Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/8/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/8/21


Episode #12125 ~ Victor and Adam share a difference of opinion in their battle with Billy. Summer tries to connect with Harrison. Amanda learns of a missed opportunity.

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Billy: Well, that is a large coffee. You must have a lot on your plate today.

Victoria: As a matter of fact, my schedule is packed, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Billy: No, of course not.

Victoria: You, on the other hand, look surprisingly calm for someone who posted yet another scathing article about my father. I would think that you would be bracing for incoming fire right now.

Billy: Oh, I didn't tell you? I ran into your father. He's taking it all in stride, so no worries.

Victoria: Really?

Billy: No. I didn't believe it at all. You know, his calm demeanor is always a tell. He's got something cooking up. There's no doubt about it. But I have no intention of letting my guard down. Not for a second.

Adam: Wait till you hear the idea I came up last night.

Victor: Alright, let me hear it.

Adam: Newman media's streaming platform...

Victor: Uh-huh.

Adam: ...It needs to emphasize locally focused investigative reporting, with deep coverage of what's going on all across the country -- not just in la and new york and dc. Now, I've done some research, and there's about 2,000 local newspapers that have shut down over the past few years, so that's a lot of communities that are lacking news coverage. This is something that could set us apart. It could give us the edge over the competition.

Victor: Now, I suggested to you yesterday that we would eliminate the competition, and you said to put it on hold.

Adam: Yes, but your proposal was narrowly focused on billy and chanccomm. What I'm talking about is decimating all the competition.

Victor: Huh. Son, why are you so reluctant to, you know, follow the plan that you and I had when we started the whole thing? I mean, we bought cyaxares to go after chanccomm.

Adam: I realize that.

Victor: I thought you were as passionate as going after billy boy abbott as I am for writing that damn exposé.

Adam: I was. At the time.

Victor: And...what happened?

Amanda: Devon, this is denise, the private investigator who's been working on my case.

Denise: Hello, devon.

Devon: Hello. It's nice to meet you.

Amanda: Denise has taken a personal interest in this case. She was just getting ready to retire, but she's agreed to help me solve one last mystery.

Denise: Fortunately, I still had all my notes from when i tracked down richard nealon's missing child. I located a relative of the baby's foster family -- the lewises -- and she still had some of their old records in the attic.

Devon: I'm surprised she let a complete stranger go through her files.

Denise: Well, it was a little dicey at first, but once i explained that I was hired by the baby's real father looking to find his child and make things right, ms. Lewis opened up everything to me.

Amanda: Richard died soon after denise gave him the lewises' address.

Denise: Felt like unfinished business. I'd really like to find that little girl, all grown up now, to let her know just how desperate her father was to find her.

Imani: Nate.

Nate: Yes? Imani.

Imani: You remembered my name.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Kind of hard to forget.

Imani: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: So, what does it mean?

Imani: "Imani" means "faith" in swahili.

Nate: Nice. How did you hear about this place?

Imani: Amanda recommended it.

Nate: Oh, is she joining you?

Imani: No, she has something else to do, so I'm on my own this morning.

Nate: As it happens, so am I. Someone was supposed to meet me here, but they flaked out. Care to join?

Imani: Oh, I would love that. Let me just grab a coffee.

Phyllis: Alright, um...

Jack: Nick, phyllis, welcome.

Phyllis: What's up?

Nick: Kyle and summer invited us here. They were pretty mysterious about it.

Phyllis: Yeah. What's going on, please?

Jack: I got the same message you got. I don't know what our kids are up to now.

Phyllis: Um...is tara still here with her kid?

Jack: Harrison is outside with his nanny in back, and tara is out for a while.

Phyllis: Mm. A while, interesting. Hey.

Summer: Hey.

Phyllis: Oh. Uh, pastries from my favorite bakery. This is bad. This is bad news, right?

Nick: I'm worried now, too.

Jack: Yeah, something's going on. What's up?

Summer: Okay, everybody just relax.

Kyle: This is good news.

Summer: We've, um, made a decision.

Kyle: And we're hoping you love us enough to trust us on this.

Summer: The wedding's back on!

[ Chuckles ] I don't just play someone brainy on tv -

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Victoria: I have to admit, I'm very relieved that you didn't out me as your source.

Billy: Well, I wouldn't do that. The last thing I want is for your old man to find out that you're the one that told me that he took advantage of locke in the middle of his heart attack.

Victoria: Thanks for that.

