Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/8/21

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/8/21


Episode #12083 ~ Abby and Devon await news from Mariah. Lauren delivers bad news to Jack. Phyllis gives Nick a warning shot.

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[ Knock on door ]

Adam: [ Sighs ] Thank god. You came back.

Sharon: I brought you some fresh clothes and some food.

Adam: [ Sighs ] It was a long, difficult night. I couldn't help but think that you'd abandoned me.

Sharon: It may be against my better judgment, but I want to help.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: Okay, well, give the kids a big kiss for me. Okay, babe. I love you.

Chelsea: What did kevin say? Do the police have any new leads on adam?

Chloe: No. And they think that he's probably still in the area, so you need to give up your fantasies that adam has left the country.

Chelsea: Yesterday you said that you thought he was gonna try coming after us.

Chloe: Yeah, or worse. I'm terrified that he is going to use bella and miles to exact revenge [Sighs] Which is why i am now even more convinced that we need to come up with a plan to lure adam out of hiding and make sure that he's put away for good.

Chelsea: Have you thought of a plan?

Chloe: Yeah. I just don't think that you're really gonna like it.

Chelsea: Try me.

Chloe: The trap involves the one thing that will make adam risk capture.

Chelsea: No. Not that. Not ever.

Sally: Hey.

Phyllis: Oh, you leaving?

Sally: What does it look like?

Phyllis: Have a good day. Hey, beautiful girl!

Summer: Oh, no, don't try to butter me up, mom. I know that you are the reason why I'm now in a terrible position with my boss.

Lauren: Oh. There you are. Do you have a minute?

Jack: For you? Anytime. What's up?

Lauren: Uh...we need to talk.

Jack: Okay, judging from your expression, I'm not sure i want to ask why.

Lauren: I'm worried about you, along with my company and summer and that up-and-coming dynamo sally spectra.

[ Door closes ]

Amanda: So, is this part two of the ames family one-two punch?

Naya: I heard my father came to see you, but I only found out after the fact. If I'd have known he was coming, I would have warned you.

Adam: I admit he caught me off guard. But it actually turned out to be quite enlightening.

Naya: Good! I was afraid his visit would backfire and have a negative impact on your decision. It didn't, did it?

Amanda: Not exactly.

Naya: Meaning? Did you decide to take your grandfather's case or not?

Amanda: Before I sign on to defend sutton, I'm gonna need some honest answers about my family.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: Hey, hey. Today's the big day, huh?

Mariah: Thank you for agreeing to come to the appointment with us. I think abby is a little nervous.

Devon: Aw.

Abby: Okay, maybe a little. Let's just say that your calming influence is definitely needed.

Devon: Well, I told you that I would be here for you, and i meant it, especially with chance away, so...

Abby: Look, the pregnancy test -- it could be negative. I mean, we could be getting all worked up for nothing.

Devon: It could be positive, too. Did you think about that? I have a really good feeling about this.

Mariah: Me too.

Abby: Well, I am gonna be cautiously optimistic. I don't want to get my hopes up too high only to have them crushed.

Devon: Okay, well, I'll tell you what. How about we get our hopes up for you?

Mariah: We could take a few minutes to visualize a positive outcome. Tessa swears thinking good thoughts makes a difference.

Abby: Well, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I don't think I can wait another second. I need to find out those results.

Mariah: Uh... [ Chuckles ] (Vo) at dog chow we believe helping dogs live their best life...

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provided by... my cholesterol is borderline.

Phyllis: It sounds to me like you have a problem with your boss and you're trying to blame me.

Summer: Please. Playing innocent is not exactly your strong suit. Someone went to lauren and told her what sally's been doing to me, and you were the only person besides kyle who knows what's going on. And trust me -- it wasn't him.

Phyllis: Okay, wait a second. Wait a second.

Summer: Will you just admit it, please? You said something to lauren, who immediately went to sally, which then led sally to turn around and confront me. And now she's a wild card and will expose kyle's secret whenever she wants.

Phyllis: I was just simply trying to give sally a little nudge to go back to los angeles, where she belongs. And lauren didn't want to help me out. I mean, she's hell-bent on protecting this girl. Don't know why, but she is. She was so eager to know my motives.

Summer: So you betrayed my trust.

Phyllis: I did not say anything to lauren. I did not give her specifics. I did not say anything.

