Y&R Transcript Monday 5/10/21

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/10/21


Episode #12104 ~ Victor gives Chelsea an ultimatum. Adam apologizes to Rey. Devon tells Amanda his concerns about Imani.

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Rey: So, this is where you chose to hide him? Maybe you forgot what happened the last time he sneaked into this house.

Adam: Rey, will you just listen to me? I didn't poison you. It was chelsea. And I know that's hard for you to believe, okay?

Rey: Yeah, damn near impossible.

Adam: Look, she was jealous for no reason. I was committed to staying by her side and helping her recover.

Rey: Mm, when you weren't busy kissing my wife.

Adam: I owe you a huge apology, alright?

Nick: Listen. Listen. Listen. We're not gonna do this right now. Adam's got somewhere he's got to be. Rey has promised he's gonna allow you to go through with the transplant and be faith's donor.

Adam: Thank you. Look, you clearly love sharon and faith more than you despise me, so I hope that you will focus on that going forward. And whatever problems that I've caused for you and your wife, just let it go. She wants to be with you, and that's what matters.

Rey: You know, if you think any of this is gonna buy your freedom, you think again because as soon as your surgery is over and you're awake, I am arresting you for attempted murder.

Adam: I expected nothing less.

Sutton: I'm so glad you were able to join us for lunch over the weekend.

Amanda: Me too. And I thank you so much again for inviting me. I really enjoyed meeting more of your family. O-our -- our family. I am still not used to saying that.

[ Both laugh ]

Sutton: I suggest you get used to it. We're a close-knit bunch.

Amanda: I felt that from the moment I walked into your home.

Sutton: I hope you understand why I asked that we table any discussion of the case that day. I wanted you to feel that you were there not as my lawyer, but as my granddaughter.

Amanda: I definitely felt that. I felt accepted and like I'm one step closer to becoming part of the family.

[ Door opens ]

Devon: Yo.

Moses: Hey.

Devon: You're supposed to be in school, right?

Moses: Yeah, well, it's my lunch period, and walnut grove lets us leave campus. And I knew you'd be here, so i came home.

Devon: Why? You're always hanging out with your friends for lunch.

Sharon: You don't have to worry about adam backing out at the last minute.

Faith: How can you be so sure? I mean, we're talking about adam here. And even if he is telling the truth, he hurt rey.

[ Sighs ] And now rey is after him.

Sharon: I spoke with adam earlier. That's why I'm so positive that he's going to go through with this. I also spoke to rey. He says he's not gonna do anything until after the procedure's done. So, no drama. There will be no surprises, just you and nate and the doctors. The doctors will be doing their thing, and everybody here is pulling for you, including rey. Remember -- rey was once in this position when lola needed her liver transplant. So, everyone understands how important this is. That's why everybody's working together to make sure this happens.

Nate: Ready for some good news?

[ Door closes ] The test results came back. Adam's compatible.

Sharon: Oh, my god.

Nate: We have our donor.

Sharon: [ Crying ] Oh, my god. Did you hear that, faith? Our prayers have been answered.

Faith: It's great.

Sharon: Okay. Let's go forward with the surgery. Let's go forward. Pretty soon, your ordeal's gonna be over.

Victor: Adam is a match. Yes!

Nikki: Oh, thank god.

Victor: Things will move quickly now.

Nikki: I'd like to see faith before they take her into surgery.

Victor: Baby, I'm gonna join you.

Nikki: Alright.

Victor: Wow.

Nikki: Chelsea. What are you doing here?

Chelsea: Your housekeeper let me in. I need to speak to victor alone, please.

Nikki: I'm afraid it's not a good time.

Victor: Sweetheart, why don't you go ahead, okay? I'll join you.

Nikki: Good to see you up and around.

Chelsea: Where's connor? Where is my son? Hi sabrina!

>&gtHi jen!

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Amanda: [ Chuckles ] Oh, and your home is so charming! Just a beautiful old house. It felt so stately.

Sutton: Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] I know it's way too big for one person, but I can't bear to move. Too many memories with my late wife I'd be leaving behind.

Amanda: It was kind of you to share some of those memories with me over lunch and the photo albums afterwards. It was really meaningful to me.

Sutton: That reminds me. I brought you something.

