Y&R Transcript Friday 05/03/19

Y&R Transcript Friday 05/03/19


Episode #11606 ~ Rey and Sharon make a shocking discovery.

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Previously on  "the young and the restless"...

Lola: What happens now?

Kyle: We get a divorce.

Lola: Sounds a little too good to be true, kyle.

Mariah: Oh, my god!

Devon: I heard that someone threw a brick through the window of crimson lights.

Mariah: Yeah, you know, it was probably just a fan who hated my latest hairstyle.

Nikki: Victor newman, what on earth are you mixed up in?

Victor: So, where is he now?

Dr. Calhoun: I can't tell you what I don't know. He ran out, overwhelmed.

Victor: This is for your silence.

Sharon: He specializes in memory retrieval. Why would victor hire someone like that?

Rey: Morning.

Sharon: Hey.

Rey: No, don'T. Don't move. The way the light's hitting your hair... you're beautiful.

Sharon: Well, if I don't move... then I can't do this.

Rey: [ Sighs ] You know, I'm surprised you didn't sleep in. You were tossing and turning most of the night.

Sharon: I hope I didn't keep you awake.

Rey: Something on your mind?

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Oh, I don't know. Just... it's this weird feeling, like... I really can't explain it.

Rey: I can. It's victor. He's up to something sketch, and we're here to figure out what that is. It's no surprise that you feel uneasy.

Sharon: Mm. Maybe.

Rey: What is it?

Sharon: [ Sighs ] It's probably nothing. You should get dressed. Time to see calhoun.

Summer: Yeah, so, I actually contacted a number of celebrities --

[ Knock on door ] ...About working with us.

Kyle: Morning. What's going on?

Summer: Uh, we're just going over my marketing ideas for jabot collective.

Kyle: Why?

Jack: Could I have a moment alone with kyle, please?

Summer: You know, actually, I would like to speak for myself.

Kyle: Please.

Summer: I was just telling your dad that, in spite of everything that's happening, I would still like to work at jabot.

Kyle: That won't be difficult for you?

Summer: I mean, I'm not gonna lie, I'm still hurting.

Kyle: Won't being here make it worse?

Summer: Look, I think that we can all be adults about this. Unless you have a problem working with me.

Abby: Ooooh. I know that face. Tell me everything.

Lola: About what?

Abby: Kyle! And what he had planned for you on the rooftop -- and after. Give me all of the dirty deets. Don't leave anything out.

Lola: I can sum it up in one word -- perfect.

Jack: Why don't we table this discussion for right now and focus on prepping for our meeting with rebekah barlow?

Summer: Okay. Well, um, kyle and I being able to work together is crucial to the success of the collective.

Jack: Yes, but --

Summer: So, what do you say, kyle? Are you willing to put our differences aside for the sake of the company?

Billy: Everyone set for the meeting? I'd like to --

Rebekah: Rebekah barlow.

Jack: Jack abbott.

Rebekah: I'm here to work my magic for you and your company, jack. Let's get to it.

Jack: Wow. You don't waste time.

Rebekah: Well, I can't afford to. And neither can you. Ah! These must be the whiz kids I've heard of.

Summer: Yeah. I'm summer.

Kyle: Kyle.

Rebekah: The brains behind using social media and influencers to promote jabot collective.

Summer: Yeah. We are kind of a part of the digital generation.

Rebekah: Who know how to use your peers' obsession and turn it into very clean marketing. I want you both to come sit down right here and tell me what your next big idea is.

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Abby: You seriously need to tell me everything.

Lola: It was...heavenly.

Abby: Ah.

Lola: Literally. I -- we danced under the moonlight, gazed at the stars.

Abby: Basically a whole night with your head up in the clouds.

Lola: And I didn't want to come back down to earth.

Abby: But when you did?

Lola: It was even more divine.

Abby: See? Nothing to worry about.

Lola: He was so sweet and patient. It was everything I had hoped for.

Abby: Swoon.

Lola: Double swoon.

Abby: Oh! I love it so much.

Mariah: Great! You're both here.

