Y&R Transcript Thursday 05/02/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 05/02/19


Episode #11605 ~ Victor takes control, and Kyle makes Lola a promise.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Rey: I'm surprised you want me to take on lola's case, since originally I was told I couldn'T.

Paul: Well, who would have better motive to find her attacker than her own brother?

Nikki: I'm worried about my husband. He's taken a number of trips to las vegas. I'm willing to pay you to find out what he's doing there.

Sharon: I know victor. I know how he thinks, how he works, how he operates.

Rey: You'll be my sidekick?

Traci: I think that's the most I've heard her talk in weeks.

Jack: Yeah. Well, we're getting fewer and fewer glimpses of the woman we knew as our mother.

Abby: This could be a big night for you and kyle, right?

Lola: Yeah. The night.

Lola: Look at this place. I'm very impressed.

Kyle: Mm. [ Chuckles ] That's what I was going for. A head-turner. Since last time I tried to give you a tropical atmosphere...

Lola: And I slept through it.

[ Hisses ] I'm sorry.

Kyle: That's okay. I brought the party to you.

Lola: We missed out on a lot of time, didn't we? Usually because of me.

Kyle: I don't see it that way.

Lola: Okay. Then what way do you see it?

Kyle: Mm... that this moment had to happen. It all had to come together so we could finally, on this night, under these stars, have... the perfect mojito. Taste. Huh?

Lola: Wow.

Kyle: Mm!

Lola: It's perfect.

Kyle: Mm.

Lola: Everything is perfect.

Kyle: I wanted a wind machine.

Lola: What? No!

Kyle: I just feel like something's missing.

Lola: [ Clears throat ] Mm, see, I didn't want to mention it.

Kyle: Oh, mm-hmm? You have to now.

Lola: Okay. It needs more rum.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Television playing ]

[ Bags thud ]

Nick: What happened?

Summer: It's over.

Jack: Mother, I'm headed out for a little bit. I'll say good night now, in case you're asleep when I get back. Mother? Dina? Everything okay?

Sharon: I decided to skip the swimsuit, even though it's vegas, because, you know, we'll be working.

Rey: Yeah. Sharon, about tha--

Sharon: There's something that I need to tell you before we go. I ran into mia. And it was fine. You know, she pretended to be polite, which I saw right through, and I let her know.

Rey: Uh, good.

Sharon: But there's morE. I... told her that I know about what she did to lola.

Rey: Okay.

Sharon: Yeah, I know that's delicate information. And given that she's pregnant...

Rey: Sharon, my -- my concern is for you, not mia. Because she freaks out when she feels she's backed into a corner. I-I don't want her showing up here again.

Sharon: [ Scoffs ] Mia comes after me [Scoffs] She has no idea what she's up against, okay? I am tougher than I look.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: But let's stop talking about her. Let's talk about what's important -- our trip!

Rey: Yeah. Um, sharon? I-I -- I don't think you should come.

Sharon: What?

Rey: It's not safe.

Sharon: We already covered this.

Rey: I know. But I cannot shake the feeling, all right? We're walking in blind. What-- whatever victor's got going on, it's clearly a big deal. We're talking about months of deception, even while his daughter and wife were on trial. Now, there's the danger of whatever's going on and the danger of pissing off victor newman, and I do not want you caught in the cross fire.

Victor: How could you lose track of him?

Dr. Calhoun: He was pushed too hard.

Victor: Really? By you?

Dr. Calhoun: At your direction. He said he needed to be alone, then bolted from our session.

Victor: Is that how you handle your patients?

Dr. Calhoun: You wanted too much, too soon. His brain can't handle that amount of sensory overload.

Victor: I know what he can handle. It is you I obviously overestimated. You tell me everything he said. I'll find him and fix this.

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Lola: Whew! That packs a punch.

Kyle: [ Chuckling ] I'm not letting you drink on an empty stomach. We have options.

[ Grunts ] Sweet. Salty. Mm-hmm. Healthy.

