Y&R Transcript Monday 5/24/21

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/24/21


Episode #12114 ~ Victor provides Amanda with vital information about her past. Phyllis defends Summer. Kyle comes clean with Jack.

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Phyllis: Hey, hey, hey, hold on. What --

Summer: Hey, is something wrong?

Phyllis: Well, I -- I'm gonna ask you that. Why are you home from work so early?

Summer: Oh, I just... I don't know, with everything going on, I just was pretty useless today, and neither kyle or I got a lot of sleep, so i was just gonna take a nap.

Phyllis: How's kyle handling all of this?

Summer: Uh, well, he's at jabot talking to his dad right now, and, um...he's gonna ask jack if tara and harrison can move in to the abbott house.

Phyllis: What?

[ Scoffs ] Okay, well, he's gonna have to explain to his dad why he's taken such a sudden interest in this little boy. No turning back now, right?

Jack: I hope you know I don't sit in any judgment here. I only want to help. I think I proved that when you told me about tara, about this affair you had.

Kyle: Dad, you've been great. It's just...that wasn't the whole story. I held part of it back because I'm pretty sure you'd have a problem with it.

Jack: Did this relationship go on longer than you admitted? After you left new york?

Kyle: No, it ended. We cut all contact, which is why I didn't know... tara was pregnant. Her little boy harrison is my son.

Amanda: Mmm, that lunch was delicious. Thank you.

Devon: You're very, very welcome. You know that I, uh, I lured you over here with your favorite sushi because it's the best way I know how to score time with you when you're as busy as you are.

Amanda: Well, I have a secret for you. I don't come for the food.

Devon: I'll take that as a compliment.

Amanda: You should.

Devon: So are there any other secrets that I can entice out of you -- with or without a crunchy roll?

Amanda: Hmm... I could tell you a few now, or...

Devon: Or?

Amanda: Or I could wait until I don't have an appointment with victor newman. Preliminary interview in preparation for the sutton case.

Devon: Really?

Amanda: Yeah. Why do you say it like that?

Devon: Just 'cause I'm surprised. I thought you were working off the theory that richard was killed before he revealed the bribery scheme to anyone, including victor.

Amanda: I understand that victor is a family friend and you don't want to believe that he's the one that richard could have been blackmailing.

Devon: It's not that I don't want to believe it. I know that victor wasn't involved in richard's death at all.

Amanda: And I agreed -- at the time -- that it seemed unlikely.

Devon: Right, so what's changed?

Amanda: Some new information's come to light, and it's possible that we both could have been wrong.

Ashland: Thanks for the recommendation. You were right. The coffee's quite good here.

Victoria: Oh, good. I'm glad you took my advice.

Ashland: Well, it looks like you're in the middle of working on something. I'll get out of your way.

Victoria: No, no, sit, please. It's only fair. I mean, after all, you asked me to join you last night. And if you have any other questions about genoa city, i will be your -- your guide.

Ashland: Much obliged. There is actually something I'd like to get your take on.

Victoria: Sure. What?

Ashland: What is your opinion on kyle abbott?

Phyllis: Hey, baby. How's your morning going?

Nick: Well, I've spent most of it looking for summer. I've texted her. She said she's too busy, which i don't buy, so then I tracked down her assistant, and she said she was headed over here.

Phyllis: Okay, well, were you planning on going up to her suite?

Nick: Is she not here, either?

Phyllis: Oh, I was just thinking that maybe you just want to take a moment and, you know...

Nick: You told me to hold off last night, which I have done. Okay? And there's no more running interference for her. If our daughter is going to marry kyle abbott, then I want to know what the hell's going on with kyle and tara.

Phyllis: Okay. Listen, nick --

Nick: Summer said she would speak to me in the morning. It's the morning.

Phyllis: I understand where you're coming from completely. I really do, but she arrived here. She didn't feel well. She wanted just to lie down and rest.

Nick: Well, I came here for answers, so if summer's not going to give them to me, then you are. I brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein.

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Devon: So, what is this new evidence that supposedly incriminates victor?

Amanda: The legal team's P.I. Found richard's day planner. I saw annotations documenting dates and times he met with victor.

Devon: And how many were there?

Amanda: Two. Not long before richard was killed.

Devon: Richard was an employee at newman enterprises, and people who work together have meetings all the time, so.

Amanda: Richard was a low-level accountant, fresh out of college. Does it make sense that he would be conferencing with the ceo? All of his other meetings were with immediate team members, not senior executives.

