Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/4/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/4/21


Episode #12100 ~ Nick's plan backfires. Rey comforts Sharon. Faith's condition takes a turn for the worse.

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Billy: Since when do you need permission to follow a lead? You go where the clues take you. Of course we'll cover the tab. Well, then stop wasting time talking to me. Go get it. And keep in touch. Go ahead, ask me what that was about.

Lily: Oh, I thought I'd wait for you to burst.

Billy: Nick newman jumped on the newman jet and took off earlier. By himself.

Lily: Okay, where is he going?

Billy: I don't know that yet, but I'm betting he knows where adam is hiding. If we jump on the story fast, we might be able to post it before the cops arrest him.

[ Banging ]

Nick: Again!

Adam: It's no use. Who knows if the house is even still standing or what could be blocking that door?

Nick: I'm not quitting. We gotta get on that plane back to genoa city. Faith needs you. Her clock is ticking.

Adam: Nick, I'm telling you, it's not gonna work.

Nick: You know what? You don't have to help me if you don't want. Just stay out of my way.

[ Grunts ]

Adam: Okay, listen. That door may as well be made of steel. You keep that up, you're gonna hurt yourself.

Nick: Well, then why don't you find us another way out of here?

Adam: It might not be a good idea to leave right now anyway. It's dangerous outside.

Nick: Yeah, I know. It's a tornado. I'm familiar with them.

Adam: Who do you think is gonna win right now? You or the twister?

Nick: I'm not gonna argue about this with you. You know what? What if it was connor? And connor was the one who needed a transplant? Is there anything in this world that would stop you from trying to get to him? I didn't think so. Now help me get out of this place!

Sharon: How did it go?

Nikki: I am so proud of her. I mean, faith is facing such uncertainty. She doesn't know if she's going to have to start dialysis or if she's going to have a kidney transplant, but she is so brave. And she even challenged victor to a chess game the next time he visits.

Sharon: Well, I'm glad you got to spend some time with her.

Nikki: If you need anything, I'm only a phone call away. Victor is already back at the ranch calling potential transplant surgeons.

Sharon: Thank you, nikki.

Nikki: Okay.

Rey: Sharon. I couldn't stay away. When I get a migraine, I go to the darkest place I can find.

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Rey: I was on my way to go check on faith, and I saw you there. You look upset.

Sharon: The doctors are trying to save faith's kidneys, but I just talked to elena and she told me the treatments isn't working.

Rey: Wait, wait, wait. Save her kidneys? How did this happen?

Sharon: Faith got an infection after the accident, and her immune system thought it was attacking the infection, but something went wrong and it targeted her kidneys.

Rey: Sharon, I... I didn't know.

Sharon: It's pretty unbelievable. I'm having a hard time with it myself. It's just so random and so awful.

Rey: Well, there must be something the doctors can do.

Sharon: There's dialysis. But I would hate to see her endure that. It's four hours a day, three times a week, for the rest of her life. I would do anything to spare her that.

Rey: So the only other alternative is a transplant? Do you have anybody who's a match?

Sharon: Well, faith has a rare blood type, but we have found someone, and nick is busy right now making that happen.

Rey: Good, that's good. Anybody I know?

Sharon: There is exactly one person in the family who is a match. There's one person who can help faith, if we get him to agree.

Rey: Who wouldn't jump at the chance? Not adam?

Sharon: That's right. It's adam.

[ Slamming ]

Adam: Is there something in particular you're looking for?

Nick: I'll know when I see it. Ideally, there'd be another way out of here. I just need something I can use. I -- I mean... these windows are good.

Adam: No, that is bad. They're covered in rusty grates and we're never gonna be able to get them off.

Nick: Alright, then why don't you come up with another solution or at least a possibility, adam?

[ Grunting ] Oh, what the hell are you doing?

Adam: Have you heard what is going on above us? Do you have any idea what storms are like in this part of the country? Winds are over 100 miles an hour. I swear I heard an actual cow blow by. We're stuck here. And when we can leave, we will. And in the meantime, I'm gonna have some wine and I'm gonna pass the time.

