Y&R Transcript Monday 6/3/19

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/3/19


Episode #11627 ~ Victor gives Adam the third degree; Traci gets into character; Sharon delivers a message from Chelsea.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: Chelsea? Is that you? Thank you so much for calling me back.

Lauren: Are you gonna go through with it?

Phyllis: Go through with what?

Lauren: That ridiculous website full of jabot collective knock-offs.

Cane: They're what?

Traci: Incredible.

Billy: One day, you might actually want, you know, the big fabulous wedding?

Victoria: You never know. And I'm not opposed to maybe some sort of a placeholder event to the announce to the entire world that you and I are together again.

Billy: I know you. You just want a party, don't you?

Victoria: You do know me well, don't you?

Billy: You can't launch a collective without these.

Victoria: Oh, good, you found them.

Billy: Yeah. Of course. Right where jack said he left them. How's the, uh, invite coming for our recommitment ceremony?

Victoria: Well, I feel like i could use your input. I don't want it to sound too ponderous.

Billy: Okay.

Traci: Um, hi.

Billy: Hey.

Traci: Did I just hear right? Are you two getting hitched again?

Billy: Kinda sorta.

Victoria: All of the meaning and fun with, um, none of the paperwork.

Traci: Wow. Well, that works for me. That's awesome.

Billy: You heading out?

Traci: Yes. I'm a little stuck on my new novel, and so I thought maybe a change of scenery would help.

Victoria: Oh! Good luck.

Traci: Thank you! All right, see you later. Mwah!

Victoria: Bye!

Billy: Bye, trace. Love you. We have to do this now because I cannot let my sister down.

Victoria: I'm glad that you made peace with doing things this way.

Billy: I want you to be happy and comfortable. I'll deal with anything.

Victoria: That makes me love you more, if that's even possible.

Billy: Aww. From my heart, babe, I could not be happier.

Victoria: [ Inhales sharply ] Another reason that I'm grateful -- adam. Well, you know, with all the turmoil that he stirred up, planning this with you, it just sort of reminds me of what's really important.

Billy: Has he come back to you since you countered his demands? $50 million and chelsea's phone number is a pretty sweet deal.

Victoria: Apparently, it wasn't sweet enough. My brother's letting silence speak for him.

[ Knocking on door ]

Adam: Hey, there.

Sharon: Good morning. Is this a bad time?

Adam: Not at all.

Sharon: How are you doing?

Adam: Fine. Oh! You -- you mean this. Um...

Sharon: Are you healing okay?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I'm feeling much better.

Sharon: Good.

Adam: So? Has there been any word?

Sharon: Chelsea did return my call.

Adam: Oh, great. I want to hear everything. What chelsea said, how she reacted when you told her that I was still alive...

Sharon: Chelsea was as shocked as the rest of us to hear you survived.

Adam: Where is she living? I want to see her and connor right away.

Sharon: I'm afraid you can't do that.

Adam: Why not? Is she in some kind of trouble?

Sharon: Chelsea's married.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: It's taken her years to come to terms with your death, to accept that you were really gone, and help connor through his grief. It was terrible for him. Chelsea's concerned that he would be traumatized, worried about losing you all over again. Connor is still very young, and she doesn't want to subject to any more emotional upheaval.

Adam: Okay, where is she living? I will go to her, I wil convince her.

Sharon: It's not just chelsea. Her new husband adopted connor. Chelsea didn't tell me where she is now. She has a new name, she has a whole new identity, and she doesn't want you to find her, adam. You need to let this go.

Adam: Why are you saying this, sharon? Huh? Why are you acting like you don't want me to have them back in my life again? You know what chelsea meant to me!

Summer: Okay. All systems are a go on my end.

Jack: Excellent. That's what I want to hear. No glitches at this point. There's too much at stake.

Summer: Yes, no worries, jack. Jabot collective is a killer concept, and I predict that the launch will be a huge hit.

Jack: I like your confidence.

Summer: Well, great products sell themselves, so it makes everything easier.

