Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/11/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/11/21


Episode #12105 ~ Nick and Sharon wait for news about Faith's condition. Victor puts a dangerous plan in motion.

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Phyllis: Hey, I want to know how you did it -- how you did the impossible, convinced adam to risk his freedom and give up his kidney?

Nick: I can't divulge that information.

Phyllis: To me, you can't?

Nick: It's best if you don't know.

Phyllis: Well, that's gonna make me more curious, you know that.

Nick: I need you to just please don't push it, okay?

Phyllis: Alright. All that matters is faith right now, for sure. She's gonna be fine.

Nick: She has to be. This all can't have been for nothing. This transplant has to work.

Sharon: Is everything okay?

Rey: There's something I need to take care of. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Sharon: Well, I asked you a pretty serious question before your phone rang. About what our future is going to look like after adam is arrested.

Rey: I haven't forgotten. But emotions are running too high right now. Let's -- let's wait until faith comes through her surgery with flying colors and then we can talk about it.

Sharon: Oh, I pray you're right. And I realize it's wise to wait talking about this.

Rey: Hey, um...if I'm not back by the time adam and faith are through with the surgery, will you call me? I'm only asking because I've been left out of the loop a few times recently and I'd like to know.

Sharon: It has nothing to do with making sure that adam doesn't try to escape?

Rey: I don't have to be here to do that. I care about faith. So can I count on you?

Sharon: Yeah, I'll call you, I promise.

Rey: Thank you.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Man, I wish somebody would come out and give us an update.

Nikki: It feels like we've been waiting forever.

Phyllis: Yeah, it's nerve-wracking.

Nick: You know what? I'm gonna get some air.

Phyllis: Well, I'll go with you.

Nikki: Now, that is a good idea.

Nick: I just -- I need a minute. I'll be right back.

Nikki: You know, if you're needed at the grand phoenix, please, don't let us keep you.

Phyllis: Well, no, I have people covering for me. I'm fine.

Nikki: Still, you don't have to be stuck here. I'm sure you have much more important things to do.

Phyllis: Well, nothing is more important than supporting nick and faith.

Nick: How you holding up?

Sharon: About as well as you are, I'm sure.

Nick: I saw rey take off. What's up with that?

Sharon: He only said he has something to deal with.

Nick: Must have been important. I know how concerned he is about faith.

Sharon: [ Gasps ] Nate...

Nick: How's our girl?

Sharon: Was the transplant a success?

Victor: Well, now, i appreciate you stopping by, detective.

Rey: Okay, whatever this is, can we make it quick? 'Cause I'd really like to get back to the hospital. What's going on?

Chelsea: You called rey? What the hell, victor? What are you trying to pull now? Is this a trap? You'd never want leftover onion residue

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Nate: The surgeons are still hard at work, but I wanted to let you both know that everything's going smoothly so far. Adam should be out of the O.R. And in recovery soon.

Nick: Good, and how about faith? Where is she in this process?

Nate: She's received the kidney and everyone is working hard to make sure it's getting the necessary blood supply and that it's working properly. Her surgery will take longer than adam'S.

Nick: Thank you so much for the update and for observing the operation.

Nate: It means a lot to have a friend in that room.

Sharon: You'll let us know the second the operation is over and we can see her?

Nate: I promise.

Nick: Thanks, nate.

Nate: No problem. Hey, take a breath. It's almost over.

Chelsea: How could you do this to me? You said you were on my side. You said there was a way out for all of us, that we could all win. Was that just a lie?

Victor: I assure you I've lied about nothing.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. What was I thinking? What have I done?

Rey: You want to explain to me what's going on here?

Victor: I was trying to convince chelsea to tell the truth. Maybe I pushed a little too hard.

Chelsea: He's dragging my son into this -- my innocent, defenseless little boy.

Victor: She's falling apart. In fact, I called a doctor before I called you.

Chelsea: I'm not falling apart, and I don't need a doctor. I need -- I need protection, rey, from him and from adam.

Rey: Has adam done something that I should be made aware of?

Chelsea: He's here. He came back, and he hates me. He hates me enough to try anything.

Rey: Why does he hate you?

Chelsea: It wasn't my fault. They can't blame me for this.

Rey: Blame you for what?

Chelsea: I'm sorry. You have to believe me. I am so, so sorry.

Rey: Chel-- chelsea, chelsea, what are you sorry for? Chelsea, are you trying to confess to something?

Sharon: I know I've thanked you a thousand times for everything you've done to get faith this kidney, but I have to thank you again.

Nick: Adam deserves most of the credit. He's the one who went under the knife.

