Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/20/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/20/19


Episode #11640 ~ Devon pays tribute to Neil; Esther worries about Kevin; Billy loses his cool.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Tessa: Oh!

Mariah: It's nice. It's tasteful, it's elegant.

Adam: I'm going to let chloe go, but if I do that right now, what's to keep you from running off with her and leaving me in the lurch?

Kevin: I told you I would stay! Just tell me what you want me to do.

Adam: You will know soon enough.

Devon: I want to do a tribute to neil at society.

Ana: I love that idea.

Devon: And I also thought it'd be cool if we dedicated the stage to him, and that way, his love for music will live on forever.

Michael: And you also inherit neil's penthouse, which is free and clear of any mortgage.

Nate: Wow, uh... I'm, uh, blown away.

Nate: I was surprised to hear from you. I assumed you were calling to pump me for information about your dad's health.

Adam: Well, unlike the rest of my family, I respect his privacy. But he is the reason I need a new place to live. We're not seeing eye to eye at the moment, and the ranch is suddenly too small for the both of us. Which is why this is so urgent.

Nate: And why you offered me twice the market value for the penthouse?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Well, I find that money can sometimes help expedite things. My, uh, first instinct was to say no because I inherited it from neil, and, uh, he was like a father to me.

Adam: But then?

Nate: Then I realized all the good I could do with the profits. I mean, that's neil's way, right, paying it forward? Doing something like that would mean a lot more to neil than keeping his place like some shrine to him.

Adam: And if it helps, the place means a lot to me, too. It was -- it was an anchor for me during an important time in my life. And those memories have recently come back.

Nate: I get that. All of my memories are about neil, so it's hard for me to be there.

Adam: So you'll sell it to me?

Nate: Yeah.

Adam: Uh, how soon can we make it happen?

Nate: I mean, I practically live at work, so I don't have a lot of stuff.

Adam: I can send over the paperwork, wire you the money right away.

Nate: All right.

[ Keys jingling ] I'll leave the spare key on the bar tonight.

Adam: Pleasure doing business with you.

Ana: Neil would have loved a night like tonight.

Devon: Yeah, he would.

Ana: It's such a great idea, paying tribute to his love of music. I'm really looking forward to it.

Devon: Yeah. Me, too. Me, too. Speaking of music, actually, how are, uh -- how are things going with you and tessa?

Ana: Fantastic, actually.

Devon: Yeah.

Ana: Mariah had this idea of filming tessa singing in public places, like the park and their stairwell, and we're gonna put together a video to release online. Oh, and as far as the image goes, we're putting her in some jabot collective merch. We're gonna do a subtle tie-in.

Devon: Wait, what are you doing?

Ana: It'll dovetail their influencer strategy, since we're going after the same demographic. And it'll hopefully help the video go viral.

Devon: I think that's a waste of time.

Abby: Tonight has to be perfect for devon.

Lola: It will be. There is no way we're letting him down. You know, I've never been much of a ceremony person, but now i realize how important they can be to celebrate someone's life or to mark the meaningful days.

Abby: Like your wedding?

Lola: I actually wanted to talk to you about that.

Abby: Ooh, yes, I loved batting around ideas with you, and I would love to help any way I can.

Lola: Happy to hear, because I have something kind of specific in mind. Abby, will you be my maid of honor?

Abby: Me? Really?

[ Laughs ]

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Hi.

Billy: Hey. Uh-oh. What's going on in that beautiful head? Are you trying to solve world peace?

Victoria: Well, sort of. I want to end the war in our family.

Billy: What happened?

Victoria: I went to go see nick, to see if I could make things right, but he doesn't want anything to do with me. Instead of leaving town and starting a new life with chelsea, adam took everything that I gave him, and he's trying to wreak havoc on nick and christian's life.

Billy: That's not on you, vick. That's on adam.

Victoria: Maybe, maybe not. But where does it end? I mean, how do I make it end?

