Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/6/21

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/6/21


Episode #12024 ~ Chelsea struggles with her new normal; Devon comforts Amanda; Kevin gives Phyllis ammunition against Victoria.

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Phyllis: Hey. I wasn't sure I'd see you this morning.

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, uh, you know, considering you have christian and faith while sharon's on her honeymoon.

Nick: That's actually going very well, believe it or not.

Phyllis: Good! I'm glad to hear that. Faith is doing okay?

Nick: Yeah. You know, I think she understands how serious sharon and I took her drinking incidents. I mean, at least that's what i think. Who knows what's going through a teenage girl's mind?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Um...you know, I want to tell you something. You know that friend of hers jordan, the one who's a little older than her?

Nick: Yeah. What about her?

Phyllis: Yeah. Watch out for her.

Nick: You think?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Yeah. She was with faith when I found faith in the park hungover, and she couldn't wait for the adult to leave.

Nick: Hmm. Alright, well, thanks for the tip.

Phyllis: Sure. It's free.

Nick: Well, I could reward you with maybe a lunch date.

Phyllis: Really? Today?

Nick: Yeah. It would have to be later. I've got a meeting, and then I, uh, wanted to swing by the hospital and just check on chelsea.

Phyllis: Really?

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Adam: I know it only looks like you're resting, that right now you're fighting as hard as you can to take control of your body. The nurse just told me that you have some ability to move the left side. It's very slight, it's very weak...which means it's just a matter of regaining your strength. I wish that there was a way that [Sighs] I could make sure you're even hearing what I'm saying. Wait, are -- did you -- did you mean to do that? Is that a signal? [ Chuckles ] Thank god. [ Sighs, sniffles ] You can communicate. I mean, that's a start at least. Look, I know that if you had your voice... that there's nothing that you could say that is worse than how I'm feeling right now and what I'm telling myself. All of this -- it's my fault. It all happened because of things that I set in motion. And I just hope that one day that you can forgive me.

Nate: You done for the day?

Elena: Mm-hmm. How about you?

Nate: Just on break. I have to head back to gc memorial, check in on chelsea.

Elena: Anything change?

Nate: Nothing significant. Victor is flying in a physical therapist who specializes in stroke recovery -- dr. Cavett. I spoke to her on the phone. I filled her in on the basics.

Elena: And what did she have to say?

Nate: Sounds like we're on the same page, more or less. Chelsea has a long road ahead. I'll be interested in hearing her treatment plans.

Elena: Well, she's already in the best hands possible. Your experience in managing stroke-recovery teams is the reason why I recommended to the chief of staff that you should take over the case.

Nate: And it was a great way to remind me of how valuable i am as a physician, even if i can't perform surgery anymore.

Elena: I would be happy to tell anyone who was listening about your mad consulting skills, not to mention your teaching skills and your managing skills and your research expertise. Hell, if it were up to me, I'd let you run the whole damn hospital.

Nate: Why stop there? Appoint me surgeon general.

Elena: I would if I could. You'd be great.

Nate: I appreciate your boundless faith in me.

Elena: It's just nice to see you smiling again.

Nate: The odds of that happening are always much higher when I'm with you.

Devon: Hey.

Amanda: Hey. Thank you for seeing me.

Devon: Yeah, of course. You sounded so excited on the phone, how could I not? What's happening?

Amanda: I finally worked up the courage to call my birth mother.

Devon: You did? Man. I know what it takes to make that call. I'm proud of you.

Amanda: Yeah, my heart was pounding, and when she first answered the phone, I thought that I was gonna faint before i got the words out. But I did it. I told naya who I was.

Devon: Well, from how you're reacting, it seems like everything went well.

Devon: So, what'd you do? Did you just dive right into it and tell her you're one of the twins that she gave up or...

Amanda: When she saw my on her caller I.D. Again, she was wondering why I was calling.

Devon: "Again"?

Amanda: I had to call more than once before I was able to say anything.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: And she was also wondering why we were out in front of her house on christmas eve.

Devon: We were across the street. How'd she know that?

Amanda: She noticed.

Devon: Well...I mean, maybe some part of her has been expecting a call like this.

Amanda: I suppose that's a possibility. She didn't seem too surprised when I explained myself. And she didn't deny the truth at any point.

Devon: I think the fact that she's willing to come all this way to meet you is a positive sign, right?