Abby: Hi.

Mariah: Hi.

Lola: What's going on?

Mariah: A live on-location interview with two of gc's hottest starts.

Abby: Ooh.

Lola: Uh, did you know about this?

Abby: No.

Mariah: You said you wanted publicity.

Abby: A little warning would have been nice, but...

Mariah: People want real, not rehearsed.

Abby: Let's give them real, then.

Mariah: Yes!

Lola: Wait. Hold on, though. Um, I'm a -- I'm a chef, not an on-air celebrity.

Mariah: You're gonna be fine.

Lola: No, but you don't understand. I've never been on tv.

Mariah: There's a first time for everything. Okay. Let's get set up.

Billy: Since the bulk of our marketing will be done via social media, our profit margins will increase more than we expected.

Jack: Can you give me a ballpark?

Billy: I'll work on the numbers for the next six months, and I'll e-mail everybody.

Jack: Will we have to change the overall budget?

Billy: I think we should look into it, yeah.

Rebekah: I thought the purpose of this meeting was to discuss creative matters.

Jack: Fine. We could that first. Um... did you go over the material that we sent you?

Rebekah: I told you -- I love the idea of using social media and influencers. But how do you plan to push jabot collective to the next level?

Summer: Um... well, uh... you know, musical-festival season is about to kick into high gear, and I think that a few festivals have actually already taken place.

Jack: Wasn't coachella just a couple of weeks ago?

Summer: Yeah. And, actually, coachella is filled with the kind of influencers that fit our brand, and full of customers that we really want to target.

Rebekah: Sounds like a missed opportunity.

Summer: No, actually, it's no worries, because those festivals happen all throughout the summer and all over the country.

Kyle: We need to connect with influencers and get them on board.

Summer: Yeah, and contact promoters and see how we can get ourselves a booth.

Kyle: Give out swag bags with gift cards and samples for our products and services. Maybe do a cross promotion with one of the bands.

Rebekah: I love it.

Kyle: Well, I have this friend in new york -- theo vanderway -- handles a lot of the new influencers.

Rebekah: I know theo.

Kyle: I'm sure he could hook us up with some of the big names.

Summer: Uh, yeah, like chiara ferragni...

Kyle: Lele pons. We get these new influencers rocking our merch, and...

Summer: And, boom, there we go. A whole new demo.

Rebekah: This duo -- your ticket to success.

Billy: Well, you whiz kids better get to work and make this become a reality.

Rebekah: Fast.

Jack: I'll want something on my desk tomorrow. You okay with that?

Kyle: Yeah. Sure.

Billy: Great. Let's open up the calendar and find a time to meet again.

Summer: Um, we should actually head back to your office and get to work.

Kyle: I have plans. We'll have to meet up later.

Summer: Uh, okay. When?

Kyle: I'll text you.

Rey: I'm working privately for someone. Her name's nikki newman.

Sharon: We think you might know her husband, victor.

Rey: You sent him this bill.

Dr. Calhoun: I'm sure you know I'm bound by privacy laws.

Rey: Mrs. Newman is very concerned about her husband.

Sharon: We know victor isn't your patient. We just want you to tell us what your connection is to him.

Dr. Calhoun: I'm sorry. I can't answer your questions.

Rey: We're not asking you to reveal any medical information.

Dr. Calhoun: Look, I don't know what your client is looking for or what her husband is involved in, but I don't want any part of it.

Sharon: Dr. Calhoun, victor is my ex-father-in-law. He's the grandfather of my children. He's had a very traumatic year, both emotionally and physically, and we're all very concerned as to why he would go behind our backs and seek out a psychiatrist.

Dr. Calhoun: I wish I could help you.

Rey: We understand, doc. We won't take up any more of your time. Let's go, sharon. That's a lot of cash.

Dr. Calhoun: It's also none of your business. Please leave. Before I contact some legitimate policemen.

Rey: I don't think you're gonna do that. I think you're in way over your head. Whatever victor's got you involved with, it's making you sweat. You have my number. Maybe I can help.

