boss.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Excuse me a minute. I have to take this. Hello?

Ashland: It's me. Wondering if you made up your mind about my invitation.

Victoria: Well, I appreciate your offer, but I'm afraid i have to take a rain check. I just can't squeeze in a trip to new york.

Ashland: Well, you've got to eat, right? I'm simply suggesting you do it in another zip code.

Victoria: It would involve a little more than that.

Ashland: Well, if you can't afford to unplug for that long, I'm sure there's a ton of business that you could address in manhattan.

Victoria: You're making a very persuasive argument, but I'm afraid my answer's the same. I hope you have a good trip.

Ashland: Well, it won't be as good without you there.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Tara: Oh, is that something your daddy got you?

Summer: Uh, no, actually, I-i just picked that up for him.

Tara: Oh, that's so sweet of you.

Kyle: I'm glad you were able to get out more today and have a little time to yourself.

Tara: [ Sighs ] Thank you for watching him. I definitely needed it, given what's on my mind.

Harrison: Look, it's all the way up here. Pph! Whoa!

[ Speaks indistinctly ]

Tara: I just hope that everything works out the way it should for all of us.

Harrison: Whoa!

[ Cellphones chime ]

[ Babbling ] You shoot me all the way over here. Pph! New pronamel mineral boost

Rey: Nick, I hate to say it, but I just don't see how you can defend adam like that. I get that you're brothers and you're trying to see him in a different light because of what he did for faith, but that doesn't erase everything that he's done.

Nick: I'm not saying it does, but adam seems to be making a concerted effort to change, and I'm willing to see where that leads. Now, I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but I will say you got a lot of great things in your life that you could be focusing that energy on. Starting with taking this lady to miami.

Rey: You're right about that.

Nick: Yes, I am. I'm out of here. Catch you two later.

Rey: Later.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Sharon: Sorry.

Rey: Why? You didn't do anything.

Sharon: No, I know, I just am sorry about the whole situation.

Rey: I don't want you to be sorry about anything. Nick's right, I have better things to think about. Like you.

Sharon: You know, I was going to pick up a few things for our trip. Do you want to go with me?

Rey: I'd love to, but I got to check in at work.

Sharon: I'll see you at home, then.

Rey: Yes, you will.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Chelsea: What are you doing here?

Adam: I wanted to see you.

Chelsea: You mean you came to gloat now that I've been declared insane?

Adam: No, of course not. I came to see how you're doing and to let you know that I had a conversation with connor -- video chat, actually.

Chelsea: What did you say about me?

Adam: I said that you were having treatments and you couldn't talk right now, but you sent your love.

Chelsea: Is that really what you said? Because he needs to know -- he needs to know that I have not stopped loving him, not for one second.

Adam: I know. And he knows. Trust me, I'm telling the truth.

Chelsea: So, tell me how he is.

Adam: He's great. He's finishing up the school year and he's getting good grades. He's gonna be coming home soon.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] That's fantastic. I haven't hugged him or heard his voice in so long.

[ Sighs ] There's nothing I want more than to be with my little boy again.

Victoria: Okay, so that's the end of the list of potential projects. What's next?

Nikki: Oh, there is one remaining item on my agenda -- you're going to tell me what's going on with you.

Victoria: Mom, it's nothing.

Nikki: It's obviously something. I wish you felt that you could confide in me.

Victoria: It's not a lack of trust.

Nikki: Well, then what is it?

Victoria: Look, as close as we are, I just don't feel the need to share everything with my mother. I like having a secret of my own.

Tara: Okay, harrison is upstairs with the nanny.

Summer: So, why do you think that ashland suddenly wants to meet with the two of you together without any lawyers? I mean, do you think this is some kind of power play?

Tara: Anything is possible. Ashland loves keeping people off balance.

Kyle: Yeah, or he's looking for an answer since you haven't gotten back to him about his offer, and the deadline is approaching. Frankly, I'd like to know where your head is at too, since in return for shared custody and financial support, you have to cut me out of my son's life.

[ Doorbell rings ] What the hell do you want?

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