Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/9/21

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/9/21


Episode #12063 ~ Jack takes a risk. Devon finds himself at a crossroads. Summer distracts Kyle from his troubles.

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Billy: To romance.

Lily: Instead of business.

Billy: Why not both?

Lily: Oh, mnh-mnh. No.

Billy: No? I mean, it's what we do, right? We work hard, we play hard. Usually together.

Lily: No, to a night off from business.

Billy: Okay. I mean, I only bring it up because there's interesting news on that front. Turns out there's another contender looking to buy locke's media company.

Lily: How did you find out?

Billy: Well, on my way into the office today, I talked to someone out in new york, and they told me there's a third prospective buyer.

Lily: Okay, so there's victor, us. Who's the third?

Billy: Nobody seems to know.

Devon: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Abby: Mom.

Ashley: Yeah.

Abby: You don't have to distract me. I'm totally fine. Completely relaxed about tomorrow.

Ashley: Of course you are.

Abby: I am. Okay, fine. Can you blame me? Everything changes tomorrow. My eggs are harvested. Devon makes his contribution. And then the doctor does her magic. And then...

Ashley: You are one step closer to motherhood.

Abby: With mariah's help and a lot of prayers.

Ashley: You are willing this child into existence, and I know exactly what it's like to want something so bad that you will do anything to make it happen.

Abby: You make it sound like I'm so brave, but really, i just... I feel guilty. I mean, my only instructions are to not eat or drink after midnight -- but I will make it 10:30 just to be safe. What's wrong?

Ashley: Oh, you're gonna know soon enough. What it's like to look at your child and love them so much you would do anything for them. Sometimes it's a warm, fuzzy feeling, but sometimes, it's so intense, it's almost frightening.

Abby: I want to know that feeling.

Ashley: You will. I believe in my heart that you will.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Well, I missed you at the office today.

Kyle: I was there.

Summer: I know, but I felt like it was my turn to give you some space, so I stayed away. But I'm here now.

Kyle: I appreciate everything you've been doing. I know this can't be easy.

Summer: Hey, you're the one with the enormous weight on your shoulders. So, did you talk to your dad? Did he have any words of wisdom about this ashland locke threat?

Kyle: I... I didn't tell him.

Summer: Nothing?

Kyle: No. Not about ashland locke or what happened with tara. Especially not that he has a grandson.

Sally: So what part of that was supposed to be fun? Was it the falling on my butt every two minutes or --

Jack: Please tell me I didn't just turn you off of ice skating forever.

Sally: No, not at all. I really liked the company. And I actually enjoyed the whole gliding along the ice part. Maybe I spent more time on my butt than my feet this time, but I am determined to learn how to skate. I guarantee you I will be fantastic eventually, especially if you are willing to coach me.

Jack: I would be honored.

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Lily: Well, whoever this third buyer is, they definitely don't lack confidence.

Billy: Oh, that's for sure. Bidding on locke's media company and knowingly going up against chanccomm and victor takes brass.

Lily: Yeah, and cash. Who has the kind of money to buy a company like this?

Billy: I don't know. Could be an old-school media company that's looking to broaden their horizons or a rogue billionaire looking for a shiny new toy.

Lily: I mean, honestly, it doesn't matter. Just focus on our pitch, that's it.

Billy: Yeah, I understand that, and that's true, but, you know, with victor, we know what we're up against, right? It's easy to accentuate our assets. We just have to prove that we're not him. That goes a long way. But this other company we know nothing about. How do we differentiate chanccomm from an enigma?

Lily: Well, let's just focus on our strengths. That's how we close this deal.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: I'm sorry, what is that smug look on your face?

Billy: Smug is just my resting face.

Lily: No, this is more than usual.

Billy: Mm. Okay, well, I'm not gonna point out that you're more than willing to talk business right now.

Lily: I'm sorry, I'm doing this for you so that we can actually get this off your chest and enjoy dinner.

