Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/4/21

Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/4/21


Episode #12060 ~ Jack defends himself. Nina and Christine support Abby. Devon covers up a secret.

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Summer: You're a father. Look, I don't know what I was expecting you to say, but it really wasn't that.

Kyle: I can barely wrap my head around it myself, but, summer, I want you to understand it's --

Summer: Wait. Hold on. I want to know -- I want to know -- when did you find out about this?

Kyle: Not long ago. Look, I'm so sorry I didn't come to you as soon as I learned the truth, but I had to check if --

Summer: So, you were waiting for confirmation before you -- you told me? Wait, is that the real reason why you were going to new york, kyle?

Kyle: I didn't want to upset you.

Summer: So, you were gonna go talk to tara to see if you were really the father?

Sally: Sorry. Looks like I walked in something.

Summer: No. No, the room is all yours. We're just leaving, sally.

Abby: Thank you so much for coming, christine.

Nina: Well, of course she came. She's going to be the baby's honorary aunt. And you're the perfect person to handle the agreements.

Christine: I'm happy for you, abby. It's a wonderful thing you're doing.

Abby: I know that it might seem strange, going forward with the surrogacy with chance being on assignment, but those letters that you brought us, the ones that chance wrote -- he asked us to move forward.

Nina: And here we are!

[ Laughter ]

Christine: Okay, well, clearly grandma nina is thrilled. How about jill?

Abby: Well, we've spoken to her a couple times about the situation, no real details, but we're gonna video-chat tonight and I'm gonna make sure that she knows everything.

[ Doorbell rings ] Excuse me.

Nina: So...

Abby: [ Gasps ] Mom! I thought you were tied up.

Ashley: Nothing is more important than you and our baby. And besides, good food enhances decision making.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ]

Devon: [ Shivers ] Hey.

Elena: Hey.

Devon: It's been a while. Is everything okay?

Elena: Hmm. Uh, depends on what you mean. Work's been pretty good, but other than that, not so much.

Devon: I take it that the "not so much" part is about nate. I just want to say that I'm sorry if what you and I did has ruined everything for you two. Um...is there a chance that you guys can work things out?

Amanda: Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise. Uh...nate?

Nate: Amanda. Hi.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: So, what's your preference? Should I stay and lend an ear or leave you alone with your thoughts?

Nate: Uh, actually, how about a third choice? Distract me.

Amanda: Ah. Challenge accepted.

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Amanda: Well, I have been on a bit of a work-life balance kick. I am determined to find time to enjoy myself.

Nate: As well you should.

Amanda: What about you and elena? What have you guys been doing since you got back from your trip?

Nate: I've been pretty busy. Maybe you need to teach me your leisurely ways. Got any suggestions?

Amanda: Well, devon and i have been classing things up with a foreign-film marathon.

[ Laughs ] It has been relaxing, but I have pretty much forgotten 75% of the french that I learned in college. So, there's that. [ Chuckles ]

Nate: The two of you seem to be getting pretty close.

Amanda: Yes, we are enjoying each other's company. We are taking things slow. But I am really enjoying this next chapter in my life.

Nate: You deserve it. And so does devon.

Amanda: I have to admit, i was not looking for anything to happen between us. It was the last thing that i expected. But -- I don't know -- I'm really glad that it did.

[ Chuckles ] And between devon and meeting my birth mother, 2021 has been full of surprises. I just -- I can't even believe how well it's going. I'm kind of just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know what I mean?

Elena: So, you picked up on the tension between nate and me.

Devon: Even amanda noticed.

Elena: Oh, yeah?

Devon: Yep.

Elena: What did she have to say?

Devon: She thinks that you guys moved really fast and that there was a lot to deal with. A lot happened. And you guys probably should have navigated through all that baggage before jumping into a new relationship.

Elena: Yeah, I guess she has good instincts. I hope she didn't suspect what we --

Devon: No, she didn'T. She didn'T. She didn't at all. I just wanted you to be aware. And I know that you wouldn't tell amanda about our night together. But what about nate?

Elena: Oh, I think that nate is on the same page as me. I mean, we've all been through so much. I don't think he wants to do anything to cause any problems for you and amanda.

Devon: I'm sure he's more concerned about where your head's at.

Elena: Yeah, he's, um, waiting for me to tell him that you are out of my system.

