Y&R Transcript Monday 6/10/19

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/10/19


Episode #11632 ~ Kevin shows his true colors; Summer worries about Phyllis; Devon upsets Elena

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Victor: I have a rare blood disease.

Nikki: Oh, my god.

Victor: I don't want you to talk to anyone about this.

Nick: You won. You beat me. You bought dark horse right out from underneath me, and it was very clever. But, see, right now -- right now's the time when you realize it doesn't change anything. You don't have any more control over me. It's not gonna affect what I do or what I say or how I choose to raise my son.

Phyllis: Can anyone hear me?! Help!

Nick: Hey. Thanks for helping me get christian squared away this morning.

Summer: Yeah. Oh, my god. He's gonna have the best day. I'm actually tempted to go hang out with him and monique at the splash park instead of going to work.

Nick: No kidding. I would think jabot's the place to be right now, with the collective and all the positive press it's getting.

Summer: Yeah. Yeah. It's great. I love it.

Nick: That almost sounded convincing.

Summer: It shows, huh?

Nick: What's going on? What's wrong? Talk to me.

Summer: Well, mom is what's wrong, dad. You will not believe what she did to me.

Nick: Try me.

Summer: Well, jack decided to have a bash at his place to celebrate, and -- I don't know -- somehow she found out about it, and she came barreling in, creating a scene, blasting everybody, including me, about being disloyal right in front of theo and this social-media influencer that we were hoping to sign. I mean, dad, it was beyond cringe-Y.

Nick: I'm sorry. Your mom's out of control right now. You must be furious.

Summer: Yeah, I am. I am. But right now I'M... more worried than I am mad.

Devon: This fruit tastes extra good this morning for some reason. Can't tell why.

[ Chuckles ] You know, ana called while you were in the kitchen.

Elena: Yeah?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Elena: What did she say?

Devon: She said that everything was going smooth. They landed in detroit ataround midnight, and jett was able to get a good night's sleep, and he is very excited to start his comeback tour.

Elena: I am so happy for him.

Devon: Me, too.

Elena: It has me thinking, though.

Devon: What?

Elena: Do you think that part of the reason why ana joined jett on tour was because she wanted to give us some alone time, like maybe she could sense that we were getting closer?

Devon: I haven't said anything to her. Have you?

Elena: We kind of dance around the subject.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: She's not stupid, so, I mean, I'm -- I'm sure she's noticed the way I look at you... or the way you blush when you're around me, just like you're doing right now.

Elena: [ Laughing ] Stop. You're making me feel self-conscious.

Devon: I'm sorry. I don't mean to do that. We can change the subject. What, uh -- what do you have going on for the rest of the day?

Elena: Hmm. Remember those interviews that i had lined up?

Devon: Yes, I do.

Elena: Well, I have a meeting with the chief of staff at memorial.

Devon: Nice.

Elena: Yeah. He wants to meet at 11:00 to go over a job in hospital administration.

Devon: Wow!

Elena: Mm-hmm.

Devon: You're gonna get that job on the spot.

Elena: Wouldn't that be something?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] You're not still thinking about moving out, though, are you?

Elena: Not after you made such a convincing argument for me to stay.

Nate: You ready for your check-up?

Victor: Yep. I got some news for you first.

Nate: Okay.

Victor: Nikki is going to join us, and I told her about my diagnosis, all right?

Nate: Very nice to hear. I'll gladly answer --

Victor: Well, that's what i want to talk to you about. Uh, don't go into details. Um...

Nate: Okay. I hope you're not asking me to lie to your wife.

Victor: No, no, no, no. I'm not asking you to do that.

Nate: Thank you.

Victor: In fact, I want you to tell her everything about my condition, about the disease, but since we just started treatment, um... I don't want you to scare her with, you know, possibly a negative outcome.

Nate: So, in other words, you haven't been candid about your prognosis?

Victor: Let me explain something to you, doc. I don't give a damn how long the odds against me are. I'm a fighter. I'll defeat them. But there's no sense in upsetting my wife unnecessarily. Clear?

Nate: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Victor: Come in!

Nikki: Oh!

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: Hi. Hell, nate.

Nate: Nikki, how are you?

Nikki: Grateful that victor is in your care. I'm reading everything I can on his pnh. Seems like it might be hard to diagnose.

Nate: When a doctor hears hoofbeats, we're trained to look for horses, not zebras.

Nikki: Mm.

Nate: This is a zebra.