Billy: Right, clearly. You're not invested.

Lily: I didn't say that. I just know how to maintain a work/life balance.

Billy: Yes. Of course, that's it.

Lily: Okay, you know what? Now you're annoying me.

Billy: Mm. Is that why that sparkle in your eye is? Is that annoyance? Or is that the thrill of the hunt?

Lily: No, it's annoyance.

Billy: [ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Locke. How you doing, sir? Nice to hear from you. So tell me, do we have a deal? Really? So soon?

Jack: Well, I am impressed that you're ready to get back on the ice again.

Sally: Well, I am not easily scared off. You know, I used to be quite the roller skater back in the day, so I thought I would pick this up easily, but I think i underestimated how thin skate blades are and how slippery the ice can be.

Jack: Many a roller skater has fallen into that trap.

Sally: You were so graceful out there. Have you always skated?

Jack: Long as I can remember. Every winter, we waited for the lake to freeze over, and then we'd all skate together.

Sally: So it was like a whole family thing?

Jack: Oh, yeah. Dad was good on skates. Mother actually did pretty well. She hated the cold, though, so she was good for about 10 minutes. Both girls had great form. I taught billy how to skate. He was very good. A little reckless, but who's surprise there?

Sally: What about kyle?

Jack: Well, kyle was the best of us all. Kyle was quite a hockey player. So serious about it all that we actually sent him to a sports-focused boarding school.

Sally: I love the image of you as a hockey dad cheering on kyle.

Jack: Yeah, those were some good times.

Sally: You know, kyle seemed really upset last night when he interrupted us. I hope nothing's seriously wrong.

Kyle: I was going to tell my dad about it, but it got derailed.

Summer: How?

Kyle: When I got to the house, sally was there with him.

Summer: Yeah, that would have thrown me, too.

Kyle: The worst part is it seemed like it was a date.

Summer: I mean, we both have been sensing a vibe between the two of them.

Kyle: Yeah. When I started to question him about it, he got defensive, so it was a bad time to say, "I had an affair with the wife of a billionaire media mogul."

Summer: Right, but you're still planning on telling him and getting his advice, though, right?

Kyle: I've been thinking. If I tell him about tara, he'll wonder why I'm so concerned if the affair is long over and he might realize there's more to the story, and then I won't be able to hide harrison's existence from him. If he know I have a kid, I know exactly what he's going to say.

Summer: What?

Kyle: That I need to step up and accept my responsibilities. I need to fight to have some kind of custody of my son.

Summer: So you don't think your dad would have any problem taking on ashland locke?

Kyle: I don't think that he would be intimidated by him. The abbotts aren't pushovers -- formidable opponents.

Summer: Yeah, I mean, he has to have a lot of practice fighting with my grandpa.

Kyle: Yes, he is battle-tested. But the part of this situation we're not talking about... is you and me.

Summer: There's nothing to worry about.

Kyle: I know that you've said that, but now that you've had time to let it sink in and consider all the possible ramifications, I wouldn't blame you if you changed your mind.

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Billy: Well, you're not gonna guess who that was.

Lily: You know, it's funny how often I want to strangle you. Okay, what did locke say? Are we heading east to make our pitch?

Billy: No.

Lily: He rejected our offer?

Billy: He's coming here. He's gonna fly into genoa city and he's gonna meet with all three competitors. Give them 30 minutes of his time to make their pitch.

Lily: Wait, so the third mystery buyer is based here in genoa city?

Billy: Apparently.

Lily: Who could it be?

Billy: You know, you were right earlier. Tonight should be about romance. Staring into each other's eyes. Flirting a little bit, banter back and forth, and then we'll head back to the hotel.

Lily: So, sorry, you don't care about who this potential buyer could be?

Billy: The more I think about it, the more I appreciate the competition.

Lily: Did locke say something to you to make you not worry about who this buyer could be?

Billy: I'm sorry, did you say something?

