Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/7/19

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/7/19


Episode #11608 ~ Nikki visits Sin City. Nate takes a risk. Summer outmaneuvers Lola.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Summer: Yeah, sure. Kyle -- kyle and I can come to new york. Tonight? That's no problem.

Phyllis: I am starting my own accessories company. I need fabulous, fashionable women to help me get this off the ground. Are you interested?

Victor: Adam is alive.

Nick: No. No, adam is dead.

Sharon: Somehow, he survived. According to victor, adam has no recollection of his life before the accident. He asked me to help, to unlock adam's memory. I will do everything I can to help bring adam home to his family.

You've reached me.

So tell me what you want.

Rey: What happened?

Sharon: Voicemail. It was him.

Rey: It was adam? Okay.

Sharon: It was pretty eerie.

Rey: Hey, sharon. You don't have to do this.

Sharon: I'm okay.

You've reached me.

So tell me what you want.

Sharon: This is sharon newman. I've been told you may not remember me, but we knew each other a long time ago. I'd like to meet with you, just to talk. You can reach me at this number. Now what?

Rey: Now we wait.

Summer: Hey! I didn't hear you come in.

Nick: Yeah. You, uh, going somewhere?

Summer: Yeah. Work trip. New york.

Nick: It's good you're getting away. You could use a break from the& whole kyle situation.

Summer: Actually, he's coming with me.

Nick: Wait, what?

Abby: Right this way.

Lola: This is my surprise?

Kyle: Sorry to bother you at work.

Abby: Don't keep her too long. It's a busy night.

Lola: So, what's up?

Kyle: I have a decision to make. I wanted to talk to you first.

Lola: What kind of decision?

Kyle: For work. I've got a meeting tomorrow in new york, and I'm supposed to fly out tonight.

Lola: So we'll have to cancel our date later.

Kyle: Afraid so.

Lola: It's cool. I understand. We both have very demanding jobs. Thank you for letting me know.

Kyle: There's more. I won't be going alone.

Lola: Summer will be going with you.

Kyle: I don't have to do this. I can say no to the trip. I will, if you want me to. It's up to you.

Abby: Hey! How lovely to see you.

Nate: I don't have a reservation, so...

Abby: I think we can squeeze you in. Will devon be joining you?

Nate: No, I'm on my own tonight. Just finished my shift at memorial and had a craving for some of lola's croquetas.

Abby: Oh, look at you, already becoming a regular.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] I guess I am.

Abby: Pro tip. Don't ever worry about phoning ahead. The doctor who saved lola's life will always get vip treatment here. Please, follow me.

Kyle: Seriously, babe. I'm fine with canceling. We can always teleconference.

Lola: Almost sounds like you're nervous to be spending so much time with summer.

Kyle: Not at all. Look, she and I are business colleagues, period. I thought I made that clear to you.

Lola: You did.

Kyle: You're my priority. I don't want to do anything to make you uncomfortable or risk what we have together.

Lola: Give me a sec, will you? Arturo.

Arturo: Hey! I did not expect to see you outside the kitchen.

Lola: Look, you shouldn't be here.

Arturo: Why not?

Lola: You know exactly why not. It's a really bad idea. You and abby are not together anymore.

Arturo: Lola, I just came here for a drink, okay? What's the big deal? Just focus on you. I'm gonna be fine.

Lola: [ Sighs ]

Rey: You know, we don't have to stay cooped up in here. We can go grab a bite or take a walk someplace.

Sharon: I don't think I could eat anything. A walk sounds good, though, um, I could use some air.

[ Knocks on door ] Nikki?

Nikki: Hi, sharon.

Rey: You didn't have to come all this way. I would have kept you updated.

Nikki: I have questions only victor can answer. He'll find it a lot harder to dodge them if he's looking me in the eye.

Rey: Okay.

Sharon: Questions about...?

Nikki: Nicholas told me about adam. Has victor been back since he first came by to break the news?

Sharon: We spoke on the phone briefly. He gave me a number to reach adam.

Nikki: And?

Sharon: I heard his voice, nikki. It's true. Adam's alive.

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Nikki: I don't know what to make of any of this.

Sharon: It's a shock, all right.

Nikki: Where is victor staying, do you know?

Rey: Vegas can be a tough place to find someone who doesn't want to be found. I think victor's running into the same problem trying to locate adam.