Nikki: Well, it's a good thing you found it as quickly as you did. I'm hoping that that means the treatment is more likely to succeed. What do you think?

Nate: [ Sighs ]

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Devon: [ Smooches ] Well, I should probably go take a shower and get ready for my day.

Elena: Need someone to help you scrub your back?

Devon: Yes.

Elena: Oh.

Devon: I would love that. But then I don't think we would ever leave the house.

Elena: Mm, yeah. Maybe we shouldn't risk it.

Devon: Mm.

Elena: I do have that interview. And what would the chief of staff say if I didn't show up?

Devon: Well, I could write him a really nice note if you'd like me to.

Elena: Go.

Devon: Yeah?

Elena: I'll clear the dishes.

Devon: Okay.

[ Clears throat ] Oh. The train left.

[ Chuckles ]

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: So, now that victor has begun treatment, what can we expect? He does seem to be much more refreshed and relaxed than he has in a while. Is it possible the treatment can work that fast, or am I just seeing what I want to see?

Nate: Well, it's possible to notice an immediate effect. And if there is one, that tends to be a good sign. I'll have a much clearer sense of things once the latest test results come back.

Nikki: When will that be?

Nate: Later this afternoon.

Victor: Now, meanwhile, would you mind telling nikki to stop researching stuff on the internet?

Nate: [ Chuckles ] I can understand why nikki would want to get caught up quickly, given the fact that you've been withholding information from her. But reading about worst-case scenarios can fuel anxiety, which wouldn't be helpful to either of you.

Nikki: So, are you saying i have nothing to worry about?

Victor: No! What the doctor is saying is that, you know, the statistics that you unearth on the internet -- I mean, they may be out of date, based on data and therapies that are long out of date. I mean, he's administering cutting-edge therapy to me, you know? It's more than most patients get.

Nate: That's right. That's right.

Victor: Thank you.

Nate: Well, I will be back once I have more information for you, good or bad.

Victor: Thank you, nate.

Nikki: Yes, thank you so much.

Nate: I'll keep in touch.

Victor: Yep.

Nate: No worries.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Victor: So, does that reassure you a little?

Nikki: Um, yes, um... kind of. It, uh...really has convinced me that the kids need to know what's going on. I mean, now is the time when everybody needs to pull together to support you.

Victor: Yeah, but what I'm afraid of is that the news of my disease is going to increase the animosity between adam and our other children. So...I'm not looking forward to that. But... I'm so happy that I have your love, my baby.

Nikki: Oh, darling.

Victor: And you by my side, fighting this.

Nikki: Of course.

Victor: Okay?

Nikki: I will be here for anything you need.

Summer: Okay, wait. So, you weren't able to get ahold of her, either?

Nick: Not that I expect your mother to return any of my calls, but if she did hear my messages, she knows I'm pissed.

Summer: Well, I'm surprised you felt the need to chew her out more after the fight you guys had at society.

Nick: Since then, I have found out something else she has done. And, no, I'm not gonna tell you what it is, but your mother has caused me a very serious problem, and I'm just trying to figure out a way to solve it.

Summer: God. She just keeps digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole. It's like she's trying to alienate the last few people who care about her.

Nick: Well, maybe she's starting to cool off, you know -- realize her mistakes.-Maybe she just went out of town to get her head straight.

Summer: I don't know. You know, actually, I'm gonna call that spa that she wanted to take me to a while back, see if she's there or -- I don't know -- someplace like it.

Nick: All right. Keep me posted. Just don't forget, the one thing your mother's extremely good at is taking care of herself.

Summer: Yeah. Thanks.

Nick: Bye.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] I have to say, I'm disappointed. I can't imagine you have anything that I want.

Kevin: You'd be surprised.

Adam: All right, then, kevin. Surprise me.

Devon: Would you like to go to the club later and meet me for lunch...

Elena: Yes.

Devon: ...So you can tell me how well your interview went?

Elena: That sounds great.

Devon: Good.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Elena: Is that me or you?

Devon: I think that's you. What's wrong?

Elena: I just got... an e-mail congratulating me on paying off my student-loan debt.

Devon: Well, congratulations, then. It sounds like we have another reason to celebrate today.

Elena: You did this. There's no one else in my life who could have.

Devon: I mean, if you -- if you're feeling that way, yeah, maybe I did

[Chuckling] Do it.

Elena: You think this is funny?

Devon: Are you upset that i did it?

