Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/30/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/30/21


Episode #12076 ~ Kyle comes clean about his affair with Tara. Billy keeps a secret from Lily. Phyllis has a change of heart.

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Sharon: We keep losing her signal. The cell service out here is spotty at best.

Nick: You think she's gone out of range or something?

Sharon: I don't know. We have to find her. Why would she get behind the wheel of a truck? What was she thinking?

Nick: She wasn't thinking. She's upset...and probably drinking.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Is that faith?

Sharon: No. It's nate. Nate?

Nate: Sharon. I've been trying to get in touch with you and nick. Faith has been in an accident.

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Nate: You need to get to the hospital as soon as you can.

Sharon: Of course. We're on our way.

Billy: [ Groans ] Ahh, I just -- I mean -- mnh.

Lily: What's with all the dramatics?

Billy: I guess you haven't read the article in today's business section?

Lily: Oh, that locke is selling his business to adam and victor? Yeah, I read it. How many times have you read it?

Billy: You know [Stammering] A coup-- mnh.

Lily: I'm sorry. What was that?

Billy: Five times. I've read it five times. It gets worse every single time.

Lily: Okay, well, stop reading it. There's no point in stressing out over something you can't change.

Billy: If it wasn't adam and victor...

Lily: I know that look. That's the "I have been personally insulted and I'm not letting it go because I can'T." You have a plan, don't you?

Billy: Yeah. And I guarantee you're not gonna like it.

Summer: Hey, mom.

Phyllis: Hey!

Summer: I'm glad I ran into you.

Phyllis: Why?

Summer: Uh, well, I wanted to thank you.

Phyllis: What for?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Sorry to drag you away from the office, but i needed to make sure we had complete privacy.

Jack: Well, now we have it. So, what's going on? Oh, hold on a second. Now you have my complete attention...for whatever this is about. All I know is it has something to do with ashland locke.

Kyle: It does. It doesn't start with him. Actually, it all starts with his wife.

Jack: Tara? I've only met her once. I don't know her.

Kyle: Unfortunately, i do. And that's the problem.

Jack: Oh, god. When I get a migraine, I hide in the dark.

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Sharon: My poor baby! Faith? Sweetie, can you hear me? Your dad and I are here. We love you so much. You're gonna be alright.

Nate: Hey, guys. I'm sorry I wasn't here to meet you when you arrived. I was called away to look at some test results.

Sharon: What's wrong with faith?

Nick: Is she gonna be okay?

Nate: She was in a serious accident.

Sharon: [ Exhales sharply ] How did it happen?

Nate: I'm not clear on the details of what happened to her before she got here, but I can tell you that faith's injuries aren't limited to the lacerations on her face.

Sharon: [ Voice breaking ] Oh, no. Oh, god.

Nate: Initial exams reveal internal bruising to her kidneys and a couple of cracked ribs. We'll have a better idea of how the injury to her head manifests itself once she regains consciousness. But the good news is there's no internal bleeding. However, we'll keep an eye out for that.

Nick: Do you know if she was drinking?

Nate: Her blood work confirmed there was alcohol in her system.

Sharon: That's what we were afraid of.

Nate: Her injuries indicate that she wasn't wearing a seatbelt and she was possibly driving an older-model vehicle with no airbags.

Nick: Yeah, she, uh -- she took one of the old trucks out on the ranch.

Nate: She was probably flung forward against the steering wheel and dashboard on impact. Look, we're doing everything we can for faith. We're just lucky it wasn't worse and that she was found as fast as she was.

Nick: Who found her?

Chelsea: The news doesn't seem to have the story yet. They don't realize the police are looking for adam.

Chloe: I mean, do you really think that he left the country?

Chelsea: Well, if he hasn't, he should. Otherwise, the police are going to catch him and put him away and put him in prison for a really long time. Regardless, I'm happy about it. It means I never have to see his face ever again.

Chloe: Listen, I am grateful that you have finally decided to leave adam behind, but I just didn't think that you would take it to this level.

Chelsea: Well, he didn't give me much of a choice. The second I was incapacitated, he went running into sharon's arms, and he couldn't wait to slide under victor's thumb again. You know, I just -- I just realized that, despite all of his big talk, adam is never going to change. And leave genoa city? That was never gonna happen. He forced my hand.