Devon: So, what's the holdup?

Elena: Well, that's the thing. I'm not sure you are completely out of my system.

Jack: Oh. I wasn't expecting to see you here. I was looking for kyle and summer.

Sally: Well, you just missed them. And I, for one, am glad they left.

Jack: Oh? Why is that?

Sally: Well, I wouldn't really want an audience for what I'm about to do.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: Well... sounds intriguing.

Sally: Okay. I have a present for you.

Jack: Well, that's exciting. I can't wait to see what it is.

Sally: Open that bag.

Jack: Oh, the garment bag.

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Ohh. Wow. Look at that. It appears to be my size.

Sally: I know it's not your usual style, but I was looking at samples from a new line that fenmore's is carrying and I saw that and I just knew that it would look great on you. Go ahead. Try it on.

Jack: Well, I-I will after my last meeting --

Sally: Why wait?

Jack: Well, you know, it's a place of business.

Sally: You hate it, don't you?

Jack: No, no, no, no, not at -- you know what? I'll try it on. Here. There we go.

Sally: Okay, now lose the tie. Trust me. Yep. Drop dead gorgeous.

Jack: It is pretty sharp, isn't it?

Sally: Oh, good. You like it. Now promise me that you will wear it for the rest of the day and tell me about all of the compliments that you get on it.

Jack: It's a deal, as long as I get to properly thank you. How about we have dinner tonight at my place?

Sally: Well, how can I say no to that?

Jack: Just drop by as soon as you're wrapped up here.

Sally: Alright. I look forward to it. Now, I should run because I have to catch up with lauren before i jump on a conference call.

Lauren: Hello, you two.

Jack: Oh.

Sally: Lauren! Uh, did you have a chance to read the memo that I sent you?

Lauren: I did. And you had some great ideas on how to streamline things. It's going to improve efficiency, which improves fenmore's bottom line. I really appreciate your initiative. Great job.

Sally: Thank you. That means a lot to me. And I promise you there's a lot more where that came from. Okay, I will see you both later.

Jack: Something on your mind?

Lauren: I think there's a little something I need to pass along to you.

Summer: Wait. That -- that picture that I saw of that kid on your tablet -- you said that that was your friend's kid. Was that your son, kyle?

Kyle: Yeah. You have to understand.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: I didn't want to say anything until I found out if it was real or just a story theo concocted as ammunition for sally to use against me.

Summer: Okay, but even then, you told me that you didn't tell me as soon as you found out.

Kyle: Once I found out, on top of the shock of finding out that I was a father, I had to consider the fallout if tara's husband were to find out because, according to her, ashland adores harrison.

Summer: Harrison? That's your son's name?

Kyle: Yeah. I can hardly even believe I'm saying the words "my son," and I know ashland would hate to hear me say them. Summer, there's a reason this guy has a reputation for being so ruthless. If he finds out the truth, there's no telling how far he will go.

Summer: You know, my grandpa has the exact same reputation, and he's not as scary as he pretends to be.

Kyle: This guy is completely different. He will go after tara and me and everyone I love. Even worse, what if he rejects harrison, cuts him out of his life completely? That could scar the little boy for life. How can I be responsible for an innocent little child losing the only father he's ever known?

Summer: Yeah, no, I can see why you had to process this -- because it's a lot to deal with.

[ Sighs ]

Kyle: You know, a couple weeks ago I was worried about the affair being exposed, and... this is so much bigger.

Summer: So, is this the bomb that sally's been hinting about?

Kyle: Yeah. So if she tries to mess with you again, you can just shut her down.

Summer: Oh, god. Okay, just to be clear, who knows about harrison's paternity? Is it just theo, sally, and now me?

Kyle: They only suspected. They don't know anything for a fact, and I haven't heard a word from theo, so I presume he's leaving it in sally's hands.

Summer: Ah! Wonderful. Wonderful.

Kyle: I told her she had it all wrong, that none of it was true, but I'm -- I'm pretty sure she didn't buy it, but she promised to keep quiet as long as we all agreed to play nice.

Summer: Do you think she meant it?

Kyle: Hopefully, for now. But there's someone else who knows.

Summer: Who?

Kyle: Mariah.

Summer: Mariah? Mariah knows?

Kyle: I had to talk to somebody.

