Y&R Transcript Friday 4/2/21

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/2/21


Episode #12079 ~ Nick and Sharon vow to help Faith. Devon and Nate put up a united front. Elena makes a tough decision.

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Faith: You're hovering again.

Nick: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Actually, I went home for a bit, so I'm beginning a fresh round of hovering.

Faith: I stand corrected.

Nick: It's good to hear you sounding like your old self.

Faith: You guys are being really nice. It's freaking me out a little bit. Have things gotten worse?

Sharon: Not at all, sweetie.

Nick: You're doing great. There's no sign of a concussion or head trauma.

Sharon: And that's what we were the most worried about when you were brought in. You're a very lucky girl.

Nick: I'll say.

Sharon: And if everything continues to go the way that it has been, nate says you might be able to come home sooner than he thought when you first woke up.

Faith: I can't wait.

Sharon: Me too. In the meantime, is there anything we can bring you? A robe? A book?

Faith: No. No, I'm good. Thanks. Um...but there is something you can clear up for me.

Nick: Sure. What do you got?

Faith: You said that someone saw my accident and brought me in to the E.R. Did you ever figure out who it was that rescued me?

Lola: Are you serious? Adam? I mean, he's the one who poisoned you?

Rey: Are you really that surprised?

Lola: Shocked? Yes. Surprised? No, I-I guess not.

Rey: It fits his history.

Lola: You're right. I mean, he did tamper with victor's medications.

Rey: Mm-hmm, yeah. A neat and tidy way to murder somebody. His father, a romantic rival. Poof! Gone. No muss, no fuss. Sorry. Was that too cynical?

Lola: Well, has he gotten arrested yet?

Rey: It's an ongoing investigation.

Lola: That you're a part of? Rey, come on. You're still healing from what he did to you, and who knows what adam can pull?

Rey: I won't even begin to speculate.

Lola: I can't believe what a creep that guy is. I mean, when I think about all the things that he's gotten away with because he's a newman, because he has connections and money, it'S...

Rey: None of that is gonna save him, not this time.

Nikki: Oh, it's been such a hectic day. I'm glad we were able to find time to grab a bite together.

Victor: I love it. Where are you off to now, my baby?

Nikki: The hospital. I want to check on faith.

Victor: Oh! Give her a big hug, okay?

Nikki: Why don't you come with me and you can do it yourself?

Victor: I can't, sweetheart. I'm meeting my attorney to go over the last details of the contract involving the purchase of cyaxares, okay?

Nikki: Oh, come on. Call your lawyer, tell him something came up, and take a ride to memorial with me.

Victor: Sweetheart, I will be at the hospital later, alright?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Is it really that urgent?

Victor: Ashland locke is returning to town, and I'm gonna go over every line by line of that contract with my lawyer, make sure that everything is in order, alright? What's the matter? You know that I worry about faith. I'll be in the hospital. I'll be by her bedside.

Devon: Moses, look at you, man.

Moses: It's been too long.

Devon: Geez, it's been way too long.

Moses: I'm so excited to be here. And I can't thank you enough for this, giving me a place to stay so I can hang out with nate, see what being a doctor's all about.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Moses: Oh, and thank you for setting things up at walnut grove so I can step in mid-semester.

Devon: Dude, it's my pleasure. And you don't have to thank me for stuff like that 'cause you're family, alright? And this is your home.

Moses: Yeah. Yeah, and it's a pretty awesome one, too.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Moses: Oh, um, mom said to tell you hi and for you to also text her and let her know that I got here okay.

Devon: Oh, for sure.

Nate: After a slight detour.

Devon: Yeah, what happened? I thought you were coming here straight from the airport.

Moses: Oh. Yeah, I just couldn't wait to see the hospital. I mean I've heard so much about it from nate.

Nate: I found our future doctor over here wandering around the icu, flirting with the patients.

Moses: No way. There was no flirting going on.

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Moses: No, I went to memorial first because I couldn't wait to see you in action.

Devon: It's fine. I believe you. There's nothing more important than having a good role model, so...

Nate: That's right. And that's exactly what I intend to b -- show moses that no matter what obstacles life throw in your path, it's possible to be a great doctor. Never run dry of...

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Sharon: Rey, I still think that you should let another detective handle this case. It's too personal.

Rey: I am a professional, lola. This is what I do. I'm not gonna let my emotions cloud my judgments.

Elena: Hey, guys.

Rey: Everything is going to be fine. Hey, elena. Nice to see you.

