Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/31/21

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/31/21


Episode #12077 ~ Sharon covers for Adam. Amanda wrestles with a dilemma. Nikki is forced to make a confession.

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Nick: Mom said you had a quiet, restful night. Well, the sun's up now. Don't you think you've slept long enough? If you wake up, you get to go home. Christian missed you at breakfast this morning. We both did. He made you a get-well-soon card. You want to see it? Look at all the stuff on there. Check that out. That's you and him. That's a soccer ball. He said he wants you to be his goalie when you get better. I helped him with the writing. It says, "dear faith, get well soon. Love, christian." Don't you want to open your eyes and read it for yourself?

Sharon: Seems like just yesterday you were a beautiful little girl...and now you're a beautiful young lady.

Nick: I remember when you came into our lives. Everything changed. Everything changed for the better. It's not the same. Not at all.

Meredith: Want me to play the book you've been listening to on your phone? Might take your mind off things. I left your blanket in the bedroom. Be right back.

Rey: How's faith? Has there been any change?

Sharon: She's still unconscious.

Rey: What do her doctors say?

Sharon: Well, nate says it's no cause for alarm. But when she does wake up, they will need to do a full neurological assessment to determine the extent of her head injury. If there'S...any damage to her brain.

Rey: Faith is young, she's strong and resilient. Okay, she's got the best possible care. We have all those things working in our favor.

Sharon: I'm trying to remain hopeful. It's just really hard.

Rey: I know. Can I make you some breakfast?

Sharon: No, I couldn't eat anything.

Rey: You need to keep your strength up.

Sharon: I promise I'll have something before I head back to the hospital. How was your night?

Rey: Well, there's still no sign of adam. He may be long gone. I'm heading back to go talk to chelsea's caregiver, see what she might know. But if you need me or you don't want to be alone at the hospital, I'll be there for you.

Sharon: I think I'm just gonna lie down here for a little while. Nick's with faith, and he said he'll call right if there's any news. Hopefully our daughter will wake up and be just fine.

Rey: I'll be praying for that.

Sharon: Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nina: Thank you again for breakfast. Everything was delicious.

Abby: Well, you are so welcome! It's the least I can do to thank you for everything you've done for me.

Nina: Oh, there's no need to thank me. I'm enjoying being part of this journey with you. And I'm being a little selfish, because it's gonna lead to my first grandchild.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Well, I am counting on you to help keep me sane while we wait to find out if mariah's pregnant.

Nina: This is such a momentous time for you and my son. I look at you now, so filled with happiness and hope, and i remember chance beaming on your wedding day. He was so happy, all because of you, abby.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Amanda: I hope this isn't a bad time.

Devon: No, not at all. I took this morning off so I can get room ready for moses, 'cause he's coming in today, but not till later on, so I have time. I was hoping to get a chance to talk again.

Amanda: I -- I'm not here to discuss our relationship. I do not have the emotional bandwidth for that.

Devon: I completely understand. I do. Whatever naya said to you must've been huge.

Amanda: Beyond.

Devon: Well, remember last time we spoke, I told you that if you ever needed me to be a sounding board for you, I'm here, and I mean that.

Amanda: Well, good, because my head is spinning right now.

Devon: Talk to me.

Amanda: I just... I need somebody to help me untangle this story with naya. Just help me figure out what to do because I have a huge decision to make. Life... doesn't stop for diabetes.

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Sharon: Adam, I can't talk to you right now --

Adam: How is faith doing?

Sharon: She's been hurt. Wait, why did you ask me about faith?

Adam: Look, I know about the accident. I'm the one that found her and i took her to the hospital.

Sharon: What?!

Adam: I couldn't stay, for obvious reasons, so I don't know how seriously she was injured.

Sharon: You were there? You saw the crash?

Adam: Only from a distance. I stopped to see if anybody was hurt, and I couldn't believe when I saw faith behind the wheel. I didn't have any cell service to call for an ambulance, s i pulled her out of the truck as carefully as I could and I drove her straight to memorial. As soon as I knew she was in good hands, I ducked out. So is she gonna be alright?

Sharon: She's unconscious. No one knows what that means just yet.

Adam: God.

Sharon: Adam, where are you?

Adam: Sharon, you know i can't tell you that.

Sharon: Hey, listen to me --

Adam: Look, your husband and the rest of the genoa city pd, are on the hunt for me. They think I tried to take out one of their own. And that is the second reason that I'm calling is I need you to know that I am not the one who poisoned rey. Wasn't me.

