Y&R Transcript Monday 1/25/21

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/25/21


Episode #12036 ~ Amanda and Nate settle a long-standing issue as Nikki guides Victoria to the right path. Adam cannot hide his apprehension about what is happening to his ex-wife Chelsea.

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Nikki: Now, that is exactly what you're not supposed to be doing, doubling down on work before a vacation.

Victoria: I'm just tying up some loose ends.

Nikki: Darling, that's why you have a team. So, you can delegate. You don't have to handle every last detail yourself.

Victoria: Yes, but I'm the only one who can put the finishing touches on these things.

Nikki: You're supposed to work smarter, not harder. Anyway, our pilot is waiting.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Well, he can wait a few hours more.

Nikki: No! Then, we will miss out on the reservations I made for our ocean-side massages. Now, just imagine this -- the sound of the ocean, the scent of the plumeria, and leaving these snowy streets behind.

Victoria: It's so funny. You haven't mentioned the meetings that we were supposed to attend.

Nikki: Well, now, where is it written that we can't relax and conduct business at the same time? Victoria, you really need this getaway. I mean, if you had taken my advice months ago and joined the escape club or even had a couple of spa days --

Victoria: Ah, but, mom, then you wouldn't have an excuse to get a massage by the ocean in hawaii.

Nikki: Well, it's a tough job! But somebody's got to do it.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: Great. That sounds terrific. I can't wait to hear more about it. Okay, thank you. Bye.

Billy: Who was that?

Lily: That was bob heyward.

Billy: Of heyward and daughters?

Lily: Yep.

Billy: Okay. Now you've got my attention.

Lily: Remember how he said that he wants to turn his media company over to his children when he's ready to step down?

Billy: Don't tell me he's ready to retire.

Lily: His daughters don't want to take it over, which means it's up for grabs.

Billy: Which means we don't have any time to waste.

Lily: Good. Because he wants to see us immediately.

Billy: I hope that he's gonna come to genoa city, because I'm kind of locked down with the kids with victoria being in hawaii.

Lily: Um...we can think of something. Um...maybe we postpone it.

Billy: And miss an opportunity of a lifetime? No way. I'll take the kids with me.

Lily: But you can'T.

Billy: Why not? They'll have a great time running around and --

Lily: Cooped up in a hotel room in manhattan?

Billy: Okay. You got another option?

Lily: I can go to new york alone, and you join the meeting by video chat.

Billy: You think that will be enough?

Lily: Yeah, I think once he sees how committed you are to your kids, we'll have him eating out of our hand.

Chelsea: Adam?

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Adam?! I can move my hand!

[ Laughs ] Adam, you have to see this! Oh!

[ Laughs ] Oh! Oh!

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] Oh, my god!

[ Laughing ] I don't believe it! Adam?! Adam, you have to come down here! Where are you?! I-I can talk again! I can -- I can -- I can walk again, adam! Adam, where are you?!

Adam: Look -- I can't thank you enough for clearing your schedule, especially since we didn't see eye to eye on victor talking to your chief of staff about getting chelsea released early.

Nate: All I want is what's best for chelsea, and, since you somehow managed to avoid any worst-case scenarios from coming to fruition --

Adam: We have. Bringing her home, where she's comfortable, that was the best thing for her.

Nate: I'm glad to hear it.

Adam: But I'm afraid that her recovery has stalled.

Nate: What seems to be the problem?

Adam: She hasn't regained any mobility.

Nate: So I've heard from dr. Cavett. It's troubling that her right side was compromised following a stroke, but she hasn't regained mobility on her left side, either.

Adam: Right. Well, that's why I wanted to talk to you. I think I may have a solution. Hi, I'm pat and I'm 75 years old.

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[ Cellphone ringing ]

Billy: Hey, what are you calling me for? You're supposed to be on your way to hawaii.

Victoria: Oh, then, I guess you hadn't forgotten about my trip, after all.