Elena: How do you not see how big of a problem this is? That's a massive amount of money, devon.

Devon: S-sure, elena. I've been trying to pay things forward in life, though. You know that.

Elena: Uh-huh. And when exactly did you decide to do this?

Devon: I've been thinking about doing it for a while.

Elena: For a while?

Devon: Yeah.

Elena: You know what? It doesn't even matter when you did it or why you did it. You acted without consulting me. You meddled with my -- my personal and private affairs without my knowledge or consent?

Devon: Elena, just --

Elena: No. You need to call up that loan company and undo this.

Devon: I can't undo it.

Elena: Why can't you?

Devon: Because, like you said, it's a lot of money. You can't just call the company and say, "I want it back." It doesn't work that way.

Elena: So, I have no say? So, you get to go behind my back and take over my finances without even asking me how i feel about it? What the hell is wrong with you?

Devon: I saw it as a burden that was holding you back, and i thought that you would be happy or at least relieved that I did it.

Elena: There is no way that you cold have possibly thought that. And if you did, you do not know me at all.

Devon: Well, can I explain to you why I did it?

Elena: No, because I'm too upset to talk about it.

Nick: So, my brother, adam -- he has recently given me cause for concern that he may try and approach christian when I'm not around, so I want you to be extra vigilant but not in a way that makes christian feel, you know, nervous or upset.

Monique: I understand.

Nick: Cool. Uh, I've hired a new bodyguard. His name's pete, but I don't want you to refer to him as that, all right? He's just the driver, pete, and he will take you wherever you want to go, but just keep me apprised of where you're at at all times, okay?

Monique: You can count on me, mr. Newman.

Nick: I know I can. Thanks. I really hope all these extra precautions are overkill, but where my brother is concerned... I can't afford to take any chances.

Adam: I presume you want to make some kind of deal. It's amazing how many people who once despised you are willing to do business if the price is right.

Kevin: Oh, I still despise you.

Adam: Mm. Thanks for the clarification. Let's get down to it, shall we? This place is quickly losing its charm.

Kevin: All right.

Adam: So, what's on the table?

Kevin: Not "what." Who?

Adam: Oh, you have some connection you think might be of use to me? You hardly seem like the kind of person who has friends in high places, especially in genoa city. You don't live here.

Kevin: Well, I've been back long enough to see how and where you spend your time... who's important to you.

Adam: If that was a threat, then you're thinking about going after someone I care about.

Kevin: Did you think she stopped coming around because she suddenly lost interest?

Adam: "She"?

Kevin: Your new girlfriend. Phyllis.

Adam: You have phyllis?

Victor: I'm very happy that you invited me to brunch today.

Nikki: Well, I'm glad to hear you say that, since I did have an ulterior motive getting you away from the office.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nikki: How much better do you feel right now... while you're relaxed, spending time with somebody who loves you? I mean, shouldn't that tell you that it's much better for your health to be away from the tension and stress of work?

Victor: I know, but, sweetheart, how often have i told you I love to work and i love to make deals?

Nikki: I know. I know.

Victor: I do.

Nikki: But, at the very least, you should cut back -- I mean, way back. Give the treatment a chance to work.

Victor: I'll take it under advisement.

Nikki: No, no, no. You're not gonna put me off that easily, victor. This is very important. This could be a matter of life and death.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Summer: Yeah, no. I'm just reaching out to anyone who might have heard from my mom. And I know that she's upset with you, too. I just figured that since you guys have been friends for so long that she would have reached out to you. Yeah, no. I know. Um, thank you. Just, yeah, if she talks to you or you see her, just let her know that I want to -- I want to speak to her, okay? Okay. Thanks, lauren. Bye.

Jack: Hey, you all right?

Summer: Yeah. Yeah. I've, uh, just been trying to get in touch with my mom, but she's giving me the silent treatment, so...

Jack: That's kind of a relief, after a string of public tirades these last few days. Okay, I'm sorry. I can see you're upset.

Summer: I'm not upset, exactly.

Jack: It isn't like phyllis to be incommunicado, and I know you're concerned.

Summer: No, I-I just don't get her lately. You know, she's been so weird and desperate.

Jack: Well, maybe this period of radio silence is her acknowledging that. Maybe she realizes her behavior's been inappropriate and she's kind of embarrassed to face you.

Summer: Well, I don't know. I don't think so. I think it's just as likely that she's still livid with me.

Jack: You did the right thing coming to me. You were protecting jabot collective and all of your hard work there from your mother's scheming.