Dr. Calhoun: It's calhoun. I need to speak to you right away.

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

[ Keys clacking ] Hello, riza thompson. So there you are with your depression

Billy: I didn't think summer working at jabot was gonna be such a good idea, but she and kyle make a hell of a team.

Jack: At work, anyway.

Billy: Really? Are they heading for divorce or annulment?

Jack: I think kyle would like to pretend the marriage never happened.

Billy:What's the difference? End result is the same, isn't it?

Jack: Yeah, a lot of heartache, especially for summer.

Billy: Well, she's phyllis' daughter. They're fighters. They seem to always find a way.

Jack: Speaking of abbott-newman relationships, how's yours going?

Billy: Uh, fantastic. I was actually gonna tell you. We're taking off for a few days.

Jack: Oh? Romantic getaway?

Billy: Family getaway. Vicki and I are gonna take the kids camping.

Jack: Victoria's going camping?

Billy: I had the kids push her a little bit, and in the end, she couldn't say no to them. And I'm ecstatic.

Jack: You deserve a win, little brother. I'm glad for you.

Billy: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Rebekah: I hope you two know what a gold mine you have with those two young execs.

Jack: Actually, we were just talking about them.

Rebekah: They have a smart, hip vibe that is going to translate into big revenue for jabot.

Jack: We couldn't agree more.

Rebekah: Chemistry going on between them doesn't hurt, either.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Rebekah: Hi! I didn't expect to see you this trip.

Nick: I did not know you were in town.

Rebekah: Well, I have a consulting deal with jabot. Uh, do you know jack and billy abbott?

Nick: Uh... yeah. We go way back.

Rebekah: Hmph. Well, why don't you join us? If that's okay with you guys? Come.

Nick: Okay. Uh, may I please have a regular coffee? Thank you.

Rebekah: So, how do you guys know each other?

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Uh, in a word, phyllis.

Rebekah: Same phyllis who --

Billy: That pimped her then-boyfriend out to you? Yes, that same phyllis. And it looks like her plans had unforeseen consequences.

Rebekah: For her, anyway.

Mariah: So, word on the street is that you are drawing quite the celebrity crowd.

Abby: Athletes, actors, musicians -- they all come to society to see and be seen.

Mariah: So, can you tell our viewers some of the big names that they might be rubbing elbows with if they came in?

Abby: Well, I like to protect the privacy of my customers, but I will say this -- people are going crazy over lola's "hot take on haute cuisine."

Lola: I plan to have a new dish on the menu every week.

Abby: There will be something for everyone -- gastronomically, musically, and atmospherically.

Lola: Oh, and don't forget our signature drinks. They're incredible.

Mariah: Well, there you have it. That's the latest buzz on genoa city's hottest new restaurant and club. Check it out. You never know who you'll see, but you'll always leave satisfied. And we're out.

Abby: Ah!

Mariah: Yes! That was great. You're a natural.

Abby: When is this gonna air?

Mariah: Tonight.

Abby: Fantastic. Thank you so much, mariah. Good job.

Mariah: You've never done this before?

Lola: Couldn't you tell I was totally shaking?

Mariah: No. You were perfect.

Kyle: She always is.

Lola: [ Sighs ] Totally unbiased opinion.

Kyle: I am admittedly, unabashedly biased when it comes to you. Hi.

Lola: Hi.

Mariah: And now I'm invisible, which is great. It's great.

Kyle: Do you hear something?

Lola: My heartbeat.

Kyle: Mm.

Mariah: Okay. [ Sighs ] I can take a hint, guys.

Lola: We're not trying to rush you off.

Kyle: Yes, we are. You said you had a surprise for me.

Lola: Yes, but nothing like the surprise you had for me last night.

Mariah: Oh, what happened last night?

Together: Bye, mariah.

Mariah: Okay. Okay, fine. Fine. I'll leave you two lovebirds alone. Okay. Don't screw this up.

Kyle: [ Scoffs ] Oooh-ooh! What's this?

Lola: Wait! Not yet.

