Y&R Transcript Friday 4/23/21

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/23/21


Episode #12093 ~ Nikki takes matters into her own hands. Devon and Lily share a difference of opinion. Summer sets the record straight with Tara Locke.

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Jack: Call me if there are any changes.

Kyle: The factory in huntsville is closed. Fire code violations.

Jack: Same thing in charlotte. How many of our factories has locke shut down now?

Kyle: Too many. I knew he'd come after us, but not on so many fronts.

Jack: Okay, short term, what we have to do is find a few select manufacturing plants and focus our energies there, then we can re-open whatever is closed later.

Kyle: No, no, no, damn it. The factory in london, ontario.

Jack: Wait, he went to canada? That is a bad sign.

Kyle: Dad, if he goes after our international infrastructure, that's real trouble.

Jack: I hate to say this. If locke is willing to go this far to bribe inspectors to set up these phony code violations, he may be the only one that can stop them and undo this damage.

Ashland: My heart.

Victor: I dialed 911. All I have to do is push the send button.

Ashland: Please.

Victor: I'll call the paramedics once you sign the contract.

Summer: Your husband needs to be stopped!

Ashland: You're risking my life.

Victor: You've done this to yourself, ashland. You and I had a deal. You don't renege on a deal that you made with me. Doesn't work with me, okay? All you have to do is honor the contract.

Victoria: So let me know about game night. And, also, thank you for the congratulatory flowers. I really appreciate it. But they may have been a little premature. I think that ashland locke is trying to play all of us.

Victor: Sign the damn thing.

Ashland: [ Groaning ]

Billy: Well, our staff is in good shape. The ones that bailed because of victor have all been replaced. The rest of the employees I've convinced to stay, especially after I told them that victor will no longer be the owner of cyaxares. They realized that their job offer had disappeared.

Lily: Look, I know that you're disappointed that we lost out on locke's company, but honestly, I think we dodged a bullet. Okay, so just let victoria deal with locke and all the trouble that he brings.

Victor: You can do it, ashland. Just a little -- throw it down there, okay?

Victor: [ Grunting ]

[ Groaning ]

Nikki: Oh, my god, is he alright?

Nikki: Oh, my god, what is happening here?

Victor: Everything will be just fine.

Nikki: Something is very wrong with him.

Victor: Ashland and I are just finishing some business. Right, ashland? Ashland, sign right here.

Nikki: Victor.

Victor: Right here.

Ashland: [ Grunting ]

[ Panting ]

Victor: That's right.

Nikki: Aren't you going to call someone? He needs a doctor.

Victor: There you go.

Ashland: [ Groaning ]

Victor: Now you can call 911.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Yes, we need an ambulance at 421 larkspur trail, please. We think our guest is having a heart attack.

Ashland: [ Groaning ] This game isn't over yet.

Victor: You're damn right it isn'T.

Ashland: [ Groaning ] Our kids are bad at hiding things.

Summer: Are you going to answer my question?

Tara: You didn't ask a question. You issued a command. You can't expect a real response when you come at a person like that. So let's talk like grown-ups. What is it you want from me?

Summer: I'm sorry for starting our conversation like that, but this is urgent, tara. Your husband needs to be stopped.

Tara: What has he done? Is this about the rumors involving kyle's family's company?

Summer: Jabot. Yes, and we are way past the rumors phase. This is full-on sabotage now.

Tara: Like I told kyle, i have nothing to do with ashland's more underhanded tactics. And even if I did, there's no stopping that man when he wants something.

Summer: Have you even tried in this case?

Tara: What do you mean?

Summer: I mean, have you tried to steer him away from genoa city and the business here? You must have some persuasion skills. Otherwise, why did he marry you in the first place?

Tara: Let me remind you, it was kyle who first came to me, out of the blue, after all this time, not the other way around.

Summer: Yet here you are in genoa city, kyle's hometown, for a third time, so who's the one that can't stay away?