Summer: No, I know. I know. I-I would do it again. I just don't -- I don't think I ought to rat her out to my dad.

Jack: Wait. What happened there?

Summer: Ohh. He blew up at my mom, and then she got back at him somehow with something, apparently, and -- I don't know -- the whole thing just keeps escalating.

Jack: Summer, look at me. You are not to blame for any of this. If anyone is, it's adam.

Kevin: Give the man a cigar.

Adam: I really hope for your sake you're bluffing.

Kevin: I heard you were a big-time poker player in vegas. You ought to know better.

Adam: Well, in that case, you have screwed yourself. Phyllis isn't my girlfriend. We did a little business together, and she was my plus-one at a family event i crashed. That's as far as it went. So, if you abducted her looking for a big payoff, I don't know what to tell you, kev. Her company's not in high demand these days.

Kevin: This isn't about money. But you know that. I'm looking for an even trade -- phyllis for chloe.

Adam: Chloe? Chloe? This is very confusing. I've been told by many, many people that she died.

Kevin: Yeah. Just like you did.

Adam: If, in fact, she faked her death to avoid going to prison, I'd guess she'd be hiding out with you and your kid.

Kevin: You didn't guess. You tracked her down and had her kidnapped. And now you're gonna give her back to me.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Elena: Didn't think you'd still be here.

Devon: Yeah. Well... I wasn't gonna leave without... having a chance to explain things to you.

Elena: I'm listening.

Devon: Okay. To start, I didn't decide to help you because I have feelings for you. And you're not obligated to keep dating me because I did what i did.

Elena: Yeah. You're right about that.

Devon: You know how I keep saying that I want to pay things forward in life? Do you know where I get that from?

Elena: Neil's will. Ana told me about the message he left for you.

Devon: Yeah. It's -- that's -- that's where it's from. And in his message to me, um, in short... he said that... the best gift that you can ever give to another person is an opportunity in life. And I've been on the other side of that because I had a very rough life before neil and his wife dru found me and adopted me. And then I had a grandmother who I never knew, but she accepted me, and then when she passed away, she left me all of her money, which set my life on a path that it would never have been on otherwise. And neil wants me to do that for other people, and I've been doing it. Before I helped you, I helped ana out. I helped jett. I helped my friend mariah. But way before neil passed away, I was paying for the school of this girl named shauna who hilary was mentoring. So, you know, people say that you can't buy happiness, but i don't really agree with that because using what I have to give somebody an opportunity to do what they want to do with their life -- that makes me really happy, and that's all i was trying to do with you, 'cause I know how much you can do with your medical career.

Elena: It's not up to you to decide what I do with my life.

Devon: I-I'm not trying to decide what you do with your life, but I thought by getting rid of your debt, it would let you be able to make whatever decision you wanted to make. I screwed up. I-I get that. And I really wish that I would have thought about it and thought about how it looked, 'cause it wasn't me trying to control you or invade your privacy. That was the farthest thing from my mind. But I can see that you feel betrayed, and that makes me feel horrible. It was a gift. That's all I wanted it to be, was a gift with no strings attached whatsoever, and if you're that upset that you really want to leave and walk out of my life, you can do it, but I hope that you know that's the last thing that I want you to do.

Elena: You know, I was upstairs, fuming... packing my bags... until it dawned on me... I can't go anywhere because i don't have a job yet. No income... nowhere to go. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said i didn't want to be dependent on you... or anyone. Because you can do something like this that makes me feel so violated... and patronized, and what can i do? Nothing.

Devon: I understand. I really do understand, and i really wish that I would have looked at things from your point of view, 'cause I promise you i would have done things very different. I am very, very sorry that I did this. I mean it.

Jack: Still thinking about your mother?

Summer: Uh, no. Adam, actually. You guys are friends, right?

Jack: As hard as he makes it sometimes, yes. Why?

Summer: I mean, I don't know. When he and mom walked in to society together, did you know that they had started hanging out?

Jack: No. That was a surprise.

Summer: Right?

Jack: Look, as much as i value my friendship with adam, i can't help but think he's been a bad influence on your mother. I can't imagine it was her idea to disrupt victoria and billy's event.

Summer: Doubtful.

Jack: Adam has an innate genius for knowing how to push people's buttons.

Summer: Mm. Yeah. Cosmic payback. Seriously, after all those years of my mom telling me not to get involved with the wrong crowd and about peer pressure, now I'm gonna have to give her that same lecture, assuming that I can even find her.