Amanda: What's this?

Sutton: Some of the photos you saw, as well as a few others. I had copies made.

Amanda: This is so thoughtful. You couldn't have given me anything that I would cherish more. I remember this one. Oh, and this one -- naya at her college graduation.

Sutton: That was a proud day for her mother and me.

Amanda: Oh, here's one i don't recognize.

Sutton: That's your grandmother and your mother when she was about 2.

Amanda: Mm. Who's this?

Sutton: That is your great great aunt florence. I included it with the others because my son-in-law eric noticed a strong resemblance between you.

Amanda: Wow. He's right.

Sutton: When he pointed it out after you left, both naya and I thought it was pretty uncanny.

Amanda: That is the word for it.

Sutton: And eric wanted me to tell you how much he enjoyed meeting you.

Amanda: I appreciate that. I, frankly, wasn't sure how he was going to feel about me. Naya held on for so long about the twins that she had given up for adoption, and I thought he might have an issue with it, but he couldn't have been more gracious.

Sutton: I'm sorry your sister imani couldn't show up along with her parents. I made it clear that she was expected.

Amanda: Well, she might still be having trouble adjusting to the idea of another daughter in the family.

Sutton: I'm sure she'll come around...'cause I won't accept anything else.

Moses: There's something i really need to tell you, and it couldn't wait.

Devon: I'm listening.

Moses: The thing is, I've been texting with faith. And they found a live donor.

Devon: They did already? That's fantastic. Wow. Good for them.

Moses: The surgery's probably happening today, and I know she's really freaked out about it, so I thought faith might like it if I was there to -- when she wakes up, you know, to tell her hi, let her know she has a friend who really cares.

Devon: And you have to miss school to do this?

Moses: Yeah, but it will just be a couple of classes. I mean, not that big of a deal, no tests or anything big like that. And I can get my notes from, like, another student. It'd be totally fine. I mean, would that be okay?

Sharon: Mariah sends her love and best wishes.

Faith: Tell her I love her back.

Sharon: She knows. And I will.

Faith: I love you, too, mom, even though I've been pretty awful to you lately.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] You know, I said some pretty rough things to my mom, too, like every young girl who ever lived since the dawn of time.

Faith: I've wasted so much time lying in this bed. I could have been writing people letters to let them know how i feel. Maybe they even have paper and envelopes in the gift shop?

Sharon: Letters? Do you mean if something goes wrong? Sweetheart, the surgeon that your grandfather brought in -- he's the best. He has done this surgery so many times. He's done so many transplants. He's gonna do a great job. And you're gonna be fine. I know it. And it's so nice that you want to share what's in your heart with people. And you're gonna be able to do that in person real soon, as soon as you start feeling better.

Faith: You're back.

Nick: Yep, with a whole new batch of dad jokes straight from kansas, so they're extra corny.

Faith: [ Sighs ] Dad.

Nick: See what I did there? Hey, why do melons have weddings? Because they can't elope. She thought that was funny.

Faith: She thinks you're funny.

Nick: How you doing, beautiful?

Faith: I'm sorry you had to hunt down adam. I know he's not your favorite person.

Nick: Ahh. He's gone up a few notches since he agreed to help you.

Faith: Is he here?

Nick: Yeah, he's in the hospital.

Faith: I want to talk to him before we go through with this. Your heart is at the heart of everything you do.

Adam: Feel free to have a seat. Relax. I'm not gonna make a break for it, if that's what you're worried about. You know, if I didn't know any better, I would think that you were sorry I came back at all. But, I mean, that really wouldn't make a whole lot of sense since you're getting everything you could ever want out of this deal. Faith is gonna recover. Sharon will be happy. And I'll be behind bars. Be your own little personal trifecta.

Rey: Yeah, well, we can't be sure that faith's gonna recover.

Adam: Well, I'm doing my part.

Rey: You made the right decision, and I'm glad.

Adam: Mm. Yeah, you just seem overjoyed.

[ Sighs ] You know, maybe you did like it better when I was a fugitive. Gave you a quest. Is that why you didn't track me down in kansas? I mean, after all, nick was the one that found me when it mattered.

Rey: Yeah, nick had help.