Summer: Well, you know what? You said enough to put lauren on sally's case, which puts sally on mine.

Phyllis: I have your back all the time, okay? Listen, you are very smart, you are very savvy, but I have a lot of history in dealing with women like sally. Trust me.

Summer: I begged you not to interfere, mom.

Phyllis: She is trouble. We all know that. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain. We know that she is the queen of lies and tricks. I need to step in. Somebody does.

Summer: Well, do me a favor, mom. Next time, just step somewhere else. Hi, dad.

Nick: What was that about?

Kyle: Thank you.

[ Cellphone pings ]

[ Sighs ] Ashland. What's going on?

Devon: Elena. Hey.

Elena: Devon. I didn't realize you'd be here, too. Uh, mariah, your doctor is off shift, so I am gonna administer your pregnancy test, if that's okay with you.

Mariah: Yeah. That's fine.

Elena: Well, I am hoping for the best. I think what you're all doing is wonderful.

Abby: Well, mariah and devon are the real heroes. I know they're probably sick of me telling them how grateful i am.

Mariah: Well, I think the mom-to-be is about to jump out of her skin if she doesn't some answers soon, so...

Elena: Well, in that case, I'll have to fast-track those test results. Mariah, there's an exam room waiting for you.

Mariah: Okay.

Devon: Hey, elena. Thank you.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Look, I know it's a sacrifice for you to even be here, sharon. You're not just keeping my secret. You're going out on an incredible limb to help me prove my innocence.

Sharon: You saved my daughter's life. And if you didn't try to kill rey, I need to know who did. Whether that was chelsea or somebody else, that person needs to be brought to justice before they can try this again.

Adam: I'll never forget this, sharon.

Sharon: Let's get to work. How do we actually make this happen? I'll be observing your safe-driving abilities.

Jack: Please tell me you are not buying into phyllis' unfounded grievances against sally.

Lauren: Oh, they're not unfounded. The battle between sally and summer is far from over. In fact, it's quite the opposite. In fact, summer may have been the one that started it to begin with.

Jack: That doesn't sound like her.

Lauren: Well, I didn't think so, either, but apparently it's what forced sally to defensively retaliate.

Jack: Damn it. I thought things were over between those two.

Lauren: And I'm so sorry to even be bringing this to you, but you're close with sally and I thought you should know.

Jack: You're sure about this?

Lauren: Enough to question even hiring sally in the first place. I don't know. Maybe I got blinders because of my relationship with her aunt or I got caught up in being a mentor. And god knows I love a good underdog story.

Jack: Yeah, probably, 'cause like me, you've been in that situation more than once yourself.

Lauren: Right. But some people are underdogs for good reason. You know, look, I've done a lot of morally questionable things in my life, and that's why i wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I gave her numerous opportunities to open up, but she lied. She deliberately covered up this ongoing battle. And you know what? I'm equally upset with summer. I trusted her with jcv. I expected more.

Jack: Can I ask -- what exactly did sally do to disappoint you? What did she do to retaliate against summer?

Lauren: I wish I knew the whole story. I think you should talk to sally.

Nick: Summer was definitely upset when she just left.

Phyllis: Just a -- a work thing, that's all.

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Work thing?

Phyllis: Yeah. Listen, you don't need to know about it. You have so much going on in your life right now. How's faith?

Nick: Happy to report she's gonna be coming home from the hospital soon.

Phyllis: Really? That's great news!

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah!

Nick: New few months are gonna be rough for her, though, I mean, with rehab and therapy and then whatever community service the courts sentence her to.

Phyllis: Faith is -- she's definitely through the worst of it, though, right?

Nick: Yeah. We hope so. But I'm just so grateful that her injuries weren't more severe. But unfortunately that also means I have to be grateful to adam, of all people, for saving my little girl's life.

Naya: I'm not sure what kind of honest answers you're looking for. I mean, I can understand your skepticism and concerns, but the one thing you should know is your family believes in you.

Amanda: Well, I'm glad to hear that, but I want to learn more about my father.

Naya: Like I told you before, I mean, things never got a chance to get serious between us. I mean, we enjoyed each other's company, but I never fell in love with him.

Amanda: What was he like? Please just tell me about him.

Naya: [ Sighs ] Richard had a, uh, larger-than-life personality. He was fun, sexy. And he always knew how to make me laugh. But unfortunately that wasn't enough of a foundation to -- to build a last relationship.

