Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/21/19

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/21/19


Episode #11618 ~ Victor keeps the peace. Lauren plays matchmaker. Nick plans his defense.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Lauren: Please... help me find jack find the perfect woman.

Michael: What?

Adam: Every day I hear crazy things about myself, but I don't recognize that person. So I'm gonna give it a little more time, but if I don't remember something soon, I'm going back to vegas.

[ Gunshot ]

Victor: Don't you die on me, do you understand? I can't go through this again.

Paul: Take a look at this. So adam is clearly the target.

Adam: Dad...

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Victor: You just came out of surgery. You were injured. But you'll be all right. Do you remember anything?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I was shot.

Victor: Do you have any idea who did this to you?

Lauren: Claire is our regional manager in chicago, by now not-so-secret weapon when i want to bounce around new sales strategies. Nobody knows business or our demo better.

Jack: This is not the first time I've heard her sing your praises. I would like your take on our latest initiative, though, uh, jabot collective.

Claire: Well, now that you ention it, I do have thoughts.

Jack: Oh, that was fast. Do I need to worry?

Claire: No, no, no. Not at all. This is a smart shift, and the market is ready for it. But I've only heard the broad strokes so far. I'd love to hear the details.

Jack: What perfect timing. I had a reservation for 3 at society. Have you been there yet?

Claire: No, but the chef is getting wonderful press.

Lauren: Who is practically family because she is seeing jack's son kyle.

Claire: Really?

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Claire: Well, you're lucky to have family close by. I have to rely on video chat for my nieces and nephews.

Jack: Yeah.

Claire: They're all over the country.

Jack: Shall we?

Claire: Yes. Yeah.

Jack: So, how often do you get to see your niece and nephew?

Claire: Oh, weddings, christenings, you know, but i admit, I do like a nice beach adults-only trip now and then.

Victoria: So dad just barges in and forces the issue. He makes christian meet adam, and you just had to sit there and suck it up?

Nick: All this noise about how we got to welcome adam back and how we're one big family. Well, christian doesn't remember him at all. But uncle adam's back now! I got this pit in my stomach.

Victoria: Well, dad didn't take any of that into consideration because adam takes precedence.

[ Sighs ] How did christian react?

Nick: He's a little boy. How do you think? He's shy and he doesn't know what to do.

Victoria: Well, I doubt that dad got what he wanted, which was some big moment of recognition out of adam.

Nick: No way. And adam hated it, too. He saw what dad was doing. He was just trying to yank everyone's strings.

Victoria: I'm so sorry. It's ridiculous. Dad doesn't get the boundary issue for you and christian.

Nick: Because, to him, he doesn't think christian is my son, which is why he felt completely justified in suing for custody when I was talking about moving out of genoa city.

Victoria: You are christian's father. It's legal. It's real.

Nick: Yeah, but all dad cares about is formalities. And the sad thing is, he's using my son to try and get adam back into the fold. I mean, he already used sharon. His next move had to be christian.

Victoria: Of course dad is grateful that adam's back but this all seems so aggressive and desperate.

Nick: Dad feels like he's got to make up for all the crap he pulled after adam's death. And now that he almost died again, right after he got him back... vick, it's only gonna get worse from here on out.

Adam: No, I didn't see. It was so fast.

Victor: Now, you were standing in the doorway of the tack house. Did anyone knock before, you think?

Adam: I was on my way out. I didn't see anyone.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Okay. I want you to rest now. Okay? Now, there's a security guard outside the door. He won't let anyone come close to you to hurt you again. All right? No one will come in here. Only those we know and trust.

Adam: Mm. Gonna be a short list.

Victor: Adam, I want you to understand something. No one in the family could have done this to you. You mustn't think that. They're just all shocked that you're back. This came as a surprise to everyone.

Adam: That won't work anymore. I know better because i remember. I remember all of it.

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Victoria: Adam is gonna make it. That's what dad said, right?

Nick: The guy still got shot.

Victoria: I know, I know. I'm not saying -- how far overboard is dad gonna go with all of this?

Nick: Is that a rhetorical question? I mean, dad has never been known for his restraint.

Victoria: I mean, adam is still adam. He's always gonna be adam, no matter what he remembers. So for dad to push him in christian's direction and to reinstate him at newman...

Nick: Are you kidding me? Is that in the works?

