Y&R Transcript Friday 4/9/21

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/9/21


Episode #12084 ~ Nick's visit to Chelsea takes a shocking turn. Lauren takes control.

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Chloe: Sharon thinks that adam is innocent? What did she say?

Chelsea: That she's seen him and knows where he is.

Chloe: She didn't turn him in to her husband?

Chelsea: She doesn't care about rey. As usual, all she cares about is saving adam, for herself. Then they can run off together and live happily ever after.

Chloe: Do you think that she suspects you?

Chelsea: It sure seemed that way.

Chloe: But she didn't accuse you of poisoning rey?

Chelsea: No, of course not. She's way too clever for that. So is adam for that matter. I bet you he has coached her on exactly how to play this.

Chloe: Yeah, but if she didn't confront you, then what was the point of her visit?

Chelsea: I think I know. While we've been busy trying to lay a trap for adam, he's using her to lay a trap for me.

Sharon: Think about everything that happened leading up to you being on the run from the law. Rey almost dying, that picture of us kissing. She must have seen it somehow.

Adam: Oh, I know that she's aware of it. Chloe mentioned it in my presence. I'm sure that helped stoke the flames. Along with me insisting that you help with her treatment.

Sharon: Yeah, I never should have gotten involved with that. Things are so much clear in hindsight, though, aren't they? There were so many times when i should have pulled away, but i didn'T.

Adam: Well, the irony is your provocation therapy may have spurred chelsea back to health.

Sharon: What else did it spur her to do? Almost kill rey? Did her anger push her to the point where she was thinking the worst and she sought revenge? Am I the reason why rey almost died?

Nick: Hey, what's your schedule looking like the rest of the week for lunch or dinner? I want to get something together with summer and faith after she gets out of the hospital, and i want, you know, my three favorite girls to have some family time.

Phyllis: Oh, that sounds great. Let's just, um, you know, see if faith is up for it.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: It's not really about faith, right? It's about summer and that argument you were having with her, and it's certainly not some work issue.

Phyllis: You don't need to worry about it.

Nick: Well, it involves two people that I love very much, so I do. So here's what we're gonna do -- you're gonna tell me what's going on. I want a straight answer. And I'm not leaving until I get one.

Summer: So why do you think ashland is playing with you?

Kyle: Trust me, summer. I can feel it.

Summer: Okay. Well, when he called, did he make any insinuations? Like, did he mention his son or did he say anything that tipped you off and made you think that he knew your secret?

Kyle: No, no, no. There was nothing outwardly hostile or accusatory, but that makes me even more suspicious about his complete 180 on the deal he himself initiated.

Summer: Yeah, I mean, that is kind of weird.

Kyle: Yeah, I've wondered all along if the proposal for jabot was just a smokescreen to get a face-to-face meeting so he could test me.

Lauren: Hi, kyle. I have scheduled a meeting with summer and I'd like to get it started.

Kyle: I was just leaving. I'll catch up with you later, summer.

Summer: What'd you want to talk about?

Lauren: Well, I've given sally the chance to explain. And now it's your turn. Why did you pretend that the two of you had made peace and then fly to la to dig up dirt on her?

Jack: Somehow you have managed to get on the wrong of not just phyllis, but lauren. I need to know why. You have to know wherever we go from here, it absolutely has to be based on total transparency, complete honesty. So, what's the truth?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Okay. But it isn't pretty.

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Rey: I have followed every viable lead. Dead ends, all of them.

Michael: Alright. Well, you know, I know it's frustrating, but hopefully that apb will produce something, eventually. But as we both know, this wouldn't be the first time adam vanished without a trace.

Rey: Yeah, well, I'm not gonna let him disappear off the radar this time. He stuck around long enough to get faith to that hospital. Every instinct in me tells me that adam is still in town. He's close by. I'd bet my badge on it.

Adam: No, I'm not gonna let you take responsibility for what chelsea did to rey. Everything that you did, it was to help chelsea and me.

Sharon: That kiss didn't help anyone. I should not have let it go on for a split second, and yet it went on long enough that someone took a picture of us.