Nick: Put the wine down, alright? Hey! We need to be sharp and on our game if we're gonna get out of here alive and in time. And if you're gonna be donating a kidney soon and going under, drinking is the last thing you should be doing.

[ Wind howling, clattering ]

Billy: This could become a bombshell, and we need to handle it the right way. We need to get our best writer on it.

Lily: We already have our best reporters on that story that just broke in minnesota.

Billy: Shelve that, okay? 'Cause if nick knows where adam is -- and I bet he does -- that becomes a story that we need to pursue.

Lily: Do you have any proof?

Nick: Not exactly, which is another reason why we need to have somebody follow his trail.

Lily: I mean, you could just be grasping at straws.

Billy: Nick newman jumps on the newman jet by himself in a very discreet way, hoping that nobody knows where he's going, why would he do that?

Lily: Maybe it's a business trip.

Billy: Crisis at new hope? I don't think so, lily.

Lily: Okay. Have you thought about the possibility about how maybe you want this to be about adam? I mean, you want us to drop everything every time adam newman sneezes. It's like -- you also promised me that you would turn your fixation down a notch.

Billy: Okay. I know that I've given you plenty of reason to be cautious, and I will only follow this if you're on on board. But if this is true and somebody else gets the lead, that's not gonna be good.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Okay. As long as our other pieces still move forward, then do whatever you want.

Billy: Great. I can get on board with that. Now, more importantly, lunch at society so we can brainstorm?

Lily: I have a conference call in a few minutes, but i will meet you there.

Billy: You're not gonna regret this.

Lily: Oh, I'm sure I will. But it'll be very fun to watch you 'cause you're very cute when you're all worked up about something.

Billy: I only get worked up about you. Everything else is secondary. I'll see you soon.

Lily: Okay.

Rey: So that's who nick went to track down -- adam.

Sharon: He's faith's best hope at a normal life.

Rey: And you're telling me you all knew where to find him and you kept it to yourselves?

Sharon: Rey. Look at me. What else was I supposed to do?

Rey: I don't know. I don't know, pick up the phone, call me, tell me what's going on?

Sharon: And risk the one shot we have at my daughter's transplant? No, she's in there fighting for her life.

Rey: You don't think I know that? I love her, too, sharon.

Sharon: You just always play everything by the rules.

Rey: What, you think I would stand in the way of faith getting help? That's who you think I am?

Sharon: I don't know. I don't know about anything when it comes to us anymore.

Rey: You know, I... I hope that adam comes through for you and everything works out. I mean that.

Sharon: Thank you.

Rey: Would you mind if I go see faith now?

Sharon: I would never try to keep you from seeing her, no matter what's going on between us.

[ Wind roaring ]

Nick: Look, you can help me or not, I don't care. I'm not quitting.

Adam: Do you hear what is going on up there?

Nick: Well, it beats cowering down here. I have to do something. Now, that door leading up to the kitchen is blocked, so we got to find another way out of here. I swear to you, I can feel a draft right here. Oh, my god.

[ Grunts ]

Adam: What'd you find?

Nick: Cellar doors. Did you know about these?

Adam: Of course not.

Nick: Well, I just found our way out of here.

[ Grunting ] This isn't budging.

Adam: Yeah, well, it's probably padlocked from the outside.

Nick: Or something fell on it.

Adam: Who knows what is gonna be flying around out there and what happens when we get those doors open?

Nick: Well, it's for faith, and you told me you'd be willing to come back to genoa city to help. Either you meant that or you didn'T. Now, you can keep dragging your feet around here and making excuses, acting like you're afraid of surgery or getting arrested while my daughter's laying in a hospital with her kidneys failing, that's not helping me. It's my daughter. I will never stop fighting for her.

Adam: Yeah, that tracks. You've never been the one that backs down.

Nick: When this storm passes, we got to be ready to move, adam, with nothing in our way.

[ Grunting ] One...

[ Grunting ] One...

Adam: Two...

Victoria: I'll be stopping by memorial later this afternoon. Cancelled all my meetings.

