Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/10/21

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/10/21


Episode #12064 ~ Victor prepares for battle. Nikki questions Victoria's decision-making. Lola steps up for Faith.

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Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Well, you look like a ceo ready to do battle.

Victoria: Yes, today's the big day. Ashland locke will be arriving soon to hear all of the offers for his media company, and i plan on making him see that there's only one choice -- newman.

Nikki: And I'm sure you'll make a very persuasive case in spite of your recent 180 about pursuing this.

Victoria: The acquisition of cyaxares is just another feather in newman's cap, and you can never have too many feathers if you want to fly.

Nikki: True. But let's not pretend this isn't personal, not when you're going up against your father, your brother, and your ex-husband.

Lily: Okay, so, what do you think? Should I do the blouse or the blazer?

Billy: I think you look perfect the way you are.

Lily: Ah, good answer. But presentation matters and -- why are you in your pajamas?

Billy: What, this doesn't say "cutthroat closer"?

Lily: You can't make a deal with locke in pj's and bed head. Can you please go get ready? Please?

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Believe me, underneath all of this, I'm going over the salient details of our pitch, and I am ready. I am more than ready.

Lily: Oh, okay. Well, then show me what you got.

Chelsea: [ Breathing heavily ]

Sharon: Not again. What is going on?

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello?

Sharon: Adam, I need to see you...now. Look at this human trying to get in shape.

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Adam: Okay. Not a problem. I'm leaving in a few minutes. Victor wants to make sure we have some time to strategize before the pitch. You know, when we're not fighting each other and actually put our heads together, nobody can stop us. Meredith! I'm taking off now!

[ Keys jangle ] Well, hopefully I will come home with some good news. Wish me luck.

[ Door closes ]

Lola: Hey, guys.

Nick: Hey.

Lola: This is such a nice surprise. Is everything okay?

Faith: Yeah. Fine.

Nick: We just came in for a quick bite.

Lola: Hey, I want you to know that I fired the busboy who took the photo of sharon and adam. That's not gonna be a problem again.

Faith: I know. Thank you for figuring out who it was in the first place.

Lola: Well, not only did he violate the restaurant rules. He also hurt people that I love, and that wasn't going to fly.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Nick: Oh. Sorry. Be right back.

Lola: You know, I don't think that person's going to take a photo of you, and if anything like that happens, I will kick their butts out of here. I promise, okay? This is a safe place. Look, I know we can't escape all the trolls in the world, even after high school, but there are tricks.

Faith: Like?

Lola: Like block, report, and ignore.

Faith: [ Chuckles ] Easier said than done.

Lola: Yeah, yeah. No, I know it's not gonna fix everything, but you would be surprised how many bullies lose their nerve once you confront them or remove their veil of anonymity so everyone can see who's doing the bullying.

Billy: I'm thinking we don't want to walk into the pitch sounding too polished. We need to know what we are talking about, which we do, but I think we should be calm and, uh, relaxed.

Lily: Okay. So, how do you suggest we do that?

Billy: A little spontaneity.

Lily: Yes, impulsiveness can be good at certain times and places --

Billy: If you're planning the certain times and places, doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Lily: Okay. So, you're thinking...

Billy: I'm thinking right here, right now.

Lily: Before probably the biggest pitch of our careers?

Billy: We know what we're talking about, and we have plenty of time before the pitch. And I'm hoping my subtle powers of persuasion are working.

Lily: Um, first of all, they're not very subtle. And second, how do you know I'm not working on my own powers of persuasion? Hmm?

Billy: I will do whatever you want me to do.

Adam: I-I'm not sure why you wanted to see me, but I'm glad you did.

Sharon: I wanted to see you in person because I want to see the look in your eyes when you answer my question.

Adam: Anything. What is it?

Sharon: Did you break into my house and steal some things?

Shampoos that care for your

Lola: If you ever want to talk or just need a place to hang out, I'm always here.

Faith: Thank you. That is comforting because you are always here.

