Y&R Transcript Monday 5/31/21

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/31/21


Episode #12119 ~ Victor reminds Chelsea to stay the course with their plan. Kyle and Ashland learn the truth about Harrison's paternity. Nick and Phyllis worry about Summer's future.

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[ Knock on door ]

Summer: Please tell me you're not here with bad news because i cannot handle it today.

Phyllis: I'm not here with bad news. What's wrong? Is there more on the tara and ashland front?

Summer: No. No, I think it's just the cumulative effect of everything finally getting to me. I mean, what is my life, mom? One second I am celebrating the engagement to a man that I love, and the next, he is the third party in a bitter divorce battle, just waiting for confirmation that he's a dad.

Phyllis: Yeah, I get it, i get it. I've been on both ends of this scenario. I understand what you're going through. I think you're handling it well. Wonderfully, in fact, and i think it was wise to put the wedding planning on hold. I think that was very wise.

Summer: Well, it doesn't feel wise at the moment, it feels like a huge mistake. I don't know, wouldn't it be easier to survive all this turmoil if kyle and I were already husband and wife? You know, it'd be us, united against the world if we just said "to hell with it" and just got married today.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Tara: Sorry about the toy. Harrison has a bad habit of leaving them everywhere.

Jack: No problem at all. I love having him here. How did you two sleep?

Tara: He was fine. I was awake most of the night, listening out for harrison in case he cried. I can tell that he senses that something's off.

Jack: Well, it's a good thing that you're nearby to protect him. You're doing everything you can right now.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Ashland: Open the door. I know you're in there, tara.

Jack: Everything's gonna be okay, don't let him rattle you.

Tara: I'm not worried that he's gonna hurt me or harrison physically -- he's not violent -- but he is intimidating.

Jack: Nothing bad is going happen to you or your little boy as long as you're in my home.

Ashland: I'm not going away. I could've brought the police, but I did not want to scare harrison. I will get the authorities involved if you leave me no choice.

Tara: He's not bluffing. I can't do that to harrison.

Ashland: Where is my son?

Sharon: You seem far off. Are you thinking about the hearing in chelsea's case today?

Rey: Yeah. I'll be happy when it's over.

Sharon: If you want to be at the courthouse, you should just go.

Rey: No, I'm gonna let the lawyers do their jobs. Michael has my statement, he knows where I stand.

Sharon: Despite everything that has happened, I hope that chelsea doesn't end up in prison -- for connor's sake.

Rey: Yeah, I'm hoping for the same thing, but there's no guarantee. It could go either way.

[ Cellphone chimes ] It's michael. The ruling's in.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] What are you doing here?

Michael: Uh, well, hello to you, too. I just wanted to let you know that the judge has issued a ruling in your case.

Chelsea: What did he say? Am I going to prison?

Nick: What's up?

Victor: Hey, son.

Nick: Am I interrupting a company meeting or is this just a casual family chat?

Victor: No, no, no, we were just discussing chelsea.

Nick: Yeah, I heard her court hearing's today.

Adam: Yeah, we should find out soon if she's gonna go to prison for poisoning rey and framing me.

Nick: Why aren't you at the court?

Adam: I didn't want my presence there to potentially sway the court's opinion against her.

Nick: Well, hopefully the judge understands that chelsea just wasn't in her right mind and has some leniency. I feel terrible for her.

Victor: Yep. Hopefully we can put this whole saga behind us soon.

Nick: Yeah. Alright, I'll let you two get back to whatever it is you're cooking up.

Victor: Come to think of it, son, why don't you join us for a minute? I want to talk about something.

Adam: Yeah, what the hell. Have a seat.

Tara: We need to end this fight over custody. Please don't try and take harrison from me, he needs his mother.

Ashland: He needs his father more than the parent who betrayed our family and ran off to the home of her ex-lover's family, huh? Now, why would you do that?

Tara: It was the best option available to me.

Ashland: Oh, really? Well, that makes me think that this affair was a little more serious than you're letting on. Or maybe you and kyle aren't exes after all?

Tara: That's not true. How did you even find us?

Ashland: That's not the issue.

Jack: The issue is harrison and what is best for him.