Amanda: Why? Because you got pregnant?

Naya: Even if we hadn't, i mean, we weren't headed for happily ever after. He -- he wasn't ready to settle down. He was always focused on his future. He had high hopes of making a name for himself in the business world. He was driven, much like I sense you are. That's most likely where you got it from.

Amanda: Funny. Sutton thinks that I got my strength and determine from his side of the family.

Naya: [ Laughing ] Of course. Of course he would say that. I guess -- I guess there's some of that in both branches of your family tree.

Amanda: Um, okay, well, why don't you tell me a little more about sutton's defense team? I assume that I would be one of many lawyers on the case?

Naya: Yes, there are several other attorneys, but let me be clear. The family wants you to head the team. We want you to be the face and voice of my father's defense. The other lawyers have already been notified of our wishes.

Amanda: Honestly, whose idea was that -- yours or sutton's?

Naya: Well, it was initially mine. I had to convince my father to go along with it, but he's completely on board with it now.

Amanda: And what about imani? Has she been persuaded, as well?

Naya: She knows that this is the direction we're taking.

Amanda: In other words, she doesn't agree.

Naya: Imani is the only one who thinks that hiring you is a -- is a mistake. But she's had the restraining order withdrawn, and she's fully accepted that this is what the family wants, a family that, well, hopefully now includes you.

Amanda: Well, the last thing that I want is more conflict with imani. I'm happy to make peace with you and sutton, but I want the same with my sister.

Naya: Does that mean that you're going to say yes?

Amanda: I'll do it. I'll take the case.

Naya: [ Exhales heavily ] Praise god! Welcome to the family.

Chloe: No, don't you see, chelsea? We need to act fast, before adam strikes first.

Chelsea: I can't go along with this. I won't use connor as bait to lure adam out into the open.

Chloe: No, we're not -- we're not really gonna use connor. It's just a big bluff. We just need to make sure that adam thinks that his son is sick. So, he comes rushing back and he walks into a police ambush.

Chelsea: I understand what you're proposing, chloe, but so many things could go wrong.

Chloe: Not if the gcpd is on it. And I'll go to rey myself. He can set up a sting operation.

[ Knock on door ]

Sharon: Chelsea? It's sharon. I need to see you. It's urgent. Please let me in. We need to talk.

Chelsea: Wait. Wait.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Please tell us.

Elena: The test was positive.

Devon: Yeah!

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Devon: What'd I tell you?!

Abby: We did it! There's a baby coming!

Devon: What did I tell you? It's real! Right? You're officially pregnant.

Mariah: Oh, my god. No, no, no. Don't -- don't get it twisted, by the way. I'm not pregnant.

We're all pregnant. Abby's egg, my uterus, devon's dna, chance's love equals a baby!

Abby: A baby!

[ Laughter ]

Devon: We may all be pregnant, but I'm not gonna pretend like the next nine months are gonna be the same for me as they will be for you, so... I just can't wait till that little slugger starts kicking.

[ Laughter ]

Elena: Well, congratulations, miracle workers. You've brought new meaning to the phrase "it takes a village."

Mariah: Wow. Um... I know I, like, just found out that I'm pregnant, but, um, I'm starting to feel hungrier already, so I'm -- I'm gonna go to the vending machine and get a snack. Oh, my god.

Devon: How you feeling, future mama? Is this all overwhelming yet?

Abby: I'm -- I'm overjoyed. I really am.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: I'm really sorry that chance isn't here to experience this with you, though.

Abby: I wish that he was here, yeah. I mean, we promised that we were gonna be experiencing every bit of this together. And I guess that's why I'm doing that video diary -- to show him all of these things that he's missing. But it's not the same.

Devon: Yeah. When's the last time you talked to him?

Abby: I haven't spoken to him since he went undercover on the case, yeah. The lack of communication is killing me.

Devon: I know. You just -- you have to stay positive and you have to know that he will check in with you as soon as he can. I'm sure of it. Alright? In the meantime, you have me. I'm gonna do whatever I can to help you. And that video diary is gonna be oscar-worthy by the time you're done with it.

[ Both laugh ]

Abby: I seriously doubt that.

Devon: No, it's true, and think about this -- when chance comes home, he's not gonna come home to his old life. He's gonna come home to a brand-new little baby boy or baby girl. How's that sound?