Elena: How you feeling?

Rey: I am feeling good as new. I got to take off. I will see you.

Elena: Bye.

Lola: [ Sighs ] Hi. I bet I know why you're here.

Elena: Yeah. I was hoping you had a minute to talk about the party?

Lola: Yes. Of course. Absolutely. Sit down.

Elena: Okay.

Lola: Girls' night, part two. No booze or off-limits foods, and it's just a night to celebrate and distract mariah and abby from the baby's progress while they wait to see if the embryo transfer worked.

Elena: Right. I'm sure all the waiting is killing them.

Lola: Yeah. Okay. [ Sighs ] Maybe we should take a step back.

Elena: What do you mean?

Lola: Well, we're going to be celebrating mariah's possible pregnancy with the baby that your ex is helping bring into the world. Are you sure you want to be a part of this?

Moses: I want to learn about medicine from every angle. So I'll take all the role models I can get.

Devon: Well, let me tell you, you chose the best with your pcousin here.

Nate: Uh, memorial's filled with plenty of talented professionals.

Devon: Nah, don't listen to him, moses. I've never met anybody who's more dedicated to their job or who loves what they do more than nate. He works full time at the hospital. He helped me set up the new hope medical clinic for helping out under-serviced parts of the community. He puts in hours there on top of what he does at the hospital, and he's working on this online medical program with lily.

Nate: There wouldn't be a clinic to work at if devon hadn't founded the place, providing most of the seed money, handling the million moving parts, and getting it all done in time. Your brother had a vision and made it a reality. He took what he learned from being a huge success in the music business and corporate world and applied it to making a difference in people's lives. We're talking local hero. And that's no exaggeration.

Moses: I'm feeling luckier by the minute.

Devon: We're all lucky to be able to help each other out like this, man, and you know who i learned that from. It was our dad.

Moses: Yeah, he's my inspiration, too. I mean, I knew I was interested in medicine for awhile, I mean, deep down, before I ever could talk about it out loud. So I started making choices that would help me get there, taking all the science classes I could, studying my brains out so I'd get all a's, shooting for awards, extra-curriculars, whatever would help make me look good when I started applying to pre-med programs.

Nate: Very impressive.

Devon: Yeah, I'd say so.

Moses: Then after the way we lost dad, so suddenly, I mean, none of us having any idea that anything was wrong, I thought, "this is why I want to be a doctor." I mean, with the right training, I can start to learn things that people might miss and eventually help out the world, too.

Nate: I feel blessed every day to be able to practice medicine. But it's not an easy career. And there are no shortcuts.

Moses: Don't worry. I mean, I'll put in the time and the work. I'm gonna keep studying, keep my grades up. I want to learn this stuff cold. I've never wanted anything more. And I'm so grateful you're willing to teach me what it takes to be a doctor and make my dream a reality.

Devon: Yeah. So am I, man.

Nick: We don't know who brought you in here, but I'm gonna find out. You can count on that.

Sharon: Hey, you're looking and sounding so much better. I think I'm gonna stop by crimson lights for a bit. See? Who's hovering? Not me.

Nick: Well, there's got to be some hovering allowed. It is in the parent handbook.

Faith: Really? What chapter?

Nick: The one that also touches on the importance of having the perfect joke no matter what the occasion is, such as, "what did the duck say when it bought the lipstick?"

Faith: Dad, please.

Nick: "Put it on my bill." What?!

[ Laughter ]

Faith: Stop! It hurts to laugh. Why does everyone keep trying to make me laugh?

Nick: Oh, I-I'm sorry. Here. Hold that.

Sharon: Okay, if we're starting in with the dad jokes, I'm out of here. Faith, what clothes do you want me to bring you to wear home? Do you want pjs, sweats?

Faith: Everything I was wearing must have gotten ruined in the accident. How could I have done something so dangerous and reckless?

Nick: We are just so grateful that you're okay.

Sharon: Yeah, it could have been a lot worse. Thank heaven it wasn'T. You know, you've been through a very serious and traumatic ordeal. It's gonna take you some time to heal, not just physically.

Nick: We're behind you, kiddo, no matter what.

Sharon: We'll get you the help you need, and you will heal.

Nikki: I can't help wondering if you're putting me off because a small part of you doesn't want to see faith right now.

Victor: Of course I want to see faith. Where's this coming from?

Sharon: Darling, I know you love your children and your grandchildren and what happens to them has a great impact on you, whether or not you want to show it. And faith's accident was a terrifying reminder of how we lost cassie.