Ashland: Please, jack, save me the parenting advice, given how kyle has turned out. This is none of the abbotts' concern.

Jack: You're in my home. It is therefore my concern.

Tara: Be reasonable, ash.

Ashland: I think I'm being extremely reasonable. Especially since you have technically committed kidnapping. Now, I demand to see my son.

Kyle: No. Tara and harrison are staying right here, and you are leaving.

Ashland: His attempt at chivalry is a tad melodramatic, don't you think? A meaningless affair years ago does not give you the right to interfere in this very personal matter. What's the #1 retinol brand

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Sally: Hi, ashland. I hope the info I gave you about your son is paying off. Um, I was just looking into this italian fashion house that you invested in. I mean, who could say no to a job at this place? It looks like the perfect thing to lure summer away from genoa city. So I will start laying some bread crumbs for her. The sooner we can make this happen, the better.

Tara: Can the two of us go and speak somewhere privately?

Ashland: Will you please quit stalling?! Harrison is my son. You have no right to keep him from me, and I have court documents backing me up.

Jack: Whatever those document say, they do not negate the fact that you are on my property. And our lawyers can draw up as many documents as yours can.

Ashland: You, and the rest of your family, can stay out of this. I have no idea why you are involved in the first place. This is none of your concern.

Tara: All jack did was offer me a safe haven because I was worried you'd have a reaction exactly like the one you're having.

Ashland: Of course I'm upset. You're keeping my child from me. I need to see my little boy, and you know that he needs to see me, too.

Michael: The judge ruled that you are not guilty by reason of insanity. You'll serve no prison time, but you'll have to stay in this facility, and you'll be reevaluated on an ongoing basis, based on reports from your doctor.

Chelsea: Okay.

Michael: Chelsea, chelsea, look at me, look at me. This is a positive outcome, okay?

Chelsea: Okay, you're right. I know. I'm supposed to feel grateful. But it's just hard to accept that I'm the one that's now considered legally insane, when the person who drove me over the edge is out there free. He's not suffering any consequences for his actions, yet he's the one that truly out of his mind.

Michael: Well, you got me there. I can't speak to adam's sanity, but I can tell you this much -- the big difference between you and him is you now have a chance to get better. I doubt adam ever will.

Adam: So how is faith doing?

Nick: She's doing well. She started going back to school. Going with half days for now.

Adam: Good. Glad to hear that.

Victor: That's wonderful news, son.

Nick: Yeah, I think she's really turned a corner.

Victor: Now, talking about my grandchildren, I'd like to talk to you about noah.

Nick: Okay. What about him?

Victor: We were hoping to enlist his prodigious creative talents to create new branding, new logo for newman media.

Nick: Well, that sounds like a big job. You can ask him yourself, but I have a feeling he's going to turn you down. I mean, it's no secret that he, uh...

Adam: Hates me? Yeah, we know.

Nick: It's not just you. He's worked for the family before, and he got burned. And I think he's made a nice life for himself out in london. He seems really happy.

Victor: Makes sense what you say, but, you know, this is not a suit-and-tie job. I mean, here, he could use his creative talents, which are many. And who knows, he might end up taking on a permanent position and come back to genoa city.

Adam: And if he wants to head out across the globe, the gig will give him some exposure beyond the art world.

Nick: I can't deny, you know, it sounds like an amazing opportunity for him, but, you know, he's his own man, so you can talk to him about it. If he decides to accept the job, I will certainly support him.

Victor: That's very nice of you. Thank you. Appreciate that. Let's do that very soon, alright? Now, that brings me to another idea that I want to discuss with both of you. How would the two of you like to work in a joint venture -- newman media with new hope? Two brothers working side by side. Does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours?

Sharon: I think the judge made the right decision. Chelsea needs to stay in the hospital right now so she can continue getting the help that she needs. And even if she is faking it, that only means she needs more help. So, either way, I'm just glad we'll be able to put this ordeal behind us.

Rey: You know, I've been thinking about that, and I am thinking the best way to do that is maybe to get out of town, go on a trip, and celebrate the fact that we made it through this.

Sharon: You know, I like that idea. Maybe we could go to miami, see your family. We could visit lola while she's doing her guest chef residency.