Devon: So, you're suggesting that richard tried to blackmail victor during one of these meetings?

Amanda: I don't have to prove that. I'm only looking to create reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury. Now, the prosecution will point out that richard attempted to call sutton's campaign office. I will be able to show that he definitely was in touch with victor.

Devon: That doesn't prove that he was trying to shake down newman enterprises.

Amanda: But there's more. So, soon after the second time that he spoke to victor -- and for the two weeks leading up to his death -- there is nothing in his planner about work. Not an assignment, no meetings. I got a hold of his bank records and discovered that he didn't deposit any paychecks, either. And I've subpoenaed his hr file. Now, I don't have that yet, but it looks like he was fired in retaliation for what he uncovered.

Devon: Amanda, are you sure you want to go down this road?

Amanda: Of course I'm sure.

Devon: 'Cause it's one thing to have a theory about just some random newman employee, but to target victor newman directly and imply that he orchestrated a murder, it's -- it's gonna make him furious, and he's not the kind of guy that you want to make an enemy out of.

Amanda: I can handle victor newman.

Victoria: Well, kyle is engaged to my niece, but i actually -- I don't really know him that well.

Ashland: What's your impression of him?

Victoria: Oh, he seems smart, level-headed, hardworking. Why? Are you thinking about doing business with jabot?

Ashland: Well, that was on the table until I discovered that my wife and kyle had an affair.

Victoria: Oh.

Ashland: Well, judging by your reaction, I -- my guess is the rumor's gotten around.

Victoria: I guess that explains why you're getting a divorce.

Ashland: It does, indeed.

Victoria: Yeah. Well, um, for what it's worth, I'm sorry for what you're going through. I've been through something similar, as you know.

Ashland: I'll be better off in the long run. My main concern is for my son.

Victoria: Of course. Well, like I said last night, you put your child first, and you cannot go wrong.

Ashland: That's precisely what I intend to do.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. That's my lawyer. What have you got?

Phyllis: Okay. Ashland locke filed for a divorce. He wants full custody of his son. He has followed tara locke here to genoa city to confront her.

Nick: Sounds messy.

Phyllis: It is. He was confronting her right here in my lobby. I had to break it up.

Nick: See? I don't like that. You're all caught up in kyle's stuff, too.

Phyllis: I know! I don't like it, either. I don't! I mean, but kyle is making the best out of a horrible situation. And yes, it is messy. And he used poor judgment. He slept with a married woman, but that was a long time ago. So...

Nick: Well, I'm glad you brought up the affair, because I have a lot of questions about that, too. Specifically, when did it end?

Phyllis: Uh...before he and summer got back together, if that's what you're asking.

Nick: Nope, not what I'm asking. What I'd really, really like for you to tell me is that there were more than nine months from when the affair ended to when tara's son was born.

[ Sighs ] It's kyle's kid, isn't it?

Jack: Harrison...your son... my grandson. Tara told you this last night?

Kyle: No. No, I've known for a couple months. Theo and sally told me about tara's little boy.

Jack: Sally? Sally knows about this?

Kyle: I-I never confirmed it with either of them. In fact, I denied it to her that it was my child. But I went straight to tara.

Jack: And she admitted it?

Kyle: Eventually, reluctantly.

Jack: She didn't want anyone to know.

Kyle: She had built a good life with ashland. They were a happy family. Tara said it would be wrong of me to ruin that for her. And, selfishly, I knew it would wind up ruining my life, too, and...so I agreed to keep harrison's paternity a secret, even from you.

Jack: You were going to let that little boy grow up without you in his life? Without any connection to the rest of his family? With no awareness to who we were in his life?

Kyle: I knew it would be hard for you to accept. That's why I didn't tell you sooner. I hope you can understand and believe I was just trying to do what was right for harrison. I didn't want to blow up his world. And now it's happening, anyway.

Jack: [ Sighs ] Well -- does ashland know about this?

Kyle: Tara lied to him about the timeline of our affair. We better get ready, because when he finds out...god help us.

Dry eye symptoms again?

Victor: Send her in.

[ Door opens ] Well...

Amanda: Hello!

Victor: ...Amanda sinclair.

Amanda: Indeed.

Victor: This is my attorney, elizabeth westerbrook. I think you two have talked on the phone.

Amanda: Yes. Nice to finally put a face to a name.

Elizabeth: Likewise.

Victor: Kindly have a seat.

Amanda: Thank you.

Victor: Elizabeth came along because she wanted to make sure that I don't say the wrong thing.

