Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/19/19

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/19/19


Episode #13639 ~ Victor makes an important decision; Lily disappoints Cane; Nikki leans on Paul.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Cane: You are a remarkable woman. Traci? Traci.

Traci: [ Gasps ]

Cane: Hey. Where'd you go?

Traci: Oh!

Cane: I may have to move to lakewood, which means I'm gonna be close to lily.

Kevin: I'm in town because of chloe. She's alive.

Michael: She went after adam again.

Kevin: When I heard he'd been shot, I knew it was her. He's been holding her captive.

Nick: You need to stop trying to turn adam into the golden child. You threw him right into the middle of the family, and he blew it up.

Victor: I'm ill.

Victoria: How ill?

Victor: The doctors say it's serious. There's only one person who's qualified to continue my legacy, and that is you.

Nikki: [ Gasps ] Oh! Nate, I didn't know you were here. I'm sorry.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Nate just told me how well I'm doing.

Nate: Blood pressure's solid.

Nikki: Good.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: And everything else?

Victor: Well...

Nate: Nothing's changed since my last visit.

Victor: You said that my condition had not become worse, which is wonderful news.

Nate: Uh, this positive attitude of yours can't hurt.

Victor: Very well.

Nikki: Well, I think, uh, by telling the kids about his condition, it took a lot of pressure off of him.

Nate: Yes, I am glad you convinced him --

Victor: Yeah, well, it has been kind of difficult for my children. But the news of my illness, i think, will bring them together.

Nikki: Victor's right. They have one thing in common -- their love for their father.

Nate: Yes, well, I'll call you about your next treatment.

Victor: Thank you, nate. Nice to see you.

Nate: Nikki.

Nikki: Bye-bye.

Victor: What's going on? What's going on? Something is going on.

Michael: We need to talk.

Adam: Michael. Good to see you. Does this mean you've changed your mind about representing me?

Michael: I'm not here to help you go after your brother. I'm here to stand up for mine.

Adam: Mm. So this is what brotherly love looks like?

Michael: You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Traci: Say, is this seat taken?

Cane: Hey! No, it's not. Sit down. Join me.

Traci: Thank you.

Cane: Hey.

[ Sighs ] So, uh...

Traci: Any word on the relocation?

Cane: Uh... no, not yet. I, uh -- I sent in my paperwork and now I'm just, uh -- I'm waiting to hear back.

Traci: Ah. Well, I'm sure that you'll be on your way to lakewood soon.

Cane: Fingers crossed.

Traci: Heh. Yeah.

Cane: You know, even if i don't get the job, I'm still gonna put my house on the market, you know.

Traci: Really?

Cane: Yeah. Every time I walk in the front door, I'm -- I'm flooded with memories, you know?

Traci: Oh. So you need a blank canvas.

Cane: Exactly.

Traci: Yeah.

Cane: Anyway, that's -- that's enough about me. How are you doing? What's going on with you? Oh, how's, uh -- how's the novel going? What's going on?

Traci: It's good. We're at a very exciting time.

Cane: Oh, really?

Traci: Oh, yes.

Cane: Yeah?

Traci: Mm-hmm.

Cane: So, what's going on with your hero?

Traci: He's gotten himself in some trouble. And now I have to figure out a way to get him out of it.

Cane: And obviously he's gonna get rescued by someone who loves him, right. But the question is, who is that?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Cane: Oh. Um... this is what I've been waiting on. It's lily. Okay? So...

Traci: Oh, sure. Go, go, go.-Cane: Yeah?

Traci: Yeah.

Cane: All right.

Traci: Of course.

Cane: Hey! Thanks for calling me back.

Lily: Yeah, I got your message. What's up?

Cane: I heard you might be coming to town.

Victor: I didn't think it would go this far.

Nikki: Are you really that surprised?

Victor: I talked to adam about how best to handle christian's situation, and obviously I didn't get through to him.

Nikki: Nicholas is a nervous wreck. He's hired michael to represent him.

Victor: By the way, you and i were together with nicholas yesterday. He didn't say anything -- anything about this.

