Y&R Transcript Monday 4/12/21

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/12/21


Episode #12085 ~ Amanda connects the dots about her family's past. Sharon warns Rey about Chelsea. Nate lets his guard down with Elena.

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Nick: You can talk. Chelsea, that's wonderful. You said sharon knows. Sharon knows what?

Chelsea: [ Stammers ]

Nick: Are you trying to tell me that sharon knows where adam is? Is that possible?

Chloe: You know, these are the first words that she has said in months. I -- I don't think that we should overwhelm her.

Nick: Hey, come on. You can do this. What are you trying to tell me?

Chloe: Sharon can speak. I think you should ask sharon what chelsea meant by that. I'm not gonna allow you to push her until we know that it won't harm her. She doesn't need an interrogation. She needs a doctor.

Nick: You're right. That's exactly what she needs. I'm gonna call nate and get him over here. Then we'll get some answers.

Rey: You've spoken to adam? Or you've seen him?

Sharon: I've seen him.

Rey: Well, at least you stopped lying to me.

Sharon: But you have to know that --

Rey: No. No. We'll talk about why you felt like you had to go to him later. Right now I need to stay on point. I need to bring adam in. Where is he?

Sharon: Did you not hear anything I just said about chelsea?

Rey: What, that chelsea's the one that poisoned me? Do you know how crazy that sounds, sharon? She can't even move.

Sharon: I know it sounds impossible, but that is what happened. And I'm gonna tell you where adam is after you listen to what I have to say. And it may sound crazy, but you have to believe it because adam was set up.

Nate: You should have some hot chocolate with that whipped cream.

Moses: Yeah, I asked for extra whipped cream and repeated myself 'cause I didn't think she heard me.

Nate: She definitely heard you.

[ Chuckles ]

Moses: Yeah, I got extra extra.

Nate: Lesson number one as a doctor -- don't do that. You'll double the dosage on all your patients.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, so, um, I'm not scheduled to volunteer at the hospital today, but I was wondering if i could just hitch a ride with you, see if they have anything for me to do? I'm gonna be starting at walnut grove soon, and this is gonna be one of my last chances to get a whole shift in without any distractions.

Nate: Of course.

Elena: Hey. Who's your friend?

Nate: He's more than a friend. This is my cousin -- moses.

Elena: I knew devon's brother was coming to town, but I didn't realize you were here already. Welcome to genoa city.

Moses: Thank you.

Nate: Elena's a doctor, as well. We work at the hospital and the clinic.

Elena: And I hear you're gonna be interning with us soon.

Moses: Yeah, that's right.

Nate: Whether she believes it or not, elena was a huge influence on my decision to mentor you.

Moses: Oh, cool. Yeah, I really want to be a doctor like you and nate. And I've spent some time at the hospital already. It's been amazing.

Elena: Well, I hope you know how lucky you are. You are learning from one of the smartest and the best doctors and men I have ever known.

Amanda: Mr. Newman. Do you have a moment?

Victor: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Please have a seat.

Amanda: Thank you.

Victor: What can I do for you?

Amanda: I just wanted to ask you a few questions about a former employee.

Victor: And who would that be?

Amanda: Richard nealon. Does that name ring a bell?

Victor: Should it?

Amanda: Well, he used to work for newman about 30 years ago.

Victor: Oh, my goodness, 30 years ago. I'm sorry, but that's ancient history, you know.

Amanda: Yeah, well, I thought that the name might sound familiar because he died in a car accident shortly after coming to work for you. And now there are questions about how much of an accident it really was. With less moderate-to-severe eczema,

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Nate: One of the best men you know? She's exaggerating.

Elena: Take note, moses. This is one of the rare times you're ever going to see a doctor being modest.

Moses: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Okay, that is not an exaggeration.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Elena: Ah, well, I have got to get back to the hospital, but it was so nice to meet you, moses. And I'll see you two around.

Moses: [ Laughs ]

Nate: What?

Moses: You should ask her out.

Nate: Why do you say that?

Moses: I mean, she's funny, super cute, and she seems like she's totally into you.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Moses: What, is it that weird of an idea?