Adam: We were both caught up in the moment.

Sharon: It went viral. It hurt faith. Somehow chelsea saw it.

Adam: If anyone's to blame, it's me, sharon. I'm the one that caused chelsea's condition in the first place. I'm the one that asked you to come on board with her treatment. And I'm the one that pulled you into that kiss.

Sharon: I don't have time to debate this with you. Faith is being released from the hospital later today, so I need to be home.

Adam: I'm glad that she is doing so well. And I can't tell you enough how grateful I am that you believe in me and that you helped me when you could have easily turned your back on me.

Sharon: I have to go.

Adam: Sharon, will you wait? Look, if there's anything that you need -- anything -- just know I'm here.

Sharon: There is one thing. Turn yourself in so that we can find the truth the right way.

Sally: Do you remember when theo came back in town to visit? Okay. Well, he brought a little bombshell with him about an affair with kyle and ashland locke's wife. And look, don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming this whole mess on him. I'm just trying to let you know I didn't go out of my way to find a dirty secret to hold over kyle and summer's head. It just kind of dropped into my lap.

Jack: Let me get this straight. So theo came to you and told you all of this out of the blue? Wait, he was here in february. And all this time, you've been claiming you just wanted to keep your job, that summer had invented this power struggle that didn't exist.

Sally: Yeah, I already owned up to my part in that. I admitted that I foolishly overreacted when she confronted me.

Jack: That part, yes. But what about... what about the blackmail? This has been going on how long? You have had so many opportunities to come clean with me.

Sally: Yeah, but how would it have looked if I had told his personal business to you or to anyone else? I would have been this villain spreading vicious gossip. That is kyle's story to tell, not mine.

Jack: Yeah, that's kind of how blackmail works. You hold a secret over someone's head.

Sally: But I was desperate to maintain my new life here. I had to do something to ward off these incoming attacks from summer. She forced my hand. She started this whole thing by going to la just to dig up dirt on me.

Jack: What dirt? Welcome!

Sally: I respect you far too much to lie to you, jack. So I just want you to know that there are some things that I did in la that I sincerely regret.

Jack: You have alluded to that in the past. I think I need details now.

Sally: If I am guilty of anything, it is loving someone far too much. My ex-fiancé, wyatt, and I were committed to a future together before an old girlfriend of his showed up. And [Scoffs] Before I knew it, they were back together and i was out.

Jack: Sometimes it goes that way. It's very painful, I know.

Sally: Then he came crawling back to me because she did something awful, something far worse than I have ever done in my entire life. And we got back together. Then he went behind my back to be with her again. And he left me for a second time.

Jack: He had no right to jerk you around like that.

Sally: I just couldn't take it anymore. Something inside me snapped, and I just could not bear the thought of losing him again. So...

[ Sighs ] I...pretended to be deathly ill in hopes that wyatt would be by my side in my time of need.

Jack: You pretended you were dying to get him back?

Sally: Once I got him back, i planned this miraculous recovery, but his girlfriend found out what I was up to and she threatened to expose me. I was in so deep by then that I...I don't know. I just lost it.

Jack: How so?

Sally: I held her against her will so she couldn't get to wyatt before I did. And look, I never meant her any harm. I just needed more time to get to wyatt. He used to love me, and deep down, I believed that he still did.

Jack: You're talking about kidnapping.

Sally: I know now that what i did was terribly wrong I went way too far. But back then, in the moment, all I could see was the guy that I loved being snatched away from me. I just couldn't handle it. I was fighting the feeling of being abandoned again.

Jack: The way your parents abandoned you when you were young.

Sally: Yes. I just had this aching need to matter to someone. And I know what I did was so, so wrong, but my motives were pure. I just wanted love in my life and not to be alone.

Jack: And you thought this was the way to go about that?

Sally: I mean, in the moment. Look, I have grown so much since then. I found ways to put all of my mistakes in the past and to just move on and start over and do things right, which is exactly what I've been doing here. I have not been looking for trouble at all, but somehow, it keeps finding me, so I handled it the only way I could. Just please tell me that you can find a way to understand.