Rey: That's a perfect choice, as long as we get some alone time together.

Sharon: Oh, absolutely. This could be like a second honeymoon.

Rey: Mm. When do I start packing?

Victor: Now, I know this is off the cuff, but the idea would be that newman media would support and sponsor new hope. We would give you free publicity and create a new free platform for you.

Adam: I like it. I mean, who can argue against doing some good in the world?

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Right?

Nick: Um, yeah, I -- you know, it sounds too good to be true. What's the angle here, to lure me back into the family business? I know how hard you've been pushing this brotherly bond thing.

Victor: And what do you think would be wrong with that? I've been the father of two strong-willed boys. You have feuded with each other for years. You know how nice it would be to put that feud behind you? Put the past behind you? And start working together on a new venture? Be a dream come true. As a father, one day, you'll understand that.

Nick: Well, it's something i need to think about. I also need to talk to devon first.

Victor: Alright. Well, it's not a no.

Phyllis: Alright, okay, so you and kyle agreed waiting to get married was the best choice. At least until, you know, we find out how everything plays out with that little boy, harrison, so...

Summer: Okay, well, I feel like I'm already seeing how things are playing out. Tara floated the idea to me that she might just want to start fresh here in town.

Phyllis: Oh, no. What? Okay. That's new news. Let's not overreact, though.

[ Sighs ] At least everything's out in the open finally.

Summer: I'm sorry, what do you mean by that? 'Cause if you're referring to harrison, kyle never kept that a secret from me. I knew about him long before i brought you into the loop.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm, yeah. But kyle didn't tell you about tara. He was only forced to when theo and sally started stirring things up.

Summer: Okay, well, that's probably because kyle doesn't like to talk about his time in new york. No, he did a lot of things there that he wasn't proud of, and, clearly, this affair was a part of that. And, mom, why would he bring it anyway? It was all in the past.

Phyllis: Yeah, until his past came waltzing into town.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Are you trying to make me feel worse about everything?

Phyllis: No. No. I'm trying to get you to be honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself. How do you feel right now? What's your gut telling you right now?

Summer: That -- okay, fine, yeah, when I watch kyle and tara together, maybe there is more there. Something that maybe kyle can't even admit to himself.

Phyllis: Oh. Okay.

[ Scoffs ] If that's the case --

Summer: I don't know if it's the case. Maybe I'm just reading into things and having momentary insecurities. I don't know, mom. I don't know. No, I trust kyle. I do, I trust him. I love him. I know that he loves me, so I'm not gonna let this situation destroy what we have worked so hard to finally get right.

Kyle: I'll support whatever you want to do, tara.

Jack: Whatever you say stands.

Ashland: Make the right choice.

Tara: You do have the right to see harrison. Now that you've found us, we can't put it off forever, and he does want to see you.

Ashland: Then take me to him.

Tara: First, you have to promise me that you're not gonna say anything to him about the custody situation or the divorce.

Ashland: Good lord, you know me better than that. I'd never say anything to scare or upset harrison.

Tara: Good.

Ashland: I won't even mention mommy's lies or her dirty little affair.

Kyle: Watch it.

Ashland: You have no idea who you're messing with.

Kyle: I know exactly who I'm dealing with, and I'm not about to back down.

Ashland: Take me to my son.

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Sharon: Well, as excited as I am about the idea of going on a second honeymoon, you know, we can't just hop on a plane today.

Rey: Yeah, I guess we have little things like jobs to take into consideration.

Sharon: And kids.

Faith: Hey, guys.

Rey: Hey, you. How you doing? Excited about your first day back at school?

Faith: I think so. But it still feels a little weird.

Rey: I bet all those jitters will go away once you get to class.

Faith: I hope so. I know everyone will be talking about me. First, I gave them a dui to all gossip about, and now I have an organ transplant under my belt. They're probably all making bets about when I'll be in the hospital again.

Sharon: Honey, don't even joke about that.

Faith: Sorry, you're right. Definitely too soon. My books are outside, I'll be right back.

Sharon: I hope she really is ready to go back -- not just physically, but emotionally. You know, some of those kids, they can be so cruel.