Lily: Okay, you know what? Fine, you win. I want to talk about work. Okay? I want to talk about work right noW. I'm begging you.

Billy: Oh, I do like the ring of that. Do you want to share an appetizer?

Lily: Okay, listen to me. If we talk about who this buyer could be, then I promise you some of that work/life balance i mentioned earlier.

Billy: How much balance?

Lily: I mean...[Scoffs] I might want to balance all night long.

Billy: It's definitely somebody with money and somebody that has a lot of guts to knowingly go up against us and victor.

Lily: Okay, names. We need a list of names.

Abby: [ Laughs ] I was bald.

Ashley: Don't you talk about my baby that way. You were gorgeous.

Abby: But I was bald.

[ Both laugh ] Me and brad.

Ashley: Yeah. He loved you with all his heart.

Abby: Even though...

Ashley: You're not his biological child.

Abby: So this wasn't just motherly nostalgia. It's a message.

Ashley: I know you're thrilled that devon has offered to be your donor, but chance isn't here for you to talk to, and maybe you're a little concerned about how he's gonna feel when he gets back. All you have to do is look at brad's face -- nothing but love and devotion for his daughter.

Abby: And chance will look at our child that way.

Ashley: Absolutely. Every single day of his life, he's just gonna look at your child with so much love.

[ Doorbell rings ] I'll get it. Forget.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Hey.

Ashley: Hi, how are you? Come on in.

Devon: Oh, thank you.

Ashley: Nice to see you.

Devon: Yeah, you too. Hey.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: I hope it's not a bad time to stop by.

Abby: Not at all. Please, come in. Sit down. Is this a friendly visit or is it something about tomorrow?

Devon: Oh, no, no, no. It's -- it's nothing bad. Everything for tomorrow is still cool. I should've called before coming over, so I apologize.

Ashley: I have e-mails I have to attend to, so I'll be upstairs.

Abby: Are you okay? Do you want to go over everything for tomorrow? Do you have any concerns?

Devon: No, no, no, it's really nothing about tomorrow. I just needed a friend.

Abby: Well, that's me. Talk.

Devon: You have so much on your plate right now, abby.

Abby: Well, you can't leave because you clearly came here for a reason.

Devon: Well, yeah. My reason is I was driving around and I just ended up here, and now I'm bugging you the night before your procedure, so.

Abby: Well, you are definitely not bugging me, and you came here because you know I am an amazing listener and I will always be there for you, and we are going to be connected forever through this baby.

Devon: This is very true.

Abby: So if you have a problem or something's bothering you, you can always talk to me.

Jack: Tell you the truth, I'm a little worried about kyle these days.

Sally: I don't mean to pry, I just -- I don't know, just curious. Kyle just seems to have the perfect life.

Jack: Yeah, I don't know what it is. I think it has something to do with new york. He planned a sudden trip there, just as suddenly cancelled it, and he never explained what to anyone what this trip was about.

Sally: So it wasn't business?

Jack: I don't know. I mean, he spent a few years there in the fast lane, where he met theo. He brought theo into our lives, and I know he regrets that.

Sally: Well, I know from experience that sometimes past mistakes can pop up to haunt you, so I try to pretend like those parts of my life never happened. Plus, I mean, old errors in judgment can't really hurt you if you're not that same person. That's my philosophy anyway.

Jack: So you think that's it? Kyle's past is somehow catching up with him?

Sally: I hope not, for his sake. But the one advantage kyle has that I never did is a father that he can rely on when things get tough.

Jack: It wasn't always that was. We had our share of struggles, particularly in the first few years after diane died. Very tough on a kid his age, losing his mother.

Sally: Well, her loss must have been hard on you, too.

Jack: To be honest with you, kyle did not come from a great romantic pairing. Diane and I didn't have much of a relationship. Co-parenting with her was awkward and strained, particularly when phyllis was in my life. Who I know you have your own problems with.