Adam: I'm sure if you would have pressed the issue, sharon would have offered you the same help, the same way she tipped you off I was at the lake cottage. I mean, she adores you. She would do anything for you, right?

Rey: Would you just shut your mouth and finish the forms?

Adam: Listen. I get it. My trial's gonna be a distraction. It's gonna put me right at the center of attention again. Sharon knows I'm not guilty, so she's gonna feel sorry for me. And I'm sure that's gonna bug the crap out of you. That's why it was better for you when I was on the run. I'd be happy to go underground again when the surgery's over, by the way.

Rey: Ah.

Adam: Just make the call. Tell your men to back off, and I'll be in the wind.

Rey: Not a chance.

Adam: Well, it was worth a shot. It's pretty miserable living in exile anyway.

[ Door closes ]

Sharon: Adam? Faith would like to talk to you.

Amanda: Michael baldwin is willing to let you plead guilty for second-degree homicide with a potential sentence of 20 years in the state penitentiary.

Sutton: At my age, that's a life sentence.

Amanda: Well, they'd allow time off for good behavior, which would cut it in half, but still...

Sutton: No way. I wouldn't take that deal if i was guilty, and I am not guilty.

Amanda: Well, don't worry. I turned him down, which I'm sure he expected me to. This was their opening gambit, designed to rattle us. Now, I'm confident that we can talk them down to a much lesser charge and an even lower sentence.

Sutton: I'm not pleading guilty to any charge under any circumstances.

Amanda: Sutton, I understand where you're coming from. But I think we should slow down a little. Before we issue a blanket refusal, we need to evaluate the evidence that the prosecution has against you.

Victor: Just calm yourself.

Chelsea: I will be calm when I know my son is safe, not a second before.

Victor: Why do you think he isn't safe?

Chelsea: I can't reach him, victor. He has not answered any of my text messages today, and that is very unlike him.

Victor: Maybe he's busy in school.

Chelsea: Maybe. And maybe I am overreacting. Maybe it's nothing. But that's my first thought. That's where my thought goes after you threatened me that you were gonna take him away.

Victor: Ohh. So, you listened. Now you're frightened, right?

Chelsea: I know what you're capable of. You have the same vindictive, heartless streak that adam does. It's actually where he gets it from. And I'm not gonna underestimate you the way I've underestimated your son.

Victor: Well, that's good to know. You're taking me seriously. But you can't honestly think that I would harm my own grandson?

Chelsea: Like adam wouldn't harm the mother of his child, the woman that he loves? Well, he has. Do you know he had me kidnapped? Someone grabbed me and threw me in some dingy room. I was drugged. God knows what would have happened to me if I hadn't escaped.

Victor: And now it's payback time, isn't it? You're gonna have adam arrested, right? Perfect payback. Except ask yourself one question. How will you explain to connor when he grows up that he had all those years without his father?

Chelsea: I know what you want from me -- a confession. It's not gonna happen.

Victor: Time will tell. Nexgard is the flea and tick protection

Faith: I never got the chance to thank you for bringing me here after the crash. Now you're saving me again.

Adam: Yeah, you've had a real, uh, run of bad luck. Hopefully after this, things will turn around.

Faith: I really appreciate what you're doing for me, adam.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Faith... you've always been frank and honest with me. I would not want that to stop now.

[ Sighs ] We both know that this doesn't even begin to make up for the things that I've put you and your parents through. There's been so much, going all the way back to the beginning of your life, when I took you away from your parents. And I understand now in a way that I didn't before how the things that happen to us when we're kids -- how they affect us later. Your life's been harder over the years because of me. And I just want you to know that that was never my intention. That's the truth, faith. That's why I'm not comfortable having you thank me for being your donor. It's not a gift or a grand gesture. I would be grateful if you would accept it...more as an apology because that's what it is.

Faith: I can do that.

Devon: Yes, moses has my permission to leave after 5th period to be with his friend. It's faith newman. Alright. Really do appreciate it. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Moses: I owe you one.

Devon: No, you don't owe me nothing. Just make sure you get your notes from class and do your homework assignments.

Moses: Oh, yeah, no problem. I mean, faith will be sleeping a lot after the transplant, and I'll just do my work while I'm at the hospital.