Kevin: What do you want?

Adam: An attitude adjustment, to start. Chloe gets to stay dead if and only if you come running when i call. You're lucky I want to stick to our deal after you bungled things with phyllis.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, skip the preamble to get to why you called.

Adam: My family hasn't exactly welcomed me back with open arms since I've been home. I'm not feeling the love.

Kevin: Maybe don't try and steal their children.

Adam: Mm. Christian's mine. Hopefully, I will be making it officially soon. And now that I've filed for custody, I'm assuming nick and victoria are going to be planning some kind of retaliation. So I need to stay one step ahead of them.

Kevin: What do you want me to do about that?

Adam: Really? Do you have any capacity for deductive reasoning? Find out what they're planning. Start with victoria. Today, the perdue family

Lola: You have been such a good friend to me, especially over the last couple of months, and I was so excited we were gonna be sisters there for a while, even though that didn't work out.

Abby: What happened between me and arturo doesn't change anything between us.

Lola: I'm so glad because you mean a lot to me.

Abby: Well, I am touched that you asked me, and, yes, I would love to stand up for you.

Lola: Yeah?

Abby: Yes! I have so many ideas swimming through my head, but I think the first thing on my list of duties will be...a bridal shower!

Lola: Yeah, that would be awesome!

Abby: [ Giggles ]

Lola: But first you might have to consult with the groomzilla about that.

Kyle: What's up?

Lola: Nothing!

Kyle: What?

Lola: Um, I just asked abby to be my maid of honor, and she accepted.

Kyle: That's great! Welcome to team abbott-rosales!

Abby: How can I help?

Kyle: Oh, uh, I think I have things under control right now.

Abby: Oh, let me guess. You are captain of the team.

Kyle: You could say that.

Abby: Mm.

Kyle: I am the abbott in abbott-rosales.

Abby: Lola, uh, you have to do some dinner prep, don't you? I mean, we've got this covered.

Kyle: Yep. We're good.

Lola: Okay.

Abby: We need to talk.

Kyle: I'm all ears.

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Now, why are we gonna make some cheap film when we have a real studio we can use?

Ana: And we're gonna use it to clean up the audio.

Devon: It's gonna sound weak and unprofessional if you do that.

Ana: It's going to saw raw and natural. We're telling a story about going back to the basics and the sheer love of making music. Okay, you remember when jett told us about playing in the subway station and getting discovered?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Ana: We want people to feel like they're discovering tessa for the first time.

Devon: The music industry has changed a whole lot since jett started singing, you realize that. I really don't think this is the right first impression, I'm sorry.

Ana: Well, I respectfully disagree. You told me not to shove tessa in a box, to find an image that she's comfortable with and would allow her to shine. We collaborated, and this was the result.

Devon: Right, and you're the producer, which means you get to make the final say. So if someone pitches you a bad idea, you can say no to it.

Ana: It's not a bad idea.

Devon: What's this about you sticking in jabot collective merch?

Ana: We were talking to kyle about our concept.

Devon: So you're gonna make it seem like we're selling tessa out before she even starts her career?

Ana: We're not putting her in anything she wouldn't normally wear.

Devon: Okay. So you let mariah talk you into a half-assed idea that doesn't even really showcase the music, and now kyle's gonna use it to make it a part of his marketing strategy...

Ana: Why are you being so harsh? This is feeling personal.

Devon: It's not personal. It's really not, okay? I know you're talented, and I've been trying very hard to let you do things the way you want to do them, but you're green. There's things you're not gonna know unless you have some more experience.

Ana: What are you saying?

Devon: I'm saying that you need guidance that I don't have time to give you, so I think I'm gonna have to hire someone who's a little more senior.

Ana: Over my head?

Devon: Yes.

Ana: Don't do that, devon.

Devon: We'll talk about it another time, all right?

