Y&R Transcript Friday 4/30/21

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/30/21


Episode #12098 ~ Victor discovers a clue about Adam's whereabouts. Devon makes a promise to Amanda.

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Due to illness, the role of "amanda" will temporarily be played by karla mosley.

You keep smiling at me like that, and you're gonna have to get back in this bed.

Devon: Well, see, there's a problem with that because every time I look at you, I just want you even more, so...

Amanda: It must be contagious. So, was this what you meant when you said that you were going to find creative ways to take my mind off of work? Because, if so, I am very, very glad that you came over.

[ Both laugh ]

Devon: I'm very glad I did, too, but, no, this isn't what i had in mind at all.

Amanda: Well, what was plan a?

Devon: Well, I thought that, you know, maybe we could, uh -- after we finished our takeout, we could go to this cool little dive I found a few miles outside of town and listen to some jazz music and have a drink or two.

Amanda: I like the way that sounds.

Devon: We'll have to have a rain check.

Amanda: But I got to say plan b was awfully exhilarating. Staying in -- the perfect escape.

Devon: I am more than happy to escape with you however and whenever you would like.

Amanda: [ Sighs ]

Devon: What is it?

Amanda: I was gonna tell you that I'm really glad we found our way back to each other and how lucky I feel to have you by my side while my life is going through all these changes.

Devon: I'm glad that I can be here for you. It's not every day that a former foster kid finds her family.

Amanda: Going to trial on her first murder, defending her grandfather.

Devon: I'm the lucky one, though, who gets to watch how you handle all of it with confidence and with poise. And, believe me, I know that you can take this on single-handedly, but you never have to feel lonely again as long as you got me.

Faith: I can barely keep my eyes open.

Sharon: If your body needs to sleep, then you should sleep.

Faith: I just wish I knew what the doctors were planning on doing for me.

Sharon: You let us worry about that for now. All you need to do is rest.

Faith: Maybe a little.

[ Soft knocking on door ]

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Any news from nate?

Nick: Yeah. I didn't want faith to overhear.

Sharon: What did he say?

Nick: [ Exhales sharply ] I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. Uh... I guess her immune system is attacking her kidneys as opposed to the infection that she contracted after her accident.

Sharon: But there is a way to help her, right?

Nick: Yeah. Uh, that's what nate wanted to talk about. He said they're gonna put her on some steroids and see if they can prevent loss of kidney function.

Sharon: And if that doesn't work? Nick, is that a possibility? I need to know.

Nick: [ Sighs ] She could be on dialysis for the rest of her life.

Sharon: What? No.

[ Crying ] No. She's just a little girl. She -- she has her whole life -- her whole life ahead of her. That cannot happen.

Nick: Right. Well, there's another option.

Sharon: What is it? We will do it.

Nick: A kidney transplant. Ideally from a live donor. Some member of the family who can [Sighs] -- Has a compatible blood type.

Sharon: How do we -- how do we do that? The last time we were here in the hospital after her accident, I remember they told me she had a very rare blood type. I would donate. I would give her my own, but i don't think I can, given my medical history.

Nick: I'm not compatible, either.

Sharon: [ Sighs ]

Nick: So, nate said we got to -- you know, we got to reach out to every member of the family, see if at least one of them can qualify as her donor.

Sharon: Let's make some calls. Someone in the family has got to be able to help.

[ Lock disengages ]

Summer: [ Chuckles ] I see. So this is why you raced out of the office to beat me home, huh?

Kyle: Surprise.

Nikki: Please tell me you have good news.

Sharon: So far, no one is a match. The only person who is still an unknown is victor.

Nikki: Ah! Good. You got my message.

Victor: I got it on the way over. Is it true that faith needs a transplant?

Nikki: Well, it's a possibility, but that might be challenging because of her blood type.

Victor: [ Exhales heavily ]

Sharon: So far, no one has been compatible. Please tell me that you are a match, victor.

Victor: [ Sighs ] No, I'm not compatible. But I know who is.

Sharon: Who?

Victor: Adam. Michael: My tip is, the worst lies

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Nick: You're telling me that adam has the same blood type as faith?

Victor: Yeah.

Sharon: How do you know?

Victor: When adam was shot, he lost a lot of blood and was taken to the hospital. And I remember the doctors saying that they were very lucky to have had a supply of that specific blood type, that very rare one.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] This is unbelievable.

Nick: So, the one person in this family that can help faith is on the run.

Sharon: If you want to blame someone, blame the guilty party -- chelsea.

Nick: Forgive me for not jumping on the "adam is innocent" bandwagon.