Lola: Hmm. What -- what is that supposed to mean?

Faith: Just that you might be a little bit of a workaholic.

Lola: Are you trolling me now?

Faith: No, no, I'm just joking. I'm super grateful to have you as my really cool aunt.

Lola: And, uh, that safe-space, no-judgment zone -- it goes both ways, alright?

Faith: Got it.

Nick: Sorry about that.

Lola: Yeah, no problem. Come take a seat. So, I'm gonna make you that sandwich that you really loved last time.

Faith: It is so good.

Lola: [ Laughs ]

Nick: I'll take a sandwich, too.

Lola: Great. Coming right up!

Nick: That call was from your school -- good news.

Faith: Really? I could use some of that.

Nick: The girl who put the vodka in your locker -- she confessed. And it was one of the names that you gave me on that list.

Faith: Wow. So, it's over?

Nick: She was suspended. It's got to be a big relief. I know it doesn't change everything, but at least you get to go back to school with a clean record.

Faith: Yeah, yeah, it's great.

Nick: Look, faith, it took a lot of bravery for you to come forward like that. And if there's any retaliation at all from those students, the school is gonna have a confidential way for you to report them again.

Faith: Yeah, yeah, I know. I just never felt comfortable using it before.

Nick: You anxious to go back?

Faith: A little. It's not gonna be easy. Everybody's gonna be looking at me and whispering.

Nick: Yeah, I mean, they're probably gonna be talking about it, but eventually it'll die down.

Faith: I hope so.

Nick: You know, if you're feeling overwhelmed, like if too much has happened, uh... going back to your boarding school is an option, okay? But I want to be clear that nobody -- and I mean absolutely nobody -- wants that, especially christian. I mean, he's really, really in love with having his big sister around. But if it's what makes you the happiest, everyone would understand.

Faith: No. I don't want to run away... because then the bullies win.

Adam: Wow. Robbery. That's one I have not been accused of in a while.

Sharon: Well, you gave me some gifts. It was a few years ago. And they've gone missing. Did you take them as some kind of revenge for me not having you in my life anymore?

Adam: Sharon, I hope you know me well enough to know that is beneath me. And, honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about. What things disappeared?

Sharon: A little figurine of a girl.

Adam: Oh, right. I remember that. She had this fierce look on her face. It reminded me of you, of your inner strength and determination. I'm actually seeing a little bit of that right now.

Sharon: No, I think maybe what you're seeing is irritation because there was another item missing. It was a little tray from lake tahoe.

Adam: Where we got married. You think I broke into your house? Sharon, I would never violate your privacy like that.

Sharon: Well, you've done a lot worse before.

Adam: Maybe it was rey. He can't like having presents from me in his house. I know I wouldn'T.

Sharon: No, rey's mind doesn't work like that.

Adam: Well, then did any of nick's things go missing? How does rey feel about his stuff laying around?

Sharon: Mm, nothing from nick is missing. And besides, I know this has nothing to do with rey. He doesn't even know that the items are related to you at all.

Adam: Can I ask you why you've kept them after all this time?

Sharon: They're just, you know, knickknacks, the kinds of things that are there forever and you never think about.

Adam: Okay.

Sharon: You shouldn't read anything more into it.

Adam: Well, it's kind of hard not to when someone is stealing souvenirs of our life together, part of our shared history.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Well, there's got to be some other explanation for why the items went missing. Um, forget I asked.

Adam: Alright.

Sharon: Um... how's chelsea?

Adam: There's been little to no progress.

Sharon: I'm sorry.

Adam: Yeah. Thank you.

Sharon: I suppose I should just get back to work.

Adam: Actually, I didn't know I was gonna talk to you today, but, uh, since we are here, there's something you should know. Victor and I are potentially buying a new company. And if we make the winning bid, I would be running it.

Sharon: You and victor are gonna be working together?