Victor: Well, are you afraid I'm going to turn into a puddle in the icu?

Sharon: No. I'm wondering if you are.

Victor: Sweetheart, what makes you think that I would be reluctant to visit faith? I adore that girl. I've been there already once before.

Sharon: Well, she was still unconscious then. She's awake now, and she needs you.

Victor: Okay, and I'll be there. Promise you, okay?

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: She needs you. I really hope that this vaccine

Nate: Okay, well, I'm gonna head back to work, give you a chance to get settled in.

Moses: When can I start volunteering at the hospital?

Nate: I'll set it up.

Moses: Cool.

Devon: I've also arranged an internship for you at the clinic, a few afternoons after class during the week so you can get some real-life training and experience.

Moses: Awesome.

Nate: There's also talk of setting up an internship at the online medical site I'm a part of, ask-md-now.

Devon: By "part of," he means he's an internet star.

Nate: I'm a long way from that.

Moses: Oh, come on. I mean, you got to start somewhere.

Nate: I'll be in touch soon. Have a great evening.

Devon: You too, man.

Moses: Look, I should have let you know that I was gonna go to memorial first. I hope it didn't mess with your day too much.

Devon: Oh, no, not at all.

Moses: I should have at least sent you a text. And I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I promise.

Devon: It's more than fine, man. I appreciate you being so considerate, but, I mean, you wanting to go to the hospital just means that you're excited about medicine, you know? In fact, it's very impressive, listening to you talk about it 'cause not only is it an amazing career. It's obvious that you know what it takes to achieve it.

Moses: Yeah. And from what everything dad told me about you, you did the same thing when you were my age. You wanted to become a musician, and look at you now.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Moses: Mr. Music mogul.

Devon: Yeah, not quite. Not quite.

Moses: Come on. I mean, I want to hear about you. What is your career like? I mean, you're big in the music industry. I'm sure it's going really good.

Devon: Uh...you know when you hear about, like, the big names at awards show, on the red carpet, and it looks real glamorous?

Moses: Yeah.

Devon: Yeah? It's nothing like that at all.

Moses: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: I'm serious.

Moses: Come on. It can't be that boring.

Devon: No, it's not boring, at least to me. But I just -- it's not what you'd normally think of when you imagine the music industry, you know? It's a lot of late nights at the studio. It's trying to shape and tune a sound out of somebody that you know you can get. Or it's always scouting new songs or artists, trying to find that fresh face. And that's just the music side of things.

Moses: Yeah, but that's what you love most about it, right?

Devon: Oh, yeah, yeah, for sure. It's -- I always have. It's something that I really share with neil, too, 'cause music was such a big part of who he was, and, you know, I always carry that with me.

Moses: Yeah. And you're doing it, living the dream, I mean, just like nate is...and I hope to one day. It's great that you guys are so close -- I mean, you even built the clinic together.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah. We did. He, uh -- he and I share a lot of the same ideas when it comes to giving back, so it works out.

Moses: So, you want to talk about the next few months, house rules and all that?

Devon: Sure.

Moses: Well, I don't want to get in the way of your lady.

Devon: My lady?

Moses: Yeah. Mom gave me the impression that you're living with someone, and I don't want my being here to interfere with that.

Devon: Right. No, it's actually gonna be just you and me, so...

Elena: Devon and I never seriously talk about having kids. I mean, yeah, of course I have pictured having a little boy or girl with his smile, but if mariah conceives, she's not gonna be carrying devon's baby. It'll be abby and chance's in all the ways that count.

Lola: That's the right way to look at it.

Elena: I mean, devon did something wonderful, and he's giving abby and chance the opportunity to plan the future of their dreams. And mariah is so committed. So, why would I not want to help celebrate that?

Lola: Yeah, that's a lovely sentiment. But now you just got to tell me how you really feel.

Elena: [ Sighs ] Okay, well... devon's trying to make things work with amanda. And all the spare time that nate used to spend with me he's now using to mentor his cousin. So I guess it just feels like everyone's moving on with their life except for me. It's like I'm stuck.

Nikki: Patches misses you so much.

Faith: Mnh.

Nikki: I rode her this morning, and I groomed her myself. And she said to tell you, "get well soon."

Faith: Thank you, grandma. I really appreciate you looking after my horse for me.

Nikki: Of course.

Faith: [ Exhales heavily ]

Nikki: What are you thinking?

Faith: It's dumb.

