Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/18/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/18/21


Episode #12110 ~ Kyle covers with Jack. Rey makes a promise to Sharon. Amanda forces Imani's hand.

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Nick: Summer said she and kyle would be back within a half an hour. Where are they?

Phyllis: Oh. Um, they haven't been gone that long.

Mariah: Hey, do you remember abby's pre-wedding jitters? Things looked rocky then, but look how wonderfully that turned out.

Jack: Yeah, it was a beautiful ceremony, just like kyle and summer's will be.

Abby: I'm sure the happy couple is gonna come bursting through those doors any minute now. But we don't want them to come back to a sad, dull party, do we? Mariah, go turn up the music so we can start having fun.

[ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: I just think you should lighten up.

Nick: Well, you're dodging my questions. You know a lot more than you're telling me.

Phyllis: I think you're blowing it out of proportion.

Nick: Fine. Just gonna call summer myself and ask her what's going on.

Phyllis: No, no, don't call her, please. Please don't interfere.

Nick: Only if you tell me everything you know.

Abby: I can tell my brother isn't taking this well. I guess he didn't buy my little pep talk.

Jack: He's not the only one. I hate to admit it, but I don't like the way things are going, either. There's just not a hell of a lot we can do about it. Summer, uh, I'm getting pretty worried here. Uh, I reached out to kyle. I thought you would pick up. Uh, if you two need help, please reach out.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: I can't believe this. Now you need my help? You're drawing me into your battle with ashland after telling me goodbye forever?

Tara: [ Scoffs ] It's not just my battle. I'm only in this nightmare going up against a megalomaniac because of my affair with you. I am terrified by the threat of losing my son.

Kyle: We agreed it was in harrison's best interest if we ignore the fact that I am his father.

Tara: Don't you understand? Everything has changed since we had that conversation. Now that ashland's tricked me into admitting that we had an affair, he's going after custody in the divorce, if not before. And he'll get it, too, unless we do something.

Kyle: Like what, tara?

Tara: I am not about to give up my son. So you're gonna have to step up. You need to claim paternity.

Sharon: That was a nice night.

Rey: Right.

Sharon: It's good to know that, after everything we've been through, that our love and our connection is still there.

Rey: I agree.

Sharon: Let's make a promise that no matter what happens in the future, we won't let things get to that place.

Rey: I promise.

Faith: [ Gasps ] Rey! Does this mean you're back?

Rey: [ Clears throat ] I'm happy to say that the answer is yes.

Sharon: Rey is here to stay for good.

Faith: I wish I could give you a great big hug right now, but it would hurt too much. Rey, welcome home.

Rey: Thank you.

Amanda: I still have my doubts about imani's motives for wanting to meet with me.

Devon: I mean, don't you think it's a possibility that she just doesn't want to be the only person left in your family standing in your way and wants to have an actual relationship with you?

Amanda: I hope so. It could also be a case of, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Me, being the enemy, of course.

Devon: Do you really think so?

Amanda: I'm gonna keep my guard up.

Devon: That's probably a smart thing to do.

Amanda: Devon, I -- I want to thank you for being with me on this. I'm not used to having someone in my life who has my back.

Devon: Amanda, you never have to thank me 'cause can always count on me to be there for you.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Amanda: And that is my cue to leave. Hi and bye, moses.

Moses: Yeah. Bye.

Devon: So, yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, listen, remember that you are in control and you can walk away from this any time you feel like you need to, alright?

Amanda: Thanks.

From the very first touch,

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Amanda: Imani. I see we're both early. Is that something that runs in our family?

Imani: Possibly. I'm just grateful you agreed to meet with me. Hopefully this means you're gonna let me help you with my grandfather's case.

Amanda: You mean our grandfather.

Imani: Right. I'm still getting used to that.

Amanda: Yeah. Well, before I can consider working with you, I need a few more answers.

Imani: Ask away.

Amanda: Frankly, I'm still having trouble understanding this sudden acceptance of me as family.

Imani: I thought I already explained myself.

Amanda: You did. But I can't help but wonder if this was your call or if our grandfather forced your hand.

Rey: So, you made it through the hard part. I'll bet your happy to be out of that hospital.

Faith: I'm so happy, especially now that you're back home with us.

Rey: How are you feeling?