Nikki: Why did adam go into hiding? Did victor say?

Sharon: Just that he pushed his son too hard trying to get him to remember. Adam rebelled. I could tell he felt sick about it.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Of course. I mean, if this is true, I can only imagine what victor is going through... to learn that the son he thinks is dead is alive and there's no way he can connect with him, or that he would even remember him...

Rey: It has to be agonizing.

Nikki: I can understand why victor turned to you. I mean, you helped bring adam back to town years ago when he went missing. What I don't understand is why you would want to get involved in that a second time. What's in it for you?

Sharon: Adam saved me. More than once. The life I have today is possible because of the risks that that man took for me. I owe him, nikki. So if there's some way to reach him, I feel I have to try.

Arturo: Abby! Hey.

Abby: Hello.

Arturo: This place looks great. Congrats.

Abby: Thank you, um... well, enjoy your drink.

Arturo: Hey, abby, um... do you remember when we were planning this place together? You had all these edgy and exciting ideas, and then you'd second-guess yourself and wanted to pull back, and I told you you had to keep on going, follow your dream? Well, you did. I mean, look at this place now. It's -- it's unbelievable. You -- you made it happen, just like I knew you would.

Abby: Look, I have a big party coming in any minute, so if you're trying to make a point...

Arturo: I, um... I guess I just wanted to tell you that I truly enjoyed every second of helping you make your dream come true. And I'd have enjoyed doing that for the rest of my life. If I hadn't made such a stupid mistake, we'd be planning our wedding right now.

Abby: You need to stop this campaign to try and win me back. Stop thinking about what might have been and get real. You may be about to become a father. That's where your focus should be.

Phyllis: Okay, I picked up your dry cleaning, as requested. Packed and ready to go.

Summer: Thank you.

Nick: What's going on?

Phyllis: Oh, stand down. I won't be here for long.

Summer: Mom just brought my suit for my business trip.

Nick: Did your daughter happen to tell you who her traveling companion is?

Phyllis: She and kyle are attending a meeting. So?

Nick: You think she's ready for this?

Summer: Well, mom understands the concept of being supportive.

Nick: And I haven't been?

Summer: No, you have been great. I know that you're just trying to be protective, but this job is really important to me, and I'm not gonna give it up just because kyle can't appreciate what I have to offer.

Nick: Sweetheart, you're missing the point.

Phyllis: Honey, if you're gonna pick up kyle on the way to the airport, you better get a move-on.

Summer: Oh. Shoot, okay, you are right. Thank you. Thank you again for the suit.

Phyllis: You are welcome. Okay, safe travels.

Summer: All right. Thank you. Love you.

Nick: Love you.

Summer: All right, bye.

Phyllis: Bye, baby. Oh, come on, have some faith in our kid. She's a survivor, like her mama.

Nick: You're acting like she has had months to get over this break-up. It literally just happened. Last night she was crying in my arms. She's not ready for this. Why are you pushing it?

Phyllis: You know, I think that I can relate to summer's state of mind better than you can. You know, similar to our daughter, I am trying to make a fresh start. You know, a way I can do that is to throw myself into work, you know, get the creative juices flowing. You know, see the rewards of my efforts. It helps to know that I am valued, you know, especially when someone you love crushes your soul.

Nick: It's amazing, how you're able to do that.

Phyllis: What's that?

Nick: We were talking about summer. Now we're talking about you.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I was just drawing a parallel.

Nick: You know, I'm just astounded, phyllis, that you think it's a good idea for summer to work closely with kyle, let alone go away on this business trip with him to new york.

Phyllis: Well, I didn't think that.

Nick: That's not what I'm hearing.

Phyllis: I advised her to tell jack that they should be separated, to reassign his son so they're not thrown together all the time. But summer was not having any of that. This was her decision. If it does not go well, she will learn from it, and she will have both of her parents to turn to.

Nick: Well, I guess we will see whose theory is correct.

Phyllis: I'm grateful that you have always been there for her with your unconditional love. It's a big part of why she can be so fearless.

Nick: Well, sometimes, I wish our daughter was a lot less fearless with her heart.

Phyllis: Something else she got from me.

Nick: You mentioned work. Did you, uh, get a new job?

Phyllis: Even better. I am starting my own business. I'm gonna start small, but i have big plans.

Nick: What kind of business?

Phyllis: Fashion and marketing.

Nick: So the same thing summer's doing.

