Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/6/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/6/19


Episode #11630 ~ Rey uncovers a secret; Mariah's new challenge; Nick collects evidence against Adam.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Lola: I can't imagine my life without you.

Kyle: Marry me.

Mariah: I sort of stumbled into this tv thing, but lately I've been wondering if it's really what I want to do.

Rey: I have officially signed on to work for nick, and the first priority is to keep an eye on the man nick is most threatened by -- adam.

Phyllis: Hacking into dark horse is a crime.

Adam: I'm not out to hurt nick. Dark horse is just a means to a much, much greater end.

Nick: You and adam are two of a kind. You are selfish and immoral, and you don't give a damn who you hurt.

Phyllis: I'm all-in.

Adam: Don't know why it took you so long to get on board with my little search-and-destroy mission.

Phyllis: Oh, is that what we're calling corporate espionage these days?

Adam: It's only a crime if you get caught. You're too smart for that.

Phyllis: Well, smart costs.

Adam: My offer still stands.

Phyllis: You know, anyone could hack nick's servers for $1 million. But my rate is... a little higher.

Adam: [ Sighs ] How much?

Phyllis: $3 million.

Adam: $2 million.

Phyllis: $2.5 million. And I want the money up front.

Adam: What, you don't trust me?

Phyllis: Who said it? "Trust no one"? Oh, I know. You did.

Adam: Like I said -- smart.

Phyllis: Pay to play. You in?

Jack: So, as un-weddings go, I'd say that was, uh, uneventful.

Summer: And by that you mean boring.

Jack: Oh, I'd take boring over a newman-abbott fireworks any day.

Summer: Oh, yeah. Just give billy some time.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Uh, 'scuse me one second. What's up?

Rey: We need to speak. Privately.

Nick: Uh, I'll meet you at the office.

Rey: See you there.

Summer: Hey, um, so, this place is about to open up for dinner, so we were just gonna hang out for a little bit, if you want to join us.

Nick: Uh, you know what, something came up, and I got to take off.

Jack: Everything okay?

Nick: Yeah. It's just some, uh, business stuff. But you guys have fun.

Summer: All right. Bye.

Lola: Did you just ask if I would --

Kyle: Marry me. Yes.

Lola: Are you okay? Did you have a little bit of champagne? Do you have a fever, or --

Kyle: I know this seems impulsive.

Lola: A little bit.

Kyle: That doesn't mean I'm not 100% serious. It just means I know what I want. I want you. I want us, together forever. I wouldn't have asked you to marry me if I didn't think you felt the same way.

Mariah: So you broke a guitar string this morning. It doesn't matter.

Tessa: Ugh! It does when I'm scheduled to perform in a few hours.

Mariah: Well, you replaced the thing, so I don't really see how --

Tessa: Okay, you're missing the point.

Mariah: Is there one?

Tessa: Broken string, no big deal.

Mariah: Now I'm lost.

Tessa: But broken string before performing, that's a bad omen, okay it means I'm gonna bomb.

Mariah: Okay. Babe, breathe. You've got this. Y-you've done this a hundred times before.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] Right.

Mariah: And abby wouldn't have hired you if she didn't believe in your talent.

Tessa: Oh, she just wants to thank me for helping her grandma.

Mariah: You've got this. You just have to be you.

Tessa: The same "you" that just dumped a major recording deal?

Mariah: Mm-hmm. Yep. It was the smartest move you ever made

Tessa: I don't know. Maybe I should have tried harder to work things out with ana.

Mariah: Hey, you don't need her approval to make your music, okay?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Tessa: But I do need devon'S. And he wants to see me.

Mariah: Did he say why?

Tessa: Mnh-mnh.

Mariah: Okay. You know what? Take a deep breath. You focus on your show. I'm gonna go handle devon.

Tessa: Hey, you don't need to fight my battles.

Mariah: I want this night to be perfect for you. So, please, just let me do this.

Tessa: Could I even stop you?

Mariah: No.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: I will be at society in time to hear you sing, okay?

Tessa: Okay.

Phyllis: Transfer complete.

Adam: Trust me now?

Phyllis: Not any more than you trust me.

Adam: Well, $2.5 million worth.

Phyllis: Well, you're getting a bargain.

Adam: Prove it.

Phyllis: Okay. Here we go.