Phyllis: I'm trying to ease sally out of town before a lot of trouble starts.

Nick: Everything you seem to lately involves sally.

Phyllis: I'm trying to eliminate the problem is what I'm trying to do, okay? And I thought it was a great idea if lauren offered sally a job in los angeles. But she refused, and [Scoffs] I mean, she's so protective of sally, she refused to do what i said.

Nick: Sos she didn't listen to your personnel advice?

Phyllis: No, she didn'T. Instead, she spoke to sally. Sally, in turn, blamed summer for talking to lauren, so now summer's mad at me for overstepping as a mom.

[ Scoffs ] I'm trying to protect my daughter here.

Nick: Okay. This isn't just about summer. It's about you getting sally out of town so you can protect jack, but I warned you several times, just stop meddling in his personal life.

Phyllis: I will always try to protect people that I love -- always.

Nick: Every person in this little drama that you've created is an adult, including our daughter, so I beg you, please, just stay out of it before the situation gets more complicated.

Phyllis: I don't get this. I am just trying to --

Nick: I know what you're trying to do. I really do. But I'm with summer on this one. You betrayed our daughter's trust by going behind her back to her boss.

Phyllis: Lauren is my friend.

Nick: Okay. Well, what if it affects summer's job or her relationship with lauren? Phyllis, you got to trust me on this. Just let it go before this snowballs into something more.

Summer: I went to la to make a deal for jcv, which was very successful, and the sally part was just a side project that was purely a defensive maneuver.

Lauren: Defensive against what exactly?

Summer: I just needed something to make sure that she wouldn't try to pull anything shady to steal my job.

Lauren: The way you keep your job is by doing it well, bot by blackmailing someone to leave you alone. Do you have that little faith in yourself?

Summer: I panicked, I don't know. I couldn't help but feeling insecure when I saw how close you two were getting. You took her under your wing, and I don't know, I just thought that she'd try to talk you into giving her jcv.

Lauren: You should know by now that no one talks me into anything.

Summer: I'm sorry. I really am sorry that I played this devious game -- and not just because you found out, but because it really did lead sally to retaliate.

Lauren: You know, and I'm --

[ Sighs ] I'm so disappointed. I had hoped to mentor both of you. And I actually thought it was going well, except the two of you were pretending to get along.

Summer: I'm sorry that I let you down, lauren, really. It is the last thing that i would ever want to do, ever.

Lauren: Apologies are not gonna cut it here. I can't exactly have the two of you going back to blackmail as usual in the office. Today, stronger immunity and better nutrition

Sally: I know that I just unloaded so much baggage on you, but I hope that you can give me a chance to redeem myself.

Jack: I have always given you the benefit of the doubt, despite countless warnings I've been given.

Sally: I know. And I am so grateful for that. Your support has meant the world to me, especially knowing that you've had a few lapses in judgement when you were younger too.

Jack: I wish you'd have told me this sooner, especially about my son. Now this whole situation with ashland locke is precarious at best.

Sally: And if I have done anything to contribute to that, I really am truly sorry. But I can't help but wonder where this leaves things between us.

Jack: I think we have to slow things down now. Thank you for being honest with me. Yeah, thank you, I... I appreciate that.

Nick: Sorry, it's faith. She just can't wait to get out of the hospital later.

Phyllis: I'm sure she's not the only one.

Nick: I am so relieved that she's being released from the hospital, but I won't stop worrying until she's 100% both physically and mentally.

Phyllis: Yeah, definitely. I mean, you'll make sure of that. You're such a good dad. You and sharon will make sure of that. I'll be around to help, but you don't need me. You have sharon's expertise.

Nick: I don't know if sharon's in the best place right now to help faith.

Phyllis: Why would you say that?

Nick: I have a sneaking suspicion that adam has reached out to sharon and she's lying about it.

Phyllis: Oh. Yeah, that's a possibility, for sure.

[ Clears throat ] Wow. Hypocrite.

Nick: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Look who's protecting their ex.

