Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/3/21

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/3/21


Episode #12059 ~ Victor builds his empire. Chelsea dreams of revenge. Nick protects Faith.

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Traci: Kyle?

Kyle: Hey. Aunt traci. I didn't know you were here.

Traci: And vice versa. I supposed you must be here to meet with jack?

Kyle: That was the plan, but I just missed him. Dad went back to the office before I arrived.

Traci: But you do have something serious on your mind. Am I right?

Summer: What? No, no, no. I know that's your password. What? Why did you change it, kyle? I know it's your mom's birthday. It's always been your mom's birthday. Sorry! Sorry, jack, you scared me. Sorry.

Jack: Sorry. Kyle called me from the house, asking me to look for his phone. He thinks he left it in here. You haven't seen it, by any chance, have you?

Faith: Thank you again for taking me seriously when I said I needed a break from the ranch.

Nick: I know you miss your mom, faith, but it's got to be good to get away from the drama for a little bit. You seem like you're more relaxed.

Faith: I definitely am.

Nick: Plus, I like not having to worry about you getting bullied by those kids anymore.

Faith: If you're waiting for a "thank you" for confiscating my phone, it's not gonna happen.

Nick: I figured that. I have checked your phone from time to time just to make sure you haven't gotten any new messages, which you haven'T.

Faith: Amazing. Maybe they got bored with giving me a hard time.

Nick: They also caught the girl who posted that photo of adam and your mother online.

Faith: You're kidding. Who was it? How'd you find out?

Nick: It was at society. Lola wasn't very happy about that. She did some checking and realized there was a busboy who was working there that night who has a girlfriend at walnut grove. Wasn't too hard to connect the dots.

Faith: Well, what happened to her?

Nick: Told the dean, confronted the girl, she totally confessed. She's probably gonna be suspended.

Faith: Wow. Come on, why won't you tell me who it was?

Nick: The important thing is that you know it's not gonna happen anymore, okay? The dean has assured us that the situation is being taken very seriously -- so have the girl's parents. Whatever consequences come out of it, hopefully she learns a lesson.

Faith: It was bad enough when those kids were picking on me, but when they dragged mom into it...

Nick: Yeah. They went too far.

Faith: She's had such a rough year. And she let adam kiss her, which was totally gross and a big mistake, but she doesn't deserve to get publicly shamed for it.

Nick: I agree.

Faith: Dad, what if rey can't forgive her, and their marriage is over because some kids at school decided to dump on me?

Sharon: Thank you for making the time to talk.

Rey: Your text made it sound important.

Sharon: I've been doing a lot of thinking about our last conversation. And I know you have too.

Rey: About us going to counseling together?

Sharon: Have you changed your mind about that? Because when you suggested it, it just really threw me.

Rey: Look, I still think we need an outside perspective -- someone who's trained with working with couples. If we could have resolved this on our own, we would have by now.

Sharon: Rey, we've only been married a couple of months.

Rey: Yeah, but we've been struggling with how to deal with adam for a lot longer than that.

Sharon: I know. It's just --

Rey: Are you saying you won't agree to go see a counselor with me?

Chelsea: [ Gasps ]

[ Panting ] It's okay. You'll get there. Keep trying until it happens.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Adam: Chelsea? Losing a tooth didn't stop you

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Adam: Well, I hope that you had a nice time with chloe. Well, I'm afraid that I have some disappointing news. I met with dr. Cavett today. We had a meeting, remember?

Chelsea: I know that's what you said.

Adam: Bottom line -- she says it's too early in your recovery to travel just yet.

Chelsea: You never wanted to leave. You want to stay here, near sharon.

Adam: It's okay because it's gonna give us something to work towards. And I know that you are working as hard you can to come back to me, and soon, you're gonna have a breakthrough.

Chelsea: That's truer than you know.

Adam: I just got a call from victor. He wanted to get together later. It's kind of ironic he's the one member of the family that actually is interested in how we're doing.

Chelsea: That's how he sucks you in. Why do you fall for the same old tricks?

Adam: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to spend some time with him. He has been rather generous. He brought dr. Cavett to town.