Jack: Kyle, give me a status report on that copycat website.

Kyle: I.T. Is still trying to pinpoint the owner, but, once they do, legal is ready with their cease and desist. Hopefully we get the site down before they go live.

Summer: But how does someone in china get their hands on our plans?

Kyle: I told my dad this yesterday, but... I.T. Was able to track down the country of origin, and it isn't china. Turns out, the rip-off site was created right here in genoa city.

Lauren: Tell me it's done. Tell me the site is down.

Phyllis: Thank you for your support and understanding in my time of need.

Lauren: Damn it! I am saving you from yourself! And that is what a friend does. They say "stop!" When there is a bazooka aimed at your foot.

Phyllis: Fine. You made your point.

Lauren: You are so stubborn. But now is not the time. Nobody owes you this. There is no justification for launching that site just to hurt jack!

Phyllis: Yeah, he and the others at jabot forced me out with a severance. You think that's fair?

Lauren: Oh, don't even test me.

Phyllis: Lauren...

Lauren: When you attack jabot, you attack me. So if this site remains open, I will stop protecting you, and so will michael! Are we clear?

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Billy: "We request the honour of you..." "honour of you" -- with a u? Is that what we're gonna go with here?

Victoria: Well, I have a fondness for the british.

Billy: That's adorable, but i think we should keep it a little more "caszh," don't you think?

Victoria: All right, fine. Mm, "y'all come?"

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Split the difference, we'll be good.

Victoria: Oh! I wish traci were still here.

Billy: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. Hey, we're fine. The rest of the invite is in perfect shape, okay? We got this.

Victoria: Yeah. What do you think's going on in adam's head? And what do you think his next move will be?

Billy: [ Sighs ] Something underhanded, no doubt.

Victoria: Well, I do believe that he's sincere when he says he wants to start over with chelsea and connor.

Billy: Yeah, about as sincere as coveting your bank account.

Victoria: Well, he didn't get custody of christian, so i figured that chelsea's number and cold, hard cash were the next best thing. Of course, he could be trying to test nicholas and me, to see how badly we want him gone. But I had to try. I mean, if it gets him to leave us alone, then it is worth every dime, I think.

Billy: Hey. I'm really proud of you -- the way you handled yourself here, the way you took it to him. Now we just have to sit here and wait for his reaction.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: And, in the meantime, we can continue to go on with our lives and prepare the celebration of who we are to each other.

Victoria: Oh, my god. That's perfect!

Billy: Hmm?

Victoria: That's perfect! "Please join us in celebrating life, love, and our recommitment to one another."

Billy: There you go. Perfect.

Victoria: Ah! I'm gonna press "send!"

Billy: All right, let's do together.

Victoria: [ Laughs ]

Billy: You beat me to it.

Victoria: Mmm. Oh!

Billy: Don't worry. It's fine.

Victoria: [ Giggles ]

Adam: You should be encouraging me to go after chelsea, doing everything that i can to get her back in my life!

Sharon: If you had heard her voice, adam... she was terrified.

Adam: Of what?

Sharon: Chelsea's finally happy again. She doesn't want to lose the life she has now, and she's determined to protect connor.

Adam: Wait, wait. Protect him... from me? His father?

Sharon: From the damage it would do to uproot him again.

Sharon: Adam... please, I -- I don't want to see you get hurt. If you pursue this, I'm worried it will be nothing but heartache.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Adam: Yes?

Victor: I need to see you, son. We have important matters to discuss, all right?

Adam: Where are you?

Victor: My office.

Adam: I'll be there. I have to go.

Sharon: I'm sorry.

Summer: God. An accessory line. Exactly what my mom pitched you.

Jack: At some point, it becomes more than a coincidence.

Summer: I mean, I would hate to think that my mom would do this, but, jack, I don't know. I mean, if I were you, I just --

Jack: I've already confronted her.

Summer: Okay, and...?

Jack: Phyllis claims she gave up the idea. She said she started a new consulting firm, even showed me the website for it.