Nikki: Well, he knew.

Victor: Yes, he did. So why wouldn't he bring up something as important as this?

Nikki: Maybe he's wondering whose side you'll take.

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Lily: Who told you I was coming to town?

Cane: It's just a rumor. You know, tonight's a big night for your family.

Lily: Yeah, the ceremony.

Cane: Dedicating the stage at society to your dad. And, uh, you know, I kind of figured you'd want to be there.

Lily: I wanted to, but my first group of students are graduating today.

Cane: Oh. Really? Okay.

Lily: Yeah, uh, teaching the inmates is my tribute to dad, so I know he'd want me to see it through.

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, 100%. Um... all right. Well, look, I'll ask devon to tape the presentation for you, okay?

Lily: He's recording the whole thing for me.

Cane: Okay. Uh, well -- that's -- that's -- that's good. Um... you know, I -- I want you to see it.

Lily: Um, well, anyway, the graduation ceremony is about to start, so anything else?

Cane: No. No, no. Um... no, not really. No.

Lily: Okay. I got to go. Bye.

Cane: Bye.

Victor: He can't honestly believe that I want him to lose custody of christian. Nicholas is the only father the boy's ever known.

Nikki: There was a time you thought he'd be better off with you.

Victor: Well, there's a reason for that -- because nicholas was trying to take my grandson away from me. I had to stop him.

Nikki: I'm not sure he sees that the same way.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Anyway, everything turned out okay.

Nikki: Yeah, but now you've brought adam into the picture.

Victor: Well, not to do this.

Nikki: Victor, you showed up at nicholas' house, unannounced, and insisted that he allow adam to see christian.

Victor: Are you forgetting that adam had lost his memory? And I thought, by introducing him to christian, he would, you know, jog it a little. He would recognize him.

Nikki: Yeah, it did a lot more than that.

Victor: Well, a custody battle was not my intention.

Nikki: That may be, but it's a reality now. And it's something we all have to deal with.

Michael: Ohhh. You think you're on a winning streak.

Adam: I did cheat death.

Michael: Yeah, yeah. And chloe was the grim reaper. So you tracked her down and decided to use her as a bargaining chip.

Adam: [ Snorts ] There's not much value in corpses.

Michael: Hmm. Then you won dark horse from nick -- part of your strategy to gain custody of christian. You're playing all the angles. But kevin is your ace in the hole. You think he'll do anything you ask to get chloe back.

Adam: Well, you're forgetting the part about chloe being dead. I would have to have something on "kev" to manipulate him like that.

Michael: Your plans to use my little brother to do your dirty work are now null and void.

Adam: Are you seriously suggesting that I'm holding chloe hostage somewhere, and I'm forcing kevin to do my bidding?

Michael: [ Chuckles ] I know you are.

Adam: Wow. And they say kevin is the crazy one.

Michael: Ohh. Chloe is alive, and she almost sent you to your grave a few weeks ago.

Adam: You really should keep up with the news. An old poker buddy I took to the cleaners confessed to shooting me.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] I can't imagine what that lie cost. But here's the thing about lies -- they don't hold up under scrutiny.

Adam: Scrutinize away, michael. Tell the world that I kidnapped a dead woman, and I'm using her to blackmail your brother. There won't be a person in wisconsin who thinks you're fit to practice law. Last time I checked, the bar frowns on unhinged lawyers.

Michael: That a threat?

Adam: It's just a fact, counselor. And facts do hold up... and ruin careers.

Nate: I was gonna ask what looks good today, but I, uh, already have my answer.

Abby: The '80s called. They want their pick-up line back.

Nate: That's a hastings original.

Abby: Can I have the hostess get you a table?

Nate: Bar is fine.

Abby: Suit yourself.

Nate: I, uh, got an e-mail about an event tonight. They're dedicating a stage to neil. Live music. Signature drinks. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Abby: Yeah. It does.

Nate: You want to go with me?

Abby: You do realize the event is here, in my restaurant, 20 feet from where I'm standing?

Nate: So you can hardly say no.

Abby: [ Scoffs ] Want to bet?