Lola: Hmm.

Kyle: And... some random junk food. What'll it be?

Lola: Nothing yet.

Kyle: Come on. You have to be hungry.

Lola: No. I just want to be here. With you. Together. Like cassiopeia and our star, right over there.

Kyle: [ Snorts softly ] That's why I chose that one for us. You can see it year-round.

Lola: A statement of our love?

Kyle: Mm. I figured it was the best way to get my money's worth, but sure, your version works, too.

Lola: Hey!

Kyle: [ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] The star will always be there. And I will always be here. For you.

Nick: He knew all of this before he married you? I mean, he proposed to you. That was his idea, right?

Summer: He convinced himself that he could go through with it.

Nick: So he lied to you.

Summer: Yeah, saving lola was the only priority. And I guess he was willing to sacrifice his happiness to do that.

Nick: Is that the way he put it? You know, to sound noble?

Summer: Well, before the surgery, when I was worried that kyle would just walk away, he swore to me that he would go through with his obligation. So now I'm just this chore he doesn't feel like doing anymore.

Nick: I'm gonna kill him.

Summer: I mean, you warned me, so...

Nick: Yeah, but the last thing I ever wanted, summer, was for you to get your heart broken. You will always deserve better than kyle abbott.

Summer: Do I? I mean, maybe this is what I deserve. You know, I was so stupid to think that I could make this all work.

Nick: No. Sweetheart, no. He was manipulative and selfish. When he found out that you were an organ match to lola, he broke your heart to get what he wanted.

Summer: Okay, well, it wasn't all lies.

Nick: Summer --

Summer: No. I was there with kyle every step of the way. Every step. And there was moments where it was just the two of us, and he couldn't have been like that with me if he didn't feel anything for me. It was real for both of us. I know that. It just... maybe was a little more real for me.

Nick: Well, I'm gonna talk to him.

Summer: No.

Nick: Okay. Well, then, I'm just gonna tear him apart.

Summer: No! Dad, stop. Please don'T.

Nick: Then tell me what I can do for you.

Summer: I don't know. I don't even know what to do myself. I -- [ Stomps foot ] I don't know. I guess I just have to let kyle go. That's the only way to make this hurt less.

Nick: Okay. Whatever you need.

Rey: You're still packing.

Sharon: Because I'm still going. You don't need to protect me.

Rey: [ Groans ] Sharon, this is a job. Nikki hired me.

Sharon: And she's lucky -- she's getting my assistance for free. I have insight into victor. It's going to be useful to you.

Rey: You just got your life back.

Sharon: Exactly. There was the chance, for the next few years, that I wouldn't be able to choose what to eat for breakfast. Now I have all these choices in front of me, including getting on a plane with you and going out of state.

Rey: This -- this is what you want? You want victor and his vegas drama?

Sharon: Mm, you make it sound more interesting when you put it that way.

Rey: And nothing I say will convince you to stay home?

Sharon: Can you tell me you don't want me to be with you?

Rey: Never.

Sharon: Then no. Sorry. And if your one concern is protecting me... I love you, rey. But I can protect myself.

Rey: Okay. Well, what if... we get into trouble? I'm talking about actual danger.

Sharon: Then I will be happy to save you.

Rey: Okay. No. You high-tail it out of there. I'm serious. Sharon, this not me being protective. This is me being practical. You don't have the training.

Sharon: All right. I accept.

Rey: Thank you.

Sharon: We don't have to be at the airport just yet. Is there any ground we can cover here?

Rey: Actually, yeah. Nikki gave me the name of a psychiatrist victor's been seeing in vegas, just outside the city limits.

Sharon: Victor is the patient? That doesn't sound like him at all.

Rey: I want to meet this guy face-to-face so I can get a read on him.

Sharon: And I can speak his language. Let's find out what the good doctor knows.

Victor: Now, this is for your silence. Obviously not for services rendered.