Billy: Plus, that would be very short-sighted of me. You would never trust me with a juicy story again. In all seriousness, I learned a lesson after the exposé with adam. People got hurt, and I'm doing my best to restrain myself these days. There's no story that's worth innocent people being thrown under the bus as collateral damage.

Victoria: This new attitude, it wouldn't happen to be lily's influence, would it?

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Well, I would like to believe that I can learn from my own mistakes -- lord knows I've made enough of them.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] That's not where I was going.

Billy: Well, you could've, because it's true.

Victoria: Yes, I could have, but I didn'T. You're not the only one who wants to start doing things differently.

Adam: You want to know what's changed?

Victor: Yes.

Adam: Me. Okay? I've tried so hard to get my life back on track, and every time, I've gone off the rails.

Victor: [ Sighs ]

Adam: But this time, I think I have an actual shot, and even nicholas can sense something is different, and it feels good.

Victor: Son, I'm happy for you, I really am, okay? And I agree. But what the hell does that have to do with billy boy abbott? He tried to destroy your reputation, ruin your life. That cannot go unanswered. There have to be repercussions.

Adam: All I'm suggesting is we just take a step back and we think about the repercussions if we stoop to billy's level and we get caught up in this tit-for-tat vengeance.

Victor: Do you think I'm not prepared for anything that idiot has to throw at us?

Adam: It could counteract our entire pr campaign with new hope and it could damage our reputation in the process. We're gonna look petty and vindictive. And worse, we're gonna be playing into billy and lily's narrative. Okay, I want to aim higher than that. I want to beat them, but by leaving them in the dust. And in the long run, won't that be more satisfying?

Nick: I thought we had agreed to just slow everything down until the situation with the little boy was resolved. And, you know, am I missing something? Has there been a custody agreement put in place?

Summer: No, there hasn't, and there probably won't be for a while.

Phyllis: Oh, there probably won't be, yeah. It's going to be very, very vicious. You know that. I saw this guy ashland in action. He's very demeaning to his wife. He's very demeaning to all women, actually. So it's gonna be a long, drawn-out battle -- you know this.

Kyle: Can't argue with that. There's a good chance this could get ugly.

Nick: And you would like summer to get caught up in the middle of it.

Jack: Just a minute, before we all start piling on, I'm sure summer and kyle have taken all this into consideration. Let's hear what they have to say, huh?

Summer: Okay, look, we appreciate all of your advice, and we know that you only have our best interests at heart. And I thought that postponing the wedding, just taking a break and re-evaluating things was the right thing to do, and I did all of that.

Phyllis: Okay, well, you didn't, because it's too soon, alright? There are so many ways this could go. It's very unpredictable listen, it's not personal, kyle, really, it's just very unpredictable.

Summer: Yes, mom, you're right. There is no way to know what problems will come up, but whatever happens, I know one thing. I know how kyle will handle this. He'll handle it just like he's handled it all along. He's been honest, he's taken full responsibility, and even though he has been under an insane amount of stress, he has shown me nothing but compassion and respect. And I can't wait to be your wife. I don't want to wait any longer to get married.

Nick: Uh, okay. Well, it sounds like you've made up your mind, and we don't have anything else to add to the situation, so...

Summer: Well, you can tell me that you're happy for us.

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Nick: Alright, I want to make two things perfectly clear. One, summer, I want nothing more than for you to be happy.

Summer: I know. Thank you.

Nick: Two, kyle, I'm not attacking you, alright? I'm actually extremely impressed with the way you've stepped up for your son, and I'm proud of you.

Kyle: I appreciate that. I know you're only trying to protect summer. In fact, I understand it more than ever now that I have a responsibility to protect my own son.

Phyllis: Yeah, since we're talking about that, that's the point we're trying to make. This whole situation that you've created is going to change your future -- well, forever -- in ways you don't even know. Why don't you just take a step back and adjust before you jump into this commitment?

Summer: Okay, yeah, logically, I can see why it would make sense to just take a step back, but it just doesn't feel right, mom, okay? It feels like timid and afraid, especially because, in my heart, I feel like I've already committed to my future with kyle.

Kyle: And I feel the exact same way. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm excited to make it official, but, in reality, I feel like we're already partners for life. Look, I want to support her the way that she's been supporting me. We'll get through whatever comes together.

Jack: Well, I, for one, am very happy that you have each other, and I want you to always remember you have your families to turn to.

Phyllis: We have your back.

