Y&R Transcript Monday 3/1/21

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/1/21


Episode #12057 ~ Victor and Ashley discuss their concerns about Abby. Amanda's past comes back to haunt her. Mariah and Tessa receive a reality check.

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[ Footsteps approaching ]

Nina: Ah! Yah! I hate needles.

Abby: It's actually not that bad. I've gotten used to it, especially because it means I am one step closer to the egg retrieval, which means I am one step closer to our baby.

Nina: Still, that's a lot to take.

Abby: Yeah, but, um... I'm excited. And, yeah, I'm a little nervous. Half of the baby chancellor crew haven't signed their agreements yet. And, yes, mariah and devon are in, but [Sighs] But what happens when they get hit hard with the legal facts, notarized, in black and white? That's enough to scare anyone away. They could change their minds.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nina: Oh. I'll get it.

Ashley: It's me!

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Devon: I don't know what it is, but something just keeps getting better and better.

Amanda: Oh, really?

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: I don't know how perfection can get any better.

Devon: That's true. Your breakfast has been perfect every time, so...

Amanda: Oh, you were just talking about breakfast, but what we did last night and this morning, not so much, huh?

Devon: No, that was beyond perfection.

[ Both laugh ]

Amanda: Well, I would love to stay and hear more, um, but i can't even help you clean up because I have to meet a very important client, and I do not dare show up late.

Devon: Oh, boy. Is it a tough client?

Amanda: Definitely. He's a real stickler for punctuality, so I don't want to keep him waiting.

Devon: Yeah. Don't do that.

Amanda: Now, mr. Hamilton, let's get started on your contract with parents-to-be abby and chance chancellor.

Victor: Thank you. Well, my goodness. What a surprise.

Phyllis: Uh...surprise.

Victor: Yeah.

Phyllis: Would you like to talk about something?

Summer: [ Inhales deeply ] Hmm. Aren't you going to welcome me home from my very successful business trip?

Sally: Well, I don't see any cuts or bruises or signs of a concussion, showing that bill spencer dropped a building on you. So, uh, yeah, I would say it was a successful trip.

Summer: Hmm. Funny thing, though -- um, bill is nothing like the monster you proclaimed him to be. No, he was actually funny and smart and a pretty nice guy. So either you weren't being honest, or maybe bill just drops buildings on you.

Sally: Bill can be quite charming when he wants something. I'm sure he was on his best behavior to get the deal done. But I still stick to my original warning. He is an amoral maniac, and my only offense was falling in love with his son.

Kyle: Tara. What are you doing here? I was just on my way to new york.

Tara: I was afraid of that. You're making a huge mistake.

Kyle: I just want to talk. But I've got to admit, I'm kind of blown away seeing you again.

Tara: You shouldn't be contacting me at all. Our affair was over years ago.

Kyle: I know. But we really need to talk about some--

Tara: Listen. You can't look back. We have nothing to say to each other anymore.

Kyle: You wouldn't have come this far if that were true. I think there's something very important we need to talk about.

[ Sighs ]

Ah, a package!

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Devon: I already told you that I'm not that concerned with legal issues.

Amanda: Well, it's my job to worry about them. That's why I made a list of a few things that you might want to clarify in your contract agreement.

Devon: That's all fine. I'm just telling you that abby's already promised to treat me like family, and I'm sure that she and chance are gonna honor that, so I don't need every little detail ironed out in a legal document.

Amanda: Even though chance said no such thing? Because he's not even here right now. So, as your attorney, I feel like you're being way too casual about giving up your rights.

Devon: Well, as your client, I feel like you're over-thinking it just a little bit.

Amanda: Am I? So, what happens if abby and chance moved away? Because they could decide to raise this baby somewhere other than genoa city. Would you want visitation? Periodic updates? Photos? And since you both agreed that the child will be aware of your biological connection, we need to nail down specifics. What will you tell the child and at what age? And what happens if any of you change your mind once the child is actually here?

Devon: Just slow down, please.

Amanda: Hey, these are questions that need to be asked and answered, devon.

Devon: I get that. And I think I'm also understanding a little more why you're so passionate about all this -- 'cause of what you've just gone through with your real mom, obviously. It's personal to you.

Amanda: Well, I'm sorry. It's just my gut reaction to anyone who just gives away their child.