Summer: You trust mariah, but y-you don't trust me?

Kyle: No, I do trust you! Summer, I love you more than anything, but I was terrified of losing you again. I have been suffering with migraine for years.

Christine: [ Sighs ] And you're okay with line item three of mariah's agreement?

Abby: Yeah, I'm comfortable with all the details of mariah and devon's contract so far.

Christine: Well, that makes it painless.

Abby: I mean, there shouldn't be any surprises. That's the beauty of doing something like this with two of your best friends.

Christine: Yeah, it's good that you appear to be on the same page, but no matter how close you are, it's a really complicated situation, especially when you combine medical, financial, and emotional factors.

Abby: I don't think it's gonna be complicated for us.

Christine: However, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, now is the time to bring them up to me so I can get them in writing before mariah and devon sign off.

Abby: There actually is one thing that I've been thinking about.

Nina: What was that?

Abby: I was wanting to ask mariah and tessa to move in here with me during the pregnancy. That way, I could be a part of every second of the process.

Ashley: I think that's a lovely idea.

Nina: But I don't think it's gonna work.

Lauren: Now, you know i normally don't stick my nose into your business, but it seems that phyllis has dragged me in.

Jack: Ugh!

Lauren: She is concerned about your friendship with sally.

Jack: You are not telling me anything I'm not already aware of. What, is she recruiting you as her ally? I have made it very clear to phyllis in no uncertain terms I don't care about her opinion of ms. Spectra.

Lauren: I think she means well. She's just very suspicious of sally's ambitions. And, you know, she thinks she's protecting you and me and of course summer.

Jack: I think we can all take very good care of ourselves, don't you?

Lauren: Yes, but she also found out that sally did very extensive online research on you and the entire abbott family.

Jack: And how in the world did phyllis come across that information?

Lauren: Mm, she kind of glossed over that, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't above board.

Jack: Yeah, I'm not surprised. We are talking about phyllis.

Lauren: Right. For the record, I told her she was overreacting, that I'm very fond of sally, and whatever this is that's going on between the two of you is your business.

Jack: Thank you.

Lauren: Of course, I am a little curious myself. How serious is this thing with you and sally?

Jack: I'm not sure. I enjoy her company, but, no, right now, you couldn't say it's a serious thing yet. But I am not ruling out any possibilities. And to answer the question you are not asking me directly, I am going into whatever this is with my eyes wide open.

Lauren: Well, I know one thing -- she makes you smile. And that's a good thing.

Jack: Nice to have so many people looking out for me.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] And she's given your wardrobe a boost. Huh? I'm pretty sure sally is the one that gave you that jacket because it happens to be the hottest new designer that fenmore's is launching, and it's probably something you would not have bought yourself.

Jack: You like?

Lauren: I do. Sally has great taste, and I'm not just talking about the clothes.

Kyle: Look, summer... summer, please just talk to me. Tell me what you're thinking and feeling.

Summer: I have so many questions, kyle.

[ Stammers ] For one, I mean, if you didn't go to new york to confront tara, then how do you know that this child is yours?

Kyle: Tara showed up at the grand phoenix as I was on my way to the airport. She didn't want me coming to her, so she came here.

Summer: Okay, sorry. Your ex was here? She's -- she's at genoa city. Is she still here?

Kyle: She went back to new york.

Summer: Did she bring harrison? Did you get to meet him?

Kyle: No, that's the last thing tara would want. At first, she kept denying that I was the father, kept pleading for me to let it go, but i pushed and finally threatened to have a dna test done. And that's when she broke down and admitted the truth.

Summer: What happened?

Kyle: She told me flat out that she never wanted to discuss it again.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: That was that. She left.

Summer: Okay, well, that's what tara wants. What do you want?

Kyle: [ Laughs ] There's nothing for me to really do. Somehow I have to pretend that none of this ever happened.

Summer: No, it doesn't have to be that way. I mean, if you want, you can do something about your son.

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Summer: Kyle, can you really pretend that this just didn't happen? Is that even possible?

Kyle: I don't know. It'll be hard as hell knowing i have a son out there that I'll never get to meet, but somehow I have to try.

Summer: I don't know. I think that you need to talk to your dad about this and get his take.

Kyle: No, I am just not ready for that.