Kyle: Wha-- [ Laughs ]

Lola: Sir.

Kyle: Oh. Oh, thank you.

[ Sighs ] I suddenly feel underdressed.

Lola: Shh. I picked a lovely cabernet to go with the meal I prepared for you.

Kyle: Ooh, I can't wait to see the main dish.

Lola: Lunch is served.

Kyle: Ropa vieja.

Lola: The first sandwich you ever bought from me.

Kyle: A day I'll never forget.

Lola: Me neither. Um... you were a total jerk.

Kyle: Not the reason it's seared into my memory, but true.

Lola: I wanted to shove the order in your face.

Kyle: I thought you were about to.

Lola: Mmph. Bad for business. And your face is too cute to mess up.

Kyle: Mm.

Lola: Who knew that a ropa vieja would change my life forever?

Kyle: It almost didn'T.

Lola: I was afraid that I might have scared you off.

Kyle: [ Sucks teeth ] I was impressed by your no-nonsense attitude.

Lola: [ Murmurs ]

Kyle: A little intimidated. But I couldn't stay away.

Lola: My food was too irresistible.

Kyle: Yeah, that, too.

Lola: I think I was a little too hard on you.

Kyle: I like that you don't take anything from anyone.

Lola: Yeah. I feel like I lost that edge when I got hurt.

Kyle: You were recharging. You're back now.

Lola: I am.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Lola: I am healthy. I have my job. And I have you. Nothing is standing in our way.

Kyle: You're right. There isn'T.

Lola: But?

Kyle: [ Stammers ] If we're gonna do this, go full-on committed, I want to be totally honest with you.

Lola: Okay.

Kyle: Something came up today.

Lola: 5'5", blond, green eyes, huge trust fund?

Kyle: Yeah.

Rey: There had to be $50k in that briefcase.

Sharon: That's pocket change for victor.

Rey: What would he be paying calhoun for?

Sharon: We don't know that he is.

Rey: No. I saw the look in the guy's eyes.

Sharon: Well, there's nothing that proves he isn't a well-respected, highly regarded psychiatrist.

Rey: Okay. Who does victor know who would need a memory-retrieval specialist?

Sharon: No one I can think of.

Rey: Feels like we hit a brick wall.

Sharon: You're not giving up?

Rey: No. But I understand if you want to head home.

Sharon: And leave you here? All alone?

Rey: Oh, sharon, I've had a lot of success flying solo.

Sharon: Yeah, but, it's not as thrilling and satisfying as working with a partner.

Rey: Are you saying I can't do this without you?

Sharon: Go back and read the books -- holmes was nothing without watson.

Rey: Yeah?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. I'm gonna prove it.

Rey: Yeah?

Sharon: Sherlock.

Rey: Ahh.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Rey: Oh. Nikki. What's up?

Nikki: I was calling to see if you'd made any progress.

Rey: Uh, calhoun's not giving anything away. I was just about to work on my next move.

Nikki: Well, I have a new lead for you.

Rey: Great. What is it?

Nikki: It's a woman who might have the answers we're looking for. Her name is riza thompson.

Victor: [ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles quietly ] Little early in the day, isn't it?

Riza: Never.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Riza: What can I do for you?

Victor: Spider disappeared. He just...is gone.

Riza: He does that sometimes.

Victor: Where does he go?

Riza: I have no idea.

Victor: I'm gonna ask you to help me find him.

Not many things have

the power that food has.

Kyle: When I told summer I wanted a divorce, I thought she wouldn't want anything to do with jabot.

Lola: You mean like a normal person?

Kyle: Yeah.

Lola: It's okay. If she wants to work at jabot, it's fine. Jabot is a huge company. Your paths may not even cross.

Kyle: They kind of already did.

Lola: Oh.

Kyle: I walked into my dad's office. There she was, pitching ideas for our lifestyle project.

Lola: And the hits keep coming.

Kyle: After a while, we were both tossing out suggestions. Eventually, we were feeding off of each other's energy.

Lola: I'm surprised she didn't eat you alive.