Chelsea: Your two weaknesses -- sharon and your father. And there's nothing I can do about it -- yet.

Nick: Sharon and rey can work this out. I've talked to each of them, and they both assured me that's what they want to happen.

Faith: But adam doesn't, and he won't leave her alone.

Nick: Faith, I don't want you worrying about your uncle, okay? Adam loves getting inside our heads. And if we don't let him, then he loses.

Faith: He's like a bully, too, in his own way. He wants attention, and he'll do anything to get it.

Nick: That sums up your uncle pretty well.

Faith: If I expect mom to stand up against her bully, maybe I should be doing the same thing.

Nick: Look, I know this hasn't been the easiest thing in the world to deal with. But there's no shame in asking for help.

Faith: Just not from jordan?

Nick: I understand why you went to jordan, someone closer to your age, looking for support, but your mom and I are here, and so is summer and mariah. Trust that your family will always have your best interests at heart, okay? What's wrong?

Faith: Will you ever trust me again?

Sharon: I want us to get past this. Back to where we were before.

Rey: I want that, too.

Sharon: Well, I'm just not convinced that we need to go to couple's counseling in order to do that. But, you know, if it makes you feel more confident that we're on the right path, then that's worth it for that reason alone.

Rey: So you're saying you are willing?

Sharon: Of course. I'll make some calls and get some names, and I'll schedule the appointment myself. I only ask that we just hold off for a little while just so that I can make sure that everything is going to be alright with faith.

Rey: How long do you think that's gonna take?

Sharon: Well, I don't know. She's so upset. She doesn't want to live here. She's been through so much. She really needs her mother, and I need to find a way to just close the gap that's between us lately.

Rey: I don't disagree with a word that you've said.

Sharon: Okay. Then you agree with the plan?

Rey: No, sharon. I don'T.

Summer: Yeah, no, I have kyle's phone. I called him when I was here, and it rang. And I think he just accidentally left it on the chair.

Jack: I hate when that happens.

Summer: I know. I'm actually gonna be seeing him later, so --

Jack: Hold on, hold on. I'm glad I ran into you. Saves me a phone call.

Summer: Oh, okay.

Jack: The deal you worked out with bill spencer. Outstanding work.

Summer: Oh, well, thank you. Coming from you, that means a lot.

Jack: I knew you would be a natural in the fashion industry, but you have exceeded my expectations.

Summer: Well, I learned from the best.

Jack: Well, I will not take any credit for this. This is your doing.

Summer: No, you know, jabot and fenmore's are a team. But thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: Look, I am glad you also took my advice to not let minor irritants get in your way.

Summer: And when you say "minor irritants," are you referring to one with red hair and a big mouth? Because there is still tension there, and I don't see that going away any time soon.

Jack: Please tell me you are not at odds again with sally.

Summer: Why does it matter so much, jack? What is going on between the two of you? (Drill sergeant) what a pleasant morning. It's warm, but not too warm.

Jack: I can't tell you the last time people were so interested in my personal life.

Summer: I don't know, you guys just seem like a very... interesting pair.

Jack: Interesting, as in mismatched?

Summer: As in, she didn't strike me as your type.

Jack: I won't even ask what that means.

Summer: That's probably wise.

Jack: All you or anyone else needs to know is that we enjoy each other's company.

Summer: Okay. Well, I hope it all works out for you, jack.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Rey: We need to start counseling now. Not at some indefinite time in the future. I'm not comfortable living with this uncertainty.

Sharon: What uncertainty? You just said that you're committed to working things out.

Rey: I am. That's why I want to start counseling now, not put it off.

Sharon: But you just agreed --

Rey: That faith is the priority, yes. That doesn't mean you can't take an hour each week while she's at school to go see a counselor with me. Now, if you're not willing to do even that much, what does it say?

Sharon: Rey, look, if I make a promise to you, do you think that I'm not gonna follow through? I'm not trying to manipulate you --

Rey: Sharon, that's not what I think at all. I think that you're scared, and so am I, because I love you and I don't want to lose you. I've been happier with you than I've ever been in my life, except when these incidents with adam crop up. Now, if we don't deal with that head-on, then we're gonna end up losing each other anyway.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Sighs ] Hey.