Faith: I'm not gonna lie. My side and belly are really sore. And it's weird how numb the area is around my incision site. Dr. Hastings told me it would be like that, though. So, really, what can I complain about? I'm lucky to be alive.

Rey: Ah, that's the spirit.

Sharon: Um, you were sound asleep when we got in. Did you come downstairs to get something?

Faith: My sleep schedule is all messed up from being in the hospital bed around the clock. I woke up a little hungry.

Sharon: Well, I'll fix you something.

Rey: I am sorry about the trouble between your mom and me. You're already going through enough without having to worry about us, too.

Faith: It's okay. But I need to ask you something. Are things really, truly back on track with you and mom?

Kyle: Okay, let me get this straight. You told me it would make things worse for harrison if ashland were to find out the truth about his paternity. Now you want me to publicly claim him as my son?

Tara: Are you listening to me? Ashland wants sole custody. He wants to punish me for the affair by taking harrison away from me. I can't lose my child. And the only way to stop that from happening is if you admit you're the father.

Kyle: Look, I only want what's safest and best for harrison, but I'm not so sure that's a good plan.

Tara: [ Sighs ] I lied about the dates of the affair so that ashland wouldn't be suspicious. But now I think that the truth is our best weapon.

Kyle: Oh, no, no, no, no. Springing this on them now might be the worst thing you could do for all of us, like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Tara: So, what do you suggest? I mean, what else can I do?

Kyle: Let's take this one step at a time. You can't be certain ashland will cut you off from seeing harrison.

Tara: Oh, yes, I do know that for a fact. I am well aware of what my husband is capable of.

Kyle: Yeah. Just give me a minute to process this.

Tara: I bought us some time.

Kyle: How did you accomplish that? This seems like the first place ashland would look for you and harrison.

Tara: I arranged to have it look like we went in a different direction, towards an old family friend's home in virginia. It's the first place he'll look. But in actuality, I drove straight here from new york.

Kyle: Mm. So, clearly you were running on pure adrenaline when you crashed my engagement party.

Tara: [ Sighs ] You have to believe me. I never planned to get in the way of your future with summer. I just had no other choice. You are the only solution to the threat against our son.

Phyllis: I -- I don't really know a lot, um...

Nick: Well, it's obviously a hell of a lot more than I do, so spill it.

Phyllis: Okay, don't get mad at me.

Nick: We'll see.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: Start talking.

Phyllis: Uh, it seems that kyle and that girl tara had an affair.

[ Clears throat ]

Nick: What?

Phyllis: Okay, it was before. Kyle and summer weren't even together.

Nick: Well, that doesn't explain why a happy couple would just get up and leave their engagement party.

Phyllis: Yeah, I don't have all the answers, but I think that everything sort of blew up when that -- when ashland came into town on business.

Nick: For the cyaxares deal, the one that dad and vick have been battling over.

Phyllis: Right, right. And that's when he may have become suspicious of tara and kyle. And I don't have to tell you, but if he finds out about this, there will be hell to pay.

Nick: How long have you known about it?

Moses: My dad -- I mean, he was this hugely successful guy, and it seemed like his life was perfect from the outside, but it wasn'T. I mean, he was just really good at hiding that part of himself. So, addiction, whether it's drugs, alcohol, or whatever it is, needing help to stay in control -- it's nothing to be, like, um, ashamed of. Now, the fact that you haven't even offered to buy me a brownie yet -- that's something to feel embarrassed about.

Faith: [ Laughs ] You didn't tell me you were hungry.

Moses: Okay. How about this?

Faith: That's brilliant. How'd you know how to do that?

Moses: Just a lucky guess.

Faith: Are you hustling me, moses?

Moses: Yeah, maybe a little.

Faith: You said you didn't know how to play.

Moses: No. To be fair, I said, "can you teach me?"

Faith: How long have you been playing?

Moses: Since I went to the park. I saw some guys playing in new york, and they taught me. They played for money, so it was expensive, but now I know my way around a chessboard.

Faith: Good. That means I don't have to take it easy on you.

Devon: Did you see that steal he just got?!

Moses: Yeah. Yeah, smooth.

Devon: You like these guys, right? This is your team. Thought you'd be more excited.

Moses: Yeah, I'm just -- I'm a little bummed right now.

Devon: What are you bummed out about?

Moses: I haven't really connected with faith since she got out of the hospital. Her dad pretty much told me to back off and give her some space.