Victoria: Yes! And I didn't even hear it from dad himself. Adam filled me and billy in on what the plan is.

Nick: But dad never mentioned it to his C.O.O. That is real leadership.

Victoria: It's just too much too soon. It's like he's trying to give adam anything to make him want to stay in genoa city.

Nick: While trying to shape us into this family unit that never really existed to begin with.

Victoria: Why is he on such a deadline with this?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I don't know. Retirement, mortality... he wants everything in place so he can finally have newman & son. That's not me.

Victoria: And it clearly isn't me. I mean, newman & daughter doesn't have a very good ring to it.

Nick: Do you get the feeling dad always kind of knew? I mean, victor newman jr. Adam's given name. Adam's the one dad always saw himself in.

Victoria: But look at all of the things that adam's done. He's so dark, and he's vicious.

Nick: Dad can relate.

Victoria: How do you talk someone out of a connection like that? It can't be done.

Victor: When you woke up, you said "dad."

Adam: I knew before because I'd read it, because you told me.

[ Sighs ] Now...

Victor: That's wonderful. You've regained your consciousness now, and your memory.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Took a lifetime to collect those moments. I had time to rationalize or process, make excuses. But everything coming back at once, it's like getting shot all over again.

Victor: Do you remember anything positive? Do you remember hope, your mother? You meant the world to her, you know. Remember anything about her? Do you know where you grew up?

Adam: Kansas, the farm. I can see it all.

Victor: That's right, my boy.

Adam: Before, I didn't know she existed. But now... I miss her all over again. What would she think of this? What would she think of me?

Victor: Deeply grateful that you have -- that you survived and you have your memory again and you can start all over again, you know? And live a life without regret.

Adam: Sharon said something along those lines, but I didn't know then what I know now.

Victor: Sharon has come a long way.

Adam: You did a solid job pretending to tolerate her before. You don't need bother now.

Victor: Well, I'm proud of the way she turned her life around, you know?

Adam: Have you really changed this much in the past few years? This positive attitude?

Victor: My boy... I have a lot of regrets about our past relationship, and I have a chance to start all over again with you. You've regained your memory, and I'm just very, very happy to have you home again, all right?

Adam: Don't you think I have even more reason to take off, as planned?

Victor: Well, let's not talk about that now. I want you to rest. We'll deal with that later, all right?

Adam: It'll be the same conversation.

Victor: Now, wait a minute, now. Just -- just don't think about that right now. Uh, I'm gonna find out who did this to you, and I'll deal with them. I want you to rest now, okay?

Jack: The langosta with the avocado...

Claire: I was wondering about that one.

Jack: The plating is fantastic.

Claire: Well, presentation is crucial.

Jack: We taste with the eyes first.

Claire: And when the diners are posting pictures of their meals...

Jack: Oh, believe me, social media has been very kind to society.

Claire: I was so jealous when I saw that jett slade played here opening night.

Jack: I'm glad you know about that. I want that kind of energy for jabot collective.

Claire: I'm already thinking about events for the chicago market. It'll be a little tight for summer but doable, don't you think?

Lauren: Hmm? Oh!

Michael: I am so sorry to interrupt.

Lauren: Michael! Hello!

Jack: Hey! Have a seat.

Michael: Oh, if I only could. I'm sorry, you weren't answering your phone.

Lauren: Yeah, I know, because even though it looks like we're having fun, we're in a working lunch.

Michael: Well, we're in the middle of a minor emergency. I have court, and the super called about a leak at the apartment.

Lauren: A leak?

Michael: Mm.

Lauren: I -- honey, I'm here.

Michael: I know, I know.

Jack: Go. Lauren, go. We'll be okay.

Lauren: I'm -- [ Sighs ] I'm so sorry.

Claire: No. No, no, no. It's okay. I'll check in with you later.

Lauren: Thank you. I'll make it up to you both. I promise.

Claire: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Good luck.

Lauren: Yeah.

Michael: Oh, oh, oh, oh. Uh, try to the langosta with avocado. Oh, yummy!

Jack: Thanks for the tip.

Michael: Hey.

Claire: [ Chuckles ] So, you're starting a cruisewear line?

Jack: Yeah, where the palette is exceptional.

Claire: Be still my heart.

Michael: Looks like they bought it.

Lauren: You are very convincing, not too much detail.