Amanda: Up until this happened, naya has told me very little about my father. Not even his name. Just that he died many years ago in a car crash.

Devon: I remember you saying that.

Amanda: Yeah, well, some new information has surfaced, and it turns out that his death may not have been an accident.

Devon: What do you mean by that, like he was murdered?

Amanda: Possibly. And here's the worst part -- the man that they think may be responsible is my grandfather. Naya's father.

Devon: What? She accusing him of this?

Amanda: Oh, no. She -- she thinks that he's innocent. That's why she came to me. She wants me to take on her father's defense.

Devon: [ Scoffs ] The family that took out a restraining order on you wants your help now.

Amanda: Yeah, takes a fair amount of chutzpah, huh?

Devon: To say the least, yeah.

Amanda: Naya did admit that they think their defense will be more convincing if presented by the victim's own daughter.

Devon: That sounds pretty calculating to me.

Amanda: Yeah, but, you know, they're a political family. They're used to evaluating everything based on how the public may perceive it. That's the reason why naya was pressured to give hilary away and put me up for adoption, all because they didn't want the family to look bad.

Devon: Right. And it's why they're willing to bring you back into the fold now, because it benefits them.

Amanda: Well, naya thinks that this is an opportunity for us to come together, you know? Have a new beginning.

Devon: Yeah, I mean, that all sounds great, but I guess that depends on whether or not her father is innocent, right? What's the evidence look like against him?

Amanda: It's hard to say. I can't be sure that I'm getting the whole story. All I've seen is what my grandfather's legal team has sent me -- just a basic summary of the accusations and couple articles about the crash. I have to say, reading about the accident made me realize how young my father was when his life was just stolen from him. Younger than you and I are now. You know, it's horribly sad and infuriating.

Nick: I know you're not a fan of your old man's hovering. All your helicopter emojis that you text me, they're very subtle. You say I'm unfair and that I'm overreacting 'cause of cassie.

[ Sighs ] Well, I would love nothing more than to hear you complain about that some more. To tell me you're okay and that everything's totally fine. See, other parents, they can tell themselves to relax, you know, that everything's fine 'cause it's just a phase and their kids are gonna grow out of it.

[ Sighs ] But when you're a parent who's lost a kid, you can't do that. You can't make those promises, because you know what can happen.

Nikki: I'm so sorry. I feel terrible for what you're going through. I never should have let faith be alone, not even for a minute.

Nick: I don'T... I don't blame you for this at all. It's on me. You know, I thought that I had the situation under control. I thought that I'd worked out this bullying thing. I made a mistake. I let my guard down.

Nikki: Her "secret admirer"...

Nick: Something was off about that from the beginning. That her "new friend" was some boy that she had never met. There were all these alarm bells going off in my head, and I wish I'd listened to them, you know? I should've protected my little girl. (Hamlet) it's beggin'!

Adam: Let's meet somewhere. Please. So I can explain.

Sharon: Adam, no. That's not happening. I am completely focused on my child right now. I hope what you're saying is true, but if you are innocent, why don't you come forward and just defend yourself?

Adam: Sharon, I don't think you understand how thoroughly i was set up. Rey is never gonna believe me. Or paul or michael or any of them. So unless you can help me clear my name --

Sharon: Stop! I meant what I said. I can't take this on right now. Not with faith lying in a hospital bed unconscious.

Adam: You're right, I'M... I'm sorry, I don'T...I don't know what I was thinking. I'd feel the same way if it were connor.

Sharon: Thank you for getting faith to the hospital and taking that risk. I'll always be grateful to you. But I just -- I can't take this on right now. I can't come to your rescue. Not this time.

Abby: You know, when I said earlier that I was counting on you to help keep me sane, I was only half-joking.

Nina: It's gonna take a lot more than that to scare me.

[ Laughs ]

Abby: Well, I'm keeping it together now, but I got to admit, the combination of not knowing when chance is gonna be back and waiting to find out if the embryo transfer worked, it's got me a little bit jumpy.

Nina: What you need is a project.

Abby: Well, I am working on this video diary of the whole baby-making process. Right, you mean something to take my mind off all that.

Nina: Yeah, I was thinking more like maybe a collaboration? How about working with me to write a screenplay?

Abby: Oh, wow.

[ Chuckles ] No, no. I am -- I am not creative like that at all. My aunt traci is the other writer in the family, not me.

Nina: Well, I actually wasn't thinking about you writing it, actually. I was thinking about you just giving me some insight on my main character, since I'm basing her on you.