Chloe: I just don't understand how you got it all done. I mean, I know my part, but how were you able to pull it off?

Chelsea: Chloe, I told you -- it's best if you don't know any details.

Chloe: Chelsea, like I told you, we are in this together. You involved me, so now I am all-in, and for the sake of my family, I have to believe that we can get through this, so you might as well tell me everything.

Chelsea: Okay. I will. I've been dying to tell someone anyway.

Summer: Look, I know that this couldn't have been easy for you, but thank you for not saying any more to jack about sally. It's just way too risky, given what she knows about kyle and tara locke.

Phyllis: I know. I know. I'm biting my tongue. I'm not doing anything. It's very difficult because she's truly taking advantage of jack.

Summer: I don't care if you have to bite your tongue off, mom. Just don't say anything.

Phyllis: Alright. Alright. The problem is jack cannot see it. That's the problem. But as much as I am protective of jack, I am more protective of you, so my lips are sealed.

Summer: Well, thank you. That's a relief.

Phyllis: But hear me out. Just hear me out because I've been thinking of another way of going about this, okay?

Summer: Oh, god. Okay.

Phyllis: Really. Now, imagine -- imagine sally residing in another town, another town far, far away from us.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I had an affair with tara when I was in new york.

Jack: And this is what you weren't able to tell me, what you've been arguing with summer about?

Kyle: Yeah, and as you can tell, it's been weighing on me.

Jack: Kyle, how did this happen?

Kyle: I met tara at a party, and we just sparked.

Jack: Did you know she was married?

Kyle: Yes.

Jack: To one of the most cold-blooded businessmen in the world?

Kyle: I was aware of his reputation. We were very careful, made sure we didn't get caught, and in the beginning, we were both getting what we wanted, dad -- a no-commitment, clandestine, fun fling.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. Believe me.

Kyle: But we ended up developing feelings for each other, and when it ended, we both moved on. It was our secret ever since.

Jack: Look, I can't judge you on this, given my own romantic history. And you were under no obligation to tell me about any of this, but I sure wish I'd known about it before I insisted you join ashland and tara and myself and we had drinks at society. Boy, that had to be awkward as hell.

Kyle: To say the least.

Jack: Well, thank god ashland doesn't know because --

Kyle: But what if he does? Tara called me when they got back to new york, and she said she thought ashland might suspect something. I didn't believe her. I just thought it was her guilty conscience. But then I got a call from the man himself.

Jack: Wait, wait. He called you directly?

Kyle: Yes, he's coming back to genoa city, supposedly on business, and he specifically wants to meet with me.

Jack: Did he give you any idea what it was about?

Kyle: He claimed it was about some possible promotion for jabot, but why would the powerful ashland locke call me about something so minor and routine?

Jack: Okay. Tell me about this affair. Start from the very beginning. Do not leave out any details.

Kyle: Summer and I were over. I was missing her. I was hanging out with theo, and I guess I was feeling kind of reckless. He always used to encourage my worst instincts. And I knew the risks of getting involved with the wife of a powerful man, but, consequences be damned, I couldn't stop myself. It was an adrenaline rush. When we went our separate ways, that was it.

Jack: That was it? There was no looking back, no reason to stay in touch, no burning embers still aflame there?

Kyle: No, none. But now they're --

Jack: Now they're back in your life, unintentionally.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Or otherwise.

Jack: Kyle, the last thing you need, the last thing jabot needs, is ashland locke as an enemy. Believe me -- that man takes his enemies very, very seriously.

Kyle: I know. And I'm not the only one in his cross hairs. I hate that. This damned affair may have put a target on all of our backs. I may have brought the man right to our front door.

Jack: Oh, god. My plaque psoriasis...

Kyle: Tara told me a story about ashland executing a hostile takeover that resulted in dismantling a company, destroying the owner's marriage and reputation in the process, all because of a perceived snub at a meeting.

Jack: A deal that lives in infamy, along with many others. No, this man takes unholy pleasure in decimating and humiliating his rivals. And from the stories I've heard, he operates the same way in his personal life as he does in his professional life.

Kyle: When tara first told me, it sent chills down my spine.

Jack: First story I ever heard about ashland locke was what he did to his first partner, a lifelong friend of his that he suspected was cheating him. He gutted the man publicly, left him penniless, then went after the partner's brother and the brother's business partners. No, your grandfather's the only person I can think of that's actually gotten the better of him.

