Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/30/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/30/19


Episode #11625 ~ Victoria stands her ground; Lauren plays hardball; Nick enlists Rey's help.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Ashley: I received a link in an e-mail this morning from somebody on my team. It's from a retail website out of china. "Jolie chic vision." The initials, jack -- jcv. And the logo -- doesn't that look very similar to jabot collective?

Adam: I'm ready to turn my back on newman, on everything. I only want three little things.

Victoria: You know where chelsea is?

Nick: [ Sighs ] No, but she tried to contact me recently.

Nick: I'm christian's father in every way that counts, and i always will be, end of discussion.

Victoria: One thing is for certain -- adam's not going anywhere.

Nick: I want to offer you a job, rey. Head of security of dark horse. I may also have you handle some personal matters for me from time to time.

Adam: We'll, uh... catch up later.

Rey: Hey.

Sharon: Hi.

Rey: How'd it go at the reading?

Sharon: Um, it was...surreal, hearing neil's final wishes. It made me realize he's really gone.

Rey: Well... at least he was surrounded by love, right?

Sharon: I hope he knew that.

Rey: What do you got there?

Sharon: Um, neil left me some jewelry. It belonged to his wife, dru.

Rey: That was nice of him.

Sharon: Yeah. Dru, she was one-of-a-kind, the best friend a girl could have. I wish you two could have met.

Rey: I'd like to hear about her someday.

Sharon: Well, I will tell you, but, right now, all I want is to have a nice romantic night with you.

Rey: Oof, your wish is my command. After I have my job interview.

Sharon: What?

Rey: Yeah.

Sharon: Rey, that's fantastic.

Rey: Well, yeah. I haven't told you where it is yet.

Sharon: Okay...

Rey: Mm-hmm. Nick wants me to handle security for dark horse.

Victoria: Hey. You got a minute?

Nick: Is this about adam?

Victoria: We need a game plan.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I don't see why.

Victoria: You heard his demands.

Nick: Yeah, and I told him no. No half-a-billion, no chelsea on a platter, and absolutely, without a doubt, no christian.

Victoria: You think he's just gonna accept that?

Nick: Well, I didn't give him much of a choice.

Victoria: Even more reason for him to retaliate.

Nick: It's not gonna do him any good.

Victoria: Yeah, but i guarantee you, it's gonna happen, and we have to be ready for it when it does.

Nick: Vick, he is a terrorist. You can't negotiate with terrorists.

Victoria: Fine. Then we need to beat him at his own game. We need to think like adam, get inside of his head, attack him in ways that he's not expecting.

Nick: Okay. Do you have a concrete plan for this assault?

Victoria: No, but I think if the two of us put our heads together, we can come up with a way to neutralize him.

Nick: Look, vick, I want him out of town as much as you do, but I can't get into a battle with him. If I do, the person who's gonna get hurt the most is christian.

Victoria: Well, then there has to be another way.

Nick: Well, if there is, i would love to hear it, but later.

Victoria: Nick...

Nick: I've got a meeting in my conference room I'm already late for. Just call me if anything comes up.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Oh, nick, you forgot --

Billy: "Jolie chic vision?" What the hell is this?

Kyle: That's almost identical to our logo.

Billy: The merch and the product is exactly the same as ours.

Jack: Okay, here's the real kicker -- they're set to launch june 1st.

Billy: No, no, no. That is our launch date, jack.

Kyle: This can't be happening.

Jack: It's happening, unless we stop it from happening.

Kyle: Wait, who tipped you off?

Jack: Ashley.

Billy: Oh, ashley. That's convenient.

Jack: I know where you're going with this. She's just the messenger.

Kyle: Who's to say she's not the one behind this.

Billy: Did you ask her, point-blank?

Jack: Yes, I did, and she denied it, and I believe her.

Kyle: She stole our patents.

Billy: She planted a bug.

Jack: All she would get out of this is a soiled reputation and a lot of legal fees. This is not her style.

Billy: But I'm sure it broke her heart to share the news, didn't it?