Adam: I'm sorry, sharon. I can't put my life in rey's hands. He thinks I'm the guilty one. I can't trust that he's gonna believe me and investigate chelsea, especially when I don't have the proof that she's faking.

Sharon: If I back up your story, he will take me seriously.

Adam: Even if he does, it doesn't matter. She's too good. The consummate con artist, she fooled all of us -- me, you, her doctor, nurses. Probably for months now. And she'll fool rey too, and he won't have any problem locking me up and throwing away the key.

Sharon: You're underestimating rey's skills. If anyone can get to the bottom of this, he can.

Adam: Sharon, I am telling you that chelsea cannot be cornered into revealing herself. She has to slip up on her own.

Chelsea: I should have known that adam would go running to his precious sharon. I mean, of course, he can't leave town without her, and she just can't resist him, even though he is accused of trying to kill her husband.

Chloe: That -- that is the least of my concerns. We need to figure out what our next move is going to be. We cannot fall into adam's trap. I am not going down for this.

Chelsea: We need to set a trap of our own. I mean, part of me just wants to pick up the phone and call the police myself, tell them that sharon confessed to harboring a fugitive. That would take care of her and it would lead the police directly to him.

Chloe: You're crazy. You can't do that.

Chelsea: I know, I know. Calm down. I know any sudden, miraculous recovery of mine would be way too suspicious, especially if adam suspects that I was trying to set him up. I have to figure this out. I have to figure out a way to lead the police directly to adam.

Chloe: Well, it has to come out organically, believably, so it doesn't trace it back to you.

Chelsea: I'm tired of waiting. I need to make this organic, believable moment happen.

Sally: I'm so glad you called. I really want to make things right.

Lauren: Hold on. We have someone else joining us. Have a seat, ladies. Thank you for coming. I called this meeting so we can clear up this craziness once and for all.

Summer: Lauren, I'm so sorry.

Sally: I really feel terrible.

Lauren: Yeah. Apologies are just not gonna cut it. You two have dirt on each other, and I'm about to tell you what we're gonna do with these deep, dark secrets of yours.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jack: I got your text that you wanted to meet. What's going on?

Kyle: Ashland called me out of the blue again today. He cancelled his deal with jabot. What do you make of that maneuver?

Jack: Let's not jump to any conclusions...yet. For all we know, this could be a business decision.

Kyle: Summer said the same thing. I can feel him playing mind games with me. I mean, why come all this way to strike a deal and then call back to cancel it?

Jack: If it is just mind games, you don't have to play.

Kyle: There is someone who would know for sure. Unfortunately, she's the last person I should be talking to right now -- tara.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no. Do not contact tara. Do not call her and do not make any more unilateral moves like you did when you showed up at my meeting with ashland.

Kyle: Dad, what's wrong? What, you don't trust me?

Jack: After a very illuminating and troubling conversation with sally, I'm not sure what I believe right now.

Lauren: I need you to forget about the dirt you have on each other. I will not have it used as a weapon. Got it? And catfights and gossip and blackmail? There is no place for this at fenmore'S. Understood? And women have to support other women, especially in the workplace. And from now on, any of your problems or differences have to be handled in a very forthright manner. Because we are not having this conversation again. Am I clear?

Sally: Crystal.

Summer: Yeah, crystal.

Nick: Of course I want to protect sharon. It goes hand-in-hand with protecting our daughter.

Phyllis: I'm protecting my daughter.

Nick: Here's the difference. Faith is still a child. She needs both of her parents to protect her, to look out for her, and to make sure she's on the right track. So, yes, I do have to protect faith and sharon from adam's never-ending influence he seems to have on their lives.

Phyllis: Okay. I'm just glad you're not saying great things about adam anymore.

Nick: Well, it's not that easy. There's part of me that wants to have it both ways. I would like to thank him, but only as he is on his way into a jail cell.

Phyllis: Well, you might get that chance, especially if he's confiding in sharon. I'm sure he left the police no clues.

Nick: Well, maybe I'll find a lead of my own.

Phyllis: What does that mean?

Nick: I'll let you know later. Got to go.

Sharon: Michael, nice to see you.