Amanda: Well, I promise not to ask any trick questions. You don't mind if I record this, do you?

Elizabeth: Victor?

Victor: No, not at all.

Amanda: Thank you. Interview with victor newman as time-stamped in regard to sutton ames at newman tower in genoa city. Also present is his attorney, ms. Westerbrook. Now, I'd like to get some information about the interactions that you had with the deceased, specifically during the time that he was employed here at newman.

Victor: Well, this will be a very short interview because i don't know richard nealon.

Amanda: Let's back up so that I can stipulate that the newman employee in question was in fact richard nealon and that he was employed here after his college graduation until approximately two weeks prior to his death.

Victor: Well, if my employee records show that, then I will not contradict that, but I don't know richard nealon.

Amanda: I have evidence to the contrary.

Victor: Really?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Victor: What evidence?

Amanda: Well, we'll get to that. But for now... perhaps this will jog your memory?

Victor: Hmm...

Amanda: You recognize him, don't you?

Elena: Hey.

Nate: Hey. What's that in your hair?

Elena: Oh. Confetti -- I thought I got it all out. The clinic turned a year old today. So, the staff and patients threw me a party.

Nate: That's great. Congratulations.

Elena: Thank you. It was such a surprise. It was so sweet of them. But I do wish that you had been there, too. You are the heart and soul of that place.

Nate: I think they did it exactly right. The clinic was your brainchild, elena. You made it happen, and the community's a better place for it. You deserve every bit of that confetti.

Elena: Tsk! Aw! Well, I did make them promise to save you a cupcake.

Nate: That's all the thanks i need.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: I take it tara has changed her mind about keeping this under wraps.

Kyle: She's terrified ashland's going to try to take harrison away from her in the divorce. But it'll be harder for him to do that once we show the court I'm his biological father.

Jack: Have you gotten a dna test?

Kyle: That is next on my to-do list.

Jack: Look. I understand your hesitation. I've been there myself when you were a baby. It does stir up some pretty complicated emotions, doesn't it?

Kyle: I've almost blurted it out so many times. I've really needed to run this through with you, dad.

Jack: Well, I'm glad you told me now. Boy, this has to be pretty rough on summ-- you've told summer, right?

Kyle: Yes, of course -- soon after I found out, and she knew something was wrong and wouldn't let it go till I admitted what was going on. She's been great.

Jack: I'm glad to hear that.

Kyle: She's scared about how intense this could get. But she supports me wanting to do right by my son.

Jack: Ashland has attacked jabot once already, when he just

suspected that you had had an affair with tara. This round? I think it's gonna be a little more intense.

Kyle: I've come to accept that fending off attacks from locke will be the central focus of my life from now on. I mean, what else can I do? I can't let tara handle this all alone. Dad, I've got to take the brunt of this for harrison's sake.

Jack: You are not in this alone. You have the full support of your family.

Kyle: Thank you.

Jack: Okay, first things first. We have got to get tara and her baby out of that hotel. I want them to come to the house, stay with me.

Kyle: That's one of the reasons I came to talk to you, to ask for exactly that.

Jack: Well, I hope you didn't doubt for even a second that i would say yes.

Kyle: I wasn't sure how disappointed you'd be in me.

Jack: Kyle, it's pretty clear to me you have tried to handle this the best way possible every step of the way. I'm very proud of you.

Nick: So, kyle has a kid that nobody knew about.

Phyllis: Yeah, including kyle. He didn't know about it. He was very honest with summer. She didn't go into this blind.

Nick: Why are you defending him?

Phyllis: I'm not defending him! I'm not happy about this! Listen -- kyle's making the best out of this situation. It's a mess. I don't think he's the enemy, and if you take out your frustration on kyle, you will alienate your daughter.

Nick: [ Sighing ] Oh, man! I got to talk to summer.

Phyllis: I'll go with you.

Nick: No. No, look. I know your heart's in the right place, but this is something i got to do alone. Your mission:

Summer: So, uh, mom told you about kyle and tara?

Nick: I didn't give her much of a choice.

Summer: Well, I'm sure that you are outraged and disappointed and every other dad thing, but I'm sorry. I cannot do this right now. I am all talked out on this subject.

Nick: Too bad. We're having this conversation. I know about kyle's son.

Summer: What?! What is mom thinking? She keeps spilling all of my secrets.

Nick: Well, kyle's gonna make it public soon, anyway, right? So, it's not my reaction you need to be worried about. Ashland locke is gonna want kyle's head on a platter.