Dr. Calhoun: This kind of behavior --

Victor: Want me to close it and walk out with it?

[ Chuckles ] I didn't think so. Just remember -- every bill in here is a reminder to keep your mouth shut.

Dr. Calhoun: I would never break confidentiality.

Victor: You don't want to disappoint me twice.

[ Cellphone buzzes ]

Lauren: Ah. Hey. Are you on your way?

Jack: Uh, no. I-I can't make it.

Lauren: Is everything all right?

Jack: It's my mother. Uh... she's not herself. More so than usual.

Lauren: Is she upset or erratic?

Jack: No, it's actually the opposite. She's not aware of anything or anyone. She's really out of it.

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, that's her doctor now.

Lauren: Yeah. Uh... go. I'll check in later. Jack...

Jack: Yes?

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Stay strong. I'm thinking about you.

Jack: Thank you.

Nikki: Hey. How are you?

Paul: Oh, hi. I'm doing okay. How are you?

Nikki: Mm! Uh... okay.

Paul: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: It's, uh, lonely to know that neil is no longer with us.

Paul: Yeah, I know. It's -- it's lonely, and incredibly sad and surreal. Do you want to sit down?

Nikki: Thanks. Yeah, it, uh, makes us realize that we should be grateful for the friends we still have.

Paul: Yeah. Which is why I called you to see if you could fit me into your schedule.

Nikki: Well, always. I always love to see you.

Paul: Are things okay with you and victor? I mean, you seemed close at the service.

Nikki: Okay is a low bar. And I'm not sure we're even at that point right now.

Paul: Are you still worried about those, um, mysterious trips?

Nikki: He's on another one as we speak. No explanation, no information.

Paul: Hmm.

Nikki: I've hired rey rosales to look into it.

Paul: Interesting that he said he had time.

Nikki: Well, paul, you did fire him.

Paul: I asked him to do a little project on the side. To do the legwork on whoever attacked lola.

Nikki: Really? Even though he's not on the force anymore?

Paul: I thought it would be an opportunity for him to earn my trust back. And maybe his badge. But I guess his priorities are in nevada.

Nikki: I understand if you're not happy about this, but I owe rey a lot. You know, he -- he risked a lot for me and victoria, and at this point, I trust him. And besides, you had already turned me down, so you can't begrudge me for hiring another investigator.

Paul: No, I know. You know why I couldn't help.

Nikki: Yes, you made it very clear that your pi days are behind you.

Paul: Nik, I have a job now that has very strict parameters, which I'm sure you're aware. And I respect the fact that you have a hunch and some very personal concerns. But there's really nothing I can do unless your hunches and concerns lead to a crime being committed.

Nikki: If victor is involved in something dangerous -- that really scares me. And I didn't think I would ever see him again outside of a private visiting room. Now I'm free, and he's not even in town. I know victor. He would not be away from me for one night unless there was a very good reason. And now of all times. I -- I'm really very concerned. If victor is in danger, I need to know about it.

Paul: Why don't you tell me more about what's going on.

Rey: Dr. Calhoun. My name is rey rosales. I've heard a lot of good things about you. I'd like to meet up. Get back to me as soon as you can. My number's on the caller id. So, tell me, is this guy a hack or what?

Sharon: No. Just the opposite. Spotless record. No disciplinary actions he's published papers. Multiple degrees.

Rey: So the guy's legit.

Sharon: You know, the most interesting part is, he specializes in memory retrieval. Why would victor hire someone like that?

Rey: I guess we'll find out in vegas.

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Rey: Oh.

Jack: What you just saw, the way she was reacting to you and her nurse, that wasn't happening earlier. I know she didn't recognize you, but at least she was speaking.

[ Sighs ] Am I overreacting here? Could he just be losing her hearing? Could it be as simple as that?

More likely, this is an indication the disease is progressing. There will be more of these episodes. Jack, I know you prefer to keep her home...

Jack: But you still think a facility would be appropriate.