Michael: Uh-huh, well, you know, overly complicated fibs are the crutch of a bad liar.

Lauren: Mm, well, you were very, very good.

Michael: I should feel bad, but I don'T.

Lauren: Mm, don't give yourself too much credit. Did you see how absorbed jack was in claire's conversations?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Is this your new thing? Matchmaking? Fen's on the road, so you feel the need to meddle closer to home?

Lauren: Excuse me, this is how relationships are made, especially when you're not on dating apps. You have a friend who says, "you know, I think you two are wonderful and think you two would be wonderful together," and...boom!

Michael: Mm, but you did not say that. You said, "I have a leak at my apartment." Get in the car.

Lauren: Technically, you said it.

Michael: Get in the car!

Lauren: They're gonna thank me, you wait and see.

Adam: Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, my god. I'm so sorry. It was...

Adam: I know, victor said you found me.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] There was so much blood. I -- I didn't know, I wasn't sure...

Adam: Good -- good as new.

Sharon: I was so scared.

Adam: Yeah, you, uh, said all those things about owing me. Paid in full.

Sharon: I convinced you to come to genoa city. I didn't think that there would be danger, not physical risk. I wasn't thinking. And, without your memory, all you had to go on was what victor and I said...

Adam: Oh, sharon. Sharon, this isn't your fault. Okay? None of it. I mean, we may never know who shot me. I mean, I have so many fans.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Stop making me feel better.

Adam: Oh, victor said he'd keep me covered.

Sharon: There's a guard outside. I had to show my I.D.

Adam: See? It's all good.

Sharon: You had a bullet in you.

Adam: [ Sighs ] It's not the first time. Sharon... what you did -- coming to vegas, reaching out until I was ready...

Sharon: I told you why.

Adam: Well, I didn't realize then what it took for you to do that. But now...

Sharon: What do you mean? Do you remember something?

Adam: Everything. All of it. What I put you through...

[ Sighs ] And for you to want to help me... for you to want to save me...

Sharon: The worst... it was a long time ago.

Adam: For me, it's brand new. You should have never forgiven me.

Sharon: Well, that was my choice, adam, you know, it wasn't -- it wasn't for someone else to say.

Adam: I'm sorry. You're right.

Sharon: We worked through it before. We can work through it again, if that's what it takes.

Claire: The mentor program is probably my favorite. These young people fresh out of school...

Jack: Oh, I know, all that energy...

Claire: It's infectious!

Jack: And these crazy ideas they have...

Claire: We're guiding the next generation.

Jack: Yeah, kind of heady stuff, isn't it?

Claire: Eh, and it means we don't stop learning. You should let me show you how well the program works.

Jack: How do you propose we do that?

Claire: A promotional event for jabot collective. The mentees will get some real-life experience.

Jack: At one of the fenmore stores?

Claire: Why not all of them? Make it a full weekend. Instead of a mad rush at one location, we make it special in each store so that it feels more like an exclusive trunk show than a free-for-all.

Jack: This is brilliant. So every buyer would feel like they had a personal shopper.

Claire: Exactly. Everyone likes to feel special. Come to chicago. Meet my team, and then you can decide.

Jack: I don't need to. I'll sign off on this right now.

Claire: Where's the fun in that? Let me dazzle you. And there's a gala next week -- wearable technology at the museum of science and industry. And if we get sick of black-tie, we can always sneak off to this new thai restaurant I know you'll love.

Jack: How did you know I like thai food?

Claire: Lauren mentioned it.

Jack: Okay, uh, be honest with me. There is no leak at lauren's apartment.

Claire: [ Sighs ] She thought we'd hit it off. And maybe it's just me... but I don't think she was wrong.

Nick: How's adam doing?

Victoria: Did they find the shooter?

Nikki: Nothing so far.

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ] They searched the ranch. The shooter is long-gone. Okay? But your mother and sharon and faith are secure. I increased protection at the ranch.

Nick: Whoever put adam in the hospital got onto the grounds unnoticed the first time. They could do it again. Adam needs to be in a secure location or a safe house.

Victoria: Or out of town? For his own protection.

Victor: No, no, no, no. He is where he belongs. He's home now. Okay?

Nick: All right, well, is this why you brought us here, to keep us updated on the shooter?

Victor: Let's wait till abby comes, all right? There she is! Hi, sweetheart.

Abby: Hi.