Victor: So, tell me -- how's nicholas? I assume you're meeting him.

Phyllis: No, I'm not. He's, uh, at work. He has a meeting.

Victor: And summer -- how's she doing?

Phyllis: Why are you asking?

Victor: Last time I talked to her, she said, uh, she was great. In fact, every question I asked, she answered with, "great. Great. Just great."

Phyllis: Then I assume she's great.

Victor: You and I both know that when summer answers with "great" all the time, something is weighing on them.

Tara: You have to listen to me. You have to stop this.

Kyle: I'm asking you to tell me the truth about your son. Tara, is that little boy mine?

Tara: No! Never ask that again. Harrison is not your son.

Kyle: Really? Because you swore to me you and ashland weren't sleeping together when we were seeing each other, and nine months after we broke up, your son was born. It's not too hard to do the math.

Tara: You have your facts all wrong.

Kyle: Which facts? The fact that you weren't sleeping with your husband when you got pregnant? Or that your child apparently has a striking resemblance to me?

Tara: I am begging you to drop this.

Kyle: And I am asking you to prove me wrong, and then i promise you will never hear from me again.

Tara: I knew something like this would happen when I ran into theo again. I mean, he was eyeing harrison, asking too many questions.

Kyle: Theo said the boy looks just like me. Is that why you've gone to such great lengths not to have him photographed? I scoured the internet, and all I could find was one blurry photo of ashland locke's only son.

Tara: It's not uncommon for people in the public eye to want to shield their children from the glare of the spotlight.

Kyle: Oh, I get that. But even though the photo was fuzzy, I could see similarities. Theo said --

Tara: Theo is the same scam artist he has always been. The only thing is, now he's more dangerous because he's playing with the life of an innocent child.

Kyle: Whoa, whoa. The last thing I want is for any harm to come to that little boy. I -- tara, I just need to know the truth.

Tara: I can't believe I have to tell you what ashland is capable of. He still crushes anyone that crosses him.

Kyle: I need to know. I'll get a dna test done if I have to. We were alone when my husband had the heart attack.

Devon: Listen, if this whole situation is too uncomfortable for you, I of all people understand.

Amanda: No, no, it's -- it's not that, okay? That was just a knee-jerk reaction. That's just what happens when i deal with issues involving parents and kids.

Devon: No, hey, completely understand. Growing up in the system, you ask yourself every day how a parent can leave their child or, "why did they walk away from me?" But that's not what I'm doing 'cause I'm not gonna be the parent. I'm just helping my friends abby and chance be parents, and they're gonna be incredible ones.

Amanda: Yeah, I don't doubt that. And I am not accusing you of abandonment. That is not who you are. I know that. I think that's just my own personal trigger, and I will get past it, okay? But what I can't get past is the fact that you need to protect your interests and the baby'S.

Abby: I mean, no one can tell me where chance is or when he's coming back, but mariah is still in, and devon offered to be the donor.

Ashley: Honey, I know all this. You've told me.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: Devon is a wonderful friend.

Abby: Well, everything is planned and scheduled. And I have been giving myself shots for the egg retrieval, and we are going to fertilize some eggs and then freeze some unfertilized eggs in case chance's situation ever resolves itself. And then we will implant the strongest in mariah when it's time, and, well, nina and I have been looking at nursery furniture, but... mom [Sighs] I mean, chance isn't here, and devon and mariah -- they could change their minds, and this whole thing could just fall apart.

Ashley: I know. It's so frightening, honey. I think you're doing everything right. I know of course there's no guarantees, but I really think you're on the right track. And however you get there, you are gonna have a beautiful baby boy or a girl as an end result of this.

Abby: With brothers and sisters to come.

Ashley: I love that.

Abby: Welcome back. I'm sorry about all that.

Ashley: Stop. I would have come sooner, but i knew you were in good hands with nina.

Abby: You must think I'm a mess.

Ashley: I got news for you, kid. All moms are a mess. Haven't you noticed? We worry and then we plan and then we imagine the worst-case scenario and when we're done doing that, we get on living our lives, so...

Abby: Well, I don't know how you survived planning me, making me.

Ashley: Yeah. That. Um, you weren't exactly a typical baby story.

Abby: Hey, like mother, like daughter.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] You know what? You're gonna realize how worth it all of this is because in my life, you are my greatest gift. And your baby will be for you, too.