Nikki: Alright, arguing isn't gonna solve anything. What we need is a way to find adam.

Victor: I think sharon can help us with that. It so happened that detective rey told me that adam called you yesterday.

Sharon: Adam and I barely spoke, for two seconds, and rey took the phone from me. Adam hung up.

Nick: Did he trace the call?

Sharon: It was a dead end.

Victor: And you have not spoken to him since?

Nick: Can you two, uh, give me a moment to talk to sharon alone, please?

Nikki: Sure. We'll, uh, get you two some coffee.

Victor: We won't be long, okay? Come here, sweetheart.

Nick: It's time to come clean.

Summer: Yeah, faith needs a kidney transplant.

Kyle: What? You can be a donor even after you gave part of your liver to lola?

Summer: Yeah, but, um, I'm not a match.

Kyle: They'll find one. I'm sure of it. She'll be fine. Should we go to memorial, just to see her?

Summer: No. No, no. It's fine. She's sleeping. And my dad said that he'll call if they need anything. In the meantime, he suggested that I just do something to take my mind off of things that i cannot control, so that is where you come in.

Kyle: Mmm. Glad to be of service. Now, take a deep breath.

Summer: [ Breathes deeply ]

Kyle: Clear your mind. Champagne, if it'll help.

Summer: Yes, yes, it will.

[ Both laugh ] Oh, not that I'm complaining, but, um, I mean, what did I do to deserve all of this?

Kyle: Mm. I wanted to thank you.

Summer: Mm. For what?

Kyle: For reminding me how lucky I am we're together, for being my teammate, my accomplice... never giving up on me... never forgetting who we are together and loving me no matter what.

Summer: I promised you i wasn't going anywhere.

Kyle: I remember. I also remember your fear that tara and her son would come between us.

Summer: Mm. I mean, if you thought that i was gonna let a couple of bad nightmares about you and tara scare me off, then you were dead wrong.

Kyle: Hey, this is me you're talking to.

Summer: Okay, fine. Maybe there was the teeniest, tiniest bit of insecurity about losing you.

Kyle: Yeah, well, nobody could blame you for a moment or two of uncertainty. I mean, an affair from my past resurfaces and threatens everything and everyone I care about. On top of that, we learned i have a son.

[ Both laugh ] Now here we are.

Summer: Stronger than ever.

Kyle: And for the first time in a very long time, there are no wolves at our door, nothing to concentrate on but each other.

Summer: [ Giggling ]

Amanda: That was the best dinner break I have ever had, hands down.

Devon: It doesn't have to be over.

Amanda: I would love to extend our playdate, but if the pile of work at your house looks anything like mine...

Devon: Why would you remind me of that at all?

Amanda: If you need another break, I would love to be your distraction.

Devon: Yeah?

[ Knock on door ] You expecting somebody?

Amanda: No. Imani. What are you doing here?

Imani: You never texted me back, so we'll do this face-to-face.

Amanda: I am certain our mother raised you better than this.

Imani: I beg your pardon?

Amanda: Showing up announced, uninvited.

Imani: I called. You didn't answer. I assumed you were otherwise occupied.

Amanda: Imani, this is my friend devon hamilton. Devon, this is my sister, imani.

Imani: The devon hamilton? Of hamilton-winters?

Devon: Yeah.

Imani: Hmm. I hoped we could speak privately.

Amanda: Devon has been with me since the beginning of my journey to find my mother. He knows everything.

Imani: Including the favor my grandfather asked?

Amanda: Yes.

Imani: And you can trust him?

Amanda: Without question. He's the only one who knows sutton is my grandfather, and he's keeping it confidential.

Imani: I wish you'd kept that to yourself.

Devon: I would never reveal anything about amanda's life that she didn't want me to. And from what she's told me, it was her idea to keep her connection to your family a secret, not your grandfather'S.

Imani: Still, this involves several people's lives. A little discretion would have been nice, but there's nothing we can do about it now.

Devon: You should probably be grateful that she's even giving you the time of day after you took out a restraining order on her.

Imani: I had it withdrawn.

Devon: You did it in the first place, so...

Amanda: It's okay, devon. I can handle it.

Devon: Okay. I'll check in with you later, alright? Excuse me.

[ Door opens ]

Imani: Maybe I should have brought my own bodyguard.

Amanda: I am no longer the woman sitting outside of naya's house on christmas eve, hurt and jealous. I'm not intimidated by you. So, did you really think that i wouldn't ignore your text? "This will end badly for you"?

Imani: No.

Amanda: So this wasn't a warning to back off?