Kevin: I'm not james bond. I'm Q. I work alone in a room. Computer code makes sense to me, people don'T.

Adam: That's kind of sad.

Kevin: Don't feel bad for me, just don't ask me to do this.

Adam: You need to work on your self-esteem, buddy. Now, come up with a mantra, like "you're good enough," or something. I don't know, I can't do all this for you.

Kevin: Adam --

Adam: You have to think of this as an opportunity to grow. Work on your people skills.

Kevin: I hate you so hard.

Adam: See? That's too blunt. You're gonna drive people away with that kind of language.

Kevin: I want to see chloe.

Adam: Listen, if you do what I say and you get me results, then you can see her.

Kyle: Lola and I have a system. I'm in charge of the planning and budget, she signs off on things. Where do you see yourself fitting in?

Abby: As an advocate for lola, making sure that her opinion is heard. You know, weddings are supposed to be about the bride and what she wants.

Kyle: If that's a swipe on my masculinity, nice try. But I know what she wants. I'm going to give her the wedding of her dreams.

Abby: You can't shut me out.

Kyle: Don't want to.Ld b under your purview?

Abby: Bridesmaids dresses.

Kyle: Stone blue in a sateen twill.

Abby: Stone blue isn't trending for summer.

Kyle: It is for fall, and it's lola's favorite color.

Abby: Okay, I get the bridal shower.

Kyle: Pomegranate mojitos.

Abby: Yes, I know she likes those.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Abby: To be continued?

Kyle: Any time.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Hi.

Nate: Hey.

Abby: You look... pretty good.

Nate: Thanks. Am I overdressed for our get-together? Or hang-out? I don't know the word.

Abby: The word is "date." And, um, I will catch up with you after the dedication?

Nate: Yes, you will.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Devon! Hey! Hi!

Devon: How you doing?

Abby: How you feeling?

Devon: Oh, I'm feeling all right.

Abby: Good, because tonight is gonna be so special.

Devon: Yeah, and, hey, thank you again for making it become a reality.

Abby: Of course. Here, please, come look at the plaque.

Devon: Oh, wow.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Wow. Look at that. "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, life to everything." In loving memory of neil winters. That's -- that's beautiful, abby. That's neil's favorite quote from plato.

Abby: I thought maybe we could put it right over there.

Devon: It'd be perfect. It'd be perfect. Is there anything else I can help you do before we get started, or...?

Abby: No, no. Please, just relax and enjoy, and, um -- oh!

Devon: Hey! Have fun with your family and friends.

Devon: Okay. Thanks. Jett!

Abby: Hi! How are you?

Jett: I'm doing good.

Devon: Thanks for coming, man.

Abby: Hi!

Devon: Thank you.

Jett: I wasn't gonna miss this, man.

Devon: Thanks.

Jett: It was an easy flight from chicago, and I get a chance to sing with my baby girl!

Devon: Hey!

Jett: And, um, I'm gonna go get, uh, something to moisten up the pipes, huh?

Devon: Do it. Do your thing.

Elena: Hey.

Devon: Hey, you.

Elena: You excited about tonight?

Devon: Yeah.

Elena: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah, I'm excited. Yeah. It's -- it's a little strange to see neil's whole life stripped down to a few words on a plaque, but it'S...

Elena: It's not his whole life, it's just something to remember him by. And his love of music and your love of him.

Devon: That's true.

Elena: Yeah.

Devon: Forget what I said. It is the perfect way to keep him close, and I know that.

Elena: Mm.

Devon: It's gonna be great.

Elena: Yeah.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Lola: Don't over-reduce the sauce. It should be a light glaze. It's way too thick!

Billy: Nobody wants adam out of town more than I do. The guy's a human wrecking ball and destroys everything in his path. But I think you need to slow down and take a minute and figure out what you want to do next.

Victoria: You're right. And whatever the next step is, it has to be methodical and fool-proof, right?

Billy: Yeah.