Nate: No, because it happened already. We dated, and it didn't work out.

Moses: You messed it up, huh?

Nate: It's a long story.

[ Cellphone buzzes ] This is dr. Hastings.

Nick: Nate, I'm at chelsea'S. She regained her ability to speak.

Nate: I'll be right there. Uh, a stroke patient of mine just had a breakthrough. I need to run.

Moses: Okay. Can I come with you?

Nate: It wouldn't be appropriate. And since I have to go see my patient, I can't take you to the hospital. Are you okay by yourself?

Moses: Yeah. Yeah, I can find something to do.

Nate: Okay.

Faith: [ Sighs ]

[ Notebook thuds ]

[ Groans lightly ]

Nikki: Hi, faith. How's my favorite patient?

Faith: Climbing the walls. I'm so bored. I know I haven't been here very long, but it feels like forever. Not that my life will be much more exciting at mom's, given all the punishments I've got waiting for me.

Nikki: Well, you did earn them.

Faith: I know. I've done my best to show everyone I understand that. Still, going home will be different.

Nikki: I was just talking to a nurse. She said they're preparing your discharge papers. I can tell her to put it off for a day.

Faith: Don't you dare. Get me out of here.

Nikki: I had a feeling you'd say that.

Faith: I think mom and dad still have to sign off on me leaving. Um...where are they anyway?

Nikki: They should be here soon. And believe me -- they are as eager to get you home as you are to get out of the hospital.

Nick: So, she said just those two words -- "sharon knows."

Nate: And nothing since?

Nick: She's tried to speak, but no.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] Stay calm. Play it right. If you push too hard, they'll get suspicious.

Nate: Chelsea, can you say your name? Take your time. No need to rush. Your vocal chords haven't been used in a long time. It's no surprise this doesn't come easily. Don't get frustrated. You're making wonderful progress. I'd like to speak to meredith to see what she's observed.

Chloe: Uh, she's not here. She quit.

Nate: Is that a recent development?

Chloe: Yesterday. But I'm sure if she had noticed anything, she would have passed it on. I have been here a lot, and those two words were the first sign of chelsea making any improvement.

Nick: I was asking if there was any word about adam and i was talking to chloe about it and then chelsea just spoke up. Look, I need to know what she meant. Can you help with that?

Nate: [ Sighs ] You saw she struggled trying to talk just now. The good news is we know she has the ability to speak. We just need to rehab those motor skills, but it's gonna take time. I can set up an appointment with the speech pathologist, but we need to give her the space to recuperate.

Sharon: I know how improbable this sounds. And you weren't here when chelsea first came to genoa city, but I know that you're aware of her history. She and her mother -- they used to pull all kinds of scams, for years. This is right in her wheelhouse.

Rey: Sharon, I've seen her. She's paralyzed. She can't even speak.

Sharon: Sometime after her stroke, she started to get better, but she didn't tell anyone about it. That's when she started to set adam up and make it look like he tried to kill you.

Rey: Okay, do you even have one shred of proof that supports your theory?

Sharon: Well, around the time you started feeling the symptoms from the poison, I received some text messages from adam that were way over the top -- "I love you," "I can't stop thinking about you."

Rey: Oh, yet more contact from adam that you hid from me.

Sharon: No, you don't understand. Adam didn't write them. Chelsea sent them from his tablet when he was out of the house.

Rey: And he didn't notice?

Sharon: Well, at first he thought his phone was hacked because neither he or anyone else knew that chelsea had regained her motor skills.

Rey: Yeah, alleged motor skills. Sharon, you're asking me to buy that a recovering stroke victim broke into this house, planted the thallium in my stuff, took sentimental items from here, and planted them in adam's car. And where did she find this very rare poison? Come on, sharon! This is impossible!

Sharon: It's not impossible. Difficult, yes. She had to have help -- chloe. Chloe hates adam.

Rey: Wow. Wow. You have an answer for everything, but no proof of anything.

Sharon: I went to see chelsea. I was trying to force her hand. But she must have seen through it because I didn't get the reaction that adam and I had hoped for.

