Y&R Transcript Monday 5/6/19

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/6/19


Episode #11607 ~ Victor shares shocking news, and Sharon's world is rocked.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Devon: I was wondering if, instead of getting coffee, if you'd like to get dinner with me at the opening of the restaurant.

Elena: Sounds like a date.

Ana: Now that the contract is signed, it's time for the hard work.

Tessa: Bring it.

Nick: Adam's dead.

Victor: How could you lose track of him?

You wanted too much, too soon.

Victor: I know what he can handle.

Sharon: He specializes in memory retrieval. Why would victor hire someone like that? What's going on, victor?

Victor: There's something that you need to know.

Nick: [ Exhales sharply ] Hey.

Nikki: Hi! It's good to see you getting some exercise.

Nick: Yeah, I just thought I'd come out and enjoy the nice weather.

Nikki: Good for you.

Nick: So, uh, what's the latest? Any word from our international man of mystery?

Nikki: I still don't know what your father is up to, but I've taken matters into my own hands. It should all come to light very soon.

Victor: This has to stay between the two of us, okay? You have gone to a great deal of trouble to follow me, to find out what I've been up to these past few weeks. I'm about to tell you.

Sharon: But not rey? Why couldn't rey stay for this?

Victor: It has nothing to do with him, doesn't concern him. But it will have a huge impact on you.

Sharon: On me?

Victor: Adam... is alive.

Devon: Yeah, let me check with my graphic designer and get back to you about that. All right. Take care.

Elena: Hey.

Devon: Hey, you. How's it going up there?

Elena: Good. I'm actually running to crimson lights. Jett loves the blueberry scones, so I thought I'd grab him some. Can I get you anything? Coffee?

Devon: No, no, I'm okay. Thank you, though.

Elena: Hey, I don't want to sound presumptuous, considering we've only been on one sort-of date.

Devon: Oh, I would for sure consider it a, uh, legitimate date. Despite how the evening ended, I was having a great time with you.

Elena: Okay, but is there anything I can do for you? Like, do you want to talk, or...? Anything?

Ana: Sorry! It took me so long to get back here. The traffic in this town. Anyway, do you have time to go over the notes for tessa's recording session? I need to confirm a few details.

Devon: Sure. Sure.

Ana: Okay, seeing that she's kind of been a problem child, I want to go in prepared.

Devon: Okay.

Elena: I'll leave you to it.

Devon: Okay. I'll see you later. Uh, whatever the two of you come up with, I expect to be blown away.

Ana: But no pressure.

Devon: Yeah.

Tessa: You seem lost in thought.

Mariah: No, it's just, um, temporary, don't worry.

Tessa: You sure?

Mariah: Yeah. Why?

Tessa: Well, you just -- you seem a little off. Is something on your mind?

Tessa: No. No, it's just, uh -- it's just work. Uh, speaking of which, today is your big day in the studio with ana recording your single.

Tessa: Oh, is that today? I totally forgot because I'm panicked.

Mariah: Don't be ridiculous. Your stuff is killer.

Tessa: You're biased.

Mariah: Yeah, and happy and proud and excited for you.

Tessa: I wish you could be there.

Mariah: Me too, but ana is the boss, and I'm sure you are gonna wow her.

Sharon: What -- how is that even possible?

Victor: I've seen him face to face.

Sharon: Here? In vegas?

Victor: In vegas. Turns out that he is a member of an underground gambling ring.

Sharon: So you tracked him down.

Victor: That's right. He uses the handle "spider." That's how he makes a living.

Sharon: None of this makes any sense. Adam was in that cabin when it blew up, chelsea saw it.

Victor: She saw the explosion. But obviously no one realized that he had escaped. I ran into him right here in this town. Saw him face to face.

Sharon: What happened?

Victor: He did not recognize me at all, not even a glimmer. Had no idea who I was. Apparently, he doesn't remember a damn thing that happened before the explosion.

Sharon: So... the psychiatrist, that's why --

Victor: The psychiatrist hasn't found out a damn thing. That's why I've come to you. I think you... will be able to bring him back.