Phyllis: Do you have anything substantial to base your worries on summer on? Or is it just, you know, because she said she's doing great?

Victor: I've known my granddaughter now for a while, know her rather well. And I have the feeling that something's weighing on her.

Phyllis: Like what?

Victor: I don't know. How is she doing at her new job at fenmore's?

Phyllis: She's doing greaT. She's --

Victor: Great?

Phyllis: Yeah. She -- it's fantastic.

Victor: Really?

Phyllis: I'm sure you would rather her work for lauren than jack.

Victor: How about her relationship with that boy kyle? I mean, he has disappointed her a few times in the past.

Phyllis: Why don't you and i just take a step back, like a giant step back? How about that? And, um, not interfere in summer's life?

Victor: My dear phyllis... you know me well enough to know that I look out for my own. That'll never change.

Summer: I really doubt that you can call falling in love with bill's son your only offense. There's the little matter of lying and telling everybody that you were dying and then kidnapping someone to keep your secret.

Sally: Careful. Need I remind you of our truce? It's not the best idea to be throwing around accusations where anyone can hear them. Remember, I'm holding a live grenade of my own. You know, kyle's new york affair and everything that comes with it.

Summer: Okay, this is the second time that you've hinted that there's more to the story, so what exactly are you referring to, sally?

Sally: Maybe it's best if you ask kyle that question.

Tara: Kyle, please.

Kyle: I might have fathered a child. Don't I have the right to know?

Tara: You've got to let this go.

Kyle: I'm not ending this conversation until you tell me the truth.

Tara: Alright, yes. I had a dna test done. He's your son.

Kyle: Um... I'm a father. I -- there's a million things i need to know.

Tara: Hold it right there. The only reason I told you was to get you to back off. You have to pretend this conversation never happened, for harrison's sake.

Kyle: How am I supposed to do that?

Tara: We've moved on. You have your life. I have mine. And that 3-year-old little boy? He has a happy, wonderful life, as well.

Kyle: That's what I was gonna ask. Is my son happy?

Tara: Very. I mean, he smiles more than any child I've ever seen. And I couldn't bear the thought of what he'd suffer if the truth ever came out. If he lost the daddy he loves so much... that adorable dimpled smile would disappear for good.

Kyle: That seems unlikely.

Tara: I'm not asking you for myself. I'm asking you for harrison, our little boy. Don't come looking for us. Let this be our last conversation. You know it's the right thing to do.

Mariah: What's the emergency?

[ Door closes ]

Kyle: I was on my way to new york to confront tara. She beat me to it.

Mariah: How?

Kyle: She came here, headed me off at the pass, and she came clean. The boy's my son.

Mariah: Are you sure?

Kyle: Yeah, I had to drag it out of here, but she had a dna test done.

Mariah: Oh, my god. Kyle, this is life-changing.

Kyle: I'm not so sure anything will change. She wants me to act like I-i never learned the truth. She wants me to stay away from him.

Mariah: Can you really do that, I mean, knowing that you have a son out there that you've never even met?

Kyle: I don't know! I mean, I never planned to have this child. What are my options, mariah? I mean, how can I expect to have a relationship with a child who's halfway across the country, who apparently has a father he loves and a perfect life?

Mariah: Yeah, a father who could destroy everything and everyone you care about if he finds out that you slept with his wife.

Kyle: I know. This is a huge mess. And now that I know it's more than a possibility, I'm faced with another impossible decision. Should I tell summer the truth?

Mariah: Look, I stand by the original advice that I gave you. Lies have a way of coming to the surface eventually. If you tell summer now, she'll have to understand.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Sally: Sorry. Feels like I'm interrupting something important.

Mariah: Uh, well, I have somewhere to be, so... kyle, I suggest you think on my advice.

Sally: Have to admit I'm curious as to what that was, but I won't pry.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] So, how's the new job going? Is it challenging enough for you?

Sally: It's absolutely great.

Kyle: Mm.

Sally: At least for now. I'm killing it every day, and it's the perfect stepping stone to something even bigger.

Kyle: Ahh. Always climbing that ladder. Look out, world. I would expect nothing less from you.

Sally: Is that what you think? That I'm the kind of person who's never satisfied and to hell with everyone else?

Ashley: Well, hi.