Sharon: We owe him a huge debt of gratitude, which makes me wonder, when you asked me about why rey took off, was it because you're plotting adam's escape while the coast is clear?

Nick: I just saw rey leaving. Was wondering what was going on.

Sharon: Okay, because if you haven't noticed, rey's got officers all over this hospital.

Nick: Yeah, I've noticed.

Sharon: But not the ones who are working undercover. He wanted people in place in case adam tried to make a move or if somebody tried to help him escape.

Nick: Sharon --

Sharon: I can't help being concerned that you will keep your word to adam and help him slip away, but the last thing faith needs right now is her father in jail.

Nick: Look, I appreciate your concern, but I'm really hoping this situation doesn't turn into a jailbreak. I actually have something else in mind. Sunglasses on looking at the sky

Phyllis: So, how's victor? I thought he'd be here, too.

Nikki: What, are implying he doesn't care about his granddaughter?

Phyllis: I was just wondering.

Nikki: Victor is the reason that faith has the top surgeons in the country working on her transplant. He has been by her bedside every chance he gets, and he will be here as soon as he is able.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I don't doubt his love for faith. Um, forget I said anything. Okay. That's sent. Noah says to give his love to everybody and he wishes he could be here, but faith is in his thoughts.

Nikki: Excuse me?

Phyllis: I'm keeping noah up to speed on everything. I knew that sharon and nick couldn't do it, so I offered to text him.

Nikki: Oh, well, silly me, i thought you were planning summer's engagement party. I didn't realize you were trying to be helpful.

Phyllis: I have my moments. Alright, speaking of which, I'm gonna get some coffee or tea. Do you want something?

Nikki: Uh, no, thank you, but that's a wonderful idea.

Phyllis: Okay. You know, I understand your attitude. If it was my child in there, i would be biting everyone's head off, so I get it.

Mariah: Hey, I got here as soon as I could. Is there any word on faith?

Nikki: No, not yet. But we can wait together.

Sharon: What's this other idea you have? Because back at the house, adam sounded set on disappearing after the operation -- with your help. And he was taking you at your word.

Nick: I haven't pitched this idea to him yet, but I'm hoping he'll be willing to listen or at least come to some compromise.

Sharon: I'm surprised to hear you talking about him like this.

Nick: I'm surprised, too. In kansas, I saw a different side of him down in that storm cellar. I think I saw a glimmer of that goodness that you've always been convinced is inside of him. I never really believed it until now.

Rey: What do you want to tell me?

Chelsea: It was a mistake. I didn't know what I was doing. This isn't me. This isn'T...me.

Rey: Stay with me, okay? What are you trying to say?

Chelsea: Why would you want to help me after what I did?

Rey: What did you do?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Clatters ]

[ Sighs ] I'm not a bad person. You know that, don't you? And you have to know how relieved I was when I found out that you were okay because we're the same, you and I. You know, I mean, we're just the innocent victims in all of this. I didn't want to hurt you. I just wanted to teach them a lesson.

Rey: Teach who?

Chelsea: Adam. And sharon. I wanted her to know what it felt like to be on the brink of losing the man that she loves. And, rey, you have to know, i was so careful. I mean, you weren't gonna die. That was never part of the plan. I mean, I didn't even have enough poison to kill anybody. I wish I could erase it. I really do. I wish I could erase it all, but -- but if you had seen the things I saw, I mean...it was enough to push anyone to the edge. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Depression makes it hard for me

Nikki: You didn't have to leave work. You could have stayed at jabot. Somebody would have called you with updates.

Mariah: Oh, no, no, of course. I want to be here for faith. I just can't believe how fast all of this happened. And I'm grateful to nick for dragging adam back to genoa city.

Nikki: Actually, there was no dragging involved.

Mariah: Wait, then how did this happen?

Nikki: Adam came here willingly. Although, he did have the opportunity to run after the tornado.

Mariah: I'm sorry, what?

Nikki: There was a tornado. Nicholas got his leg hurt when the house they were in, the ceiling collapsed on them. Nicholas sent adam to get help. He could have fled then, but he didn'T. He brought back the firefighters, and then he came home to keep his promise.

Mariah: Well, I'll hold off on the thank you gifts for now, if you don't mind. But I'm sorry, do you -- do you need anything? Can I get you anything?

Nikki: Oh, honey, I should be asking you that. What can I do? You're worried about your little sister and you're doing this miraculous thing for abby, carrying her child.

Mariah: It's -- really, it's not a big deal. I'm just glad that I could help.

Nikki: No, I am not gonna let you downplay this. Family is too important.