Nikki: Oh. Faith will love to see you. And she's not the only one having a difficult time. No mother wants to see their child fighting for their life.

Victoria: Well, so much for old rivalries.

Nikki: Old rivalries fall by the wayside when a child is sick. Poor faith has had so many challenges lately. We thought we were finally turning the corner, and now this.

Victoria: And they still don't know how she got the infection, the one that's caused all of these kidney issues?

Nikki: No, no idea. But what's most important to me is getting her through this. Everybody in the family has a part to play.

Victoria: Yes, I know that. Including adam.

Nikki: That's what we're hoping for.

Victoria: Is it realistic to think that nick's gonna track him down and convince him to come back here and donate his kidney? The minute that adam steps foot back in town, he's gonna be whisked off to jail. It's why he went on the run in the first place -- to avoid being arrested. Derriere discomfort.

Nikki: Nicholas' lead on adam's location came from something adam said to sharon when he called her.

Victoria: Are you telling me that they've been in contact while he's on the run?

Nikki: Apparently. Nicholas said before he left that he would be bringing adam back with him, voluntarily or not.

Victoria: Well, what's plan "b" if he can't persuade him to help faith?

Nikki: She'll be on the national registry to receive a kidney. I mean, our best chance is with adam because if a donation is from a family member, it's less likely to be rejected. But if adam won't help us, she could stay on that list for years, enduring dialysis. And trust me, I hate that we have to depend on adam to do the right thing.

Victoria: I know adam. He has something valuable that everybody wants. So what's to stop him from using it to his advantage?

Nikki: Hey, anything he wants, I will give him. Anything to save faith.

Victoria: Okay, well, let's say he gets his hands on the things that he's probably demanding, which is money and freedom. What's to stop him from leaving town again before the surgery?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Nothing.

Victoria: It would be just like adam to pull something like this. There are so many different ways that this can go wrong.

Nikki: At least he doesn't know that nicholas is on his way to find him.

Victoria: Well, thank goodness nick took the jet so no one knows that he's gone.

Billy: [ Clears throat ] Sorry for interrupting, but you should probably know that nick leaving on the newman jet isn't as secret as you think it is.

Faith: I've missed you.

Rey: Not as much as I've missed you. I don't have anybody to share my morning cinnamon bun with.

Faith: Good, 'cause that's our thing.

Rey: And you are irreplaceable, you know that. How you feeling?

Faith: Pretty awful.

Rey: Well, you look great. And I know you are gonna come through this stronger than ever.

Faith: You always say the right thing.

Rey: I wish.

Faith: Did mom tell you?

Rey: Tell me what?

Faith: That I might need a transplant and who the donor will be.

Rey: Yeah, she did.

Faith: Are you angry? That it's adam?

Rey: All I care about is you getting better. You've got great doctors, no end to people who love you who are gonna get you through this.

Faith: Can I ask you something?

Rey: You know you can ask me anything.

Faith: Did you move out? Mom said you're working night shifts and that's why you're not around, but I don't trust that. The house felt emptier.

Rey: That's not important right now.

Faith: It is to me. Did you move because of something adam did?

Rey: It's kind of complicated.

Faith: You mean you don't understand it or you're afraid that I won't? Because I understand lots.

Rey: I know you do. I know you do. If you're trying to ask me if i still love your mother, the answer is yes, very much.

Faith: I just don't want my mom to have to deal with this alone. That's why I'm asking.

Rey: What's going on with me and your mother is nothing that can be solved right here, right now. But nothing would make me happier than things working out. And there is one thing we can agree on -- your health is the most important thing. If you want, I can get lola to come over here and she can talk you through the whole transplant thing.

Faith: That would be nice.

Rey: Both lola and summer got through the surgery and recovery with flying colors, and I know you will, too. You okay?

Sharon: I just got a text.

Rey: But not the one you were waiting for.

Sharon: Still no word from nick. It was from elena. She said they're gonna be taking faith to have some tests soon, so it might be a time to get way from the hospital for a while and relax.

