Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/13/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/13/19


Episode #11635 ~ Nikki makes a shocking discovery; Kyle and Lola share news of their engagement; a Newman Family meeting turns ugly.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Dina: A love story. You know, they're the best kind.

Traci: I couldn't agree with you more.

Dina: So, tell me, who's the special man in your life?

Cane: They're what?

Traci: Incredible.

Nick: I still would like you to work for me.

Rey: Doing what?

Nick: I want to know every move adam makes before he makes it.

Victoria: I deserve to be C.E.O. When dad steps down, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let adam take that away from me!

Nate: Unfortunately, your body didn't respond to the treatments as well as we had hoped.

Victor: So, what do we do now?

Nikki: We tell the children what's going on. And if you don't, I will.

[ Elevator dings ]

Victoria: What are you doing here?

Nick: I got a summons from dad, too.

Victoria: I thought this was a business matter.

Nick: He didn't tell you what it's about?

Victoria: No, just that there's a meeting in his office in about two minutes.

Nick: Well, there's no point in staying out here.

Victoria: Um, that's locked. When dad says top of the hour, he means top of the hour.

Nick: Control freak to the end.

Victor: That's fine, my baby. Isn't it?

Nikki: Yes.

Victor: Good.

Nikki: Are you fine?

Victor: [ Sighs ] Why wouldn't I be?

Nikki: Well, your children deserve to know what's going on with your condition, especially after the test results.

Victor: Well, it was only -- only one -- one treatment so far.

Nikki: If you want me to help you explain to them, I can.

Victor: That's very sweet of you, but I'll handle it, okay?

Nikki: All right. Just be honest with them. Let them support you. I know what to do.

Nikki: I know.

[ Elevator dings ]

Adam: Oh, if I had known this was a party, I would have brought refreshments. Maybe nikki's got a bottle stashed somewhere.

Nick: Don't talk about her like that.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Adam: Got a lead on a new job?

[ Elevator dings ]

Abby: Finally dad's gonna tell us what's going on.

Victoria: You know what this meeting is about?

[ Door opens ]

Victor: [ Sighs ] Let's get started. Let's go.

Traci: Knock, knock.

Dina: Oh, hello.

Traci: Hi, there. I came back to honor my promise.

Dina: Oh, that's nice. Uh, what promise, dear?

Traci: Well, I promised you I would come back and read you some of the novel I'm working on.

Dina: Oh, that's right! You're the novelist!

Traci: That's exactly right. Traci.

Dina: Traci. Sit down, dear.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Dina: Tell me all about your book.

Traci: Well, it's got a little bit of everything.

[ Dina giggles ] It's got mystery and suspense and betrayal.

Dina: Ooh.

Traci: But most of all, it's a love story.

Dina: Ohh. What's it called?

Traci: It's called "stolen lockets, broken hearts." Are you ready to hear some of it?

Dina: Mm-hmm!

[ Giggles excitedly ]

Traci: Okay. Let's see, here. Get this out. Okay. Okay. You ready?

Dina: Oh, I'm ready, ready.

Traci: "Chapter one."

Dina: Oooh! [ Giggles ]

Mariah: Sorry, sorry. I was running around all day. Heh.

Kyle: Rescuing dead plants?

Mariah: The plant is not dead. It's just a little tired.

Kyle: Okay. Why are you carrying around a "tired" plant?

Mariah: Because it's a housewarming gift for you and lola.

Kyle: Great. I'll put it right next to the "tired" bottle of champagne

[ Chuckles ]

Mariah: You know what? It was beautiful when I got it, and then I just didn't get a chance to give it to you guys, and then I forgot to water it, and then I left it in my car, and, oh, my god, I suck as a friend.

[ Laughs ]

Kyle: [ Laughing ] Just at gift-giving.

Mariah: Well, this in no way indicates how happy I am for you and lola. That would be more like a giant palm tree. A very healthy one.