Victor: Thank you for coming.

Abby: Nikki's been keeping me posted about adam. What happened? What's next?

Victor: Adam is safe. He has 24/7 security around him.

Abby: This is crazy. He just got back.

Victor: I know. It's all very unsettling. But there's an upside to all this. He's recovered his memory.

Nick: Did the doctors say how that could happen?

Victor: Well, they hypothesize that perhaps it's due to the trauma, that triggered him.

Victoria: Now he remembers everything. That's, um...

Nick: It's incredible.

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: I know this is all very surprising and unsettling.

Abby: Especially when I came face to face with adam, and no one had even bothered to tell me that he was alive in the first place.

Victor: My sweetheart, that's my fault, I apologize.

Abby: Thank you.

Victor: Now, I asked you all to come here because I'm hoping that you will give him the support that he needs to recover from his injuries and to rebuild his life. What I'm saying is, I want you all to make him feel welcome.

Nick: Well, that depends on what you mean by that.

Adam: It was there. My memory. For the last few days, I could feel it lurking around the corner, like I could almost grab it, and then it would pull back.

Sharon: You don't think it was the trauma that caused it all to come back?

Adam: I don't want to give whoever did this to me that kind of credit. My memories were all gonna come back whether I was ready or not.

Sharon: I know you were worried when you learned about delia.

Adam: [ Sighs ] How you can be in the same room as me? How can anybody?

Sharon: Adam --

Adam: And I know I'll get there. Just all at once... now I understand why my brain wiped itself clean in the first place. To come back and see all the people that I hurt... I was more than ready to run away from genoa city before all this.

Sharon: And now?

Adam: Well, I need to work up to a shuffle before I can run anywhere.

Sharon: I know you're scared.

Adam: I'm barely here a week, and suddenly there's a gun-toting maniac running around town. Might be best for everyone if i disappear again.

Adam: Chief.

Paul: You remember.

Sharon: Whether it was the trauma or something else, adam has his memories.

Paul: Well, that's all good news. Well, that's a lot to remember all at once. Should make things easier, though, because I do -- I do have a few questions to ask you.

Sharon: Oh, um, I'll give you two some privacy.

Adam: Sharon, wait, please. My phone. Was it taken in for evidence? Is it at the station?

Paul: It's still at the ranch, as far as I know.

Sharon: Do you want me to bring it for you?

Adam: If you don't mind.

Sharon: Of course. I'll bring it back later.

Paul: This shouldn't take long. So, adam... did you see who shot you?

Adam: No. I didn'T. But I have a pretty good idea who it was.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Paul: You think someone followed you all the way from nevada to shoot you on victor newman's ranch, where there's guards, security cameras, and everything else?

Adam: You mean instead of picking me off in the very public streets of las vegas?

Paul: Well, yeah. I mean, it shows, um... a certain dedication, I'd say.

Adam: I had enemies, players I trounced, people who thought I'd cheated. Now they know my real name, my family... slim chance they're gonna win back what they lost over the table now.

Paul: Well, I hear you, but... you left a bag full of money right in plain sight.

Adam: Maybe they panicked. Or maybe they didn't know about the money. Maybe it was good, old-fashioned revenge. That's a thing, too.

Paul: So... tell me about the money. I mean, that was quite a stash.

Adam: Well, every penny i have.

Paul: In a bag, not a bank account?

Adam: It's hard to get an account when you don't have a name -- no I.D., Nothing like I didn't exist.

Paul: Right. Okay. I get that. Um, I have requested the security footage from the gate house and any surveillance from the area, so...

Adam: Thank you.

Paul: Um, who exactly knew you were back in town?

Adam: It wasn't a secret, the newman prodigal.

Paul: Well, tell me who you interacted with.

Adam: The pilot and crew on victor's jet, staff, family -- victoria, nick, abby, sharon. This new guy, rey rosales. Billy abbott.

Paul: Right, and nikki and victor.

Adam: Yeah, but it's not like victor pulled the trigger.

Paul: Are you saying you think one of the others did?

Adam: No, I'm saying my father could have had me taken out in vegas. No one would have known.

Paul: Oh. But he brought you home instead.

Adam: And, hand to god, i think someone got wind and came all this way to give spider his due. That was my name in vegas. I wasn't exactly pure-of-heart when I was taking my opponents' money. Adam newman, for once, wasn't the target. Not that he wouldn't deserve it.