[ Keys clacking ] Nice. State-of-the-art security system.

Adam: It's not gonna be a problem, is it?

Phyllis: Nope. Not for me.

Adam: What's wrong? Did you hit a firewall? Gateway?

Phyllis: No.

Adam: Then why did you -- wait a minute. I know that look. You're growing a conscience.

[ Sighs ] How did we test our dixie ultra plates?

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Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hi.

Devon: I was not expecting you.

Mariah: Can I come in?

Devon: Yeah, of course you can. Come on. What's happening?

Mariah: Well, tessa got your text.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: But she's prepping for a show at society, and i didn't want her stressing out beforehand.

Devon: So you decided to come here and speak for her?

Mariah: If you don't mind.

Devon: That depends on what you're gonna say.

Mariah: Is ana home?

Devon: No, she's at the studio. But I did have a conversation with her.

Mariah: About why tessa left lp?

Devon: Yeah. I wanted to get tessa's side of it.

Mariah: Well, I can give it to you.

Devon: Okay. You're not my first choice, but go ahead.

Mariah: Look, tessa is really, really sorry about how everything went down. She just -- she has her vision of who she wants to be.

Devon: And I'm -- I'm guessing that doesn't match ana's vision.

Mariah: Look, I have no doubt that, when it comes to producing slick, glossy hits, that ana puts together an amazing sound. It's just not tessa's sound.

Devon: Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

Mariah: Tessa wants to make music on her own terms. And that might not make her the mainstream pop star that ana wanted to make her into. But she doesn't care. Her art, that's what's important to her. And so that's what's important to me.

Lola: I'm not as good with words as you are, so I really hope I get this right, because it means a lot to me that you know how much I love you.

Kyle: I do. I've never been with anyone that has made me feel the way that you do.

Kyle: [ Snorts softly ]

Lola: And all of the things that you say about us, wanting to be together forever, I feel them, too. It's just...

Kyle: What?

Lola: Ugh! It's not that I haven't thought about us getting married, because I-I have. Okay? I've thought about walking down the aisle, saying, "I do," being your wife.

[ Huffs ]

Kyle: But?

Lola: It's too fast. We just moved in together.

Kyle: But the second i walked up to that food truck, I knew what I wanted. This is right, lola. We're right.

Lola: We are. [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Then what's holding you back?

Lola: I'm just not ready for this. It's too much.

Kyle: I'm sorry. I -- I di-- I didn't mean to pressure you. I'm an idiot, asking you to marry me when I'm not even divorced. Everything was going great with us. Now I've screwed it all up.

Nick: I assume this is about adam?

Rey: Yeah. He hired a P.I.

Nick: So, he hired someone to investigate me. That is not surprising.

Rey: Well, that's what i thought at first, but my contact says that your brother is interested in information on a woman by the name of chloe mitchell.

Nick: Chloe mitchell is dead. She was responsible for that explosion that was supposed to have killed adam. She died in a drug overdose shortly thereafter.

Rey: You sure?

Nick: Rey, I saw the body.

Rey: Why does adam think she's alive?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I don't know. I mean, maybe he, uh -- he just wants to make sure she's gone. She did try and kill him once.

Rey: Once or twice?

Nick: You think she's the one who shot adam?

Rey: Well, I wouldn't rule it out, especially if she's alive. But why is adam keeping quiet about it?

Nick: I mean, the only reason I can think of is, adam thinks chloe can lad him to chelsea and connor.

Adam: The phyllis I remember didn't do guilt.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, maybe you're not quite over your amnesia. I need some personal space.

Adam: No, there's nothing wrong with my memory. You always did everything full-throttle -- love, hate, revenge. When someone does you wrong, you take it to an 11. Why should it be any different with nick? What part of your brain is telling you he deserves a break?

Phyllis: Maybe the part that shares a child with him.

Adam: You told me he berated you at society. Are you gonna let him get away with embarrassing you in front of your daughter, your enemies, all the people that love to see you put in your place? Why should I even have to talk you into this? You should want to do it for free. That's the phyllis I know. The one that wanted to prove to nick and the rest of the world, she doesn't take crap from anybody.

Phyllis: Fine. We're in.

Lola: Kyle, you didn't ruin anything --

Kyle: I saw the look on your face.

Lola: You caught me off guard. But we're still good.