Michael: How's faith?

Sharon: I'm happy to report she's a lot better and she will be coming home later today.

Michael: That's good to hear. I know what a challenge it is to have a child struggling with substance abuse. I hope you know that lauren and I are keeping you all in our thoughts.

Sharon: Thank you.

Michael: Well, rey, just keep me informed of any updates.

Rey: Absolutely.

Michael: Alright. Good to see you, sharon.

Sharon: Well, I have a lot of things that I need to get done before faith comes home. I think I'm gonna just turn the sofa into a bed in case she's too sore to go up the stairs. And of course, I'm gonna make her a home-cooked meal.

Rey: So, you were with her?

Sharon: Yeah. I was at the hospital.

Rey: No. You weren'T.

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Kyle: What did sally say?

Jack: A lot. Left me wondering why it is you never mentioned that she was blackmailing you and summer.

Kyle: About the affair?

Jack: Yeah, unless there's something else she's holding over you.

Kyle: Look, dad, I tried to tell you that sally was opportunistic, but you did not want to hear any of it.

Jack: She was not the only one playing that game. Summer made her own opportunistic move when she decided to blackmail sally about her past.

Kyle: Yeah, she was going after summer's job. Summer felt the need to protect herself.

Jack: Sally claims she was protecting herself.

Kyle: Are you still defending her?

Jack: You know what? I can't defend how any of you handled this situation.

Phyllis: Lauren! Hey, what the hell? Seriously? You told sally spectra about a personal conversation that we had? Now I have a problem with my daughter.

Lauren: I am not taking the blame for protecting my business interests. If sally or summer threaten the success of my company, you're damn right I'm not gonna ignore it.

Phyllis: Okay, okay. You stop -- stop. You don't put my daughter in the same category as sally spectra.

Lauren: Okay, for your information, I just had a very frank talk with both women, and they admitted their mistakes and they apologized. But don't think I'm not gonna keep a very close eye on both of them.

Phyllis: Need I remind you what you were like at that age.

Lauren: Trust me. I don't need a refresher course on that subject.

Phyllis: Okay, then you remember that next time you decide to lecture my daughter. Michael.

Michael: Um...what was all that about?

Chloe: Believe me, I am just as anxious as you are to stop adam. But we cannot risk getting busted ourselves. We have to be very careful how we play this.

Chelsea: I am finally out of this chair. I can move again and I can talk again, yet I'm still trapped. It's driving me crazy. Meanwhile, adam is out there with an attempted murder charge hanging over his head, the police are hunting him, yet he still finds a way to carry on with sharon.

[ Knock on door ]

Chloe: Hi, nick.

Nick: Hey, chloe. Good to see you. Just wondering how chelsea was doing, if there as any progress.

Chloe: No, afraid not.

Nick: Thank you. Chelsea, I'm so sorry you're going through this.

Chelsea: Not half as sorry as adam's gonna be.

Nick: It's got to be killing you. I heard that adam was responsible for the fall that's probably causing this.

Chelsea: Probably? That liar has betrayed me in every way possible.

Nick: Probably have so many questions and things you want to say, especially about adam.

Chelsea: You're damn right i do. Find him! He needs to be punished!

Nick: I would just do anything to know what you're thinking right now.

Sharon: Why are you accusing me of lying?

Rey: Mariah texted me from faith's hospital room. She said you weren't there.

Sharon: Oh, well, she must have just missed me. I was in and out all day. I was running errands.

Rey: Sharon, I wish I could believe you. But I can tell from the way that you've been acting, how on edge you've been lately, that something else is going on, and it does not take a trained investigator to see it. Nick's noticed it too. And this is the second time that you've disappeared.

Sharon: So, you're still doubting me? And now you're interrogating me like I'm a common criminal? And then you go and talk to nick about it, and I made that clear that I didn't like you going behind my back and talking to him.

Rey: I am talking to you face-to-face, and you are hiding something. And I can only suspect that it's one thing. Adam. He has been in touch with you, hasn't he? You know where he is. Tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean?