Mariah: So ironic. I had no real idea what a family was like growing up. I had all these fantasies about what they could be like, but i have gotten a crash course in family over the last few years. It comes with all the good stuff. You know, birthdays and a whole bunch of people around you who are nothing like you and then exactly like you all at the same time. Who would be there for you whenever you needed them, and would love you in the moments that you don't feel like you deserve it. But it also comes with all of those scary moments of "what ifs."

Nikki: Let me tell you something. All of those "what ifs" that's taking up too much space in your mind? They're usually much worse than what really happens. That's what you have to remember. It's what we all need to remember.

Chelsea: I really was trapped in that chair when this all started. It was a nightmare. When I had my stroke, adam and i were really planning on leaving town for good -- and I mean for good this time. We were gonna grab our son and start over. One second I was planning on living my best life, and the next? Boom. I couldn't move. I couldn't cry out or do anything to protest when i realized that adam was turning to sharon. He brought her into my home. Do you have any concept of what that feels like -- to be living with someone and in love with someone who's obsessed with someone else? I mean, the way that they would look at each other when they thought I couldn't see. Their stolen kisses behind closed doors. And then the worst part, their sordid, tawdry affair. Sleeping together upstairs in the bed adam and I used to share.

Sharon: How's my girl?

Nate: I was just about to tell nick, but he insisted you both hear at the same time. There were no complications.

Nick: Then she's gonna be okay?

Nate: Everything went perfectly. I've got to hand it to victor. The transplant specialists he had flown in were some of the best surgeons I've ever seen.

Nick: Alright. Well, what do we do now?

Nate: Now it's a waiting game, to make sure faith's body accepts the new organ.

Nick: Uh, how's adam?

Nate: He came through fine as well.

Sharon: Oh, I'm so glad.

Nick: Yeah, me, too, after everything he did for our daughter. I hope everything turns out okay for him.

Sharon: When can we see faith?

Nate: She should be back in her room by the time the anesthesia wears off.

Sharon: It's almost too wonderful to believe.

Nick: Thank you, nate.

Nate: I'll go check on faith and adam while they're in recovery.

Nick: Our daughter's ordeal is almost over.

Sharon: She jumped through the last few hoops. Now she's got to jump through this one, too. Our little girl is a fighter.

Nick: Yeah. Need a nice reward today?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Nate: I've just told nick and sharon the good news. Faith is out of surgery. Everything went well.

Nikki: Oh, thank god.

Phyllis: That is amazing.

Mariah: She's gonna be alright.

Nate: I'm gonna check on everyone, make sure that things continue to run smoothly.

Nikki: I feel like I haven't taken a breath in days.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] I don't know whether to laugh or to cry or to celebrate.

Phyllis: It's incredible news.

Nikki: I have so many people I have to call to let them know that faith is gonna be okay.

Phyllis: Yeah, this is the call that everyone's waiting for, of course.

Nikki: Um, phyllis, maybe you want to be the one to call noah?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. I'll do that. I'll call noah, right after i call summer and tell her about her little sister.

Nate: Welcome back. How do you feel?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Like somebody dropped a house on me.

Nate: Do you need something for the pain?

Adam: No, don't worry about me yet. How is faith doing? Did the transplant work out?

Nate: Well, it'll be a while before we know if her body accepts the new kidney, but the surgery couldn't have gone better.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Good, that's a huge relief.

Nate: Whoa, take it easy.

Adam: [ Groans ]

Nate: It'll be a day or two before your body's strong enough to leave the hospital.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Where would I even go? I'm on a pretty short leash here. Rey's got the whole place surrounded.

Nate: Then sit back, relax, and don't get any bright ideas about making a break for it.

Rey: Chelsea. Now, I need you to tell me how you know that adam and sharon slept together.

Chelsea: Oh, come on. It's so obvious. You've seen the way they look at each other. It's like they can't get enough.

Victor: Dr. Hedges, I would like you to meet detective rosales.

Dr. Hedges: Detective.

Rey: Doctor.

Victor: And I think you have met michael baldwin.

Michael: Yes, we've worked on a case before.

Dr. Hedges: Nice to see you, michael.

Chelsea: What's going on? Who's he?

Dr. Hedges: And you must be chelsea. I'm dr. Hedges. I'm here to help you. How are you feeling today?

Chelsea: Like I'm being ambushed.

Dr. Hedges: Can you tell me why you're feeling so upset?

Chelsea: No. Not when he's here. He scares me.

Victor: I'm gonna have to check in with the hospital regarding my granddaughter's surgery, alright?

Michael: Give everyone my best.

Victor: I'll do that. Good luck.