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Tessa: What's this?

Mariah: It is a gift for you to celebrate today, back in the studio where you belong.

Tessa: Oh!

Mariah: Well, open it! I want to see if you like it.

Tessa: Well, since it's from you, I already know I'm gonna love it.

[ Inhales sharply ] Okay. Mariah...

Mariah: You like it?

Tessa: It's gorgeous.

Mariah: It's totally one-of-a-kind, just like you. God, that was sappy. Wow.

Tessa: It's perfect, like you are. Thank you so much.

Mariah: Did you see what it says on the strap there? It's, uh, one of your lyrics. "Ready for the fight."

Tessa: Wow, that was really thoughtful of you.

Mariah: Well, hopefully it'll bring you luck today, not that you need it with all of your talent.

Tessa: Have I told you lately how grateful I am to have you on my side?

Mariah: Always.

Tessa: I mean, you believe in me, especially when I don't believe in myself. Oh. Look who walked in.

Mariah: Who's that?

Tessa: Her name is elena. She's jett slade's niece, and devon brought her to the opening of society.

Mariah: I didn't know devon was dating again.

Tessa: Well, it seems fairly casual, but it was just really nice to see him so happy, and they looked so amazing together, and it was, you know... it was great, well, um, before devon went to check on neil.

Mariah: So sad.

Tessa: Yeah. Poor devon. Um, anyway, uh, it was just, uh, really nice to see him so relaxed and happy. For the time.

Mariah: Well, I'm glad that he's putting himself out there again. That's a huge step for devon.

Tessa: Yeah. Oh, I'm, uh -- oh! I'm running late! I should go to the studio.

Mariah: Okay, go, go, go, go, go! And, um, uh, break a leg, or is that for actors? I'm not sure.

Tessa: I'll take it.

Mariah: Okay. Hi. Hi, I'm mariah copeland.

Elena: Hey! I know who you are. I watch your show all the time.

Mariah: Oh, uh, great. I just wanted to come over and introduce myself because I just found out that we have somebody in common.

Nikki: Yeah, victor was playing his usual game of "the less you know, the better off you'll be..."

Nick: "I'm protecting you."

Nikki: Yeah, because I'm such a delicate flower.

Nick: Well, you don't seem as frustrated as the last time we talked.

Nikki: I finally took action.

Nick: Yeah? How?

Nikki: I hired rey rosales to investigate.

Nick: To investigate dad?

Nikki: He's in las vegas as we speak. He's trying to track your father down without him knowing it.

Nick: That's a good call.

Nikki: Really?

Nick: Yeah. Rey redeemed himself. He sacrificed a hell of a lot to get to the truth, and I'll always be grateful to him.

Nikki: Well, I'm very happy to hear you approve.

Sharon: He really doesn't recognize you? He has complete memory loss?

Victor: No. I see it in his face. He reacts as if I'm some guy who walks around, claiming to be his father.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Well, what makes you think that I would have any more luck getting through to him?

Victor: He was deeply in love with you.

Sharon: Victor...

Victor: It was an obsession. You know that.

Sharon: That was a long time ago.

Victor: Well... well, sharon, I think, because of your history with him, you're the only one who can get through to him. And I hate to say it, but I need your help.

Sharon: How? What do you want me to do, exactly? What do you expect from me?

Victor: Remind him of the relationship you once had with him.

Sharon: Whatever that was.

Victor: He was deeply in love with you. If you somehow remind him of that, I think you can help heal him.

Sharon: You say that as if it's somehow my responsibility.

Victor: [ Inhales sharply ] You like to say that you're a compassionate person. Prove it.

Sharon: What about me? What happens to my life if i reach out to adam? Have you thought about that? What patients don't realize is

Devon: So, elena went to the coffeehouse.

Jett: Why? I mean, there's coffee here.

Devon: Hey, man, I find it best not to ask too many questions, but apparently, you're in for a treat when she gets back. That's what she said.

Jett: [ Laughs ] That is just like elena. You mention something to her once in passing, and she will remember it and she'll go out of her way for you.