Nick: That's that. So I will put my concerns aside and trust that you are going to make the best decisions for your life.

Summer: Thank you, dad. Really, your support means everything to me.

Kyle: I plan to make sure you never have a reason to regret that.

Phyllis: Ugh. Alright. We have a wedding to plan.

Billy: The kids' room is almost ready for them to come over and have a sleepover.

Victoria: Oh, good. I'm sure they can't wait. I'll check back with you so we can schedule something.

Billy: Great.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Oh, excuse me. Hi, ashland. Yeah, I had a good time at dinner last night, too. Yes, I'd love to do it again. Tonight? Yeah, sure, just tell me when and where. Oh, see you soon.

Billy: You're swimming in some pretty treacherous waters, vick.

Victoria: You live your life and I'll live mine.

Imani: You're a doctor on staff at the local hospital and you run the clinic in your spare time.

[ Chuckles ] You're just saving lives all over the place, aren't you?

Nate: I'm also the spokesperson for askmdnow.

Imani: Mm.

[ Laughs ] That's why you look so familiar. I knew I'd seen your face somewhere before.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] People are starting to recognize me. It's kind of hard to get used to.

Imani: There is something about that face that makes me feel smarter, safer, and healthier all at once.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Funny you should say that. Now every time I go out, people want medical advice. Just the other day, I was at the grocery store, and this woman comes up to and asks me to take a look at a mole on her hip.

Imani: Unh-unh.

Nate: Right there in the store, she starts undressing.

Imani: [ Laughs ] No, you're joking.

Nate: I wish I were.

Imani: [ Laughs ]

Nate: You should've seen the looks we were getting.

Imani: Mnh-mnh.

Devon: I cannot believe how much material mrs. Lewis kept after all these years. She's got medical records and bank statements and all kinds of stuff in here.

Amanda: Yeah, I was pretty young, but I vaguely her making all of these handwritten notes. They were covered all over the refrigerator, not to mention her calendars. It's why I am hoping that there is some record in all of this of her meeting with my father.

Devon: That's a short window of time you're talking about, though. Richard died not long after he found out the lewises were taking care of you.

Amanda: Yeah, I... listen, I know it's a long shot, but I have to try. Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] These are her calendars.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Amanda: Yeah, she used to -- she used to have them in the kitchen and she would just, you know, make notes of all of her appointments and her meetings. There are lots of birthdays.

[ Both chuckle ] Church socials. Doctor's appointments. Oh, my god.

Devon: What is it?

Amanda: Richard nealon. His name is right here. So then I said to him,

Adam: Bulking up on regional news reporting, with a focus on investigative features, will fill a void in the current media landscape. I have compiled a list of award-winning journalists that are based outside major media markets that we should consider hiring.

Victor: That's very impressive, son. And I'm happy to see you so energized, you know?

Adam: Well, you have given me this incredible opportunity, so I intend to make the most of it.

Victor: It wasn't easy to pull off this deal with ashland locke. I mean, he almost got cold feet when you disappeared, you know? And he wanted to use that as leverage to renegotiate.

Adam: Yeah, I know you had to go out on a limb for me.

Victor: I had to play hardball, but that's what I do.

Adam: I get it. We're back to billy. You want to weaponize newman media to go after chanccomm.

Victor: I want to wipe the floor with them. I want to teach billy boy abbott a lesson he will not forget.

Adam: Have you considered that that move might set things back with nicholas?

Victor: Son, nicholas can't stand billy boy abbott, alright? Especially after he wrote that exposé, which upset faith a great deal.

Adam: True, but nick didn't go after billy himself because he realized the cost could be too great.

Victor: You need to understand something -- if we let this go, we embolden billy boy abbott and he will come out with another exposé trying to ruin our reputation.

Adam: Look, you put me in charge for a reason, so just let me do this my way.

Victor: Okay, for now.

Devon: So wait a second, does that mean that there's a possibility that you met your father and you were just too young to remember?

Amanda: No. The appointment was set for after his death, so... the lewises probably didn't even know why he never showed up. But I can't believe how close i came to knowing my father. He could've came, he could've taken me home with him, raised me himself. My life could've been so dramatically different. It is just...so overwhelming to even imagine.

Devon: And it sounds like your father was a pretty incredible guy. Just to think of the determination it took to continue to try and find you while naya's family was shutting him out, you know? Says a lot. Shows that he had a lot of love for a little girl he never even met.

Amanda: I can't get over it. My father spent his last days on this earth looking for me.