Claire: Thank you for lunch. You'll have to let me return the favor in chicago. Thai food or black-tie. Your choice.

Jack: I appreciate the offer. Right now, I'm kind of tied to my desk. I need to give all of my attention to jabot collective. I hope you understand that.

Claire: Of course. The company deserves your devotion. But when you decide that you deserve a break... here's my personal line.

Jack: I will hold onto this.

Claire: You better.

Nick: Look, dad, we're all happy that adam's gonna recover, and it's truly amazing that this bullet somehow cured his amnesia.

Victor: This amusing to you, son? I mean, your brother almost died, you know.

Victoria: It's been stressful. We're all coping the best way that we know how.

Nikki: I understand that this all seems rather...convenient.

Victor: Well, since when is attempted murder convenient?

Nikki: No, no, no. I'm -- I'm talking about adam's sudden recollection of his past. Clearly, your father was skeptical, also, hence dr. Calhoun.

Victor: By the way, that shrink was useless, except that he determined the fact that adam had lost memory of his life before las vegas.

Nick: But now he remembers everything. So what does that mean for us? Old grudges, resentments, crimes that went unpunished...

Victor: If memory serves me correctly, you and adam got along pretty well before the explosion. In fact, he made sure that you would raise christian.

Nick: He was on his way to prison so he had reason to want me on his side. Just like I had no reason then to wonder what he was going to do next. It was a buffer for both of us.

Victoria: Dad, adam has been through so much the past few years, and if he's only now realizing what his life used to be...

Victor: So you doubt he had amnesia, is that what you're saying?

Victoria: We have no idea what he might want now that he's home.

Victor: It's like billy abbott talking.

Victoria: I have my own thoughts and feelings about adam, dad, just as billy does. And I'm sure you can understand that he has every right to be wary of the man who took delia's life.

Victor: Sweetheart, that was an accident. Okay? I'm sure he has suffered from that memory. My god, you still want to punish him?

Nick: He has caused every single person in this room pain. All of us, all right? And that's not gonna change. It doesn't matter whether he's calling himself adam newman or spider or whatever.

Abby: Nick's right. Whoever adam thought he was in las vegas, he was still working outside the law.

Victor: What, was he supposed to get a job without a driver's license, without a social security number?

Abby: Well, clearly he didn't bother to go to the hospital or the cops and try to get any help. He just started working with shady people.

Victor: You know, I'm beginning to be rather disappointed at the level of judgment against a member of your own family.

Nick: You love him, and it's understandable. And you've done an amazing job dealing with all of his legal issues. So now why don't you just get him an office at newman? But you trying to do this -- fix us, this family -- it's not gonna happen right now in this room. And, honestly, dad... it may never happen.

Nikki: Victor, this has all happened so quickly. It's understandable that everyone will need to move at their own speed. And adam will need his own time and space moving forward, as well.

Victor: With all due respect, my darling, I think adam is well-aware of how everyone here feels about him. That's why he wanted to leave town. He would have long-gone had it not been for the shooting.

Nikki: No one wants that.

Abby: I'm sure it was confusing for adam to come back into town with no idea of what things were like before, but no one wanted to feel like he had to leave. Dad, now that he has his memory back, I'm sure he understands why he didn't get the warmest welcome.

Nick: We all know how much he means to you, and we are hoping for the best.

Victor: Son, hoping for the best is not enough. I need your best efforts. We need to stick together as a family and support him.

Abby: I understand, I do.

Victor: So you agree?

Nick: If we all have the same concerns about adam, what does that tell you?

Victor: That tells me that you all consider him an outsider, and I won't have it!

Victoria: Part of this is us being protective of you. Dad, we don't want adam taking advantage of your love and your trust.

Victor: I don't need protection from one of my own children.

Nick: It's impossible to be objective about adam. I'm not just saying that about you. I'm saying that for all of us.

Victoria: So much has happened.

Nick: And I know it's not what you want to hear, but hopefully you'll know that we're being completely honest with you.

Victor: All right. Appreciate that. I don't want to hear any more of this, all right? This is...

Victoria: Dad, please...

Victor: No. End of discussion.

Nick: Okay.

Lauren: I already know. I was overeager, possibly over the line... but claire is the real deal, and so are you, my friend. AJack: I am not angry.