Rey: Probably because she's immobile. But tell me this. Why does adam suspect chelsea in the first place?

Sharon: She smiled.

Rey: What?

Sharon: The day that you went to his penthouse with the search warrant and he went on the run, the last thing he saw before he left was chelsea smiling when she thought that nobody was looking at her, and that smile told him that she knew her plan was coming together.

Rey: Oh, so that's it. Her -- her lip curled upward, and adam is convinced that his fiancée, the mother of his son, is trying to kill me and frame him for it?

Sharon: Look, I know it's a stretch, but you have to have an open mind.

Rey: You know, sharon, i really hope you didn't buy this at face value because if you did, it really says a lot.

Sharon: No, I had my doubts at first. I came to believe it because of my own history with chelsea and because of a vibe I picked up from her when I went to see her. Despite her seemingly unchanged condition, I could sense that she was holding something back.

Rey: Let's forget the physical impossibility of your theory. What's her motive? Why is chelsea trying to kill me?

Sharon: Me. I'm her motive. It's revenge against me. See, chelsea couldn't be more wrong, but she obviously believes that adam and I will never be able to let each other go, just like you believe. My plaque psoriasis...

Nick: Look, I understand that chelsea needs some space and time to recover, but adam is on the run. If she knows anything, we have to know what it is.

Chloe: You heard what nate said. She's not suddenly going to start reciting poetry. She said two words, and tomorrow maybe she'll say two more and next week a sentence. But right now, there's no point in pressuring her.

Nate: Chloe's right. This is gonna take time.

Nick: Yeah, I definitely don't want to do anything to set back her recovery.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Sorry. Hey, mom.

Nikki: Hello. I am at the hospital. They're finishing up faith's paperwork. Looks like she's gonna be discharged soon.

Nick: That's great. Uh, I'm on my way. Faith is getting out of the hospital today.

Nate: That's great.

Nick: Yeah. I'm gonna head over there now. Uh, I'm so happy you're making progress. It's been a long time coming.

[ Door closes ]

Victor: You have me at a disadvantage. I still don't know why we are discussing an employee of 30 years ago. How the hell would I remember? So, please enlighten me. Who are you talking about?

Amanda: I'm still getting up to speed on the case myself.

Victor: Ah.

Amanda: You know, I'm just trying to piece together my client's connection to this whole affair.

Victor: Uh-huh. Who's your client?

Amanda: Sutton ames. You may have heard of him.

Victor: Sutton ames. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. He's a power broke in illinois politics. Yes, I've had dealings with him, right.

Amanda: Yes, well, the basics are that, while richard nealon was working for newman, he discovered that some unknown executive had an arrangement with someone in sutton's office.

Victor: What kind of arrangement?

Amanda: Not a legal one.

Victor: Oh, I see.

Amanda: And newman was receiving favorable treatment in illinois in exchange for payments to sutton's office.

Victor: Are you accusing me of bribery?

Amanda: No, no, not at all. It's a big company. I'm sure that things happen without your knowledge all the time.

Victor: Right. So, why are we discussing this?

Amanda: Well, the story would have died with richard nealon, but some reporter by the name of bruce stansfield -- he's dug up some facts.

Victor: Oh, bruce stansfield. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Amanda: Yes, and he's contending that richard's brakes were tampered with in an effort to keep him quiet. And now he's pointing the finger at sutton, and an arrest seems imminent.

Victor: Right, right, right. I remember that stansfield fellow coming to me. He asked me the same questions. I told him that I had no answers, and that hasn't changed, you know. Now, ms. Sinclair, whatever strategy you devise to deflect blame from your client onto others, I warn you -- don't look at newman enterprises and don't look at me.

Amanda: I'm only trying --

Victor: We are done. Okay? You have a nice day.

Amanda: I've sent a letter to newman general counsel requesting the names and titles of every executive who had dealings with richard nealon. You might not want to talk to me, mr. Newman, but I have to do my job.

Victor: Well, then you do your job, and you find the culprit, alright?