Nikki: Darling, if something is on your mind, you can always talk to me. I hope you know that.

Faith: Does grandpa hate me? I stole a bottle of tequila from his bar, and then I took the truck and wrecked it.

Nikki: Oh, no, my darling, he doesn't hate you. Your grandfather adores you more than words can say.

Faith: [ Exhales heavily ]

Nikki: He came to see you before you woke up. And he has been so worried about you, so upset that you were so terribly hurt. No. If anyone has failed you... it was me.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nick: You got some of that dark roast I like?

Sharon: Uh...yeah. I'll pour you a cup. Um [Clears throat] How is faith doing?

Nick: Well, I took off right after you did. My mom's with her now. I figured they could use some time alone.

Sharon: Oh, good. Nikki's better at not hovering than we are.

Nick: She's had a lot more practice than we have.

Sharon: I suppose so.

Nick: You okay?

Sharon: Yeah. Why?

Nick: Well, our daughter got some really good news today. You don't seem that happy about it.

Sharon: Well, it's just been a typical past few days.

Nick: You sure that's all it is?

Sharon: Why are you asking me that?

Nick: Well, in the hospital earlier, you got a text. You seemed kind of thrown by it. And just now, you were staring at your phone. You seemed to have the same expression.

Sharon: Aren't you observant.

Nick: What's going on? Is it adam?

Sharon: Yes. We're for those who love to discover.

Sharon: On top of my worry about faith, adam is partially responsible for why I feel so stressed out. I'm constantly checking my news feed to see if the police have found him, wondering if he's really -- really capable of poisoning rey.

Nick: You still have doubts?

Sharon: I'm also worried what will happen if rey's the one that finds him.

Nick: Well, if he does, I'm sure he will be the pro that he always is.

Sharon: Well, you asked what's on my mind. I'm just being honest with you, as honest as I can be.

Nick: Look, I get it, with all the stress we've been under. The one bright spot that I'm phanging onto is this guy who brought faith to the emergency room. I asked rey if we could take a look at the hospital security footage so we can see who we have to thank. Whoever it is, he doesn't want the spotlight, which I really respect, but I want to talk to him. Don't you feel the same way? See, it's like a back-and-forth. Now it's your turn to talk.

Sharon: Nick...

Nick: What is going on with you?

Sharon: I'm just trying to wrap my head around it all, the news that faith is gonna be okay after being terrified that we were gonna lose her and... what this person who found her did.

Nick: She's gonna be fine, sharon, thanks to our mystery man. He has proven there's still some good left in this world, and our daughter needs that right now. Frankly, we all do, which is why I'm not gonna stop until I find out who it is and tell him how grateful we are.

Devon: Mr. Newman.

Moses: Hey, mr. Newman.

Victor: Hey.

Devon: How's it going?

Victor: Oh, my goodness. Moses. I haven't seen you for a while. I understand you're gonna spend some time with your brother.

Moses: Yeah.

Victor: Ah. How long will you be in genoa city?

Moses: Oh, well, at least until the end of the school year. Devon enrolled me into walnut grove. It's a great school, and it'll help me get into a top college.

Victor: Wow.

Devon: Where he's gonna be pre-med.

Victor: Are you serious?

Devon: I'm serious.

Victor: What, three doctors in one family? Whoa. You know, your dad would be very proud of you.

Moses: Thank you.

Victor: And just so you know, I thought very highly of neil. One of the nicest men I've ever met.

Moses: He talked a lot about you, too.

Victor: Thank you.

Moses: You know, I just remembered -- I owe someone a text

Victor: Sure.

Moses: Would you excuse me?

Victor: Go ahead. Of course. Devon, please have a seat.

Devon: Sure.

Victor: What's up, my man?

Devon: Ohh...

Victor: What's going on?

Devon: Well, you know, it's another reason that I thought it would be a good idea for him to come down here, is I think that he's still having a hard time with neil's death.

Victor: Well, he couldn't be in a better place, nor with a better person.

Lola: I've been there, that feeling of standing still while the world just rushes past you. You know, I was so caught up in my relationship with kyle, trying to save it. And then it was just over. He moved on, life moved on, and then I just felt like something was missing. And it was. All that drama was missing, all the self-doubt, all of the things that I just didn't need. And, hey, it was really liberating.

Elena: So, you're saying that I should view being dumped by devon and nate as a blessing?