Imani: Really?

[ Laughs ]

Elena: Nate, how's it going?

Nate: Elena, hi.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: This is imani, she's a colleague of amanda'S.

Imani: Hi, nice to meet you. Uh, I wish I could stay, but i have to get back to work. It was nice talking with you, nate. Hopefully we can do it again sometime.

Nate: Absolutely. Well, guess I'd better get going, too.

Elena: Actually, nate, would you mind sticking around? I wanted to get your advice on something.

Tara: Hi. A large latte to go, please. I know the prenup is airtight, but can't we get a judge to order that ashland at least keep paying the nanny? Can you look into it, okay? Please. Let me know.

Mariah: Excuse me.

Tara: Yes.

Mariah: Tara locke.

Tara: Yes.

Mariah: Hi. I'm, uh -- I'm mariah copeland. I'm one of kyle's friends. I saw you at the engagement party the other night, where you showed up with your son.

Tara: Hated to intrude like that.

Mariah: I understand why you did. It was an emergency. And from the sound of that phone call, situation hasn't gotten any better.

Tara: Well, I forget that i am not in new york anymore where people are too busy to pay attention to a stranger's phone conversation.

Mariah: Nope. [ Chuckles ] This is genoa city, where we care about our friends, and if we ever hear something that concerns them, we speak up.

Tara: Look, I don't want to be rude, but the abbotts have warned me to be careful about who I speak with because not everyone in genoa city has our best interests at heart.

Mariah: I understand. They were probably talking about sally and theo. I promise you, I am not on their level.

Tara: Right, well, I hope you can understand that I can't take your word for it.

Mariah: Of course. Yeah. I mean, why should you trust me any more than I trust you? Shingles?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Devon: Amanda, I know how painful this must be for you. I'm sorry.

Amanda: Yeah. It is. Um... but I need to stop thinking about this as richard's daughter and start focusing on how this impacts sutton's case. And truthfully, this new information does not help me in that regard.

Devon: Well, no, especially since sutton has tied your hands.

Amanda: I could raise all kinds of reasonable doubt about the charges against him if he would just let me. I could build a strong case proving that the prosecution is way off base with their charges. Richard was not calling sutton's campaign office to confront him about a bribe, he was asking for help finding his daughter.

Devon: Yeah, and you certainly have enough evidence to support that. You got victor's testimony, you have denise's report, and now you got a calendar that shows your foster parents.

Amanda: I know that I could persuade a jury that that is the only reason why he reached out to sutton. He wasn't accusing him of a crime or corruption, and that -- that information would completely destroy the prosecution's alleged motive. If in fact someone did kill richard to shut him up about a bribe, it is more likely that it was someone who was working at newman who was afraid of being caught.

Devon: That makes sense, which is why I don't understand why sutton doesn't want to move forward with this strategy.

Amanda: Yeah, me either. And I haven't been able to ask him directly. No. Imani has told me that he still agrees that we should redirect suspicion towards one of richard's coworkers at newman, but he is completely against revealing any connection between naya and richard or their babies.

Devon: And why does he care about that at this point? 'Cause that was 30 years ago. I can understand then that the daughter of a political figure getting pregnant out of wedlock is an issue, but nobody cares today.

Amanda: And when you weigh it against the opportunity to clear sutton's name, it seems like a small price to pay.

Devon: Yeah. It also seems pretty odd that sutton isn't talking to his lead attorney on his own case.

Amanda: I think he's shutting me out because he's angry with me, he's trying to teach me a lesson.

Devon: Like you're a child? And what is he angry about, you keeping him out of prison? That's all you're trying to do.

Amanda: In his defense, I am threatening to reveal a very painful and dark family secret.

Devon: Doesn't make sense. There has to be more to it. Like, is -- is -- is naya more fragile than we know? You think she's had a breakdown before, and maybe sutton's worried it'll happen again if she's pressured? I'm just throwing things out there because nothing about this seems right.

Amanda: That's an interesting idea. But sutton is a very proud man. You know, he's used to calling all the shots. Maybe he genuinely believes that all he needs to do is declare his innocence, blame someone else, and the jury will be satisfied.

Devon: So what are you gonna do?

Amanda: I cannot let this go. My family needs to understand the risk that they're taking. Sutton's pride might end up costing him his freedom.

Tara: It sounds like you see me as a threat of some kind.