Imani: Not for the reason you think. You still have no idea what you're walking into.

Sharon: Adam called me today from a new number.

Nick: For what?

Sharon: He just wanted to apologize for everything he's put me through, but he said that he has no intention of ever coming back.

Nick: Did he say where he was?

Sharon: No. And he made me promise not to tell anyone about the call, which is why I didn't say anything to victor just now when he asked me -- because he's still trying to track adam down.

Nick: Of course he is. Adam knows dad will do anything for him, yet he calls you.

Sharon: I guess he thought he owed me that much. But he also asked me for a favor. He wants to be able to reach out in the future, just to get updates on chelsea and connor and check and make sure that he's okay.

Nick: Do you have the number?

Sharon: It's from a burner. He changes phones to stay head of the game.

Nick: Burner phones can be traced, alright? If he's using the same phone that he used to call you. This is our best shot. Can I please see the number on your phone?

Sharon: Anything to help find him.

Faith: [ Inhales sharply ] Mom?

Sharon: Hi, sweetheart. I'm right here.

Faith: I was afraid you were gone.

Sharon: There's no place else on earth I would rather be than right here with you. Before nexium 24hr,

Amanda: Why would I listen to anything you say? You have shown me nothing but contempt from the first time we met.

Imani: I should have welcomed you with open arms?

Amanda: When you were faced with the truth that I'm your half-sister? Yes. And even when you heard the story from naya herself, you still made it clear that you do not want me to have a part in our mother's life.

Imani: I was in shock. This is a complicated, life-altering situation. And there's more pain coming your way.

Amanda: What are you talking about?

Imani: Sutton. I came here to warn you about him.

Amanda: I know. Everyone is worried about this case, but --

Imani: I hope you don't harbor the belief that this will lead to a real relationship with him. You are only of value to him because you're useful. Once this trial is over, don't expect to stay connected to our family. He will never acknowledge you as a part of our family tree. You will always be the bastard child, the family shame.

Amanda: If he truly wanted nothing to do with me, I doubt that he would have reached out in the first place. And I will prove myself to him. I will prove that I have a place in this family when I win this case.

Imani: I'm trying to help you. You act like you're tough as nails, but you're still operating like this poor little orphan girl. You think that if you can prove yourself, we'll fling open the doors to our home and let the lost little princess sit at the head of the table. This isn't a fairy tale, amanda.

Amanda: I don't buy for a second that you are here telling me all of this to protect me.

Imani: And what about protecting my mother?

Amanda: Our mother.

Imani: She's obviously developed an attachment to you. I don't want her heart broken when sutton tosses you aside again and demands for my mother to do the same.

Amanda: And even if he did, naya can do what she wants. She's a grown woman.

Imani: Sutton's public image is of a family-loving man, but privately it is a different story. He looks out for himself above all. He is still the same person that convinced my mother to erase those two little mistakes she made in college. And she is still the same daughter she was back then. Who will do anything to protect the family name. She would do anything to avoid upsetting him because sutton ames is the last person you want to cross.

Amanda: The way you said that... imani, do you think sutton is guilty of murdering my father?

Sharon: Everyone's working so hard right now to make sure that you get back up on your feet again. And you were such a champion when I was going through my chemo treatments. I want you to know that I plan on totally outdoing you.

[ Chuckles ] Your brothers and sisters are gonna want to fill this room with balloons and flowers and cards. Your grandfather's gonna challenge you to a gazillion games of chess. And you're gonna get a daily dose of dad jokes from your father. We're gonna be loving you so much, you're not gonna have any time to rest. So you better take advantage of the quiet while you can, okay? That's my girl. You're gonna be just fine. You have to be.

Adam: All you need to know is I'm far away from genoa city. But don't worry. I'm somewhere where I can heal, like I am home yet somewhere new. Nikki. I need to find nick. I think I know where adam might be.

Nick: Alright, what's going on?

Victor: Well, I've been trying to locate adam since he left, not only to clear his name, but to help with faith's situation, you know?

Nick: Do you have investigators out there?

Victor: Yeah, but they haven't found a damn thing.

Nick: Would it help if you had a phone number?

Victor: Of course it would, but I don't have one.

Nick: I do.

Victor: Where'd you get it?

Nick: From sharon. Adam called her earlier. He told her to keep it a secret, which she did. I'm not happy about it, either, but we've got bigger issues to worry about.

Victor: Have you tried calling the number?

Nick: Yeah. On the way over. It just rang and rang. There was no answer.

Victor: Would you mind texting it to me?

Nick: Yeah. You gonna give this number to the police?