Kyle: You can get us one for a wedding present.

Mariah: Yeah, okay. Do you know how much those things cost? I mean, I guess I'll have time to save up before you guys tie the knot.

Kyle: Um, not as much time as you think.

Mariah: Wait. What does that mean? Are you and lola...?

Kyle: We're engaged.

Mariah: Oh, my god! Kyle, that's fantastic!

[ Both laughing ]

[ Footsteps ]

Lola: What do you want? Name it, and I will fix it for you.

Rey: Don't you have, like, 200 dinners to make?

Lola: Well, you are

numero uno on my list.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] What'd I do to deserve that?

Lola: You weren't a jerk to kyle.

Rey: Oh. Well, if I knew that's all it took...

Lola: Hey, I'm serious. I know that he asked to give your blessing for our marriage.

Rey: We had a good talk. I'm glad he's gonna be part of the family.

Lola: Hmm. Wow. I never thought I'd see the day.

Rey: What?

Lola: Where you would lie to my face.

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nasty toenails?

Traci: "'You've been a big help, velma. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you.' Flynn's compliment was enough to cast the blush of a fine rosé across the loyal secretary's cheeks. Velma turned away, afraid flynn might see her embarrassment, because that would turn the rosé to a full-bodied syrah."

Dina: Mm.

Traci: "'I didn't think you noticed.' Flynn quipped, 'I'm a detective. I see everything.'

[ Dina giggles ] Velma wondered aloud why he was blind, then, to his ex. Flynn grinned. 'I see every inch of iris.' Velma couldn't believe how a man so smart could be so dumb about a woman who treated him like a chump. Flynn's eyes flashed with anger. 'What's it to you?' Velma felt her heart slam shut, like a casket on a cold corpse. 'Nothing,' she whispered, and turned away." I re-wrote this last part. I think it's better this way.

Dina: Oh, yes. I do.

[ Stammers ] Is there more?

Traci: Yeah. Do you want to hear it?

Dina: Are you kidding me? I sure do! [ Chuckles ]

Traci: Well, okay.

[ Dina giggles ]

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Velma: Boss, you haven't answered any of your messages.

Flynn: Been busy.

Velma: But these are potential clients.

Flynn: Yeah, I'm already chasing a case.

Velma: You sure it isn't the other way around?

Flynn: Not right now, velma. I'm trying to figure out my next move.

Velma: [ Scoffs ] Looks to me like you're trying to figure out which nag to bet on in the third.

Flynn: Yeah, well, distractions never hurt.

Velma: Only the reasons for them. You want to spill?

Flynn: [ Sighs ] I'm trying to figure out how to make iris see the big picture, realize that she's being flimflammed by her louse of a husband.

Velma: Anything I can do?

Cane: Yeah. Get me some more ice.

Velma: [ Huffs ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Flynn: [ Sighs ]

Traci: "Oblivious to the dent he'd put in velma's heart, flynn opened the door. A tall, brown-eyed heartbreaker stood outside, dressed so sharp his edges could cut you."

Flynn: Yeah?

Derek: You flynn?

That's what the name on the mailbox says.

Derek: I'm derek gould. Iris' husband.

Flynn: I pictured you'd be taller.

Derek: My wife got it in her head that she needs a private investigator. She's wrong.

Flynn: Someone always is.

Derek: Back off, flynn.

Flynn: You know, I only take advice from people who pay me.

Derek: My wife did mention that you are stubborn.

Flynn: As a gambler on a losing streak.

Derek: Well, even the stubborn ones bottom out, if you catch my drift.

Flynn: Yeah, I caught it. And it stinks like low tide. Now beat it.

Derek: Last warning, flynn. Drop the case.

Flynn: Yeah? Or what?

Velma: Boss, I got your ice.

Flynn: Not right now, doll. I got someplace I got to be.

Velma: But, boss, wait! Wait! Be careful.

[ Sighs ]

Dina: Well, don't stop!