Amanda: I -- it actually took a lot of gentle persuading for her to agree to meet with me today. I even offered to drive all the way to wilmette to see her.

Devon: And?

Amanda: And she was not having that. It's probably because she doesn't want her husband or her daughter to see me and start asking all of these awkward questions.

Devon: Did she say something specific, though, to make you feel that?

Amanda: No. Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the woman who gave away her kids in silence and shame -- maybe she's all about full disclosure now.

Nick: Do you have an issue with me going to visit chelsea?

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Do I? You haven't even talked to her in, what, a year? You don't really know her well anymore. You're not close. I mean, I'm sorry about what happened. It's really sad. I'm sorry. But she has adam. And she has her friends.

Nick: Adam? Please. He is the reason this happened to her.

Phyllis: We don't know that he's responsible.

Nick: Phyllis, it's more than that. Chelsea has been dealing with this for months. I mean, he kidnapped her. There is no doubt in my mind that all this stress contributed to her having a stroke.

Phyllis: Please don't make chelsea out to be some hapless victim because we both know she's not. She was a woman of sound mind when she chose to go back to adam over and over again, even though she had way better options, even after he kidnapped her and locked her in a room, even after he was committed to the psych ward. I mean, these aren't just warning signs. They're -- they're glaring signals, and -- and she knows what she's doing.

Nick: Look, I don't know where this sudden defense of chelsea's right to make poor life choices is coming from, but I assure you it has no bearing whatsoever on my feelings about you.

Phyllis: Okay, wait a second. We're not -- we're not doing that. I am not insecure about chelsea.

Nick: No? Well, where is this coming from?

Phyllis: You don't have to save her. I am so tired of this "knight on a white horse" thing you have going on. Even sharon doesn't drop everything anymore to go save adam, to go rescue adam when he needs it.

Nick: My history with chelsea is nothing like adam and sharon'S.

Phyllis: I'm not -- I don't want to do this.

[ Scoffs ] Really, I don't want to fight with you over this. It's ridiculous. So, go see chelsea. It's -- it's fine. I don't care. I don't care. See her. Um, send her flowers. Uh, write a note. I'll sign it. But please, for me, do not rewrite history where chelsea is concerned. We both know who she is. And she's a strong, independent woman. She gets it. And she would detest being thought of this way.

[ Sighs ] Okay? So have enough respect for her and consideration to know that she can make her own life choices. That's all I have to say.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Adam: I swear to you, babe, that I will stand by you while you fight this. And I'll take care of connor, too. I don't want you worrying about him for one second. I haven't told him what's been happening. I want to wait until we know more. Hey, I promise, I will get you all the doctors and the therapists that you need. And soon you're gonna have your own voice to tell connor how much you love him and reassure him that everything is alright. Alright? Tell me -- tell me if you believe me.

Nate: Hello, adam.

Adam: She, um --

Nate: Hi, chelsea.

Adam: She just moved her left hand.

Nate: That's wonderful. Your physical therapist will be happy to hear it. If you don't mind, I'd like to borrow adam for a moment. Your mission: Stand up t

Adam: Please tell me that this isn't more bad news.

Nate: I can hear how stressed you are. I just wanted to report that dr. Cavett, the specialist that victor hired, got in contact with me. We spent some time on the phone going over chelsea's condition.

Adam: Well, I appreciate that you were willing to do that. And no disrespect was intended by bringing her on board.

Nate: No, I wasn't offended. I consult with other practitioners all the time.

Adam: Good.

Nate: Dr. Cavett has impeccable credentials. I look forward to collaborating with her to ensure chelsea has the best care possible.

Adam: Quite frankly, I wasn't all that comfortable with you being put in charge of chelsea's case.

Nate: Didn't you just say you --

Adam: No, I -- look, you're an excellent doctor. That's not the issue. It's our personal history.

Nate: I don't follow.

Adam: You almost lost your medical license going along with victor's plan to set a trap for me. I mean, you wouldn't be human if you didn't resent me for putting you in that position by switching his meds, jeopardizing his health, and then you had to concoct an elaborate plan to expose what I had done.

Nate: I'm surprised you're admitting that so openly.

Adam: I don't have any time to play games, especially when her future is on the line. So, yes, I agree. I am responsible for any bad blood between us. Still, I cannot let that jeopardize her care because I've put her through enough.

Nate: I appreciate your candor, adam. It's important to be up front with any concerns you might have.