[ Groaning ] I don't know. Maybe I should...talk to adam -- see if he's seen her around. Do you have his number handy?

Adam: I did hire someone to find chloe, because a few weeks ago, she shot me... as you're no doubt aware. I wanted to make sure she wasn't plotting her fourth attempt on my life. Such a nasty habit she's got. I couldn't go to the police to help. They'd never believe she was still alive. Unfortunately, my search was unsuccessful.

Kevin: You're lying.

Adam: My P.I. Located the house you've been staying with bella, but you had cleared out already.

Kevin: Yeah. I moved them out as soon as I heard you were alive. We went into hiding, and now chloe's disappeared, as you're, no doubt, aware.

Adam: I am no happier about that than you are. I mean, I have to keep watching my back.

Kevin: I know she didn't leave us willingly.

Adam: Where's bella? Did you involve her in this sordid little crime spree?

Kevin: I'm gonna tell chloe's kidnapper where our daughter is?

Adam: Okay, kevin. I think we've wasted enough time together.

[ Clears throat ]

Kevin: You're gonna give chloe back to me.

Adam: I don't have her... dude. And even if I did, that would mean I went through a lot of trouble and expense to get her. Why would I let her go? And don't bother bringing up phyllis. I have no further use for the woman. Do whatever you want with her.

Kevin: Mm. Your local fan club is going to be thrilled to hear you're already committing crimes that can land you back in prison.

Adam: Once again, you are not using the brains that god gave you. To even accuse me of kidnapping chloe, which I didn't do, you'd have to admit she's alive, that you're harboring a fugitive, and that she's guilty for attempted murder. Again, I promise you the end result would be far worse for you two than for me. And then little bella would have to visit both her parents in the state pen. Poor kid. That's a tough break.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Someone who actually has something I want is ready to talk. Good luck finding chloe. You two deserve each other.

[ Clears throat ]

Elena: I believe your heart was in the right place when you paid my loans off.

Devon: I appreciate you looking at it from my side. I just wish I would have done the same thing before I acted so impulsively.

Elena: So do I, 'cause i would have talked you out of it. Then we wouldn't be in this situation now.

[ Sighs ] And if it's true that you can't reverse the payment --

Devon: I swear to you, I can't do it.

Elena: Okay. Then I'll just have to figure something else out. The first thing I need to do is go to my interview and get the job so I can regain my financial independence.

Devon: Yeah. I know that's important to you.

Elena: And I'm gonna negotiate a start date... so that I can... fly and join ana and jett on their tour.

Devon: Why are you gonna do that?

Elena: You just said I could walk out that door whenever i want.

Devon: I know I said that, but is that what you're thinking of doing? Are you still planning to move?

Elena: I don't know yet. I just know that I need distance from this... time to figure out if I can handle being in a relationship where the power differential is so extreme.

Devon: Do you not think it's a bit much, though? 'Cause you just said that you know that my intentions were good, and if you're worried about what anybody else thinks, nobody has to know what I've done for you.

Elena: Okay, you're -- you're still not listening to me. You keep trying to explain this away or dismiss it. Maybe you're used to doing whatever you want and not getting any pushback.

Devon: No pushback? Have you met my sister before?

Elena: Ana's on your payroll. I never wanted to be. And now, in some ways, I am, against my will. You put me in the most awkward situation, and you don't get to tell me to just shut up about it.

Devon: No one's trying to tell you to shut up about anything. I've been trying to help you. That's all I've been trying to do, is help you, okay? And if it makes me a bad guy trying to do that, I don't know what more I can say. I really don'T. I know I can't keep debating this with you 'cause I do have to get to work, but if you're gonna take that trip, I hope you enjoy yourself, and I do hope i get to see you when you come back.

Summer: Why won't you give me adam's number? I'm just gonna ask him where mom is. I'm not gonna let him mess with me.

Jack: That's not the point.

Summer: Okay. Then what is the point?

Jack: Things are very tense between your father and adam right now. I think your father would like you to keep your distance from your uncle, and I'm gonna respect that. I hate the way you are obsessing about your mother's problems. You said earlier, you had joked, that you were parenting her? The way I see it, there's some truth to that, and I don't think that's right.

Summer: Okay. Well, I'm -- I'm it, jack. I'm the only person that she can turn to anymore.

Jack: And what about you? Who do you have to turn to?

Summer: I mean, I have dad... and you.