Billy: How could I forget? Lily and I were just talking about it.

Victoria: Look -- I know it's out of the blue, and you didn't have any time to prep. So, if you'd rather I stay.

Adam: No, no, no, no. I got this. Plus, you would do it for me.

Victoria: Are you sure?

Billy: Yes, I'm sure. I'd take any moment I can to spend with those little hell-raisers. What time's the drop-off?

Victoria: Well, johnny has basketball practice. So, he won't be home until later. But can you be at my place by the time katie gets home from school?

Billy: You can count on it. I'll see you in a bit. Can I take you to lunch?

Lily: Uh, I can'T. I have plans.

Billy: Okay. What about dinner?

Lily: You're gonna have your hands full by then.

Billy: How about dinner for four? Last chance.

Lily: No, we can'T.

Billy: Come on! We talked about spending some time with the kids. Why not?

Lily: I know. But today?

Billy: You said that you might be in new york for more than a week.

Lily: That's not that long.

Billy: [ Gasps ] Tell that to my heart.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Come on! Are you scared?

Lily: No, I'm not scared to spend time with your children.

Billy: Then what's holding you back?

Lily: Nothing, as long as we stick to the plan that I'm just your coworker.

Billy: Yes, of course. I mean, I want the kids to be comfortable around you before i let them know anything else is going on. And I will say that they are used to mommy and daddy being in relationships with other people.

Lily: Yes, I know, but they're older now, and this is your first relationship since you and victoria broke up. So, I'm just trying to be sensitive to their feelings.

Billy: Another bonus to dating someone that is a first-class mother. She knows that the kids come first.

Adam: So, dr. Cavett discussed chelsea's situation with me, and she suggested that there might be something psychological at play.

Nate: There's no physiological reason that explains her inability to move her left side, especially since she moved her left hand a little when she was in the hospital.

Adam: Exactly. I was talking about our son, and we were trying to figure out how we were gonna explain her condition, and she was emotional. She was -- she was devastated. And then she moved her arm. And that's why I think her thoughts and her feelings are a big role in what's going on.

Nate: Sometimes, patients in her situation become depressed. This might be an appropriate time to bring in a psychologist to join her team of doctors.

Adam: That's exactly what i was thinking.

Nate: I could recommend a few I've worked with before. You and chelsea can meet with them and choose the best person who chelsea feels most comfortable with.

Adam: No... I have a better idea.

Chelsea: Adam?! Adam, where did you go?! You're not gonna believe this. What am I doing here?

Adam: Ah-ah!

Chelsea: Adam? What is this?

Adam: Oh, my god, chelsea -- you're-you're walking! You're-you're talking! When did this happen?

Sharon: Chelsea?

Adam: This is a miracle! Look!

Sharon: It's incredible!

Adam: We prayed so hard that you would recover from your stroke.

Sharon: Yeah, we just never imagined it would happen in the middle of my living room, but i think we should celebrate!

Adam: Champagne, anyone? Huh? Oh, good thing we got enough left over for the toast. There we go.

Sharon: To chelsea!

Chelsea: What are you doing here, adam? What have you done?

Adam: What did you expect? This was bound to happen.

Chelsea: No! No!! I have been suffering with migraine for years.

Adam: We'll be losing precious time by bringing in a stranger, having to get them up to speed. Wouldn't it be better if we used a therapist that chelsea already knows, and they can just hit the ground running?

Nate: Do you have someone in mind.

Adam: Uh, I do.

Nate: Somebody who's worked with chelsea before?

Adam: She's never had counseling herself, but sharon has treated connor after the hostage situation at the grand phoenix, and chelsea thought it was quite helpful. And she's also helped me work through some childhood trauma.

Nate: I was aware you two worked together since she was the one who signed off on victor's request to have you committed.

Adam: That is true.

Nate: I'm surprised you're even on speaking terms with sharon.

Adam: Well, I realize now that sharon had my best interest at heart. She was under a considerable amount of pressure from my father.