Kyle: Look, let's just go home, forget what a dumb jerk I am.

Lola: Hey, hey. You're talking about the guy I love.

Kyle: Still?

Lola: Always.

Kyle: Want to stick around here for a bit, then?

Lola: Actually, there's something that I need to go do.

Kyle: I'll come with you.

Lola: This is something that I need to do by myself. But it won't take long, okay?

Kyle: Sure.

Lola: I'll be right back.

Theo: Tequila shots all around.

Summer: Ooh!

Jack: Uh, I think I'll stick to my white wine, thank you.

Summer: Oh, come on. You are no fun.

Jack: I will be tomorrow morning.

[ Summer and theo chuckle ]

Theo: More for us.

Summer: All right.

Theo: Better get started. Ready?

Summer: Yep.

Theo: [ Groans ]

Summer: Go.

Theo: [ Snorts ]

Summer: Oooh! Okay. We better let that one settle.

Jack: I think that's a good idea.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Sharon: Why would adam hire someone to dig up information on chloe?

Rey: You know him better than I do.

Sharon: He hasn't said anything to me about this.

Rey: Well, what does your gut tell you?

Sharon: Let's just start with the facts -- chloe's dead.

Rey: So was J.T. And adam.

Sharon: You think she's alive?

Rey: I think adam does.

Sharon: Maybe he just wants to be certain that she is dead. She did try to kill him once. He might want some reassurance that she's not gonna try to do that again.

Rey: Or maybe she is, and he wants to stop her.

Sharon: Adam said he didn't see the shooter. I guess it's possible he wasn't being honest about that.

Rey: I refer to my earlier comment about you knowing him. Though I think I am getting a reading on the guy.

Sharon: I can think of one reason why adam would want to find chloe.

Rey: Yeah. She's the best person to lead him to chelsea.

Sharon: You do know him.

Rey: Nick thought so.

Sharon: So, adam wants to find chelsea even though she wants nothing to do with him.

Rey: That surprises you?

Sharon: Not really. One thing I do know about adam, he's not a quitter.

Rey: Makes you wonder ow far he would go to get what he wants.

Adam: Click on that. Now that. What? Go back. Go back. Forward. Scroll up. Tab down. There! Hold that page.

Phyllis: What am I looking for?

Adam: Get up.

Phyllis: Well, when you say it like that...

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Oh, nick, you make it too easy.

Phyllis: Don't underestimate him.

Adam: Yeah, well, I'll give my big brother a lot of credit. Dark horse is a successful company. But when you operate at this level, there's always a vulnerability.

Phyllis: And you found his?

Adam: He's leveraged up to his neck.

Phyllis: Thousands? Millions? What?

Adam: Tens of millions. 27 to be exact. And he didn't borrow from the bank of daddy.

Phyllis: Why is nick carrying debt an issue? If he's making payments, what's the problem?

Adam: What if the lender called in the whole loan?

Phyllis: I'm sure that nick structured a deal that he can manage.

Adam: Phyllis, you're not thinking outside the box. Notes get sold all the time. What if the person that bought nick's was someone who would like to have a little leverage over him?

Phyllis: Someone like you. We call it the mother standard of care.

Adam: Oh, believe me, the pleasure was all mine.

Phyllis: So, just like that, you own nick's debt?

Adam: Well, C.E.O. Couldn't make the deal fast enough.

Phyllis: Well, revenge isn't cheap.

Adam: This isn't about revenge. I'm getting back what's rightfully mine.

Phyllis: Christian.

Adam: He's my son.

Phyllis: I can see how much that's worth to you.

Adam: You have no idea.

Phyllis: Maybe not. But I also know that little boy means an awful lot to nick.

Adam: And I know my brother. Dark horse is a symbol of his strength and independence from our father. His way of telling the world that he's something other than victor newman's son. That means everything to him.

Phyllis: And if you're wrong?

Adam: I'm not. Once you clean up your web trail of espionage, lock up the place.

Devon: So, yeah, I mean, if -- if tessa and ana can't make it work together, then they should just part ways.

Mariah: I promise you, tessa tried.

Devon: I believe it. I know. Ana said that she tried, too, so...

Mariah: I guess it just wasn't a good fit.

Devon: Nothing really left to talk about.

Mariah: Uh, actually, if you have a minute, there's something else that I would like to talk to you about.