Kyle: [ Sucks teeth ] Together, we kind of blew everyone away. Next thing I know...

Lola: You're working together.

Kyle: Look, I wanted you to hear it from me.

Lola: That summer is still going to be a huge part of your life?

Kyle: My work life.

Lola: [ Sighs ] Thank you. For being honest with me. I really love you for that.

Kyle: I love you, too.

Lola: Now, eat your sandwich before it gets cold.

Kyle: How about we share?

Lola: Mmm.

Kyle: Oooh.

Summer: So, kyle knows that I'm staying at jabot, so now i just have to tell grandpa. But if this morning is any indication, I definitely made the right decision. Mom, I killed it. Just call me, okay? I want to tell you the details. Bye.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Dina!

Dina: Oh.

Summer: Hi.

Dina: I-is this the right floor, dear?

Summer: Yeah, uh, who are you looking for?

Dina: For john. He's supposed to be taking me to lunch.

Summer: Oh. Okay. Um... did you come alone?

Dina: Yes, of course I did. Uh, but, uh, I -- I can still call a cab. All by myself.

Summer: Yeah, of course you can. Heh...

Dina: Oh, I just want john to think how nice I look. Uh, do you like this outfit?

Summer: You look beautiful.

Dina: I love the color, don't you?

[ Laughs ]

Summer: Yeah.

Dina: Oh, good. Well, uh... I don't know where he might be, but where is he? Is he here?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Billy: Anyway, should we head back to the office and take care of a few more things before you head out of town?

Rebekah: I actually need to go over the materials you gave me. Not quite ready for that yet, before we can move forward. So I am gonna head back to my hotel, catch up on my reading.

Jack: Oh. Okay.

Rebekah: I will e-mail you my suggestions, and we can discuss them next time I'm in town.

Billy: Okay. That -- that sounds fine.

Jack: Can we maybe give you a ride back to your hotel?

Rebekah: Oh, I'll arrange a car.

Jack: All right, then. We'll wait to hear from you.

Billy: [ Clears throat ]

Rebekah: Great.

Jack: Nick.

Nick: Jack. Billy.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Rebekah: Give a girl a ride?

Abby: Where's kyle?

Lola: He had to get back to work.

Abby: Mm. How was "lunch"?

Lola: It was delicious. But it was just lunch.

Abby: Like last night was "just dinner"?

Lola: Last nigh was the most amazing night of my life.

Abby: Come on! You've got to give me more than that. That is cruel.

Lola: Okay. I will tell you this -- kyle is the most amazing, most romantic, hot man I have ever met in my life, and I am so grateful that I waited for him to be my first.

Abby: Aww. Well, I am very happy for you. And kyle.

Lola: Thanks. But still.

Abby: What?

Lola: Okay, don't light me on fire. I feel bad for summer.

Abby: I think it's sweet that you have a big heart.

Lola: And a new liver because of her. I mean, she saved my life. It's something I will never forget.

Abby: Look, no one wants summer to be hurt, okay? But sometimes she's her own worst enemy.

Lola: But still. I truly wish her the best. And I honestly do believe that one day she'll see that this is what's best.

Abby: Hopefully.

Lola: Uh-oh.

Abby: What's wrong?

Lola: Kyle forgot his tablet.

Abby: Hmm. Looks like someone has an excuse to visit her boyfriend at work.

[ Clicks tongue ]

Summer: Okay, now suck in your cheekbones like this.

Dina: [ Laughs ] I'll look like a guppy.

Summer: I know, but it's gonna help me highlight those beautiful cheekbones of yours.

Dina: Ohh. Well, you know, your father always said that I had a flawless facial structure.

Summer: You do. I am jealous.

Dina: [ Chuckles ] Oh, no, my darling. You're the one he calls "my beauty."

Summer: Well, that's 'cause i take after you, mom.

Dina: Oh, well, for heaven's sakes. Ohh. Well, I wonder where he is? How do I look?

Summer: You look flawless.

Dina: I do?

Summer: Just like daddy said.

Dina: Aww. Well, daddy better get here soon.