Nate: [ Exhales softly ] Come on, every dollar I spend at the event goes towards your bottom line. That's a win-win.

Abby: No, a win-win is, I ask you what's wrong with my father, and you tell me the truth.

Nate: Is that why you're freezing me out?

Abby: I've had my fill of guys who aren't honest with me.

Nate: Uh, you're a smart, smart lady. I know you understand why I couldn't tell you about victor's condition. Thought so. So, you want to be my date tonight?

Traci: "Flynn looked as dead as a skunk wearing fresh tire tracks. Finally, he stirred.

Flynn: [ Groans ] Oh...

[ Hisses ]

[ Groans ]

[ Sniffles ] Boy, I really must have tied one on.

[ Groans ]

Traci: "But flynn realized things weren't adding up. He didn't remember spending the night with his old pal jack daniels.

Flynn: [ Sighs ]

Traci: "Then, the fog lifted, and it all came into focus. He was in the park, watching iris' no-good husband, derek gould, making time with some dame he couldn't keep his mitts off."

Flynn: That's right. I was about to get that shot and prove that iris is married to a louse of a husband, and everything went black.

[ Sighs ] How -- how'd I end up here?

Det. Johnson: You didn't follow instructions.

Flynn: Is that gould?

Det. Johnson: [ Scoffs ] Wrong as usual, flynn.

Flynn: [ Sighs ] Johnson. I should've known you'd be doing gould's dirty work.

Traci: "Detective carl johnson. A man so crooked, he made lombard street look straight.

Det. Johnson: You know, I was beginning to worry you'd never wake up.

Flynn: So, how long did it take you to turn? No, don't tell me. Bet you flipped faster than a fish on a hot grill.

Det. Johnson: Like the woman you were calling out for in your sleep. Where is she, flynn?

Flynn: Who? Iris?

Det. Johnson: Nah. Wilma.

Flynn: Oh. Velma.

Det. Johnson: That's it.

Flynn: [ Sighs ] No, no. She's my -- she's my girl friday.

Det. Johnson: It's a pity for you it's only tuesday.

Flynn: No, velma and i aren't like that. She's loyal, you know, and she worries if I'm gone too long.

Det. Johnson: [ Chuckles ] Maybe she'll call the cops.

Cane: Maybe I could just walk out of here.

Det. Johnson: You're not going anywhere till you make up your mind.

Flynn: Yeah? About what?

Det. Johnson: Dropping your ex-wife's case.

Flynn: I already told gould it's not gonna happen.

Det. Johnson: [ Scoffs ] Fortunately, mr. Gould is a very patient man. He's giving you one last chance to walk away from this.

Flynn: Hmph. And what if I decline his offer?

Det. Johnson: You buy a one-way ticket to the bottom of the river. And iris... she gets framed for your murder. From what I hear, there's a very short wait on death row these days.

Flynn: You're never gonna get away with this.

Det. Johnson: You know, if there's one thing that I'm good at, it's making charges stick.

Flynn: You bastard.

Det. Johnson: I can see this is gonna be a very tough choice for you. Maybe you should sleep on it a while. Sweet dreams.

[ Keys clacking ]

Traci: Ha! Should've listened to velma.

[ Chuckles ]

Traci: "Velma tried to think about anything besides flynn, but her heart was as stubborn as the lipstick stains on his collar. The doorbell sent a jolt that shocked her back to reality. She prayed it was flynn on the other side of the door, but when she opened it, there stood the last person she wanted to see.

Velma: [ Gasps ] Iris!

Iris: Is flynn here?

Velma: The guy whose heart you busted? The one that you've been using to chase some stupid locket all over town that probably doesn't even exist? That flynn?

Iris: Is he here or not?

Velma: No. And he hasn't been for some time.

Iris: Damn it! I was afraid of that.

Velma: What? Afraid of what?

[ Stammers ] Where is he? What's happened?

Iris: Shut your yap and listen. I think flynny's in trouble.

Velma: What have you done to him?

Iris: I didn't do anything. But I have a bad feeling.

Velma: What kind of a bad feeling?