Devon: Well, I probably wouldn't take that too personally 'cause I know nick and sharon. They're really good people, and they're probably just being overly cautious. You know, their daughter's been through a lot right now.

Moses: Yeah, maybe, but faith has been through so much. I mean, between rehab and therapy and school and now major surgery. I just -- I just want to be there for her, you know?

Devon: Yeah.

Moses: Let her know that everything's okay.

Devon: I hear you. I hear you. Um, at the risk of sounding uncool again, I got to ask you this question. How close are you and faith getting these days?

Moses: [ Chuckles ] Come on, man.

Rey: I never lied to you, and I never will. That's why you can trust me when I tell you that your mom and i are definitely back on track. And this time I can tell you it's gonna last.

Faith: Really, rey?

Rey: You know, sometimes you got to be tested to find out what's in your heart. Your mom and I have definitely grown through this whole mess. It took us going through some tough times to get to this point. But whatever happens, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure we never go off track again.

Mariah: Hey, have you heard anything?

Jack: No, I'm afraid not. I've reached out to kyle and summer, failed on both. I have to assume that whatever's going on is serious.

Mariah: Well, you were right earlier when you said you trusted kyle to handle anything that's going on. He and summer have been through so much together. They can deal with this.

Jack: Boy, I hope you're right.

Phyllis: Um, I've known about this not -- not too long, a little bit, just, um...

Nick: So, you didn't think i would want to know that this corporate titan, who is doing business with my family and seems to be out for revenge, especially against my daughter's fiancé?

Phyllis: Okay, I didn't want to worry you, and, really -- really, summer and kyle seemed to have it under control.

Nick: Well, obviously not.

Phyllis: Summer didn't want me to tell you, okay? And she didn't want the whole town to know.

Nick: Well, it's not gonna be a secret any longer, alright? Tara showing up at this engagement party like that is not exactly subtle.

Tara: So...what are you gonna do?

Kyle: I'm sorry, tara, but I can't decide anything until I've talked with summer. She needs to know what's going on and weigh in.

Tara: I understand that you don't want to leave her in the dark, but remember that time is not on our side. Ashland will figure out we're not in virginia eventually and come after us. I will, uh, give you and summer some privacy. I need to check in on harrison and the nanny anyway. And don't worry. I used a prepaid debit card and a false name when I checked in. I will text you my new number. Just, um, call me when you've made a decision?

Kyle: I will.

Tara: I'm sorry. Truly, I am. I hate dropping this on your shoulders, but I hope you understand why I had to. My son's future, our son's, is in your hands now. I'll be waiting to hear from you.

[ Door closes ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Don't settle for products that give you a sort of white smile.

Phyllis: Okay, I don't think we're, um, in a place to condemn others. I mean, we haven't been saints. And who knows when the past is gonna catch up with you?

Nick: What do you expect me to do? Just allow kyle's past to wreck our daughter's future?

Phyllis: I -- well, listen, I don't think we should be so hard on kyle. And that says a lot that I'm saying that, right? I mean, they were done. Summer and kyle weren't together. They were over.

Nick: Well, maybe they need to be over now, too.

Phyllis: I think they deserve our love and support and not our judgment.

Nick: Does jack know about all this?

Phyllis: Hmm. Uh, I-I think summer mentioned that kyle told jack. Yeah, I think -- I think she mentioned that to me. Um, and by the look on his face, I think he is disturbed by the events of the evening, um...

Nick: Excuse me.

Phyllis: Please don't make a big deal out of it! Nick!

Nick: Any update from the kids?

Jack: No, I'm afraid not. This tara locke's husband, ashland, is a piece of work in his business dealings.

Nick: And how about his personal dealings? I just heard about kyle and tara's affair.

Jack: Okay, I can understand where that would give you some pause, but don't let it. Kyle is not gonna let anything come between him and summer.

Nick: I'm not convinced of that, jack.

[ Cellphone pings ] It's christian's nanny. Excuse me.

Phyllis: Was that summer?

Nick: No. Christian. He can't sleep, so he's asking for me.

Phyllis: Oh, you should go.

Nick: Well, I'm still very concerned about summer, so please text me when she gets back here, if she gets back here.

Phyllis: Of course I will.

Nick: I cannot believe this is happening. I mean, how is summer ever gonna trust kyle? I'm really starting to believe that I was right all along and that marrying this guy would be a big mistake.