Summer: Kyle, you don't have to worry about me. Okay? I said everything is fine, and i meant it. I'm not going anywhere, so just tell me the truth. Now that you've had more time to think about this and let it really sink in, how do you feel?

Kyle: I'm more torn than the last time we talked. I mean, there's a part of me that's desperate to meet harrison and be involved in his life. And then another part of me is like, "don't be selfish." Need to stop focusing on my feelings. Let it go. Just leave it alone.

Summer: That's the part of you with a strong survival instinct.

Kyle: Right. But it's not just me. I'm also thinking about the kid's feelings. Ashland locke is the only father he's ever known. So who am I to bring all of that crashing down?

Summer: Yeah, no, I'm happy that you're considering how this will affect him.

Kyle: Besides you, he's the main person I'm concerned about. Summer, I experienced some trauma as a kid. I don't want to be responsible for someone else experiencing something similar.

Summer: No, I mean, especially if it's all moot anyway.

Kyle: What does that mean?

Summer: I mean, you know, you haven't had a dna test yet, and you're just taking tara's word for it that he really is your kid.

Kyle: Why would she lie about something like this?

Summer: I'm just saying it's a possibility, right? If she lied to her husband about having an affair with you, then she's obviously capable of being deceitful.

Kyle: I saw her. She said it to my face. I believe her.

Summer: Okay, okay.

Kyle: Look, the only way i don't see this blowing up into a full-scale war is if I pretend like I don't know anything and it never happened. But I don't see how that's possible. I mean, I know that you and mariah to keep a secret, but can theo and sally?

Summer: I mean, you said that all they had were suspicions, that they don't know anything for after the affair.

Kyle: They suspect the truth. Even if our détente keeps sally quiet, do I really want to prevent this from coming out?

Summer: I know. I know it's a lot to think about, but the good news is, is you don't have to decide today, okay? You have time.

Kyle: No, I -- I need this over with. This is driving me crazy, summer. I need to make a decision.

Summer: Okay. So what do you want to do?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I'm walking away. I'm going on with my life, and I'm leaving tara and harrison to theirs.

Summer: If that is what you really want, then you have my full support.

Kyle: Thanks.

Summer: Alright, and to show my support, I think that you and I should go to crimson lights, we will have something warm to drink -- my treat -- and we will sit and we will laugh together and we will talk about anything but this. (Drill sergeant) what a pleasant morning. It's warm, but not too warm.

Abby: Can you imagine how excited katherine would be about tomorrow?

Devon: She would certainly have something to say about it. She had something to say about everything.

Abby: She'd be euphoric, but she would also remind us that things don't always goes as planned, but as long as we're surrounded by love and support, we'll roll with it.

Devon: Sounds like you might be worried that something's gonna go wrong, abby.

Abby: Tell me what's going on with you. And don't shut down. Talk.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] I don't know if you want to know. It's about my romantic life.

Abby: Ooh, well, now you definitely have to tell me.

Devon: It's complicated.

Abby: Well, I need to know all of the details because the last that I knew, you and elena had broken up, and things were going well with amanda.

Devon: They still are.

Abby: Okay. That doesn't sound complicated.

Devon: Well...let's see. I love spending time with amanda. We -- we get along great. And she's amazing.

Abby: Still not seeing the complicated part.

Devon: Oh, I'll show you where the complicated part comes into play. Do you remember the ice storm we had a few weeks back? Elena came over and got stuck at my place.

Abby: There it is.

Devon: Yeah. Things happened, and we both agreed that it was a one-time thing, and it was just us, you know, saying goodbye to our failed relationship.

Abby: But now it doesn't feel like a goodbye? It feels more like you want to text her, "you up?"

Devon: [ Laughs ] Something like that, yeah. Elena's saying now that she still has feelings for me.

Abby: But wait, I thought she was seeing nate.

Devon: Well, she was, but he found out what happened.