Adam: Mm. Well, I'll keep that in mind.

Nate: However, I give you my word that particular episode has no bearing on my attitude.

Adam: You're not gonna treat her any differently...

Nate: No.

Adam: ...Because she's involved with me?

Nate: No, I won'T. I intend to give her my all, just as I would any other patient.

Adam: Fair enough.

Nate: And it won't be just me. There will be an entire stroke-recovery team here to support chelsea, including a neurologist and a speech --

Adam: I know. I know. I know all about the team. It's all good. As long as they're willing to do house calls because I'm bringing her home.

Kevin: Victoria! Hi. Long time no see. We should catch up.

Victoria: Kevin. Hi. Uh, I know that you and chloe had a baby a few months ago. How's he doing?

Kevin: Oh, miles. He's amazing. Um, I don't mean to brag, but yesterday he rolled over for the first time.

Victoria: Oh. Congratulations.

Kevin: [ Chuckling ] Thanks. Hey, I read that profile on you that chanccomm did. And I'm sure that my parental pride pales in comparison to the fulfillment you must feel having taken newman to such great heights.

Victoria: Oh. Well, uh, I don't know about that. I mean, I find raising kids and running a company to be equally as gratifying.

Kevin: And it couldn't have been easy taking over from victor, especially since I'm sure that even though he's officially retired, he probably still keeps tabs on things.

Victoria: Yeah, well, i really wouldn't have it any other way. I value his advice.

Kevin: And you've made some bold moves, selling off those divisions to jabot and chanccomm. And you managed to do all of it without a hint of scandal, which, given newman's history, is especially impressive.

Victoria: Well, I strive to be an ethical ceo.

Kevin: Do you hold all of your employees to the same high standards?

Victoria: Yes, of course i do. Why would you ask that?

Kevin: Oh, I -- [ Chuckles ] I was just curious. I'm sure, obviously, you're a great boss.

Victoria: Um, look, I know that your technical skills are excellent. They are. But we're not hiring in the I.T. Department currently.

Kevin: Oh. [ Chuckles ] No, I wasn't trying to butter you up, I swear.

Victoria: [ Chuckling ] Okay.

Kevin: I'm very happy at the gcpd.

Victoria: Oh, good.

Kevin: I just, um -- I just wanted to offer up my admiration and my support. I always thought you had what it took to run newman. I just want to see you succeed.

Victoria: Thank you.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: I have a meeting I have to get to, so...

Kevin: Okay.

Victoria: Yeah.

Kevin: Great to see you.

Victoria: You too.

Kevin: Bye.

Victoria: Bye.

Kevin: In fact, you have no idea how much I've done to help you.

Devon: Okay, see, I know what you're doing because I've done it before myself. You're trying to anticipate the worst thing happening so that if it does, you don't feel as let down.

Amanda: No, I am managing expectations. I am hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

Devon: No, that's -- that's not what you do. That's called self-fulfilling prophecy, and you don't need to torment yourself that way.

Amanda: What can I say? Maybe I just don't believe in the power of positive thinking.

Devon: Well, maybe you should believe in it 'cause it works. Alright? And you have no idea how this is gonna go down, so there's no reason to let your mind wander to a negative place. If anything, you should be congratulating yourself on having the guts to call her 'cause no matter what, it's better than not knowing your own story.

Amanda: Thank you.

Devon: What did I do?

Amanda: You put everything in perspective for me.

Devon: Well, do you want me to go and be there with you for moral support?

Amanda: I know that you're probably curious because it's hilary's mom, too, but --

Devon: I don't need to be there with you when you meet her face-to-face. I was just offering if you thought it would help.

Amanda: I just -- I feel like it might throw her, you know? Like, she's coming to see me, and she shows up, sees somebody she's not expecting.

Devon: Yeah. I understand completely. And if you need me for anything, I'm just a call away.

Amanda: Thank you.

Devon: For what it's worth, no matter what happens with naya, know that you've already made at least one new family member.

Amanda: You know, throughout all of this, you have been the best friend that anyone can ask for. And -- I don't know -- I don't think that I would have had the courage to reach out to naya if it wasn't for your encouragement.

Devon: Wow.

Amanda: So...

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Amanda: Thank you.

Devon: You're very welcome.

Amanda: I may need some more of this positive thinking.