Devon: Of course I do. What is it?

Mariah: I don't really know

[Sighs] How to say this.

Devon: You could just say it.

[ Chuckles quietly ]

Mariah: I'm leaving "gc buzz."

Devon: [ Sighs ] Oh-kay. I didn't expect you to say that.

Mariah: I know.

Devon: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: I've been thinking about it for a while, actually.

Devon: Really? Did something happen at the studio or is there something I need to be aware of?

Mariah: No. No, no, no. Nothing like that. Um... I love the people that I work with. And you're an amazing boss. I just...

Devon: You can say it.

Mariah: It hasn't been the same there. Since hilary. You know, I miss... I miss what we had.

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: I miss our camaraderie.

Devon: I know. I miss her, too. She was merciless with you.

Mariah: Yeah. I actually even miss that.

[ Both chuckle ]

Devon: Man. Well, is there anything I can do to get you to change your mind? No?

Mariah: It's time for me to move on.

Devon: Okay. I-I understand that. I don't like it, but I understand it.

Mariah: Thank you.

Devon: Yeah. Um... what are you gonna do now?

Mariah: I don't know.

[ Chuckles ] I don't know. Um, you know, definitely something behind the camera. Still creative. You know, I-I like the idea of, um, creating something and seeing it through to the end.

Devon: Well, you -- you're kind of already doing that right now.

Mariah: How so?

Devon: With tessa. You came here today to defend her, and you painted a picture of who she is, and you sold that.

Mariah: Wow. So you're saying I can make a career out of being obnoxious?

Devon: No. I didn't say obnoxious at all.

[ Mariah laughs ] I'm saying that artists need people to advocate for them so they can focus on their art. And they need people with imaginations, people who don't have a problem expressing their opinions, and that's you all day.

Mariah: Thank you?

Devon: It's -- yeah, it's a compliment, for sure. And I think I know a way that you can do that and stay with hamilton-winters if you want.

Theo: Something I said?

Summer: No. No, no, no. Why would you think that?

Theo: Uh, just got the feeling not everybody was thrilled you brought me as your plus-one today.

Summer: Everybody liked you.

Theo: Including your dad?

Summer: Yes. He's just over-protective. I don't know. Thinks that I'm rebounding.

Theo: Is that what last night was about?

Summer: [ Sighs ] Do we have to put a label on it?

Theo: Only if that label is "amazing."

Summer: Okay, now, that, I can deal with. Um...do you have any idea where jack went?

Theo: Uh, he got that text, then he did a ghost number on us.

Summer: All right. I'm gonna go see if I can find him.

Theo: I'll grab some more shots.

Summer: Okay.

Jack: Wait, wait. You just proposed out of the blue? No fanfare, no ring, no -- no divorce?

Kyle: I know. Epic screw-up.

Jack: I'm just trying to understand what's going through your head, son.

Kyle: Why I asked lola to marry me?

Jack: Yeah, let's start there.

Kyle: I love her. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life --

Jack: You are just getting out of a marriage --

Kyle: That was a mistake. I want to do things right this time. But, dad, I may have already screwed it up.

Jack: Well, I doubt that.

Kyle: She couldn't get away from me fast enough.

Jack: Hey, you sprung quite a lot on her. Give her time to process this.

Kyle: It may be too late by then. I have to find a way to fix this. Thanks, dad. Good talk.

Rey: Are you serious?

Sharon: I'm going to let you two talk.

Rey: Thank you.

[ Scoffs ] Abbott proposed?

Lola: Before you judge, try to think about your own track record.

Rey: I'm not -- I'm not gonna judge. I'm just gonna ask, what the hell is he thinking? The guy's not even divorced yet.

Lola: Yeah, he realizes that we can't get married until he does.

Rey: Oh, it's a good thing bigamy's off the table.

Lola: [ Sighs ] Even so.

Rey: What? No. You -- you didn't say yes, did you?

Lola: No. But, rey, I love kyle. And he loves me.

Rey: That's -- that's so beautiful. That's great. So -- so, you love each other, you -- you live together, you share dinner and secrets and everything else two people that are in love share.

Lola: If we're going to do all that, why not get married?

Rey: Because marriage is a huge step, not one you just dive into.

Lola: Are you saying all of this because of what happened with mia?

Rey: I'm saying it because i want what's best for you.