Abby: Wow, okay. Yeah, this is officially complicated.

Devon: Yeah, and I still have feelings for elena. But part of me is wondering if what we did a few weeks back was just me trying to get back at nate. And I don't think that's the case. I don't even like having that thought in my head.

Abby: That doesn't sound like you. And even if that were the case, no judgment here. But how did amanda react when she heard about the night that you and elena shared? She doesn't know.

Devon: She doesn't know, yeah. Still not judging me?

Abby: No.

[ Chuckles ] No. Not at all. But...you have something very important to figure out -- who do you want to be with, elena or amanda?

Lily: What if this person isn't based in genoa city, but is flying out here so that locke only makes one trip?

Billy: Well, that opens the playing field, doesn't it? Could be somebody from chicago. Could be somebody from anywhere, really. There's no way to narrow it down.

Lily: Yeah, guess you're right. Okay, back to romance and dessert.

Billy: What, really? Throwing in the towel already?

Lily: Or maybe I'm just focusing on you and your charms.

Billy: I know. Pretty amazing, aren't I?

Lily: You're very cocky. And you can't take a compliment.

Billy: Oh, well, you know, we can try, if you'd like. Give it your best shot.

Lily: Okay. Well, you are leading-man handsome.

Billy: Mm.

Lily: And you're brilliant and creative. And you look at me like I'm the only woman in the room.

Billy: Aren't you?

Lily: [ Laughs ] I'm serious. Look, I came to genoa city with a lot of baggage.

Billy: Yeah, but that's like, you know, a legal requirement to have baggage in this town.

Lily: But none of it mattered to you. I mean, you are sitting across a table from a convict who did time.

Billy: I know, and I find it so hot.

Lily: And you still make it seem like I'm doing you a favor by being with you.

Billy: Oh, well, let's be honest, you are.

Lily: Listen, I don't want to be coy, okay? Our relationship is special to me. You know, I dated after cane, and I got pretty serious with a guy, but it wasn't like this. With you, I feel excited and challenged every single day.

Billy: Enough of that, alright? I don't -- I don't melt. I save that for my kids when they call me "daddy" and come running into my arms. That turns me to mush every time, and you're getting close to that right now, so let's just [Clicks tongue] Enough of that.

Lily: Okay, fine. You win. Dessert?

Billy: Dessert.

Sally: It's not that i dislike phyllis. It's just that she doesn't like or trust me, and she hasn't even attempted to hide it.

Jack: She's a very protective mother. I think she thought you were a threat to summer's job, and her mama bear instincts kicked in big time. Give it time. It'll all fade.

Sally: Well, you seem to be the one that is protective of her. Okay, is it okay if I ask what happened between the two of you? Because I know you said you got divorced a while ago, but, i don't know, you two still seem to have a connection.

Jack: Yeah, I guess we always will. There was a lot of love there, and she helped me through a very difficult time. Yeah, we shared a lot of life. I delivered summer.

Sally: What?

Jack: Yeah. It's true, I did. Long story, but it's true.

Sally: Okay. Well, despite all that, the two of you still couldn't make it work.

Jack: Wasn't meant to be, i guess. Wish she hadn't cheated on me, but, you know, that's in the past, too.

Sally: Wow, you are a very forgiving person.

Jack: Aren't you the one that just said it can't hurt you if you're not the same person anymore? Well, I'm older, I'm wiser, and I got thicker skin.

Sally: Well, you definitely have the wisdom thing working for you, but there is a lot more. You're romantic, charming, and sophisticated. What's the #1 retinol brand

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Billy: Mmm.

Lily: That was a mistake.

Billy: What are you talking about? That thing was amazing.

Lily: No, only ordering one was a mistake.

Billy: I can order you another dessert if you'd like.

Lily: That's true. We could take it back to the hotel.

Billy: Oh, now you're talking. But first --

Lily: You want to talk about the acquisition.

Billy: Don't pretend you're not curious as hell.