Tara: The first trip was damage control after kyle recklessly contacted me. And the other trips were at my husband's request. Ashland is already suspicious. If I declined to come with him, it would have made matters worse. And it's a good thing I arrived when I did today so I could stop kyle from confronting ashland.

Summer: You don't know what he was gonna say to ashland.

Tara: Whatever it was, I'm sure it was foolish. The best thing kyle can do is stay away from ashland altogether.

Summer: He was trying to defuse the situation.

Tara: Kyle thinks he's being noble and strong, but he can't win this fight. Everyone he cares about could be in jeopardy. And it may already be too late.

Ashland: Call my wife. Tell her what happened.

Nikki: Yes, I will. I cannot believe what i witnessed here. Did you actually have him sign papers in the middle of a heart attack?

Victor: You know, these papers were supposed to have been signed a while ago. The he chose to come by and told me he wanted to renegotiate. And I wouldn't let him. And then he had a heart attack.

Billy: I know it's victoria's company and I just have to deal with it.

Lily: Right, exactly. Just let her deal with the mess.

Billy: Yeah, you know, the whole bidding fiasco, adam going on the run, fighting with victor -- I know you're right. It's just...

Lily: It's just what?

Billy: It's just I can't help but feel like that company is a missed opportunity that I'm gonna think about for a very, very long time.

Lily: Okay. You know what? Enough. Honestly, this is too much of a roller coaster. It's like we're up, we're down. We're happy, we're disappointed. We cannot do this anymore.

Billy: You're talking about business right now, right? Because, personally, we're okay, right?

Lily: Yes, but one affects the other. And I'm not saying we should end things. I just want to get things back on track.

Billy: Okay. How do we do that?

Lily: Well, I have planned a very special evening for tonight.

Billy: Really?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Okay, I like the sound of that.

Lily: Yes, a romantic dinner, so we can commiserate over the loss of cyaxares because I know how much it meant to you.

Billy: You don't have to pretend you feel the same way.

Lily: Well, no, I put a lot of effort into our initial pitch, as well. I'm just having an easier time understanding that we lost.

Billy: Yeah, I know, and I'm trying to get there like you, but it still stings.

Lily: Right, which is the point of tonight, okay? We're gonna talk it all out, so hopefully we can move on.

Billy: Great, I'm down. Do we go now? We ready? Should we make into, like, a little happy hour thing?

Lily: No, no, no. This is a proper date.

Billy: Oh, a proper date.

Lily: Yes. Yes, we're gonna go home, we're gonna get cleaned up, put on something special, right? And then meet me at society, and prepare to be dazzled.

Billy: Oh, you know me, i love to be dazzled.

Lily: Good. If you have postmenopausal osteoporosis

Nikki: I assume locke and his wife are staying at the grand phoenix. Victor, what would have happened if he had died because you didn't call for help?

[ Sighs ]

Victor: That wouldn't have happened, okay? I would have dialed as soon as he signed.

Nikki: Every second matters in that situation. You know that, victor. Was a media company actually worth risking a man's life?

Victor: I bought this company for my son adam and for his family's future.

Nikki: Yes, could you please connect me to tara locke's suite? I don't see this as you doing anything for adam. I see it as you using a man's heart attack to try to steal back a company from our daughter.

Victor: I didn't steal a damn thing, okay? Ashland locke had agreed to accept our bid. It is your daughter victoria who encroached upon the deal, who's duplicitous.

Nikki: She saw an opportunity, just like you did today.

Victor: That's right, baby. That's right. She's been in business long enough to know it ain't over until it's over. And this conversation is over.

Jack: Voicemail. Why isn't locke picking up his phone? Ashland, it's jack abbott. You've made your point. How do we rectify this?

Kyle: Really think he's going to call you back?

Jack: To tell you the truth, I have no idea what his next move is. I just can't sit here and do nothing.

Kyle: We're not. We're going to find a solution, dad.

Jack: We have to find a way to get our products made even with these factories closed. If this goes on for too long, we could be facing a major financial hit. Possibly fatal.