Phyllis: Yes, and no.

Nick: Do those big plans have anything to do with jabot?

Phyllis: What's with the 20 questions?

Nick: Well, I'm just wondering if part of the reason you told her to keep that job is, you know, you thought it might be an advantage to have an in there.

Phyllis: Hmm. You know something, nick, for the record... I am the one that pleaded for her to get out of that marriage. Because her husband is in love with someone else. Now, if I wanted to take advantage of her connection to the abbotts, why would I do that?

Nick: I'm not saying you would ever hurt her intentionally.

Phyllis: Oh, really? That is big of you. You're really throwing a lot of judgment around tonight, as if summer and I need your approval.

Nick: Well, it's pretty obvious my opinion counts for nothing.

Phyllis: Uh-huh. I'm very, very sorry that I told you about my plans. A small part of me thought that you would be happy that I landed on my feet. But it was just another excuse for you to attack my character. And I guess it is too much to ask for you to give me the benefit of the doubt. Even once. Good night.

Abby: Please don't serve this guest any more alcohol. He has to drive home soon.

Arturo: Abby.

Abby: Can't take a hint?

Arturo: Look, I made a mistake. Okay? I swear it won't happen again. Look, I'm sure you've got to miss me just as much as I miss you.

Abby: Don't bet on it.

Arturo: Look at kyle and lola. My god, he married another woman, and they got through it. It could be the same for us.

Abby: No, it can't, arturo.

Arturo: Why?

Abby: How many reasons do you want?

Arturo: Abby, if two people love each other, there's always hope. Just give me another chance.

Nate: Looks a little intense over here.

Abby: Um, I was just saying good night to arturo. He has to leave soon.

Arturo: Abby... we need to talk.

Nate: Looks to me like she's not up for having this conversation.

Arturo: [ Scoffs ] You got no business getting involved in this, okay? Abby knows how important this is. Tell him.

Nate: This isn't working for me. Time to give the lady some space.

Arturo: I love you, abby. I always will.

Abby: I owe you one.

Nate: You okay?

Abby: No one else noticed, did they?

Nate: Doesn't look like it. You handled it perfectly.

Lola: Hey, I'm sorry I took so long.

Kyle: You're worth the wait.

Lola: I am fine with you taking this trip with summer.

Kyle: Really?

Lola: Really. I know it's all about work, at least for you, and... I trust you completely.

Kyle: It means a lot hearing you say that.

Lola: It means even more to be able to say it.

Abby: On the house. For stepping in and convincing arturo to make a dignified exit.

Nate: Well, thank you. Completely unnecessary, but I'm, uh, sure I'll love every bite.

Abby: You know, if you ever get tired of working at the hospital, I can gladly bring you on as a bouncer. [ Laughs ]

Nate: Mm, I wouldn't want to mix business with pleasure. This has become one of my favorite places to relax.

Abby: I'm happy to hear it.

Nate: Please, join me. Come on, grab a fork.

Abby: Oh, thank you, but, no, that's for you to enjoy.

Nate: All right. Mmm. It's amazing.

Abby: Just like everything else coming out of the kitchen. I'm totally addicted to lola's cooking.

Nate: So... where do restaurant owners go on their nights off? Other restaurants?

Abby: Believe it or not, yes. You got to check out the competition.

Nate: Well, if you ever want company, I'd love to take you out sometime.

Abby: I'm -- I'm actually on a break from men, dating, all of it. Nothing personal.

Nate: No, no. Given what I saw tonight, yeah, I get that. But whenever you're ready for a break from your break...

Abby: You'll be the first to know.

Summer: You really haven't packed yet?

Kyle: No. So? It's not that long of a flight. We're taking the jet.

Summer: Kyle.

Kyle: What?

Summer: Oh, my god, I should have just throw some things in a bag for you when I was at your place looking for you.

Kyle: Yeah. Thank you for not doing that.

Summer: Okay, well, we have to get going.

Kyle: Why don't you go ahead to the airport, and I'll catch up?

Summer: What? That's silly. I have a car waiting outside. There is no point in us going separately.

Kyle: I --

Lola: I made you something to eat on the plane.

Kyle: You're the best. How'd you know I was starved?

Lola: When aren't you starved?

Kyle: Mm. Thank you. It was incredibly thoughtful.

Lola: Just think of me while you're gone.

Kyle: You know I will.