Kyle: Yeah. I know a little about that.

Jack: I don't think he's gonna show the same restraint with you -- if he knows.

Kyle: No, he's not gonna hold back on me or the people I love. Not to mention jabot, and that's what worried me most.

Jack: You let me worry about jabot.

Kyle: God, for so long, I put this out of my head because i never let myself believe that ashland could actually find out about the affair. I mean, why would he? Tara sure wasn't gonna tell him when we were long out of each other's orbits. But according to tara, ashland's been acting different since his visit here, like he picked up on something when our paths crossed. And she knows him well enough to be right.

Jack: Tara does not know anything for sure, and neither do you.

Kyle: I promise you right here and right now, dad -- I am going to do whatever it takes to keep this from blowing up. The last thing I want is for my bad decisions to hurt you, summer, or jabot. This is on me. No one else should have to pay.

Chelsea: I've got to tell you -- this was not easy. I had to be so careful making this plan. There were so many details that could have potentially been land mines.

Chloe: Yeah, for the both of us.

Chelsea: Well, first I had to get my hands on the thallium without it being traced back to me. That's where you came in.

Chloe: Wait. What? But I don't really have anything to do with that part, right?

Chelsea: Well, no, I'm afraid you did. That was actually one of the errands you ran for me, picking up that package at adam's P.O. Box. When you brought it to me, I had to quickly find a place to hide it so no one here would stumble across it.

[ Keys jangling ]

[ Lock disengages ]

Chloe: What? I-I thought I was retrieving medical supplies for you, not providing a weapon in an attempted murder case.

Chelsea: Well, see, that's why I didn't want to tell you anything or get you involved. I didn't want you to have to deal with the dilemma or whether or not you wanted to get involved.

Chloe: Okay, so, you really think that you weren't afraid that I was just gonna say no?

Chelsea: No! The whole time, I was really looking out for your best interests. Chloe, I knew that you supported my ultimate goal. I mean, no one hates adam more than you do. You tried to kill him twice.

Chloe: The two biggest mistakes of my life.

Chelsea: And I didn't want you to have to hide what you were doing from kevin, your husband, considering he works for the police department.

Chloe: Which is what I have to do now.

Chelsea: Chloe, you told me you wanted me to tell you how i did!

Chloe: Well, now I'm beginning to regret it.

Chelsea: Okay, I'm not gonna tell you anything else. I won't tell you how I got the poison into rey's belongings or how I got the items from sharon's house.

Chloe: It's probably for the best.

Chelsea: And the rest you know. Rey fell ill, the items were found in adam's possession, and those text messages really sealed the deal.

Chloe: [ Scoffs ] I just can't believe you pulled it all off.

Chelsea: But I did. And it worked beautifully. And the results really speak for themselves. I mean, soon the world is gonna know what adam did, and they are going to be horrified. No one is gonna be able to deny what kind of a person adam is, not anymore.

Billy: Adam and victor think that they beat us -- and victoria, for that matter. But it's -- it's not over, okay? I'm not going away without a fight.

Lily: Look, ashland's "no" sounded pretty final to me.

Billy: I think we can still maneuver. Ashland's smart enough to be open to a better deal if there's one there, and as far as I know, no money's exchanged hands yet.

Lily: Billy, I don't know.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: We have to make a counter offer, something that gets his attention, 50% on top of whatever victor's willing to pay.

Lily: Then we'd be close to paying more than the company is even worth, and jack is not gonna want to over-pay someone like ashland locke.

Billy: If he can beat victor, maybe he will. I'm betting he will. And I need to get in the room with ashland and remind him exactly who adam is 'cause ashland's not walking away from this business. He still wants a seat on the board after this sale goes through.

Lily: He already made his decision.

Billy: I just need to ask him a simple question, lily. Why the hell would he go into business with someone that he can't trust? Because adam newman cannot be trusted.

Lily: Okay, I'll ask you a simple question -- why can't you let this go?

Billy: [ Sighs ] The #1 name in flea and tick protection

Nick: First responders didn't bring faith in?

Nate: There's no record of a 911 call, and no ambulance was dispatched to the scene. From what I know, faith was brought to the hospital by a good samaritan.