Lola: Kyle is the best.

Rey: Then what's the harm in waiting?

Lola: None. I guess.

Rey: You see that? That right there? That's your gut saying you did the right thing.

Lola: [ Sighs ] I just feel like I could have handled things better. Kyle proposing just knocked me off sideways, and I was really anxious to talk to you about it.

Rey: I'm glad you did.

Lola: Yes, but I feel like he got the wrong impression when i just ran off. Oh, my god. What if he thinks that I don't want to be with him anymore? I have to fix this.

Rey: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wh-what are you -- what are you gonna do now?

Lola: I... [ Sighs ] I'm not sure.

Nick: If you're here to apologize for showing up at a party you weren't invited to, it's victoria you should be speaking with.

Adam: Thanks for the tip.

Nick: You're welcome. Since it's been established there's no reason for you to be here -- see ya.

Adam: Oh, I have a reason. 27 million, actually. Shall we do this in your office?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Mariah: So, I'm leaving you without a host for your show, and you're offering me another job?

Devon: Yes. That's what's happening. Do you know how many head shots I've gotten from people who want to sit in your chair on "gc buzz"?

Mariah: Wow. You know, I'm super glad that I didn't know that before.

Devon: Well, I didn't say it to scare you. You always have a position there if you want it. But I want to start following neil's advice.

Mariah: He told you to give me a job?

Devon: No, he didn'T. He told me that I need to start paying it forward. And, you know, you stayed with "gc buzz" after hilary passed. You helped the fans move on and grieve, and I now want to help you.

Mariah: Okay. Devon, that's amazing. But the build up, it's killing me.

Devon: Okay. Um, how would you like to run power communications?

Mariah: Whoa. That's -- that's neil's baby.

Devon: I know it is. And I would like for it to be yours.

Mariah: I don't know if I'm less qualified to run a company or to handle P.R. In case you haven't noticed, diplomacy, it's not my strong suit.

Devon: No, no, no. I really believe that you would be amazing on both fronts. And I'd be right there with you if you ever needed help.

Mariah: You're actually serious.

Devon: I'm very, very serious. And you wouldn't have to keep it strictly P.R. You could branch out to branding, to image building.

Mariah: Help people achieve their dreams.

Devon: Just like you did today with tessa.

Mariah: I don't know. Devon, I-I don't know. I don't want to let you down. I don't want to let neil down.

Devon: You will not.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Slapping legs ] Ah! Okay.

[ Applause ]

Tessa: Thank you. Uh, I'll be back for my last set in a little while.

[ Applause ]

Theo: Looks like you could use another one of those.

Summer: Uh, no. I'm -- I'm good.

Theo: But I've seen you good. That's not it.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, you're right.

Theo: We were having fun. What happened?

Summer: Nothing. [ Sighs ] Nothing. Okay. Um... I overheard kyle telling jack that he proposed to lola.

Theo: Ouch.

Summer: Yep. And we're not even divorced yet.

Theo: That sucks.

Summer: Yeah. I mean, I don't even know why I'm surprised. He was in love with her the whole time we were married, anyway.

Theo: You got it bad for the guy.

Summer: You know, honestly, I don't even know how I feel anymore. One minute, it's done, that's it, and I'm fine, and then the next, I'm not, and I'm back on this roller coaster. I don't know. You know, maybe this proposal is a good thing. I just have to move on, and there's no more stupidly thinking that I can somehow get kyle back.

Theo: Maybe by making him jealous?

Summer: Sorry. Hey, I really do like you.

Theo: Much easier on the ego. And, hey, if you're looking for a no-strings deal, I'm your guy.

Summer: That's perfect. I love that. No strings. No plans. Just fun.

Theo: I'll drink to that.

Summer: All right. From now on, I'm leaving marriage to the people who are boring and predictable.

Theo: I like the sound of that.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

To most, he's phil

mickelson pro golfer.

Lola: [ Scoffs ] What?

Kyle: I mean it. I'm sorry that i put you on the spot. I was a jerk, and I hate that I made you feel uncomfortable.

Lola: Kyle, no. I owe you an apology.

Kyle: What? No.

Lola: Yes. I shouldn't have walked away.

Kyle: I understand.

Lola: I made you feel like you had done something wrong, but you didn'T. You just got caught up in your feelings. But I got overwhelmed, and i really needed to talk to rey about us, our future.