Devon: Okay. So, tell me -- are you and faith more than just friends, or what's the deal?

Moses: Man, you were so close to being cool, and now you just sound like my mom.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Okay. I don't want to do that. Make sure you get food before you go back to class.

Moses: Of course.

Devon: Alright?

Moses: Thank you.

Devon: You're very welcome.

Amanda: The state contends that you had someone tamper with richard nealon's brakes after he threatened to expose your involvement in a bribery scheme with newman enterprises. They have records of richard's calls to your campaign office.

Sutton: That's immaterial. My campaign office was a busy place. Richard could have talked to anybody about anything.

Amanda: Could he have spoken to you?

Sutton: That never happened. That case against me is circumstantial, and I believe that it was politically motivated.

Amanda: Explain that.

Sutton: There are certain people who would like to see me put out to pasture, so to speak, to prevent me from running again in the next election. And when I wouldn't roll over, oh, all of a sudden, I'm in the center of a made-up scandal designed to get me out of the way for good. Ohh-hoo, how convenient.

Amanda: Mm. That may be true. But I think we need to focus on the prosecution's case. So, let's assume that they can't prove that you spoke to richard when he called the campaign office. What about earlier, when naya told you that she was pregnant?

Sutton: I didn't talk to him then, either.

Amanda: Really?

Sutton: Naya didn't want him to know she was pregnant, and i agreed. I thought it was for the best.

Amanda: Well, richard must have found out at some point.

Sutton: I don't know if he did or he didn'T.

Amanda: Okay. Let's assume for the sake of argument that he did know, that naya told him eventually.

Sutton: What does it matter?

Amanda: The more that I can learn about richard and his state of mind, the easier it will be to convince a jury that he had other enemies.

Sutton: I'm sorry that i can't be more helpful, but as you can imagine, naya was not comfortable talking to her father about her ex-boyfriend who put her in this predicament. She did complain about him being a little self-centered. But that's not unusual for an ambitious young man.

Amanda: Well, it does tend to fit with my theory that he might have tried to exploit the information he discovered for his own personal financial gain. Were you aware that he was working at newman enterprises?

Sutton: I wasn't keeping tabs on the man. He was out of naya's life. That's all I cared to know.

Amanda: Alright. I'll talk to naya then. We've spoken about him before, but I want to get more of a sense of who he was.

Sutton: Mm. That'll undoubtedly be more of interest to you than just gathering information about the case.

Amanda: True. But your case is my biggest concern right now.

Sutton: [ Chuckles ] And that, my dear, is why I'm comfortable leaving my future in your capable hands. If that's all we needed to discuss, I should be going.

Amanda: I appreciate your confidence in me.

Sutton: It was nice seeing you again.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Chelsea: You are looking for a scapegoat, someone to pin adam's crimes on. Well, I can promise you it's not gonna be me.

Victor: Have a seat.

[ Breathes deeply ] I want the truth to come out and you and I both know what that is, right?

Chelsea: You don't know anything. Do you hear me?

Victor: Must have seemed like a perfect plan. Unfortunately for you, it was discovered. And now you're gonna have to come clean, or else you won't have a chance to raise my grandson.

Chelsea: I'd lose connor either way. That's what you're saying. If I confess to this, I go to jail. I would just be handing connor over to adam to raise. There's no way for me to win.

Victor: You're wrong. We can all win. I'll arrange it.

Victor: You have a choice to make. It's not whether the truth comes out, but how. And if you don't admit to the crime, then, you know, I will relentlessly dig for evidence to bury you.

Chelsea: There's none for you to find.

Victor: Oh, yeah? I wonder if chloe agrees with your assessment. You know, she has children, too. She doesn't want to lose her children, you know, go to prison. Right?

Chelsea: You bastard.

Victor: So, you see, either way, the truth will come out. Now, you and I can be allies when that happens. Or I can be your enemy. Choice is yours.

Imani: What's wrong, grandfather? Aren't you happy to see me?

Sutton: Over here. It's bad enough you blew off the lunch I hosted for amanda. You needn't antagonize her any further.

Imani: I find it so fascinating that you're already protective of her.

Sutton: She's only trying to help our family. I'm grateful for that. And I expect all of you to share that same sense of gratitude.