Kyle: Wh-what's I.T. Have to say about this?

Jack: It's a company out of beijing.

Billy: Oh, beijing. Wonderful. So they just flood the market with a bunch of counterfeit products, and we get nothing for our work?

Jack: I've already got our legal team working on shutting it down.

Kyle: Which could take, what, weeks, if not months?

Billy: We don't have that much time, jack.

Jack: I know. The damage will already be done. I know!

Kyle: Damn it. Every time we get one step forward, somebody pulls us back.

Billy: The real question is, how did a foreign entity get their hands on proprietary corporate information before we even launched?

Phyllis: I need you to look me straight in the eye, and you need to assure me that everything is running according to plan.

We're moving at top speed, but it'll be tight.

Phyllis: Then you need to hire more workers, you need to offer overtime. You need to do whatever it takes because this has to happen. June 1st is right around the corner. Time is of the essence.

Adam: [ Clears throat ]

Victoria: Well, that was fast. I wouldn't get too comfy in that chair, if I were you.

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provided by...

Kyle: I can count on one hand the number of jabot employees who have access to that information, and none of them have any reason or the means to blow us out of the water.

Billy: What about summer?

Kyle: What about her?

Billy: She's got every reason in the world, doesn't she?

Jack: No, summer is totally loyal to this company. The second she found out her mother was trying to copy our accessory line, she came straight to me.

Kyle: Yeah, and not to mention, she's been working 24/7 on the marketing and getting our name out there on social media.

Billy: Okay, I'm just considering all the possibilities.

Jack: Somebody obviously hacked into our server.

Kyle: Who's capable?

Billy: Not only that, who has the motive?

Jack: Remember, something like this happened not too long ago to fenmore's? Cost them a pretty buck.

Billy: You're not thinking...

Jack: That chelsea lawson could be behind all of this?

Billy: She has been off the radar ever since adam died. Or at least she thought he died. No, jack. I don't think so. That's not --

Jack: As you said, I'm just considering all the possibilities.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I think I lost my hearing for a second. You said what?

Rey: Nick wants me to work for dark horse.

Sharon: Uh, wow. That's --

Rey: He said that you told him I was looking for a job.

Sharon: Yeah, but I didn't think that he would...

Rey: What, that he would hire me?

Sharon: Well, you're great, you know, at everything you do.

Rey: Uh-huh. Mm-hmm. Does that mean you'd be okay if I accepted the offer?

Sharon: Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I be?

Rey: Uh, where do I start? He's your ex, he's faith's dad. I arrested you, his sister, his mother.

Sharon: Yeah, but then you put yourself on the line to get us all exonerated, and you sacrificed your own job in the process, and so you've proven what kind of man you are.

Rey: However...

Sharon: I'm just surprised that a guy like you would want a job like that.

Rey: Nick said it would be a perfect fit.

Sharon: Oh, well, in that case... I can't wait to hear all about it.

Rey: Mm-hmm.

Adam: It's a little big for me, but I'll adjust.

Victoria: Does our father know that you're already making moves to take over?

Adam: He'd be proud to know he has progeny with enough backbone to make a bold choice. But to answer your unasked question, I don't know where he is. The office was empty when i arrived.

Victoria: That is so good. Because I wanted to see you.

Adam: Hmm. How can I help you?

Victoria: You can'T. I'm here to help you. With 10 digits that will change your life.

Adam: Mm. Winning lottery numbers?

Victoria: Last known number for chelsea.

Adam: This is real?

Victoria: I wouldn't waste my time if it wasn'T. So... that's one demand down. Now let's talk about the other two so you can be on your merry way.

Phyllis: So, the products are gonna have to be ready for shipment because as soon as i launch, we're gonna be overwhelmed with orders.

You realize we only have enough for a few weeks.

Phyllis: Oh, that's all right. That's all we're gonna need because, after that, we are going to close up shop. We're gonna shut it down, go invisible.

That's an unusual strategy.

Phyllis: It is all part of my plan.

Jack: Sounds intriguing. I'd love to hear more.