Victor: Ashley. My goodness. How nice to see you. You're back from paris?

Victor: I am, indeed. Just picking something up for abby.

Victor: You know our daughter intends to make us grandparents.

Ashley: Yes, I know. She's extremely determined.

Victor: Yeah. Have you heard anything about when chance will return?

Ashley: Nothing. But he clearly wants a child as badly as abby does, so she's moving forward.

Victor: And the steps she has to go through I think has her worried.

Ashley: Oh, of course.

Victor: How do you feel about it?

Ashley: Terrified. I assume that you wanted an honest answer.

Victor: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Victor: Yeah.

Ashley: There's so many aspects to the situation that are out of her control, and if any one of them goes wrong...

Victor: It'll break her heart.

Ashley: Yes. And then it would break mine.

Devon: Again, I understand why you're concerned, but, you know, two years from now, I'm not gonna whip out the contract and argue my rights over chance and abby's baby and seeing it on alternate weekends or something.

Amanda: Okay, that is not at all what I am suggesting. But I also don't want to see you completely erased from this child's life if circumstances change.

Devon: And I promise you that's not gonna happen.

Amanda: Well, it is my job to draw up a contract to protect you and the baby that you are trying to help create.

Devon: Right. And how about chance and abby? They should be protected, too, right?

Amanda: Yeah, and that is their attorney's job.

Devon: Your client -- me -- is requesting that this contract is fair and equitable for all parties involved. It's just -- it's how I want it. And that might be difficult for you, but are you up for it?

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

[ Cellphone pings ]

Devon: Oh, look. That's perfect timing. Abby is on her way here now. So, are we on the same page? Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Abby: I hope I'm not interrupting.

Devon: No, not at all. Please. Have a seat.

Abby: I'm not gonna stay long. I just wanted to thank you so much for what you're doing for us, and I brought you a little gift.

Devon: Why'd you do that? You didn't have to get me anything, abby.

Abby: Hey, it's just a small token of my appreciation.

Devon: Oh, what is this? What'd you do?

Abby: I found a beautiful photo of katherine, and I had it framed for you.

Devon: Oh, my gosh. Wow. You're right. This is beautiful. This is -- look. I've never seen this one before, either. I know that she would wholeheartedly support what we're doing.

Abby: You really are giving us the greatest gift. Ever since you offered to help us, I feel like everything just came together. It just felt so right.

Devon: Aww.

Abby: I could never repay you.

Devon: Yes, well, you don't have to repay me. You have to stop thinking like that. I didn't do this for gifts or for praise or anything.

Abby: I know, but you can't stop a girl from slipping in a few praises and gifts every now and then, can you?

Devon: I guess not, no. Amanda and I were just working on the legal document for everything, and there's nothing to worry about. I'm still on board. I just want to make sure that you and chance and the baby are protected.

Amanda: Along with everyone involved.

Abby: Of course. That's just like you -- taking care of us, too.

[ Laughing ] I'm just so relieved that there are no snags. And, really, I know I've said it before, but I really can't thank you enough.

Devon: Abby, come on. You and I have had each other's backs for a long, long time. And this is no different.

Mariah: Hi. I'm sorry I'm so late.

Tessa: Oh, it's okay. I was just getting brittany up to speed.

Mariah: It's good to see you again, even though you represented theo in the case against the abbotts. I know how good you are.

Brittany: I am.

Tessa: Okay, so, we went over the situation. So now we just need to go over the terms.

Mariah: Great. Uh, I want the contract to be short and sweet. Abby and chance offered to cover everything financially, right down to the maternity clothes. But I don't really think we need to put that in the contract.

Brittany: Well, I understand your perspective, but we need to slow down and discuss all the details.

Mariah: Well, just so you're aware, I'm not looking for any sort of payoff. This is not something that I'm doing for profit.

Brittany: Understood, but there's a lot more than money involved. I've done these kinds of agreements before, and I've often suggested that my client work with a therapist to talk through the issues involved.

Mariah: Is that really necessary?

Tessa: I think brittany has a point. I mean, there are gonna be a lot of emotions at play. This is big stuff. Honestly, I don't think it gets any bigger.

Phyllis: Hey, baby!

Summer: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey! So, how was your trip?

Summer: Uh, it was good. Yeah, I scored a big coup with spencer publications.