Summer: Okay, so then maybe she isn't lying?

Jack: I can't give this any more oxygen. It's up to the lawyers now. Lauren!

Lauren: Hi!

Jack: I'm glad you could make it for the big moment.

Lauren: Are you kidding? No other place I'd rather be.

Billy: I didn't miss it, did I?

Jack: No.

Billy: Okay, good.

Jack: Your timing is great.

Billy: Here we go.

Kyle: Okay, this is it. Final countdown. I.T. Says we're good to go.

Summer: Oh, this is so exciting.

Lauren: [ Laughs ]

Kyle: [ Clears throat ] In 5...4...3...

[ Cheering ]

Jack: Thank you for all your hard work.

Billy: That is a beautiful sigh.

Jack: Thank you, everyone!

Summer: Thank you for your great leadership, jack.

[ Giggles ]

Lauren: Congratulations. Oh!

[ Laughs ]

Kyle: Oh, man!

Summer: I really do miss working together. We make a great team.

Traci: [ Sighs ]

[ Keyboard clicking ]

Iris: Have you found my locket?

Flynn: I'm making headway.

Iris: But...?

Flynn: Well, it seems the news isn't all that good. Turns out, your high-class husband isn't as smart as he think he is.

Iris: Well, he married me, didn't he?

Flynn: Mm. Well, that's no good for you, unless you want him being on another dame's dance card, if you know what I'm saying.

Iris: I know what you're implying, you lying son of a --

Flynn: That's right, I lie. Sometimes. But the evidence doesn't lie, and all the clues seems to point out that your husband's stepping out on you.

Iris: What clues?

Flynn: Seems to me that your husband wants to make it look like the locket was stolen.

Iris: Why?

Flynn: Maybe the new bimbo's taken a shine to it.

Iris: You're speculating, and I'm not paying you to hear "maybe" and "I think."

Flynn: I think -- I think that he's a fool.

Iris: Well, I want the facts because the sooner I'm done with you, the better.

Kyle: You were right about us not working together. It was best for everyone. We have different skill sets, different priorities. We needed to follow our own paths.

Summer: I am glad that you agree.

Kyle: Lola and I are happy. Totally in love. I want that for you one day, summer. You have so much to offer. I know it's gonna happen when the time's right.

Summer: Yeah, no, I was just acknowledging that we had a part in making today happen, but thank you for the pep talk, coach.

Kyle: I'm gonna go check and see how many hits the website's racking up.

Summer: Okay.

Kyle: Excuse me.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh! Hey, theo!

Theo: Hey yourself, gorgeous. Congrats.

Summer: Oh, did you see the launch?

Theo: Been glued to my phone. It's happening, baby.

Summer: Yeah, we're all pretty amped.

Theo: So, I'm in town.

Summer: Wait, you're in genoa city?

Theo: Don't sound so surprised. It's the place to be nowadays. You'll never guess who I have with me.

Jack: I want to have a celebration at the house later to thank everyone for all their hard work.

Billy: That's a great idea.

Lauren: I'm in.

Jack: Kyle?

Kyle: Absolutely.

Summer: Hey, theo, you're gonna have to come out and celebrate with me tonight. I'm gonna pick you guys up, okay? Where are you?

Billy: So, what's going on with the copycat site?

Kyle: Still up. Doesn't look like it's open for business.

Jack: Let's hope it stays that way.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I mean, we were worried for no good reason.

Jack: The day is still early. I have been worried phyllis was going to spoil this day all day.

Lauren: Well, I'm pretty sure she learned her lesson.

Sharon: You're still here? I thought you'd be jumping right in at dark horse.

Rey: I told you, part of my job is, as far as nick's concerned, is keeping an eye on adam.

Sharon: Well, if you'd rather not get involved in that, you should tell nick.

Rey: It's not the job I would have picked for myself.

Sharon: Then why do it?

Rey: I was at the tack house just now, doing that part of the job, and I saw you and adam looking very intense. And it made me feel uncomfortable.