[ Both laugh ]

Nick: I was so grateful to this good samaritan, determined to track him down and -- and thank him, maybe offer him a reward or something for saving my little girl's life. But then I find out it's adam, and...I don't know how to feel.

Phyllis: That's unbelievable. He's on the run from the police and he stops to save an accident victim? Seriously?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah. At the risk of getting caught and facing prison time, he does something heroic. And all my hatred and anger toward him doesn't erase that fact.

Phyllis: I don't understand what I'm hearing here. Let's be clear -- adam does one good thing in his miserable life. Let's not forget he's still adam.

Sharon: Chelsea, I've been so worried about you. I know you've been going through so much. Are you okay?

Chloe: Is that why you're here, sharon? To make sure that chelsea's okay? Is that what you call urgent?

Sharon: Chloe, would you mind if I talk to chelsea alone?

Chloe: I'll just be in the kitchen. I'll give you guys some privacy. Just make it short.

Sharon: Finally we're alone. I heard from adam. I came to let you know he is safe and he is nearby. Bring. On. Spring.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Sharon: I'm speaking softly because I don't want chloe to overhear us. I know she's your friend, but i also know how she feels about adam. She'd probably turn him in in a heartbeat.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] You bet she would -- and so would I.

Sharon: I want you to know that he's been in contact with me and I've even seen him. But he's fine, and he doesn't want you to worry. He asked me to check in on you. Aren't you happy to hear from him? Listen, you don't know this, and not very many people do, but he saved faith's life. He risked his freedom when he saw that she was in a car accident, and he rushed her to the hospital. Her doctor said that if he hadn't done that, she might not have... well, I can't even think about that. But I owe him so much.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] What a surprise. He'd do anything for his precious sharon, even risk getting caught.

Sharon: Finding out who really poisoned rey is one way i can begin to try to repay him. I mean, it's the least thing i can do.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] No, sharon. The least you can do is go home to your husband and stay out of our business.

Sharon: I'm so sorry to be dropping all of this on your lap. I know that you've been going through a lot, but I also know that you feel the same way that I do. Adam's innocent, and he doesn't deserve this. But don't worry. I'll keep you posted on everything I find out.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] No. This isn't supposed to be happening.

Sharon: I'm gonna bring adam some clothes and supplies. He gave me a list of a few things he wants me to bring to him. So, would you mind if I just go upstairs and get those things for him?

Chelsea: [ Exhales heavily ]

Amanda: Devon? Hello?

Devon: Hey. I'm sorry.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: Where were you just now?

Devon: I was thinking of some big news I just got.

Amanda: Good news, I hope.

Devon: Very. Would you like to have a seat?

Amanda: Sure. So...spill.

Devon: Okay. Um, mariah's pregnant.

Amanda: What?

Devon: Yeah. We just found out today. I know people usually wait to say anything, but mariah and abby are so excited that I'm sure they're not waiting. They're screaming it from the rooftops.

Amanda: Well, congratulations.

Devon: Thank you.

Amanda: I mean, is that -- is that the right thing to say to the donor?

Devon: Yeah, I think so. She's pregnant with my child, so -- well, I mean, it's abby and chance's child.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: But, uh, it's a very strange feeling, though, to know that my dna is growing into a human being right now. And, like, I knew it was gonna happen, but just the fact that it's real -- it's wild. Well, I-I'm sure you have about 20 "I told you so's" lined up for me.

Amanda: No. Um, as your attorney, I am glad that everything is proceeding according to plan. But I can imagine the memories that this is bringing up for you.

Devon: You know what? Not as much as you'd think. It's really not 'cause, I mean, this is an entirely different situation. When hilary was carrying my child, we were in love and we were planning to raise together. This is night and day. And I know the terms of my agreement. I'm not looking at this as a second chance.

Amanda: Well, I sense that there is more to it.

Devon: Yeah, just I think 'cause it's so definitive, you know? It's not just an idea anymore. It's actually happening. There's a child that was partially conceived by me that's growing inside mariah's belly.

Amanda: Does that scare you?

Devon: No. No, not at all, actually. I was just thinking about that before you got here. I feel closer to mariah and abby than I ever have before.

Sally: Wow, what a lovely coincidence, running into each other like this.