Phyllis: Ooh, a big coup! My goodness. Okay. You're not acting like someone who scored a big couP.

Summer: No, I let sally get to me.

Phyllis: Oh, my god! Sally? Again? Seriously? What did she do?

Summer: It's really not important.

Phyllis: No, it is important. Something needs to be done about her before she does some real damage.

Summer: It's fine. I can handle her.

Phyllis: No, no, you can't, obviously, because you're not. Let me tell you -- I get her. She likes leverage. She thrives on it. She's dangerous. Honestly...she needs to be gotten rid of.

Summer: Okay, uh, what do you mean by "gotten rid of"?

Phyllis: If she loses her support and then loses her job, there's no reason for her to stick around.

Kyle: I said you were ambitious. That wasn't an insult.

Sally: More like a backhanded compliment to me, code for "conniving opportunist."

Kyle: That wasn't what i meant.

Sally: Okay, just save it, alright? I've heard it all before. You and summer are exactly alike. Just because I wasn't born into a dynasty doesn't mean that i don't deserve to have everything that I want in life. Hell, I probably deserve it even more 'cause I actually had to work for it.

Kyle: Mm.

Sally: Success wasn't fed to me on a silver spoon.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. You've got me all wrong.

Sally: I sincerely doubt it. You and summer should move to L.A. Really. You guys would get along with all those phonies vipers and backstabbers. And then you could leave genoa city to the decent people, like your father.

Kyle: He is decent, but why are you bringing him into this? What's the deal with you two?

Sally: There is no deal. Jack just happens to be a very genuine and generous human being. He's the most honest relationship that I have made in this town. That feeling when

Ashley: Look, I know that abby's a very strong woman. But she has also lost a pregnancy. And, um, I don't know -- wonder if something does go wrong and wonder if she gives up hope and...

[ Sighs ]

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Ashley: What?

Victor: What if it all goes right? Look what she has done already. She found a surrogate mother. Devon, katherine's grandson, is her donor. You know, we welcome the child. We welcome her. We support abby. And we have a new grandchild.

Ashley: We will. And knowing you, you've probably already set up a trust fund for her, right?

Victor: Yes. Of course I have. A lot of things ride on the future of that child.

Victor: Imagine that -- the three most powerful families, all bundled in this little kid. What a future.

Mariah: I've talked this through, you know? I promise you. Um, my mother is a therapist.

Brittany: Well, that's good to know. Did she have any concerns?

Mariah: Yeah. She mentioned she thought it might be tough for me considering that this is my first pregnancy.

Brittany: Well, I have to agree with that. Most people choose surrogates who have given birth before. But I understand why abby and chance prefer someone who they know and trust.

Tessa: I've got my own concerns, too.

Mariah: Wait, I thought you were completely on board with this?

Tessa: I am. I just worry about how this might affect you. I mean, how can you not bond with a baby that's growing inside of you?

Mariah: I'm sure I will, to some degree. I mean, it's inevitable. And I am going to love this kid, but as an honorary niece or nephew. This is abby and chance's baby, no matter what.

Brittany: The contract will be crystal clear on that.

Mariah: Okay, how about I put your minds at ease? I will consult with sharon as my surrogate therapist before, during, and after the pregnancy. Okay? Any more questions?

Brittany: Yes. Actually, quite a few. We need to lock in your feelings on a list of things that you probably haven't even thought about yet.

Mariah: Um, like what?

Brittany: Doctors' appointments, who will be in the delivery room, how things should be handled in the maternity ward. What about breast-feeding? Will you agree to express your milk for the baby? You need to be specific and very clear about what you feel comfortable with and how you want these things managed.

Mariah: Okay. Let's dive in and get this done.

Summer: Mom, I appreciate that you are being so protective, but please just let me handle this. I am perfectly capable.

Phyllis: Listen, babe, I have no doubt you're perfectly capable, okay? Like, no doubt. But the thing is, is that sally has already made some powerful allies -- lauren, now jack. And honestly, he cannot see that she's a barracuda. He doesn't need to be wasting his time defending that girl.

Summer: I know, but, you know, jack can take care of himself just like I can.

Phyllis: Okay, this attitude -- this is why you need me, alright? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Summer: Oh, my god, take it easy, mom. Just bring it down a notch, please.