Devon: Yeah. She does seem like a very, very sweet person.


Devon: I'd love to know more about her.

Jett: What do you want to know?

Devon: Just about her past, and the kind of person that she is. She mentioned to me that she lost her mother, your sister, which I'm very sorry to hear about, and she was talking about how difficult it's been, but she never really got into what happened.

Jett: Elena, um, was a resident. Not too long after med school...

Devon: Yeah.

Jett: She was working at this hospital, and my sister was really sick. Alone at home, she fell and hit her head and... there was no one there to call for help, and she passed. Elena never got over it. The guilt of it all...

Devon: Well, what did she have to feel guilty about?

Jett: She was caught up in her career, you know, being a doctor. She felt that if she hadn't been working those crazy hours that she might have gotten home in time to save her mother. I mean, that's how she figures it. I told elena over and over again that it wasn't her fault. She can't hear it. Can't let it in. She blames herself for monica's death, and... it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Devon: Well, it's deeper than logic, that's the problem. And I understand it. You know, elena misses her mom. She wishes that she had more time to spend with her.

Elena: I knew devon was your boss, but I didn't realize you guys were close.

Mariah: Yeah, we were both going through a rough time and we leaned on each other. We even dated for a bit.

Elena: Oh. I guess I just --

Mariah: No, no, no. I -- I promise you, that last part was a complete catastrophe. But we both came out of it having learned a lot. Namely, how much we value our friendship. But I do really miss, you know, flying around on the private jet.

Elena: Is that your way of asking if that's what I'm interested in?

Mariah: I was really excited when I heard devon brought a date to such an important event. I know what a big deal that is for him, and I want that. I want him to be happy. So maybe I am over-protective, slightly obnoxious, even.

Elena: Or you're just a good friend.

Mariah: I try.

Elena: Yeah, I was surprised when devon asked me out. I hadn't thought of him that way, but we ended up having a really nice evening. In the beginning. Just enjoying each other's company, you know, having fun.

Mariah: That sounds lovely.

Elena: Yeah, I -- I'd like to know more about him.

Mariah: Well, here is devon in a nutshell.

Elena: Mm.

Mariah: So, tessa, my partner, and I were going through some, shall we say, issues, and devon decided to lock us in a room and wouldn't let us leave until we had gotten over ourselves and worked everything out.

Elena: Huh.

Ana: Okay, tessa, if you're ready, I'd like to jump right in. I think you know what I'm looking for.

Tessa: Okay. Sounds good.

Ana: Okay, here we go.

Tessa: Hold my

[ Coughs ] Sorry. Sorry.

Ana: No problem. We got that out of the way.

Tessa: Yeah, I guess so.

Ana: Start over from the top.

Tessa: Okay.

Hold my hand

'cause I can't feel them

hold on to

what you believed in

Ana: Uh, I need more voice. You sound timid.

Tessa: Sorry. Sorry.

Ana: No, look, I know you've recorded before. You can do this, tessa.

Tessa: You know, I just thought I could start soft so that the song could go somewhere.

Ana: Yeah, soft is good. Sounding scared is not. So let's go again.

Tessa: Okay.

Ana: Trust me, I'm looking at the whole picture. Ancestry is celebrating all the

Tessa: If I can't figure it out

if I can't turn it around

if I can't change

Ana: Tessa, it's like your head is just not in the song. Do you need a break?

Tessa: No, I'm -- I'm just trying to -- I'm just trying to figure out what you want.

Ana: What I want is for you to own the music. This is your song. Own the words, own the story.

Tessa: Okay.

Ana: Thank you.

If I can't figure it out

if I can't

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry.

Ana: What's wrong?

Tessa: Everything -- everything's fine.

Ana: It's obviously not fine, or you wouldn't be having such a hard time.

Tessa: I just feel like -- I just feel like it's a lot of pressure.

Ana: This is the big leagues, tessa. Yes, when you perform, there's bound to be pressure. That's the nature of this business. But you drive through and you give it your best.