Jack: Actually, this isn't a coincidence. I spoke to your assistant. She told me I'd find you here. And I wanted to talk to you outside of the office.

Sally: Really? You tracked me down?

Jack: I hate to even ask you this, but what happened? This isn't about summer and phyllis anymore. How did you manage to upset lauren?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Summer: Hi, lauren.

Lauren: We need to talk.

Summer: Yeah, sure. Uh, go ahead.

Lauren: No. In person.

Summer: Okay, um... yeah, of course I'm available, so just tell me when and where. Okay. Got it. I will see you soon. Bye.

Kyle: What was that all about? You look upset.

Summer: Oh, god. Yeah, it was, uh, lauren. And thanks to my mom, we have to worry about sally all over again.

Kyle: Forget about sally. Things have already gotten worse. After my dvt blood clot...

Mariah: I feel like we're not alone in this room... like there's a little embryo in here with us.

Abby: Well, you better get used to it because you're gonna have company for the next nine months.

Mariah: I know. I'm ready. I swear. I just, uh... as much as I thought that this was gonna work out, part of me couldn't really imagine what it would feel like.

Abby: Neither could I. But we are so lucky. We got pregnant on our first ivf try. I mean, this is happening.

Mariah: I thought we would be waiting a lot longer to hear this sort of news.

Abby: Yeah. But now we only have to wait nine months, and then we are gonna meet my little baby boy or little baby girl.

[ Laughs ]

Mariah: Now I just have to

[Chuckles] Wrap my head around the morning sickness and the bloating and, uh, shopping for maternity clothes.

Abby: Well, I wish I could help you out with the first two, but I can definitely help with the shopping. That is my thing.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: And I will be at every doctor's appointment. And I will do all of the hand-holding, and I will be there for anything that you could possibly need.

Mariah: You hear that, precious one? Mommy's already taking care of you.

Abby: That's right, and -- and this is just beginning.

[ Laughs ]

[ Door opens ]

Tessa: I came as soon as i could.

Abby: You know what? I'm gonna go get some tea.

[ Laughs ]

Tessa: Hi.

Mariah: Hi.

Tessa: Okay, so... how did the pregnancy test go? You had it, didn't you?

Mariah: It's official. I'm pregnant.

Tessa: Mariah.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: How amazing is that? Wait -- why didn't you call me right away when you found out?

Mariah: I wanted to see the expression on your face when you heard the news.

Tessa: Mariah, I'm so happy for you. All you wanted to do was give this gift to abby and chance, and... look at you.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: You've done it.

Mariah: It's incredible. It -- it really is. It's also a little weird at the same time.

Tessa: Weird how?

Mariah: Well, it's not every day you happily tell your life partner that you're having someone else's baby.

Tessa: Okay, now that you've said it that way, I can see your point.

Mariah: But everything about this feels...so right. Don't you think?

Tessa: Yeah. Beyond right. And I could not be more in love with you than I am right now. What you're doing is so generous and giving. You're the most loving person I know.

Devon: I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to know that I helped in creating this child. And I promised abby that I'd be there for her while chance is away, however long that is.

Amanda: Well, you and abby have a really special relationship.

Devon: What's going on with you? What's, uh -- have you made a decision yet on if you're gonna take your grandfather's case?

Amanda: Yep.

Devon: Yeah?

Amanda: It's official. I'm gonna do it.

Devon: Really?

Amanda: Naya stopped by unexpectedly, made a final pitch.

Devon: Mm.

Amanda: And she opened up about my father in a way that i was really hoping that she would.

Devon: That's really nice. I know I've had my doubts about it, but I actually think it's gonna be a really good thing for you.

Amanda: Yeah, I think so. I think the more that I learn about my family, the more that I'll understand myself.

Devon: Oh, for sure you will. That's how it works. I remember I started seeing myself in a completely different light when I learned that tucker was my biological dad.

Amanda: Yeah, um... you know, it's a good thing that I ran into you because, um, when sutton asked me to take on his case, I told him that I would only do it if we could keep our relationship a secret. You're the only one who knows, so I was hoping that you could keep it between us?

Devon: Yeah. Of course. And it makes me really happy to hear that you're moving forward with this on your terms.