Summer: Okay, so, what, ashland is divorcing tara?

Kyle: Yeah, and she's terrified he's gonna take her son away from her.

Summer: I mean, I'm stunned. I don'T... I'm not even gonna lie to you. Yeah, there was a part of me that saw this coming. Kyle, why is she here? What does she expect you to do about that?

Kyle: She thinks if I came forward as harrison's biological father, it would weaken his chances of getting custody.

Summer: What does that even mean?

Kyle: I-I'm not sure. It's a huge step.

Summer: No, it's not just a step, kyle. It's a leap off of a cliff. I mean, what are you even thinking about all of this?

Kyle: All I know is that whatever happens, I have to protect my son. And maybe tara's right -- the way to stop ashland is by claiming paternity. Maybe if locke finds out that harrison isn't his, he wouldn't fight for custody.

Summer: What?! Kyle, do you really think that he's just gonna walk away from a kid that he loves and has raised?

Kyle: Possibly. We have no idea what the fallout could be. We've seen what he did to jabot, and I'm sure he's capable of much worse.

Summer: Oh, my god. My head is spinning. There are so many things that could happen.

Kyle: Okay, this isn't something we can figure out tonight. And we still have our engagement party for us.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Oh, god, yeah. Someone might be sending out a search party for us if we don't get back there, but are you even up for that right now?

Kyle: I promise you -- I'm always up for celebrating marrying you.

Devon: I know that kids your age -- the last thing you guys want to talk about with adults is your relationships. But this is an important question that I have to ask you because I'm looking out for you for the time being, so...

Moses: Okay. Well, first of all, faith and i aren't in a relationship.

Devon: Okay. What are you guys in?

Moses: We're a thing, no labels. I mean, we're friends. For more than half the time that I've known faith, she was in the hospital. That's where I first met her, and that was the last place i saw her.

Devon: Okay.

Moses: Okay. Yeah, I-I like her.

Devon: Yeah.

Moses: A lot. Are you satisfied?

Devon: Yeah.

[ Both laugh ]

Faith: It means a lot to me that you're so honest about your feelings.

Rey: Only way to go.

Faith: I know that now. Unfortunately, I had to learn that the hard way. Lying got me into nothing but trouble.

Rey: Well, look, it doesn't matter how you learned the lesson, only that you understand it. You live by it now.

Faith: Which is why I'm hoping that if I'm up front about something, you'll do me a favor.

Rey: Ask.

Faith: So, I made this really cool friend -- moses winters. He's new in town, and we just kind of hit it off, you know? But he texted me to say that dad told him not to come by and visit me because he thinks I'm not strong enough. And I'm sure mom feels the same way.

Rey: Look, your parents are really worried about you. You just got out of major surgery, and I'm not surprised that they're being protective and don't want you to be over-burdened.

Faith: But seeing him would be the opposite of a burden. It'd cheer me up.

Rey: [ Laughs ]

Faith: Make me feel even better.

Rey: Okay.

Faith: Isn't that a good thing?

Rey: You know what I think? I think you should go into law. You're gonna make a great defense attorney one day.

Faith: Rey, will you help me?

Rey: No promises, but I will talk to your mother about it.

Faith: Thanks, rey. You're the best.

Amanda: Thank you.

Imani: One thing you need to know about me is that I make my own decisions. Perhaps that's something else you and I have in common.

Amanda: Oh. You've come a long way since you insisted I was nothing like you.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] There's no denying that grandfather has very strong opinions about almost everything, and he certainly doesn't hold back on making them known. But I refuse to be bullied. I chose to accept you as a part of the family.

Amanda: You know, I do have questions about our grandfather's opinions. Does he view his political position as a moral responsibility or just a family business?

Imani: [ Exhales sharply ] That sounds like a trick question, and I'm not sure there's a right answer.

[ Chuckles ] Sutton ames believes that his political career is his family's life's blood. But that doesn't mean he isn't passionately interested in helping his constituents. The community he represents is like family, too. It's a small group of people working towards a common good to find a peaceful balance.

Amanda: Even if that means paying people off?

Imani: I know where you're going with this. Let me set the record straight on the alleged bribery aspect of this case against grandfather. If he thought the influx of newman's business would be good for the community, he wouldn't have let the opportunity just slip away because of some red tape or bureaucracy.