Adam: I know. I know. I'm not trying to double-cross him. There's nothing nefarious going on. It's a legitimate meeting of our minds about an exciting business opportunity. And I'm actually really looking forward to getting back to work. It also means that I'm gonna be staying in town for the foreseeable future.

Sharon: Right.

Adam: Well, my meeting's here, so I guess I better go.

Sharon: Um, wait. So, if you and victor are working together, that must mean you two have patched things up.

Adam: Well, my dad and I -- we've been talking a lot about our relationship and the past, and we've worked through our issues. And I think we've come to understand each other better. He's made a conscious effort to be a part of my life. In fact, he's become one of my strongest allies. My only ally, actually.

Chloe: And, meredith, just take your time. You deserve a break. I'm excited to see chelsea. And don't worry. I have my phone on me, so if anything happens, I promise to call. Have fun. Coast is clear.

Chelsea: It's not as easy as you think, pretending I can't move.

[ Clears throat ] It's getting harder and harder to hide my improvement.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm sure.

Chelsea: I'm getting stronger every day. Watch.

[ Grunting ]

Chloe: [ Laughing ] Oh, my god.

Chelsea: Ohh. Watch. Watch.

[ Both laugh ]

Chloe: That's amazing!

Chelsea: I can't believe all of the simple, ordinary things I used to take for granted. You know, it really makes you appreciate what you have. And what I have to do.

Chloe: What is your next move?

Chelsea: Lift up those pillows on the couch. I'm gonna need you to keep that bag for me for a few days.

Chloe: Okay.

[ Bag unzipping ] What is all this? Hi sabrina!

>&gtHi jen!

Victoria: The fact that my competitors are people who are close to me -- of course it makes it personal. But that's not going to affect my negotiation with ashland. I plan on being every bit his match.

Nikki: Even if your coo isn't on board?

Victoria: As my coo, you should be on board. This is a sound business deal.

Nikki: Despite the fact that you divested newman of its entire media division last year and said no to your father when he first approached you about buying this company.

Victoria: I know. You're right. I changed my mind. But I have everything under control.

Nikki: Uh-huh. You sure about that?

Victoria: I'm positive about that, and I'll prove it to you. Let me run my pitch by you.

Nikki: No, victoria, I don't think so, not until you admit to me that the reason you're doing this has nothing to do with business.

Victoria: [ Sighs, scoffs ]

[ Clicks tongue ] Fine. Alright. I'm doing it to protect the father of my children. I'm trying to avoid an all-out war between adam and billy, and that's exactly what's gonna happen if cyaxares falls into their hands, mother. Billy and chanccomm won't survive that, and then what happens to johnny and katie?

Nikki: I understand that. We all want to make sure that they are safe and sound and happy. But I also know that billy will not like this one bit. He's never been the type of man who wants or needs protection.

Victoria: I know -- because he's too stubborn, he's too proud, and he's too sure of himself.

Nikki: I think the reason you're pulling out all the stops with this company is that you still love billy and you want him back.

Lily: Well, that wasn't the most efficient way to take a shower.

Billy: Oh, I beg to differ.

Lily: I wonder who was persuading who.

Billy: See, that's the thing -- we both know what we want and we know how to get it. It's a win-win, much like this deal is gonna be.

[ Knock on door ] Room service was fast.

Lily: It's open!

Jack: Uh, bad time?

Billy: No, not at all. Please come in.

Jack: Well, as your new investor, I thought I should hear your final pitch.

Billy: Funny. We were just talking about that.

Jack: Good. There's a lot riding on this. You only get one shot. It's got to be perfect.

Billy: You got that right.

Lily: What's going on?

Billy: Well, the stakes just went up. I now know who the third bidder is.

Adam: I have a few ideas that I think could capture locke's attention from the get-go.

Victor: Hold it right there.

Adam: What's wrong?

Victor: You just had a long conversation with sharon.

Adam: It was nothing.

Victor: She looked a little perturbed.

Adam: It was a small misunderstanding. Which pales in comparison to the deal we're trying to close today. We should focus on that.