Amanda: You know, the one thing that really struck me during my meeting with sutton was, for someone that I had never met, he was able to tap straight into my vulnerabilities. He knew that because I'd never known who I was or where I came from, I spent my entire life trying to fit in. He knew that's what made me so cautious. And he knew that that's why i lived in fear of where this journey might take me.

Devon: That's very insightful of you.

Amanda: But just think -- all of that can change as I learn more about who I am and what I'm made of.

Devon: It could.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Then I got to ask you, though, the same question you asked me. Does that scare you?

Amanda: No. Just the opposite. This is what I've wanted my entire life. And I can't wait.

Phyllis: Of course he's still adam. I mean, he's the same guy who's on the run 'cause he tried to kill rey. Uh, he almost killed his own father, your father, and let's not forget that he sold faith when she was a little baby and let everybody think that she was dead, so -- those are just a few of the things, by the way.

Nick: Trust me. I haven't had some crazy positive epiphany about my psycho brother.

Phyllis: Good, 'cause I was worried for a second.

Nick: [ Sighs ] The problem is I don't know what to do with all this gratitude.

Phyllis: Well, put it somewhere else, I guess. Light a candle. Write a note. Stick it in a bottle. Throw it in the river. Let it go.

Sharon: Chelsea, I hope you're not gonna worry about this too much. Everything's gonna work out. I promise. You and I both know that adam didn't do this. And I'm gonna do everything i can to help adam clear his name as soon as possible, and then he can come home to you. Chloe, I'm leaving!

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Chloe: Wait -- what are you doing?

Chelsea: I need to follow her.

Chloe: Wait. Why?

Chelsea: We've got a problem. Our plan just hit a snag.

Chloe: What?

Chelsea: Adam reached out to sharon.

Chloe: Of course he did.

Chelsea: And now she's bound and determined to prove his innocence.

Lean cuisine.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Chance. Hi.

[ Laughs ] Today was a special day. We got wonderful news. And I wish that you were here to share it with me 'cause I would have taken you in my arms and we would have cherished that moment as the lucky parents-to-be. That's right. Parents.

[ Sniffles ] Mariah is pregnant with our baby.

Our baby. [ Laughs ] I miss you more than I can say. And I -- I love you even more than that. All of our dreams -- they're coming true.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Sally: Well, I know lauren may be a little upset, but i didn't expect her to come running to you.

Jack: You are dodging my question. Not long ago, I asked you what you'd done to tick phyllis off so much that she'd go to lauren, and you very cleverly dodged my question then. No more.

Sally: You have told me repeatedly that I have your support. Do you still feel that way? Because as much fun as we are having together, we're still just getting to know each other, and... I don't know. Maybe I am as bad as everyone says that I am and you should just walk away right now.

Jack: I have never for a moment thought that you were a saint that never did anything wrong. I've been around far too long, seen far too much to think that anyone is all good or all bad. People are people. People make mistakes. We all do. God knows I've made my share. So I'm not going to judge you.

Sally: So, you're still willing to help me?

Jack: I'd like to try. But I'm telling you, I can't help you at all unless you're totally transparent with me. Be honest. Tell me the truth.

Summer: Okay, what could possibly be worse than sally blowing everything up?

Kyle: Ashland locke contacted me out of the blue again today. He changed his mind about doing business with jabot.

Summer: Well, is that a bad thing? I mean, you didn't want to work with him in the first place.

Kyle: Yes, don't you see? After him flying here personally to make his pitch, it's all over.

Summer: Okay, maybe it was just a business decision.

Kyle: Yeah, I sincerely doubt that. The guy is toying with me. I know it. I'm afraid this might just be the beginning.

Adam: How was chelsea? Was I right? Did she make any improvements?

[ Door closes ]

Sharon: I know you think that chelsea's gone over the deep end, but she didn't seem any different than the last time i saw her.

Adam: So, she didn't give anything away?

Sharon: Well, not exactly. But there was something.

Adam: What? Tell me.

Sharon: Just right behind her eyes, something troubling, like a very disturbing vibe right beneath the surface.

Adam: [ Exhales heavily ] How did things get so messed up? All I wanted is I wanted to help chelsea recover. I wanted to get our life back.

Sharon: I know. I know you're upset, and I know that you're driving yourself crazy thinking the worst.

Adam: But if I am right about my theory, if chelsea really is guilty, something pushed her over the edge. Something caused her to turn on me.

Sharon: That something is me. Adam, that something is us.

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