Rey: Well, you can't refuse. It's doctor's orders. You got to take care of yourself so you can take care of faith.

Sharon: Why won't nick call me?

Rey: He will.

Sharon: At least just to tell me what's going on.

Rey: He will, he will. In the meantime, let me take you home.

[ Rattling, clattering ]

Nick: One more!

Adam: Two...

Nick: Ahh!

Adam: Whatever's behind it is not budging.

Nick: One more time.

Adam: Look, just stop. Stop. Let's just...

Nick: Did you hear what i said earlier?

Adam: I didn't say "quit." You need to take a break. We're not gonna be able to make it to the jet if you collapse from exhaustion first.

Nick: Fine, two minutes.

Adam: You were right before, by the way.

Nick: About what?

Adam: That I would be just as driven if it were connor that was in the hospital needing surgery instead of faith. Oh, there's nothing like hiding out in an abandoned house to make you realize how much you miss your kid.

Nick: Yeah, I can imagine.

Adam: You know, when I came back from vegas and I got connor back in my life, being present as his father, that was one of the most important and profound things that's happened to me.

Nick: I'll never doubt how much you love your son.

Adam: Yeah, I've had a lot of time to ponder how I've screwed that up. This place -- it's the kind of place that makes you think. Maybe I am as cursed as you've always said I am.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Adam: Hey, let's say this works out. Let's say we get out of here, we get back to genoa city, faith gets a new kidney. Then what?

Nick: I told you, I'd be grateful and I will help you escape, but somehow I don't think that's what you're really asking me.

Adam: Yeah, well, being back in my hometown, it's given me a lot of time to think about my regrets and mistakes, the boy that I was, the person that I've become.

Nick: What, so little adam wouldn't be proud of big adam?

Adam: I can't help but think that -- about this wish.

Nick: A wish?

Adam: For a pill. Or a magic potion. To wipe away the past and all the reasons people have for wanting me to disappear.

Nick: That's a hell of a pill, adam.

Adam: I am aware of that. The reality is, even if I save faith, she goes on to live a long, happy, successful life, people are still gonna be convinced I only did it because I was getting something out of it.

Nick: Can you blame them?

Adam: Well, even you weren't even willing to believe me when I said I would come back for faith. You cut me off in the middle of the offer.

Nick: That's because you were already making conditions. You were setting up the deck to make sure you had the winning hand.

Adam: That was after you told me how grateful you were that i saved faith after the accident. Or were you just saying that to get your hands on my kidney? You know, maybe it's unrealistic. Even if I save faith, I'm not gonna change your or anybody else's mind about me.

Nick: You know what? Change takes hard work. You start making some effort, and then we'll talk.

[ Both grunt ]

Adam: Tell me what I got to do. Tell me the thing that'll change everyone's opinion of me.

Nick: No, man. That's not up to me.

Adam: No, no, no, no. I'm genuinely curious. 'Cause once we get out this door, your life is gonna change for good, and we're never gonna get to have this conversation again.

Nick: Alright. Why don't you start with stop running away from the consequences of your actions. Kook how far you were willing to go to get away from the police. You poisoned rey. Man up and face the music.

Adam: Confess to a crime i didn't commit? I've already done time for a poisoning I had nothing to do with. I've said it before, and I will say it until someone believes me -- I did not poison rey.

Nick: Well, good luck convincing everyone of that.

Adam: Have fun.

Rey: You okay?

Sharon: I'll be fine. Thank you for driving me home.

Rey: Well, you didn't look like you could drive.

Sharon: I'm sure you have to get back to work or something.

Rey: Let me take care of you first. When's the last time you ate?

Sharon: I don't even remember.

Rey: Well, I'll make you something.

Sharon: No, that's okay. I can do it.

Rey: It'll only take a minute.

Victoria: How long have you been listening?

Billy: Long enough to hear what's going on with adam and faith.

Nikki: If you do anything to jeopardize her health --

Billy: Nikki, do you mind if I speak to victoria alone, please?

Victoria: Mom, it's okay. Just give me time. I'll talk some sense into him.