Sharon: Well, did you get a name or a phone number?

Nate: No. Sorry. All I know is that it was a man who disappeared after getting faith to the emergency room.

Lily: Okay, just think about this, alright? Ashland does his research. He already knows all about adam's character flaws, and thanks to our article, it is also very public knowledge.

Billy: Yes, lily, but it's --

Lily: Okay? So clearly he decided it's not a deal breaker. So for you to go to him and make another offer and remind him of how horrible adam is, you're basically attacking his personal judgment. And how well do you think that's gonna go over?

Billy: I mean, what's the worst that's gonna happen? He just, you know, denies me flat out.

Lily: Or maybe you upset him and get on the wrong side of another ruthless, powerful man.

Billy: Look, I know that it sounds like I just can't stand losing to adam, but it is more than that, okay? This is a real threat to our company. So I can't just roll over and let it happen. And, yes, it's a risk going to ashland again, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Lily: No. I'm done. I'm done. No more ashland, no more victor, no more adam, alright? You're sounding obsessed.

Billy: Aw, come on.

Lily: Okay, you know what? I have an idea. I know something that'll take your mind off of this. Come on. Let's go.

Kyle: I should have come to you sooner, and not just because of the threat that ashland poses, but because you're the smartest man I know. You always know what to do, and stupidly I held back.

Jack: Is that because you thought I might be disappointed in you?

Kyle: Yeah, maybe a little.

Jack: I'm not. I've done far worsE. I'm just glad you finally opened up to me.

Summer: Oh. Jack. I wasn't expecting you. Am I interrupting something?

Kyle: I was just bringing him up to speed. I thought we'd have more privacy here.

Summer: Oh. Uh, so, you know everything?

Kyle: Yes. He knows all about the affair.

Jack: How are you doing with all that?

Summer: Um, well, you know, kyle has acknowledged that it was a mistake repeatedly, so being upset about it now won't really change anything.

Jack: I'm glad to hear you say that. I feel exactly the same way.

Summer: Yeah. I mean, we talked it through, so I'm -- I'm fine.

Kyle: I was apologizing to my dad for not coming to him for advice sooner.

Summer: So, what do you think kyle should do?

Jack: Now? Nothing. You let me handle this from here on out.

Kyle: Mnh. I can't ask you to do that.

Jack: You're not asking me. Listen to me. You need to stay as far away from ashland locke as possible.

Sharon: Faith, sweetie, we're gonna get you through this. Okay? I promise. Your dad and I are here, and we're gonna do whatever it takes to get you back to us. And you're gonna be just fine. And when we do get you out of here and back home, I -- I know that I have some work to do. I... I guess I thought I had been listening to you when you were telling me about your problems at school, and I --

[ Voice breaking ] But now i just feel like I might have failed you, and I'm so sorry. You know, maybe I was just taking the easy way out. When I thought that your problems with the bullies had gone away, I -- I set the problem aside, and I -- I should have kept my eyes wide open because I know bullies don't go away that quickly. Maybe I was just eager to get past it all because... it's just been such a hard year for all of us. And I was looking for some sense of normalcy. But, you know, it's good that I'm stronger now [Sniffles] Thanks to you and rey and mariah, your dad, and everyone who helped me get through my treatments. And now you're the one -- you're the one who needs love and support from your family. And that's what you are gonna get 'cause we're not giving up, faith. You hear me? We would never give up on you, so don't you give up on us.

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"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Nick: Did you learn anything else about the mystery man who brought faith in?

Nate: I wish I had more information for you, nick, but things happen quickly in the E.R. The doctors and nurses had to focus on getting faith diagnosed and stabilized.

Nick: Yeah, of course. She's my focus, too.

Nate: I know you're worried. Stay strong, okay? We're monitoring her closely, and I will let you know the moment anything changes.

Nick: Thanks.

Nate: Alright.

Nick: So, I don't know if you can hear me. Somehow I hope you know

[Sniffles] That I'm here for you. So many people are, faith.

[ Sniffles ] You know, your grandpa and your grandma... mariah. Sharon called rey, and he's on his way in.

[ Sniffles ] Everybody wants so badly for you to be okay. I hope you know that.