Devon: I just don't understand why someone would even accuse your grandfather of killing richard. Like, do the cops know about naya getting pregnant and think that he'd get upset enough to go after the guy responsible?

Amanda: Well, as far as i know, no one outside of the family, except their lawyers, know that naya and richard even had a relationship. The men have another connection. That's where the possible motive comes from.

Devon: Then what's the connection?

Amanda: Well, when richard graduated from college, where he met naya, he started working for a company that gave sizable political donations to naya's father. During his work there, he discovered that the man allegedly bent the rules to benefit that company.&

Devon: Bent the rules or broke the law?

Amanda: Well, that part's a little bit murky. But evidently, the behavior was shady enough that neither side wanted it to come to light. And then my father died -- or was killed -- before he was able to expose what was going on. See, there's just so much here that's still a mystery.

Devon: Yeah, I know, it'S... I mean, without any real concrete evidence against your grandfather, it would be a wide range of suspects in any theoretical case, right?

Amanda: Agreed.

Devon: 'Cause anybody who was involved in this bribery scheme who was afraid of getting caught would have motive to go after the whistleblower.

Amanda: Yeah, so if my grandfather's not responsible, the guilty party is probably someone else involved in the corruption. That's why I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to get your thoughts on it, because the company that my father worked for... was newman enterprises. Everyone remembers the moment they heard...

Victor: This breaks my heart.

Nick: Yeah, we're not gonna know what we're dealing with until she wakes up and starts talking. It's starting to scare me 'cause it's taking so long.

Victor: Considering what you've been through with cassie, I understand your fear. But this is not like it, okay?& Don't go there.

Nick: It's hard not to.

Victor: I know. Just remember...beautiful name you gave her. You and sharon called her faith. It means there's no room for despair, my boy.

Nick: Thanks. I don't think I ever needed that reminder more than I do right now.

Nina: You have a powerful father, a glamorous mother from two well-known families. You were brought up in europe and la amongst some very fascinating people. You've had some great adventures. And you went through your rebel phase, and then you tried your hand at big business, with all that wonderful intrigue.

Abby: And now I own a restaurant, I am happily married, and hopefully I'm about to have a baby soon. The end.

[ Fake snores ]

Nina: No, liste-- [ Laughs ] As someone who tells stories for a living, let me tell you, that is some beautiful raw material, okay? Look, we can focus on any little sliver of life that you lived or all of it. Okay, your character can start the film as a very delightful socialite, and then, after some terrible adversity, develop into a mature, powerful woman of influence. Okay, think about, like, katharine hepburn in all her classic comedies -- "philadelphia story," "bringing up baby."

Abby: So you're saying it could be a period piece?

Nina: Oh, yeah. Of course it could. Let your imagination run wild. We can set this story in any time we want, at any place. We can even cross-cut through different eras. Which means, you know --

Abby: We could go crazy with costumes.

Nina: Whatever inspires you.

Abby: Wow.

Nina: So, should our protagonist be maybe a designer? She could own her own fashion house.

Abby: Mm, I don't know. The restaurant industry is a lot more interesting than people realize. I think we should set it in that realm.

Nina: Oh, I love it. Alright, I'm envisioning society as rick's café in "casablanca," right, during the war. And your sidekick piano player could be based on mariah, and tessa is be the chanteuse.

Abby: Ooh, and all of the beautiful satin gowns cut on the bias, I am so in.

Nina: Yes! Alright, let's talk about casting now. Who do you want to play your love interest? Sky's the limit.

Rey: I know you can answer yes or no questions by blinking your eyes. Once for yes, twice for no, correct? Good. Have you heard from adam since he left? Do you know where he is right now? Would you tell me if you did know? I figured. Just know, chelsea, that we will find adam, and when we do, he will probably go to prison for a very long time.

Chelsea: I'm counting on that. Mind if I ask you some questions privately?

Meredith: Will you be okay on your own for a bit?

Rey: I promise I won't take up too much of your time.

Meredith: Let's go in the kitchen.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: Hi, mom.

Cassie: Hey, mom.

Sharon: Hey, sweetie. How was your day?

Cassie: Great. I got an a-minus on my history test.

Mariah: I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. I just --

Sharon: I'm just on-edge.

Mariah: Nikki gave me the low-down on faith. I just wanted to see if there's anything I can do. Have you eaten?

Sharon: I, uh -- I was just gonna grab something really quick and then head back to the hospital. You don't have to stay.

Mariah: You can't have gotten much rest.

