Y&R Transcript Friday 2/26/21

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/26/21


Episode #12056 ~ Rey and Sharon face a marital crisis. Sally makes her intentions clear to Jack. Adam covers his tracks.

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Rey: Nick.

Nick: Rey. How you doing?

Rey: Oh, you know, been better.

Nick: Yeah. Uh, sharon told me you slept at the station last night.

Rey: Oh, yeah. Needed some space. I kind of just threw myself into the work.

Nick: I guess you haven't talked to sharon then. Faith's gonna be staying with me for a while.

Rey: Whose idea was that?

Nick: It was faith'S. Sharon and I both agree it's probably for the best.

Rey: Makes sense. Though it must have been hard for sharon, knowing how much this has all affected faith.

Nick: Yeah, she's getting it from all sides right now.

Rey: Look, I know you think i should work things out with sharon. And I do want that more than anything.

Nick: Good.

Rey: I told sharon to meet me at the house later, see if we could hash things out. I just came by here to see if i could talk to lola, get her take on it before I headed back to the ranch.

Nick: Yeah, I was looking for lola myself.

Rey: Why is that?

Nick: I wanted to see if she might know who took that picture of adam and sharon and put it all over the internet -- or at least direct me to which of her employees I should talk to.

Rey: I'm sure she'll be glad to help you.

Nick: Well, I know I'm not your sister, but I'm willing to listen. Got some time, so if you want to, you know, talk...

Rey: Look, as much as I love sharon and hope that we can move past this, given that it's adam yet again, you really think that's possible? Or am I just kidding myself?

Sally: Hello, phyllis. How are you this evening?

Phyllis: Busy. Thank you for asking.

Sally: Okay, quick question. Um, it'll only take a sec. That suite that I asked you about -- any idea when it might be available? I mean, surely someone must have checked out by now and freed one up.

Phyllis: Uh, yeah. Uh, it's not available. Uh, you're still on the wait list.

Sally: Wait list. Right. Yeah. Um, just how long is that again?

Phyllis: Why don't you be patient, okay? Besides, don't you have to work extra hours as lauren's assistant to prove to her that you're invaluable?

Sally: I really appreciate your interest in my promotion. And, yes, work is very important to me, no doubt... but sometimes other things need to take precedence.

Jack: Hello, ladies.

Phyllis: Hey. You meeting somebody here?

Jack: As a matter of fact, I am. You ready to go?

Sally: I can't wait.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Adam: Chloe. What, uh -- what are you doing here?

Chloe: Well, I came to see chelsea, of course.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] What I -- what I meant was I wasn't expecting you. And, actually, the nurse just got chelsea all settled in for tonight.

Chloe: Oh. It's so early.

Adam: Well, it does take a while.

Chloe: Ah, well, looks like she's still awake. I guess I made it just in time. Stouffer's mac and cheese is made with 100% real cheese.

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Adam: Can I get you anything?

Chloe: Um...maybe just some privacy?

[ Chuckles ]

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Oh, is that a problem?

Adam: No, not at all. Um, but just please keep this brief.

Chloe: Okay. Well, I just haven't seen my best friend in forever. I feel like I owe her some quality time.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I understand. I just, uh -- chelsea tires easily. And it's been a trying day.

Chloe: I can only imagine.

Phyllis: So, where are you two off to?

Jack: Since you asked, I am taking sally to the dealership to get her new car.

Sally: My old one from L.A. Finally died. I think it was the cold weather that did it in. I was saving up and then I got my promotion and I thought, "you know what?" I decided to treat myself. I'm very excited.

Jack: Well, you deserve it. You can drive around town in style.

Sally: And I can't thank you enough for taking me there.

Phyllis: It's very, very sweet of you, jack.

Jack: You know what? You have waited long enough. Uh, how about we get out of here? Um, phyllis, if you'll excuse us.

Phyllis: You are excused.

Sally: You know, this is only my second new car. And I mean, like, new new, not just new to me. I've always driven them into the ground.

Jack: Well, all that's gonna change now. You're moving up in the world.