Summer: Okay. It's time to get going. The pilot's waiting. Chop-chop.

Kyle: All right, all right.

Summer: Bye, lola. Don't work too hard.

Mia: What a nice surprise, running into you!

Phyllis: Hi!

Mia: Have you read the e-mails I sent?

Phyllis: Uh, no. No, not all of them.

Mia: Ever since you told me about your new concept, my brain has been on overdrive. I just had another fabulous idea on the way over here, if you have a minute.

Phyllis: You know what, I'm afraid I actually don't have a ton of time. I'm on my way to a meeting.

Mia: License plates. We could do earrings. Pendant and tiny little bracelet charms. All 50 states, personalized. Vanity plates! Get it?

Phyllis: Oh, right. Yes, yes, yes.

Mia: Wouldn't that be cute?

Phyllis: No, definitely. Definitely, but not the kind of thing I was looking for.

Mia: Oh.

Phyllis: Yeah, um, most -- actually, none of your ideas were, um, but, I tell you, the list that you made of all your favorite places to shop for accessories, that is gonna be helpful.

Mia: Oh, I could be helpful in other ways. If you need an assistant, I'm very organized.

Phyllis: Well, I don't think you're gonna be satisfied going from being your own boss to working for someone else in a smaller role.

Mia: It's the best way to learn, don't you agree?

Phyllis: Well, uh, frankly...

Mia: Phyllis, I need a job. Something more steady and reliable now that I'm gonna be on my own.

Phyllis: Look, mia... I feel for you, okay? I've had to start from nothing more times than I can count. And how you get through that is you focus on your strengths, which are no doubt your hair and makeup. Not being a clerical person. You're a people person, who I'd be happy to recommend to any salon. You can count on me for any reference.

Mia: Thank you for your honesty. Not keeping me hanging.

Phyllis: Hey. I don't operate that way. All right? I wish you all the luck in the world, and I mean that. You have a good night, all right?

Mia: Thank you. You, too.

Phyllis: Okay.

Sharon: You sure you don't want something to eat?

Nikki: Tea's fine. Thank you.

[ Knocks on door ]

Rey: [ Clears throat ] Enter at your own peril.

Victor: You flew all this way?

Nikki: At least now I have your attention. I consider that a win.

Victor: Sweet love, I told you not to worry about a damn thing.

Nikki: Let's talk about what you didn't mention. Adam is alive?

Victor: Now you know.

Nikki: How long have you known, and why are you keeping it a secret?

Victor: I wanted things to simmer down.

Nikki: What's your plan? Do you intend to bring him back to genoa city?

Victor: What's my plan? I don't have a plan right now. We're looking for adam. I don't know where the hell he is.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Sharon: It's from adam. He wants to meet with me. Alone. Jardiance asks...

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Abby: Thank you.

Nate: Well, dinner was amazing, as usual.

Abby: I'm so glad. Wait, you're not leaving, are you?

Nate: You have a better idea?

Abby: Stay. Have a drink with me.

Nate: Twist my arm.

Abby: What do you like?

Nate: Cognac.

Abby: Um, two cognacs, please. The reserve. Thanks. This is my favorite part of the night. The dinner rush is over, things are winding down. People that are still here, well, they don't want the night to end. Couples on a first date who've realized they have everything in common. Husbands and wives who don't have to rush home because they finally found a decent sitter.

Nate: Yeah. I can, uh, tell you love what you created here.

Abby: Yeah, I -- I really do. I mean, it's not like you. I haven't been performing any miracles in the O.R. Lately.

Nate: Don't minimize it. You've built this place around celebrating the best parts of life. Romance, friendship, family... that's the good stuff. People need more of it.

Abby: I know you must miss neil terribly.

Nate: Yeah.

Abby: I keep hearing my mom talk about him, how great he was, and, well, everyone who knew him loved him.

Nate: I appreciate you saying that.

Arturo: [ Sighs ] So, what messed up your night?

Mia: It's that obvious? I stupidly got my hopes up that phyllis would offer me a job at her new company.

Arturo: She turned you down, huh?

Mia: Told me I should stick to my strengths.

Arturo: Causing trouble?

Mia: Why are you so upset?

Arturo: I went to society tonight, tried reaching out to abby -- again.

Mia: Guessing it didn't go so well.

Arturo: She practically kicked me out.