Summer: I know that it's hard and it's -- I get it, but you don't have to make any decisions right now. Just keep an open mind and just try to take one step at a time, okay?

Kyle: You really are incredible. I just dropped this massive news on you, and here you are still looking out for me. I'm so grateful to have you in my life. I'm so sorry for putting you through this.

Summer: Uh, just know that i feel for you 'cause I know that you're really going through a lot right now.

Kyle: Where does this leave us?

Summer: It's just take in, and I just think I need some time to think.

Kyle: Okay. Of course. Take all the time you need.

Abby: Christine, I am so sorry for the delay. I should have brought this up sooner. Would you mind --

Christine: No, don't be silly. Just call me when you've reached a decision.

Abby: Thank you. I will.

Christine: Alright. I'll show myself out. Good to see everybody.

Ashley: Bye.

Nina: Bye.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Nina: Abby, I'm really sorry. I don't want to slow the process down.

Ashley: But if you have a legitimate concern...

Nina: Look, I hate saying this. I mean, I -- I hate thinking it. But having mariah so close every moment... if something should go wrong...

Ashley: Oh. Oh. Um, you mean if she should lose the baby.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: I think nina's right. If something were to happen, chance would want to be here to support you through it.

[ Tablet ringing ]

Abby: [ Sighs ] It's jill.

Ashley: Why don't you just tell her you need more time?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Jill, hi! Fair warning -- nina and my mom are with me.

Jill: Whoa. All four of us! What a team. Okay. Tell me all the baby news. I need to know everything.

Nate: Look, amanda, sorry. I've got to head to the hospital.

Amanda: Oh, do you really have to run off?

Nate: I forgot about an appointment.

Amanda: Okay. Look, nate, um, if you ever want to talk about what's bothering you, please know that you can come to me, okay? I would love to help.

Nate: That's just it. Telling me how you're moving forward with your life has convinced me to do the same.

Devon: So, what exactly are you trying to say?

Elena: I know it's crazy, but I haven't been able to get that night out of my head. It keeps bringing back these memories of...what we had. And I care about nate, but deep down, I'd be lying to myself if I told him I was completely over you. And he doesn't deserve that. Besides, he'd probably be able to see straight through me 'cause I am a terrible liar.

Devon: At least it's the truth.

Elena: Now, look, I can't help how I feel. And I'm not telling you this because I'm expecting you to feel the same way. It's just, you asked, so I want to be honest.

Devon: Yeah, no, I... I actually have something to confess, too.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Devon: I have to confess that I haven't been able to stop thinking about our night together, either. And I've been going around and around in my head about what that means, but I can't find an answer.

Elena: And you're with amanda now.

Devon: Yeah, and that's something that feels like it could be really good and really special, which is why this is so complicated and so confusing. Hey.

Amanda: Hello, you two.

Elena: Amanda. Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Elena: Um, I am actually running late anyway, so I'm gonna get going.

Devon: Okay.

Elena: Good to see you.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: See ya.

Amanda: So, um, did you get my message? I forwarded the draft of the donor agreement to abby's attorney earlier today. I didn't think that we needed to discuss it since, you know, it's a standard contract with just a few additional provisions, as we discussed.

Devon: Yeah, for sure, for sure, and I appreciate you for drawing it up the way that i asked 'cause you had me worried there for a little bit.

Amanda: Yeah, I have to admit, it took me a minute to understand your point of view.

Devon: I know that doing it my way is boring, so I promise that the next time I hire your legal services, I'll let you go full fire-breathing legal advocate, whatever you want to do.

Amanda: Mm, I look forward to it.

[ Both laugh ] I do admire how you handled things with abby, though. You honored your relationship with her by looking out for her and chance's best interests, as well as your own. You're a good man and a good friend.

Devon: Thank you very much.

Amanda: No wonder elena still confides in you.

Phyllis: Hey.

Summer: Hey.

Phyllis: Saw kyle leave. He looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. You seem like you're carrying that weight, too. So, you talked?

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: Okay. So, was there more to the story, or was sally just messing with you?

Summer: There is definitely more to the story of kyle's affair with that woman in new york.

Phyllis: Like what? You don't have to tell me. I just want to know -- how are you doing with kyle?

Summer: Oh, that's the question, isn't it?

Phyllis: Uh, should I be worried?