Lauren: Thank god.

Jack: I am also not available for dating at the moment.

Lauren: Kerry fooled all of us. I would hate to think that she turned you off of women forever.

Jack: Trust me, I am still attracted to women. It's a safe bet I always will be. Right now, I want to focus on business and making jabot and fenmore's the success they need to be.

Lauren: And what about all those eligible women out there? Those smart, stunning, fabulous women who are wondering "where the heck are the equally fabulous men?" You can't do this to them. You can't take yourself off the market. It wouldn't be fair to them or to you. Jack, I just know that there is someone out there, and they're gonna make you very happy.

Jack: When that time comes and I'm ready, I will spread the happiness around.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] You're mocking me.

Jack: No, I'm not. I am clipping your wings, cupid. At least where I'm concerned. Okay?

Adam: You're back.

Sharon: Are you in pain?

Adam: Mm. Did you find my phone?

Sharon: Well, that depends. Are you going to use it to leave town?

Adam: Wouldn't be the worst idea.

Sharon: I mean it. Because I would like fair warning if you're gonna take off. So if this is goodbye...

Adam: I'm not ready to say goodbye. You keep saving my life.

Sharon: I have to go and get faith.

Adam: Oh, faith. Yes.

Sharon: Is there anything else you need? I can bring it when I come back.

Adam: No. Thank you. Hey. It's me. Because I got shot. I'm in the hospital. I'll be fine. I know exactly who did it, but I have to handle it, okay? Which means I have to shut down the investigation. Find me a fall guy.

Lauren: [ Gasps ] Shouldn't you be in court?

Michael: Shouldn't you be back at the apartment with the leak or the escaped baby hippos or whatever excuse worked best?

Lauren: If you came to see how my matchmaking did...

Michael: I did.

Lauren: Jack busted me. Well, claire caved, then jack busted me.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's too bad. I could have sworn I saw a little spark between those two.

Lauren: Right? I thought I saw it, too. But jack is still dealing with that mess with kerry, and, honestly, I should have known that.

Michael: It's difficult sometimes to be the mender of hearts as well as the reader of minds.

Lauren: I know. I failed miserably on both counts today.

Michael: Fear not, my love. There is still romance in the world. Let me take you out dancing tonight, cheer you up.

Lauren: Really?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: You would do that for me?

Michael: It would be an honor and a privileged.

Lauren: Oh! Well...

Michael: May I?

Lauren: Yes!

Michael: Come on, come on. Let's see. Yes! Yes!

Lauren: Oh, another one.

Michael: [ Grunts ]

Nick: I heard you had a good time on your play date, bud. Some trucks, some digging. Was there cookies involved? Did you bring me one?

[ Gasps ] No? You didn't bring dad a cookie? That's all right. I can go a day without a cookie. I can't go a day without you, man.

Nikki: All right. I'm heading home. Will you be joining me?

Victor: No, sweetheart, I'll be along later, okay?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] None of this can wait?

Victor: Well, it all waited when I was at the hospital.

Nikki: I know it hasn't been an easy day for you. I'm sorry.

Victor: Thank god adam is recovering.

Nikki: I know that's your priority, understandably so.

Victor: Thank you.

Nikki: But I do hope that you won't be too hard on your other children for having their own concerns.

Victor: I'm a little disappointed, to be honest with you. I mean, their jealousy is an embarrassment. They simply won't accept the fact that adam is their brother.

Nikki: Darling, they're only human. They just want reassurance from you that your eyes are wide open. But I have to say, you could have assured victoria that her position is safe. And you could have told nicholas that you would never help adam fight for custody of christian.

Victor: Why would I do that? They claim to be adults. They claim they don't need my help. Now, all of a sudden, they want me to play favorites?

Nikki: No, that's not what anyone wants.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm fighting for this family to behave like one, all right? Not only expect it, I demand it.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Hey. [ Clears throat ]

Victoria: I didn't mean to startle you.

Adam: Side effect from a bullet. Who knew?

Victoria: I just saw dad. He said you regained your memory. Must be a shock.

Adam: Yeah. It's been fun times all around.

Victoria: You wish you didn't remember?

Adam: Yeah. I wish I didn't remember, but that genie isn't getting stuffed back in the bottle.

Victoria: I can relate. I wish I could forget everything that you've done to me and the people that I love. But I can'T. And I never will.

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