Iris: I think my husband is behind this.

Velma: That jerk you left flynn for?

Iris: I heard derek with one of his employees. They were talking about taking somebody somewhere.

Velma: What else did they say?

Iris: That they were gonna sit on him for a while, and...

Velma: And what?

Iris: And if he didn't cooperate, they were gonna "deal with him."

Velma: Did they say where they were gonna take this guy?

Iris: No.

Velma: Ugh! What good are you?

Iris: I'm plenty good. I found this. Derek wrote the address down for the guy.

Velma: Nice work.

Iris: I want to go down there, but I don't think I should go alone.

Velma: Hmph. You're smarter than you look.

Iris: [ Snorts quietly ] The only person I know who cares about flynn as much as me is you. Now, I know that you hate me. But do this for him. Are you in or out?

Traci: "I'm in."

[ Keys clacking ]

Nate: I have to protect my patients. That includes their privacy. It's not like I didn't think you should know about --

Abby: Stop. I should be the one apologizing. I know all about doctor/patient confidentiality, I just, um... I needed someone to dump my anger on.

Nate: Dump away.

Abby: I should be telling dad how upset I am. He had no right -- you know what, it wouldn't do any good. He would find a way to justify it.

Nate: Heh. Yeah, victor lives by, uh, victor's rules.

Abby: And rule number one is, he's in charge. Of his company. Of his family. Of everything. Except this disease. That's out of his hands. And, well, it's out of yours.

Nate: Abby, listen --

Abby: I know that you are gonna do whatever you can to help him. But we both know this could go either way. And that scares me. It's no secret that my dad and I have a, uh, complicated relationship.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] I, uh, know a little bit about complicated familial bonds.

Abby: I never quite fit in his life. But he loved my mother. I always thought that put me on a level playing field with nick and victoria, but... it just never seemed that way. I never quite fit into the newman family, to the newman business. In dad's eyes, I, uh -- I never measured up.

Nate: I-I -- I'm -- I'm sure that's not true.

Abby: He was never gonna look at me the way that he looked at them. That's why I had to leave the family business. I had to prove that I wasn't defined by someone else's opinion of me.

Nate: Well, you've certainly done that.

Abby: Have I? The man I considered a father most of my life is dead. My mother moved to paris, and my dad is the only parent I have in genoa city. If I lose him... who am I, then?

Michael: I came here to offer you a peaceful resolution. One that brings chloe back to bella and kevin and guarantees no further attempts on your life.

Adam: Nice pivot. But you're bluffing.

Michael: Even a losing hand can win.

Adam: You're way out of your league, here, michael.

Michael: You think my mind can't go to places every bit as dark and twisted as yours?

Adam: You mean an upstanding guy like you?

Michael: Don't let the white hat fool you. I've been wearing it for a long time. But you don't want to see what happens when I'm forced into a corner.

Adam: By your brother's stupidity, hm?

Michael: Mm. Kevin does slip up now and then. He tends to do that. But unlike you, I stand by my brother.

Adam: Mm.

Michael: So what you do to him, you do to me.

Adam: How noble.

Michael: Don't mistake that as a sign of weakness. Trust me... I won't be shy about doing whatever it takes to protect him.

Adam: I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to let me know where things stand.

Michael: I'm glad you understand.

Adam: I do. And I'm all-in. Cards are on the table. Oh, look at that. You have nothing. Except empty threats.

Michael: Don't bet on it.

Adam: Kevin's got a job to do. And he knows he better do it.

Michael: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Victor: You think this is my fault, don't you?

Nikki: There's no point in assigning blame. We just need to think about what's best for christian.

Victor: That's all I've ever done, sweetheart.

Nikki: When you filed for custody, I kept quiet. I stayed out of it. Maybe because I knew, deep down, that you would never keep that little boy away from nicholas.

Victor: That was never my intention.

Nikki: Yeah, but here we are, and I can't stay quiet this time. Adam's threat is very real.

Victor: You're telling me something I already know.