Mariah: Well, I know firsthand, being kyle's friend, that he was a hot mess when he was living in new york. He and summer had just broken up, and emotionally, he was going through some stuff. And that's when you two got together. So, maybe you didn't notice or you didn't care, but it's also possible that you saw how vulnerable he was and you took advantage of the situation.

Tara: I can tell that you want to protect your friend and that you're coming from a good place. So I hope you believe me when i tell you that I wasn't taking advantage of kyle then, and I'm not now. I am completely focused on taking care of my son.

Mariah: Who also happens to be kyle's son.

Tara: [ Sighs ] Oh. Guess I'm gonna have to get used to everyone knowing my business in this town.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] Yeah, uh, probably not everyone, but welcome to genoa city.

Tara: Well, I'm very grateful that kyle has been so warm and welcoming to both of us.

Mariah: And summer? How's summer handling all this?

Tara: Oh, um, you know, she has her concerns, as anyone would, considering the situation. I just hope that she and kyle work things out. The last thing I want is to be a problem for them.

Mariah: You know, summer is, uh...is not my favorite person, but she's most definitely kyle'S. Yeah, they had these huge emotional break-ups. They've even been with other people, and he's basically been in love with her forever, and, uh, they keep finding their way back to each other.

Tara: How romantic.

Mariah: Yeah, it is. The only explanation I've been able to come up with is that they are just meant to be.

Tara: That sounds lovely. Jack, I assume you know mariah, kyle's friend. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to the house. I don't like leaving harrison for long.

Jack: Okay, what was that all about?

Kyle: Look, harrison. There's someone here I want you to meet.

Summer: Hi, harrison. I'm summer. I've been so excited to meet you.

Kyle: Go on, little man. Say hi to summer.

Summer: It's okay. I know you've been meeting a lot of strangers lately, and that can get kind of scary sometimes, huh? Yeah. Well, that's okay, 'cause you and I are gonna have a lot of time to get to know each other. Banana boat sunscreen

Jack: So, how do you and tara know each other?

Mariah: Oh, we don't, really. I just introduced myself a few minutes ago.

Jack: I take it kyle has filled you in on what's going on.

Mariah: Yeah, it was a shock finding out that he had a son. He needed a sounding board after he found out, and especially after tara told him to keep the paternity a secret forever.

Jack: Well, I'm sure it's better that everything's out in the open now. It's obviously gonna be an adjustment for everyone, especially little harrison, but you know what, he's got a family here that's gonna support him and he and kyle are getting along famously.

Mariah: I'm really glad to hear that.

Jack: So, what were you talking to tara about? I mean, when I first came in, it seemed pretty intense.

Mariah: I was just...filling her in on the summer-kyle dynamic. I thought she should know how indestructible their relationship has become.

Jack: And what made you think she needed to hear that?

Mariah: Mm, nothing. No reason. Ye-- don't -- don't mind me, okay? I'm a hardened cynic, so I trust no one, I believe in nothing. I have to get back to the office, but I will see you there.

Elena: We finally got those insurance company claims back. The outstanding ones just needed more clarification.

Nate: Ah, that's great. But I thought you had something you wanted to run by me.

Elena: Ah, I do. Do you remember my friend carol who used to work with us at the hospital?

Devon: Hey, you two.

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: Hey, man. Congratulations. Moses told me about a new artist you just signed.

Devon: Yeah, we're -- we're excited. He's about to blow up, which is perfect timing to bring some press to the winter's mood label.

Elena: Neil would be so honored, since you're using it to benefit the substance-abuse program they named after him.

Devon: I feel good about what we're accomplishing.

Nate: It's a good cause. And, you know, if you ever need to head to a concert or anything, moses can always stay with me while you're gone.

Devon: I will keep that in mind. Thank you. You guys have a good one.

Elena: Things seem to be so much more relaxed between you two.

Nate: Mm, we're not back to where we were, but there's definitely been some progress.

Summer: Hey. Harrison, do you like your new toy? Well, I thought you might because my little brother christian has one just like it. Hey, I mean, who could blame him? No person is as cool as that toy.

Kyle: Like you said, we have a lot of time. Gonna watch him grow up together.

Summer: Hey, um, I should get going. I got a lot of phone calls to make if this wedding is really gonna happen.

Kyle: Oh, it's happening. We got your dad back on board, which is a minor miracle.

Summer: I mean, hey, even he saw how strong our love is and that he had no real reason to worry. We can totally do this.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Harrison: [ Babbling ]

Kyle: Harrison, say goodbye to summer and thank her for your toy.