Victor: No, of course not, you know. We need adam's cooperation. If we want faith to be saved, we need his cooperation. He has her blood type. It's a rare blood type. Without adam, I don't know what we're gonna do. I embrace getting older.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Imani: My grandfather is many things, but whatever his faults may be, he is definitely not a murderer.

Amanda: But the way you reacted --

Imani: Is the way anyone would if a loved one was accused of a crime. But you're missing the point about my mother.

Amanda: No. No, I think I understand. You spun this whole scenario to try to convince me to walk away because you're scared.

Imani: You're wrong.

Amanda: You don't have to fear or hate me. I am not trying to take your place in our mother's heart. And even if I were, it wouldn't happen. I know from the little bit of time that I've spent with her that she is 100% devoted to you.

Imani: [ Scoffs ] As if i needed you to tell me that.

Amanda: Then why are you so determined to keep me from being part of the family?

Imani: Because you're not a part of my family. You don't belong.

Amanda: You're not afraid of losing naya's love because you know that she would never love you any less, even if I spent every day with her. And there's something else you're afraid of losing.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nick: Hey. How's faith?

Sharon: Good. She's, uh, with nikki right now.

Nick: Good.

Sharon: Um...I remember something that adam said. It might help us track him down.

Nick: Well, the investigator's here. Let me put you on speakerphone. Alright, go ahead, sharon.

Sharon: Adam said something like, "I've found a place where I can heal. It's like I'm home, yet somewhere new."

Nick: "Home" is kansas. Hope's farm.

Victor: Well, that's where i had my people go. They didn't find a damn thing. Wait a minute. "Home, yet someplace new." That means it could obviously be near the farm, right?

I'm getting a ping on adam's number.

Victor: Where from?

Near leavenworth, kansas.

Nick: Is there any other place in town he might try and hide?

Sharon: He sounded remorseful, blamed himself for a lot of things. Going back to the farm to remember the night that A.J. Died was pivotal for him. It was the most significant event in his life, as far as what it did to his psyche.

Nick: So, a place near home...

Sharon: He mentioned something about having a new perspective.

Nick: Someplace he can heal. Where would that be?

Sharon: Maybe someplace where he could make peace with his past?

Nick: A.J. Is dead, and his daughter's in prison.

Victor: Well, I remember george, the old farmhand at hope's farm, telling me that at the montalvo place, they had let the farmhands go, meaning the place is deserted.

Nick: Well, that sounds like a damn good place to start looking.

Victor: I would say.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Hey. Can I interest you in a shower?

Kyle: Ooh, you're incorrigible.

Summer: You know what they say. Couples who shower together --

Kyle: Barely manage to get out of bed together?

Summer: Mm-hmm. And they lived happily ever after.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: Ooh, after a very delectable dinner.

Kyle: I'll call room service.

Summer: Okay. Alright, you know what I like. Uh, and if you change your mind, you know where to find me.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Knock on door ]

Kyle: Tara. Hi.

Tara: I hope you don't mind me dropping by.

Kyle: [ Stammers ] Actually, um, it's --

Tara: It's important. This is my last night in town, and I didn't want to leave anything unsaid or undone.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Come in. Come in.

[ Door closes ]

Tara: [ Sighs ] I'm interrupting.

Kyle: Summer's in the shower.

Tara: If she weren't, she'd be furious. But I get it. She loves you. That's plain to see. I always wanted that for you.

Kyle: I guess everything works out the way it should.

Tara: I won't take up too much of your time. And I need to pack.

Kyle: Ashland got the go-ahead to travel back to new york?

Tara: I chartered private medical transport to take us first thing in the morning.

Kyle: Ah, well, I'm glad he's doing well enough to go home.

Tara: I, um -- I felt bad for how I left things earlier. I know we agreed not to see each other again, but after everything we've been through, I thought we deserved a proper goodbye.

Kyle: Yeah. We're owed that much.

Tara: There's something i want to give you.

Kyle: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Cellphone pings ] Parting gift?

Tara: Of sorts. Harrison locke, age 3. A smile that'll melt your heart. A real photo, not distant or blurry like the one you found online.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] He's, um...the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Tara: He's my world.

Kyle: Um... thank you, tara.

Tara: Take care, kyle. I wish you only good things.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Chuckles ]

Nate: Sharon. Have you had a chance to talk to nick?

Sharon: Yeah. I'm -- I'm still in shock.

Nate: It's a lot to digest. Any questions?

Sharon: Uh, those, um, tests that you ran earlier -- have you seen the lab results?

Nate: Her kidney levels are still elevated. And, unfortunately, the numbers are rising.