Summer: Uh, you know, maybe he went home after his appointment. So why don't we go meet him there, okay?

Dina: Oh, well...

Summer: Yeah.

Dina: That would be lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

[ Gasps ] Oh, for heaven's sakes! There you are. Come give your mother a kiss, darling. Mwah!

Kyle: Hi, mom.

Dina: Hi.

Kyle: What brings you to jabot?

Summer: A lunch date with dad, except he hasn't shown up yet.

Dina: Mnh-mnh. No.

Kyle: Darn! I forgot to let you know. He had to go to a last-minute meeting in chicago.

Dina: Oh. Work again.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: But, uh, don't worry, because k-- uh, jack and i can take you to the club for some lunch.

Dina: Oh! Well, now, I would really like that.

Summer: Ah.

Dina: [ Chuckles ] But do you think you two would be able to get along for a couple of hours, hm?

Summer: I can if jack can.

Kyle: For mom, absolutely.

Dina: Oh! [ Laughs ] Oh, boy. Both of you are so wonderful.

Rebekah: And I thought getting you to bring me back here was gonna be the biggest challenge I faced today.

Nick: Sorry. Kind of caught me at a bad time. The less-than-passionate kiss was a giveaway.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] My daughter's going through some stuff right now. It's kind of hard to focus on anything else.

Rebekah: I understand. If that's what it is.

Nick: You don't believe me?

Rebekah: [ Inhales ] I think there's more going on than just concern for your daughter.

Nick: Smart, sexy, beautiful, and psychic. All right. Tell me what you're feeling.

Rebekah: I think you're a man adrift. Lonely. Someone who's not comfortable being single. Less comfortable with casual hookups. Am I close?

Nick: That's pretty good.

Rebekah: I'd say i understood, but sex for me is, like, something you do for fun. Like enjoying a bottle of fine wine or mud wrestling with bradley cooper.

Nick: [ Laughs ]

Rebekah: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Well, I'm glad I didn't know the bar was so high.

Rebekah: Point is, I am not interested in getting serious. With anyone. And I'm not gonna make you go where I want. I can give you some advice.

Nick: Yeah. Let's hear it.

Rebekah: Think about a time when you were truly happy. Try to recapture that.

Nick: Ah, that's a piece of cake.

Rebekah: I have faith in you.

Nick: Thanks, rebekah. For being a good friend.

Rebekah: I was gonna say it's your loss, but, actually, I think it's mine.

Lola: I wanted to return this to kyle.

Jack: He left it behind accidentally. Clearly he's learned some of his dad's old tricks.

Lola: Is he around?

Jack: Haven't seen him in a while.

Lola: I have to get back for the lunch rush.

Jack: Well, I know this defeats the purpose, but I could give that to kyle, and you could leave him a personal note.

Lola: Thanks. I appreciate you being so nice to me. I know that you're close to summer.

Jack: I brought her into this world. And she was just as headstrong back then.

Lola: It can't be easy for you, being caught in the middle.

Jack: I will always care about summer. But kyle's happiness is most important to me.

Lola: To me, too.

Jack: Well, then, I'm glad you two found each other. As for summer... don't worry. I learned again today just how resilient she is.

Lola: That's a good sign.

Jack: I think things are gonna work out just fine for everyone.

Kyle: I got dina settled in with one of her favorite films.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. I saw what you did for her back at the office.

Summer: Yeah, well, just because we're not together anymore doesn't mean that I don't care about dina.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] That means a lot.

Summer: I hope all that talk about us being close wasn't too awkward for you.

Kyle: [ Snorts softly ] Not at all.

Summer: Okay. We should probably get back to work.

Kyle: I need to call my pr buddy in new york.

Summer: Okay, great. You do that, and I'll drive.

Rey: R-I-z-A. Thompson. Yeah, anything you can find. Thanks, tommy.

Sharon: High-stakes poker and memory retrieval. I don't see the connection.

Rey: Did you think victor was gonna make this easy?

Sharon: Maybe we should start& with what we can eliminate.