Jack: It sounded like you were talking about a business plan.

Phyllis: I will call you later. Thank you for everything.

All right, talk to you later.

Jack: You didn't have to send him packing just because of me.

Phyllis: Well, he's a busy man. And I have my own affairs to tend to, as I'm sure you do, as well.

Jack: Oh, I always have time for a little conversation, particularly when it's about business.

Phyllis: You kicked me out of jabot, jack, so, as far as I'm concerned, there is no business to discuss. Unless you're rethinking my severance package I never got.

Jack: Yeah, I say this with all due respect. Maybe it's time you stop acting like the world owes you a favor.

Phyllis: No, not the world, just you.

Jack: Your own daughter thinks you need to move on.

Phyllis: And I have.

Jack: Then why are you being so secretive about your new, uh, venture?

Phyllis: The last time i shared my business plan with you, you stole it, so no, thank you.

Jack: I'm asking for a peek, a little glimpse.

Phyllis: You'll learn about it just like the rest of the world, when I launch.

Jack: Tell me now. Unless there's something you're afraid of.

Phyllis: Jack, you're acting like you don't trust me.

Jack: I'm giving you a chance to show me up, to beat me at my own game.

Phyllis: All right. Satisfied?

Jack: You're -- you're starting a tech consulting company?

Phyllis: Yeah. It's exciting, right? That man you scared out of here, thank you very much, is one of the computer geeks on my team.

Jack: This is -- what happened to your accessory line?

Phyllis: Well, I just told you, you stole it. You came up with your own accessory line. Heaven forbid, I had any modicum of success in this industry.

Jack: This is not what I was expecting.

Phyllis: Well, it is what you wanted, so... if you're done badgering me, I need to get back to work. Wouldn't want you stealing any more of my concepts.

Jack: Uh, well, I wish you the best.

Phyllis: Isn't that big of you?

Nick: Thanks for coming in.

Rey: Thanks for the call.

Nick: Sit down.

Rey: If anybody told me months ago I could be on your payroll...

Nick: I wasn't always bad. I really liked you when you first came to town.

Rey: Yeah. Till you learned I was working undercover.

Nick: Which is why I want you working here.

Rey: What exactly would this job entail?

Nick: Part of the job is watching my brother. I need to know what's going on with him.

Rey: That sounds more like P.I. Work.

Nick: You have a brother, too, rey. You know what that's like. Sometimes, you don't always understand each other.

Rey: Yeah. I get it.

Nick: When I found out he was still alive, I had some mixed feelings about that.

Rey: On one hand, you're glad adam's alive, and, on the other, you're worried what kind of life he's bringing back to town, what secrets he's keeping.

Nick: Something like that.

Rey: And you're worried about exposing your family to whatever mess he's gotten himself mixed up in.

Nick: Do you honestly believe that some disgruntled gambler walked into the police station and just confessed to the shooting out of the blue like that?

Rey: Not for a minute.

Nick: As soon as adam got his memory back, he dragged himself out of the hospital and started making demands. He tried to pit me and victoria against each other, he threatened to take my son away from me.

Rey: His amnesia, do you think that was on the up-and-up?

Nick: As far as we know.

Rey: You have your doubts.

Nick: The one thing I am sure of is that adam is capable of anything.

Rey: You don't think he's changed.

Nick: I think he's meaner, more relentless, more manipulative than ever.

Rey: Okay, so... part of my job would involve keeping an eye on adam.

Nick: I also want you to provide security for me, but, more importantly, my family.

Rey: Because of how close sharon is to adam.

[ Inhales sharply ] And the fact that I'm living with her now.

Nick: Which is why it might be best if you don't give her all of the details of your job description.

Victoria: Which bring us to your monetary demand.

Adam: Uh-huh, the half-a-billion dollars. I will take it in large bills.

Victoria: You will take $50 million, and you'll live happily ever after. That's plenty of money. I've opened an off-shore account in your name, and I can have the money wired there within 24 hours.

Adam: All deals are off if this number's a fake.