Nikki: Nicholas already knows he has my support. He needs to know that he has yours, too. I comparison shop for everything to get the best deal. Gas is 6 cents cheaper here. Sale rack! No! And, for loans, I go to lendingtree.Com. I wanted to consolidate my credit cards in to a personal loan to pay them off faster. Lending tree made lenders compete for my business and I ended up with a loan that saved me over $9000 and no more credit card debt. I mean $9000! It's a lot of money. Lending tree, may the best loan win.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Benny: Iris, what are you doing here?

Iris: Benny, is that any way to greet a lady?

Benny: Sorry, I just -- I just wasn't expecting you.

Iris: Yeah, I came here to have a word with my ex.

Benny: Your husband know you're here?

Iris: Of course he does. We're working together to out the rat.

Benny: Boss says he's been sticking his nose where it don't belong.

Iris: Yeah, in my bank account. I've been paying him for services un-rendered. So let me in so I can give him what for.

Benny: I don't know.

Iris: Oh, come on. Do this little thing iris. I'll find a way to... pay you back.

[ Benny grunts ]

[ Sighs ] It's about time.

Velma: What? I was about to call downstairs and reserve a room for you and this benny character.

Iris: Save it. We have to get flynn out of here. I think the key's probably in his pocket.

Velma: Well, don't look at me.

Iris: [ Clicks tongue ] Ugh!

[ Rustling ]

Velma: Come on, come on, come on, come on!

Iris: Yeah, I'm hurrying.

Velma: Okay. The door. Hurry up! Flynn could be dying in there!

Iris: [ Gasps ] Flynn! I bet this was the last face you expected to see.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Traci: [ Sighs ] Ah! Cane!

Cane: I need you.

Paul: Hey, nik. Okay, so you're either a million miles away or you're not speaking to me. Nik? Hello?

Nikki: Oh, hi, paul.

Paul: Hi.

Nikki: I-I'm sorry, I -- I didn't see you.

Paul: Everything okay?

Nikki: Yeah. Uh, I just have a lot on my mind, you know.

Paul: Yeah, I bet. Never ends with victor, does it?

Nikki: What do you mean?

Paul: His lawsuit against the D.A.'S office and the gcpd. I'm sure it's putting some strain on you. You know, we probably shouldn't even be talking together.

Nikki: Victor filed the suit, not me.

Paul: You would think he'd want to put this whole thing behind him. But no, not victor. He holds onto a grudge to the bitter end.

Nikki: Well, he is a fighter.

Paul: Oh, yeah, he's a fighter, all right. He'd make my life a lot easier if he went down for the count.

Nikki: What?! That is a terrible thing to say, paul!

Paul: What -- nikki!

Adam: Calling ahead -- that's a real thing that people who respect your privacy do.

Victor: You disappoint me, son.-Adam: Mm. So we're gonna get right to it, huh? No pleasantries, no update on your health?

Victor: You know what this is about.

Adam: Big bad adam filed a lawsuit to get custody of his son, and nick went crying to daddy.

Victor: I didn't speak with nicholas, but you're right. This is about christian.

Adam: Pretty sure it wasn't about my music being too loud.

Victor: I'm not in the mood for your jokes. Not if a child's welfare and life is hanging in the balance.

Adam: You think I don't care about my son?

Victor: The drop the damn lawsuit. It is simply wrong to take the boy away from the only father he has ever known.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] That is amazing. Said without a trace of irony, as if you had not sued nick for custody of your grandson.

Victor: For your information, I did that to keep my family together. You're now here trying to tear it apart.

Adam: And here I was thinking you would just be afraid i would succeed where you failed.

Abby: So much for not being defined by my father.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] It's, uh, much easier in theory.

Abby: [ Sighs ] I am so sorry. I'm sure you're so bored of hearing me go on and on and on about this.

Nate: I can relate.

Abby: You have daddy issues, too?

Nate: [ Laughs ] No.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: No, I, um, just relate to what you mean. About you not knowing who you are if you aren't victor's daughter. When I lost neil, I, uh -- I was lost.

Abby: I didn't realize you two were so close.

Nate: Yeah, after, uh, my biological dad died and, uh, malcolm and my mom divorced, neil stepped up.