Dr. Hedges: Chelsea, I want to ask you some questions, and I'd like you to answer them as honestly as you can.

Chelsea: Okay.

Dr. Hedges: Tell me why you feel as if people are after you.

Chelsea: One person. Victor newman. I know things and he wants to make me disappear.

Michael: How long has she been like this?

Rey: I'm no expert, but she seems to have gotten worse in the half-hour or so I've been here. Spiraling out, little by little.

Michael: I'm glad you called me to tell me what's going on.

Rey: There's something else you should know. She confessed to the poisoning.

Michael: Did you mirandize her?

Rey: Not yet. I wanted to see how you wanted to handle this. She's not in a great state psychologically.

Michael: Well, I hesitate to try to get an official statement out of her while she's in this state without a lawyer present.

Chelsea: Why are they looking at me? Judging me? Do they have any idea what I've been through? Do they know what adam pushed me to do?

Dr. Hedges: Well, I want to know. Why don't you tell me? First by telling me who adam is.

Chelsea: My fiancé. He betrayed me.

Dr. Hedges: Hmm.

Chelsea: But I'll tell you what, it was a great motivator, because his infidelity is what inspired me to get up, out of my wheelchair, so I could finally do something to stop it.

Dr. Hedges: You mentioned a wheelchair.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah, did they not tell you? I was paralyzed. Because of adam.

Dr. Hedges: I can see he's caused you a lot of pain.

Chelsea: I loved him with everything, with my whole heart, and it wasn't enough, because i had the audacity to not be sharon. And so, yeah, for my own sanity, I wasn't just gonna sit there in silence and let her take him from me.

Dr. Hedges: I understand.

Chelsea: Do you think I'm scared of the police or the da? They -- those people should be giving me a medal because I did what they couldn't do.

Michael: I beg your pardon?

Chelsea: I put together the evidence to set up adam for attempted murder. When I sat in that chair for so long, I would just --

[ Sighs ] I would just dream of being able to move again. Of being able to walk and talk again. And I did. I felt so invisible when I was in that chair. It's like people smile at you and they look right through you and then they just walk away. That's why I was able to keep my recovery a secret. I had so many hours where I knew no one was watching. So little by little, bit by bit, I got better, I got stronger. I made a plan.

Rey: Tell us how you did it.

Chelsea: I was patient. So I waited and I waited, and one night, adam was fast asleep, I sneaked out. I just used one of those rideshare apps. My mom taught me how to pick locks at a really early age, so that always comes in handy. So I got inside sharon's, and i saw that trashy little figurine and tray that adam gave her years ago. And it was the perfect evidence. So I decided to hide it in adam's car because I knew when the time was right, he couldn't deny if all of those things were in his car. He couldn't deny he was guilty, who stole them. And then I made my way upstairs in the dark, ever so quietly. I found rey's toiletries. I put the thallium in his body wash, in his hair gel. I even injected some into his shaving cream.

Michael: That information was never made public.

Chelsea: Rey, I only put enough in there to make you sick. I wasn't trying to kill you. That wasn't my intention. I mean, you -- you'd already been hurt enough. We both have. So -- so, see? I mean, that proves I'm not crazy, right? Or does it prove I am?

Rey: Nobody is saying that.

Chelsea: But you're looking at me. You're all looking at me and you're judging me. You're -- it's like -- is this a trap or something?

Michael: We're just trying to understand what happened.

Chelsea: No, you're not telling me the truth. I think you want to hurt me!

Dr. Hedges: No, no, no, no one wants to hurt you.

Chelsea: None of you get it! You just -- you don't see it. Adam changes people. He does things. He makes you do things that you wouldn't normally do. This is adam's fault. He did this. He did this. He did everything. This isn't who I am. I'm not this person! Oh!

Dr. Hedges: It's not fair what's happened to you, chelsea. And I want to help.

Chelsea: How are you gonna help me?

Dr. Hedges: I want to give you something so you can get some rest and calm down.

Chelsea: No, no, no. I don't want that. I don't want that. I made a mistake. Don't let him do this. Please!

[ Sobs ] If you printed out directions to get here today,

Nikki: Oh, and, victoria, make sure that you tell johnny and katie how much faith loved their get-well cards. Well, she'll probably be sleeping for a while, but I'd love to see you.

Phyllis: Yeah, your dad, he's doing okay, but I think he'll be better when he sees her face, right? Yeah. I love you, too. Hey, let's have dinner soon, just the two of us. I'd like it, too. I love you. Alright, bye.

Mariah: Hey, how's, um -- how's summer doing? Is she okay?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, she's great. She'S... [ Sighs ] I'm glad everything went great for faith.

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