Kevin: Victoria?

Victoria: Oh, kevin! Hi!

Kevin: Hi!

Victoria: What are you doing here?

Kevin: Oh, I was just in town visiting michael. Hey, billy.

Billy: Hey, man. How are you?

Kevin: Good.

Victoria: Good to see you. Sit down!

Kevin: Thanks.

Victoria: How have you been?

Kevin: I'm good. I'm good. Just, you know, same old...

Victoria: How's bella?

Kevin: She's growing like a weed, loves being outdoors. She's a -- she's a happy kid. Though she misses her mom.

Billy: Yeah, I'm sure that's tough.

Victoria: I can't imagine.

Kevin: Yeah. Uh, how are you guys? You still at jabot?

Billy: Yeah, I am. We've had a couple bumps in the road recently, but we, uh -- we just launched a new initiative, and it's going well, and we are solid and happy, and the kids are fantastic, so...

Kevin: Well, that's terrific. And especially since i heard, um -- and I can't believe it's true that adam is back.

Billy: Yeah, we're still not sure what we did to deserve that one.

Victoria: I suppose if there's one small mercy in chloe's passing, it's that she didn't have to deal with his return.

Billy: Yeah, he drove chloe and I both to the brink. At least she's in peace now.

Kevin: So, uh, I take it he didn't return new and improved.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] I think he's worse than ever.

Kevin: Brutal.

Billy: Yeah, we've been trying to avoid him as much as possible. Unfortunately, victoria's been forced to interact with him.

Kevin: Let me guess. Is he trying to worm his way back into newman?

Victoria: Not yet, but I am prepared for him if he tries.

Kevin: Well, we all know how tricky he can be. How do you plan on fighting back?

Lola: Mmm, much better. Steak is settling, brussels are in the broiler...

Kyle: Fiancé is impressed.

Lola: And I have just enough time for you to kiss me.

Kyle: Mmm. Carry on, chef.

Summer: No, that is exactly right.

[ Chuckles ]

Kyle: What happened to theo?

Summer: Oh, what happened to theo? Wow, no, actually, I'm having a working meal with an influencer that theo wanted me to meet with. But thank you for showing interest in my dating life. I'm not sitting around pining after you, if that's what you think.

Kyle: Oh, I know there's no pining. I've seen proof of the no-pining all over town, but... I was a little worried the other day, during our meeting with billy. It seemed like something was wrong with you.

Summer: Yeah, something is wrong, and something was wrong then, but that's my business, not yours anymore. So it's just one less thing you have to worry about, okay?

Kyle: Okay.

Abby: I have a few minutes before the ceremony starts. Can I get you a drink? On the house.

Nate: I, uh, won't turn down special attention from the owner. Looking forward to more of that later. And, I, um, actually have something I want to talk to you about.

Abby: Oh.

Nate: Maybe --

Devon: Hey! I saw moving boxes outside your place. What's going on?

Nate: I'm, uh, moving.

Devon: Did you rent out the penthouse?

Nate: No, I sold it.

Devon: No, you -- you sold it?

Nate: It happened really fast, man.

Devon: You sold my dad's penthouse?

Nate: Technically, it was mine.

Devon: And why didn't you tell me you did that?

Nate: Hey, why don't we talk about this tomorrow? It's an important night.

Devon: I want to talk about it right now. Why didn't you give me a chance to buy it?

Nate: Adam said he lived there before neil, and he has some sentimental attachment to it.

Devon: Hold on a second. Hold on. You sold my dad's place to adam newman?

Nate: Okay, look, I miss neil, too, okay? But, for me, staying there was a sad reminder of him. And what neil wanted was for family to be close to one another. We usually gather at your place, so me selling the penthouse won't --

Devon: That's not the point, though. This --

Nate: Okay, adam bought it for a lot more than it's worth.

Devon: So this was for money?