[ Sighs ] Father/son banquets. Graduations. Texts asking how things were going. He became the father I didn't have. In big ways and small.

Abby: Sounds like neil.

Nate: He gave so much of himself to so many. But I always felt like he saved the best for me.

Abby: Mm. Says a lot about him.

Nate: Guess that's why this dedication ceremony is so important to me.

Abby: Oh, and here I thought you were using it as a way to get close to me.

Nate: What? No. Maybe.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Now I'm gonna have trust issues to go along with my daddy issues.

[ Giggles ]

Nate: Tonight's gonna be a special night. I'd really like to share it with you.

Abby: Like I said, I'm gonna be here, anyway.

[ Both chuckle ]

Paul: Nikki, hold on! Wait! I-I -- I'm really glad I found you. I -- I am so sorry about what I said earlier.

Nikki: No, it's all right.

Paul: No, it isn'T. I hate that I upset you.

Nikki: I overreacted.

Paul: No, I was out of line. I guess I'm just upset about the lawsuit, mostly because of chris. It has... well, she's up for re-election, and the negative publicity has adversely affected her campaign, and... that's no excuse, it's just --

Nikki: It's -- it's -- it's fine.

Paul: [ Sighs ] I just want you to know that i would never wish victor ill.

Nikki: Can you just forget it, please?

Paul: Nikki! What's going on?

Nikki: Nothing!

Paul: Look, that's the second time that you've reacted when i said something about victor.

Nikki: I don't think you and I should talk about victor.

Paul: [ Sighs ] Obviously something's on your mind. I'm your friend. I want to help you if I can.

Nikki: Well, you can't, so just drop it.

Paul: This is about victor, isn't it?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Can you just leave this alone, please?

Paul: Is something wrong with him?

Nikki: No! He's fine. I'm fine.

[ Sniffles ] And we -- [ Cries ]

[ Whimpers ]

Paul: Aw, nik!

Nikki: [ Sobs ] Oh, paul, he's not fine.

Paul: What's -- what's wrong with him?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] You can't tell anybody about this, okay? No one.

Paul: Of course I won'T. Uh... is it serious? How serious is it?

Nikki: [ Crying ] I --

Paul: Oh, no, baby.

[ Nikki sobbing ] I'm so sorry.

Adam: Admit it, dad. I am about to chalk one up in the win column, and it's killing you.

Victor: So you think this is a game?

Adam: Your whole life is measured by wins and losses. Failure and success.

Victor: I succeeded in doing what is best for christian.

Adam: You lost to nick. And it must have really stung, having to hand your grandson over to someone as weak as him.

Victor: Nicholas is a very good father.

Adam: How would you know?

Victor: Drop the lawsuit, son.

Adam: This is between me and nick.

Victor: This affects my family. I'm the head of this family.

Adam: You never change. You still think you are the great architect of all things newman. That you decide what works. Are you denying that's why you tracked me down in vegas?

Victor: I'm not denying that at all. I wanted to reunite my family.

Adam: No, you found out you weren't immortal, and you wanted to make sure you handed your precious company off to the right person.

Victor: I could have handed those reins to any one of your siblings.

Adam: None of them could measure up to your standards. Who could? I know -- a blank slate! Someone with no memory. Someone that you could mold into the exact child you've always wanted. Victor 2.0.

Victor: You're talking nonsense now.

Adam: You're right. We are similar. Like you, I don't take orders. I decide what I want, and I go after it. Nobody gets in my way. Including you. So don't think for a second that you are gonna stop me from being the father to my son that you never were to me.

Victor: You're making a mistake, my boy.

Adam: No, you made the mistake. By bringing me back here. Now you have to live with the consequences.

Victor: Are you finished with your little speech?

Adam: I've said everything I had to say.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Now you're gonna have to listen to what I have to say. that the call I was waiting for

Cane: I should have told you that the call I was waiting for was from lily, okay?

Traci: Why didn't you?

Cane: [ Sighs ] I didn't want to look like that pathetic guy who's waiting for someone he cares about to notice him.