[ Sighs ]

[ Crying ] I wish I was better at this, you know? I wish I had some way to help you. I always felt like I was a pretty good dad. But right now I don't feel like one. If I would have listened, if i would have...you know, understood better what you were going through, then maybe you wouldn't be here. So, I'm asking you for another chance... a chance to prove to you that i can be the best father you've ever seen. But I need you to open your eyes, okay? Can you do that? Can you open your eyes? Just look at me.

Billy: Here? The grand phoenix? This is what you call something more exciting?

Lily: Oh, it's not the where. It's the why, okay? Just hold on a second. Hi, phyllis. How are you?

Phyllis: Hey, lily. How you doing? I'm good. Thanks.

Lily: Good. Um, I was just wondering if i were able to schedule a couples massage in my room.

Phyllis: Okay, let me see the schedule. Couples massage. Mm. Alphonse is available. You've had him before. Remember alphonse?

Lily: Yes. Oh, yeah. He's perfect. Thank you.

Phyllis: You're a lucky guy, aren't you?

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Okay, so, I pitch an aggressive move for our company, and instead of an answer, you bring me here for a massage. Do you really think it's gonna be that easy for me to forget all about the multimillion-dollar deal we lost out to the man I despise most in this world?

Lily: Oh, this will not be a regular old massage.

Phyllis: Alphonse is ready!

Lily: Amazing. Thank you. Send him up to my room.

Kyle: Dad, I told you this because I wanted your advice, not to put you in the middle of this mess, and I don't want you on ashland's radar. And I can't let you fight my battles for me.

Jack: We have been talking about the man we're dealing with, the careers, the companies, the families, the people he has destroyed, kyle. When he calls again, you refer him immediately to me.

Kyle: I can handle it.

Jack: If he does not suspect anything, if he really wants to do a business deal, it will not be suspicious that I want to jump in.

Summer: And if he does have suspicions?

Kyle: Dad, it could make him even more suspicious.

Jack: I agree that it's risky, but it's a risk worth taking.

Kyle: Okay. Okay. If you insist on being involved, we can team up.

Jack: These stories we've heard about ashland -- I suspect they pale in comparison to reality. Son, it's not that I don't trust you to handle this. This could get ugly. It's better I'm out front to take the brunt of this. Let me take this first meeting solo so that I can find out where this man is really coming from.

Rey: I know it's hard, but you got to hope for the best. There's every reason to believe that she's gonna be okay.

Sharon: I just couldn't bear it if...

Rey: Don't -- don't -- don't go to worst-case scenarios, okay?

Sharon: I just can't help it.

[ Sighs ] I can't help thinking if it hadn't been for that stranger who found her and brought her in here, what would have happened?

Rey: Stranger?

Sharon: Yeah, nate says it's a good thing that he found her and got her here to the hospital as soon as he did. Apparently he didn't even waste any time calling 911. He just put her in his car and rushed her here.

Rey: No wonder there was no news of the accident on the scanner.

Sharon: He probably couldn't get any cell service out there. Nick and I were searching for her, and the service was spotty.

Rey: What did he say happened?

Sharon: I don't know. We didn't talk to him. I wanted to thank him, but apparently he took off as soon as he arrived.

Rey: The hospital didn't get any information on the guy?

Sharon: Well, no. They were taking care of faith.

Rey: Okay. I'll ask around the E.R., See if anyone saw something or knew him. Maybe he left his info with somebody and they just haven't passed it along yet.

Sharon: Do you think maybe he could be responsible for the accident and that's why he just left?

Rey: Yeah, it makes sense. But on the way over here, I was on with highway patrol. When they came across the scene of the accident, they saw a newman truck on the side of the road. It was wrecked. From what they could see, faith lost control and she crashed into a tree. There were no skid marks or any indication that another car was involved.

Sharon: Her blood work came back positive for alcohol.

[ Voice breaking ] She doesn't even know how to drive, and she was driving under the influence.

Rey: She could have been killed.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Thank god for this man, whoever he was. I can't believe I'll never even be able to thank this good samaritan. He saved faith's life. Hi sabrina!

Chloe: You just seem awfully sure that this is going to work. And you know adam. He is not going to go away quietly. He knows that he was framed.

Chelsea: Well, that's the beauty of it all. Sure, adam knows what happens, but the evidence is so overwhelming, he's never gonna be able to prove his innocence.