Nate: Mm.

Adam: But victor and I are on much better terms now.

Nate: And how does chelsea feel about sharon, given your previous romantic involvement with her?

Adam: Uh, I think it's safe to say they were never friends. And they never will be. But chelsea's always been able to put aside her feelings when we've needed sharon's professional help.

Nate: And you think she's willing to do that now?

Adam: Yes. It's another one of those times. The goal is to get her well enough to talk to our son and be able to hug him again. Aside from that, nothing else matters.

Lily: Billy can't go with me to new york because he has to stay here and watch the kids while victoria's in hawaii. So, I have to negotiate the heyward deal solo.

Amanda: Well, I can come with you to provide legal counsel, if you'd like some company.

Lily: Really? I mean, that would be perfect, if you don't mind being gone for, like, a week or so.

Amanda: No, no. All I need is my laptop. I can work remotely.

Lily: Are you sure?

Amanda: Are you kidding? An impromptu trip out of town? That is exactly what I need right now.

Lily: Okay. Well, alright.

Amanda: Are we really doing this?

Lily: Yes! This is gonna be fun! It's so funny. For years, I feel like I've struggled so much with juggling, you know, the kids' schedules and work, and now I can just pick up and go wherever, whenever.

Amanda: And it's gonna be at least a decade before billy's in the same boat.

Lily: Yeah.

Amanda: I mean, isn't that funny? "Mr. Reckless" is the one who has to have everything carefully planned out in advance while the steady, reliable partner is the one who has a wild side and is up for adventure on a moment's notice.

Lily: It's true. I didn't think about it that way.

Amanda: This might be the first time in billy's life that he's dating someone who doesn't think he's spontaneous enough.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Well, I'm not complaining, you know? His kids are his top priority. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Amanda: But...?

Lily: But, I mean, you know, it is causing some issues. But it's fine. We'll work it out.

Billy: Hey! Where's my girl?

Victoria: She's upstairs in her room.

Billy: Ah, just like that, huh? She's too old to give me those knock-me-down hugs when I used to enter the room?

Victoria: I don't know. She's been quiet ever since she got home from school. I'm afraid that she might be a little sad, you know, that I'm going away.

Billy: Oh, I'm sure she'll be alright. So, what's the real reason for this trip? Is it really just for fun, or is your mom trying to escape her overbearing husband for a few days?

Victoria: We're closing a real estate deal, but it's mom's way of forcing me to take a break.

Billy: Well, I agree.

Victoria: Whose side are you on?

Billy: Yours, but come on, vic. You've been busting your butt at newman. You're keeping one eye out for adam the whole time. You're stressed about me being arrested and whatever's going on with you and phyllis. When's the last time you slept through the night? Had fun? Smiled a little bit? Enjoyed yourself?

Victoria: I enjoy working.

Billy: Get out of town. Let somebody else do the heavy lifting for a little while. You deserve some time off, for good behavior.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: [ Gasps ] There's my girl! You know what we're gonna do when mom leaves town? We're gonna throw out all the rules, and we're gonna have so much fun. She's not the only one that gets to have fun.

Victoria: I don't think there's any way that you guys can actually have fun without me here.

Billy: Are you kid-- did you hear that? Does that sound like a challenge to you? I think that sounds like a challenge. You want to win that challenge?

Katie: I want to win!

Billy: That's what I'm talking about. You got it. So, listen. I want you to start working on your victory dance. Let me see it.

Victoria: Oh...

Billy: Oh, yeah! That's my girl! See, we're already having more fun than mom. Boom! She can't dance like this! You can't dance like this in hawaii. What else you got? - [Narrator] This is kate.

Billy: I'm talking ice cream for dinner, all-night cartoon marathons, pajamas all day, and excessive jumping on the beds.

Victoria: Yeah, well, that sounds like too much fun.

Billy: Oh, well, it sounds like somebody's jealous, because they're not gonna let her jump on the bed at her expensive resort in hawaii, are they?