To most, he's phil

mickelson pro golfer.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] I thought you'd be whoopin' it up somewhere in celebration of jabot's big day.

Billy: Well, funny you should mention that, that's exactly why I'm here -- ordering food for our big party at the house later.

Phyllis: Mm! Mm. You know what I find galling? The guy who embezzled funds and put the whole company at risk, he gets to play hero now. What's that old saying? "Success has a thousand fathers?"

Billy: "And failure's an orphan." You should actually finish the quote.

Phyllis: Oh, touché.

Billy: You know, jack thinks that you're behind this phony website that's supposed to start ripping us off today.

Phyllis: Yeah, he mentioned that theory, and I told him how far off-base he was.

Billy: That was before the jabot I.T. Department figured out that the website was created right here in genoa city. So if jack is right, phyllis, and you are behind this, what's really galling is the fact that you bribed money from me to start a company whose sole purpose was to take down jabot because it's painfully obvious that's exactly what it's supposed to do.

Phyllis: Okay, you know what, you can stop the righteous indignation. I have better things to do with my time.

Sharon: I was only the messenger, but I could tell it crushed him to hear that chelsea won't see him, won't speak to him, doesn't want him to know their child. I felt bad for him.

Rey: The only reason you're in that position is because adam put you there.

Sharon: He had no one else to turn to.

Rey: I'm sure he said that to make sure you go along with him.

Sharon: You only know a small part of adam's history.

Rey: I know enough to see how manipulative he is, like a lot of other felons I've dealt with. I know enough not to trust him and to hope that you won't, either.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Clears throat ]

Rey: It's nick. He has a project for me back at the office.

Sharon: Well, don't let me keep you.

Rey: It concerns me that adam is seeking you out to this extent.

Sharon: Why? Are you afraid I'm gonna fall back in love with him?

Rey: No. But the more excuses he makes to see you, the more I do worry that he'll continue to manipulate you.

Adam: Here I am.

Victor: Hey. Come in, adam. Close the door. Please, have a seat.

[ Exhales sharply ] You asked me to help you take christian away from nicholas. I've thought a great deal about this, you know? I think you and nicholas need to sit down and find some kind of a compromise solution. Now, having said that, i understand that you need to claim your son.

Adam: No, no. You don'T.

Victor: Yes, I do. But I want you right now, for a moment, to put yourself into nicholas' shoes. Nicholas is the only father christian has known. And that was your decision, by the way.

Adam: Well, things have changed.

Victor: What do you mean, they've changed? I'm trying to do what's best for christian, for my grandson. And for christian now to be taken out of the environment that he has learned to love, that he feels familiar with, away from the only father he's ever known, I think that would be cruel.

Adam: Christian is my son, and he's gonna know that he's my son. Nobody -- not you or nick or anybody is going to take that away from me.

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"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Flynn: Iris, you need to wake up. You've got the fancy house, the shiny trinkets, but you're married to a snake.

Iris: You're just jealous.

Flynn: Yeah? Jealous of that bum?

Iris: Because that bum's got me. Just so you know what you're missing.

Flynn: [ Sighs ]

Velma: Oh, my. Unhappy client?

Flynn: Seems like she wants her locket back.

Velma: [ Laughs ] Don't worry, we'll find it. Never fear.

Flynn: You know, you're good for me, velma. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you.

Velma: I wasn't sure you noticed.

Flynn: Of course I've noticeD. I know how capable you are.

Velma: But you're blind when it comes to that woman.

Flynn: Blind? How's that?

Velma: Don't play dumb, flynn. She's a lost cause. You're gonna have to give up already.

Flynn: How is that so?

Velma: [ Scoffs ] She treats you like a chump, and I can't stand it.

Flynn: Where do you get off talking to me that way?

Velma: Where do I get off? Oh, boy, are you ever --

Flynn: Am I ever what? Am I what? Go ahead, say it. What am I?

Velma: Fast asleep!

Flynn: Fast asleep?

Velma: Oh, don't you get it, flynn? It's you! It's always been you!