Harrison: Thank you.

Summer: Oh, you're welcome.

[ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Summer's the coolest. The three of us are gonna tons of stuff together.

Imani: Do all these boxes have to do with the case?

Amanda: As a matter of fact, they do. The private investigator richard hired brought all of the material that she collected from the foster family's attic. Devon and I have been going through them all day looking for something, anything. You will not believe what we found.

Imani: So, wait, all these boxes were saved for decades?

Amanda: Yes. And we found proof that richard set up a meeting with the lewises, but he didn't live long enough to make it.

Imani: Look, I know how meaningful this is for you, that your father was searching for you before he died, but you can explore all of that after the trial. Right now you're supposed to be preparing my grandfather's defense.

Amanda: That is exactly what I am doing. The more that I think about it, I am certain that we need to get the whole truth in front of the jury.

Imani: I told you, that's not the way grandfather wants to handle it.

Amanda: Okay, well, you know what? I'm gonna need to hear that from him. I've got big news!

Nate: So, you were saying you heard from carol.

Elena: Yeah, we've kept in touch since she moved to baltimore.

Nate: Mm. Does she like it there?

Elena: She loves it. She actually told me about a job opening for an attending physician in their emergency department.

Nate: And you're thinking about applying for the job?

Elena: I already did, and they made me an offer.

Nate: Really?

Elena: Yeah. So now I just need to make a decision. I mean, I love genoa city and I've made great friends and I'm so proud of the clinic and my work at the hospital, but if I'm being honest, the idea of having a fresh start in a brand-new place sounds really exciting and adventurous.

Nate: You really want to make such a big change?

Elena: I mean, it actually wouldn't be that difficult. Carol has a spare room that she would rent to me, and it would be a step up for me career-wise and I'd be making more money, but I don't want that to be my deciding factor.

[ Sighs ] So what do you think?

Nate: Still so surprised. I, uh, don't know what to think. Honestly didn't even know you were considering something like this. That being said, opportunities like this don't come along very often.

Elena: You got that right.

Nate: I can see why it would be hard to turn down.

Elena: Yeah. So I guess my real question is can you think of any reason why I should turn it down?

Imani: If you think I somehow manipulated my grandfather into taking this position, you couldn't be more wrong.

Amanda: Sutton is an intelligent man. There is no way that he is willingly putting himself at a disadvantage.

Imani: True.

Amanda: But you, on the other hand, you've made it very clear how strongly you feel that family secrets should stay secret.

Imani: But surely you know that my priority is keeping my grandfather out of prison. And a murder conviction would obviously be far worse damaging to our social standing than an unwed pregnancy.

Amanda: My point exactly.

Imani: I could be convinced that exposing this story would be the right thing to do, but it's not my call. Grandfather is the one facing the charges. It's his career and reputation that's on the line.

Amanda: Yes, but --

Imani: He's made it clear, amanda. He's trying to protect his daughter -- and you.

Amanda: Me?

Imani: Sutton knows how important it is for you to keep your connection to the family unknown, and if the rest of this story comes out, there's a good chance that would too.

Amanda: I don't believe for one second he is making this decision for my sake, especially since I'm the one who's arguing against it. Of course I want my parentage revealed rather than lose this case, and that is a very real possibility, I might add. You do get that, right, imani?

Imani: Yes, I understand. But I'm not the one you need to convince. You need to talk to sutton.

Amanda: I agree. Set up a meeting with him. It's time we settle this.

Kyle: You're back. Harrison is with the nanny. And he's had a pretty busy morning already.

Tara: What was my little man up to?

Kyle: Well, he tired himself out playing outside for quite a while, then he spent some time with summer.

Tara: Oh. How did that go?

Kyle: Well, I thought it went well. He was a bit shy, but that's the same way he was with me at first.

Tara: I see.

Kyle: Summer brought him a toy, which warmed him up. And on the advice of my lawyer, I filed a paternity acknowledgement form with the vital records office. Such a big moment for me, but to the clerk, it was just another piece of paper to stamp and file away.

Tara: It is a big moment, as far as harrison and I are concerned. Thank you for making it official. Anything else I need to know?

Kyle: The wedding's back on.

Tara: Kyle, that's great. I hated how my problems had derailed your future plans. So glad that you guys worked it out.

Kyle: Yeah, I was worried for a while, but it's all good. I'm gonna grab a bite from the kitchen. Can I get you anything?

Tara: No, thanks.

[ Sighs ]

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