Sally: Well, I love a new car, and that new-car smell -- oh, my gosh, there is nothing better. So I intend to savor every second of my first ride in my new baby.

Nick: Look, I know that sharon hates how much pain she has caused you and faith, so i think if you lead with that, you got a shot of her walking away from adam for good.

Rey: Why do you think I'll be able to convince her when even you couldn't?

Nick: My issues with adam go back from when he first came back to genoa city. And it didn't help that my dad was constantly pitting adam against the rest of the family. So, after a while, my resentment turned to rage.

Rey: With good damn reason.

Nick: The point is, sharon and I each have our own history with adam. So every time I tell her to stay away from him, she knows I'm bringing my own baggage to the table.

Rey: So she discounts your opinion.

Nick: Something like that. Look, adam's influence over sharon -- I get tied up in all the horrible things he's done to her and everyone else that i care about, so every time he steps out of line, the only thing I think about is how badly I want to hurt him.

Rey: Join the club.

Nick: See, you're different, right? You're not as much of a hothead. You got more self-control. Maybe it's the policeman in you. Maybe it's just who you are.

Rey: Yeah, probably a little bit of both.

Nick: See, I know you're not part of this epic family battle. You're not out for revenge. You're just focusing on sharon and your marriage, and you want to be happy. Well, trust me, rey, when I say this, that sharon wants that as badly as you do. And when you throw on top of that everything you two faced this year when sharon was fighting cancer...

Rey: Yeah, I thought her problems were over for good.

Nick: I don't think she would have made it without your love and support. You know, when she got the all-clear, when she could finally stop focusing on just day-to-day and really think about her life, you are the one that she chose to spend the rest of her life with. So there's plenty of reason to believe that you are the one person who can put an end to this thing between her and adam. And, rey, I'm afraid that if you can't do it, nobody can. To be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer

Jack: Hi there.

Sharon: Hey, jack.

Jack: I didn't expect to see you working here tonight.

Sharon: Why? Because of that lovely photo of adam and me that's plastered all over the internet?

Jack: I'm not judging.

Sharon: Okay. Really? Everyone else is.

Jack: That's because I know better than everyone else that you and adam have a complicated history. More than anything, I want to know that you're okay.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm hanging in. And just for the record, that photo was just -- it was misleading.

Jack: Oh?

Sharon: Well, yeah. There's nothing going on between me and adam. He loves chelsea. He's doing everything he can to help her. You know, sometimes I think he just feels overwhelmed. I'm not saying that that's an excuse. The kiss should have never happened. But adam just acted in the moment. And unfortunately, someone who was looking to cause trouble took a picture and plastered it on the internet.

Jack: Any idea who?

Sharon: No, I haven't pinpointed it yet, but believe it or not, it seems to be the work of a mean-spirited kid or kids.

Jack: Kids?

Sharon: Yeah. I don't want to get into it. Um, right now I'm focused on damage control.

Jack: Dare I ask how, uh, rey is handling all this?

Sharon: Not well.

Jack: I'm sorry to hear that.

Sharon: We have plans to talk later. I'm sure we're gonna work things out and --

Sally: Sorry to keep you waiting. I was programming my steering wheel and my awesome heated seats.

Sharon: Sounds like someone got a new car.

Sally: Just drove it off the lot.

Sharon: [ Gasps ] Congratulations!

Sally: Thank you!

Jack: Coffee's on me.

Sally: No way. I owe you for taking me to the dealer.

Jack: You don't owe me a thing. I'm happy to take part in this momentous occasion.

Sharon: Okay, fine, but next time it is my treat. I'll get us a seat on the patio.

Jack: Okay.

Sharon: You two seem close.

Jack: Yeah. I guess. Um, I'll have two tall lattes, and, uh, put the change in the tip jar, please.

Sharon: Aww, okay. I'll have someone send it out right away.

Jack: Alright. You take care.

Sharon: That's the plan.

Nick: Hey. Where's faith? I thought she'd be done by now.

Phyllis: Oh, um, you know what? I added a couple things to her spa treatment. And the last I saw her, she was in the middle of a facial.