Summer: Uh...well, let's just say that I now have a better understanding as to what happened, and kyle's connection with this ex is much deeper than I thought.

Phyllis: Deeper like, um, uh, something could come up from the past, deeper?

Summer: I mean, I kind of already told you a little bit. You know, this -- this woman's husband is a dangerous, vindictive man, and there is no telling how far he'll go if he finds out about the affair and how serious it was. I mean, I know I'm in shock to find out that kyle is still in contact with this ex, so I don't even want to know what her husband would do if he found out.

Phyllis: Mm. Well, it seems like he's in the dark and sally's keeping her mouth shut. So, what about you?

Summer: I'm still figuring it out. I don't know.

Phyllis: Do you think he still has feelings for this girl?

Summer: No, no.

Phyllis: Okay. And you think he's been completely honest with you, completely forthcoming?

Summer: Yeah, I don't -- it's just, I'm -- I'm so hurt that he didn't tell me sooner, even though he knew I felt like something was off. I just thought he had more faith in our relationship than that, but apparently he was worried that he would scare me off.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I -- I see where he's coming from.

Summer: Are you really siding with kyle right now?

Phyllis: I'm not s-- what?! Of course not. I could just see where he's coming from, given your history. But, summer, no. Listen. I am all about you. And he has been so devoted to you since you got back together. You've been the happiest you've ever been in your lives.

Summer: You're totally right. I mean, he did make a mistake, but at the end of the day, i know that he loves me as much as I love him and... I don't know. As upset as I am about this situation, I can't let it get in between us again. I can'T.

Phyllis: No, you can'T. You can'T. You hold on to your relationship and you hold on to your man, okay? And you don't let this sally undermine you. Don't do that. Do not give her the power.

Summer: No, don't worry. I am not gonna give sally the satisfaction. I'm just hoping that if kyle and I stay in our corners, then she's just gonna stay in hers. I just want as little to do with that woman as possible.

Sally: Well, look who is out drinking alone.

Kyle: Don't start, sally.

Sally: Wh-- [ Scoffs ] I'm just saying things seemed a little tense when I saw you and summer at jabot earlier.

Kyle: That's none of your business.

Sally: Did the truth come out about you-know-who?

Kyle: A bit of advice. Don't worry about summer and me. We're just fine even though we're not currently joined at the hip. I sometimes venture out on my own, just as you evidently have.

Sally: I'm just picking up takeout. Jack invited me over for dinner, so I thought I would bring those delicious cuban cookies that they make here for dessert.

Kyle: I really wish you wouldn'T.

Sally: What's wrong with bringing cookies? Do you have a problem with that?

Kyle: You know what I mean.

Sally: No, I -- I don'T. It seems like the polite thing to do.

Kyle: Dinner. All of it. I'm asking you to stay away from my father. He has been hurt by women like you before, and I don't want to see that happen to him again.

Sally: Exactly what do you mean by women like me?

Phyllis: Hey. Hey! What brings you by, jack?

Jack: I will cut right to the chase. I think you know you shouldn't have been digging into sally's personal business, invading her privacy.

Phyllis: Lovely. You spoke to lauren. She ratted me out.

Jack: Yes, she did.

Phyllis: Well, I hope she put my actions in context. I have your best interests at heart. You know that.

Jack: I don't doubt that for a second, but you are way off base. Phyllis, I don't want this to become a problem for us. I know you have some negative opinions of sally based on her issues with summer, but they have managed to bury the hatchet. I am asking you as politely as i can to please do the same.

Phyllis: Got it. Okay. I'm gonna ask you -- please take care of yourself. Please. This girl's way more problematic than you think.

Jack: I am quite certain i will be just fine. Thank you.

Kyle: Surely you can understand why I'd be concerned. My dad is a wealthy man with social status, and you're new to town, trying to establish yourself. Jack abbot is a catch. Try and look at this objectively.

Sally: Well, objectively, you are calling me a gold-digger, when I could care less about jack's money, his last name, or any of that. Your father is a mentor to me. We have fun together. There's no big plot. I can make it in this town on my own without a catch.

Kyle: Oh, wow. I really struck a nerve.

Summer: I thought we had an understanding -- you won't make trouble for me, and I won't make trouble for you.

Kyle: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. Is that a threat?

Sally: I want a peaceful co-existence.