Katie: Maybe mommy should stay home with us.

Billy: No, mommy needs to go and have some fun. Plus, if she doesn't go, then grandma's gonna be all alone, and we don't want grandma to be lonely, do we? No. But listen. I hear you, okay? Sometimes we got to share mommy with other people that love her. But she's gonna be back real soon.

Victoria: You know, I just thought of something. Since rules have officially been suspended, I don't think you have to pick up your room today.

Billy: No. Wait. Who's gonna do that?

Victoria: You are.

Billy: That is -- that is not fair.

Victoria: Well, I mean, it was your idea.

Billy: That is not what i signed up for. No.

Victoria: But I need you to help me go upstairs and pack. You need to help me pick out all my dresses.

Katie: Yes!

Victoria: [ Laughs, sighs ]

Billy: Ahh!

Victoria: Thank you.

Billy: For what?

Victoria: For being sweet with her.

Billy: Well, I'm always sweet... with the kids, at least. I got this.

Victoria: That's one thing that I never have to question. You're a great father.

Amanda: We should make a list of everything that we want to see and do while we are in new york.

Lily: Yes, like museums -- moma, the whitney.

Amanda: Oh, and the restaurants. I'm gonna research all of the top hot spots.

Lily: All the shopping on madison avenue.

Amanda: Well, I'm sorry that it's not gonna be the romantic getaway with billy that you were hoping for.

Lily: No! This will be fun. It'll be like a girls' trip. N live there, as well?

Lily: Oh, yeah, he does, although I can hear charlie's voice now. "Weren't you just here? Don't you have a job?"

[ Laughs ] He won't want me to cramp his style, so I'll just grab lunch with him for an afternoon. But it's good. I'm happy he has a lot going on.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] I am trying not to, but I can't put it out of my mind entirely. My emotions have been all over the place since we last talked.

Lily: Well, of course. I mean, you were hit with so much information at once.

Amanda: Yeah. I was so keyed up to meet naya. Know. There was some satisfaction in that, getting the answers that i needed. But it was surreal, you know, listening to the decision that she made to give us up without really thinking it through. And what she did had a monumental impact on my life and hilary'S.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, what i don't understand is why she never followed up. I mean, it would have been easy to keep tabs on hilary. She was raised by naya's cousin. I mean, even though you were in foster care, it's like --

Amanda: She could have found me if she wanted to, but she chose not to. And now she's doing it all over again, pretending like I don't exist, using this restraining order to keep me away from her and her family.

Lily: Have you made peace with that?

Amanda: Yeah. You know, it's actually fine. It's not like I want to have a relationship with her, anyway.

[ Sighs ] Okay, yeah, I shouldn't lie to myself. It bothers me...a lot.

Adam: Hey. How's chelsea been?

Meredith: She took a nap, and she's been peaceful ever since. I suggested television, audiobooks, music, but she wanted none of it.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Alright. Thank you. Uh, why don't you take a break, get something to eat? I'll stay with her.

Meredith: If you need anything...

Adam: We'll be alright. Appears it's been harder on you than we realize. So, you might need some additional help. He suggested that we bring in a mental-health expert, you know, to boost your spirits.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] Let me guess who you think that should be.

Adam: And I'm not saying this is all in your head, but a patient's state of mind does have a physiological effect on their ability to recover. At least, that's what nate and team. In fact, I suggested that we hire sharon.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] And there it is.

The flu can hit you hard

with fever, aches and chills,

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Adam: Two times. That's a "no." You don't like the idea of working with sharon. I know. I know that you don't like her. And I know that you don't trust her.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] I don't trust you when it comes to her.

Adam: In a perfect world, chloe or someone else as close to you would have a degree in counseling. But unfortunately that is not the world we live in. I mean, think about what she's done. She has worked with connor. She helped me get past my mental blocks to try to remember the things that happened to me when I was a child. She was incredibly patient and kind.