Tessa: I'm trying, ana. I cannot tell you how hard I am trying.

Ana: This is just not happening today. I'm gonna cut this short. Sorry.

Tessa: No, uh -- no problem. Thank you. Thank you for your time.

Mariah: Hello?

[ Knocks on door ] Oh, hi. It's you.

Nick: Hey. You all right? What's going on?

Mariah: Yeah. I'm fine. I'm just, um -- I'm just a little jumpy. Maybe too much caffeine. Uh, what's up?

Nick: Oh, faith forgot some stuff here, so I just came by to get it. I'll ask sharon where it is.

Mariah: Uh, well, sharon's not here. I just came by to get some paperwork for crimson lights because she's out of town.

Nick: Where'd she go?

Mariah: She flew to vegas with rey. Sort of a last-minute getaway. But I'm judging from your reaction that, uh, she didn't tell you.

Nick: No, she didn'T.

Mariah: Well, it was all really last-minute, and I think she figured because you had faith that you'd be fine with it. Otherwise, I'm sure she would mention it to you.

Nick: I cannot believe rey roped her into this mess.

Mariah: This mess? What are you -- what are you talking about?

Nick: Just forget I said anything. Whatever your mom does is her business. I'll get what I need out of faith's room and be on my way.

Victor: You followed me here. You were hell-bent on trying to find out what I was up to. Now you know.

Sharon: And that obligates me to help you? To become some kind of bait? To win over adam? So that you can wound him again, destroy his life, perhaps destroy mine?

Victor: Sharon. You and I have had history, a difficult one. For a moment, put all that aside, and imagine how you'd feel as a parent, if you were in my shoes.

Sharon: Having lost a child.

Victor: Yeah. I know that you still care very deeply for adam. I can see it in your eyes. I mention his name...

Sharon: Victor...

Victor: I can hear it in your voice. You know where to reach me. Okay?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Panting ]

Tessa: [ Sighs ] I blew it.

Mariah: I thought you were supposed to be at the studio.

Tessa: Yeah, well, I stunk up the place, okay? Okay, I couldn't sing. It was awful. I kept trying to give ana what she wanted, but I don't know. I -- I just couldn't get into it. I kept trying to explain to her that I needed to slow down, but... when the words came out, it sounded so lame, like it was an excuse. My brain just turned to mush, and, finally, ana just stopped everything so I could stop embarrassing myself. I just feel like such a loser.

Mariah: Hey. Stop, stop. You are not a loser. You are incredibly talented, and you know it.

Tessa: You weren't there.

Mariah: No, I wasn't, but i have been in the studio with you before, and you are brilliant. So just take a breath and tell me what happened.

Ana: It was a disaster from the first note. I mean, talk about a let-down.

Devon: What was the problem?

Ana: Hard to say. It's like she came in cold, totally unprepared. I was very specific about what i wanted, but, tessa, she couldn't give me a single decent take. Actually, she said she felt too pressured, which I don't understand. I was as patient and clear as i know how. But tim and I, we didn't have all day for her to get it together, so I cut it short.

Devon: You cut it short. Well, I've recorded with tessa before, and her first time in the studio, she was very green and very nervous, and it took her a minute to get in the flow of things and to get comfortable, but when she did, she was fantastic. She did an amazing song.

Ana: Sure didn't happen today.

Devon: Well, she probably needed a little more time to get warmed up. Did she even make it through one full take?

Ana: No.

Devon: No, so there you go. The first day in the studio is usually to let people get comfortable, not to worry about results.

Ana: You put all this faith in me, and I couldn't even deliver. I wasted all that studio time.

Devon: You didn't waste anything, you're fine. You're allowed to have one bad day.

Ana: I just want to make you proud, devon. I love producing.

Devon: I know you do, and I'm gonna give you some advice from one professional to another.

Ana: Please do.

Devon: Okay. A producer is meant to manage everything and figure out a way to bring all the pieces together, from the human side to the technical side, and you have to know that mistakes are gonna happen. There's gonna be bad days. But it's your job to solve those problems and figure out how to turn chaos into something that's better than you ever thought it could be. That's what make a good producer.