Victor: Uh-huh. Make sure you keep your eye on the prize, okay?

Adam: Cyaxares media.

Victor: You know, ashland locke is... not an easy guy to deal with.

Adam: Well, I've done my research on him and, uh, his personal reputation. He's known to be a master manipulator who enjoys the game of business.

Victor: [ Laughs ] Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Adam: Yeah, the three of us in a room won't be boring.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You just make sure that we are the ones doing the manipulating, okay?

Adam: It seems as though ashland likes to use his potential buyers as pawns as a power game he likes to play in his head. I was reading about a hostile takeover a few years ago that got pretty nasty.

Victor: It was in dubai. I was there at the time on some newman business. Heard the stories, never met him, though.

Adam: So, we take everything he says with a grain of salt. We make sure we're in sync when it comes to strategy and then we go in there and we get the thing.

Victor: We're ready to make a deal, right?

Find your rhythm.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Chelsea: I just need you to keep the items in the bag safe and make sure no one else sees what's in it.

Chloe: Yeah, I can do that. Now can you give me an idea of the big picture?

Victoria: Not yet. But it's all been handled.

Chloe: Really? That's it? Your best friend and apparent accomplice?

Victoria: Okay.

[ Sighs ] It involves some payback to adam... something that ensures I can walk away from him when the time is right and it ensures that he can't follow me once I leave.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] That really doesn't make me feel any better. And the fact that you won't give me any details only makes me worry more.

Chelsea: Chloe, I'm sorry, but that's all I can give you right now. And if you want to back out, just tell me.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] No. No. I am all-in. I will do whatever you want because I am your best friend and I love you. But I just want you to be absolutely sure this is what you want to do because I know better than anyone -- delivering payback to adam is -- [Sighs] It's like playing with fire.

Victoria: You are so off base. I'm not pining for billy.

Nikki: Victoria, I know you. You're my daughter. I know you very well, and I have seen you subtly but deliberately drifting back into his orbit again.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, and fighting him for this media company was my big plan to win him back. That makes no sense, mom.

Nikki: Well, my guess it that you want to prove to billy how far you're still willing to go for him and then, if you do win this bidding war, perhaps turn around and sell the company to him.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh, don't be ridiculous.

Nikki: Am I?

Victoria: I do have an ulterior motive for cyaxares, and it has nothing to do with billy and a lot to do with dad.

Nikki: Yes, I know you are angry with your father for teaming up with adam. I get that.

Victoria: He tried to leverage the threat of adam to goad me into yanking the company away from billy. And by the way, I overheard him yesterday talking about how he's waiting to see which one of his kids uses this opportunity to their best advantage. So I'm accepting his challenge, and I will relish beating him at his own game.

Nikki: But you're still doing what your father hoped for -- making a play for the company.

Victoria: But not for the reasons he wants. I'm making my choices. I'm doing it for my own reasons and nobody else'S.

Billy: Victoria. Hey. It's billy. Trying to figure out what the hell's going on. So, you're bidding against us and your father and your brother for cyaxares, huh? Call me back, please.

[ Sighs ] Victor is backing adam financially, and victoria will be backed by the behemoth that is newman enterprises.

Lily: This is crazy.

Billy: Well, I'm not surprised that victor and adam teamed up. I am that victoria's decided to jump in.

Jack: She's ready to compete with her own father. Wow.

Billy: It's a hell of a move, isn't it? Too bad it's against us.

Lily: Well, so much for your theory that victoria would never go behind your back. So now we have to rethink our whole strategy.

Sharon: I got a call from walnut grove. It's good that they know that you did not have liquor in your locker, so now you can go back to school.

Faith: Yeah.

Sharon: And the school is going to appropriately deal with the girl who did it.

Nick: Faith and I talked about it. She's glad things are going back to normal, um, but she -- she knows it's gonna be a little awkward.

Sharon: Well, hopefully the kids will just move on to whatever's next.

Nick: Well, going back to school means you got to get caught up to your homework, so...