Devon: How you doing today, mr. Newman?

Victor: Hello, devon.

Devon: Hey. Were you just talking to victor?

Amanda: Yeah. It didn't exactly go well.

Devon: Yeah, I can kind of tell. I have some time if you want to talk about it.

Amanda: Yeah, that might help. Can we go to your place?

Devon: Yeah, sure. I'm gonna just get my takeout, and then you can lead the way.

Amanda: Okay.

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Sharon: I know you're upset with me right now, and I want to try to fix what's wrong. But I need you to separate your personal feelings about adam from this case.

Rey: And I would ask for you to do the same. I think your feelings for adam are clouding your judgments.

Sharon: I almost lost you, rey. Do you think that when I was sitting by your bedside at the hospital that I could even imagine taking the side of a man who was accused of trying to kill you? But I had to.

Rey: Why? Because he helped save faith's life?

Sharon: Because he's innocent of everything.

Rey: That's not a --

Sharon: He wasn't trying to get back together with me. He wasn't trying to get you out of the way so he could make that happen.

Rey: That's not a persuasive argument, sharon.

Sharon: Okay. If a man was wrongly accused of a crime and he came to you for help, would you try to help him?

Rey: What I would tell him is that hiding and running aren't helping him. It's making him look guilty. What I would tell this hypothetical innocent man is to turn himself in.

Sharon: Well, I ran that argument by adam, but he's scared. He doesn't think he's gonna get a fair shake.

Rey: Yeah, well, the longer he stays away, the worse it's gonna get.

Sharon: Chelsea's got him backed into a corner.

Rey: You asked me to listen. I have. Where is adam?

Sharon: He's staying at a house on a lake he used to own.

Rey: What's the address?

Sharon: I have to come with you.

Rey: I can't have that.

Sharon: It's the only way I'm giving you his location.

Rey: Sharon.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Sharon: [ Sighs ] It's from nick. They're gonna release faith from the hospital early.

Rey: That's -- that's great news.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] I've got to rush over there and bring my daughter home.

Rey: Yeah. She's gonna be so happy to be home. But I need to find adam.

Sharon: I guess you're gonna have to go get adam alone.

Rey: It's for the best, for everybody. Come on, sharon. Give me the address.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Okay.

[ Cellphone pings ] I just texted it to you.

Rey: Thank you.

Sharon: Rey, be careful.

Rey: I will.

Faith: Where's mom?

Nick: Uh, she's on her way. Christine's gonna be representing you in court tomorrow, so I thought it might be a good idea for you two to talk beforehand.

Faith: So, you're my lawyer?

Christine: Sort of. You're still a juvenile, so I'm more of an advocate.

Faith: What's going to happen?

Christine: The judge is going to ask you some questions. I just need you to be as honest as you can be. I'll be there. Your family can be in the room. We're gonna make this as comfortable for you as possible. We're all on your side.

Faith: Even the judge?

Christine: Yeah. I know her. She's tough, but she's fair. She wants what's best for you, which could mean, uh, you have to pay a fine or community service. There will probably be an assessment of your alcohol use.

Nick: Faith is going to rehab regardless of the assessment.

Christine: Okay, well, that's good to know. Enrolling in a program shows that you're demonstrating responsibility for your actions.

Faith: I'm trying. Mom.

Sharon: You ready to go home, sweetie?

Faith: Yeah. Let's go.

Nick: And remember -- this is no vacation. You're still in a lot of hot water, kid.

Faith: I'm a little scared about going to court tomorrow, but I'll feel better having christine there. And then it'll be over with, and I'll know what my sentence is. Don't worry, you guys. I get it. I made a terrible mistake, and I have to pay for it. And I know how lucky I am. This could have been a lot worse. It's still weird to think adam was the one who found me. But I'm not gonna waste my second chance. Now, can we go home?

Nick: Yeah. Why don't you go with christine? Your mom and I will get anything you left in the room, and we'll see you in the front desk?

Faith: What should I wear tomorrow?

Christine: Uh, button-down shirt and a skirt or nice pants. Just no jeans.