Kyle: Well, good news is we still have three factories up and running. We can divert resources, keep them running 24/7.

Jack: The production costs of that. Overtime.

Kyle: Dad, we may not have a choice. It won't make up for the closed factories, but it'll help.

Jack: Yeah, you're right. It's a start.

Kyle: Maybe we can find some factories near by. We temporarily relocate. Materials, machinery, man power. Put everything on trucks --

Jack: I like that you're giving me ideas, but this one is too difficult.

Kyle: Too expensive?

Jack: It doesn't make any sense, with time or money. Do you have any idea how long it would take to set that up? Retrofitting all these factories. Besides, we don't know how long locke is gonna hold us hostage.

Kyle: Maybe we can find factories that are already configured for cosmetics.

Jack: That would reduce the time, but our competitors are not going to give us free time in their factories as a favor. They're probably just thrilled with what locke is doing. God, this is maddening.

Kyle: I just thought of something that might save jabot.

Tara: I would suggest if you have any persuasion skills yourself, put them to use. If you love kyle, tell him to stay away from ashland.

Summer: I do love kyle. There's no question of "if."

Tara: That's not what I was implying.

Summer: We've been through a lot together, and we have always come out of it stronger, so, yes, I will be doing everything I can to protect him and our relationship.

Tara: Summer, I'm not the one threatening your happiness. We're on the same side here.

Summer: Yeah, I guess we are. We both don't want a confrontation between ashland and kyle.

Tara: No, we don'T.

Summer: But I understand where kyle is coming from. Tara, he's just trying to protect his family's business and his dad's legacy. That's what's at stake here for him.

Tara: There's more than that. I could lose my husband, my son. Nobody has more at stake than me. I love my son. Ashland does, too. Harrison is happy and healthy, and he has everything a child could need. I am devoted to him, and to my marriage.

Summer: Okay, then we've agreed on one front -- let's just keep kyle and ashland as far away from each other as possible. But that goes back to my first thought, tara -- you have to do everything that you can to stop ashland from destroying jabot.

Tara: I told you, I don't have control over him. He does what he wants.

Summer: Okay, but if he goes after jabot, it's just gonna make kyle more eager to confront him, and we both don't want that.

Tara: You're right about that.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello?

Nikki: Yes, is this tara?

Tara: It is. Who is this?

Nikki: This is nikki newman. I'm calling to let you know that your husband is in the hospital.

Tara: What happened?

Nikki: It seems he had a heart attack.

Tara: Oh, my god, ashland. Can you tell me the name of the hospital? Okay, th-- thank you for calling.

Billy: Isn't that ashland locke's wife?

Summer: Tara, yeah.

Billy: Where's she rushing off to?

Summer: I don't know, I think something just happened to ashland.

Billy: Is he alright?

Summer: I don't know, billy, I have other things to worry about right now. Nope

Kyle: These numbers look good. This might work.

Jack: What have you got?

Kyle: Brash & sassy.

Jack: I see.

Kyle: They've been operating in their original facilities since we acquired them from newman. They have room to grow. Locke only went after jabot's eponymous brands, so we could move some production into to the facilities we gained in the newman cosmetics acquisition.

Jack: And that joined with the three factories we still have up and running, we could limit the damage locke has done. We could get out from under his thumb.

Kyle: Well, it's only a temporary fix. Locke may go after these plants once he finds out what we're doing.

Jack: But it will buy us some time.

Kyle: Maybe we can use the factories for ashley's my beauty brand in europe.

Jack: Okay, if we do as you suggested, the brash & sassy and my beauty brands could be hurt, but it pales in comparison to the potential damage done to jabot as a whole. Okay, let's get to work.

Kyle: I'll do the research, you make the calls.

Jack: Deal.

Summer: Hey, I think ashland locke is in the hospital.

Lola: Wow. I knew you made a reservation for a special night, but i didn't know it was gonna that special. I'm gonna have to change the menu.

Lily: What? What do you mean?

Lola: Well, I have to take all the spices away from my food because that dress is just way too damn hot.