Nick: Hey. I just brought faith by to see her mom.

Sharon: Oh, where is she?

Nick: She's down at the stables, seeing her horses. She was gonna walk over after that, but if it's not a good time...

Rey: No, you know, it's fine. I have to head to the station anyway.

Nick: You sure it's a good time to talk to faith?

Sharon: Yeah, of course, I really want to see her. Did something happen? Is she upset?

Nick: No, she's fine. We've had some good talks -- last night and then today. She said she had something important to tell the both of us. But, honestly, sharon, if you're too upset with the situation with rey, then...

Sharon: No, no. We've actually had a really good talk, too. I'm optimistic. I think we should just listen to what faith has to say.

Kyle: I was thinking about how lucky I am to have my dad.

Traci: Well, I happen to know the feeling is mutual. Jack is so grateful that you're his son.

Kyle: When I was conceived, though, there were no guarantees. My dad didn't exactly have a say.

Traci: No, he didn'T.

Kyle: My mom and dad weren't together. My dad didn't even know he had a son at first. Then my mom took me to europe when I was, what, three? Dad and I missed out on a lot of time together.

Traci: Well, you've certainly managed to make up for lost time.

Kyle: But if dad hadn't welcomed me as his son, you know, as an abbott, if I hadn't grown up knowing I was a solid part of this family, who would i even be today?

Traci: Kyle. I cannot imagine a single scenario where jack would have rejected his own little boy. The minute he found out you were his son, well, that was it. He was committed. All in. Smitten, in fact. You were a part of the legacy, always and forever.

Kyle: Well, that's what I was thinking about. How every kid should have a dad like mine.

Summer: So I need to ask you something confidentially -- I just need you not to tell anybody. Not dad. Especially not dad.

Phyllis: Okay, I swear. Not your dad.

Summer: Okay, it's about kyle. He's just been saying and doing things recently that are really confusing.

Phyllis: What kind of things, like mean things, suspicious?

Summer: I just think he's hiding something from me.

Phyllis: Okay, well, trust your instinct. Always trust your instinct.

Summer: No, I know that, which is why I'm here. So, um...my question is, if i "borrow" kyle's phone, could you help me crack his password? Ever wonder why your

Adam: Well, I guess I better head to my meeting with victor. Do you want to lie down? Alright. You want me to get meredith before I leave? Alright, I shouldn't be gone long. I love you.

Chelsea: Finally.

Phyllis: I mean, is it technically possible for me to break in to kyle's phone? I mean, yeah. Would I recommend it? No.

Summer: Okay, so do as you say, not as you've done a million times?

Phyllis: Oh, come on, summer. Summer. This is a huge violation of his privacy.

Summer: Oh, my god.

Phyllis: Okay? And he's gonna find out. There's no way around that. I mean, you find something incriminating, you confront him with it, he's gonna know. And this thing, whatever it is, that you're worried about, i mean, is it worth risking your relationship? 'Cause that's what you'd be doing.

Summer: Mom, I just cannot stand that he's keeping secrets from me.

Phyllis: Oh, is this about lola again?

Summer: No, but you're close. It's about another one of his exes from years ago.

Phyllis: Oh, wow, another one of his exes from years ago. Interesting. Is she back in the picture?

Summer: I really don't want to go into detail about it because too many people know already, so...

Phyllis: Okay, well, why shouldn't people know? What's going on? Is she crazy? Is she married? You better tell me. I'm gonna find out the whole story myself.

Summer: That's the problem, mom. I don't even know if I'm getting the full story.

Phyllis: I don't understand. Why would kyle tell you this much if it's such a big scandal? I don't know. I think kyle probably tole me because he was worried that if he didn't, somebody else would.

Phyllis: I still don't get it. I mean, this happened years ago, he was in new york, right? So theo knows. Oh, theo knows, right? He's afraid that theo's gonna tell the abbotts or jack.

Summer: No. Even worse. Theo told sally. So now sally has been holding this over kyle's head ever since she found out.

Faith: I thought I could handle everything on my own, you know? That I wasn't a little kid anymore and I didn't need my parents to solve my problems. And I had jordan, who is not a bad person.