Faith: Got it.

Sharon: Why are you staring at me?

Nick: Didn't realize I was. Let's just get faith home.

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Devon: Victor is very aware of how intimidating he can be, and he uses it to his advantage all the time.

Amanda: Yeah. I sensed that that was his intent from the beginning, although I can't really blame him. I approached him out of the blue and practically accused him or somebody in his company of bribery, possibly even murder.

Devon: Are you having any regrets about putting yourself in this position? You can have a seat.

Amanda: Uh, thank you. But, no, no regrets because, like I said, I am gonna get something out of this for myself -- a better understanding of my father and this family that I am a part of.

Devon: And maybe a better understanding of yourself, too.

Amanda: I am energized in a way that I haven't been in a long time.

Devon: Yeah?

Amanda: Yeah, it's a big case. I have a personal connection. And I get to argue a case with two powerhouses -- victor newman and my grandfather, sutton ames. And I get to practice criminal law, my first love. I mean, it's like my life has just come full circle, back to the law that I studied and the family that I long to be a part of. It is so empowering.

Devon: I know you enjoyed your work at chanccomm, but i feel like this is like a real challenge. And it's inspiring to see you rise to it.

Chloe: So, is this real? Is she getting better?

Nate: There are definite improvements in chelsea's ability to speak. We'll have to do a more thorough exam at the hospital to get a clearer picture.

Chloe: So we're gonna have to take her in soon?

Nate: Yeah. There'll be more tests and rehab, but this appears to be the beginning of something significant. I think we can all be cautiously optimistic.

Chloe: Yeah, what a relief. I've been praying for this.

Nate: I know you feel like your world's been turned upside down recently, but hold on to what happened today. This is good news. You believe that, right?

Chelsea: [ Weakly ] Y-y-yes.

Nate: Don't push yourself. We're getting there. Baby steps.

Chelsea: [ Exhales sharply ]

Chloe: I think she's trying to say something.

Chelsea: I...need...

Nate: You -- you need something? What do you need?

Chelsea: Detective rosales.

Sharon: I'm sure you are longing for something more than hospital food, so I'm gonna go make you a snack.

Faith: Thanks, mom.

Nick: You know, I loved your speech at the hospital about how lucky you are.

Faith: I meant it.

Nick: Well, get some rest today, okay? Tomorrow is not gonna be easy. After court, you're gonna go visit with a therapist and then check out a couple rehab centers.

Faith: And then once I get through those, I'll go back to school.

Nick: You got it.

Faith: I only missed a few days, but it's gonna be a lot to juggle.

Nick: Whoa. What? Was that a complaint I heard?

Faith: It's not. I -- I brought this on myself. I was the one who opened up that tequila bottle, got behind the wheel of a truck. Knowing that doesn't make it any easier. I mean, will my life ever get back to normal?

Sharon: Of course it will. You have so many people who love and support you, just like I was lucky enough to have when I was going through my cancer treatment. We're all rooting for you.

Faith: It's just a lot. It's already exhausting. That's not a complaint.

Nick: [ Laughs ] Alright, well, do you want to go up to your room, maybe get some rest?

Faith: Yeah. I know I spent a lot of time in bed, but it wasn't my bed.

Sharon: Well, go ahead. Go and get some rest, and your snack will be waiting for you whenever you're ready.

Faith: And I know I said this before, but I'm sorry for what i put you through. And I can't say this enough. I love you both so much.

Sharon: We love you, too, sweetie.

Nick: And you're right. You can't say that enough. Enjoy your nap. She's gonna be just fine.

Sharon: I think you are 100% right.

Nick: Speaking of recovery, uh, I went over to chelsea's earlier. And, you know, I was trying to get some information about adam. And something happened. She regained the ability to speak.

Sharon: What did she say?

Nick: Just two words -- "sharon knows." What the hell do you think she means by that?

Sharon: Nick, there's a lot going on, and I'm gonna need you to hear me out on this.

Nick: Let's hear it.