Summer: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much for that lovely visual, like I'm not already very concerned about what could happen here.

Nick: Look. You know that I don't want this for you, right? You have to understand that.

Summer: Dad, I know that you blame kyle. That is always your knee-jerk reaction. But I refuse to go there. Okay? He made a mistake, just like you and me and every other human being on this planet has done. But he's still a good guy, and he's trying to do the right thing and be there for everybody, including me.

Nick: I'm not here to attack kyle or try to make him feel worse. My only concern is you.

Summer: I'm sorry, but you cannot divide us like that. We're a package deal, and I'm not gonna try to protect myself at kyle's expense or walk away from him during this crisis. Every time I have walked away from kyle before... I have lived to regret it. So, no, dad, I'm going to stand by kyle this time, the whole way.

Tara: You could have just come up.

Kyle: No, we're safe here. Ashland is at the genoa city athletic club, where he's staying.

Tara: How do you know?

Kyle: A buddy of mine works there. He's been keeping me apprised.

Tara: I'm sure ashland has spies around here, too. I'd be amazed if he didn'T.

Kyle: Well, this is no way for you to live. Scared to even step outside your suite?

Tara: It is what it is, i guess.

Kyle: No. My father has invited you and harrison and your nanny to come stay at our family home.

Tara: Does he know?

Kyle: I told him the whole story, and it's okay. He understands. You and harrison will be way more comfortable there, and even if ashland does find out where you are, he doesn't have the same kind of access he does here.

Tara: You are very different from when I knew you in new york.

Kyle: It was past time for me to grow up.

Tara: I don't know what else to say but thank you.

Kyle: I'll do whatever is necessary for harrison's sake. You can count on that.

Elena: I will see you later.

Nate: Um, where are you going?

Elena: Oh, just going back to my apartment, where I will probably turn on the tv for background noise. It's been so weird with lola out of town. I think the quiet's hurting my ears.

Nate: You shouldn't have to do that.

Elena: Why not?

Nate: Let me buy you lunch.

Elena: Nate, no! It was a joke. I wasn't fishing for an invitation.

Nate: I know you weren't, but I'd enjoy the company. Think of it as my contribution to the clinic's anniversary celebration. Nothing fancy, just burgers?

Elena: Hmm. Are we talking about the place that has hand-scooped milkshakes?

Nate: If it means you'll say yes.

Elena: Let's go.

Victor: Yeah, I recall meeting this fellow once or twice.

Elizabeth: This would have been decades ago, victor.

Victor: Yeah, but it had nothing to do with the ames business.

Amanda: Please tell me about your encounters with richard nealon.

Victor: You know, he did not introduce himself as richard nealon. He introduced himself as "rick."

Amanda: And did these conversations take place here, at newman?

Victor: Yes. Yes. He was a rather charming fellow. He had, you know, passed connie at the desk and came in suddenly for an impromptu meeting.

Amanda: I take it that was unusual.

Victor: Very unusual, rather annoying. But I remember he was desperate.

Amanda: Seems like he had a pretty serious problem on his hands.

Victor: Yeah. He was looking for a missing child. As a repairman, I hear a lot of folks say

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Amanda: Why would richard nealon go to the ceo of his company with what seems like very personal information?

Victor: Apparently had read my biography, you know. Knew of my history and that I'd been abandoned at the doorstep of an orphanage when I was 7 years old.

Amanda: He was coming to you for insight?

Victor: Yeah. He told me that he had had a relationship with a friend at college, and she got pregnant and then gave birth to the child and then put that child up for adoption. And he asked if I could be instrumental in finding the child. And I could, indeed.

Amanda: [ Clears throat ] So...how did you help richard, r-rick?

Victor: Well, I, uh, when we met again, I gave him the phone number of a private detective i had worked with before, and i also told him that the job would be there for him when he came back from his search.

Amanda: So, you're saying that he left his job voluntarily to conduct this search?

Victor: Yeah. You thought I had fired him? Couldn't have been more wrong.

Amanda: Well, did he ever follow up with any updates on the search?

Victor: No, never saw him again, never heard from him again.

Amanda: Because he died. You were unaware.

Victor: That makes me sad, you know? Hmm. So, the son or the daughter -- huh. Yeah. Will never know that their father was looking for them, trying to find them.

Amanda: [ Clears throat ]

Phyllis: You're persistent. I'll give you that.

Ashland: You have no idea.