Ana: Are you saying there's hope for me?

Devon: Yes, of course there's hope for you, and for tessa, too. So let's not be too quick to write this off.

Rey: Hey. So, what happened? Why did victor insist on talking to you alone?

Sharon: He gave me some news that I'm still trying to wrap my mind around.

Rey: News about what? You seem upset.

Sharon: It concerns his son. Adam.

Rey: The one who died in the explosion?

Sharon: I didn't realize you knew about that.

Rey: Yeah, well, there's quite a file on the newmans at the station.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm sure there is.

Rey: Okay, so -- so what about adam?

Sharon: It turns out that he's alive.

Rey: Are you serious?

Sharon: He's settled here in vegas. He's playing poker to support himself. According to victor, adam has no recollection of his life before the accident.

Rey: And you believe victor.

Sharon: Um... he was telling the truth. I'm sure of it.

Rey: The guy's got quite a poker face, sharon. You know that.

Sharon: Look, I know why you would be skeptical, but I know victor. I can see it in his eyes. This was not a hoax. He asked me to help, to unlock adam's memory.

Rey: What makes him think you can do that?

Calling all sunscreen haters.

Devon: All right, here's the deal. You have a great song that you want to record and put out into the world so people can hear it, and you are here to try and optimize her performance. Right? So we're gonna take a slightly different approach. We're going to forget about the clock because I own the studio. So let's not worry about time at all. Okay? Now, we're all passionate about music, right? Or else, we wouldn't even be here. But passion comes in different forms, and what's important for you guys to understand is that the artist and the producer don't always have to agree with each other, but they always have to respect each other. And they have to listen and be able to communicate in a helpful way. Okay? It helps everybody. Now, I know I talk about this being an industry and a business and we need to generate revenue and get followers and all that good stuff, but if we're not having a good time and we're not enjoying the process of making good, creative music, then fans are gonna hear that, and they're gonna know it. They're not gonna buy our music, and then we don't make any money. Does that make sense? Okay. So, tessa, why don't you go and get comfortable behind the mic? You, ana, take a seat next to tim at the console, and we're just gonna run through it. Just gonna take it easy.

Tessa: Okay.

Devon: Okay?

Tessa: Yeah.

Devon: Tim, you can go ahead and do your thing, but just get& levels because we're not gonna record anything right now. All right?

Ana: What about me?

Devon: You can watch and learn, grasshopper.

Ana: Cute.

Devon: All right. Tess?

Tessa: Yeah.

Devon: This is just a warm-up, okay? We're not gonna capture any of this, so just go at your own pace and get comfortable.

Tessa: Okie doke.

Hold my hands

'cause I can't feel them

hold onto

what you believed in

if I can't figure it out

if I can't turn it around

if I can't change

Devon: Hey, tessa. Hey, let's start from the chorus and see how a take sounds, all right?

Tessa: Okay.

I know I hurt you

and I don't know why

Devon: Hey. Your turn.

Tessa: When you're the one to clear my mind

you washed my hands

though they stole from you

Sharon: Victor's desperate.

Rey: Apparently.

Sharon: Everything that he's tried so far has only alienated adam. It's driven him further away. Victor doesn't even know where adam is right now, and that has to be tearing him up inside. And I've got to tell nick. I mean, the whole family needs to hear about this, but especially nick because of christian. He needs to be prepared.

Rey: Of course. Absolutely.

Sharon: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nick: How's sin city?

Sharon: How'd you know I was here?

Nick: Mariah. You can imagine my surprise. Look, I'm not thrilled that rey dragged you into this mess. If dad wants to go all cloak-and-dagger...

Sharon: Nick, stop. You need to hear this. Rey and I were getting close to finding answers, so close that victor showed up at our door, ready to tell us everything.

Nick: Wait, wait, you saw dad? You talked to him?

Sharon: Yes, and I have news. I wanted you to be the first, and when you hear it, you will know why.