Nick: Yeah, I never said she was.

Faith: She did help me with those mean girls -- sometimes. She tried to help, but she also goaded me into some really, really dumb decisions, and she'd get kind of pissy whenever i didn't do exactly what she wanted, so that's not cool.

Sharon: Wow, it sounds like you've done some deep thinking about all this and you've come up with a very mature look at the last several months. It's just I'm really impressed.

Nick: Me, too.

Faith: Thank you.

Sharon: What gave you this new perspective?

Nick: Have you been talking to mariah or lola?

Faith: I've been playing back some of the things that happened in my head. It's kind of like when you watch a movie for the second time, you catch things you didn't notice the first time.

Sharon: That's a very excellent description of what it's like when you go to counseling. You watch the film again, only this time with an expert critic who can point out things you missed before.

Faith: It shook me up -- a lot -- when I overheard you guys talking about sending me to therapy. I thought it meant that there was something wrong with me, that you weren't okay with me the way I was.

Sharon: Faith, that is so not true, not even the least little bit.

Nick: I mean, we're crazy about you. I think you're perfect.

Sharon: We knew that you were going through a rough time, and we want to try to make things easier for you if we can.

Faith: I'm sorry I pushed you away. I'll be observing your safe-driving abilities.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Summer: So this is the real reason why I've been so stressed out about sally lately.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: She's using this dirt on kyle as insurance to guarantee that he and I won't say anything about her past in la.

Phyllis: Let me ask you something. Why is kyle so worried about this information getting out? Keeping this quiet? Say it here in genoa city, everyone has skeletons in their closet, no one's gonna throw a stone. Is he worried about jack? 'Cause jack would never sit in judgment.

Summer: It's not necessarily about the fact that this woman is married. It's more about who she's married to.

Phyllis: Ugh. Do we know him?

Summer: No, not personally, but he's very well known. He's a power player, and according to kyle told, he's vindictive as hell. He's destroyed people's lives because they have ran afoul of him somehow.

Phyllis: Great, great. That's lovely, that's lovely.

Summer: And so now if he finds out that his wife slept with kyle, there's no telling how far this guy is gonna go.

Phyllis: Wait, and you think there's more to it than kyle's telling you?

Summer: Yeah, sally keeps hinting at the fact that she knows things that I don't, and now kyle is acting weird. And then he just booked the company jet to go to new york, which is where this woman -- she still lives there.

Phyllis: Well, okay, wait a sec. How did kyle spin that?

Summer: He didn'T. He just started dancing around all my questions.

Phyllis: He didn't have to fly to new york. He could have just called her.

Summer: Yeah, I know. Apparently he did already, but she blew him off, or so he claimed. So now do you see why I need to get into kyle's phone?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. I get it, I get it, I get it.

Summer: So will you help me, please?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] I'd love to help you, but i think it's a bad idea.

Summer: Oh, my god.

Phyllis: I just do. Okay, listen. This is how I want you to look at it. I really want you to listen to me, summer. Listen. What if you broke into the phone and you didn't find anything incriminating? You're not gonna trust that because you know that kyle is holding back. It's your instinct. Trust your instinct.

Summer: Yeah, I know. So you mentioned.

Phyllis: Yes! Summer, go to him and demand that he be honest with you.

Summer: You really think that that's gonna work?

Phyllis: Well, yes, because if that doesn't work, you don't really have a relationship, do you? Tell him that you want honesty. Make it safe for him, say, "baby, you know what? I'm not gonna judge you, I'm not gonna freak out. Just tell me the truth." That's what you say to him.

Faith: I know the person who posted the picture of you and adam online got caught and punished, and I'm glad. You don't even know her. You never did anything to her, and [Sighs] She still tried to get at me and puff herself up by hurting you. It's pathetic.

Sharon: Well, I'm hearing that you want to protect me, and I think that's really sweet.

Nick: Well, I hope one day, you'll feel as strongly about protecting yourself from idiots like that.

Faith: That's what I want to tell them. What jerks they were being. So that's why I have decided to give you the names of the kids who've been harassing me since the story on adam came out.