Victor: Please think about it. You can be part of christian's life without tearing it apart. I mean, sit down with nicholas and work out some kind of a compromise.

Adam: I'm not letting him dictate with "uncle adam" can see his own kid.

Victor: Adam, wait for the boy to grow up a little, to get to know you.

Adam: Oh, you want me to lie to my son? The way that you lied to me?

Victor: Let's get this straight once and for all, shall we? I never denied being your father! It was your mother's decision to raise you on that farm in kansas. Not mine! I never denied being your father! Now, having said that, it was your decision to change the paternity test. Right? It was your decision to do that! Why? Because you knew nicholas would be a more stable father!

Adam: I've lost nearly three years of my life, then almost immediately got shot. Hey, I could have been killed. Now my memory's back, but i don't feel connected to anybody except for that little boy. He is my family, and I'm his. Understand that?

Victor: Oh, I do. And I want you to understand that I'm trying to make this damn thing work out, okay? So that you can get close to christian without tearing everything apart!

Adam: I'm not about to waste precious time so I can protect other people's feelings.

Victor: You and the boy don't even know each other! I mean, think of the damage that you --

Adam: Chelsea said the same thing when sharon told her I was alive. You know, how damaging it would be to connor if I was to suddenly reappear in his life.

Victor: You mean sharon talked to chelsea?

Adam: In one of life's more hilarious ironies, chelsea has a new husband who adopted connor. New name, new life. Everything neat and tidy.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that, son.

Adam: Me, too. She wants me to stay out of the picture, but I'm gonna track her down, get back what's mine. My son, at the very least.

Victor: Adam, listen to me. You need to slow down! Everyone in this town thought you were dead! Chelsea grieved your loss. She grieved and grieved. Finally, she found someone, went on with her life!

Adam: So I should do the same, right? I mean, the way that you let go of me when you found out I was alive and living in vegas?

Jack: It's official. Jabot collective is a bona fide success.

Kyle: Yeah. [ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Jack: Oh, okay, I'll give you three guesses who sent this -- "darling little storefront. Who knows, maybe I'll help you guys and buy a little scarf?"

Billy: Ashley.

Jack: Bingo. "Abbott exchange is also enjoying its very successful launch, not that you asked."

Kyle: I can't tell if she's hurt or just needling you.

Jack: Why don't we just find out?

Billy: No, jack, don't go there, please. We got enough going on.

Jack: I'm just gonna send her a screenshot, show her how many hits we're getting. The numbers will speak for themselves.

Kyle: That'll work.

Summer: Oh, my god! No, that is so true!

Theo: Right?

Summer: Hi, everyone.

Jack: Hey!

Summer: All right, let's get this party started!

Jack: Oh, we're trying! Hey, theo. Good to see you again.

Theo: Likewise.

Billy: Who do we have here?

Natalia: Natalia. Pleasure to meet you.

Billy: Hello, natalia. I'm billy abbott. I'm head of marketing for jabot. This is my fantastic older brother jack abbott. He is C.E.O.

Jack: How do you do?

Natalia: Very well, thank you.

Billy: And last but not least, my, uh -- my nephew kyle, who is integral to the launch of jabot collective.

Kyle: Welcome.

Natalia: Thanks. It's great to be here.

Theo: Natalia is one of my rising stars, knows accessories like no one else.

Summer: Yeah, and she has a gargantuan following.

Theo: I wanted to see for herself what a first-class operation this is.

Summer: Yeah, signing her to rep the collective, we are talking an epic coup.

Jack: Oh, then we will be on our best behavior.

Natalia: What fun is that?

[ Laughter ]

Theo: There you go.

Lauren: Hi!

Jack: Hey!

Billy: Hey!

Natalia: Lauren! Hi!

Lauren: Natalia!

Natalia: I was hoping I'd run into you!

Lauren: Oh, again? [ Laughs ]

Billy: How do you two know each other?

Natalia: Uh, lauren and I met at a trade show, like, a year ago? Um, boring, right?