Imani: Maybe I'll surprise you.

Sutton: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: I guess I missed my chance to see faith.

Nick: Yeah, they took faith and adam off to prep for surgery a few minutes ago.

Nikki: How was she?

Nick: She's tired, nervous, but brave. She asked to see adam.

Nikki: How did that go?

Nick: It went well. Adam's doing this for all the right reasons, and I think faith understands that.

Nikki: I'm just grateful that the test showed that he was a compatible donor.

Nick: Okay.

[ Sighs heavily ]

Nikki: Darling, when was the last time you had a proper meal?

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Why? Am I wasting away to nothing?

Nikki: Well, you've been under an enormous amount of stress. Your body is trying to heal from an injury. You can't neglect your health.

Nick: Mom, I'm fine.

Nikki: How about some soup? I'll -- I'll bring it to you. Or better yet, take a break from all this. You and I can go to the cafeteria together.

Nick: I really appreciate it. I don't think I can eat right now, but maybe later.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Sorry. Yeah, that's phyllis. She's just pulling up into the parking garage. Excuse me.

Nikki: Oh, um, well, where can I find sharon?

Nick: She's in there with rey.

Nikki: Oh. They're talking. Well, I won't disturb them.

Sharon: I'm glad you're here. Though I know that it's more about adam and making sure he doesn't get away.

Rey: I went to the house to see you. That's how I knew adam was back.

Sharon: That wasn't my idea that he was at house. Nick brought him there because adam wanted to talk about the surgery.

Rey: So, you talked to him this morning.

Sharon: Yeah. I talked to adam. I -- I wanted to thank him for helping faith. I wanted to thank you, too, for allowing him to [Sighs] Do the surgery and be faith's donor.

Rey: Look, faith's health is the top priority. There will be plenty of time after the operation to take adam into custody. Were you hoping that wouldn't happen? That I'd let him go?

Sharon: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: You just missed our grandfather.

Imani: I ran into him downstairs. He knows I'm here.

Amanda: What are you doing here, imani?

Imani: I'm here to beg for your forgiveness.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Imani: I've been mistaken about you from the beginning, too stubborn to admit it and too slow to come around. It was inexcusably rude, and i apologize. It's clear to me now that you have the family's best interests at heart. I'm hoping that we can put the past behind us, start fresh?

Amanda: Do you expect me to believe a word of what you're saying? If you wanna be a winner then get a turkey footlong

Imani: I've earned your scorn and skepticism. I realize that, from your perspective, this must seem like a sudden turnaround.

Amanda: You had a restraining order against me for weeks, and even when you had it removed, you remained hostile, warning me not to take on sutton's case, telling me to stay away from our family.

Imani: You're right. I did all that.

Amanda: Even this past weekend, you boycotted a family gathering because I was going to be there, and now, out of nowhere, it's water under the bridge?

Imani: After last sunday, my parents sat me down for a talk, and every argument I made they shot right down. I was worried about how my father would react to the news that my mother had children out of wedlock. But he's handling it just fine. He was actually quite impressed with you.

Amanda: Is that so?

Imani: He pointed out that you would have gone public with your story or refuse to help my grandfather if you were a vengeful person or someone looking to exploit us.

Amanda: And that's the sort of person you assumed I was?

Imani: You accused me awhile back of being insecure. You said I obviously felt threatened by you. You weren't wrong. It was irrational and juvenile of me, and I regret it. I'd like to make it up to you if you'll let me.

Amanda: That's not necessary.

Imani: I could help with the case. We could get to know each other better.

Amanda: Are you a lawyer? Paralegal?

Imani: Not officially. I'm a legal advisor to my grandfather. I graduated law school, but i never got around to taking the bar exam.

Amanda: Well, I'll have to think about your offer, but i appreciate the gesture... and the apology.

Imani: Okay. Well, we can talk about it more later. I will be in touch.

[ Door opens ]

Phyllis: Where is everyone?

Nick: Uh, dad was delayed for some reason. Mom is here somewhere. I think she's getting some tea. Uh, sharon and rey are in faith's room.

Phyllis: Oh. Rey doesn't have adam handcuffed to his side?

Nick: Rey's got the hospital pretty well covered.