Amanda: So, he would go to any lengths to achieve his goals?

Imani: He may have cut a few corners, but he wouldn't have had anyone killed to keep his arrangement with newman a secret.

Amanda: How can you be so certain? You weren't even born when it was happening.

Imani: I know my family. I trust them.

Amanda: Okay. But even if sutton isn't guilty of murder... do you think he's capable of it? What makes new salonpas arthritis gel

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Imani: [ Sighs ] You are just full of questions tonight, aren't you? Am I being put through the ringer to see if I pass muster? Or maybe you're trying to see if I reveal a deep, dark secret under your relentless scrutiny?

Amanda: I just want to find out who I'm dealing with.

Imani: Well, from a defense standpoint, it really shouldn't matter if I think grandfather is capable of murder or not. So, what are you really after here?

Amanda: I want to know what every person in my new family thinks about everybody else. Knowing the terrain will help me navigate it more successfully.

Imani: Fair enough. Your honesty and bluntness is refreshing. And to answer your question about grandfather, yes.

Amanda: You think he's capable of murder?

Imani: I think that, under the right circumstances, most people are capable of almost anything. It just depends how far a person is pushed.

Amanda: That's a troubling hypothesis, don't you think?

Imani: Just being capable of something isn't a crime.

Amanda: I can't disagree with you. Well, I've come to my decision. Welcome to the team.

Imani: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: I'm not surprised that you have a thing for faith at all. But I do need to be a little overprotective right now and

[Sighs] You know, try to give you the guidance that I know that neil would give you if he were here.

Moses: Are you saying that dad wouldn't approve of me seeing faith?

Devon: No, I'm not saying that at all, and that's not how I feel, either. Um, I just have an understanding of where nick and sharon are probably coming from.

Moses: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Just 'cause their daughter has gone through a lot right now and I'm sure they don't want you guys rushing into anything and they want you to slow down and not move too fast when you're not ready for it yet.

Moses: Yeah. Yeah, I hear you loud and clear.

Devon: Or maybe faith's parents don't want you hanging around their daughter because your jokes aren't funny enough and she needs to laugh during this time of recovery, so...

Moses: [ Laughs sarcastically ] But seriously, man, faith isn't just some girl. She gets me, and she gets my jokes and my ambitions. And I get her, and she needs someone to be there for her. And I'm not going anywhere.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Devon: I can guess from your expression who that's from.

Moses: Yeah.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Sharon: Hey.

Rey: Hey.

Sharon: What happened to faith? I thought she was hungry.

Rey: Ah, she just headed upstairs.

Sharon: Oh, okay. I'll bring it up to her. But first there's something i need to say to you.

Rey: Am I in trouble?

Sharon: No. Just the opposite, in fact. I overheard what you were saying to faith earlier, and I was really touched. I want you to know that I'm holding up my end of this marriage, too. And I'm gonna be doing everything I can also to make sure we never go off track.

Jack: Well, it looks like we're not gonna hear back from summer or kyle since neither of them have returned any of our calls.

Abby: Well, I just texted nikki and victor and told them not to come.

Jack: I just did the same thing with ashley and traci.

Abby: I am just so sorry that this all fell apart.

Jack: You know what? We'll just schedule it for another night and do it all over again.

Abby: Mariah, I get the feeling that you don't agree?

Mariah: No, I -- I --

[ Sighs ] I just feel really bad for the happy couple, of course, and they deserve a do-over if that's what they want. I was just wondering if it was tacky to, um, ask if we could cut into the cake because i think I'm having my first pregnancy craving. I'm sorry.

Abby: That delicious cake is definitely not gonna go to waste, so I'm gonna go get a knife.

Mariah: Thank you.

Summer: I am so, so sorry that it took us so long.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, none of that is important. I want to know that everything's okay. What is going on?

Certain hpv-related cancers?

Kyle: Everything's under control, dad. Sorry we had to run out like that, and thanks for waiting for us to get back. Hope everyone is still in a party mood.

Abby: Oh, you bet we are. We were about to have some cake. That is, if this beautiful pregnant woman saved some for the rest of us.

[ Laughs ] Sorry.

Summer: Hey. Uh, where's dad?

Phyllis: Uh, he went to go check on christian, and your fiancé better be happy that he did.

Summer: Mom, did you tell dad about kyle?