Lauren: No, no. It was a cute meet.

Natalia: If you call almost knocking you over "cute."

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Well, you more than made up for that.

Natalia: "Purposeful walkers" in these six-inch heels and our noses glued to our phones, it was a deadly combo.

[ Laughter ]

Lauren: Yes, but she was so sweet. She bought me a glass of lovely chardonnay at the hotel bar.

Kyle: Oh, speaking of which, we have champagne and appetizers for anyone that's interested.

Summer: Oh! Yes! Me!

Theo: Sure, I'll take a glass.

Kyle: Lauren?

Billy: Here you go.

Natalia: A little bubbly never hurts.

Billy: That's right.

Lauren: Excuse me.

Summer: Oh, sorry.

Lauren: Sorry.

Kyle: [ Clears throat ]

Lauren: Hi!

Jack: The revised numbers since the launch.

Lauren: [ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh!

Jack: Beyond our wildest hopes.

Lauren: That's so amazing!

[ Laughs ] Cheers.

Jack: Cheers.

Phyllis: Fantastic. Look at what we've got.

Billy: Phyllis, what the hell are you doing?

Lauren: Are you out of your mind?

Phyllis: We got a toast. We got a toast. This is fantastic. Okay.

[ Glass clinks ] To each and every one of you, may all of you get exactly what you deserve. (Cat 1) friskies world...

Flynn: What the devil has gotten into you, velma?

Velma: Oh, come on, detective! Put it together! Why do you think I'm always here, always helping you with cases and getting you out of jams and making you laugh and giving you a shoulder when you need one, wishing, always wishing...?

Flynn: Because you like the job?

Velma: Oh, for god's sake. For a smart guy, you know, you can be a dumb lunk sometimes, you know that? Chasin' after bimbos who don't appreciate ya, who don't care about ya, when it's right in front of ya. It's been right here all the time! I love ya, flynn I've always loved ya, since the moment that we --

[ Sighs ]

Velma: [ Gasps ] Mmm!

Traci: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[ Gasps ]

Jack: Leave, phyllis. Now.

Phyllis: You are unbelievable. You are a hypocrite. You pretended to be a hero, riding in to try to save your company. You could not stand that I was voted into that job. And you have been plotting behind my back from the very beginning.

Jack: You are only embarrassing yourself now.

Summer: Mom, stop.

Phyllis: You -- you, young lady. Young lady, I expected this from them, but from you?

[ Sighs ] And look who we have, everybody. We have my friend and ally who's in bed with jack! And all the other sordid abbotts. Are we having fun?!

Lauren: Have you been drinking?

Billy: I can answer that.

Phyllis: Why I ever thought I could trust you... let me tell you something. You go back to new york, and you forget about these people because, trust me, there will be a day of reckoning.

Billy: [ Laughs ] Okay. That's enough.

Phyllis: Good night!

Victor: I'm not suggesting that you abandon your family, okay? I just want you to take things... a bit more slowly, all right? Find out what you really want, and then find a way to go about it.

Adam: Do you know what that sounds like to me? Delay, delay, delay.

Victor: Okay. I will look into the situation regarding chelsea. Do you know anything about her whereabouts?

Adam: No. All I have is a phone number.

Victor: Let me have it.

Adam: There. She told sharon she doesn't want to be found.

Victor: When has that ever stopped me? Meantime, son, uh, this is a project you can start working on.

Adam: Not to change the subject, or anything.

Victor: Well, this gives you a chance to ease yourself back into the company, okay?

Adam: Oh, this will involve me working with victoria. Never happen.

Victor: [ Scoffs ] You know, victoria's a wonderful girl. She and you have your differences, but she is willing to forget about that for the good of the company.

Adam: Victoria has made it clear -- she wants no part of me. And you forcing us together isn't gonna change that. I'm on my own here. Aside from sharon, you are my only ally. And I use that term loosely. You don't want me to go after custody of christian, and you agreeing to track down chelsea is clearly conditional on me falling in line at newman, following orders. You're trying to manage me.