Sharon: I know where adam's hiding. Rey is headed over there right now. You said you'd rather sniff dirty socks

Amanda: Sutton's legal team will be sending over the case files, so once I have them, I'm gonna be doing a deep dive into those documents. So you might not see me for a while.

Devon: I understand that. And even though you're so passionate about this case, make sure you do take care of yourself. I'm gonna have to send you some society takeout every night just to make sure you're having dinner.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

[ Door opens ]

Devon: Hey, man.

Moses: Hey.

Amanda: Hey, moses. Hi. How are you?

Devon: I thought you were with nate.

Moses: Yeah, but he was called away to see a patient. Oh. Am I interrupting anything? 'Cause I can go to the library or something, you know, catch up on my reading before I start at walnut grove.

Amanda: There is no need to leave on my account. I have plenty of work to do. But thank you for listening.

Devon: Of course.

[ Door opens ]

Amanda: You know what the way we were just sitting there reminded me of?

Devon: What'd it remind you of?

Amanda: Just how we used to be, just sitting around, talking for hours.

Devon: That was my favorite thing to do with you. I hope that we're working through the rough part right now to hopefully get back to where we were.

Amanda: Yeah. We'll see. But right now I need to focus on this case.

Devon: Yeah. I completely understand. Just know that if you need anything, I'm here for you.

Amanda: I like the sound of that.

Nick: So, you tried to convince adam to turn himself in, but he refused?

Sharon: [ Sighs ] I've been so conflicted. Things have been so messed up. When I came home, rey could tell that I was hiding something from him, and things have been so strained between us lately. I didn't want to keep lying to him. So I told him that adam had reached out to me for help.

Nick: I can only imagine how he reacted to that.

Sharon: Well, he wasn't thrilled, especially when I told him the most important part -- adam is innocent.

Nick: Sharon --

Sharon: It's true, nick. He didn't try to poison rey. Adam and I think chelsea did it.

Nick: What are you talking about? That's not even possible.

Sharon: You said you would hear me out. Okay, she's had help, but she was behind this the whole time. And she's been faking her paralysis. Yeah, we tried to set a trap for her to prove it, but it didn't work out the way that we wanted. She must have sensed something was going on. And then she took advantage of your visit, and she suddenly regained her power of speech, in your presence, no less, and with a few choice words so that she could divert all the suspicion away from her.

Nick: Yeah. It sounds to me like adam's playing you again.

Sharon: It's the only thing that makes sense, as insane as it sounds. I put all of my skepticism aside, and I really listened to adam. That's something nobody else around here is ever willing to do. He saved faith's life. We owe him the benefit of the doubt.

Nick: Every time we do that, he lies to our faces or stabs us in the back.

Sharon: Well, it's a moot point now. Rey knows where he's staying. He's on his way there.

Nick: Where is he?

Sharon: At the cottage at the lake house that adam used to own. Rey has probably arrested him already.

Nick: Well, I'm gonna go over there. I want to thank adam for saving our daughter's life, and then i want to watch rey put him in cuffs.

Sharon: Nick, just let rey handle this.

Nick: This is something I got to do.

[ Door closes ]

Rey: Adam! I've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

[ Door closes ]

Amanda: [ Gasping ]

[ Folder thuds ]

[ Crying ]

Moses: So, what were you two talking about over there by the door? I mean, I told you I could have left, you know, if you wanted some privacy.

Devon: No, it's fine. I appreciate that, but she had to get some work done anyway.

Moses: So, you trying to smooth things over with her?

Devon: Yeah, I am a little bit. It's kind of complicated. I'm not sure if things are fixable, but I'm glad that we're still able to be friends.

Moses: Yeah? I mean, seeing you two together, I get real vibes, you know?

Devon: You get vibes? What are you? You a romance writer?

Moses: I mean, I see things.

Devon: Have you even had a girlfriend yet?

Moses: What kind of question is that? I'm 16.

Devon: What kind of answer is that? I don't know what that means.

Moses: I've had girlfriends.

Devon: Oh.

Moses: A few. Actually, more than a few.

Devon: Excuse me, man. Shoot. You should give me their names so I can verify that they're all real.