Sharon: I did. I dozed off for a minute in faith's room, and I tried to lie down here for a while. Not that that did me any good because just -- I'm not gonna relax until I know she's okay.

Mariah: Look at you. You're exhausted. Okay, please let me drive you.

Sharon: No, no.

Mariah: No, I insist.

Sharon: I don't want you to!

Mariah: I know what this is about. Of course, cassie would be on your mind today. And I'm a painful reminder, i know.

Sharon: I'm so sorry. You're just being sweet and loving and wonderful, and I am just -- I'm flat-out terrified.

Mariah: Of course you are.

Sharon: I want to believe that she's gonna be okay, but this feeling is just so awful and it's so familiar, and I... if the worst thing should happen... I can't do it again.

[ Sniffles ] Can't do it again.

Do a dollop, do do a dollop

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Sharon: Still no change?

Nick: No. My parents stopped by this morning. They took off, but they said they'd be willing to come back if we needed a break.

Sharon: Oh, that's great. You know, mariah offered the same thing, and rey would be here in a heartbeat if we needed him.

Nick: How's rey doing? Is he doing better?

Sharon: Well, if he's still feeling any of the effects of the thallium, he doesn't show it. He's focused on finding adam.

Nick: Well, maybe he will be able to do what none of the rest of us could, which is get that monster out of our lives.

Sharon: Look, nick, I know that you want to believe that adam could be the one who poisoned rey, but I don't think you shouldn't be hoping that that's the case. Think of all the lives that would be affected by that -- connor, chelsea, and your dad.

Nick: All of the people on that list were betrayed by adam over and over again. So name one person, sharon -- just one -- who's better off because of adam.

Devon: Just need a second to digest what the hell you just told me.

Amanda: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Devon: The idea that somebody at newman enterprises could be responsible for your father's death is insane.

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Devon: And I got to tell you, neil worked there for years as an executive, and there's no chance that he would have been party to something like that.

Amanda: Based on the time-line, he wouldn't even have started working there. But victor was in his prime.

Devon: What do you mean by that? Do you think it was him?

Amanda: Listen, there was a commercial-real-estate deal that he wanted pushed through, but there were zoning restrictions in the way, until my grandfather got involved.

Devon: Okay. I know that victor has a reputation of being ruthless in business, and it's for a good reason, but there's lines that i don't think he would cross, and murder is probably one of those lines.

Amanda: Are you sure about that?

Devon: I've known the guy since I was a teenager. I used to sleep on his office floor. I truly don't believe he would kill somebody over a real-estate deal.

Amanda: Well, maybe it was someone else at newman enterprises, but they kept victor in the dark.

Devon: That's worth looking into, for sure. But the question is are you gonna take this case or are you gonna let somebody else handle it?

Amanda: It's tempting, from the standpoint of learning more about my father. Getting to know who he was and what happened to him.

Devon: Yeah. You could still do your own digging without getting involved, though. You know, you could use the same pi that found naya.

Amanda: Yeah, I could, but then I would be turning my back on my mother's invitation to become part of her family. You know, and this -- this could be the only chance I get. Your dry skin story changes

Devon: I know that growing up in the foster-case system, like you and I did, that -- that's the ultimate fantasy, right? To be a part of a family that you can't be taken away from. And I also understand why what naya is asking you is so compelling.

Amanda: Well, you told me that everything changed for you when dru and neil took you in when they adopted you.

Devon: Right, and it truly did. But, you know, you haven't felt that before. And I'm almost certain that naya and her political family took that into account before they approached you.

Amanda: You think I'm being manipulated.

Devon: I think you need to keep your eyes open when you're dealing with these people.

Amanda: I know. It's crossed my mind.

Devon: I'm sure it has.

Amanda: But depending on what I decide -- and if these people are on the level -- this could be a turning point in my life. You know, not that I'm comparing naya and her father to the winters --

Devon: No, it's -- you don't have to explain that at all. I completely understand why you're conflicted. And I'm glad that you are, because it means you're being careful.

Amanda: I'm trying to be.

Devon: I know. This family keeps secrets and they don't trust outsiders, and they've abandoned you in more ways than one. And when you let yourself start thinking that you can earn back their love or their loyalty by coming to their rescue, you're taking a big risk.

Amanda: Listen, I hear everything that you're saying. I can't deny any of it. But on the flip side, I don't trust that easily. You know, and I've gotten pretty good at looking out for myself, being on my own all these years.

Devon: Yeah, no I -- you're no one's fool, I know that.