Nick: That's a big decision.

Sharon: Yeah, it really is. You were worried that they'd be angry with you and retaliate.

Faith: I still am. But if they know they could get in trouble for it -- like the girl who posted the photo -- maybe they'd back off. It's worth a shot, and I just want this all to be over.

Adam: Dr. Cavett says there's reason to hope that chelsea's condition will improve, so I'm not giving up.

Victor: Well, nor should you, son. You're taking very good care of her, you know? But you do have a lot of help, meaning you have a lot of time on your hands, don't you?

Adam: Huh. I suppose.

Victor: Someone with your brain, you need to something to occupy yourself with.

Adam: I suppose you have something specific in mind?

Victor: I talked to victoria about a large media that's on the market, you know?

Adam: Well, she just divested newman of all its media holdings last year. Has she reversed course on that?

Victor: Oh, no, that was a foolish move, you know? She should never have gotten rid of those companies? But this is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Adam: Okay. So, what does that have to do with me?

Victor: I've decided to buy the damn company myself. I'll need someone to run the day-to-day operations. That pique your interest?

[ Knock on door ]

Jack: Yeah. It's open.

Kyle: Hey.

Jack: Oh, hi.

Kyle: You were expecting someone else?

Jack: Sorry I missed you at the house. Was there something you wanted to talk to me about?

Kyle: I was just hoping to catch you before lunch, but i wound up having a nice visit with traci, so it all worked out.

Jack: Oh, that's great. Oh, your phone.

Kyle: What about it?

Jack: Summer found it, and she took it with her.

Kyle: Okay, great. I'm sure we'll run into each other sooner or later.

Jack: Is there a problem?

Kyle: No. Why?

Jack: I don't know. The look on your face when i told you summer had your phone.

Kyle: Dad, I don't know why you'd --

Jack: And I haven't forgotten the spur-of-the-moment trip you were planning to new york, the one you kept from both of us. What was that about? And don't tell me "nothing" because I know you better

Jack: Why would you book the company jet without telling anyone you were going out of town? What was so urgent in new york and why were you secretive about it all? For that matter, why did you cancel the trip?

Kyle: Look, I, uh... the thing --

Summer: Oh, hey. I've been looking for you. Sorry, I -- I have your phone. I found it, and I didn't want anyone to take it, so...I took it.

Kyle: Thanks.

Jack: That gives just-in-time delivery a new meaning.

[ Cellphone rings ] Kyle: Excuse me, I need to take this. Kyle abbott.

Tara: Hey. It's me. With a warning.

Kyle: Go ahead.

Tara: Ashland and I are coming to genoa city next week.

Kyle: That's unexpected.

Tara: It's a business trip. It has nothing to do with you.

Kyle: I see.

Tara: So if you happen to run into us, don't say anything about the past. I mean it, kyle. It wouldn't be good for any of us. Harrison included.

Jack: Bad news?

Kyle: Nothing important. Listen, dad, do you mind giving summer and I a minute alone?

Jack: No problem at all.

Summer: Um...I'm glad that you did that 'cause we need to talk. Things have been a little off between us lately, and it's just making me nervous. Well, instead of lashing out or spying on you or anything else dumb that I've done in the past that have really messed things up for us, I'M... I'm gonna ask you straight up to please just -- please respect me enough to be honest with me about whatever's going on. Please.

Kyle: Okay. I will.

Adam: Oh, how did I not see this coming? You still want to get back at billy for publishing that sleazy article. That is what this is about, right? Why else would you buy a company that directly competes with chanccomm? Victoria turned you down 'cause she knew what your motive was and she wasn't gonna screw over the father of her children.

Victor: You know, victoria has a tendency to be far too sentimental for her own good.

Adam: Well, you know I don't have that problem.

Victor: Does that mean you're interested?

Adam: Tell me more.

Victor: It'll be a stand-alone company, you know. Entity unto its own. Independent of newman enterprises.

Adam: Well, that's good, because I have no interest of working under victoria's thumb.

Victor: No, you'll report to me. I'll give you all the freedom to run the company as you see fit.

Adam: Look, it's a terrific offer, and I really do appreciate you thinking of me.