Rey: Well, look, the school's on top of the situation, and faith is stronger than she was before. I can sense it. It's like she's growing into herself, feeling more confident. And I think she might even have a secret weapon by her side.

Sharon: Really? What?

Faith: Hey, cut it out.

Moses: I'm just saying.

Faith: [ Laughs ]

Victor: I'm proud of you for making the effort with nicholas.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Well, it's just what most brothers manage to do every day.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Okay. Okay. Alright, thank you.

Victor: What was that?

Adam: The judge made his ruling. Chelsea's gonna stay at the psychiatric hospital for the time being. She's been spared a prison sentence.

Victor: Uh-huh. I think it's for the best.

Adam: Yeah, I agree. But it doesn't stop me from worrying about her.

Victor: But don't do that. Someone will watch out for her.

Kyle: What if ashland tries to take harrison? We need to be ready in case he makes a move.

Jack: I don't think we have to worry about that. I honestly believe him when he said he does not want to make a scene in front of his son.

Kyle: I should've told him about the paternity test.

Jack: No, we do not play that until we have proof. Kyle, you played it exactly right. We keep things vague and stick with tara's story right now.

Kyle: It didn't feel great, keeping the truth from him.

Jack: Hey, you stood your ground, you kept your cool, and you did what tara thought was right for her son. Think about it -- that little boy, all he knows is that he misses the one man who has been his father his whole life.

Kyle: I realize seeing ashland is what's best for harrison, but we'll be in a much stronger position once the paternity results are in.

Summer: Well, you'd think we'd be able to avoid each other outside of the office.

Sally: I am just here for a meeting.

Summer: Well, so am I. Well, looks like lauren wants to meet with both of us, so I will be at the bar waiting for her.

Sally: Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for our latest fight.

Summer: Right, because i haven't believed your last dozen apologies to me, so what would make you think that I'd start now?

Sally: I'm serious. I overstepped. But it was a gut reaction to seeing a strong woman like you hurt by kyle's past mistakes.

Summer: No, kyle did not hurt me. You did, sally, and you continue to do so.

Sally: Okay, well, we have differing opinions on that, but what was I supposed to do when tara showed up with her adorable little son, so distraught? Should I have lied to her and told her that I didn't know where kyle was?

Summer: You have a tell. Every time that you try to be smooth things over or be nice, you're really up to something. So why don't you just tell me what you're scheming this time, sally?

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will continue.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

Victor: Hi. Congratulations.

Chelsea: I was expecting my lawyer. What are you doing here? You come to throw away the key?

Victor: Now, why would I do that? I held up my end of the bargain. I got you a good doctor and a good attorney to keep you out of prison.

Chelsea: Well, I have a hard time trusting you. I assumed you would abandon me as soon as you secured adam's freedom.

Victor: You're still the mother of my grandson. And I have a vested interest in connor's wellbeing and in getting you the help you need.

Chelsea: Well, of course I'm well. I mean, have you forgotten this has all been a ruse? I don't need the kind of help they dish out in here.

Victor: You're mistaken.

Chelsea: What the hell are you talking about?

Victor: You're far more ill than you're willing to admit to yourself.

Sharon: I love seeing my daughter smiling again. I hate to break up their conversation, but we got to go, or we'll be late for school.

Rey: I think you can give give them another five minutes.

Sharon: Well, you're a softie. But in this case, I agree with you.

Moses: The tribute was incredible. I mean, seeing all those people that loved my dad and hearing all those stories about him I've never heard before.

Faith: I know my mom was really affected by it. I can only imagine how emotional it must've made you. I'm sorry I couldn't make it. I'm just not really up for long walks around town yet.

Moses: Yeah, well, maybe when you're ready, I can take you on your own personal tour across my dad's genoa city.

Faith: I'd like that.

Moses: Good. It's a plan. But first we're gonna have to make it though another day of high school.

Nick: You're not gonna believe the conversation I just had with dad and adam, but first I want to hear about summer.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. Okay, well, she's a bit all over the place, you know? I'm glad that she and kyle decided to put the wedding planning on hold, but now she's talking about forming a united marriage front, and maybe that's the better thing to do.