Nate: No, not -- okay, not -- not the way you're thinking. I'm donating the funds to the hospital. To help people, maybe even save lives. I'm doing what neil asked us to do.

Devon: Okay. Okay.

Nate: Okay?

Devon: All right. Yeah. Yeah. He did give you the penthouse, you're right. And tonight is about him, so we should be celebrating. I mean, he wouldn't want us fighting over his things, so...

Nate: I think so, too.

Devon: Yeah. Me, too. Excuse me for a second.

Devon: Hey. About earlier --

Ana: Don't worry about it.

Abby: Is that what you wanted to talk to me about, selling the penthouse?

Nate: Yeah, I wanted your advice on how to tell devon.

Abby: If you knew adam better, you'd understand why he's so upset.

Victoria: Adam's trying to pit us against each other because he can't get what he really wants.

Kevin: Which is what?

Victoria: He wants his family back. He tried to reunite with chelsea, but she's not having it. She won't let him see connor.

Billy: All of a sudden, he wants to be father of the year.

Kevin: Wait, so he's mad because he can't be reunited with his kids after what he's done?

Billy: And he'll never see the irony of that because he's not capable of the empathy.

Victoria: I tried paying him off to get him out of our lives, but, instead, he's using the money to try to get custody of christian.

Kevin: Because that's what he does. He uses whatever leverage he has to get what he can. He just takes and takes until you have nothing left.

Billy: I'm sure this brings up bad memories for you, too.

Kevin: Yeah, he caused chloe's breakdown. He killed delia.

Billy: Yep. And nothing's gonna change that.

Kevin: I know. Still, having adam back again, that constant reminder...

Billy: Yeah, it's not easy.

Kevin: I get why you guys want him gone, and if you have any ideas about how to get rid of him, count me in. I'll do whatever I can to help.

Billy: Well, we were just discussing that.

Victoria: I say we do nothing because if we push adam, it might make him do something worse. I say we step back and leave a vacuum.

Kevin: How can you stand it? How can you just sit back and do nothing?

Billy: Because getting in the mud with adam only makes you feel dirty. He's dragged me down to his level before, and I'm not gonna let him do it again.

Kevin: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Billy: It's not you. It's adam. And I'm sure this isn't the conversation you planned on having when you sat down. But the good news is, you can get up and walk away from all of this, and I highly recommend you do.

Kevin: Great. Um, well, I'm gonna head inside and do some work. Um, I'll see you guys around.

Billy: See ya.

Victoria: Bye.

[Stomach growls]

Devon: So, there was a day not too long ago where I was -- I was really feeling the weight of neil's passing, and i remember coming home and walking into my living room, and I heard my family singing, and it was my sister ana and her father jett. They were just filling the room with this beautiful music, and, uh, in that moment, all of the weight was lifted from me. And I remember neil talking about how powerful music could be and how transformative it was, and, uh... on that day, it literally did transform me, and it gave me the idea to do this dedication because my dad knew that music had the power to take away pain and sadness and to put joy back in your life, and, uh... that's exactly what I want to do on this stage, and what we're gonna do on this stage, in remembrance of him. So here's to a great man and his love for music that will live on in his spirit and in all of ours. And I'd love if everyone would put a glass up, please. I know that my dad would really appreciate having you guys all here tonight, and, uh, he'd want us to party like the best of them, so let's do it. To neil!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Esther: Kevin?

Kevin: Esther!

Esther: Oh, my god! It's really you!

Kevin: It's me!

Esther: Oh, my goodness!

[ Gasps ] What are you doing in town, and why wasn't I the first call that you made?

Kevin: Oh, it's just a last-minute trip.

Esther: Well, where are you staying?

Kevin: The gcac?

Esther: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You are coming home with me. And where's bella? Is -- is she with you?

Kevin: No, it was such a quick trip. I didn't want to take her out of her routine. But I do have some recent photos.

Esther: Oh, good.