Moses: Okay. [ Laughs ] Alright, I'm just playing with you, man. But, yeah, I mean, I had one girlfriend last semester.

Devon: Yeah?

Moses: But things didn't really end well.

Devon: Oh, I'm sorry about that. I hope she didn't break your heart.

Moses: No, it wasn't that serious. She didn't really get all my jokes, you know?

Devon: Maybe your jokes weren't that funny. Did you think about that?

Moses: Oh, come on. I'm hilarious. You know that.

Devon: [ Laughs ]

Moses: But there was this one girl at the hospital -- faith? She laughed at all my jokes.

Devon: You talking about faith newman?

Moses: Yeah. She was in an accident. I was just trying to cheer her up.

Devon: Yeah, I heard about what happened to her. Is she gonna be okay?

Moses: Yeah, she's gonna be fine. It's too bad I didn't get to go to the hospital today. I just kind of want to check in on her.

Devon: I bet you would have.

Moses: [ Laughs ]

Devon: I bet you would have.

[ Laughs ]

Nate: Detective rosales, this is dr. Nate hastings. Chelsea lawson is a patient of mine. There have been some interesting developments this afternoon. Please call me when you can. Thanks.

Elena: Nate.

Nate: Twice in one day. What are the odds?

Elena: Yeah. Can you remind me -- is it you or me who lives upstairs? Because you have been here a lot lately.

Nate: What can I say? I love coffee.

Elena: Ah. You here alone this time?

Nate: Yeah. Moses went back to devon's, I think.

Elena: It was nice to meet him.

Nate: Yeah. He's a good kid. Sharp. I meant what I said about you inspiring me to mentor him. I never would have given it much thought if it weren't for you.

Elena: Well, I'm glad. I'll see you later.

Nate: Elena. Do you have time to talk? Maybe we could, um, hang out for a little bit, grab some coffee. I know a place.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: I found the perfect, most organic moment to start using my voice again. I made it seem like I had no choice, I was forced to speak because I had to tell nick that sharon knew where adam was. And it worked. He bought it.

Chloe: I can't believe you did that without any warning.

Chelsea: Mm. And you picked up on my cues right away. It's great teamwork.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] It was a risk.

Chelsea: Well, the only one taking any risks now are adam and sharon. My secret's safe. He might have had the upper hand briefly, but I hold the reins now. And if adam tries to tell anybody that I did it, he's just gonna look crazy. Yeah, chloe. We are in the home stretch. It's all coming together.

Christine: Faith, don't be nervous about tomorrow. I will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Nikki: Did you take a nap?

Faith: Yeah, in my own bed. It was awesome.

Nikki: Oh, wow. Isn't that something, how when you're in the hospital you just lie in bed but you don't get any rest? Did you get something to eat?

Faith: Just a snack, but I'm not that hungry.

Nikki: Oh, honey, you have to eat. You have to keep your strength up for tomorrow.

Faith: I'll be okay. Thanks to you and my parents and christine, I'm ready for court.

Nick: Hey, rey, you here?

Rey: Yeah. Come on in.

Nick: Where is he?

Rey: Well, he was here, but it looks like he's moved on.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I talked to sharon. She said she filled you in on his whereabouts. She also said she thinks adam is innocent?

Rey: Yeah, maybe he is. Maybe he isn'T. But he's long gone now. Could be anywhere by now.

Nick: Well, I needed to come here and see him and get the truth myself. There's something else you should know. I went by the penthouse to talk to chelsea to see if I could get some information about adam. She regained her ability to speak.

Rey: Really? Just like that?

Nick: She didn't say much, just two words -- "sharon knows." She was letting me know that sharon knows where he is.

Rey: I imagine sharon laid out her theory for you?

Nick: Yeah, that chelsea was faking her symptoms to set some kind of trap for adam. I don't know about that. What do you think?

Rey: It doesn't matter what I think. What I know is, is that I raced over here to apprehend adam. He slipped away before i arrived, as if he knew I was coming. And the only person who knew i was heading over here, the only person who could have warned adam, was sharon.

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