Chloe: And you really believe that?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Chloe: Oh, chelsea, adam -- adam won't quit until he clears his name. And I know -- I know that you covered all of your tracks, but he's not stupid. I mean, you said that he already wondered if you were hiding your recovery from him. If he figures out that you did this, I mean, he's gonna move heaven and earth to expose you.

Chelsea: Chloe, come on! If adam tries to point his finger at a stroke victim in a wheelchair, he's just gonna come across as desperate and delusional.

Chloe: You almost seem okay with that.

Chelsea: I kind of am. Let him do it. It just makes him look more guilty.

Chloe: Chelsea, what about connor?

Chelsea: Sure, I realize connor will hear about this and it will be hard on him, but... eventually he will learn the whole story. He will learn the cold, hard truths about his own father, and he will understand. I will make sure he does.

Lily: That was amazing. You still have the magic touch.

[ Exhales heavily ] Thank you so much. I'll call someone to come up for the tables later. Thank you.

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Door closes ] Well, was I right? You feel like a million bucks, huh?

Billy: That guy's a magician.

Lily: I know. I knew you could use a little escape.

Billy: [ Groans ] Well, now what? I mean, you said it wasn't gonna be just a plain old massage.

Lily: Oh, i'm sorry. Are you less than satisfied? Because you seem pretty pleased with yourself a couple minutes ago.

Billy: I don't want to sound ungrateful. I'm just going off of what you implied earlier -- that there was more to this event.

Lily: Oh, okay. So, like, taking things to the next level?

Billy: What could that possibly mean?

Lily: Well, how do you feel? Rejuvenated?

Billy: Yes, very rejuvenated. In fact, I feel like I have so much energy, I don't know what to do with it.

Lily: Not a clue, huh?

Billy: Mnh-mnh. If there was only something that would take this to the next level.

Lily: Well, I might have an idea.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Hello, sally. Hi. Um, is there anything the management can do to make your stay more comfortable?

Sally: Like what? The pillows on my bed could be fluffier? Or my thermostat is stuck on 49 degrees?

Phyllis: Oh, well, that was a sincere inquiry.

Sally: Oh, gee. Am I supposed to take your word for that? And even if you are being pleasant, I can't help but wonder why.

Phyllis: Oh, um, well, I just realized that you weren't worth worrying about. And, you know, live and let live -- that's my new motto.

Sally: And I'm supposed to take your word for that?

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, i don't think so, at least not without proof that you've somehow managed to change your entire personality overnight.

Jack: Good evening, ladies. I'm not interrupting anything, am I? Air wick

Phyllis: Um...wow. Uh, you're not interrupting at all. I -- I was sincerely just asking if everything was okay. Um, but no problem. I'll get somebody up there to fluff your pillows and fix your thermostat right away.

Sally: It's really not necessary, but thank you anyway.

Jack: Well, I was on my way out. Can I interest you in a drink at society?

Sally: That sounds lovely.

Phyllis: You know, why don't you stay here and have a drink? It's on the house. You don't want to schlep to society.

Sally: Thank you, but I think we'd prefer a change of scenery. Right, jack?

Jack: Whatever the lady prefers.

Phyllis: No. Mnh-mnh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay. Wyatt spencer. It is time that we have a little chat.

Billy: Yes. Hi. This is billy abbott with chancellor communications. I'd like to speak with mr. Locke, please. It's important and very much in his best interest.

Sharon: I, uh, told rey to go home and get some rest. The hospital's limiting visitors right now anyway, and he's gonna relieve me later.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I know nate and the rest of faith's medical team are doing everything they can, but it doesn't make it any easier. The waiting, the not knowing, the knot in my stomach.

Sharon: I feel the same way.

Nick: Did you tell rey about the guy who brought faith in?

Sharon: Yeah. He's really worried about faith, too. He said he's gonna ask around the hospital and see if anyone knows who he was.

Nick: I mean, thank god for him. Faith was out in the middle of nowhere. It's pure luck that he was able to find her so fast.

Sharon: I do wish we knew who he was.

Nick: Well, I won't give up until I find him.

Sharon: You know, we can never thank him enough. He saved our daughter's life.

And this just in -- our news desk has just confirmed that a manhunt is under way for the son of billionaire victor newman. The police have issued an all points bulletin for adam new--

Adam: [ Sighs ]

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