Victoria: I wouldn't waste my time if it was.

Adam: Because I am only interested in living that life with my family, and that includes christian.

Victoria: You understand this. Christian belongs to nick. With nick. You made that decision a long time ago, when you tampered with the dna tests. You have an actual shot at happiness with chelsea and connor. You were ready to leave town with them before the explosion. It's what you wanted. It was your dreaM. Well, now, I am giving you a second chance at that dream, which is more than most people get. If you were smart, you would accept that offer.

Adam: Yeah, you really want me gone.

Victoria: Nice to see you. Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.

Billy: No, I just got here.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Billy: You look... wow.

Victoria: I look what?

Billy: You look different.

Victoria: Different?

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: Different good?

Billy: Amazing.

Victoria: Well...

Billy: Like you're on fire.

Victoria: Really?

Billy: What's going on?

Victoria: [ Giggles ] Well... you are not gonna believe what I've done.

Billy: Well, whatever it is, you keep doing it.

Victoria: I went to dark horse to talk to nick, you know, to figure out how we're gonna handle adam. Brick wall, trust me. All he's concerned about right now is protecting christian, which I get. If it was my son, I would do the same thing in his place.

Billy: But you're not in his place.

Victoria: Look, adam is threatening to take over at newman and toss me to the side.

Billy: That's not gonna happen.

Victoria: I'm not just gonna hand over what I've worked so hard for. I'm not gonna give up like that.

Billy: Damn right, you're not.

Victoria: So... I went to adam to negotiate, or, should I say, to dictate the terms of his disappearance from our lives.

Billy: How?

Victoria: Well, when nick left the office, I went through his phone and I found chelsea's number.

Billy: You did what?

Victoria: So, I took chelsea's number to find adam, who was making himself a little too comfortable in my father's chair, by the way.

Billy: Did he have a self-portrait on the wall yet?

Victoria: I'm sure it's being commissioned. So, I -- I gave him chelsea's number and I told him $50 million instead of $500. And I reminded him of the life that he can have with connor and chelsea, but that christian belongs to nick, take it or leave it.

Billy: Wow. Look at you, calling the shots.-Victoria: It was exhilarating! I had him where I wanted him.

Billy: Cheers to that.

Your call has been forwarded

to an automated message system.

Please leave your message after

the tone.

Sharon: Hey! Um, is this everything for today? Okay.

Sharon: Can I top you off?

Esther: Sharon. Hey. It's nice to see you.

Sharon: You, too. Um, how about a refill?

Esther: Oh, I -- I haven't even touched this one yet.

Sharon: Is everything okay?

Esther: I don't know.

Sharon: Esther, what's wrong?

Esther: Have you ever mentally prepared for something, and then you're just at a complete loss when it actually happens?

Sharon: I take it you ran into adam.

Esther: I knew it would happen eventually, but I didn't expect it to be today.

Sharon: Do you want to talk about it?

Esther: I don't know.

Sharon: Tell you what, I'll get you a fresh coffee, on the house, and when I get back, we can talk about whatever you want, or we can just sit here. It's entirely up to you.

Esther: Thank you, sharon.

Kyle: You've got me on speakerphone? Can everybody in the I.T. Department hear me? Good. As you've already heard, there's been a breach within jabot. All we know right now is the company is based in beijing. So this is your time to shine. Find out who the counterfeiter is, and do it fast. Because if their product hits market before ours, we'll all be looking for new jobs. You do this for us, and I will throw you the biggest, baddest party the jaboat has ever seen. You want to be heroes? This is your chance.

Lauren: You know, I forgot to ask you earlier. How's your mother?

Jack: She'S... in good hands. We had to, uh, move her to a facility.

Lauren: Oh, honey. I'm so sorry. That must have been so difficult.

Jack: You know how much we wanted to keep her in the house.

Lauren: Yes.

Jack: But things took a turn for the worse, and after some tears and some serious discussion, we decided it's time. I mean, we have to do what's best for our mother.

Lauren: Of course, of course. How's everyone adjusting?