Nick: I don't like the sound of that.

Phyllis: Yeah, I really don't think she'll pick that option. Have you completely turned on kyle?

Nick: No, I haven'T. I told summer I'm very impressed how he's standing up for his kid, doing the right thing, but I'm concerned about the fallout for our daughter and how she's gonna handle it.

Phyllis: Well, I don't think that we should underestimate our daughter's strength.

Nick: I never would. But it is a lot for them to take on.

Sally: I don't have any schemes up my sleeve, but i guess I have to face the fact that you're just not gonna believe me, no matter what I do. You and kyle and even jack will forever be suspicious of every move that I make.

Summer: Well, you can take full credit for people doubting you.

Sally: Well, look at it this way, you might not have to worry about me much longer.

Summer: Why? What do you mean?

Sally: Well, I just learned of this incredible opportunity in milan -- creative director at marchetti. Apparently, they're doing a quiet search to fill the job.

Summer: Okay, well, I will admit, that does sound pretty amazing. You know what? You should go for it. In fact, I'm rooting for you.

Sally: I bet you are.

Lauren: Hello, ladies. Nice to see you both smiling. Did I miss the good news?

Sally: No, no, it's nothing.

Summer: Oh, I wouldn't say that it's nothing. No, we were just talking about marchetti.

Lauren: Ooh. I love that atelier. I think the forresters are one of the backers.

Summer: I did not know that. Sally, did you know that?

Sally: No, I did not.

Lauren: Hmm, so why marchetti? Something to do with fenmore's?

Summer: No, no, I just heard that they were thinking about hiring somebody, which would be an amazing opportunity for...the right person.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, sorry. You know, I have to take this.

Lauren: You know, it's very nice seeing the two of you being able to put your past behind you.

Sally: Yep. Yeah, maybe even on our way to becoming friends.

Summer: Hey. How's it going over there? Is everything okay?

Kyle: Ashland showed up, so, no, not really. But there's bigger news -- the paternity results are in. They're being delivered to the house as we speak.

Summer: Okay. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Kyle: I appreciate that.

[ Door opens ] I've got to call you back in a minute. I've got to go. Bye.

Summer: Okay, bye.

Kyle: Are you okay? What happened?

Jack: You didn't just leave harrison alone outside with ashland, did you?

Tara: I would never do that. They had their visit, and i watched them like a hawk. Ash stepped away to speak to his lawyer, and harrison is with the nanny.

Kyle: Okay, so why do you seem so upset?

Shirley: Ah, sally girl. I hope you took my advice -- playing things smart and strong, the spectra way.

Sally: I am trying my best.

Shirley: That's my girl.

Sally: I've regrouped and made a plan.

Shirley: Oh. [ Chuckles ] Tell me every juicy, little detail.

Sally: I will -- later. But right now I could really use some info to work with. Do you know how involved eric forrester is with marchetti? Because I may need a huge favor from him.

Rey: This restaurant was literally built over the water, and they specialize in stone crabs.

Sharon: Well, we'll have to go there. I'll put it on the list. And I found this hotel that has a swim-up bar.

Rey: Oh, I love that.

Sharon: You know, I don't want to offend celeste, but, um, as hard as she may try to get us to stay with her, I don't think should spend our entire second honeymoon under her roof.

Rey: That's not even an option.

Sharon: Okay, good. I'm glad we're on the same page.

Rey: I want you to myself as much as possible.

Sharon: Well, we have some time to make up for.

Rey: And we're gonna make every moment count.

Michael: Hey, you guys. I -- oh, I'm sorry, am i interrupting something?

Rey: Just flirting with my wife.

Michael: Ah.

Rey: What's up?

Michael: Well, this sounds odd, but I just wanted to double-check that the both of you are still okay with chelsea not going to prison.

Rey: For sure. Sharon and I feel like it's the best possible outcome.

Sharon: We're both just glad that this ordeal seems to finally be over with.

Michael: Okay. Alright. I think my beautiful wife awaits, and I will leave you lovebirds to it.

Lauren: Hey, I got your message about the ruling.

Michael: It's been an interesting day.