Kevin: Look. [ Laughs ]

Esther: Oh, my gosh!

Kevin: Yeah.

Esther: Look how much she's grown!

Kevin: Yeah.

Esther: Oh! Oh, she looks just like chloe in that one.

Kevin: She really does.

Esther: Oh, I'm just so happy at how well the two of you are doing. Even if it means you have to be that far away.

Kevin: Yeah.

Esther: But I know why it has to be that way. Oh. I'm not sure if you've heard --

Kevin: I heard, yeah.

Esther: Okay. Then please stay away from adam. Just pretend that he's still long gone. You have so many good things in your life. You just need to focus on those, okay, honey?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. I will. I got to run.

Esther: Okay.

Kevin: Okay.

Esther: But I expect you at the house tonight. Don't you make me drag you out of that hotel room, okay? Because you know I will.

Kevin: I know you will. Okay.

Esther: Okay. Oh, I love you, love you, love you.

Kevin: I'll see you tonight. Love you.

Victoria: Are you okay?

Billy: Yes, I'm fine.

Victoria: I know that kevin doesn't always put things in the most delicate way.

Billy: No, but he's telling the truth, isn't he? About adam, about delia, about all of it.

Victoria: I can see the pain in your eyes, billy, and I know that adam being back stirs up all kinds of feelings. I hope you're not hiding them from me.

Billy: Well, clearly, I'm not capable of doing that. The only thing I'm hiding right now is that I am late for a meeting, okay? So I will see you tonight.

Victoria: Okay, but --

Billy: I'll bring pizza for the kids.

Lola will freak if she sees that bus pan on this table.

Lola: Yes, lola will. Go fix it!

When you said this was a special dessert, you weren't kidding!

Lola: It's a surprise for table 7!

Got it.

Lola: What happened to the saucer that was right here?

[ Scoffs ]

Kevin: Excuse me, can I --

Summer: Oh! Oh, my god! Kevin!

Kevin: Summer! Hi!

Summer: Hi!

Kevin: You are a sight for sore eyes. Hi!

Summer: How are you?

Kevin: I'm good. Good. Just in town for a quick visit.

Summer: Oh! Um -- um, this is my old friend, kevin.

Kevin: More like partner in crime?

Summer: Uh, he's kidding.

[ Laughter ]

Kevin: I was hoping to catch up with your mom, but she has been hard to get ahold of.

Summer: Yeah. Yeah.

Kevin: What? What's wrong?

Summer: Nothing, it's just, um... I'm so sorry, could you give us a minute? Thank you. I have not been able to get ahold of her, either. She has not been in a good place lately, and she's had a couple of very public blow-ups, and now she's gone. Like, vanished, and I'm really worried about her.

Kevin: Well, maybe she just needed a little time to herself.

Summer: Yeah, maybe, but, i mean, even if we're fighting, it's not like her to just completely ghost me like this. I don't know, kev, I cannot shake this feeling that something really bad has happened to her.

Kevin: I wouldn't think the worst. I'm sure she'll turn up.

Summer: Yeah, well...

Kevin: I mean, if she were to take a little sabbatical, where do you think she would go?

Summer: You know, I don't know. I have called all the hotels that she likes, I have called the spa that she likes, and there is no sign of her. I mean, she would never go this long without talking to me unless she --

Kevin: Unless she what?

Summer: No, you know, my mom and adam were getting really close right before she disappeared. I think he knows more than what he's saying. Excuse me.

Kevin: Mm. - Look around.

Kyle: Hey! How's it going in here?

Lola: Great! So great.

Kyle: Just wanted to tell you that people are raving about the food.

Lola: That is really, really great. Great.

Kyle: Yes. It is.

Lola: Yeah, well, there's lots of hungry people out there, and I to keep the food coming so if you could just go ahead and enjoy yourself. Bye!

Kyle: Okay. Bye!

Nate: If devon's still upset about the penthouse, he didn't show it in that speech. It really hit home.