Lily: Oh! Thank you. I appreciate it.

[ Laughs ] But I'm glad that you're kidding because I chose a very specific menu.

Lola: Yes, I know. It's very intriguing. You're gonna have to tell me the significance of each dish.

Lily: Yeah, they're just all of billy's favorite foods. So one of them, obviously, is your crab enchiladas and jamaican jerk chicken, oysters rockefeller from new orleans, and mohinga soup from his time in myanmar.

Lola: Yeah, the meal definitely tells a story.

Lily: Yes, it's very wide-ranging and eclectic, just like billy.

Lola: From a chef's point of view, it's kind of a jumbled mess.

Lily: Well, that's just like billy, too, so it's perfect.

Lola: [ Laughs ] You know, it's gonna be a lot of fun for me. I have all the ingredients -- the soup is a little tricky -- but I think it's gonna taste delicious. And, you know, I just really love that you know all of billy's favorite foods.

Lily: Well, it's not that impressive. I mean, he does talk about food a lot, so.

Lola: Yeah, he is one of my best customers.

Lily: Well, he's been having a hard time, so I think this will cheer billy right up.

Devon: Oh, I think billy should be deliriously happy every day that you put up with him.

Lola: Hey, devon.

Devon: What's going on, lola? How's business?

Lola: Good. Two years in, still going strong.

Lily: Aw, you must be so proud.

Lola: Yeah, you know, my professional career is a success story.

Lily: Well, I hope you've found time for your personal life, as well.

Lola: That is a work in progress. I'm gonna work on your meal.

Lily: Okay, thank you. Hi.

Devon: What's the occasion of this dress, you got a date or something?

Lily: Yes, billy and I have a very special night planned.

Devon: Okay. Alright. Do you have time to get a drink before he gets here?

Lily: Of course, yeah. I want to hear all about the baby mission.

Devon: Yep. Yeah, that's right. There's actually not much to it. The embryo transfer was a success.

Lily: What? So mariah's pregnant?

Devon: She's pregnant.

[ Chuckles ]

Lily: Wow! Oh, my gosh, what a relief for abby.

Devon: I know.

Lily: I'm gonna be an aunt. Well, I guess I won't really be an aunt, but -- oh, my god, this is such great news for abby and chance, right?

Nikki: You have been assuming that if you just stand up to your father, that he'll back down and learn his lesson. But do you see that happening, even a little bit? I mean, aren't you tired of banging your head up against the brick wall?

Victoria: Yes, of course i am. It's exhausting. But what other option do I have? I'm not going back to the days where I bend over backwards to make him happy. That never worked.

Nikki: Well, things can't go on the way they have been. The two of you are both hurt and angry and your relationship is just getting worse. Now, he can't change. Okay? He's too set in his ways. It's going to be up to you.

Victoria: Of course. It's always up to me. It's up to me to acquiesce to his will.

Nikki: If you want something to be different, you have to do something different. These battles aren't good for anyone.

Victoria: Oh, oh, no. I hope you're not here to deliver another lecture.

Nikki: No, not at all. But I do have some news. Ashland locke has had a heart attack.

Victoria: Oh, my goodness. Is he okay?

Nikki: There's no word yet.

Victoria: When was this?

Nikki: Just a short time ago.

Victoria: Wait a minute. He was supposed to meet dad at the ranch.

Nikki: That's where it happened.

Victoria: Did dad...? Do you think he caused this? Was he doing something intimidating, maybe he --

Nikki: No, no, no, I don't think that was the case, but he certainly didn't do anything to help. I think he was waiting for ashland to ambulance. In fact, I'm the one that ended up calling 911.

Victoria: Oh, my god. This is unbelievable. I know that he was trying to get ashland to change his mind about selling his company to me, but i was just hoping that he wouldn't be able to pull it off.

Nikki: Well, it seems victor has won again.

Pain doesn't care

how old you are.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Victoria: The timing of ashland's heart attack is so bizarre, but it feels like classic dad.

Nikki: It's ruthless, I'll give you that.