Traci: [ Laughs ] Okay, okay.

Dina: Goody!

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: Why don't you all take a seat?

Nick: I'll stand.

Adam: Abby?

Abby: No, thank you.

Nick: Hey, adam, why don't you go sit next to vick? You two seem to be getting along very well these days.

Nikki: Nicholas! What your father has to say is important to all of us.

Nick: Well, honestly, if it's another one of those, you know, "let's all get along" speeches, I just -- I'm not interested.

Victor: I don't like your attitude, son. But that is not why I called you up here.

Victoria: Then what's going on?

Abby: Yes, please. We'd all like to know.

Victor: I'm ill.

Victoria: H-how ill?

Victor: [ Inhales deeply ] The doctors say it's serious.

Abby: I knew something was wrong.

Nick: What's wrong with you?

Victor: I have what is called pnh.

Nick: What the hell is that?

Victor: Good question, son. It's apparently a rare blood disease in which the red blood cells disintegrate prematurely.

Abby: How serious is it?

Victor: Very.

Nick: Can it be fatal?

Victor: [ Inhales ] Yep.

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power of real.

Mariah: I thought you were the smooth one in this friendship.

Kyle: Ooh, I totally am.

Mariah: You almost ruined the best thing that ever happened to you.

Kyle: My first proposal might have been a little hasty, but... I got it under control.

Mariah: Okay. Just don't make any stupid moves before you say, "I do," please.

Kyle: Noted.

Mariah: Well, have you guys set a date yet?

Kyle: Mm! We've only been engaged 2 days, 10 hours, and 42 minutes.

Mariah: Well, I just want to see if I can put it in my calendar so it doesn't conflict with my new job.

Kyle: New job?

Mariah: Yep. That's my news.

Kyle: You -- you quit "gc buzz"? Did you have a falling out with your boss?

Mariah: No. Devon is still my boss. You are looking at the new head of power communications.

Kyle: Whaaaat?

Mariah: Yep! I've gone corporate, baby.

Kyle: I can't wait to see you in a power suit.

Mariah: That's not happening.

Kyle: [ Laughs ] You'll be brilliant no matter what you wear.

Mariah: Yeah. I'm -- I'm super pumped. Devon is giving me the green light to take the company in a new direction, and I really want to focus on image-building. And I have my first ' brand-new client. It's tessa. I'm gonna work on branding her very unique style.

Kyle: You're gonna kill it.

Mariah: Maybe I could help out jabot.

Kyle: Listen to you, talking like a boss already.

Mariah: Can you believe it? Me, running a company? I mean, a few years ago, I couldn't even run the espresso machine.

Kyle: Well, now you'll have people bringing you coffee.

Mariah: That is a terrifying thought. But you know what? As scary as it is...

Kyle: Hmm?

Mariah: ...I want it.

Rey: Abbott is not my first choice for a husband.

Lola: Well, good thing you're not marrying him.

Rey: In spite of my initial reservations, I think he'll fit into the family just fine. Now that we got a few things straight.

Lola: What things?

Rey: What it means to be your husband.

Lola: What did you say?

Rey: Soccer is king... and you are the queen. He better not forget it.

Lola: Oh, god. [ Chuckles ]

Rey: He got the message. "Look out for lola or look out for this."

Lola: Oh, yeah, this tough-guy number? I'm not buying it. I know you're just a big teddy bear.

Rey: [ Snorts quietly ] Yeah, well, if you're referring to that one time we watched "field of dreams" --

Lola: Yeah. You were a puddle when the little boy asked his dad to play catch.

Rey: I had something in my eye.

Lola: Uh-huh. Yeah. Big, massive tears.

Rey: Maybe I got a little choked up.

Lola: Rey, don't be embarrassed. You're so cute when you're vulnerable.

Rey: Don't mistake it for weakness.

Lola: Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. But, you know, if you need anybody to protect you, I got your back.

Rey: We'll look out for each other.