Victor: That's ridiculous.

Adam: You'd rather I forget that part of my life because you want me here in genoa city.

[ Scoffs ] You have this idea that you can get everyone to do what you want when you want. Like you always have. In the name of family. But you're overestimating your abilities and underestimating just how much nick and victoria don't want me around. You know, I'm starting to think I could live without your fatherly advice. And the smartest thing I could do would be to distance myself from all of you.

Victoria: What's going on?

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Oh! You will love this. Dear old dad was planning to throw us together on two of your projects.

Victoria: Was?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I told him to forget it so you'll be spared the aggravation, all right? I'm done with all this.

Victoria: I'm surprised that you'd give up the opportunity to try to best me.

Adam: I have no stomach for victor's games, four family's resentments, the petty in-fighting. Because you gave $50 million to get out of your hair, the capital I need to start something on my own, without any of you. Congratulations, sis. You got what you wanted. I'm just a normal person

Billy: All right. Thank you, everybody. Have a good evening.

Summer: Thanks.

Billy: See ya.

Kyle: I'm taking off, too.

Jack: Thank you for all your hard work. It meant the world to me.

Kyle: Of course.

Summer: Uh, hey, say hi to lola for me, okay? Hey, jack, about before, I am so sorry. My mom was way out of line.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You never need to apologize there. If anything, your mother owes you an apology.

Summer: Oh, well, yeah, I'm not gonna hold my breath for that one.

Theo: Jack, lovely party.

Jack: Thank you. Very glad you were here, theo. Very nice to meet you, natalia.

Natalia: Theo was right. It was definitely worth the trip.

Jack: I hope phyllis' little episode here didn't, uh, color your decision to join our team.

Natalia: We'll file that under "stuff happens."

Jack: Okay, it's a deal.

Summer: Thank you.

Jack: Bye-bye.

Summer: Bye.

Jack: Good night.

Summer: Bye.

Lauren: Mm! It was so great to see you.

Theo: A pleasure.

Lauren: Bye, good meeting you.

Jack: Okay, if I ask you a question, will you be brutally honest with me?

Lauren: Oh, how brutal are we talking?

Jack: Was phyllis the one behind that knock-off website?

Lauren: I confronted her. She admitted it, and then I put the fear of god in her to put that site down.

Jack: You hope.

Lauren: You saw how much she hates me.

Jack: I also see how that upsets you.

Lauren: It does. I thought she was my friend.

Jack: I'm very grateful that you're on my team.

Lauren: I'm very grateful to be here.

Jack: Hey. Let me top that off. The night is still young.

Lauren: I'm tempted, but... I should head out, too.

Jack: Okay. Okay.

Lauren: Come on. [ Laughs ]

Jack: I'll get the door.

Lauren: Oh, thank you. It was a good day.

Jack: It was a very good day.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Rey: Hey.

[ Sighs ] Everything okay?

Sharon: I don't like the way we left things earlier.

Rey: Neither do I.

Sharon: Adam doesn't have that kind of hold over me anymore. I'm not gonna let him use me. It's not like that.

Rey: So what's it like?

Sharon: You have nothing to worry about.

[ Car tires screeching ]

Victoria: Was adam on the level? Did he really just walk away?

Victor: I understand that you and your brother did your best to make adam feel unwelcome, feel like a threat.

Victoria: Mm. He started threatening us the minute he got his memory back.

Victor: You guys have all the power, all the leverage. What does he have? Nothing. You could have crushed him.

Victoria: Dad, do you think that he's a victim? Is that what you're telling me? You feel guilty about what he's been through, so that's what you think? And you have some strange obsession about handing him the keys to the kingdom. Well, let me tell you something right now. Adam is not a victim. You've lost perspective, dad, and it worries me! You're setting yourself up!

[ Sighs ]

Victor: Sweetheart, I do not need protection from my own son.

Phyllis: What?

[ Sighs ]

[ Scoffs ] Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! What the hell's wrong with you? Why would cut me off like that? There's something called paying attention! You.

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