Sharon: [ Voice breaking ] Nick mentioned something about steroids?

Nate: Yes. We'll be starting her on a course of them, as anticipated.

Sharon: And if faith doesn't respond and everything goes south... she will have to go on dialysis for life or receive a kidney transplant. Are those truly our only options?

Nate: I'm so sorry.

Sharon: No, that's okay. I know that you're doing everything you can to help her. I won't keep you.

Nikki: What did nate say?

Sharon: Nothing that I wanted to hear.

Nikki: You have to try to stay positive.

Sharon: That's what I keep telling myself. But then I see my little girl laying in a hospital bed yet again and nate tells me that she's getting worse and I don't know when or if I... I-I can't let myself fall apart in front of faith.

Nikki: Why don't we go get some air?

Sharon: I don't think i should. I think I should stay here just in case.

Nikki: She's asleep. She'll be fine. You want to cry or yell, let's do it in the car where nobody can hear you. And then after that, we can go for a walk. I insist. It'll do you a world of good. Come on.

Sharon: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: I get it now. This is all about sutton. You're pulling out all the stops to convince me that he is cold and calculating, that he only wants to use me and ignore me, but the truth is that you're scared that in the future he will acknowledge me as his granddaughter.

Imani: [ Scoffs ] Never gonna happen.

Amanda: That he will grow to respect me and care about me and want me around. And you can't stand the idea of having to share.

Imani: I am perfectly secure in my place in my family.

Amanda: Only because you've never had competition. You've been the only one your whole life, and sutton has probably lavished you with all the love and attention. And you've soaked it up like sunshine. But now you got a big sister around, and you're afraid you're gonna be eclipsed.

Imani: [ Scoffs ] I'm trying to save you from embarrassment and humiliation. But if you want to make this personal and nasty, we can do that.

Amanda: Imani, I know that this has been difficult for you. But the only way that we are gonna work this out is if we're honest with each other.

Imani: There is only one way for things to work out the way they should -- drop the case and leave my family alone.

[ Door slams ]

Brushing only reaches

25% of your mouth.

Summer: Harrison locke. He's adorable. [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: You take one shower, see what you miss?

Summer: Mm. Gosh, I'm glad I did. That didn't sound as nice as i meant it to. I just meant that I'm happy that you and tara got some closure, is all.

Kyle: Yeah. It was good. Really good. Now, back to the celebration.

Summer: Ooh. Okay. I can't wait to see what you ordered for dinner. You didn't order dinner, did you?

Kyle: I'm sorry. I was distracted. [ Laughs ]

Summer: That's okay. That's okay. Um, okay, I will go order something delicious right now because we worked up an appetite.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

Faith: Hi, daddy.

Nick: Hey, beautiful.

Faith: I've been having the craziest dreams. Mom was here and then grandma and grandpa.

Nick: It's not a dream. Everybody's here. They all want to hang out with you. You're the most popular person in the family.

Faith: As usual.

Nick: Yeah. Listen, um... there's something we need to talk about.

Faith: What is it?

Nick: I got to leave you for like a day, two days tops, 'cause I'm gonna go find someone who's gonna help you. But don't worry. I'm gonna leave all your minions here. They're gonna do anything you want. They'll wait on you hand and foot, okay?

Faith: You'll be back soon?

Nick: Yeah. I promise. Before you know it. I love you.

Faith: Love you, too, daddy.

Nick: [ Smooches ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Hey. I'm glad you're back. We need to talk.

Sharon: About what?

Nick: I'm going to kansas.

Sharon: I thought victor would be the one traveling.

Nick: I was able to talk him out of it.

Sharon: But you won't even know where to look.

Nick: If he's not at the montalvo place, then I'll just keep searching until I find him. I'm not coming home without him.

Sharon: Well, I know how he thinks. Maybe I should be the one going to kansas.

Nick: And risk him playing more mind games with you? No way.

Sharon: I know how to handle adam.

Nick: Look, if you won't stay because I'm asking you to, then stay 'cause your daughter needs you.

Sharon: You're her parent, too.

Nick: We both know there's a difference in you being at her bedside. She'll panic without you.

Sharon: Are you finally admitting that she loves me more?

Nick: I will never admit that.

[ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Okay. Let's say you do track him down. How are you gonna convince him to come home and help faith? He's potentially risking his freedom.

Nick: I'll just, uh, appeal to his smaller, better side, you know, the one that risked everything to save faith after that car accident.

Sharon: And if he still won't agree?

Nick: Then I'm gonna knock his ass out and drag him back here. Whatever it takes, I will bring adam home.

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