Phyllis: So, what do you plan to do? You want to camp out here, wait for your wife to come through the door? I mean [Sighs] That doesn't work for me.

Ashland: That wasn't my intention. However, I do have a message for tara, and if you won't help me find where she is, then you can have someone run this up to her suite immediately.

Phyllis: That doesn't work for me, either.

Ashland: I'm aware that you have all convinced yourselves that she's some sort of damsel in distress. But, thankfully, the new york family-court system has taken a more realistic view. This is a judge's orders instructing tara to stop blocking my access to my son.

Phyllis: Your wife has checked out. In fact, you just missed her. I'm sorry.

Kyle: Nervous about being here?

Tara: Well, how could I not be? I shudder to think about what your father must think of me.

Kyle: Dad's cool. Really, it's fine.

Tara: [ Sighs ] It's a beautiful home.

Kyle: Thanks. There's a heated pool, tennis courts, gardens to walk through, plenty of room for harrison to play outside. Bedrooms are upstairs. Kitchen, dining room are through there. And if either of you have allergies or likes or dislikes, please feel free to tell our housekeeper, mrs. Martinez.

Tara: Oh, I don't want to be any trouble.

Kyle: No. No, no, no -- no worries. She loves kids, and she also loves having someone to bake for. So, if harrison has any favorite cookies...

Jack: First batch of oatmeal-raisin is out of the oven.

Kyle: Awesome.

Jack: Tara, it's nice to see you again.

Tara: I can't thank you enough, jack, your hospitality.

Jack: Yeah, it's a big, old house. Family comes and goes. It'll be nice to have some company. Speaking of which, someone's missing, aren't they?

Kyle: Harrison, can you come in here for a sec? Someone I'd like you to meet.

Tara: This is mr. Abbott. He's kyle's dad. Can you say hello?

Harrison: Hi.

Jack: Hi, harrison. We are very glad to have you here.

Anything your wild child does

Elena: Mmm...that was delicious! Thank you.

Nate: Just my small way of saying thank you for making the world a better place.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] You want to know a secret? I can do without the treats and the parties. Honestly, the work is its own reward.

Nate: Funny how that works.

Elena: Yeah. I'm so glad I didn't give up on becoming a doctor. It scares me when I think of how close I came. And if it weren't for you encouraging me... I might have walked away from my dream.

Nate: After I lost carolyn, i almost did the same thing. And I had even more doubts after my hand got injured. But everyone you work with and all your patients are grateful you never gave up. They're probably wishing they could clone you.

Elena: [ Laughing ] Stop!

Nate: I'm serious. The world needs more doctors like you.

Devon: Hey, are you alright?

Amanda: I-I, um, most definitely not alright.

Devon: Did victor go off on you?

Amanda: No, not at all. It was just -- it was so -- it was so unexpected.

Devon: Start from the beginning. What happened?

Amanda: Well, he admitted freely to speaking with my father, but he said the conversations had nothing to do with sutton ames.

Devon: Okay, what were they about?

Amanda: He was looking for his child... the one his ex-girlfriend had put up for adoption.

Devon: I thought that richard didn't know about naya being pregnant.

Amanda: Well, I must have been wrong, and he found out somehow, unless victor invented this whole story.

Devon: No, I don'T... it's been 30 years. If he didn't want to tell you what they talked about, he would have just told you he forgot or made up something else that wasn't about a missing child. Victor was traumatized himself as a kid from being separated from his family.

Amanda: Yeah, the orphanage. I didn't -- I didn't know anything about that until the interview today.

Devon: Did victor know about richard's ex and the connection to sutton ames?

Amanda: Well, if he did, he didn't say anything, and I was too caught off guard to ask.

Devon: Well, richard probably just left naya's name out of it.

Amanda: And he only talked about one baby. So, it seems like he didn't know there were twins.

Devon: Why would richard even go to victor about this?

Amanda: Because he knew about his history, the orphanage, and he thought he would help. Victor said that my father was "desperate" to find his child.

Ashland: Where have tara and my son gone?

Phyllis: I'm sorry. They didn't leave a forwarding address.

Ashland: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Phyllis: No, I'm not, actually. If I had my way, I would have never met any of you lockes. I wash my hands of every single one of you.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Well, whatever you think of me, my little boy loves me, and he trusts me. And it is my obligation as a father to do whatever I can to make sure that that boy is well-cared for. And I know you can understand where I'm coming from. You have a daughter whom you obviously love dearly and want to protect. Now, the best thing for her and kyle is to do exactly what you want to do -- remove themselves from the situation, let tara and I handle things without any outside interference, well-intentioned or otherwise.