Faith: Oh, my god, dad.

Nick: Dads take no days off.

Faith: Well, things are definitely back to normal.

Sharon: Do we really think that she's okay?

Nick: She talks a good game, but I'm worried.

Sharon: So am I, about more things than you realize.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Sharon: I've just been thinking about the erratic behavior, the moods, the ups and downs.

Nick: Well, whatever it is, you know, you can tell me.

Sharon: It just makes me wonder -- what if faith is bipolar like me? Condos.

Nick: Where is this coming from? Why would you think faith is bipolar?

Sharon: Believe me -- this is the last thing that I want to bring up, but we've got to consider the possibility.

Nick: She's a kid who experimented with alcohol. Pretty much every kid does that at some point in their life. I don't think that's any evidence of a mental-health issue.

Sharon: Some strange things have happened that I can't wrap my head around. Um, there's been a few things missing from around the house

Nick: What things?

Sharon: Just some knickknacks, but I don't know where they are, and I think that someone might have stolen them. I did bring it up with faith after the first item disappeared, and she adamantly denied it.

Nick: Okay, well, after the locker incident, I really think we should take her word for it.

Sharon: I hate to think that faith would do anything like this, but stealing -- that's exactly what I did when my bipolar disorder first started to manifest. It kills me to even consider it, especially because faith has -- she's on such a positive path. She seems so much better and stronger. But what if this is exactly like what I went through?

Nick: Is that your professional opinion? Is the therapist training coming through?

Sharon: Possibly. I do take heart from the fact that I haven't noticed any other bipolar behavior. And I have been keeping an eye on it, but that doesn't completely rule it out.

Nick: Well, I'd like to believe there's some other reason for some things going missing than our daughter lying and stealing or suffering from a bipolar disorder.

Sharon: Yeah. I hope you're right. But I can't think of any. I mean, rey wouldn't steal anything. And a burglar -- why would they take things that aren't worth any money, especially when there's more valuable things around the house?

Nick: Well, no matter what happened, I'm sure faith isn't responsible. But it doesn't mean she doesn't still have some things she needs to work through.

Sharon: Yeah. Faith has a lot more to process beyond bullying.

Nick: Yeah, so she should go through her therapy as planned.

Jack: So, you've altered your pitch to account for victoria being the third competitor?

Billy: Yes, sir. I think we're good.

Jack: Want to give me a hint where we're going?

Billy: Oh, and spoil the drama? No, it's much more exciting if you hear from lily and i together.

Lily: Alright, I'm ready.

Billy: We are ready.

Jack: I'll play ashland. Let 'er rip.

Victoria: I just want to practice my opening and make sure that I'm hitting all the right notes.

[ Sighs ] Will you listen? Please?

Nikki: I have told you I have misgivings about what you're doing, and I am not crazy about your father's antics, either. So I'm in a bit of a tricky spot here. But I do work for newman enterprises, and if anyone understands what my daughter and this company have to offer, it's me, so...

[ Sighs ] Alright, go ahead.

Adam: You want me to take the lead on the pitch?

Victor: Of course. We are partners in this. I will help you whenever you need me, but you run the damn company, alright? Now, let me hear how you will convey that to him.

Billy: And what you get with chanccomm is cutting-edge philosophy.

Lily: We pride ourselves on spotting where the world is moving next -- ideologically, culturally, economically -- and then we make moves to meet those trends.

Billy: We have significant resources, but we're also lean and mean enough to move fast.

Lily: Fast, but smart, because we do take big swings, but it's always in a measured and deliberate way. We make decisions not just with our heads, but with our hearts.

Victoria: Newman enterprises brings years of experience. We have a long history of success. Newman's size and stature will lift cyaxares and boost its power and influence and take it to the next level. Did I mention that this pitch is accompanied by a substantial financial offer?

Adam: What victor and I bring to the table is the best of both worlds. You want the experience and deep pockets of newman. You have that, without the bagging of a conglomerate. You want the aggressiveness of a start-up, a no-hold-barreds approach. You have that with me. And I will continue to do whatever it takes to make your company thrive.