[ Scoffs ] And it's really over. I tried everything.

Mia: [ Sighs ]

Arturo: Apologies, room full of roses, heartfelt declarations of love...

Mia: Mm, all the things that would have made me melt.

Arturo: Fighting and making up with you is where I learned how to apologize. I must be doing it wrong.

Mia: No. Just doing it with the wrong person. Abby newman is a woman who's used to having people follow her orders. That's not your style. No one bosses you around, especially your woman. I could see you grinding your teeth sometimes, even if you didn't want to admit it. It was never gonna work, arturo.

Arturo: I hear what you're saying, but I have to disagree. If I hadn't cheated on abby...

Mia: Why did you cheat on her? Be honest. It's because things weren't right with you. You couldn't be yourself around her, the man you are inside. You turned yourself into a pretzel doing things her way, always trying to please the woman. That's not you. Cheating is a symptom of a bigger issue, and... I know it stings, having to walk away. But you're so much better off without her.

Mia: Come on.

Arturo: Where?

Mia: Where do you think?

Rey: Here it is. Symphony park.

Sharon: How far off the strip is it?

Rey: It's about a few miles north of here. The place adam specified is near the children's museum. That leave me with a few choices.

Sharon: Choices?

Rey: Somewhere I can watch both of you without being spotted.

Sharon: Adam said to come alone.

Nikki: Don't be ridiculous, sharon. We're not gonna let you go on your own.

Victor: Yes, we are, my darling.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ]

Victor: This is a test. Adam is trying to find out whether he can trust sharon. There's nothing we should do to scare him off.

Rey: Your son doesn't know who I am, he wouldn't recognize me.

Sharon: Victor's right. This meeting is far too important to risk it. I'll go by myself.

Phyllis: Well, you're here late.

Jack: If you're looking for summer, she and kyle are on their way to the airport.

Phyllis: I know.

Jack: So what brings you by?

Phyllis: Jabot collective. Summer told me all about it, and it's an absolutely fantastic idea.

Jack: You think so, huh?

Phyllis: Yes, and as it turns out, it aligns beautifully with my new company, an accessory line.

Jack: Interesting.

Phyllis: Yes, now, I propose we team up. We coordinate our merchandise. You promote my products, and i will give you a percentage of the profits. What do you say?

Jack: There's not a chance in hell that's gonna happen.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nick: Hey, mom. What's going on?

Nikki: Are you sitting down?

Nick: Should I be?

Nikki: Well, I'm in las vegas.

Nick: Since when?

Nikki: Once you told me the news about adam, I needed answers from your father. I'm with him now.

Nick: Okay.

Nikki: He confirmed everything that sharon told you. Adam is alive, but he remembers nothing from before the explosion.

Nick: Have you seen any proof that it's really him? Videos, photos, anything?

Nikki: No, but sharon just left to go meet him.

Nick: Damn it, I told her to stay out of this.

Nikki: Yeah, well, she didn't take any of my advice, either, unfortunately.

Nick: What does that mean?

Nikki: Adam insisted that she come alone, so sharon wouldn't let any of us go with her to keep an eye out, not even rey.

Nick: [ Sighs ] This just keeps getting worse.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I didn't love the idea, either, but victor said it would be best.

Victor: I do not need the lot of you to weigh in. Everything is under control.

Nikki: Did you hear that? Your father's in control. Not a thing to worry about.

Nick: Look, it's not that i don't have faith in dad's abilities. This just feels like trouble.

Jack: You can show yourself out.

Phyllis: I deserve to know why you're dismissing my proposal. I did a terrific job running jabot, and I'm gonna make money at my new company.

Jack: Well, you'll have to do without my participation.

Phyllis: Why?

Jack: Do I have to remind you? You tried to blackmail me!

Phyllis: It wasn't about business, jack. That was strictly personal.

Jack: I am doing you a favor here. I'm giving you a time-out to stop and think about the way you've been behaving lately.

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Jack: To re-evaluate your priorities, to decide what really matters in your life.

Phyllis: Okay, are you done? Because I really don't need a lecture from you, or anybody.

Jack: Then I'd say we're done here.

Phyllis: You know something, you're right. I'm gonna succeed on my own without your help. And I'm not gonna have to owe you a damn thing.

Mia: I've missed this. I can be who I am when I'm with you, and it's okay. No more pretending or sneaking around, feeling bad about keeping secrets.