Victoria: You know, I knew all along that ashland locke couldn't be trusted. I should have just listened to my instincts instead of letting myself become a pawn in their game. Ashland was using me. He was using me to raise dad's purchase price.

Nikki: And your father was using the company as a symbol of devotion to adam.

Victoria: Well, so much for supporting his daughter as ceo.

Nikki: Oh, come on. Don't keep going back to that. I keep telling you, he is so proud of all of your accomplishments. He really is. I don't know, what I witnessed today has changed everything. It's changed my attitude about him. I mean, I have done everything i can to see his side of things where adam is concerned, but i can't make excuses for his actions anymore.

Victoria: Well, I hope this means that you will stop encouraging me to accept and forgive everything that he's done.

Nikki: You know, when he's gone to extremes in the past, it's usually when his back is up against the wall and he has no choice. But it wasn't like that today. He doesn't need locke's company. He only wants it to secure a future for adam.

Victoria: Well, his motives have been very clear from the beginning. But I still don't understand what's his plan, how is he gonna make this work. Adam is still on the run. He's wanted for attempted murder. Maybe if he has him hidden somewhere, he plans on turning wherever he's got him stashed into their corporate headquarters.

Nikki: Oh, god, I hope not.

Victoria: Well, we can't be certain, now, can we, mom?

Nikki: Well, that's beside the point. The thing is, adam's crimes don't mean anything to your father. For him, it's all about making amends for what adam went through when he was younger. It is not to retaliate against you.

Victoria: How many amends does he have to make? Because earlier today, you told me that dad was trying to help adam recover from things that have happened to him recently. So now are you saying that my father is trying to make up for adam's entire life?

Nikki: Victor still feels overwhelming guilt over the secret he kept about what happened to adam when he was a child.

Victoria: Yes, I know. I know, that's why his black sheep son can do whatever he wants and dad will never see him for the monster that he really is.

Nikki: Exactly. Which is why my advice to you is to just let them have the damn media company.

Victoria: Is this wisdom coming from my mother or my coo?

Nikki: Both. We don't need cyaxares and all its baggage. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe if your father is so busy trying to help adam, he won't have the time to interfere with newman enterprises, and you can run the company any way you want.

Victoria: Maybe. That might be a good way to look at it.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Well, I would say we need a distraction. How about if we go treat ourselves to a massage?

Victoria: I think that sounds like a great idea, mom. You go and you do that. I have something that I need to take care of.

Nikki: Oh, what?

Victoria: I'm going to see billy.

Jack: This is jack abbott. I would to get some information on a patient there. The name is locke -- l-o-c-k-E.

Kyle: When you rushed out of here earlier, I had no idea you were going to see tara.

Summer: I had to do something, so I told her that she had to stop her husband.

Kyle: Wait, you did what?

Summer: I thought that she could help us, but she swore that she had no idea that locke was messing with jabot, and i believe her, so... yeah, unfortunately, she said that there's nothing that she could do.

Kyle: I appreciate what you were trying to do, but I need to handle this myself.

Summer: Kyle, locke is out of control, so why not use every resource that you can?

Kyle: Look, it's my problem. I started it. I have to end it. I'm worried about harrison. He's my son, and if something happens to locke...

Summer: Harrison is gonna be fine.

Kyle: You don't know that. Harrison is my biggest concern in all this, and yet I'm powerless to do anything for him.

Summer: Tara made a point of telling me how much she loves him. He's in good hands, no matter what.

Kyle: Summer, you don't know what it's like to lose a parent at a young age.

Summer: You're right. I don'T. But I know that your son will be taken care of by a loving parent. He has tara, just like you had jack.

Jack: Okay, I have some information. Locke was indeed admitted to memorial after suffering a heart attack. What his current condition is or how bad it was is not clear.

Summer: I mean, I know that this sounds cold, but at least the enemy is out of commission for now. It gives jabot a chance to regroup, right?

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Are you okay?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. As awful a human being as locke is, he has a family. And there's a little boy out there somewhere who's in danger of losing his father.