Abby: It was beautiful. I'm so sorry, I think they need me at the door. I'll be right back.

Nate: The hell is that?

That's a nice ring, dude.

Nate: No! No, no, no, no. Wrong table, wrong table. We're on our first official date.

Oh, okay. Sorry.

Nate: No worries. No, just get out of here. Goness!

I am so sorry.

Abby: Are you okay? Here.


Abby: I'm so sorry. Can get you another drink, or something? Oh, my gosh.

Devon: I just really want to carry on neil's legacy, and lp's a very big part of that, so i really appreciate you guys being here, and, uh, make sure you stay for the performance. It's gonna be good. Hey. You guys ready?

Ana: Of course. We're professionals.

Jett: Um, I'll wait for you up there, huh?

Ana: You might think I made a mistake with tessa and mariah, but you're making an even bigger one, hiring someone to babysit me.

Devon: That's not what I'm doing.

Ana: It's a waste of time and money because I can do the job.

Devon: Okay, can we talk about it another time so you can focus on singing right now, please?

Ana: I know how to multitask. Part of what makes me a good producer.

Kyle: You looking for me?

Lola: What?

Kyle: What are you looking for? You lose something?

Lola: Yes.

Kyle: What?

Lola: I lost...

[ Groans ] The ring. The beautiful, probably very expensive engagement ring! Oh, my god, why did I wear it to work? That was so stupid of me.

Kyle: Hey, hey, hey. It's got to be around here somewhere. We'll find it and laugh about this later.

Lola: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Where's my mom?

Adam: I have no idea.

Summer: Really? Because the last time that I saw her, she was with you, and now she's missing and no one's heard from her.

Adam: If she decided to take off somewhere, she did not tell me.

Summer: Well, I have a feeling that someone did something to her.

Adam: Phyllis has made quite a few enemies recently. But I am not one of them.

Summer: Okay, so you have no idea what happened to her.

Adam: No. But if someone was stupid enough to take on phyllis, I would be more worried about that person, not your mom. Okay? I am sure she will pop up soon.

Devon: All right, everyone. Let's give a big round of applause for ana hamilton and mr. Jett slade!

[ Applause ]

Ana: Yeah

Jett: Oh

Ana: Oh

Jett: Ohhh

Ana: Whoa, whoa, whoa

Jett: Yeah

Ana: Yeah, yeah

Jett: People say that I'm crzy

that I should leave her alone

they say that I'm wasting my time and just move on

but I know something about that girl they don't know

whatever way she goes, i follow

She's got style, she's got class

she's just on another level

she's so fly, makes me laugh

yeah, she's got some kind of special

he's so smooth, he's so fine

got unlimited potential

makes me smile, makes me shine

yeah, he's just some kind of special

some, some, some kind of special

some, some, some kind of special

some, some, some kind of special

some, some, some kind of special

Ana: People say I don't get it

that I'd be better on my own

but they don't know what we got, and I'll never let it go

'cause I know something about that man that they don't know

anywhere he leads is where I want to be going

he's so smooth, he's so fine

got unlimited potential

Lola: I picked a good night to feature fish on the menu.

Kyle: I would say the brussels sprouts are offering the more pungent aroma.

[ Sighs ] I'm going in.

Lola: It's gone. It's not here.

Kyle: Don't give up yet.

Lola: Look, stop torturing yourself. There's no use. If you want to call off the wedding, I completely understand.

Kyle: You're not getting out of this that easy.

Lola: Oh, my god! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Jett: Everything that's in my life

Lola: [ Sighs ] Oh! You stink.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] The vows says "for better or worse."

She's so fly

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Yeah, she's got some kind of special he's so smooth, he's so fine got unlimited potential makes me smile, makes me shine yeah, he's just some kind of special she's got style, she's got class she's just on another level she's so fly, makes me laugh

Billy: You coming here is a bad mistake.

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