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] Do you seriously think I want to hear how amazing your ex is right now?

Adam: If I did not think that she could be the key to helping you, I would never suggest it. I want you to have a full recovery. I would literally -- I'd make a deal with the devil himself if i could make that happen! That's how much I want you to get better. I want you to be happy and healthy again. I want you to have a full life that you deserve, with me and connor. All that I'm asking is you just give working with sharon a try. Yes? You will do it?

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Adam: I realize how much of a sacrifice this is for you, but I'm telling you that this is for the best. I am sure of it. Meredith, could you come in here for a minute, please?

Meredith: What can I do for you?

Adam: I just want to let you know that I'm gonna be going out for a little while, but I'll be back soon. There's just one more thing that I have to take care of. I love you.

[ Door closes ]

Amanda: You know, after I met naya, I thought I could let it all go. I got all of the answers to my questions. I finally knew my history. But then, when I got served with that restraining order, I mean, the audacity. It was insulting.

Lily: Well, yeah, no kidding. I mean, your half-sister accused you of being an extortionist, a liar. She questioned your motives.

Amanda: And what did naya do? Did she rush to my defense? Did she tell imani that I was a threat? No. She did absolutely nothing.

Lily: Mother of the year.

Amanda: And what really galls me is that pampered princess threatened my career. Everything that I've achieved is because of hard work and determination, unlike imani. Everything that she has is because of her family's name and their social status.

[ Sighs ] Of all the entitled, spoiled --

Lily: Well, it's very clear who runs that household.

Amanda: You know, there's a little part of me that would love to teach her a lesson -- blow up her family's picture-perfect image, which was far more important to them than hilary and I were.

Lily: Well, you could go public with your story if you wanted to.

Amanda: [ Laughs ] Not today. But I reserve the right to change my mind.

Nikki: I hope my travel buddy is all packed and ready to go.

Billy: Well, she's packed. She's ready to go. But, uh, you might be too late.

Nikki: Ah, that's the beauty of traveling by private jet. We get to choose when we leave.

Billy: That's not exactly what I'm talking about. She's been upstairs for a while with katie. Doesn't sound like she wants mommy to go anywhere, and she's pulling on the heartstrings like only a daughter can do.

Nikki: You don't think victoria's gonna change her mind about going, do you?

Billy: I'd put my money on katie.

Nikki: Well, then, I will insist.

Billy: A grandma versus katie with puppy-dog eyes? I'm gonna go with the girl.

Nikki: Victoria needs this trip more than she's willing to admit -- a chance to rest and recharge and remember what it's like to have nothing to do.

Billy: Believe me. I agree with you 100%. I'm trying to convince her to go, as well.

Victoria: Oh, hi. Hi, mom.

Nikki: Hi, darling. All ready for some sun and sand?

Victoria: You know, I'm a little worried about katie. I think she's coming down with something. She's just not acting like herself.

Nikki: Billy, could you please put victoria's suitcase in my car?

Victoria: No, don'T.

Nikki: Please do!

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: I really think it would be best if I stayed.

Nikki: Victoria, if katie should come down with the sniffles, billy will take very good care of her.

Victoria: But if I stay --

Nikki: If you stay, katie will grow up to think she can manipulate you with her emotions. Now, please, darling, let someone else be in charge for once. Teach katie the importance of self-care, unless you want her to grow up to be a workaholic, too.

Victoria: I am not a workaholic!

Nikki: Really? Prove it.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] If you, like many people,

Nate: Whew!

Amanda: Nate! Hi. Come. Join me.

Nate: Are you sure? You look like you're busy.

Amanda: I am not too busy to congratulate you on your new job with chanccomm.

Nate: Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: So, how does it feel to be the face of askmdnow?

Nate: To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Amanda: Why?

Nate: I get concerned when my patients diagnose themselves with ailments they read about online. So, I might be contributing to that problem now.