Lola: Yeah. So you better tell sharon, if she knows what's good for her, she'll treat you right.

Lola: What's wrong? Is there something going on with you two?

Rey: No, of course not. Everything's great.

Abby: This disease could kill you?

Victor: Yeah. People have died from it. But I'm not going to be one of them.

Abby: Is that what nate said?

Victor: It's what I say.

Adam: How long have you known?

Victor: For a while.

Victoria: Why did you decide to tell us now?

Victor: Because your beautiful mother convinced me to be up front with all of you.

Abby: Please, you have to tell us if there's anything we can do.

Victor: You know, it'd be great relief if I knew that all of you were getting along. Which I now know is sort of difficult, considering how you all reacted to adam's return.

Nick: [ Sighs ] That's why you were so determined to bring him back here. You wanted to reunite the family before...

Adam: That's why you wouldn't take no for an answer.

Victor: I will defeat this.

Victoria: You've kept this secret all this time, and now you decide to tell us. There has to be another reason.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Yeah. The doctor said that even if the treatment is successful, it will take a toll on my body. So all of you would have noticed.

Victoria: Well, if that's the case, then you need to take a step back from newman and use your energy to get better. I-I'll take over.

Abby: There it is. New land record for turning horrible news to your advantage.

Victoria: That's not what I'm doing, abby.

Abby: That's what you always do.

Nikki: Girls, stop.

Victoria: I'm just trying to do whatever it takes to ease dad's mind, at least where work is concerned.

Abby: Oh, and if it gets you step closer to taking over his company, bonus.

Victoria: I suppose you agree with abby.

Adam: No, what you're saying makes sense. Doing everything we can to help dad should be our top priority.

Victoria: Well, that's all I'm trying to do.

Victor: I appreciate that, sweetheart. Okay. Now let's talk business. If you don't mind, I'd like a few minutes alone with adam.

Dina: Well, is that all there is?

Traci: Well, there are a few more pages.

Dina: Oh, goody, goody, goody!

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Well, all right, all right. Let's seE. "By the time derek had gotten to the park..."

Dina: Mm-hmm.

Traci: "...The nannies and mothers had taken their children home for naps and baths and dinner and the park was empty, and as quiet as an early sunday morning. Cora was there, waiting, her red lips glistening like fresh blood.

Cora: Well?

Derek: The guy's a stiff. All talk. No clue.

Cora: Maybe he's smarter than he likes to play.

Derek: Have I ever let you down?

Cora: Hmm. I bet flynn said the same thing to iris.

Derek: Trust me.

Cora: Why should I?

Derek: Because you have no choice.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Flynn: [ Grunts ]

Derek: Good work.

He was so busy watching you two, he never saw me coming.

Derek: You know what to do.

Dina: [ Crying ]

Traci: Oh! Are you okay?

Dina: No! No, this is terrible.

Traci: Oh -- oh...

Dina: Terrible! [ Whimpers ]

Victoria: Adam? Really?

Nikki: Victoria.

Victoria: Mom, don't try to justify this.

Nikki: We don't know what's going on in there.

Victoria: Well, I think we can guess.

Nikki: We need to be focusing on your father's health right now.

Victoria: How can I do that when he's shutting me out?

Abby: I knew something was wrong the other night. And I-I asked him about it, and dad just blew me off. That's the thanks I get for my concern.

Nikki: Well, you know now, and that's what's important.

Abby: To some people.

Victoria: Okay, abby. We all know that you think that I see this as an opportunity to take over newman.

Abby: Must really sting. Nick and I leave the company, and you're still not the chosen one.

Victoria: Do not think that you understand me, abby, or know how I feel.

Abby: But, you see, I do, because I was you. Always feeling second best, like nothing I ever did was good enough in dad's eyes. And it wasn't until adam came back that I finally got it. You weren't good enough, either. So, yeah, if you want to hang around and wait for whatever crumbs are left over after adam's crowned prince, have at it. But if I were you, I would move on. Trust me, you'll be a lot happier. Well, then again, it is you, so maybe not.