Lily: Yeah, I remember when we found out mac was pregnant with the twins. It was just so magical, but surreal.

Devon: Yeah, how?

Lily: Well, 'cause they were my babies, but I wasn't carrying them, you know? And I'm sure abby feels the same way. But it's mostly joy. Just -- you're just so happy that someone is giving you this magical gift, which is what you and mariah have given abby and chance.

Devon: Well, mariah's doing the heavy lifting now -- literally.

Lily: Well, I think you've played a pretty big role. But they want you to be involved in the baby's life, right?

Devon: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely, and I've always intended on being there for the baby, you know? It's -- we're gonna have a very unique relationship.

Lily: Aww. Well, he or she is gonna be very lucky to have you. Just like abby is lucky to have you involved.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: I'm sure she's just overwhelmed with gratitude, so let her thank you.

Devon: I will.

Lily: Well, good, I'm glad everything's good on the baby front.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Anyone else you've shared this news with?

Devon: Is that your slick way of asking how my personal life's going?

Lily: What? I would never do that. I would just ask you how your personal life is going if i wanted to know. So how's your personal life going?

Devon: There it is. To quote lola, it's a work in progress. But amanda and I are giving it another shot.

Lily: Really? That's great. I'm glad she'll have someone to lean on while she's working on this big criminal case.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, and I know that she is very grateful that you gave her a leave of absence from chanccomm. And I'm just trying to support her in any way that I can, you know?

Lily: Yeah, I'm sure she appreciates it. Well, I'm very glad that we've both found special people in our lives.

Devon: Oh, me too, me too. I'm glad that you and billy haven't gone down in flames yet.

Lily: Oh, wow. Thank you for that very backhanded approval of my relationship.

Devon: I'm just joking. I'm just joking.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: I'm happy that you're happy and I'm rooting for you guys. I want you to work out.

Lily: Okay, I'll take it.

Devon: You know his track record, though, right?

Lily: Really? Okay, if we want to talk about people's weaknesses, then have you patched things up with nate?

Devon: No, I haven'T. But having moses around is making things a little better.

Lily: My gosh, moses. I cannot believe I still haven't seen him. We just keep missing each other. How's he doing?

Devon: He's doing great. He's settling in well. He's working hard. He's making friends.

Lily: Ohh. Well, I'm sure when he starts interning at askmdnow, I'll see him around the chanccomm office.

Devon: Oh, yeah. That'll be good for a couple reasons.

Lily: What do you mean?

Devon: Well, if he's hanging around the office, then I can have him keep an eye on billy.

Lily: Oh, my gosh.

Devon: Needs it.

Lily: Uh-huh.

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: Well, hi.

Billy: Hi.

Victoria: Getting all dolled up in your favorite shirt. You have a big night planned?

Billy: Actually, yeah. Lily and I have plans. What brings you by? The kids okay?

Victoria: Yes, johnny and katie are fine. I just felt like I needed to deliver this news in person -- ashland locke had a heart attack.

Billy: Wow. I guess that explains why I saw his wife, tara, rushing out of the lobby earlier. I mean, I feel bad for him, in spite of everything that's happened, but I'm not sure what that has to do with me.

Victoria: He had the heart attack at the ranch.

Billy: What was he doing at the ranch?

Victoria: Signing papers to sell cyaxares to my father.

Billy: What?

Victoria: From what my mother told me, the contracts were signed right before the paramedics were called.

Billy: You had a deal with him. That was your company.

Victoria: Yes, I know that.

Billy: Okay, so, I mean, what are you gonna do about it?

Victoria: There's not much to be done. I mean, I don't have a signed agreement. My dad does. Seems legal.

Billy: Well, I think it's odd that you had a verbal agreement with locke and then he has a heart attack and now your father has a signed agreement with him.

Victoria: I suspect that my dad was using locke's incapacity to his advantage.

Billy: Really? Yeah. I suspect that the sun is gonna come up tomorrow. Vick, he stole the company from you.