Arturo: I'm, uh, not there yet.

Mia: How come?

Arturo: I can't even look rey in the eye.

Mia: Rey's moved on. I'm yesterday's news. He's infatuated with sharon.

Arturo: Mia, come on. Don't talk about yourself like that.

Mia: Why not? It's true. Even when he was with me, saying he loved me, claiming he wanted our marriage to work... in my heart, I knew, deep down, it was all out of obligation. When rey left miami, he left the marriage. I didn't want to accept that, so I tried to be the best wife I thought he needed. In my heart, I know I gave it the best I had. But it wasn't enough. I wasn't enough. If you have to try that hard and still can't get it right... it wasn't meant to be. At some point, you have to cut your losses.

Arturo: Kind of like the advice phyllis gave you, about sticking to your own strengths. Don't force things that don't come naturally. Maybe that's where I went wrong. Not -- not just with abby, buT... ever since I moved her.

Mia: What do you mean?

Arturo: I left florida to get away from you and rey. It never felt right. Being away from my family and my friends and all the places i love back home in miami. To build on my own strengths, maybe I should go back.

Mia: If this baby I'm carrying turns out to be yours, then what? Florida's a long way away.

Arturo: Maybe you should consider a move, too.

Mia: You mean... go back?

Arturo: Why not? What better way to raise a child than the way that we grew up? Surrounded by a big, warm, loving family?

Mia: It's too soon for me to think that way. This baby could be rey'S. If that's the case, he won't want me to leave.

Arturo: Mia, you are not trapped here. And no matter whose child this is, you get to decide for yourself where you want to live.

Mia: I don't think it works that way.

Arturo: Okay. Think about this -- rey would do anything to get you as far away as possible from the police department right now. Okay? This investigation into who attacked lola is getting way too close. If the police decide to look a little closer into our alibis, they could find out the three of us lied. Mia, if you ask me, there is no better time for you and this child to get out of town. You wouldn't be going alone. I could come with you.

Abby: Uh, what's up with kyle, going on a trip to new yorkwith summer?

Lola: He mentioned it to you?

Abby: No, but summer's been posting all about it on social media. Are you okay with this?

Lola: I don't love it, but... kyle has done everything to prove how much he cares about me. I have to trust him, abby.

Abby: Kyle, I trust. Summer, not so much.

Lola: I've spoken to her. She's accepted that the marriage is over.

Abby: Does this look like acceptance to you?

Phyllis: All right. You got to love public wi-fi. Completely untraceable. All right. Okay, how much do you want to bet that my lovely daughter has used the same password she's used on every site for years -- mrears -- capital m, capital e. See that? Who needs you, jack?

Nick: Oh, no! Not my neck! You may have bigger teeth than me, but I'm bigger than you, so I'm gonna get on your head. Oh, no!

[ Sighs ] Man, you got me. Dinosaurs are so cool, huh? You know what, when you get a little bigger, I'm gonna take you to the field museum in chicago. They have all these giant dinosaurs there for you to look at. They even have a big tyrannosaurus rex named -- are you ready for this? Sue! Think they'd come up with a tougher name than sue, huh? It's gonna be awesome. Maybe we'll do a boat ride. May a day out of it. What do you think, bud? Yeah? Come here. Get my neck again!

[ Growls ] Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Rey: You know, letting sharon go to this park at night, alone, I'm starting to think that wasn't the best decision.

Nikki: Well, we were overruled.

Rey: The way you and nick talked about adam, it sounded like he could be a threat to her.

Nikki: They had an intense relationship. He could be volatile.

Rey: Okay, when you say "intense," what does --

Nikki: I'm gonna let sharon fill you in with the details. Suffice it to say that that man was capable of anything, especially when he was cornered.

Rey: All right, I'm gonna go check on her.

Victor: Hang on one second. I do not want you to barge into something you do not fully understand.

Nikki: Victor, you can certainly understand where rey is coming from. He wants to protect the woman that he loves.

Victor: Sharon is the mother of my grandchildren. I will not let any harm come to her, all right?

Rey: Clearly, you're desperate to have your son back in your life. I think that may be clouding your judgment.

Victor: You're talking about judgment? After what you have done to me and my family...

Nikki: Okay, look, rey has worked very hard to make up for that.

Victor: Obviously, he hasn't learned enough. Lesson number one -- don't you mess with me or my family. You get that?

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