Jack: You've had some pretty impressive triumphs lately -- your work at jabot... you saved lola's life.

Summer: Yeah.

Jack: You've also had some pretty big disappointments. Look, I know kyle's father isn't the first person you want to talk to about the end of your marriage.

Summer: Mm. Yeah. I'm -- I'm dealing with it. And I think I'm doing A... pretty good job.

Jack: I think you are, too. I wouldn't argue with that at all. I just hate that you're doing it without your mother's support. I know phyllis, and she's gonna look back on this time and regret that she wasn't there for her daughter.

Summer: Yeah, well, that's all the more reason why I got to find her.

Adam: I hope this summons means you've reconsidered yesterday's decision.

Nick: I will not give up christian under any circumstances, even with dark horse on the line.

Adam: Then what was the point in you bringing me over here?

Nick: When's the last time you talked to phyllis?

Adam: She stopped by my place for a bit last night. Why?

Nick: Well, I would really like to talk to her. I want to know how you convinced her to hack in to my corporate files.

Adam: I didn'T. Not that you're paranoid or anything, nick.

Nick: Well, she hasn't returned my calls, or summer'S. She hasn't posted anything on social media, and the last time anyone saw her, she was at your place waiting for you.

Adam: What are you saying, nick -- that I packed her off somewhere, told her to lay low till the heat was off?

Nick: That's the optimistic scenario.

Adam: Hmm. You've been watching too many true-crime shows.

Nick: Really?

Adam: I don't know where phyllis is or what she's doing, but it's got nothing to do with me.

Nick: Okay. If I find out differently, adam... I will bring down a world of hurt on you.

Nikki: You won't even consider taking the afternoon off for me?

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm just afraid that... if I go home with you... you won't let me leave again.

Nikki: Well, would that be so awful?

Victor: Of course not, but i have so much to do here. You know, people are counting on me.

Nikki: Well, I am counting on you, also, to be here a long, long time, so if that means that you need to take a rest after you've had your treatments --

Victor: I'm fine, you know. I really feel fine.

Nikki: Darling, you have taken leaves before -- recently, in fact. I mean, you left victoria in charge, and she did a magnificent job.

Victor: She did a damn good job.

Nikki: Think about neil's family and what they have had to endure. None of them, including neil, had any idea what was coming. But you, on the other hand, know exactly what you're facing. Darling, you owe it to your family to give this fight your full attention.

Victor: I take it under consideration. Come here.

Nikki: All right. Thank you.

Elena: [ Sighs ]

Nate: Elena.

Elena: Hey, neighbor.

Nate: How are you today?

Elena: I'M...good. How are you?

Nate: Overbooked.

Elena: Just how you like it?

Nate: [ Chuckles ] I'm just finishing up a house call. Now off to the hospital.

Elena: Oh. So am I, as it turns out. I have an interview with the chief of staff.

Nate: Oh, russell davies?


Nate: I know him well. I think I'm on his good side.

Elena: I bet you are.

Nate: Hey, if you like, I'd be more than happy to put in a good word for you.

Elena: That would be great. Thank you.

Nate: After you.

Elena: Thanks.

Summer: Mom?

Devon: Hello?! Hello, hello! There's nobody here.

Summer: Thank you for letting me check. I know I must seem paranoid. My mom hasn't been out of touch for that long.

Devon: Yeah. No. I-I want to make sure that she's okay, too.

Summer: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Devon: I talked to housekeeping, and they said the bed hasn't been slept in, so is there a chance that she stayed somewhere else last night, or...?

Summer: Um... you know what? Can I just take a look around, see if I can find a clue as to where she went -- a spa brochure?

Devon: Yeah, of course. Please, please, take your time.

Summer: Thank you. Okay.

Devon: Hmm?

Summer: My mom's makeup is still here and her creams and her serums and her toothbrush, and her suitcase is still here and...

Devon: Really?

Summer: ...All of her clothes are here and there's no empty hangers.

Devon: Is there a chance that she crashed at a friend's place?

Summer: No. I called all of her friends, which is a pretty short list, and no one has seen or heard from her, so... wait. Hold on. Wait. Okay, these are my mom's keys. No matter where she went, she would have never left without these.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nick: Hey, supergirl. What's up?

Summer: Hey, dad. Um, I'm at mom's room at the club, and something definitely has happened to her.

Adam: Hey. It's me. There's been a change of plans. Because kevin fisher is an idiot. That's why.

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