Amanda: No, no, you will be part of the solution. All of the information that you provide will be truthful and reliable. You will be a doctor that they can trust. And you can also tell them that you are no substitute for consulting their physicians.

Nate: Good point.

Amanda: You could become the most famous doctor in the country.

Nate: That is the last thing I want.

Amanda: You seem to be ambivalent about a lot of opportunities lately. Devon told me that you had qualms about mentoring your cousin moses.

Nate: He hit me out of the blue with the idea. But I've had a minute to think about it and discuss it with elena. So, now I'm inclined to say yes.

Amanda: That's wonderful.

Nate: It's meant a lot to me to have my mother as an example to look up to. If there's any way I can pay it forward, I'm all-in.

Amanda: Well, that's great for all of you. I know that lily and devon will be so happy to have their little brother back in town.

Nate: I haven't spoke to lily about it, but I definitely get that impression from devon.

Amanda: I know that it's none of my business, but is that why you decided to go through with it? Because you thought it would smooth things over between you and devon?

Billy: Knock, knock.

Lily: Who's there?

Billy: Just me and a very important guest, who's making her first appearance here at chanccomm. Ladies and gentlemen, please...

Lily: [ Gasps ] Katie! Hello! Welcome to chanccomm.

Billy: Do you remember lily? Charlie and mattie's mom?

Lily: No, I know. It's been a long time. But I remember you and your brother. And your dad has talked so much about you. He's so proud of you.

Billy: Johnny's still at basketball practice, and his friend's dad is gonna drop him off here. But I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to bring the little one by chanccomm and show her what dad does when he takes off for work.

Lily: Yeah, that's a good idea. Has your dad told you what we do here?

Billy: Well, lily and I, we tell stories here at chanccomm, kind of. We hire other people to tell stories for us. Your aunt traci, she works for us.

Lily: Yeah, that's true.

Billy: Yeah. We tell news stories and funny stories.

Katie: What about stories for kids?

Billy: Well...

Lily: Actually, we own a company that makes apps and games that tell stories. And they came out with a new game that's just for kids. Don't tell anybody, but...

[ Whispering ] I actually really like it!

[ Normal voice ] Do you want to try? Yeah? Okay. You're gonna love this. It's really fun. So, first, you have to name our heroine. And I think maybe we should name her...katie. Yeah?

[ Laughing ] Okay. Then we're gonna give her a pet. Do you like unicorns? Okay, perfect. So, the way you play the game is you start off trying to get through these different kingdoms, right? But first, you start an enchanted forest. And there's elves and pixies and talking flowers, and they give you information to help get you to the next level. Right? And the more you learn, the more powerful you become and the more colorful your unicorn gets. But there's these really scary trolls, and they try to steal your sunshine and your glitter. But if you believe in yourself, and you're smart, then you can get through it. Yeah? Does it sound fun? Okay, we're gonna play it. You're gonna love this. It's really fun. You're gonna like it, too. Okay.

Adam: Well, I'm, uh, sorry for showing up out of the blue like this. I know you're busy, so I'll get to the point.

Sharon: Alright.

Adam: I want you to help chelsea.

Sharon: How?

Adam: By becoming part of her recovery team. I already ran it by nate, and he agreed that you are the missing piece of the puzzle.

Sharon: Wait a minute. Why would chelsea need a therapist?

Adam: Because she's depressed, or maybe it's not it exactly, but it's something psychological that's blocking her progress. And her neurologist, her physical therapist, and nate have all agreed I should add a psychologist to her team. So, of course, I thought of you.

Sharon: Well, I really appreciate you having that kind of confidence in me still. But, you know, there's a lot of other therapists who have experience working with stroke patients. And, besides, chelsea was agitated when I was at the penthouse the other day. I know that you and I didn't agree on that.

Adam: Okay, I was wrong. Chelsea was ticked off that you were there. And that's exactly why I want you to be the one to work with her. I have been suffering with migraine for years and years.

Nate: I don't expect devon to suddenly forgive me for what happened between me and elena.