Victoria: I'm headed to the ranch right now to have it out with my father.

Billy: Great, can I come?

Victoria: Why?

Billy: Well, because it's a confrontation that I would like to see. Plus, his machinations could be good for a story or something.

Victoria: Billy, no, no. Just go on your date with lily. I'll let you know what happens.

Kyle: We'll need to transfer all of our packaging to the brash & sassy facilities. Yeah. Yeah, something's come up. Just keep me updated. Heard the news. How's ashland?

Tara: I'm not sure. He needs surgery. He's getting a pacemaker.

Kyle: Are you going back to the hospital?

Tara: Yeah. I just had to pick up a few things for him.

Kyle: Is there anything I can do?

Tara: I'm still processing. I mean, I just don't understand how this could happen. He was feeling so good this morning.

Kyle: Yeah. I'm sorry you're going through this.

Tara: It's just so touch-and-go. I just pray he made it to the hospital in time.

Kyle: I hope he pulls through, for harrison's sake. But beyond that, I feel no pity for the man. I was totally stranded.

Lily: Oh, my god, it smells amazing back there.

Devon: Yeah?

Lily: Lola let me try some of the dishes. It's gonna be an epic dinner.

Devon: Good. Good, good. Well, I'll give you some space, then, before billy arrives, so I don't put a damper on your date. But when's he supposed to be here?

Lily: He should be here any minute, actually.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, he just texted me. "Running late. Will fill you in. Big potential story."

Lola: Mm. He didn't say how late, did he?

Lily: Uh...no, he didn'T. Can we keep the food warm for a while?

Lola: Of course.

Lily: Thanks. You're gonna say, "I told you so," aren't you?

Devon: I'm not gonna do that at all. No.

Lily: Oh, god, please, you're making it worse.

Devon: How am I making it worse?

Lily: Because if you can't even make a joke about it, then you must really think that we're not gonna last.

Tara: I know you don't like ashland, but he's my husband and he needs me, so if you'll excuse me, kyle.

Kyle: Tara, tara, wait. I think you should know what your husband's done.

Tara: Summer already informed me. He came after your company.

Kyle: No, no, no, he didn't just come after jabot, he sabotaged us on a global scale, and he isn't making a play to buy us, he's trying to flat-out crush us.

Tara: I've been thinking about it. I may have a way to help you.

Kyle: How?

Tara: I can't get into it right now. I'll contact you later. You'll hear from me. I promise.

Victoria: Excuse me. Would you like to explain yourself?

Victor: Why would I have to explain myself to you?

Victoria: Because, dad, you took advantage of locke having a heart attack to get him to sign his company over to you.

Victor: How dare you walk in here and talk to me in that tone. What is this?

Billy: I'm here to get to the bottom of the cyaxares deal.

Victor: You're here for a damn thing. Get out.

Billy: We know what you did. We know the story. We know that you manipulated the situation.

Victor: You don't know a damn thing, billy boy.

Billy: Oh, I know the way you've treated your daughter since locke put his company for sale has been petty and underhanded. Cyaxares was hers.

Victor: You want some facts? You went with your bid to ashland locke, then she followed. She made her bid. Then adam and I went to him. He accepted our bid. You lost. You got it? Then you and she tried to steal that deal out from under me. Now, who's being underhanded?

Billy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, i understand. You and adam won that part of the deal, then adam went rogue, right? You blame ashland for wanting to sell his company to an attempted murderer? You opened the door for her.

Victor: Does he speak for you?

Victoria: I can speak for myself.

Victor: Good. Because I'm just about to kick your ass out of here, boy.

Victoria: I have tried numerous times to get through to you, and it's gotten me nowhere. So you know what? I'm done. I'm done. You can focus on adam.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Victoria: Give adam all of your wisdom and your advice. I don't need it. I'm talking about newman enterprises. I don't want you popping in anymore and giving me your ideas and offering me your advice. I am gonna run the company on my own from now on. I am closing the door on you.

Victor: Now get out.

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