Lily: Yeah, I do wonder who the potential buyer is.

Billy: Well, maybe there is someone in town that is ambitious enough to want own a media outlet.

Lily: In town? I mean, there's not a lot of possibilities.

Billy: Well, there is someone. Your brother.

Lily: Devon? No.

Billy: He has the money, and he's got the experience. Look what he did with gc buzz.

Lily: No, I just saw him. If he were entering our territory, he would mention it to me.

Billy: Okay. Well, maybe it's somebody from out of town. Maybe it's bill spencer from spencer publications. He was just in genoa city.

Lily: Was he? Okay, well, that's a coincidence. How do we look into it?

Billy: Make some phone calls.

Lily: No, not tonight.

Billy: Of course not.

Lily: There is one other possibility. But it couldn't be...

Billy: Who?

Lily: Adam newman.

Devon: I was very much in love with elena, but she tore my heart out when she slept with nate.

Abby: It's hard to get past that.

Devon: And meanwhile, amanda's been fantastic. And oh, we -- we get along great. She's a joy to be around, but i can't stop thinking about that night I spent with elena. It feels like some things were rekindled.

Abby: Well, I'm just -- I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to help you with this dilemma. I don't know amanda that well, but she seems awesome, and i always thought what you and elena had was something very special. But what she did was nine kinds of wrong. Obviously, I don't know her side of the story, and it would be hypocritical of me to pretend like I haven't made similar mistakes in the past.

Devon: If it makes you feel better, her side of the story is she fell into bed with nate as a reaction to how close I was getting to amanda.

Abby: No, that's not helpful at all.

Devon: [ Laughs ]

Abby: But you actually understated things when you said they were complicated.

Devon: That's why I'm here, abby. I know that.

Abby: I wish I could just fire off some sort of opinion and say that "she's the one for you," but I'm sorry. You're the only one that can figure that out. So I have just not been helpful at all.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] No, you have been helpful. It'S...just being here for me and hearing myself talk it through, it's -- it's helpful. And I know you'll always give it to me straight.

[ Groans ] I think I know exactly what i have to do, though.

Summer: Guess we should have gotten coffee somewhere else so we wouldn't have had to look at your dad and sally gazing into each other's eyes.

Kyle: It wouldn't have mattered. It seems like everywhere I go these days, the two of them are there.

Summer: Yeah, that may be, but...

Kyle: But what?

Summer: Just your dad looks so happy. I mean, he's beaming. They both are.

Kyle: What, are you on her side now?

Summer: Oh, no, absolutely not. No, I'm saying that I haven't your dad this happy in a really long time. No, you know what? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because today my mission is to help you forget about all of your worries, so we're not gonna let your dad and sally ruin our time together. We're gonna forget about them. Just gonna forget, just like we're forgetting all about tara locke and the whole situation. And you know what we're gonna focus on?

Kyle: What's that?

Summer: Us. You got it?

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] I'm all yours. I'll be observing your safe-driving abilities.

Ashley: So my business is all taken care of. Did you offer devon anything to drink, honey?

Devon: Oh, I'm fine, really. I think I'm probably gonna take off right now.

Abby: Wait. You can't leave. You didn't tell me what your decision was.

Ashley: I'm sorry to interrupt, but do you have any baby pictures of yourself that you could e-mail me?

Abby: Oh, my gosh. She's about to show you baby pictures of me, so run while you can.

Devon: I want to see those. No, yeah, I'm sure I do. I can find something for you.

Ashley: Great.

Devon: Yeah, yeah. Tomorrow's a big day. You need to get some sleep.

Abby: Well, I wish I could say that I'm going to sleep, but I probably will not. So if you need to talk, you can call me or text me.

Devon: I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna keep you up at all. You need to get your rest. But I appreciate you talking to me tonight.

Abby: Any time. Thank you so much for what you're doing for us.

Ashley: It's such an amazing gift.