Jack: Ashland. It's jack abbott. I was surprised to hear you backed out of our deal. Listen, give me a call, tell me why, and maybe we can still work something out.

Lauren: Can you believe it? Both sally and summer were lying and blackmailing, yet pretending everything was just fine. I've never been so disappointed in my life.

Michael: You know what you need?

Lauren: Oh, I'm listening.

Michael: Well, I was thinking, why don't we go down to the grand phoenix and book ourselves a couple's massage?

Lauren: Sounds great. But it's gonna take a damn good massage therapist to get my mind off those two. I really hope I got to summer and sally. I would hate to lose them both.

Summer: And then lauren read us the riot act, and I wanted to fall through the floor. I mean, sally must have been dying.

Sally: Summer? Sorry to interrupt, but i just...I just want to say that I think lauren's right. Things got way out of hand.

Kyle: What do you say we all lay down our swords and pick up an olive branch?

Sally: From this moment onward...truce?

Summer: Truce. Yeah, and for real this time. And just so you know, sally, i did not say a word about your la secret, and I hope that you will do the same with ours.

Sally: A deal's a deal.

Phyllis: Summer. I want to talk to you.

Summer: No, mom. This whole mess was your fault, so I don't really want to talk to you right now.

Rey: I would hate to even think for a minute that you're helping adam. But you've been an emotional wreck these past few days.

Sharon: Well, of course i have been. I've been on pins and needles for days going from one nightmare to the next.

Rey: But I've come to recognize all of your signs. You have these little tells when you're hiding something, especially when it comes to adam.

Sharon: You're jumping to conclusions.

Rey: Am I? Am I, sharon? Adam is missing. He is in serious trouble, and who does he always turn to when he's desperate?

Sharon: Rey, please.

Rey: Sharon, I understand how vulnerable you are right now and how grateful you are to adam for saving faith's life. But that doesn't excuse what he's done.

Sharon: I know.

Rey: I can't believe that you would simply forgive him. My god, he tried to kill me. The fact that you're lying to protect a man who brought literal poison into your home. My god, what kind of hold does he have over you?

Sharon: Adam didn't do it. He's innocent. And, yes, he has been in touch with me, but he did not try to poison anyone. It was chelsea all along.

Chelsea: I need you to go after adam so he'll be arrested. Then connor and I can be done with him for good.

Chloe: Nick, you know, i think maybe you should leave. I think maybe chelsea should get some rest.

Nick: I get the feeling chelsea isn't ready for me to leave yet. You know, I never understood your connection to adam or sharon's for that matter. I just don't get how everyone can always forgive him over and over again for all the horrible things he does. But I guess I'm starting to see it a little bit. Here I am, standing somewhere between hatred and gratitude for my brother. Don't get me wrong. I still hate him for everything he has done to this family. But he saved my daughter's life.

Chelsea: No. No!

Nick: Faith was drinking and got behind the wheel of a truck and she crashed. But adam found her stranded on the side of the road and managed to get her to the hospital in time to save her life. He risked getting caught to save my kid.

Chelsea: Don't fall for it, nick. Do not give adam the benefit of the doubt.

Nick: Trust me, I know adam should go to jail for what he did to rey. But I also feel like I should tell him know how much what he did meant to me and the rest of our family.

Chelsea: Adam doesn't deserve your gratitude. He needs to be stopped.

Nick: Has there been any calls or messages from adam, anything?

Chloe: No. We haven't heard anything. And you know if I did, I would make sure that adam were put away for good.

Chelsea: Why can't they find him and lock him up before he turns around and comes after me?

Nick: The police have no leads. I guess adam hasn't tried to contact anyone. Not connor at school. Not sharon.

Chelsea: Are you kidding me? Sharon's lying for adam. She's protecting him. Thanks to sharon, he's gonna have a chance to get his revenge.

Nick: I wish there was something I could do for you.

Chelsea: Adam's going to get away with this. He's painted himself to be a hero when he should be treated like an attempted murderer. I can't let that happen!

Nick: Alright, I'll check in with you later.

Chelsea: [ Grunts ]

[ Weakly ] Sharon...knows.

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