[ Sighs ] Something to consider.

Jack: Thank you for coming out -- again. Oh!

Lauren: Oh! [ Chuckles ] Hi.

Jack: Uh, come in. Come in, come in.

Lauren: Okay. Hi.

Jack: Thank you, doctor. You did not need to come all the way out here.

Lauren: But I wanted to. I figured you'd be too distracted to think about food.

Jack: And you weren't wrong there.

Lauren: Now, I can hand this to you and be on my way. Or, if you could use a friend...

Jack: You know, right now, I think I could use a friend.

Lola: And once my sous-chef is up to speed -- and I'm not saying that it will be soon --

Kyle: Mm. Vacation.

Lola: Right.

Kyle: Absolutely.

Lola: And it would count as work if we go to enough restaurants in exotic locations.

Kyle: Well, until then, we can do local trips when you have a day off.

Lola: And I want to see where you lived in new york city.

Kyle: Seriously?

Lola: Yes, of course.

Kyle: Then it's only fair we go to miami, too.

Lola: Oh, my god. The places I could show you. And the food that we would eat. Oh! And the beach.

Kyle: Mm-hmm?

Lola: It's almost as great as this beautiful paradise that you created.

Kyle: Ah. But no rush. We have all the time in the world.

Lola: We do?

Kyle: We do. And we should stick close to home while society is getting so much buzz.

Lola: It's crazy. I mean, from my food truck to all of this. And, I mean, my life was great. But small.

Kyle: Mine, too. More than I realized.

Lola: And now that we are us...

Kyle: Mm.

Lola: ...Doesn't it feel like we have so many possibilities?

Kyle: Mm-hmm. I mean... I look at jabot, and I see something new happening, and I know it's not because of me. And it's not because I finally have you in my life for good. But it all somehow seems connected.

Lola: Like everything is coming together.

Kyle: The way it should be.

Nick: Tonight's gonna be about no decisions. Not about where you're gonna live, where you're gonna work.

Summer: No, actually, that one, I already know. I'm planning on staying at jabot.

Nick: Really? Are you sure you're ready to make a call like that?

Summer: Yeah. I mean, it's a good job that I can make great, and it suits me. I don't know. Tough luck if it makes kyle uncomfortable.

Nick: All right. Cool.

Summer: You think it's a mistake, don't you?

Nick: I'm gonna stick to my "no decisions" vote. Especially if I can keep you away from seeing that jerk every single day. But ultimately, this is your call.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I don't know. Don't you think that I deserve one tiny thing after kyle got to win everything? I mean, he got my liver to save his girlfriend, and he got to humiliate me by having everyone else know that his heart belonged to someone else.

Nick: No. No, sweetheart. There's no humiliation here. Kyle screwed up. This is not a reflection on you at all.

Summer: Okay, but I'm the idiot that decided to marry him, and then have him run after lola all over again. The girl that broke up with him over a purse, when I accepted him for exactly who he is.

Nick: Good. Then let her have him.

Summer: No. She's always gonna find some reason to reject him and make him crawl. That is not -- that is not deep, earth-shattering love. And one morning he's gonna wake up and realize that he lost something great because he picked her instead of me.

Nick: So what does that mean? Like, you're holding out hope?

Summer: I don't know. And take him back? I don't know. I mean, yeah, it would be really nice to have him come running and beg and... I don't know. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to see him cry. But I'm never gonna tell him that.

Nick: [ Sighs ] If he does? Crawl back to you?

Summer: [ Sighs ] God, dad, I don'T... okay, how many years has it been between kyle and me? Okay? I can't just erase him from my brain. I -- I hate him, but... I also really love him. You have to know what that's like, right?

Nick: Yeah. I do. And I mean that. I really hope you listen to what I have to say.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Paul: And you know nothing else about this psychiatrist?

Nikki: He won't return my calls.

Paul: Okay. I-I still don't see how this ties into the poker games.

Nikki: Oh. Um... this is... an article I found on victor's computer.