Kyle: Did you?

Lola: He thinks I should wait to get married. We just got back together. We're young. And we've only been living together a little while. Everything he said made sense. But then something happened that I never expected would.

Kyle: What? [ Sighs ]

Lola: Summer inspired me.

Kyle: Okay...

Lola: I went back to society to find you, and she was there. Somehow she found out that you had proposed.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] She must have overheard me talking to my dad.

Lola: Her reaction to the news was interesting.

Kyle: How much is it gonna cost abby?

Lola: She was too busy trashing the idea of a boring, married life to break anything. Summer wants to be free. She wants to go wherever with whomever, do whatever she wants. No commitments. No risk of getting your heart broken. Just...fun.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Well, sounds like she --

Lola: It sounds good. For summer. But, you know, she made me realize something. When you focus too much on one thing, everything else becomes unbalanced. And I have spent my entire life focused on my dream of becoming a chef.

Kyle: Well, it paid off. Enough for me. But... I was wrong.

Kyle: What are you saying?

Lola: Do you need me to put up a banner?

Kyle: Just -- just tell me.

Lola: Yes. What I'm saying is yes.

Phyllis: Done.

Sharon: Phyllis. Where's adam?

Phyllis: Well, I don't know. Let me check on my phone for you. How do I know where he is?

Sharon: You're in his house.

Phyllis: And he's not. That's the extent I know about his whereabouts.

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Phyllis: I dropped by to welcome him back from the dead.

Sharon: Because you two were such close friends.

Phyllis: Oh, you sound jealous.

Sharon: I'm concerned. Did you sneak your color.

Phyllis: Why don't you ask your boyfriend to come by? I hear he's living at the ranch. I wonder what he would think about all this concern for adam? Lock up, will ya?

Nick: I'm not in the mood for your games.

Adam: You know why I'm here.

Nick: You found out how much debt dark horse is carrying. Impressive. But if you think I'm gonna give over my son just because you own this information about me --

Adam: I don't just own a piece of information, nick. I own you.

[ Scoffs ] God, it was careless, carrying that much debt. Made you extremely vulnerable. Way too easy to target. Almost too easy.

Nick: Get to the point or get out.

Adam: I don't want to waste time, either.

[ Clears throat ] Because while technically I own the place, I have no desire to run it.

Nick: What do you want?

Adam: Something much more important.

Nick: Christian.

Adam: My son.

Nick: You bastard.

Tessa: Love me 'cause I've been you

love me every inch, every scar, every mile

love me as you see

don't need you to fix me

I love every inch, every scar, every mile

do you think you could love me, love me

love me, love me

[ Applause ]

Mariah: Whoo!

Tessa: Thank you so much. I'm just so excited to be performing again. So, I hope to see you all soon. Thank you.

[ Applause ] Ah! You made it!

Mariah: Of course. I told you I would. You were amazing.

Tessa: Oh, thank you.

Mariah: I wouldn't be surprised if abby books you every single night.

Tessa: Okay, so, what did devon say?

Mariah: A lot, actually.

Tessa: Ah, start with the bad news.

Mariah: No bad news, just good news and really good news.

Tessa: Oh! Tell me.

Mariah: He's cool with you not working with ana anymore. He doesn't hold it against either of you.

Tessa: [ Gasps ] Whew! Well, thank you so much for talking to him.

Mariah: I'm glad that I went, because it gave me a chance to tell him that I'm not gonna be hosting "gc buzz" anymore.

Tessa: Oh. How did he take it? I mean, on top of me quitting?

Mariah: Well, that's the really good news. He asked me to run power communications.

Kyle: You sure?

Lola: That I want to spend the rest of my life waking up next to you? Yes. I'm sure.

Kyle: I'll try not to leave too many dirty socks on the floor.

Lola: I'll try not to leave my lingerie in the bathroom.

Kyle: Oh, I have never complained about that.

Lola: Oh. Okay, well, I'll think about something that you don't like, and I won't do it.

Kyle: Hey, you're perfect.

Lola: I'll work on that.

Kyle: This is right.

Lola: It took me a while to realize, but nothing has ever felt more right.

Kyle: Because we were meant to be together.

Lola: And starting now, no more waiting, no more regrets, and definitely no more apologies.

Kyle: Mm.

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