Traci: Cane, I would never judge you.

Cane: Okay, well, I didn't burden you with my problems again.

Traci: You could never do that.

Cane: And yet, here I am.

Traci: I don't mind. Really.

Cane: All right, well, look, I'd like to make it up to you, okay?

Traci: Oh, that --

Cane: No, no, no, no, no.

Traci: ...Won't be necessary.

Cane: No, hear me out, okay? Please hear me out.

Traci: Okay, okay.

Cane: Tonight there's a, uh -- a dedication ceremony for neil.

Traci: Right. At society.

Cane: Right. And I would love it if you would come with me.

Traci: Oh, I don't know. I don't think --

Cane: Wait. Hang on. Hang on, hang on. I also have a selfish reason for asking, okay? 'Cause it -- it's meant to be a celebration for neil, and there's gonna be a lot of people there who are gonna miss him.

Traci: Yes. And a lot of tears will be shed.

Cane: Exactly. And, you see, you have this way of bringing this joy, you know, into any room you walk into. You just do.

Traci: [ Scoffs ] That's a really sweet thing to say.

Cane: Well, it's true. So, there's gonna be a lot of people there who would love that joy, okay, including me, because I'm still mourning the loss of my friend and, you know, my place in the winters family.

Traci: And I'm so sorry about that, cane.

Cane: So it would mean a lot if you would come there. So... would you be my date?

Traci: Uh... I would love to.

Paul: Look, if you want to talk, I --

Nikki: Oh, paul. You have always made that so easy. But victor... well, he's victor.

Paul: Yeah, he just... keeps it inside, as usual.

Nikki: Yeah. [ Sighs ] Uh, I had to force him to tell me about his illness, and then he didn't want to tell the kids. I-I threatened to tell them myself if he didn'T.

Paul: Well, he must be worried.

Nikki: Well, I'm sure he must be, but he won't admit it. And just today, nate was trying to tell him one thing and then victor insisted on putting his spin on it.

Paul: You know what? Having a positive attitude helps.

Nikki: That's what nate said. But I sit here, in this beautiful park, and... I can't help but think of katherine. I mean, she was just as much a force of nature as victor. And yet, eventually, her time came.

Paul: Nobody lives forever.

Nikki: I know. I've been thinking a lot about that lately.

Paul: I know. That's only natural. But that doesn't mean that this is victor's time.

Nikki: He's -- he's such a big part of my life, paul. I mean, I can't even remember how it was before he -- and I-I -- I don't know if I want to.

Paul: Then don'T. Just don'T. Focus on what you have and not on what you stand to lose.

Nikki: Yeah, which would be everything. I mean, victor is my whole world. He always has been. Even when we were apart, we were still connected. But now I just... I feel the bond between us is breaking, and I --

[ Sobs ] I'm really scared, paul.

Paul: I know, baby. Listen, I-I'm here. Whatever you need, okay? Any time, day or night.

Nikki: I don't know if I can do this.

Paul: Look, you are every bit a force of nature as much as -- as katherine and victor combined. You are strong. You are more than capable of surviving even the worst.

Nikki: I hope I don't have to find out if that's true.

Victor: You're nothing like me, son. Whenever I suffered a disappointment or a failure, I didn't blame others for it. I blamed myself for it. I didn't become a hateful and destructive human being that made the lives of those around him miserable.

Adam: Mm. Well, it's just another example of me not measuring up.

Victor: What I expected of you was to be a decent human being.

Adam: You wanted me to play by your rules. Well, when I refused -- we all know what happens when you do that.

Victor: [ Inhales, exhales deeply ] You know, son, I should have left you in las vegas. You know, you could have made the lives of the suckers who you hustled miserable.

Adam: Oh, instead of the people that you really care about.

Victor: You know what's wrong with you, adam? You want to be an outsider. You relish that role. Well... I'll let you be an outsider. I want you to pack your things and get off my property.

Adam: No problem. At least when I'm gone, you won't have an excuse to tell me how to live.

[ Sniffles, sighs ]

Victor: You know, son, very few people in life are given a second chance. And you're throwing yours away.

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