Paul: Well... "the queen of las vegas' underground poker scene"? Has he ever mentioned her to you?

Nikki: No. Never. Whatever this is, it's -- it's big. It's insidious. I-I can just feel it. I mean, for -- for victor to keep this a secret for so long...

Paul: Yeah. And he's resistant to any questions, huh?

Nikki: Oh, he shuts me down immediately.

Paul: Okay. Here's the thing. Most women would be upset and angry, and you are just tying yourself in knots worrying about victor.

Nikki: At this point in our life, victor knows that there's nothing he can't tell me.

Paul: [ Sighs ] Then why hasn't he?

Nikki: He's protecting me. And that means he's at risk.

Paul: And you need more than just reassuring words from a friend.

Nikki: Well, if I can get more, yeah.

Paul: I'll see what I can do.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Thank you.

Paul: Within the parameters of my job.

Nikki: Of course.

Paul: We'll see what we can find out.

Nikki: Thank you so much. I know I can always count on you. It's one of the greatest gifts of my life.

Paul: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: This whole process with my mother always catches me off guard.

Lauren: The bad moments?

Jack: Even the good parts. I'm always off-kilter. The funny thing is, it's like when I was a kid.

Lauren: Was that before your mother left?

Jack: She was always restless, always unpredictable. I'd come to the door wondering what would be on the other side. Would it be mom, who wanted to know about my day, or dina, who couldn't wait to get out of this house?

Lauren: Mmph. Present or absent. It's kind of the way she is today, except she's physically here. To have your mother leave you when you're so young...

Jack: Yeah, that's right. You know something about that.

Lauren: I do. And it changes a child.

Jack: I try to stay in the present, particularly knowing that [Sighs] Her moments of clarity are fewer and farther between. But when she's here, when she's really here, when she knows it's me, she recognizes me...

Lauren: It must be a joy. And a relief.

Jack: I have this unrealistic thought that the worst is over and she's gonna recover. And then days like today happen, and I realize I've got to brace myself for the reality that I'm never gonna have another real moment with my mother. She's here. I can see her. I -- I can hold her hand if she'll let me. I don't want to be one of those people that's just fixated on his own issues, especially when she's the one that's suffering from this disease, but... yeah, there's a part of me that wants to make things right. Or have her make them right. I knew she was gonna slip away.

Lauren: That doesn't make it any easier, though, does it?

Lauren: Jack. You feel the way you feel. And it's okay. Please don't forget that.

Nick: Kyle does not deserve you.

Summer: Yeah, obviously not at the moment.

Nick: No, not under any circumstances. Not ever. Not even if he begs.

Summer: I don't know. I think that might be pretty funny to watcH.

Nick: Look, you are so incredibly special. You have everything you need on the inside to be happy, and kyle doesn't ever get to be a part of that.

Summer: Dad, kyle is not some villain, and I am not some saint.

Nick: You got to stop defending him.

Summer: It's just facts.

Nick: The whole world is gonna open up for you, summer. Look, I know you've been through a lot, but it's almost like you're just getting started. You're gonna figure out who you are and what you need. And when that happens, I promise you, you're gonna be unstoppable.

Nick: I love you.

Nick: But?

Summer: But I am so ready for this day to be over. And maybe, just for a few hours, not cry. Ugh! I am ready to wallow. And like you said, I will not make any decisions right now.

Nick: I mean, you should have led with that, because now I know exactly what you need.

[ Smooches ]

[ Romantic music plays ]

Kyle: [ Grunts ]

Lola: I don't want this to end.

Kyle: It doesn't have to.

[ Sighs ]

Lola: I want to make love with you.

Jack: You won't have a scotch. Can I make you a tea? We have a wide assortment of --

Dina: Jackie?

Jack: Mother. Hi. I was about to offer her some tea. Can I make you a cup?

Dina: [ Giggles ] Ooh-la-la. Aren't you lovely. Uh... you must be jackie's girlfriend.