Phyllis: Bring it down a notch? Hey. You don't worry about me. I'm just doing a little investigating -- that's all -- to see what she's up to.

Summer: Yeah, I'm more worried about what you're up to.

Phyllis: Well, you don't need to be worried about what I'm up to. You have plausible deniability, so relax.

Summer: Okay, well, now I'm definitely worried.

Phyllis: Don't be worried. I know what I'm doing. Please. It's child's play. Just go to work. I'm good. Go to work. Bye, baby.

Summer: Bye.

Phyllis: See ya.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Kyle: So, you and my father have a relationship now?

Jack: Kyle. There you are.

Sally: Jack. We were just talking about you. You look dapper today.

Jack: Well, thank you. It's always nice to see you. Uh, if you don't mind, I'd love a moment alone with my son.

Sally: Yeah, of course. I will talk to you later.

Kyle: Okay, what is going on between you and sally?

Jack: Where in the world is that coming from?

Kyle: Come on, dad. Even a blind man can see the sparks between you two.

Jack: Is that what you think is happening?

Kyle: Yes. And I'm not the only one. Summer says phyllis is concerned. And I'm starting to wonder if I should be, too. Ahoyy!

Tessa: Whew. There's a lot to this surrogacy thing.

Mariah: Yeah. I'm reading a section on how tough this can be on the surrogate's partner.

Tessa: Yeah, I'm checking it out.

Mariah: Tell me the truth. Do you feel like you got pushed into going along with this?

Tessa: No. No, not at all. Look, despite my anxieties about your well-being, I think what you're doing is such an amazingly loving thing.

Mariah: You really believe that?

Tessa: I do. I think we should think of this as a test run for the two of us. I mean, after nine months, we'll either be in baby-making mode or --

Mariah: Or "oh, hell, no, never again" mode.

Tessa: Yeah. [ Laughs ]

Mariah: I'm serious, though. Are you really prepared for all of the changes that I am about to go through? Hormonal shifts, mood swings?

Tessa: Bring it on. I'm so ready for our next adventure together.

Amanda: I should have something drawn up so you can go over it soon.

Devon: It's perfect. And I trust that you will find the right balance between protecting my interests along with chance and abby's and the child'S.

Amanda: I'm glad that I was here to see you and abby's friendship up close because it's clear that, no matter what is said in the contract, you will always protect your friend.

Devon: Yeah. I tried to tell you that.

Amanda: You know, I have to say, I actually find that pretty sexy.

Devon: Oh, you do?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Wow. That's a good thing 'cause when you're in full lawyer mode, I actually find you very, very irresistible.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: In fact, I hope that you'll deliver this contract to me in person, in private.

Amanda: Oh, that is one appointment that I definitely won't miss.

[ Door closes ]

Abby: Mom?

Nina: Yeah, ashley brought those. She insists, though, they're for later.

Abby: Ah. So, I'm planning a family, and my mom is still bossing me around. That makes sense.

Nina: Mm, nah, I kind of have to agree with your mom on this one.

Abby: I stopped by devon'S.

Nina: Oh, good. How'd that go?

Abby: Fabulous. He said he looked over the agreement and that it looked good, and then mariah texted me that she met with her lawyer and that her contract's good to go, so we are moving forward full steam ahead.

Nina: Perfect! You look relieved. Is that because of the contracts or because your mom's home?

Abby: Both of those things. And having you here. There are times when I miss chance and I feel like I'm all alone. But then I look around me, and i realize I am surrounded by more love than ever before.

Nina: That's the way it should be. And now I'm going to eat whatever is in this box.

Abby: Oh, well, wait. You said my mom said no.

Nina: Not my mom. I do what I want.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Nina: [ Laughing ] Whoa!

Phyllis: Hey, lauren. It's phyllis. Um, listen, it's been so long. Why don't we get together and have a drink? You know, two old friends just spending some time together. Also, there is something else I want to go over with you. It's very, very important. Give me a call back.

Jack: There is nothing to worry about. Phyllis has a way of looking for trouble where there isn't any, especially when there isn't any.

Kyle: But what about sally? I can't help but wonder what her true intentions are here.

Jack: My friendship with sally is none of your concern. Actually, I have a question for you.

Kyle: Okay.

Jack: Why did you suddenly book the company jet for a trip to new york and then just as suddenly cancel it?

Summer: Uh, you were going to new york?

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