Victor: I hear a "but" coming.

Adam: Chelsea and I, we still plan to leave town once the doctor says that she's well enough to travel.

Victor: Son, let's be honest with each other for a moment, it's gonna take a long time for chelsea to get back to her former self -- you know that. Now, meanwhile, I suggest you stay with her, as you are now, and you run the company remotely. The best of two worlds.

Adam: Well, that does make the job sound more appealing.

Victor: That mean you're interested?

Adam: I'll give it some thought.

Victor: Alright. You let me know, okay?

Adam: I will do that.

Victor: Have a nice day, my boy.

Adam: You as well.

Victor: Good coffee, by the way.

Faith: And that's "smyth" with a "y," not an "I."

Nick: With a "Y." Alright. That's it? That's all the kids' names that have been harassing you?

Faith: The ones I know about, at least.

Nick: I'm proud of you, faith. I'm gonna head over to walnut grove to talk to the dean. Put an end to this garbage once and for all.

Faith: Thank you, dad.

Nick: Can you run her back to my place later?

Sharon: Of course.

Nick: Later, gator.

Faith: Bye.

Sharon: That was a really brave thing you just did.

Faith: If you say so. I'm just so sick of letting other people control my life.

Sharon: Hey, can we talk about that photo of me with adam?

Faith: We don't have to. Okay, I know it was his fault, not yours.

Sharon: It really wouldn't be fair of me to put all the blame on him.

Faith: I just don't know how you can be around that guy, let alone kiss him.

Sharon: Well, one of the reasons why is because he saved your life once.

Faith: Wait. What?

Sharon: Yeah, it's true. You were too young to remember, but there was a tornado, and we took shelter in a barn. Part of it collapsed, and adam threw himself on top of you to protect you. I never told you this either, but adam is the one who got me psychiatric help when I needed it. When my bipolar disorder had been undiagnosed, untreated, and I was acting out in very unhealthy ways. That was, um, how I learned why I was behaving that way and what I needed to do to get better, and it changed the entire course of my life, and I owe that to adam. Obviously, I need to set some firmer boundaries with him, but I wanted to explain to you a little bit of our history, because I think that you're old enough now and you're mature enough to understand that things are not always so black-and-white. There was a lot of good with the bad.

Faith: Is rey moving out?

Sharon: No. We are still in love, and we want to stay married. And we're gonna work through this together.

Faith: I just want you guys to be happy.

Sharon: So do I. But you know what I want even more than that? I want to set a good example for you. I want to make a home for you where you feel safe and you feel loved. I'm sorry for any of the times where I may have disappointed you. You know I'm trying to get better. I'm still a work-in-progress. I know that things are gonna get better, okay? I promise. Allergies don't have to be scary.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Rey: How's it going with faith?

Sharon: She's doing incredibly well. We just had a stellar conversation.

Rey: I'm glad.

Sharon: And she's had a big change of heart about -- well, a few things. I'll just fill you in later.

Rey: Is she still there?

Sharon: Yes. And nick is at her school, meeting with the dean, giving him a list of the kids who were attacking faith. And the best part is she made the decision to give us their names after thinking it through on her own. She's not feeling any pressure.

Rey: Wow. Congrats. That's -- that's major.

Sharon: I'm so proud of her.

Rey: I do love hearing this. I know how much it means to you, to be close to your daughter again.

Sharon: I want to make things right with us, too. So if we have to to counseling, and that's what it takes, I'm in. I will face my issues with adam, whatever I have to do. I want you to know deep down, i really love and appreciate you, and I don't know that you're feeling that right now, but it's true.

Rey: I love you, too, sharon. So much.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Summer: I was kind of hoping you were going to reassure me this isn't a big deal.

Kyle: Yeah, wish I could.

Summer: Okay, can you just tell me what's going on? 'Cause I can't deal with the suspense right now. Can you just tell me?

Kyle: After my relationship with tara ended -- nine months after -- tara had a child. My child.

Adam: How? I mean, when -- when did this happen?

[ Laughs ] Chelsea, this is amazing. This is a mir-- chelsea. No. [ Gunshot ]

Chelsea: [ Panting ]

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