[ Giggles ]

Jack: Yeah, I'm a lucky guy.

Dina: Oh, you sure are.

Jack: Mother, I -- why don't I take you back to your room? I'll bring you a cup of tea, okay?

Dina: Oh, of course, dear. But I'll be close by. So behave yourselves.

Jack: We will.

Lauren: Uh, yes, mrs. Abbott. Always.

Sharon: Any word from calhoun?

Rey: Still nothing.

Sharon: Well, it's still after hours.

Rey: Yeah. [ Sighs ] I'll figure out a way to get in touch with him one way or another. But that's for tomorrow.

Sharon: Tonight, no obligations.

Rey: Oh. Our first trip as an actual couple. So, what do you want to do? You want to go to a club? Casino? What?

Sharon: Well, it's a really nice room.

Rey: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: And I'm just too tired to go out.

Rey: Mm. Yeah. Maybe I can get room service to send up a bottle of champagne. Hmm?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I love you so much.

Lola: I love you.

Lauren: Mm. Everything okay with dina?

Jack: Yes, she and her nurse are in for the night.

Lauren: It's unnerving, isn't it? To take care of your parent, knowing that that could be you one day? Not that I think --

Jack: No, no, no, no. No, actually, that's exactly what it is. The day could come it's one of us wandering and lost. And what more could you hope for than just a little shred of dignity, a little kindness and compassion on others' part?

Lauren: You're doing right by her. It's beautiful to watch.

Jack: Thanks for earlier. You didn't miss a beat when she decided she was our chaperone.

Lauren: You kidding? Someone says "ooh-la-la" to me, I'm gonna roll with any punches.

[ Laughs ]

Jack: [ Laughs ]

Lauren: I'm gonna say good night to you. You need your rest, as well.

Jack: Wow, so early. And not a hair out of place. My mother will be very happy.

Lauren: Amazing. [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Oh, go-- we didn't even mention your ideas for the business.

Lauren: You know what? This was far more important.

Jack: Thank you. For everything. Thank you.

Lauren: You're most welcome, jack.

Lola: Yes.

Kyle: Yes what?

Lola: It was worth the wait.

Kyle: [ Snorts softly ]

Lola: [ Chuckles quietly ] Part of me wishes I hadn't waited. But... this is where I fit. Right here. I just didn't know that before.

Kyle: So don't ever leave.

Lola: [ Snorts softly ]

Nick: Here, beautiful. Everything's gonna be okay.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sharon: [ Groans ]

Rey: Heh... uh, it's my former boss. And since he fired me...

Sharon: It's okay. You can take it.

Rey: [ Sighs ] Hey, paul.

Paul: So, you drop your sister's case to help nikki newman. You want to explain that to me?

Rey: Nikki filled you in. Well, all I can say is, this job pays. A guy's got to eat, paul.

Paul: So the fact that your sister almost died wasn't reason enough for you to stay in genoa city and find her attacker?

Rey: I was there at the hospital. I know what happened to my sister.

Paul: Okay. So let me get this straight -- instead of finding out who it was, you're shooting craps in vegas on nikki's dime.

Rey: Do my former colleagues know that you don't trust them to do their jobs? That you're farming out cases to ex-cops?

Paul: Okay, rey. This is a chance for you to get back on the inside. But it seems like you don't care to find out anything. It seems like you don't even care to get your old job back.

Rey: Keep the job, paul. I'm not jumping through hoops for you.

Sharon: Are you okay?

Rey: Paul's just jerking my chain.

Sharon: About lola? And, indirectly, about mia. Do you think he suspects she's responsible?

Rey: Forget about paul and everyone else. This trip is about me being with you.

Sharon: And doing a job for nikki.

[ Glasses clink ] I have to admit, I'm curious what victor's up to.

Rey: Hmm.

Victor: It's victor. Please open the door so we can talk. Hello? I'm not your enemy. I want to help you.

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