Billy: We may not have all the bells and whistles, but we are definitely the-little-engine-that-could. And a little sidenote -- all the newmans are at each other's throats, where we are...

Lily: We are not.

Nikki: Lily and billy do make an impressive team.

Victoria: I don't need anyone but myself.

Nikki: Darling, you don't need to do everything on your own all the time.

Victoria: Well, sometimes my family gives me no choice.

Victor: Now, let's get one thing straight, son. Billy boy abbott doesn't stand a chance against you, okay? However, lily and the chancellor clout behind her should not be underestimated.

Adam: I'm not gonna focus on billy and lily or what they're doing. I'm gonna concentrate on the man that we are trying to persuade -- ashland locke.

Jack: Ashland is ruthless. My advice is to tread carefully.

Lily: Well, he's still a human being. We can find ways to connect with him.

Billy: And we have a two-to-one advantage. He doesn't stand a chance.

Victoria: I have worked long and hard to get where I am, so i view him as my equal.

Nikki: As you should.

Victoria: And after dealing with dad for all these years, i think I can pretty much handle anyone.

Victor: Ashland locke has a reputation of having a giant ego, okay? I mean, he thinks he's the titan amongst titans in business. So you massage his ego a little, alright? But take him seriously. That way, we will get what we want.

Jack: You two are lucky to have each other. I have faith you can do this together.

[ Door closes ]

Nikki: You are as prepared and determined as I've ever seen you.

Victor: This is fun, son. You feel ready?

Adam: 100%.

Victor: Good. The chicken or the egg.

Sharon: So, rey and I are starting couples counseling. Hey, maybe we can get a group rate for the whole family.

Nick: Well, therapy's a good thing. You should know that as a therapist.

Sharon: Yeah, I know. It's just different being the patient.

Nick: You nervous about it?

Sharon: I'm a little apprehensive maybe. I don't know why. I shouldn't be. But our first session is this afternoon. I mean, I'm sure once we get started, we start talking, I'll be fine.

Nick: Well, I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told rey. You two are gonna get through it.

Sharon: I'm sure we will.

Nick: So, uh, tell me about these things that are missing that you think are stolen.

Sharon: Um, it was a little figurine and a tray.

Nick: Why do you think faith would steal something that seems so meaningless?

Sharon: I don't know.

Nick: Well, I hope you're more honest with your therapist than you're being with me.

[ Bag zipping ]

Chelsea: You're right. I am playing with fire, but in the best possible way. That fire is what's getting me up out of this chair, getting my legs moving again, getting -- getting my fists clenching, and -- and -- and getting my spine standing tall. So, yeah, I know this is absolutely what I have to do. It is exactly what I need.

Chloe: I'm supporting you all of the way. I-I just have to ask. You are sure this is how you want to go about it?

Chelsea: My life completely

[Clears throat] -- Completely fell apart after I fell in that elevator, all because adam insisted on doing something sketchy behind my back. He didn't trust me. And now I don't trust him, either. So now I have to do whatever it takes to break free from him. Every step I take isn't just a gift. It is a step towards a whole new life.

Chloe: I am all for a life without adam. But...I'm always gonna stand by you. I just need to make sure that no one else is going to be affected by what you're planning.

Chelsea: I swear to you this is only about him.

Chloe: Well, it's obvious that you need out of this situation.

Chelsea: Yeah, and soon.

[ Clears throat ] I don't know how much longer i can stomach watching sharon and victor suck adam back in. Mnh-mnh. For my own well-being, it all has to stop.

[ Telephone rings ]

Lily: Hello? Ashland's here?

Victoria: Yes. I'm ready.

Adam: We'll be there shortly.

[ Phone hangs up ]

[ Folder thuds ]

Billy: On your marks.

[ Phone hangs up ]

Victoria: All set.

Victor: Well, son... let the games begin.

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