Devon: Well, I'll be there for you. That's -- that's my new job now -- your encourager. Is skincare from around the world

Devon: So, hey, I want you to keep an open mind about this encounter 'cause naya hasn't had as much time to prepare for it and she might not respond the way you're hoping she does, alright? Which is fine 'cause you're fine. And I know you're a strong, resilient person who can take on any challenge.

Amanda: If you ever get tired of being a business mogul, I think you may have a future in motivational speaking.

Devon: Mo-- yeah. I don't know about that.

Amanda: Well, I do. And you're right. I have done things that are a whole lot harder than this. All I am looking for are answers. And if I get them, good or bad, today will be a success.

Devon: That is the attitude to have.

Amanda: Thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: And I am -- I am really excited to meet her.

Devon: It's gonna be just what you need.

Nate: Of course the goal is to have chelsea come home as soon as it's feasible. But it's gonna be a while before it's safe to do that.

Adam: Not according to your chief of staff.

Nate: Excuse me?

Adam: Dr. Winthrop cleared chelsea's release as soon as i get her room ready.

Nate: I think there must be some confusion.

Adam: Only on your part.

Nate: I'm coordinating chelsea's care. No one mentioned a thing to me.

Adam: Chelsea will be most comfortable at home. It's gonna help her heal that much faster. So we're not gonna wait another week. We're not gonna wait another hour.

Nate: Adam, I'm sorry. There's no way I'm gonna sign off on that. It is far too dangerous.

Adam: Look, all the necessary medical equipment is being installed in our home as we speak. So she's gonna have around-the-clock professional care right now.

Nate: I don't think you understand that that entails.

Adam: No, I don't think you understand. This isn't a request. It's not a negotiation. It is a done deal. My father already worked it out with your boss.

Nate: I get that you're trying to do right by the woman that you love, but what you're proposing would be a serious mistake. What if chelsea needs another emergency surgery? Any delay in getting her to the O.R. Could mean the difference between life and death.

Adam: The decision has been made. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to give chelsea the good news.

Nate: [ Sighing ]

Victoria: Well, johnny's practice was canceled, so I'm gonna need you to pick up both kids after school. Thank you, hannah.

Phyllis: What are you doing here?

Victoria: I scheduled a lunch meeting.

Phyllis: In my hotel again?

Victoria: Well, you know, we newmans -- we like to support each other's business interests. And since nick is the majority owner of the grand phoenix, i expect that you'll be seeing a lot more of me.

Phyllis: Mm, well, this is my hotel. I own it.

Victoria: Ooh. My brother gifted it to you. How generous of him.

Phyllis: No, it was a business transaction. It was loan, not a gift.

Victoria: Right, so, a no-interest loan that never has to be paid back. Yeah, that's a gift.

Phyllis: Mm, well, I'm gonna be paying nick back sooner than everyone expects.

Victoria: Interesting. I would be curious to know how you intend to do that.

Phyllis: I'm sure you're curious, but I have no intentions of telling you my plan.

Victoria: You know, it must be hard to realize that you're never gonna live up to your lofty expectations of yourself.

Phyllis: You know, it is true. I am ambitious. And, um, sometimes I haven't been able to achieve my larger-than-life dreams on the first try.

Victoria: Or the fourth.

Phyllis: But it's okay because when I go home, I have someone who believes in me, who -- who holds me in their arms and tells me everything's gonna be okay, so it's alright. And that's what life is about, right? Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry, victoria. Oh, that was so insensitive of me 'cause you have no one. You have no one, and you're completely alone.

[ Gasps ] Ohh.

[ Sighs heavily ]

This is ava.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

[ Keys clacking ]

Phyllis: Kevin. Hey!

[ Giggles ] Nice to see you.

Kevin: Phyllis. Good to see you.

Phyllis: Yeah. I've been thinking of you since we talked last week.

Kevin: Oh?

Phyllis: Yeah, I've been wondering about your mom, how's everything going with gloria and her situation.

Kevin: It all worked out, actually.

Phyllis: Oh! That's fabulous. I'm so glad. It's funny because I was talking to nick and he was telling me about this internal scandal that victoria's dealing with at newman enterprises. And you happened to tell me that gloria -- her situation had to do with victoria and newman. And I just wanted to know if there was any connection.

Kevin: You totally just made that up. Nick didn't say anything to you about victoria.

Phyllis: Yeah. He didn't say anything. I'm lying. Just, I was curious about the scheme. It sounded crazy.