Nikki: Pay no attention to her, sweetheart.

Victoria: Do you think she's right?

Nick: She made some valid points.

Victoria: Oh, thank you so much for your support.

Nick: Well, it's not like you earned it.

Nikki: You know what? I have had enough of this. Stop!

Nick: Mom, there's got to be more to this story than dad's saying. So tell us. What are his chances?

Nikki: Your father believes that he can beat this.

Adam: So, what's this private little road trip about? And no detours. Just give it to me straight.

Victor: [ Inhales, exhales deeply ] I have every intention of beating this disease. But a good businessman plans for the unexpected.

Adam: Well, I'm not sure mortality falls into that category.

Victor: I want to make sure that this company survives with or without me.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] God, you were always playing the long game, pop.

Victor: The future of newman enterprises has always been on my mind, ever since i founded the company. And to ensure its continued success, it needs to be run by someone who is genuinely qualified.

Adam: What? We gonna draw straws?

Victor: There's only one person who is qualified to continue my legacy. And that is you.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Kyle: Won't have to do this much longer. Mariah told me about her plans to raise your brand awareness.

Tessa: Well, I won't forget where I started -- playing for people who liked my music before I was a brand.

Kyle: Now you can do that and eat.

Mariah: And maybe we could even get a bigger apartment, make it a real home.

Kyle: Ooh. You know what happened to lola and I when we did that.

Mariah: Hey! There she comes, the bride-to-be. Wait, wait, wait! Stop!

[ Tessa singing mendelssohn's "wedding march" ] I'm gonna need you to strut, because you're gonna have to get some practice in before the big day.

[ Tessa continues singing ] There you go! She's already a natural!

[ Laughs ]

Tessa: Show us the ring. Ohh! [ Gasps ]

Mariah: It's nice. It's tasteful, it's elegant. You must have picked it out.

Kyle: Hey!

[ Mariah laughs ]

Lola: It was all kyle.

Kyle: I might have had a little help from abby.

Mariah: Oh, there it is.

Kyle: But I handled the proposal, and it was epic.

Lola: He's not lying. It was. It was the most romantic night of my life.

Tessa: [ Gasps ] Deets, deets!

Lola: I think we're gonna keep those to ourselves.

Tessa: Oooh.

Mariah: So, have you picked a maid of honor yet?

Lola: Yes, abby.

Mariah: Seriously?

Lola: Oh, hey. We were just talking about the wedding.

Abby: I'm so happy for you two.

Lola: It feels like my life is just beginning.

Abby: Enjoy every moment.

Lola: Is everything okay?

Abby: It will be. [ Sighs ] Once we nail down plans for your wedding. Let's get started.

Adam: Quite a pitch. Simple. Direct.

Victor: Honest.

Adam: You're a good salesman, pop. But you missed the mark in one area.

Victor: And what's that?

Adam: Your target audience. Even the best salesman can't close the deal unless he's got a customer willing to buy what he's selling. And I'm not.

Victor: You afraid you can't handle it?

Adam: Hmm. [ Chuckles ] Should have known that'd be your next move.

Victor: I can't fathom another reason why you would turn me down.

Adam: You think I am made for this because I am like you. And you're right. I am. And I've done it before. But like you, I would never be satisfied living out someone else's dream.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Make it your own.

Adam: With that staring at me?

Victor: Oh.

Adam: Mm.

Victor: That's a portrait.

Adam: Mm, it's a constant reminder that this is your company.

Victor: I'm giving it to you.

Adam: In the event that you die. And according to you and despite this disease, it won't happen for a long time.

Victor: So, then, what's the problem? This is a safety net I may never need.

Adam: You wouldn't have been satisfied running someone else's creation. Neither would I. Now or in 10 years. Not ever. Give it to victoria. She'll be happy to settle.