Rey: Gambling addiction?

Sharon: Mm, by all accounts, victor is just a spectator at these games.

Rey: I think we can safely say he's not having an affair.

Sharon: And we know he's not seeking therapy.

Rey: Calhoun's not gonna tell us why victor's paying him.

Sharon: That leaves riza.

Rey: Nikki said that victor had done over 100 searches on her name over the last few weeks.

Sharon: She has to know something.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Rey: Let's find out what.

Victor: Name your price.

Riza: You expect me to put a price on a man's life?

Victor: I don't want to hurt him.

Riza: You already have. The guy was happy before you came along.

Victor: Mm. He was lost.

Riza: [ Inhales ] Even if I agreed to help you, I doubt it would do any good.

Victor: Why is that?

Riza: Because he's stubborn. When he closes down, it is hard to open him up again.

Victor: But you have been able to do that before, haven't you?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Riza: Rey rosales...

Victor: Ignore that. I'll take care of him.

Riza: You know him?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Riza: Fine.

Victor: When you hear something, you let me know, all right? Thank you.

Mariah: Hey! Hey! Excuse me!

Summer: So, I really want to come up with a business plan to help us maximize sales.

Kyle: I have some ideas.

Summer: Good. Me too.

Lola: Hi! You forgot the tablet at the restaurant. It's in your dad's office.

Kyle: Ahh. That's where I left it. Thanks. And thanks again for lunch.

Summer: Oh, you didn't tell me you'd already eaten.

Kyle: I didn't want to upset dina.

Jack: Wait, something happened with mother?

Summer: Yeah. She was here.

Kyle: To have lunch with grandpa.

Jack: Oh, boy.

Summer: Yeah, but don't worry. Kyle and I took her to the club.

Kyle: She thought we were you and ash, so we went along with it.

Jack: I'm sorry you had to deal with that again.

Summer: Hey, it's okay. It's really not a big deal.

Jack: No, it is a big deal, and I'm very grateful.

Summer: Well, just because kyle and I are getting a divorce doesn't mean that I don't still care about your family.

Jack: Well, I, uh, have an r&d meeting.

Summer: Okay. Kyle and I were just gonna kick around some ideas for the collective, so...

Jack: Well, why don't you do that in my office? Lola, good to see you.

Lola: You, too.

Summer: Okay, well, I'm gonna go wait inside. So... it's good seeing you, lola.

Lola: Yeah, you as well.

Kyle: I owe you.

Lola: For not scratching her eyes out?

Kyle: That too.

[ Sighs ]

Lola: What else?

Kyle: Lunch. Returning my tablet. Being the best girlfriend ever.

Lola: Hmm. Lot of debt.

Kyle: How will I ever pay it off?

Lola: You can start by taking me out to dinner after I get off of work tonight.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Don't know if I will make it till then.

Lola: Well, this should hold you over.

Kyle: Mm.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Summer: Oh! Theo, hi. I'm so glad that you called. Yeah, kyle and I actually have a proposal that we want to run by you -- yeah, no, I know that we're on a really tight schedule. So I could see if I can send the company jet to new york to pick you -- oh. Yeah, sure. Kyle -- kyle and I can come to new york. Tonight? That's no problem.

[ Knock on door ]

Rey: Okay. Come on. Get over here. Victor. [ Sighs ]

Sharon: I should have known you'd followed us.

Rey: What do you want?

Victor: You two accomplished quite a bit. You met dr. Calhoun and contacted riza.

Rey: You should be thanking your wife. She's worried sick about you. You should call her.

Victor: Sharon, I need to talk with you alone.

Rey: That's not gonna happen.

Sharon: Um... it's okay.

Rey: I won't be far.

Sharon: What's going on, victor?

Victor: I think you'd better& sit down.

Sharon: Why? What happened?

Victor: There's something that you need to know.

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Paul: Mia rosales, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of lola rosales.

Mia: No!

Elena: You okay? You were crying in your sleep.

Sharon: This is sharon newman. We knew each other a long time ago. I'd like to meet with you, just to talk.

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