Kevin: It was. Thank god I was able to talk gloria out of it.

Phyllis: Well, you're very persuasive.

Kevin: Think so, do you?

Phyllis: Oh, I know so. And gloria, left to her own devices -- um, she's a little sloppy and not the most sensible person on the planet.

Kevin: That is for sure.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Do you have details for me?

Kevin: [ Clears throat ] She had some dirt on a high-level exec at newman. I don't know how she got it. I don't want to know. But the guy was embezzling from the company, like, big money. And my mother's brilliant plan was to blackmail him and take a cut.

Phyllis: That's gutsy.

Kevin: You mean stupid. There's a very high probability she would have ended up in jail. So not worth it.

Phyllis: How much money are we talking about?

Kevin: Well, the dude with his hand in the cookie jar was a cfo of a newman subsidiary in los angeles, if that gives you any idea.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? All of this is going on under victoria's nose and she's so hell-bent on destroying me she can't even notice?

Kevin: Oh, no, no, she knew all about it.

Elena: So, the chief of staff okay'd adam bringing chelsea home?

Nate: Amazing what funding a wing or two will buy a man... or his son.

Elena: [ Scoffs ] I just hope it all works out for chelsea and her little boy.

Nate: Out of my hands. I'm only gonna focus on what i can control, like making sure the rest of your day off is fun and exciting. So, what would you like to do?

Elena: You like to live dangerously, don't you?

Nate: Why do you say that?

Elena: Well, you set yourself up with that question. What if I told you I wanted to go ice-fishing? Or hop on a plane to tasmania?

Nate: I hope you figured out by now I'd follow you anywhere.

[ Both laugh ]

Elena: Funny you should say that. There is actually a place I want you to follow me to.

Nate: I'm game. Where we going?

Elena: You'll see.

Adam: Hey, I phoned in a to-go order. It should be ready by now.

Nick: I heard about chelsea's stroke. How's she doing?

Adam: Uh, about as well as can be expected.

Nick: And connor? He okay?

Adam: We're gonna get through this together.

Nick: Alright, well, I'm assuming you're gonna want to bring him home. You know, if it'll -- if it'll help, you can drop him off at the ranch. He can hang out with his cousins, you know.

Adam: No, I think that I can take care of my son without your help.

Nick: I'd be doing it for chelsea and connor's sake, not yours.

Adam: What contact have you even had with chelsea this past year, other than to tell her that she shouldn't get back together with me and she should leave me?

Nick: Was I wrong? You destroy everything you touch, adam. Do we really need a sign to live, laugh, and

Adam: You are so damn smug, so high and mighty. God, what I wouldn't do to wipe that smile off your sanctimonious face.

Nick: Well, come on then. Try it.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. My focus is on chelsea and getting her everything that she needs.

Nate: Better late than never. Though I don't expect you to stick to that. You don't put anyone else's needs before your own for longer than a minute.

Adam: And who cares what you think? My focus is on chelsea. By saving her, I'm gonna save myself.

Nick: There he is. Typical adam. It's already about you.

Adam: I don't expect you to understand or care about what chelsea and I are going through. You know, in the end, to my great surprise, the one and only newman who can show me any empathy at all is victor.

Nick: And I'm sure you will waste no time using that to your advantage. So much for cutting yourself off from the family, huh?

Adam: Alright. We're all done here.

Nick: Hold up. You going to the hospital right now? See, I'd really like to go see chelsea, you know, just make sure she's alright, and I'd really prefer it if you weren't there.

Adam: Well, I wouldn't bother. She's coming home today. And you're not welcome there.

Phyllis: How can you be sure that victoria knows about this embezzler at newman enterprises?

Kevin: Well, I don't know for a fact. She was here earlier and played it cool when I praised her scandal-free tenure as ceo.

Victoria: Ah.

Kevin: Also, the guy retires suddenly after 20 years with the company, no warning, no fanfare. Also, I did a little poking around on the newman server and found out that the money was replaced right around the same time. So what I think is that the dude got busted and was allowed to slink off quietly with his reputation intact.

Phyllis: That makes no sense. Victoria is ruthless and vindictive. I mean, I stepped out of line, and she tried to ruin me. I mean, this guy? What? He's stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from newman enterprises and he gets a free pass? She would never do anything like -- she would use him as an example and ruin his career, file charges, show no mercy.