Nikki: If that's what you want, I'll talk to you later.

Victoria: Thank you, mom.

Billy: Before you start, you should know that I'm following a lead on nick leaving on the newman jet and that I've been working on one of our investigative journalists to follow his trail.

Victoria: His trail? He hasn't done anything wrong, billy. This is a family matter.

Billy: I understand that now after hearing you and your mother speak. It's about faith, which makes sense.

Victoria: If you want to ruin everything and put her life at risk, then by all means, let your reporters loose. 'Cause god knows that chanccomm's page views are way more important than my niece's life.

Billy: Let me explain.

Victoria: How can you even entertain the idea of messing things up for her? What the hell is wrong with you?

Billy: I'm not gonna do anything to put faith's life in danger. What I'm trying to tell you is that I'm gonna pull the plug on the story.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Thank god. I was so afraid.

Billy: I'm on your side, vick. You should know that by now.

Faith: I know you're there.

Moses: I didn't know if you were awake or not. I don't want to disturb you.

Faith: They just brought me back from some tests. I'd like the company, unless you need to get back to volunteering.

Moses: Actually, I'm not on the schedule right now.

Faith: Then why are you here?

Moses: To see you. But that doesn't mean I can't run an errand or two if you need anything.

Faith: No. I'd just drift off, so stay.

Moses: Whatever you want. Tell me something.

Faith: Ask away.

Moses: What are you doing here? I mean, nate is hardcore about doctor-patient confidentiality, so he wouldn't tell me anything. Is it something to do with your accident?

Faith: Sort of. I got some kind of an infection. It messed up my kidneys.

Moses: If it's too personal, you don't have to answer, but what are your symptoms?

Faith: The worst one? Having everyone look at me with this chronically worried expression in their eyes. And they try to sound positive and everything, but they just look like cheerleaders still doing a routine for their team who hasn't scored in the final quarter.

Moses: That must be scary.

Faith: I've never felt anything like it.

[ Sighs ] My brain gets so foggy sometimes, and it takes me a while to make out what people are trying to say.

Moses: Okay, have they told you what the treatment plans are gonna be?

Faith: Dialysis. Maybe even a transplant. Between you and me? Not feeling too lucky these days. I wonder if they're really telling me everything.

Moses: Why are people hiding things from you?

Faith: To protect me, maybe? I don't know what to think anymore.

Moses: Actually, you know what? I think I know what to do about that.

Sharon: You didn't have to stay.

Rey: What, am I supposed to believe that you were gonna get a spark of energy and made a meal for yourself rather than crashing on the couch till it's time to go back to the hospital?

Sharon: You really do know me, don't you?

Rey: You didn't turn your phone off, did you?

Sharon: No.

Rey: That means nick hasn't contacted you yet.

Sharon: I should have heard from him by now.

Rey: Where did he go anyway?

Sharon: Are you asking me as faith's stepdad or as the detective who's desperate to find adam?

Rey: Okay, hold on a minute. You think I had an ulterior motive, bringing back here, making you some food, making sure that you're okay? It all came from the heart. Don't you get that?

Sharon: I'm sorry. Truly, deeply. I cannot believe I just said that. You know, all I've wanted since you left me was for us to sit down and talk and be real and honest with each other. And then what do I do when I get the opportunity? I ruin it.

Rey: It's okay. You're tired and frightened. Don't beat yourself up.

Sharon: I'm sorry.

Rey: It's okay.

Sharon: No, I mean for everything -- for adam and lying to you. I do know what I've put you through, and I feel awful about it.

Rey: You believed in him.

Sharon: But that's not the point. It's not what I mean.

Rey: No, but it's what i mean. Sharon, there's something I need to confess.

[ Clattering ]

Nick: We got to get the hell out of here.

Adam: I thought we were talking.

Nick: Yeah, we were, but you're getting me all confused.

Adam: About what?

Nick: Since when do you ever give a damn what I think about you?

Adam: [ Sighs ] It was after you thanked me for bringing faith to the hospital after the accident. You actually meant it.