Lauren: I thought you said that the judge agreed that chelsea didn't have to have prison time. Isn't that what you wanted?

Michael: Yes, it was, but something else is bothering me. I heard that victor visited chelsea in the hospital today.

Lauren: Well, that doesn't sound strange to me at all. She is the mother to victor's grandson.

Michael: Mm. Well, let's just hope that's all there is to it.

Lauren: What more could there be?

Michael: [ Sighs ] I have every reason to believe that chelsea is truly ill, but when I step back and look at the whole picture, things nag at me.

Lauren: Like what?

Michael: Chelsea was at victor's place when she had her breakdown and her big dramatic confession, and victor is the one who personally brought in the doctor who gave her her initial diagnosis and just, you know, by coincidence, is the same doctor that continued with her care -- victor's doctor.

Lauren: Do not like where this is going at all.

Michael: I don't like it either. But I just have to wonder, is victor pulling the strings here?

Kyle: If ashland did something to upset harrison, I'm --

Tara: He kept his promise. I heard every word.

Jack: What exactly did he say to him?

Tara: He was the perfect dad. He stayed focused on what harrison was doing and apologized for being away for so long. He didn't blame me at all.

Jack: Well, we got to give him some credit for that.

Tara: It was what harrison said that upset me. He just kept asking where father's been and, "when are we all going home together?" It broke my heart, and I think it broke ash's too.

Kyle: Or it's another one of his ploys.

Ashland: Do what you need to do to get my son back.

Kyle: I think we're done here. You can go now.

Ashland: We are far from finished. The dove beauty bar makes my skin feel fresh.

Nick: I mean, the three of us sat down, it was remarkably unremarkable -- just seemed like a normal family conversation. Adam is still shockingly sounding like a new man.

Phyllis: I mean, you're not even sarcastic right now. You're saying this with a straight face, with no trace of irony at all.

Nick: I'm not saying adam deserves a halo or anything, but there wasn't any of that underlying snark or the digs or the usual posturing.

Phyllis: The restraint he must be exercising, it must be killing him.

Nick: Meanwhile, dad wants to bring noah back and put him to work at newman media and he also wants to sponsor new hope.

Phyllis: Why? What's his agenda?

Nick: I asked him. He said he simply wants to bring us all together.

Phyllis: No, he doesn'T. What's he trying to do? Like he's gathering all his scions -- with the exception of victoria and abby. That's how he's happy, you know? He must be in heaven, controlling you all. I smell trouble.

Victor: You should take the therapy very seriously, you know. In spite of being paid off, the doctor that I hired is tops.

Chelsea: The doctor that's morally compromised.

Victor: Yeah, but who cares? He's very, very competent, you know. And once you're ready, you can leave this place behind you.

Chelsea: Once I'm ready? I feel like there's a buried threat in there. Maybe you plan to push my recovery. Maybe you plan to keep me in here forever.

Victor: You must stop focusing on me. Focus on yourself. Okay? Paranoia does not become you.

Chelsea: I'm not paranoid. Victor, you don't mince your words, so why don't you tell what's really on your mind.

Victor: Let me be very clear with you -- if you play the game the way I want you to play the game and you submit yourself to therapy, you'll get out of here. If you don't, you will stay in here forever.

Kyle: I see the "perfect dad" has disappeared again. The bitter, soon-to-be ex-husband has returned.

Tara: Please, ash, I'm asking you to reconsider fighting for full custody. Didn't you hear the fear in harrison's voice?

Ashland: I did, and you heard my response to my son. I told him that I loved him and that we will be together very soon. And as for you, you're gonna be hearing from my lawyers, and you'd better not try to run again.

Jack: Is that a threat?

Ashland: 'Cause there's no place that you can run or try and hide that I won't find you, and you know me well enough to believe that. You two have made a serious mistake here.

Kyle: I think that's another threat.

Ashland: Threat, promise -- you decide.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jack: Don't drop in again unannounced.

Ashland: Oh, that won't be a problem. Won't be long till I'm back in new york with my son.

Kyle: Wrong again.

Ashland: What is that?

Kyle: Proof. You asked why tara sought me out? Why she came here to stay? This is the reason. Harrison is not your son. He's mine.

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