Lola: [ Laughs ] I guess I wouldn't go that far, but what I'm trying to say is that when my marriage ended, i was able to look at all the beautiful things I had in my life, like my job, my family. I got back the sense of who i am. I mean, come on. You have incredible friends, an incredible career. You save people's lives. Like, how fulfilling is that?!

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Lola: And plus, you know, you still have, you know, the hot guy's number from the bar that you met the other night. You could always call him.

Elena: [ Laughs ] I appreciate your wisdom. It definitely helps. But I am not texting that guy back. The last thing I want to think about right now is men. Allergens are little terrors all around us.

"The young and the restless"

will continue. How do I use better than bouillon?

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: How's rey been since he left the hospital?

Lola: He's doing good. He's back at work, and actually he was just here. Once he peeled me off the ceiling, we had a good conversation.

Nate: I take it he told you?

Lola: Yeah, that somebody tried to kill my brother? I mean, I almost lost it when he told me, I mean --

Nate: Fortunately, there's an antidote to thallium poisoning, which rey responded well to.

Lola: You know, I just thank god that the two of you put your heads together and figured out why my brother was sick. I will truly forever be grateful to the both of you.

Elena: We were just doing our jobs.

Lola: Actually, I -- I have to get back to the kitchen., I have this super complicated special tonight. I just have to go supervise. Um...our conversation -- we can finish it back at home. Is that okay?

Elena: Yeah, sure.

Lola: Great. Well, I'll see you guys later.

Elena: [ Sighs ]

Nate: She's right, you know.

Elena: What, about how frightening it is that someone deliberately poisoned rey?

Nate: That...and, um... we did work well together.

Elena: But, um... there's no going back for us, is there?

Victor: So, I understand that you are waiting for word from mariah to see if the procedure was successful.

Devon: Yeah, yeah. They should be getting word pretty soon. It's -- I have my fingers crossed, man, 'cause I know abby is just thrilled about starting this family.

Victor: Well, you and mariah are helping her realize her dreams, you know.

Devon: It's mariah who's making the real sacrifice.

Victor: Well, I got to tell you, what you did was a great gesture of friendship. And abby and I really appreciate it.

Devon: It's my pleasure.

Victor: Alright. Moses, nice to see you again. So, anytime you need anything, you give me a call, alright?

Moses: Thank you. I will.

Devon: You better get on this guy's calendar quick 'cause i have a feeling he's gonna be spending as much time at the hospital as nate will let him.

Victor: Well, I admire your guts. To study medicine -- that takes a lot.

Moses: Thank you. It means a lot.

Victor: So, anyway... and you, my friend -- I can tell you that your father would be very proud of you. You helping your brother -- that's a nice thing to do.

Devon: Showing up for family is what we do, right?

Victor: Nice seeing both of you.

Devon: You too.

Moses: You too.

Nikki: I saw how devastated you were when jordan tricked you, pretending to be your secret admirer. I should have known that just giving you a pep talk wasn't going to fix anything. I just wish I had stayed with you, you know, and not left you alone.

Faith: It's not your fault, grandma. I made a mistake, and I need to figure out how to make it up to everyone somehow.

Sharon: Nikki... we talked about this. You can't blame yourself for what happened. Faith assured you that she was okay. She's gotten very adept at hiding her pain.

Nikki: I appreciate your support, sharon, but I still feel responsible.

Sharon: Well, I wish that i had been more pro-active about getting faith in therapy. I can't help thinking all of this might have been avoided, but I know there's no point in second-guessing myself.

Nikki: You're right. We need to move forward, get faith onto her healing process. Would you mind if I stayed with her a little while longer?

Sharon: Oh, please do. But remember -- we're gonna focus on the positive, all the good things ahead for us. Here's a song about a brawny paper towel.

Devon: Alright. You hungry?

Moses: Yeah. I could eat. But let me ask you something first.

Devon: Sure.

Moses: So, I overheard you talking to victor about abby. His daughter, right?

Devon: Yeah.

Moses: You two seem pretty tight.

Devon: Yeah, she's one of my best friends.

Moses: Is that all?

Devon: Yeah. She actually just got married to another friend of mine named chance, and I officiated their wedding. So, they're very happy together. Why are you so interested in my love life?

Moses: No, it's just, mom said you had a girlfriend. And I was glad to hear that. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with hilary, and then losing dad on top of all that...

Devon: Yeah. No, I know. It's been a rough couple years, for sure, but I've been able to start living my life again.

Moses: So, that means you're seeing someone.

Devon: It'S...

Moses: How's that going?

Devon: [ Stammers ] We should probably take a seat.