Nick: Well, I'm very glad she's gotten a reprieve, but we have some serious issues faith and I still need to talk about. It may not have been her fault that she was kicked out of school if she was set up by those girls the way she said she has, but sharon and I still need to deal with the fact that this bullying has been going on for months and faith kept it from us.

Phyllis: I mean, when you told me that she didn't feel comfortable talking to you about it, that she thought you would make everything worse.

Nick: Well, you know I'm convinced this harassment is what led to faith's drinking. And that behavior started because those kids found out that faith was switched at birth.

[ Sighs ] They used what adam did as, like, a weapon.

Phyllis: So, are you blaming adam for this? You're making him responsible?

Nick: You're damn right I do. His actions led to all this. It set all of it in motion. Just add it to the never-ending list of ways he has hurt us.

Phyllis: You know, why don't you just let this go just for now? Just enjoy spending time with faith today and her little brother, at least for tonight.

Nick: Yeah. I hear what you're saying.

Phyllis: Faith really deserves a break, um, if only because that picture of sharon and adam making out has, uh, hit social media. I -- that's a catastrophe waiting to happen. The only question is, how bad is the fallout going to be?

[ Sighs ]

Chloe: I promise not to over-stay my welcome or do anything to tire chelsea out. I came to cheer you up! I haven't seen you in forever. Sorry it's been a while, but kevin surprised me with a trip for valentine's day -- you know, celebrate, just the two of us, kick back, unplug.

Adam: Sounds nice.

Chloe: It really was, and i just got back today. And then I checked in with my mom and the kids 'cause I wanted to come over and see my best friend.

Adam: Well, I am sure that chelsea is thrilled to see you. So I will leave you to it.

Chloe: So... chelsea, honey? Chelsea, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Chelsea, what is it?

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] You've got to get me out of here. I can't stay here with adam for one more second. He broke my heart, chloe. He broke my heart.

Chloe: I can see that you want to talk to me, that you were trying with all of your might, but you just can't get there yet. Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. I -- I just wish I knew what was going on in your head. Oh, my god, chelsea, that's amazing! When did you regain use of your hand? Wait. Does -- does adam know? Should I call him? Wait. Do you not want adam to know? Blink once if that's right. Okay. Okay, I won't utter a word. But why? Why? This is -- I mean, this is a huge breakthrough. I don't get it. Why don't you want adam to know? Did something happen between you two?

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] Sharon. Sharon happened. Again.

[ Keys clatter ]

Sharon: I'm really glad you reached out.

Rey: I just -- I needed some time.

Sharon: I understand.

Rey: I'm not proud of the way I stormed out of here. That picture got under my skin. Adam gets under my skin.

Sharon: Well, you know, adam has a -- a talent for exploiting people's weak spots.

Rey: Yeah, adam is a master manipulator, particularly when it comes to you. That kiss was an impulsive mistake on adam's part.

Sharon: That's right.

Rey: [ Sighs ] You know, what he did -- one could call it assault. If you wanted to press charges --

Sharon: I don'T.

Rey: You could.

Sharon: I don'T.

Rey: I even considered arresting him.

Sharon: Yeah, I heard you confronted him.

Rey: How'd you hear that exactly?

Sharon: Uh... he came by here to tell me.

Rey: Adam came to our home? After I explicitly warned him to stay away, he came right over to see you.

Sharon: Well, I -- you know, I told him that he has to stay away. I told him that he needs to leave. I shot the whole thing down right away.

Rey: Yeah, I'm sure that worked.

Sharon: It did! He left! You know, I'm -- I understand that you're angry. You have every right to be. But I'm really glad that you didn't arrest him because i think that would have been an overreaction, and I don't think it would have accomplished anything other than antagonizing adam, which is really counterproductive because I'm doing everything I can just to put distance between us.

Adam: It was tempting, though. Could have gotten him off the street for a little while, sent him an unmistakable message that he needs to stay away from you. But that wouldn't have solved the larger problem. Even when adam's not around, he's still present in our marriage. And we have to acknowledge that and discuss how we can go about changing this together.

Nick: Faith is still in the salon. She is now getting a manicure.