Jack: Okay. You know what, I'd rather talk about business, if you don't mind.

Lauren: Yeah. Of course. I understand.

Jack: About the launch...

Lauren: Yeah! Fenmore's is ready, the website is updated, the brick-and-mortars are ready to push product.

Jack: There's something i have to tell you.

Lauren: Oh, I know that look. Okay. All right, lay it on me.

Jack: You know what they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? Well, there is someone out there that likes us a whole lot.

Lauren: You're scaring me, jack, and I don't scare easily.

Jack: Ashley brought to my attention a website that specializes in knock-offs of jabot collective.

Lauren: Are they on the market already?

Jack: As circumstances have it, they also launch on june 1st.

Lauren: You have got to be kidding.

Jack: If our I.T. Department doesn't get out ahead of this, we could lose everything.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] We were so careful. How did this happen?

Jack: Yeah, I wish I knew.

Lauren: Well, what is this company? Where are they located?

Jack: Beijing.

Lauren: Counterfeiters.

Jack: Oh, right down to our logo.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] This is really unbelievable.

Jack: Forgive my asking. Do you know something more about this?

"The young and the resless"

will continue.

Lauren: This is the first I'm hearing about this, jack. I am just as shocked as you are.

Jack: You just sounded like you knew more.

Lauren: No, I was just having that awful dj vu. Been there, done that. Chelsea 2.0.

Jack: I was just talking to billy and kyle about her.

Lauren: Right. You don't think she has anything to do with this, do you?

Jack: We have no leads on this. Things are bad, as far as timing goes, and that's why I'm so frustrated. I'm sorry I took it out on you. You would sound the alarm, of all people I know. I mean, jabot collective is every bit as much your baby as it is mine.

Lauren: We're in this together, jack -- sink or swim.

Jack: Listen, I got kyle working with I.T. To get to the bottom of this. I'm gonna go check on him, see what he's found out.

Lauren: Keep me posted, will you?

Jack: Sure. Thanks.

Lauren: Meet me crimson lights. Now.

Now, phyllis.

Billy: Let's get out of here.

Victoria: I'm not ready to go home.

Billy: Neither am I.

Victoria: [ Giggles ]

Rey: Not comfortable lying to sharon.

Nick: Those are not the words I used.

Rey: But that's what you were implying.

Nick: Look, dad played on sharon's history with adam to drag her into all of this.

Rey: Well, she's got a good heart.

Nick: She finds it difficult to say no, even if it's a matter of self-preservation. How do you feel about her involvement with adam?

Rey: I am not crazy about it. I had a hunch I should keep an eye on the guy. And the more I learn about him, the more I know my instinct was right.

Nick: The last thing I want is for sharon to get hurt or used, which adam won't hesitate to do either if he feels like it serves his purpose. If he finds out why I hired you, it might undercut your ability to do your job.

Rey: You think she'd tell him that I'm working for you?

Nick: He is master manipulator.

Rey: You know, I've kept things from sharon before, and i hated that I did that. I'd have to tell her. That's the only way I accept your offer.

Nick: Well, you do what you got to do, but she is faith's mother and part of my family, and I'm gonna do whatever it take to protect her.

Rey: Consider it done.

Nick: Welcome to dark horse.

[ Knocks on door ]

Adam: Are you alone?

Sharon: Yeah. What's wrong?

Adam: I -- I really hate to do this, but I need your help, and you're the only one that i can turn to.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Wow. I don't think I've ever seen those lights shine so bright.

Billy: Tonight, nothing in this universe is shining as bright as you.

Phyllis: Hey! Lauren! I --

Lauren: Save it. I told you not to do it. I said it, michael said it, jack even told you! Walk away! Find something else. Stop going after revenge. It's just going to shoot you in the foot.

Phyllis: Hello to you, too. I don't know exactly what I did to deserve this kind of welcome.

Lauren: You know darn well. And now everyone else does, too. The question is -- are you gonna go through with it?

Phyllis: Go through with what?

Lauren: That ridiculous website full of jabot collective knock-offs!