Moses: Oh. That well, huh?

Devon: Yeah.

Moses: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Too much has happened. I doubt there's much point in us trying again. For one thing, you still have your feelings about devon to sort out, and that's not gonna happen overnight.

Elena: You are right about that.

Nate: And if I'm being completely honest...

Elena: I hope you will be.

Nate: ...I wouldn't be able to trust you again. I wish it weren't true, but...

Elena: I understand.

Nate: But lola nailed it. We did work together beautifully as doctors. That's no small thing.

Elena: Yeah. I'm glad we've gotten to a place where we can at least do that.

Nate: So am I. Take care, elena.

Elena: Bye.

Nick: Hey, uh, sharon already went back to the hospital, if you're looking for her.

Rey: Yeah. No, I know. We've been in touch.

Nick: Alright. Any word on adam's whereabouts?

Rey: Nothing. He must be lying low or already out of reach. But he's got to come up for air at some point.

Nick: Hope you find him soon.

Rey: I do have some news, though. I was able to get a hold of the security footage from the E.R. When faith was brought in. I know how eager you are to see the footage so you can find the good samaritan.

Nick: Have you watched it yet?

Rey: No. I can send it to you now if you have the time to look at it.

Nick: Yeah, let's do it.

Rey: Alright. You got it?

Nick: Uh...yep.

Rey: Okay, so, this is the feed from the camera by the public-access door. I asked for a 10-minute window before and after faith was brought in.

Nick: Man, they were busy.

Rey: Yeah, it's always like that, a steady stream of folks having a lousy night.

Nick: Hey, hey, hey, right there.

Rey: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Right there.

Rey: Mm-hmm.

Nick: That guy in the hoodie.

Rey: Yeah.

Nick: He's holding faith.

Rey: Uh-huh.

Nick: Oh, my god. Is now a good time for a flare-up?

Lola: It didn't go so well, huh?

Elena: I don't know what i expected. That nate was gonna leave the door open after I made it very clear that I still wasn't over devon?

[ Chuckles ]

Lola: It's okay not to be sure.

Elena: Well, you know, I am sure about one thing. I am a mess when it comes to men. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna follow in your footsteps. I'm gonna take a break from romance. I am gonna focus on my friends and my career and forget about romance for the time being.

Moses: So, there is someone you're interested in?

Devon: Geez. Why you keep pushing this, man?

Moses: 'Cause you're working so hard not to say anything.

Devon: I'm not, really. It'S... alright, the last girl I was seeing -- her name is amanda. And I sort of screwed things up with her. I'm trying to fix that right now, so... I'm not focused on that, though. Now I'm focused on you being here and us getting to spend time together, even though you're trying to be like nate and not follow in my footsteps, which is fine. That's cool, but... did I answer your question?

Moses: Yeah. For now.

Devon: Okay, good.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart.

Faith: Hey.

Victor: My goodness.

Faith: Where's grandma?

Victor: She just stepped out for a while. She'll be back. Think you're up to this? Hmm?

Faith: I'm not sure I'd give you much of a game.

Victor: Well, if you're too tired, I'll move the pieces for you, okay?

Faith: I'm glad you're here.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ] You gave us quite a scare, you know.

Faith: I'm sorry.

Victor: I'm so happy you're alright, okay? Anyway, let me put up -- put all the pieces on the board, okay? And then we'll play.

Rey: Okay, let's -- let's watch it again frame by frame, up to the point where we get a clear shot of the guy's face.

Nick: I'll be damned. It's him.

Rey: Adam.

Nick: 100%. I mean, even with the hoodie up, covering a lot of his face, there's no mistaking who that is.

Rey: Yeah. The timing fits. He bolted from the penthouse and then took off. The guy had the entire gcpd, plus the state police, looking out for him, which I assume he knew. But he took the time to pull over, check the wreck, and see if he could help.

Nick: Maybe he caused the accident.

Rey: No, there's no other sign of a car being involved.

Nick: Yeah, you did say that.

Rey: All indications show that faith lost control of the truck, skidded off the road, and slammed into that tree.

Nick: So, adam is on the run for poisoning you, and he stopped and risked everything to save my daughter's life.

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: You want me to set a trap for some woman who -- maybe she did recently recover, but she's still been through an ordeal recently and she might be out of her mind?

Adam: You're the only person that I can trust.

Sutton: I'm sutton ames.

Amanda: You're my grandfather.

Kyle: What did you just ask me?

Ashland: Did you sleep with my wife?

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