Adam: Don't worry. I put in a good word for you.

Victoria: You never do anything for anyone but yourself.

Adam: Unlike you, who selflessly gave my chelsea's phone number and the money to buy dark horse.

Victoria: I was trying to help you, and you used that as a wedge to drive between me and nicholas.

Nick: Well, I've seen this movie, and I know how it ends.

Victoria: You haven't changed, not one bit.

Adam: Mm. Well, back at you, sis.

Victoria: You are the same manipulative bastard that you've always been. Is that why you came back to town? You wanted to destroy the bond that I have with nicholas?

Adam: Yeah. That was my grand plan.

Victoria: To make both of us look bad in our father's eyes, and convince him that you're the only one that can run newman enterprises.

Adam: Get help, victoria. This obsessive need to be daddy's favorite is not healthy.

Victoria: Oh, you -- you would see it that way, wouldn't you?

Adam: Enlighten me.

Victoria: I have dedicated my life to newman.& I stood by dad when the rest of you just went off and did whatever you wanted. I am the one who deserves to be his successor.

Adam: That's exactly what I told him.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. Yeah. You -- you really expect me to believe that after what you did to nicholas and me?

Adam: If that is all it took to break the special bond between you two, it was pretty damn weak to begin with, victoria.

Victoria: Mm. Absolve yourself of all guilt. You really are your father's son, you know that?

Adam: Look, if you, nick, and abby can't put aside your petty differences and come together and honor our old man's wishes, that's on you. Not me.

Victoria: You're disgusting.

Adam: No. Just true to the family name.

Victoria: I'm not listening to this anymore.

Adam: What, you're not gonna wait to see if dad picks you?

Nick: You really surprised he turned you down?

Victor: Under the circumstances, yeah.

Nick: And you thought you could use your illness and turn this into a battle royal?

Victor: Son, I want to preserve my legacy, not destroy it.

Nick: What you need to be focusing on is your health. This is why you brought adam back.

Victor: I tried to get you to rejoin the firm.

Nick: Do you honestly think i would ever work with him?

Victor: You are brothers, son.

Nick: Is that supposed to be a selling point?

Victor: It's a fact.

Nick: Look, I have no interest in coming back to newman enterprises. None. But I am willing to put our differences aside and do whatever I can to help you through this.

Victor: I don't need your help.

Nikki: Victor.

Nick: I know you will never admit it, but you're scared. And I would be, too.

Victor: That's the difference between the two of us, son.

Nick: What? That I'm willing to admit I have a weakness?

Victor: I'm not scared of a damn thing, least of all this disease.

Nick: Okay. Live in denial. Put the company first. But for the sake of the family, you need to stop trying to turn adam into the golden child.

Nikki: Your father would never do that.

Nick: He's already done it, mom. This is not the answer you're looking for.

Victor: He is my son, as you are.

Nick: He maybe your son, but he is nothing like me.

Victor: Nicholas, all I ask is that you give him a chance.

Nick: You threw him right into the middle of the family, and he blew it up. All we can hope for now is that we can keep the fallout to a minimum.

Traci: So, so sorry you didn't like the book.

Dina: [ Whimpers ]

[ Sniffles ] You know, it's -- it's -- it's not the book.

Traci: But I thought that --

Dina: It's velma. She loves flynn so very much.

Traci: Yes. Yes, she does.

Dina: Yes. And you know what?

Traci: Tell me.

Dina: I think that flynn should stop wasting his time with that -- with that iris.

Traci: Really?

Dina: Yes. Now that would be a happy ending.

Traci: Oh.

Dina: Yes?

Traci: Yes, it certainly would be.

Dina: I think so, too.

[ Both chuckle ]

Abby: What are you thinking in terms of a theme?

Lola: Uh... wedding theme.

Mariah: Yeah, I like that idea. You know, bride. Groom. Cake.

Lola: Exactly.