Devon: It's my honor to be a part of this whole thing. And let's put a cap on all the "thank-yous" 'cause it's all you guys ever do is thank me. It's fine.

Abby: Well, I'm not gonna make any promises because i just -- I appreciate --

Ashley: No, we appreciate.

Abby: We appreciate what you're doing for us, and so we are gonna express our gratitude every time we see you from here on out.

Billy: Adam? I don't want to think about that.

Lily: It makes sense. It's a way for him to go after you and victor.

Billy: Adam doesn't have the capital for this right now.

Lily: He's resourceful. He could find the financing.

Billy: Okay, maybe it's a possibility, but like I said, i don't want to think about that.

Lily: Okay. I guess we're done for the day.

Billy: Hold on a second. How did you just trick me into compliance?

Lily: Well, I do have a gift for distraction. And besides, you're not as single-minded as you pretend to be. I see how you drop everything for johnny and katie, which shows where your priorities are.

Billy: You got me. Kids come first. You're in there, too.

Lily: Wow, that's quite a statement.

Billy: Oh, come on, you knew that already.

Lily: I did. I do.

Billy: How do you do that? I don't understand how you do that. You say four words and I fall more in love with you.

Lily: Aww. Now you know what I go through every day.

Billy: Can we get out of here?

Lily: Yes.

Jack: I think summer and kyle are doing their very best to avoid looking at us.

Sally: [ Sighs ] You know, I think they might just be trying to give us our space.

Jack: I think you're being kind. I think more than anything, they disapprove of us.

Sally: Well, I'm every bit as determined to win them over as i am to win you over.

Jack: You've already done that.

Sally: [ Whispering ] What about summer and kyle?

Jack: I don't care.

Summer: Okay, so what do you think? Kyle?

Kyle: Uh...

want to brain better?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Maybe I should give up alcohol with mariah, in solidarity.

Ashley: That would be very sweet of you. You still have a little time, though, till you have to decide.

Abby: Well, egg retrieval, fertilization, and then embryo transfer. And with a little luck...

Ashley: You're gonna be that much closer to making one of these for your baby.

[ Laughs ] This whole thing is very exhausting, isn't it?

[ Both laugh ] I'm gonna go to bed. Do you need anything before i go?

Abby: No. I love you, mom. Good night.

Ashley: I love you. Good night.

[ Chuckles ]

Abby: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Devon: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Billy: I'm gonna call one of the big lenders in town to see if anybody's putting together a loan package.

Lily: Uh, no. That was not the agreement.

Billy: Yeah, you're right. It's a little bit late. I can call my boys at the airport, though, and see if there's any private planes landing.

Lily: No.

Billy: Come on, it's one call. We'll know if a big fish is coming into town.

Lily: You really have to get to the bottom of this mystery tonight?

Billy: No time like the present, right?

Lily: Oh, okay. Well, you know what? I'm gonna go back to my room. I'm gonna get in bed and get cozy and I'm gonna fall asleep. And I'll call you tomorrow, okay? Oh, I'm sorry. So you don't have to get to the bottom of this tonight?

Billy: That can wait till tomorrow.

Lily: But you're so fired up about work. What are we gonna do with all your excess energy?

Summer: Okay, stop looking.

Kyle: I can't believe this is happening.

Summer: Hey, we're focusing on us, remember?

Kyle: It's literal nightmare fuel! It's sally.

Summer: You know what, kyle? Take me back to the hotel right now.

Kyle: What?

Summer: Yeah, come on. Let's go. We can go back to our place.

Kyle: And do what?

Summer: Make hot, passionate love all night. Well, I am doing what I can to make you forget about your problems, okay?

Kyle: What, are you using sex to distract me from everything going wrong in my life?

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah, let's go.

Summer: Okay.

Jack: You have got some lipstick.

Jack: Oh. Wow. That was everything I'd hoped for. And more.

Sally: Well, you have surprised me once again.

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