Amanda: And there are risks to not getting involved, too. You know, what if naya's right and my grandfather is being framed? How can I live with myself if i let him take the fall and watch my father's real killer go free?

Nina: Well, hello!

Abby: What brings you by?

Mariah: I was just gonna get some takeout, try to work through lunch, but I don't think I'll be able to focus until i know faith is okay.

Abby: What's wrong with faith?

Mariah: You haven't heard? Oh, my god. Some kids at her school did something rotten thing, and she got really upset, so she drank a bunch of tequila, stole someone's truck, drove off the ranch, and got into a wreck.

Nina: Oh, my god!

Abby: How is she now?

Mariah: She was hurt, but a good samaritan found her and brought her to the hospital. But she's still unconscious.

Nina: Nick and sharon must be freaking out.

Abby: Cassie --

Mariah: Exactly. Same story, you know? Underage driving, there was alcohol involved both times. I just understand why faith would do something so reckless. She knows what can happen!

Nina: That's just the way it is with kids that age, you know?

Abby: They think they're immune to consequences.

Mariah: And I'm cassie's twin, so I am a walking, talking reminder of the daughter that sharon and nick lost. My mom couldn't even look me in the face when I checked in on her earlier.

Abby: I know how much faith means to you. This has got to be so awful for you. I mean, if there's anything that I can do --

Mariah: No, I'll be fine once I know faith is okay. It is a very stressful situation, but it's not gonna cause my reproductive system to shut down. I'm just really sad and scared for my little sister.

Sharon: I don't want to argue with you, nick. Definitely not here.

Nick: You're right, we don't need to talk about that. I was already pretty riled up thinking about jordan's cruel prank.

Sharon: What kind of person goes out of their way to be vicious to a sweet girl like faith? I knew that girl was trouble from the get-go.

Nick: Well, your motherly instincts were right. You were smart to want to separate them and get faith into therapy. I just wish like hell I hadn't fought you on that. If faith had, you know, started working with a therapist that she really trusted, built a good relationship, maybe she would have turned to her instead of drinking and getting in that truck and trying to run away from her problems.

Sharon: Don't beat yourself up too much. She was with someone she trusted -- nikki -- and she still did what she did. You know, she's just young and immature and convinced she can outrun her pain, instead of standing up and dealing with it.

Nick: Takes a long time to learn that skill.

Sharon: Yeah, it sure does. And there's only so much that we as parents can do to save our children from themselves.

Nick: Just kills me, you know, that after everything we did to try and help faith, it ends up being some complete stranger who ends up helping her when she needs it the most. I want to know who it is. I want to shake his hand and thank him. If you printed out directions to get here today,

Amanda: Thank you for listening.

Devon: You never have to thank me for listening to you.

Amanda: Well, I -- I still have a lot of thinking to do, but talking to you has really helped me clarify the issues.

Devon: Glad to hear that. Please, please keep me up-to-date on what you decide to do.

Amanda: I will do that.

Devon: Thanks. I'll see you.

[ Door closes ]

Victor: Dear, do you want to take a ride in the fresh air?

Nikki: No, I just want to stick close to home in case nicholas calls and we're needed back at the hospital.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: I just hope faith wasn't driving too fast when she hit that tree. A serious head injury could take a long time for her to recover from.

Victor: Breaks my heart when I think of it. But let's not assume the worst, okay?

Nikki: Well, I can't help it. I'm gonna make some tea.

Victor: Okay.

[ Sighs ] Adam, this is your father. Call me back when you get this -- this message. I just want you to know that I'm here for you, alright? You're not alone. You got it?

Rey: You don't miss a thing, do you? Bet there's a lot that you could tell me about what's happening.

Chelsea: If you only knew.

Rey: I'd really like to understand how a woman as sharp as you could put your faith in someone like adam. But I'm guessing in your current predicament, you don't have much of a choice. You are completely dependent on the man, which makes it even that much more disgusting that he would abandon you to save his own neck. Selfish bastard. You're ticked off at me.

Chelsea: Far from it, detective. You helped make my plan a success.

Rey: I can't imagine what this has been like for you. I'm truly sorry for what adam has put you through.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Oh, rey. Not nearly as sorry as adam's gonna be.

Sharon: Faith, sweetie, we're right here, your dad and me. We're waiting for you to open your eyes.

Nick: Can you give us some kind of sign?

Sharon: I know someone who will hear us.

Faith: Mom? Dad?

Sharon: [ Gasps ] Oh, sweetie. Thank god.

Nick: You're back!

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