Phyllis: Jack mentioned something to me about that earlier.

Lauren: Oh, I'm sure you got an earful, and it went in one ear and out the other. Now, I want you to listen to this, and I pray it sticks. You are my friend, phyllis. I am probably the last friend you have left. And we have gone through thick and thin together. I had your back at jabot, and I held your hand after.

Phyllis: I've always valued our friendship.

Lauren: Oh, and this is how you repay me? You are not just hurting jack and jabot. You are taking money out of my pocket, and you are ruining my name! Or are you so thirsty for vengeance that you're blind to that? You shut this down, or my next phone call is to jack.

Phyllis: You wouldn'T.

Lauren: Try me.

Adam: I am one step closer to finding chelsea.

Sharon: How?

Adam: I got her number from victoria. It's a long story.

Sharon: Did you call it?

Adam: It went straight to voicemail.

Sharon: Did you leave a message?

Adam: And say what? I mean, she'll think it's some kind of sick joke and hang up, or that she's lost her mind.

Sharon: So you decided she should hear it from somebody else first.

Adam: To soften the blow.

Sharon: Someone like me.

Adam: And I know it's asking a lot, but you're the only one that I can trust.

Sharon: Of course.

Adam: Break it to her gently. My future is in your hands.

Lauren: I have all day.

Phyllis: Fine. I confess, I'm the one that jack is looking for.

Lauren: How could you stoop so low?

Phyllis: How do you have the gall to say that to me after the way they treated me?

Lauren: Are you kidding me? After the truth came out about kerry and the patents --

Phyllis: That wasn't my fault! She fooled us all, including and especially jack, who was quite literally sleeping with the enemy. That's probably why he's so frustrated with me. He tossed me out of jabot without my severance package. He stole my idea for the accessory lines.

Lauren: All right, you stop justifying this. You broke the law. Infringing on our intellectual property, devaluing our products and my company!

Phyllis: It's not going to be forever. It's gonna be for weeks. Months, maybe. But I will shut it down, and I'm gonna disappear.

Lauren: No! You cannot do this.

Phyllis: I have to. I need to capital for my next project.

Lauren: [ Scoffs ] Do you have any idea what jack is gonna do when he finds out that jolie chic is you?

Phyllis: He's never gonna find out.

Lauren: You have 12 hours to shut down the website and call beijing and have them incinerate every product in their warehouses.

Phyllis: Or what?

Lauren: I am giving you one last chance to save yourself, phyllis. Stop asking questions, and just do it!

Jack: Talk to me. What do you got?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I promised the I.T. Department a party on

jaboat if they could track down whoever's behind this jolie chic.

Jack: And?

Kyle: The website was routed through servers in hungary and sri lanka and then beijing.

Jack: But we already knew that.

Kyle: But they kept digging and they found out the company behind the website was incorporated in madison. And that website?

Jack: Go ahead.

Kyle: Developed right here in genoa city.

Sharon: Voicemail.

Adam: Leave a message.

Sharon: Hi, chelsea. It's sharon newman. Long time, no talk. I -- I, um, really need to speak with you. I have some news, and it's very important. You can reach me at this number. Please call as soon as you can, okay? Bye. Good?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I couldn't have done it without you.

Sharon: I know how much it would mean having them back in your life.

Adam: I had a whole future planned out for us.

Sharon: Chelsea and connor. They are your family.

Adam: You think she'll call back?

Sharon: Yeah, I know she will. All we have to do is wait.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Billy: What you did today, the way you handled adam... it took a whole hell of a lot of courage. A little badass. Maybe even a little ruthless.

Victoria: All the things my father said I could never be.

Billy: And he thought you were little red riding hood. Turns out, you're the big bad wolf.

Victoria: Yeah, well, we'll see if adam decides to take my offer. He could stick around and make our lives miserable, if he wants to.

Billy: But now he knows who he's dealing with. A woman that's not gonna back down, who's strong, confident, fierce. And sexy as hell.

Victoria: [ Giggles ] Really...

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