Phyllis: Oh, great. How'd she seem?

Nick: You know, she seems way more interested in nail polish color than talking to her dad, but it's fine.

Phyllis: Oh! She's good for now. You can deal with reality later, right?

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: I want to give someone a big dose of reality.

Nick: Where'd that come from?

Phyllis: Sally spectra. I don't get it. I do not get it. She was in here earlier, and then jack came to pick her up and bring her to get her new car 'cause apparently she can't go to the car dealership herself.

Nick: Well --

Phyllis: And you should have seen her fawning all over jack, giving him compliments. And he's standing there, of course, smiling ear to ear. He can't see what she's doing at all, right? Like, I don't -- I don't get it. It's pathetic. And I don't understand why he can't see it. Why can he not see what I see?

Nick: Uh, y-yeah. Um, I have a question. Why do you care so much?

Sally: I can press a button on my steering wheel and tell the car to turn down the heat or switch driving modes or play my favorite song. Oh, and the backup camera makes parking so much easier. It's wild.

Jack: And so much safer.

Sally: Yes. Oh, my gosh. The safety features -- they just go on and on for pages. I don't have to crane my neck anymore to make sure it's safe to change lanes. And the side mirrors -- they have, like, these little -- oh, my god. What am I doing? You probably have all of these things, too. I --

Jack: Don't go there. Enjoy this. And by the way, you should feel very proud. I think you got a good price.

Sally: Well, I've spent a lifetime negotiating to get what I want, so, not to brag, but I've gotten pretty good at it.

Jack: I'm impressed.

Sally: You know, you and i have some business to negotiate, too.

Jack: How so?

Sally: Well, I am determined to properly thank you for lending me a hand. Any thoughts?

Jack: How about a ride for a ride? We'll take your new wheels. We'll go driving in the countryside. That is, if you're comfortable driving on the highway in this weather.

Sally: Um, well, I feel safer than I did in my old clunker. But I am still not used to the whole ice-and-snow thing.

Jack: Well, then maybe this jaunt should double as a winter driving lesson.

Sally: You know what? I would love that 'cause I could actually use some tips, especially on the ice in case there is another storm. I mean, I have snow tires, but --

Jack: For a california girl, there is always plenty to learn.

Sally: You are right about that. And then, whenever we feel like we need a break, we can just find a cool place to grab lunch -- on me -- and I will not take no for an answer.

Jack: Okay. Actually, I know a place about 15 minutes out of town, a little, very quaint bed and breakfast with the best french toast you've ever tasted.

Sally: Well, then it is a date. Our second, actually, since we agreed that dinner last night was our first, and today is just a friendly hang after an errand. It doesn't count.

Jack: So, you're keeping a log then so that each of our encounters is categorized properly?

Sally: Okay, now you're just teasing me.

Jack: Yeah, maybe a little. Look, no one in genoa city is as handsome or as charming as you are, and I really enjoy hanging out with you. So hell, yes, I want to call these dates, and I hope there will be more of them. Unless that's not where your head's at. Mornings were made for better things

"The young and the restless"

will continue. What if sun-maid raisins were just the beginning?

Sally: [ Laughs ] Look, if you don't want to date me, it's totally cool.

Jack: No, I --

Sally: No, no, really, because I have my own quirky way of doing things, which frequently doesn't make sense to anybody else. In fact, sometimes it tends to drive people crazy. Like, when I first a designer, i was pairing all these prints and these colors that nobody else thought belonged together --

Jack: I'm sure that made your work more distinctive, but...

Sally: Yeah. I'm also not big on delayed gratification. Like, whenever I start a book, I tend to skip ahead to see how it ends. And, oh, also I find it virtually impossible to keep my opinions to myself, even when i know that sharing them is a terrible idea. So, you know, I'm just saying i could see how all of those things could, you know, just be generally unappealing.

Jack: Yeah. Not appealing at all.

Sally: See how in sync we are?

Jack: All joking aside, I -- I think it's pretty clear I like spending time with you. And I want to see more of you, but --

Sally: But -- but I get it. We're just getting to know each other, and you want to keep things casual. Yeah, it's -- we can just see where it leads.