Phyllis: Yes, of course i told him. Of course I did. How can I keep this a secret anymore? Honestly, he loves you. He cares about you. He wants to help. So do I. I don't know what just happened, but obviously it threw you off.

Summer: I don't really feel like talking about it right now.

Phyllis: Okay, I have to ask you this. I have to ask you. That little boy --

Summer: Mom, please do not -- don't ask me any questions. Please, okay? I trust that kyle is gonna handle this.

Phyllis: Oh, no. Alright. I won't ask you any more questions, but we're gonna talk later.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: What happened? How did it go?

Jack: Mariah, do you mind if I have a moment alone with my son?

Mariah: Yeah, of course.

Jack: Okay, you want to tell me what's really going on? Did tara come here to warn you? Does ashland know about the affair? Is he threatening jabot? More important than all of that, are you okay?

Kyle: I appreciate your concern, dad. I really do. But as I said, the situation's under control.

Jack: Gee, why do I get the feeling I'm being kept in the dark about whatever this situation is?

Kyle: Can you please just trust me to take care of this on my own? I've got this.

Jack: Okay. I trust you.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: So, how'd everything go?

Amanda: I still can't figure my half-sister out. She swears allegiance to the family, and on one hand, she seems incredibly loyal, committed to them.

Devon: And on the other hand?

Amanda: Under that, I feel like there's something she's holding back.

Devon: Do you have any idea of what it could be?

Amanda: Mnh-mnh. No. I went so far as to ask her point blank if she thought sutton was capable of committing murder. You know what her answer was?

Devon: I hope she said no.

Amanda: Wrong. She said yes.

Devon: What?

Amanda: Yeah. I mean, it was more rhetorical than based in any history, but why give that answer at all? Why not just say no? Was there some hidden message in her response?

Devon: Maybe she's not as committed to her family as she's saying she is.

Amanda: That's definitely a possibility.

Devon: Does it scare you off or...

Amanda: Just the opposite. It makes me more determined to learn everything that I can about my relatives. If there is another piece to this puzzle, I'm not walking away until I find it. Centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting...

Phyllis: Hello. Did you get christian to sleep okay?

Nick: Yeah. He just needed reassurance that his sister was out of the hospital and that she's gonna be okay.

Phyllis: Great. Sometimes we don't know how these things really affect our little ones, do we?

Nick: I'm more concerned with his other sister. Your text was a little vague. Did summer and kyle ever make it back to the party?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. They made it back, and, uh, there were both tight-lipped about tara. Um, I couldn't get anything out of summer, so...

Nick: Something about this just doesn't seem right. Are they upstairs?

Phyllis: I don't know where they are. I left them at society. I don't know. But I think that you -- you need to just relax and not confront kyle. Okay? And we have to accept that they're adults and that summer can work out her own problems.

Nick: You are probably right.

Phyllis: Yeah, I think I am. Let's just -- let's just let it go, alright, for tonight. I mean, 'cause there are some other things that I would like to do with you tonight.

Nick: Yeah, I guess, uh, it could wait till morning.

Devon: I'm just saying, what if this missing puzzle piece you're looking for is bleaker than you expect?

Amanda: Honestly, at this point, I feel like I'm prepared for any scenario. And if it helps the case, great.

Devon: Yeah, what if it jeopardizes the case, though?

Amanda: Then I will do whatever it takes to bury anything damaging that I find.

Devon: Right. I'm not trying to, uh -- to put a damper on your enthusiasm. I just want you to be careful.

Amanda: I intend to. But I also plan on being prepared. And that is why I have to get back to work.

Devon: You do? You don't want to get burnt out before you even go to trial, do you?

Amanda: Is that really what you're worried about -- burnout? Or is there something else you're insinuating?

Devon: Well, I just think that maybe you should turn off that lawyer switch of yours for tonight.

Amanda: Mm. You coming?

Devon: Oh, yes, I am.

Kyle: I'm sorry tonight didn't turn out at all like we planned.

Summer: Yeah, no, me too, but it's -- it's not your fault.

Kyle: Yeah, I'm not sure i agree with you on that. There's something I need to tell you. I've come to a major decision.

Summer: Really? Already?

Kyle: I know what I need to do about my son.

[ Knock on door ]

Summer: Kyle, who could that be?

Ashland: [ Sighs heavily ]

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