Amanda: But it would be nice if he did. Right? I can tell you miss him.

Nate: Family is, um, complicated sometimes, which i understand you're beginning to experience with your birth mother?

Amanda: Elena told you.

Nate: Yeah. I-I can't believe her family took out a restraining order against you. That's a little extreme.

Amanda: Tell me about it.

Nate: This is the last thing I expected when I suggested you get a dna test.

Amanda: Yeah, that makes two of us.

Nate: Do you regret it?

Amanda: Honestly, no. I got answers to questions that I've been asking my entire life.

Nate: But for your birth mother to behave that way? The denial, the disdain?

Amanda: I'm no stranger to rejection. I can deal with it, especially since devon has had my back every step of the way, because of everything that he went through with tucker and katherine. I don't know. He always seems to know exactly what I need to hear.

Nate: Glad you don't have to go through this alone. You and devon have had to deal with a lot lately. I'm glad you have each other tolean on.

Adam: After you left, chelsea had a breakthrough.

Sharon: What happened?

Adam: She made a sound, an actual sound. She was able to use her vocal cords. And I know that that might not sound like a lot, but that's the most she's been able to do since I brought her home. And I think that you might possibly be connected.

Sharon: Chelsea was furious that I was in your home.

Adam: Right! And that energy, that adrenaline, it fueled her reaction. It pushed her in her recovery.

Sharon: Okay, so, what you're telling me is you don't want me to treat chelsea. You just want me to agitate her so that she's angry because you think that that's gonna help with her recovery?

Adam: I know. I know how it sounds, okay?

Sharon: It sounds...awful.

Adam: Look -- I do. I do want you to counsel her but to do it in a way that is informed by who she is and what motivates her. You know chelsea, sharon. She's a fighter. She needs something to push against.

Sharon: Even if I believed that could be true, you know, forcing unwanted counseling on somebody, that's just really unethical.

Adam: Yeah, but she does want it.

Sharon: How do you know?

Adam: Because I asked her, and she blinked once. That's how she communicates -- blinking once for "yes" and twice for "no."

Sharon: I know how chelsea feels about me.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: She would never agree to this.

Adam: She would do anything to get well. And she knows that you can help her. I know it's not conventional. They're not gonna teach you this in grad-school books, but what if working with you inspires her to break free of what's holding her back, and she makes a full recovery? You're the only one who can work with her this way.

Sharon: But, adam --

Adam: Look. You don't have to give me your answer right now. Just think about it, okay?

Chelsea: [ Thinking ] I can't stop adam from going to see sharon. But at least when they're here together, I can watch them, see what they're doing, how they look at each other. And maybe, just maybe, sharon will be able to help me get stronger. Wouldn't that be wonderful? If I can recover the use of my hands, then I can use them to throttle her.

Victoria: Billy? Katie? Hey, anyone? I forgot my phone.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Lily: The unicorn seems brighter, right?

Katie: Yeah!

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: Hey. Is everything alright?

Victoria: Yeah, I left my phone at the house, and, um, where is everyone?

Billy: Oh, I, uh, I brought katie to work. You know, I figured it was a good day to show her the company that will be hers soon.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, unless she sets her sights on newman enterprises.

[ Lily and katie laughing ] What's happening?

Billy: Katie's living her best life, playing with lily.

[ Laughter continues ]

Victoria: Oh. Well, that's good. I'm glad she's having fun.

Billy: Yeah, I'd put you two on the phone, but lily was able to turn her frown upside down, and if she hears your voice, you know.

Victoria: No, it's okay. I understand.

Billy: Okay, so, you got your phone. You're on your way to the airport. And we'll catch up when you get back.

Victoria: Okay. Thanks.

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Mariah: Can you picture me pregnant?

Tessa: Uh...

[ Laughs ]

Devon: Hey.

Elena: My car won't start.

Jack: You say your trip to L.A. Was "eye-opening."

Summer: Oh, it was, in many ways.

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