Jack: That'd be great.

Sally: Anyway, bonding with you over my new ride has been absolutely amazing, but there are some things that I should wrap up before the night ends. And I know how busy you are, so I thank you so much for finding the time to do me a favor.

Jack: You don't have to thank me. I had fun. And that was my new year's resolution -- have more fun. So I look forward to our next outing, even if it isn't a date.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: You know what I'm talking about. Obviously, she is over being a pain in summer's butt, so now she's moving to jack. Someone's got to do something about it.

Nick: Is that someone you?

Phyllis: Well, I talked to summer, and, um, I, uh... suggested we join forces.

Nick: Okay. And did our daughter say she was in on that?

Phyllis: Well, no, she didn't say she was in, but she was open to the idea.

Nick: So she didn't sign on. Well, I can see why.

Phyllis: Why?

Nick: Because whatever sally may or may not be up to, our daughter is fine. Kyle, her career's going good. If sally is a threat, seems like she's been neutralized.

Phyllis: I don't know about that. When we saw kyle and summer the other day, something was off.

Nick: Well, she told me otherwise.

Phyllis: She did?

Nick: Yes. Our daughter can handle herself, and if she needs our backup, she will ask for it. As for jack, he's a grown man. He's been around the block more than a few times. Do you honestly think he would allow himself to get taken advantage of by someone like sally?

Phyllis: Normally, no, but he's so sad and lonely and vulnerable, and his mom just died.

[ Sighs ] We have to help him, you know? I don't want to see him get hurt. I would think you would feel the same way.

Nick: Yeah, of course I do. But jack's a big boy, alright? If I were you, I would just stay out of it.

Sharon: You want to work through this together?

Rey: Absolutely. I love you, sharon, and i promised to be your husband in good times and bad. And I refuse to let adam or anyone for that matter come between us. So I'm gonna do my part and ensure that we come out of this even stronger than we were before.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] I'm so glad to hear you say that because I believe that we can work through this, too. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Rey: Well, I think that couples therapy is gonna be a good start. With the right help, we can get to the heart of the matter, the real reason why you haven't been able to let go of adam after all this time.

Chloe: I just wish that you could just tell me what's going on in your head.

[ Sighs ] But we'll find a way. I'll just ask you questions, and you'll blink "yes" or "no," okay? Okay. Good. Okay, so, let me start with this. Uh, just in case I was assuming the worst in adam -- because that's just what I do

[Chuckles] -- Is there any chance that you were just hoping to have a private moment with him and not have me spoil it and just say, "surprise, look, honey"? So there is something wrong? Okay, do you feel like you're in some sort of physical danger, like adam could harm you in some way? So nothing like that. Thank god. Okay. I know, honey. This is just -- it's so hard.

Adam: How's everything going down here?

Chloe: Uh, great. I was just telling chelsea about my amazing trip with kevin. I was showing her just adorable pictures of bella and miles.

Adam: Well, I'm sure she got a kick out of that.

Chloe: Yeah. It, um... you know, it's really special that I'm able to share this with her right now. I think that I needed this visit just as much as chelsea did. There's nothing better than catching up with your best friend.

Adam: Hmm.

Chloe: And I'm gonna be here for whatever she needs... no matter what. Depression makes it hard for me

Jack: That is a great story, traci. Sounds like you're having fun in new york. Me? Uh... I'm doing well. In fact, this is the best day I've had in ages.

Nick: Yeah, my attorney's looking over them right now. I'll get an answer for you by the end of the day. Alright, thanks.

Phyllis: Hey. Can I assist you?

Sally: Well, since there are no bigger suites available for me and the wait seems to be indefinite, I just wanted you to know that I will be checking out.

Phyllis: Oh. Where will you be moving?

Sally: The athletic club. Your competition has outstanding reviews, and I have learned that they have plenty of spacious, elegant suites available, so i will taking my business elsewhere. Just gonna pack my bags, and then I'll settle up my account.

Phyllis: Okay, wait, wait. Wait.

Sally: Is there something you wanted to say?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, there definitely is.