Nick: All right, what is it?

Sharon: The reason that he has been so secretive with nikki and with everyone -- the gambler that he's been spotted with on the poker circuit, the one who calls himself "spider"... it's your brother, nick. It's adam.

Nick: What? Sharon... no. No, adam is dead.

Sharon: Somehow, he survived. I can't explain it, but... adam has suffered memory loss, and the psychiatrist that victor hired, that's his specialty, but he hasn't been able to help. Adam doesn't know victor. He doesn't remember any of his past.

Nick: Just how to play poker at a professional level?

Sharon: Well, yeah, I can't explain that, either.

Nick: Look, it's got to be a scam, some kind of... some kind of look-alike, or something.

Sharon: No, nick. I don't believe that.

Nick: What better way to get back at dad, to get leverage on him? He has so much guilt and regret about what happened.

Sharon: Well, maybe that's part of the reason why victor's so determined to unlock adam's memory. He asked me to help.

Nick: You? What are you gonna do? Get inside his head? Sharon, this is adam we're talking about. He'll just get inside yours. You know what he's capable of.

Sharon: Look, I realize you're worried about christian and what adam's return could mean.

Nick: Of course I'm worried about christian, but I'm worried about you, too. And, despite what you've said, i still don't think this is legit.

Sharon: It's adam. Victor saw him. He looked into his eyes. It's really him. I appreciate your concern and your caution, but...

Nick: What, you're just gonna do this anyway, risk everything? How can this possibly help you?

Sharon: I haven't given victor an answer yet. I'll let you know what I decide.

Nick: Yeah, you do that.

Rey: You okay?

Sharon: Nick's worried and upset. He's already imagining the worst.

Rey: I take it he's not happy that you also might help victor.

Sharon: I'm really torn about what to do.

Rey: Why? What are you afraid of? Is this about nick's concerns? Or yours?

Devon: Hey. You're back.

Elena: So are you.

Devon: What's wrong?

Elena: Jett told me about your conversation. You went behind my back?

Devon: I didn't mean to pry or anything like that.

Elena: That's exactly what you meant to do.

Devon: He and I were talking, and I just said that I wanted to know more about you.

Elena: When you asked me about my mother the other day and how she died, I told you I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't know that that meant that you would agree to my face and then try to get the story somewhere else.

Devon: I completely apologize for that. I had no intention of upsetting you like this, so... I promise it won't happen again.

Tessa: I know I hurt you

and I don't know why

you're the one to clear my mind

if I can't figure it out

if I can't turn it around

if I can't change

if I can't

[ Volume decreases ]

Ana: All I can say is "wow." That is amazing. Especially after how things went the first time.

Tessa: Sorry.

Ana: No, no, no. Don't be. I shouldn't have pushed you.

Tessa: No worries.

Ana: Every artist creates at her own pace. Nothing wrong with that. What matters is you and I worked through it, got to know each other's styles, and we did that. Together.

Tessa: Yeah, we did.

[ Giggles ]

Mariah: I'm sorry, is there a problem?

Sharon: Any time you get pulled in to one of victor's schemes, you're taking a risk. And then there's my history with adam. Victor's asking me dredge up a lot of deep, personal stuff i had with a man I used to be in love with... to help adam remember... want to go back to genoa city. At a time when I'm starting a new relationship, one that means everything to me. And that said, there's a part of me that feels that I can't walk away from this.

Rey: Then I'm in, too.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Rey: Well, I mean there's a real possibility that you might be able to help someone that was very important to you, but we have to track him down. That's my skill set, it's what I do.

Sharon: Are you sure you want to be involved in this?

Rey: I'm already involved.

Victor: I hope you're calling with good news.

Sharon: You don't even know where adam is. First, you have to track him down, which rey has agreed to do.

Victor: Well, tell him he'll be well-compensated.

Sharon: You can be sure of that. And then comes the hard part.

Victor: So you're saying yes.

Sharon: No guarantees, but i will do everything I can to help bring adam home to his family.

Victor: All right, sharon. You won't regret it.

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