Kevin: I don't know what to tell you. That's not how it went down.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] Oh, wait a second. She doesn't want her father to know. [ Gasps ] That's what it is -- because victor would blame her for this. Understandably so, she's wasting all of her time trying to get revenge on me that she's not doing her actual job, which is protecting her company. And her relationship with her father is already in tatters, and if he found out about this, he would remove her as ceo of newman enterprises!

Kevin: You're getting excited about this because?

Phyllis: Because I have a secret on victoria and we are gonna exploit it.

Kevin: "We"?! What "we"? We're not a "we"!

Phyllis: Shh. I'm thinking.

Nate: Okay. What are we doing here? Having lunch? Or did you want to shoot a game of pool?

Elena: That depends.

Nate: On what?

Elena: On if the room i reserved for us is ready yet.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] - Oh. - What's going on? - Oh, darn! - Let me help. Here we go. Lift and push and push! There... it's up there. Oh, boy.

Phyllis: What proof does gloria have that this guy was embezzling money? Documents? Bank statements? What?

Kevin: [ Sighs ] There's video from a hidden camera of the cfo handing over cash to be shipped offshore. He's giving instructions, talking about what he's doing.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. That's better. That's better.

Kevin: Yeah. That's how I found out about all this -- gloria hid a flash drive in the living room at the chancellor mansion.

Phyllis: Um...are you serious? Do you have possession of this damning evidence?

Kevin: I just finished convincing gloria that blackmail is a terrible idea.

Phyllis: And you know what? You are correct. You are correct. Blackmail is a terrible idea. And you are being a good son. You're being very protective of your mother because when it comes to blackmail, she's a little clumsy. We all know that. We've seen that.

Kevin: Yeah, I don't need to be reminded.

Phyllis: But you, on the other hand, you are stealth. You know what you're doing. You show full discretion.

Kevin: I cannot believe we're having this conversation. You can't seriously be thinking of putting the screws to victoria.

Phyllis: Just a little bit, just a little -- little smidge, to get back what's rightfully mine, something that was ripped out from under me by victoria because of her jealously and her desire for revenge. And I'll make sure you're taken care of. We'll get a little extra for you. You know, you could pad your college funds for your kids.

Kevin: This is a lousy idea.

Victoria: No one will ever know you're a part of it. I, on the other hand -- I, phyllis summers, want to make sure that victoria knows that i got the upper hand on her.

Kevin: You're very scary when you get like this.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, I have to go. Um -- aww. Listen, uh... don't let go of that flash drive, please.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Clicking tongue, chuckles ]

Kevin: [ Sighs ]

Nate: Still time to change your mind.

Elena: Why would I want to do that?

Nate: If you booked us this room because you were feeling pressured, this is not the way i want this to happen.

Elena: You know, if this is your way of saying that you're disappointed, there's still time. We can go ice-fishing or something.

Nate: I promise you I am not complaining. This is a fantastic idea. It's just that, the last time we tried to even --

Elena: This isn't the last time. I was still feeling guilty about how we started things. And I will never be proud of that, but I realized that we can't let this hold us back from living our life. I mean, we feel how we feel. And I think it's up to us to forgive ourselves. And maybe we can even... start to enjoy it a little... or a lot.

Adam: Chelsea, this is -- this is meredith, your new nurse. She was just finishing up, so we will, uh, let her get back to it. I had some guys from the hospital convert the den into a bedroom while you're recovering. So it's gonna be as comfortable as it can be. And I just want you to know that helping you get well is my number-one priority, chelsea, because you have always been my rock. And now it is my turn. [ Sighs ] I even -- I even called a truce with victor. So I hope that shows you how serious I am because I have no room in my life for harboring resentments or settling scores. And thankfully victor has been very generous. He's the one that sent the specialist that I told you about, and he helped your early release...which, talk about a wonder of wonders, right? He didn't even lord it over me or pass it off as a favor that i had to pay back. But you know what? It wouldn't even matter if he did because I'm gonna do whatever it takes to bring you back to me.

[ Door closes ]

Phyllis: I thought we were supposed to go to lunch.

Nick: We will...eventually.

Phyllis: Hmm. So, did you go to the hospital?

Nick: Chelsea was already released. Adam took her home.

Phyllis: Uh-huh. I'm glad to hear that. If I sounded insensitive before --

Nick: Will you just stop talking and come over here?

[ Folder thuds, cellphone clatters ]

Amanda: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Cellphone thuds ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

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