Abby: No, I-I -- I'm talking about a theme, like, um, vintage or rustic or, um, bohemian.

Tessa: Ooh, I like that.

Lola: Yeah. It's just not me.

Kyle: Or me.

Abby: Well, you must have some idea of what you'd like.

Lola: Well, I'm definitely not fancy or formal.

[ Gasps ] But I've always dreamt of a fairy-tale wedding.

Abby: Princess bride?

Lola: No, not like a castle or anything like that. More like, you know, outside, end of summer, sunshine, breeze. I am a miami girl, after all.

Mariah: Ooh, barefoot on the beach? I mean, that would be cute.

Abby: Or we could do a destination wedding, like, uh, bora bora, or the south of france?

Tessa: [ Gasps ] Ooh!

Très romantic.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Lola: Um, I kind of want my wedding to be here in genoa city, in my new home. Oh! And I want tessa to play "here comes the bride," but a more traditional version.

Kyle: Long as you don't think it's bad for our image.

Mariah: Well, it's a little sappy, but...

Tessa: Oh, don't let her fool you. She is a sucker for romance.

Abby: Okay. Um... I'm gonna get to work on this.

Lola: Are you sure it's not too much?

Abby: Oh, it is, uh, just what I need.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nick: You drive vick off?

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Man, it is all black and white with you people, huh? Good guys and bad guys. No shades of gray. No shadows.

Nick: For you to hide in?

Adam: That's your game. Playing the hero while, underneath, hiding a whole lot of dark.

Nick: You have no idea.

Adam: You know, being dead had its advantages.

Nick: For us, too.

Adam: Mm. I would love to stay and chat, but I would rather be anywhere else.

Nick: Say hi to kevin for me.

Adam: Excuse me?

Nick: Yeah, kevin. Fisher. You met with him.

Adam: Just two old friends catching up.

Nick: Yeah, but you two were never friends. What'd you talk about?

Adam: [ Chuckles quietly ] You went through all that trouble to have me followed, and your crack P.I. Didn't hear what we were saying? You should get your money back. So, jardiance asks... I wanted to consolidate my credit cards in to a personal loan to pay them off faster. Lending tree made lenders compete for my business and i ended up with a loan that saved me over $9000 and no more credit card debt. I mean $9000!

Cane: Good luck, mate, all right? Hey. Hey!

Traci: Hi.

Cane: Hey. Sit down. Join me.

Traci: Oh! Okay, sure.

Cane: Uh, excuse me, can i get an iced vanilla latte? Right?

Traci: Exactly right. Thank you.

Cane: Hey, listen, it's a cup of coffee, all right? It doesn't even come close to making up for all the hours you've spent listening to me.

Traci: Oh, come on. You don't owe me for that.

Cane: Traci, I wouldn't have gotten through these last few months if it wasn't for you. You know that, right?

Traci: [ Clicks tongue ] Well, I'm glad that I could help. Say, was that one of your clients?

Cane: Yeah, yeah. I, uh, coached him for a, uh, job interview.

Traci: Cane, you are doing such amazing work. Helping these men transition to life after prison -- it's just wonderful.

Cane: And now I may have a chance to do more.

Traci: Really? What?

Cane: Well, it turns out the nonprofit I work for wants to give me a bigger role in the company.

Traci: That's wonderful.

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, it is. And you know what the good news is, right? I may have to move to lakewood. Which means I'll be close to lily.

Traci: [ Exhales ] Wow. That is like a dream come true. Heh...

Billy: Hey. I got your message. Is everything okay?

Victoria: No. [ Sobs ] No, everything's not okay.

Billy: All right. I'm here. We'll get through it.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Glass thunks ]

Nikki: Are you disappointed about how things went?

Victor: There's always tomorrow, you know.

Nikki: Shall we go home, then?

Victor: [ Sighs deeply ] Why don't you go and get the elevator, okay? I'll join you.

Love you, my baby.

Nikki: I love you, too. So much.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

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