Phyllis: Well, I want you to know that I have been taking care of my own for a really long time. I don't need pointers from you. If your actions affect my daughter in a negative way, i swear to you there's no court, judge, or law that will protect you, and I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

Jack: Here you go.

Kyle: Thank you for the drinks.

Tara: So thoughtful of you. What do you say, harrison?

Harrison: Thank you.

Jack: You are very welcome. And listen. If you change your mind about trying those cookies i mentioned, just let me know, okay? A lot of kids have lived in this house -- kyle when he was a little boy and me when I was a boy.

Tara: You grew up in this house?

Jack: Oh, yes, I did. My sisters and I miss having kids around here. So, I'm gonna ask you a favor, okay? If you don't mind, I would like for you to make a whole lot of noise while you're here -- big noise! Stomping around, shouting, laughing, singing if you want to... all the normal little-boy sounds. That sound okay? Good. This house is gonna have life in it again.

Kyle: You're the best. You know that? Thank you.

Jack: So, are your bags in the car?

Tara: Oh, the nanny's finishing packing. She's gonna bring everything from the hotel when she's finished.

Jack: Okay, fair enough. Can I show you your rooms?

Tara: That would be great. Harrison, let's go look at our rooms.

Jack: Come on, buddy. Upstairs we go!

Tara: Go, go, go.

Harrison: Can we go up the door upstairs?

Tara: Of course.

Kyle: Hi. This is kyle abbott. We spoke this morning. How soon can you send someone to collect dna samples for the paternity test? Perfect! I'll give you the address.

Elena: I think it is time for a nap.

Nate: Hmm.

Elena: That or an hour on the treadmill so I can burn off all this fattening food we just ate.

Nate: And I'm gonna head to the clinic, make sure no one's made off with my cupcake.

Elena: Oh, yeah. You deserve every bite. You enjoy that.

Nate: Elena... I'm sorry. I thought you had more confetti in your hair.

Elena: [ Laughs ] Oh, well, I will definitely be taking care of that.

Nate: Have a good one.

Nikki: [ Knocking ]

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: Hey. Well, your interview was quick.

Victor: Yeah, well, as I knew it would be.

Nikki: How did it go?

Victor: Please sit down, my darling. Amanda sinclair showed me a picture of the guy, and i realized I had met him once or twice before.

Nikki: Oh, I thought you said you didn't know him.

Victor: Well, because she had referred to him as richard nealon. I had never met richard nealon before, but I had met rick before when I saw the picture.

Nikki: Oh. You never made the connection before.

Victor: No, never.

Nikki: So, what did he need help with? Was he in fear of his life?

Victor: Kind of a long, tragic story. Apparently, he had a relationship with a girl in college, and she became pregnant and then gave birth to a child, and she gave that child, you know, to an orphanage, up for adoption. And, um, he knew of my history.

Nikki: So, he came to you, assuming that you would empathize with someone in that situation and --

Victor: Yeah. Amanda sinclair thought that i had fired him. You know, whistle-blowing or blackmail or some nonsense.

Nikki: I'm sure that irritated you to no end.

Victor: Yeah, totally wrong. Reality was that I offered to help him. In fact, I introduced him to a detective I had worked with before. And I told him that his job would be waiting for him if he came back. Now I find out that he died.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Such a tragic story. I mean, what jury would believe that you were involved in his murder when you went out of your way to help him?

Victor: I know. But... I have a feeling about that amanda sinclair. She was very...she was very focused, very disciplined. But she seemed affected by what I told her. She was trying to hide it.

Amanda: Hi, naya. It's me. I would like to speak to you as soon as possible. So, please let me know when it's a good time to meet. Thank you.

Devon: I know you must be still in shock.

Amanda: You know, the more i learn about my father... the more I feel his loss. If he hadn't been killed, he might have found me... and hilary.

[ Voice breaking ] And me and my sister could have grown up with our father. Whoever took his life... stole the future that we all could have had together. And I am going to make damn sure that they answer for that.

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"the young and the restless"...

Adam: I'm not a fugitive anymore. And that was the only reason that you were able to get a restraining order. Let me be a father again.

Chelsea: No!

Lily: We're really pulling this off, aren't we?

Devon: We are. I think that neil would have loved this tribute. I think it's gonna bring people into his world in a way they would never expect.

Sally: There's something that I would like to discuss with you, and I believe that you will be very glad we met when I tell you how we can help each other.

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