Nick: Of course I did.

Adam: And it made me think that I've never stopped wanting you to see me as more than just the sum of my bad decisions and mistakes. More than just a reminder of the bad things that I've done. And hell, if you could do that, sky's the limit. Maybe you could take a minute, see my side when it comes to everything that's gone on between us. Okay, maybe that's a little too much. But almost anything would be a step forward, right? Is that too much to hope for?

Victoria: I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry for assuming that you were gonna publish a story about faith and adam.

Billy: You don't have to apologize for thinking the worst. I've given you plenty of reasons to be suspect about my intentions.

Victoria: Well, I guess you deserve some credit for self-awareness.

Billy: Well, right now, the only thing I'm thinking about is how can I help faith. She's family to me.

Victoria: Maybe I'm not really in a position to ask for any favors after being so harsh, but --

Billy: Name it, vick.

Victoria: Well, I'm grateful that you're not pursuing the story, but there is a chance that another outlet might try to pick up on the lead that your people found.

Billy: If I hear anyone getting close to the story, I'll do everything I can to throw them off the scent. You have my word.

Victoria: Thank you, billy. I'm sorry I overreacted.

Billy: You're worried about faith. So am I. I really am.

Faith: Getting a jump on your homework?

Moses: I'm doing some research.

Faith: On me?

Moses: No, your condition. Look, maybe if we talk about it together, we can understand it better.

Faith: Should we really trust what we find online?

Moses: This isn't just any run-of-the-mill website. It's highly recommended by this guy.

Faith: Hey! Dr. Hastings. Askmdnow?

Moses: Yeah, nate is the spokesperson for this website, and it's pretty incredible. I mean, there's tons of videos, even specialists from all over the world.

Faith: That's pretty cool.

Moses: And I'm gonna learn everything I can about it, alright? That way, if you ever get worried or confused, you'll have a friend to talk to about it -- not just doctors.

Faith: And if my kidneys are the last thing I want to talk about?

Moses: Well, then I'm good for that, too. We can watch movies, keep up on schoolwork, whatever you want.

Faith: You're a regular renaissance guy.

Moses: And best of all, i have a feeling about how all this gonna turn out.

Faith: Yeah? Gonna keep that to yourself?

Moses: You're gonna get through this, okay?

Sharon: A confession?

Rey: I've been having doubts about adam's guilt.

Sharon: You don't think he poisoned you anymore?

Rey: I wouldn't go that far. But I'm just not so sure anymore. When I talked to chelsea and chloe, I don't know. There's something there. My gut tells me that they're not giving me the truth. Not that I can prove it yet. But I'm reevaluating.

Sharon: Which means?

Rey: Which means I'll keep digging for answers while I take a hard look at myself. I have to acknowledge that part of me wanted adam to be guilty of this. Needed him to be the one.

Sharon: That's where all the evidence was pointed to at first.

Rey: But I let my personal feelings influence the investigation, and that's not how you solve a crime. To do that, you got to look at all the facts. And my job is to find the truth, wherever it lies.

Adam: I know why you haven't answered me. Okay? I've hurt you. And everyone in my life. I mean, if only I could take that magic pill that I was talking about. The one that makes everything disappear -- the pain, the hate, all the hell that I have dragged you through. I'd do it in a heartbeat. All I'm saying is I'm not sure i want to be your enemy anymore. Alright? I left genoa city in the dead of night to avoid being framed, but sitting here day after day, I realized what i need is a fresh start. A clean slate, if that is even possible. A world where I'm not on the run, where I can raise my son to be a decent man. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this is all falling on deaf ears.

Nick: Look, adam, I hear you, man, and I'm glad you're saying it. You want to make some changes, good for you, but right now, the only thing I can think about is getting home to my daughter.

Adam: Then let's do it.

Nick: Let's go.

Adam: One, two...

[ Both grunt ]

Nick: Did you hear that?

Adam: I think we did it.

Nick: We did it. Let's go.

Adam: We did it.

[ Creaking ] Adam! The ceiling!

[ Crashing ]

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