Phyllis: Yeah, I saw all the cops as we were coming up here. He does have it covered, doesn't he? Oh, does this mean that adam is gonna stick around?

Sharon: I'm the one who told adam to turn himself in, to face these charges, because that's the only way he's ever gonna be able to clear his name. Now, he didn't listen to me. He ran off. But I never thought that adam was gonna be able to evade any of this. Just like I would never tell you how to do your job.

Rey: Well, that's -- that's wise since you can't be objective when it comes to adam, not when he's saving your daughter's life for the second time in a month.

Sharon: If I seemed a little surprised or startled when you were talking about arresting him, it's only because you told me that you were starting to have your own doubts about his guilt.

Rey: Whatever my personal opinions are, adam is still the prime suspect. And he's proven yet again that he is a flight risk. It's not like we can count on him to hang around when the investigation continues.

Sharon: You know what I want to know, I really want to know? Once adam's in jail and you can stop focusing on this case -- and hopefully everything goes well with faith and I can stop worrying about her -- what then? What happens between us? Do you even want to be my husband anymore? Is there any hope?

Amanda: Hey.

Devon: Hey. So, I saw imani leave.

Amanda: Yeah. Thank you for letting me know she was coming upstairs. For once, my sister didn't catch me off guard.

Devon: I saw her speaking to sutton, and I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it didn't look like a casual conversation.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Devon: I don't know. And I may be way off base, but just their -- their body language had some intensity to it.

Amanda: Hmm.

Devon: They looked like they were conspiring together.

Amanda: Interesting.

Devon: What did she have to say to you?

Amanda: Oh, she's done a complete 180. Not only is she not trying to convince me to drop sutton's case. She apologized for her infantile behavior and even offered to come on board and help.

Devon: Get out of here.

Amanda: Oh, yes, imani has seen the light. She understands that my intentions were good all along, and she's -- she's ready to help me join the circle.

Devon: What brought on this -- this epiphany?

Amanda: A conversation with her parents, or so she claims. Apparently, I made quite the impression with her father, eric.

Devon: That I can believe.

Amanda: Now, I suspect sutton has a lot more to do with imani's turnaround than naya or eric. I'm starting to understand how much of a hold he has over his family.

Devon: So, what are you gonna do about it?

Amanda: I'm inclined to accept imani's offer to help, if only to find out what's really going on with her because there is definitely more to this than meets the eye.

Nick: Ah, there we go. Let me guess -- soup?

Nikki: Just something light. You should eat.

Phyllis: I always tell him that, that he should eat.

Nikki: Hello, phyllis.

Phyllis: Hello, nikki.

Nick: I'm clearly outnumbered.

Nikki: You're welcome.

Nick: Thank you, mom.

Nikki: While we wait to hear news about faith, I think I will distract myself with a magazine.

Phyllis: How's your leg? Are you in a lot of pain?

Nick: [ Breathes deeply ] I'm fine.

Phyllis: Hey, how badly were you hurt?

Nick: [ Clicks tongue ] I'm not even thinking about that. All I can think about is faith.

Phyllis: Well, you have already performed a miracle, actually, by getting adam to be completely selfless and giving up his freedom and his kidney for your daughter, who hates his guts. Hey, listen, these doctors do this kind of surgery all the time, and it's very successful. There are no guarantees in life, but this comes close.

Nick: Let's hope you're right.

Phyllis: How did you get adam to do this? What exactly did you say to him?

Rey: Sharon, you're exhausted, okay? We're waiting to see how faith's surgery goes. This isn't a conversation we should have right now.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Rey: What's up?

Victor: I want you to come to my house immediately.

Rey: That's not possible.

Victor: Make it happen.

Rey: I am at the hospital with sharon right now. Once adam is out of surgery, i need to be here to place him under arrest.

Victor: The transplant is gonna take hours, okay? Then it'll take a long time for adam to recover and come out of anesthesia. You don't want to arrest an unconscious man, do you?

Rey: At least tell me what this is about.

Victor: Something happened with chelsea. It's gonna change everything.

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[ Door closes ]

Nick: How's our girl?

Sharon: Was the transplant a success?

Chelsea: You have to believe me. I am so, so sorry.

Rey: Chelsea, are you trying to confess to something?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

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