Kyle: I'm just protective where my dad is concerned. I don't want to see him getting attached and wind up hurt and disappointed again.

Sally: Yeah, well, neither do I, okay? And whatever you or anyone else thinks, I truly enjoy the pleasure of jack's company. And the feeling is mutual.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Isn't it wonderful about devon stepping in?

Jill: Oh, that's fabulous. He's such a good, decent man, isn't he? Now what? What's our next step?

Abby: Well, we're working out all of our agreements, studying parameters with devon and mariah.

Jill: Excellent. Is there anything else on the agenda?

Abby: Well, we were just discussing mariah and tessa moving in with us.

Jill: That is a terrible idea. Whose idea was that?

Abby: Mine.

Jill: Everybody thinks that house is so huge, alright? But I lived there for years with esther, and believe me, the walls can close in on you like a vise.

Abby: So, what you're saying is that your main argument against it is that esther was annoying.

Jill: Mm. You have no idea.

Abby: Okay, so, the concerns are loss and annoyance.

Jill: So, what does everybody else think?

Abby: Well, nina thinks that chance wouldn't like everyone living in one place if something went wrong with the pregnancy.

Jill: As in, what if the worst happens and then what? Mariah just walks out the door and you watch her go?

Nina: I should have never brought it up.

Abby: No, I mean, I -- I think nina's right. I think chance would feel that way, but this is what I would say to my husband -- this is the journey, and no one can protect me from heartbreak. And if something does go wrong, I want to be there for mariah. I want to hold her hand. I want to help her through the pain. I have lost a child, the only experience with pregnancy that I will ever know. So I will... I will hope for the best, and i will prepare for the worst. But mariah and I -- we are in this together... along with all of you.

Nina: I think chance would say...you're right.

Ashley: I think he would.

Jill: Well, you can ask. Maybe tessa and mariah will say no.

[ Laughs ] And I suppose they couldn't possibly be as irritating as esther.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Well, i think the baby chancellor crew just made their first joint decision. Here's to many more!

[ Laughter ]

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: Thanks for coming.

Elena: Yeah. I'm glad you called. We have a lot to discuss.

Nate: It's probably time we put our cards on the table. And free, and free, and free, and free, and free.

Elena: I want to start by telling you how much you mean to me. You are so kind... and smart... and more gorgeous than I think you realize. And I really appreciate your patience... and you giving me the space to figure out my feelings. I never wanted to hurt you. I think you're an amazing person. But the truth is, the love i have for devon... it never went away.

Amanda: Listen, um, I didn't mean to put you on the spot earlier. I just -- I think it's nice that you and elena are still friends. And I know that she could use a kind shoulder right now.

Devon: What would make you say that?

Amanda: Well, I spoke to nate.

Devon: You did?

Amanda: And he seemed to have a lot on his mind. He didn't give me any details, but I could just -- I could tell that there's still trouble between them. And I hope that they can get through it, but I don't know. You know, sometimes things are just too complicated to resolve easily.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Sometimes they are.

Kyle: Summer. I-I didn't expect you back so soon.

Summer: Yeah, no, neither did I. Um... [ Chuckles ] Then I realized that this is where I belong... right here, by your side, kyle.

Kyle: I was worried you would never forgive me, and I don't think I could have survived that. I can't do this without you, summer. And I've never loved or needed anyone as much as I do you.

Summer: I promise you will never have to worry about that again because we are in this together, no matter what.

Jack: You weren't supposed to bring anything. This dinner was my thank-you for my handsome new jacket. Now I'm right back where i started. I owe you another thanks.

Sally: No, you do not owe me a thing. Just seeing that you're still wearing the jacket that I gave you is thanks enough. So, tell me -- did it make an impression?

Jack: It was exactly as you predicted. I had more than my fair share of compliments, including one from lauren.

Sally: Wonderful. I knew it would be a hit.

Jack: To my new fashion guru.

Sally: Don't tempt me.

[ Chuckles ]

Coming up on "the young and the restless"...

Victoria: You seem like you came to deliver some bad news.

Victor: Depends on how you will react to what I have to say.

Jack: You can always talk to me. If there's something you need to talk about, the floor is yours.

Chloe: Chelsea, you spoke! You said words!

Chelsea: Shh.

[ Clears throat ] Our secret.

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