Rey: [ Clears throat ] I don't doubt that you love me or that you want this marriage to work. But I believe that adam is inside your head, that he's part of your psyche, that he represents something that you're addicted to, a darker, more reckless side... that surge of adrenaline that's not part of your everyday life. It's why you're drawn to him... over and over again, even when it's unhealthy for you and everyone around you.

Sharon: Okay, I may have had some tendencies like that years ago, but I am not the same person now. And I've worked hard to become the person that I am today.

Rey: I know that, baby. I know. You are an incredible, strong, smart, caring woman. But whenever adam's around, it's like you lose all sense of reason.

Sharon: You are really overreacting.

Rey: Am I? Think about what he's done to you, to your family, to his own family. Think about how many times you've forgiven him or given him a free pass or, even worse, been drawn to him emotionally. Look, I know this is difficult to hear. It's -- it's hard for me to say. But we got to be realistic, alright? I have studied the photo of that kiss as if it were a crime scene. And you know what I saw? Adam may have been the one who kissed you, but you didn't stop him...or even resist. Your hands are on his shoulders, not his chest. You're not pushing him away. It may have been a brief moment, but the evidence suggests that you gave in to that kiss.

Sharon: No, I did not. I told you that. You couldn't be more wrong.

Rey: Sharon. Sharon, look at this. Look at this photo, huh? Study it the way that I have. This is a significant moment between you and adam, one -- one filled with real connection and feeling.

Sharon: I don't need to study it, okay, because I was there and I know what happened. And instead of you just believing in what I'm saying, you're -- you're hurling these painful accusations at me. You're telling me that we need to get some professional help because, what, I'm suffering from some kind of adam-induced psychosis?

Rey: That's not what I said. I'm just trying to help.

Sharon: How could you possibly think that any of this would help us?

Reese's eggs are back

and we hid them

Sharon: Look, we have some serious issues to resolve. But I think you need to listen to what I've said and reevaluate. And once you've done that, i hope that you'll see things the way that I do -- that we are perfectly capable of working out our problems on our own.

Rey: First of all, I want you to know that everything I've told you is coming from a place of love. I want you to know what I'm thinking and feeling.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm glad that you do.

Rey: But I strongly believe that having the support of an objective third party that has experience working with couples will help. Now, if you're not up for that, then...perhaps I can accept it. But, sharon, you have to know that your dynamic with adam is a real obstacle for me...for us. And I am just searching for a way to overcome it together.

Phyllis: I never like to lose a guest.

Sally: I hate to go, but i really do want that extra space.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, let me check the list, see if anything opened up. Oh, look at that. Something just opened up.

Sally: Wow. The timing.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Sally: It's almost eerie

Phyllis: Will you be staying?

Sally: You know, I think i will. I'm very thrilled that you could accommodate me.

Phyllis: I'm thrilled, too. I really am. So, why don't I do this? Uh, I'll get a bellman to meet you up in your room. Go ahead and start packing, and he'll bring your card key.

Sally: Perfect. Thank you, phyllis. I'm glad this all worked out.

Phyllis: So am I.

Nick: So, you decided to play nice?

Phyllis: What, that? No. I need to keep her here. I need to keep her under my roof so I can always see what she's up to.

Adam: Well, thank you for being such a wonderful friend to chelsea.

Chloe: There's no one else I'd rather spend my time with. And I'd actually love a little bit more girl time if you wouldn't mind making yourself scarce.

Adam: I, uh -- I don't think that would be wise.

Chloe: Why? It's still so early, and chelsea doesn't look the least bit tired.

Adam: Like I said, it's been a long day. And, uh, the nurse is waiting.

Chloe: Okay. I'll go for now. But you keep your chin up, okay, chels? I'll be back real soon. And I am going to bring that book that I told you I would read to you, okay?

Adam: Well, thanks for coming. I'll, uh -- I'll show you out.

Chloe: Yeah, no need.

Adam: No, really, I -- I don't mind.

Chloe: I'm good.

Adam: Well, that was nice for you. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, I'll let the nurse know that you're ready to get some sleep.

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