Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/18/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/18/19


Episode #11595 ~ Phyllis challenges Billy; Devon stages a comeback; Nikki forms a surprising alliance.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Nikki: I'm worried about my husband. He's taken a number of trips to las vegas. I'm willing to pay you to find out what he's doing there.

Devon: I was wondering if, instead of getting coffee, if you'd like to get dinner with me.

Elena: Sounds like a date.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, it kind of does.

Elena: I mean, coffee, I have clothes for, but an opening night?

Devon: You wouldn't have to worry about anything. I'd just love to hear you say yes.

Elena: Yes.

Mariah: Oh, my god!

Billy: Will you marry me?

Phyllis: Billy! I know you're in there! Let me in!

Victoria: I'm sure you have an excellent reason for yelling out to billy on my front porch.

Phyllis: I actually do have a good reason to be here tonight.

Billy: What are you doing banging on the door like that, scaring the kids?

Phyllis: I miss seeing them every weekend. How are they?

Billy: Give me a break, phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, we're gonna pretend that we didn't hang out with them for months. Okay. I got you.

Billy: What are you doing here?

Phyllis: I need to speak with you...

Billy: No, you don'T.

Phyllis: ...Right now. Yeah, I do. We've got unfinished business.

Billy: No, we don'T. We finished all our business -- at jabot and in our personal lives.

Phyllis: I would think you really wouldn't want to get into this in front of victoria, or with the kids upstairs. But if you're cool with it, that's fine.

Victoria: No, actually, I'm not cool with it. So, please, take it somewhere else.

Billy: She doesn't get to come in here and ruin our evening.

Victoria: I don't see her leaving.

Phyllis: Because she's not.

Victoria: Billy, would you please just get rid of her? I'm gonna go check on the kids.

Billy: The conversation with me and you is much more important than anything she has to say to me.

Victoria: I'll be waiting here when you get back. Go. I'll be waiting.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Let's go.

Phyllis: Good choice. My suite. At the club.

Billy: We're not done.

Victoria: No, we're not.

Billy: I'll be back, okay?

Sharon: "Give up the gossip. You're ruining people's lives."

Mariah: The police have the original, obviously.

Rey: And the brick the note was attached to?

Tessa: They took that, too.

Rey: Good. They may be able to pull off prints. It's a long shot, but...

Mariah: The window it came crashing through, though -- it's a little worse for the wear.

Rey: Which officer's on the case?

Mariah: Uh, the officer. Right. What was her...?

Tessa: Uh, she gave us her card just in case, if we had any questions or information.

Sharon: Officer haybach is sharp. Very focused.

Rey: What about security footage?

Sharon: Oh, I'll make sure that gets to the station.

Rey: Good, good. And you're absolutely sure you didn't see anyone?

Tessa: We were really freaked out by the crash.

Mariah: And by the time that we went outside to look, the--

Tessa: There were no bystanders or witnesses, either.

Mariah: We had closed early for our date.

Sharon: Tessa, did you tell the officer about the time you were attacked at crimson lights? There could be a connection.&

Mariah: But the note was to me.

Sharon: Maybe they're targeting you now to get to tessa.

Mariah: Tessa paid off those guys ages ago, and they haven't bothered her since. So if you're thinking that this is all because of her... that's you, not the facts. So please just don'T.

Jett: [ Playing pitch note ]

La, la, laaa, la, laaaa


la, la, laaaaa, la, laaaa

Ana: Yeah, you sound good.

Jett: Mm, I don't know about that.

Ana: Strong.

Jett: No. Not strong enough.

Ana: If you don't feel 100%, don't push yourself. It's just a restaurant opening.

Jett: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I ca-- I can do it. I can do it. I'm just worried about being able to do a whole set.

Ana: It's only a few songs.

Jett: But if my voice gives out, then I've blown my shot at a comeback.

Ana: Devon can always find another act.

Jett: By tomorrow?

Ana: He has enough artists on roster.

Jett: You'd tell your brother to call it off?

Ana: Of course.

Jett: [ Chuckles ] 'Cause you are just as nervous as I am.

Ana: Oh, what? No! No. [ Chuckles ] What? Heh... that's -- no.

Jett: I say I can't do it, and then you off the hook, too.

Ana: I'm just saying...

Jett: Mm.

Ana: Maybe it's not the right time for either of us. And that's okay.

Jett: How do we tell devon?

Devon: Hey, guys.

Jett: Hey.

Devon: Ooh. You excited about tomorrow? I know I am.

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Sharon: Mariah, you have my word -- I didn't mean to imply that I blame tessa for any of this. If that's how it sounded, I'm sorry.

Tessa: It's okay. I totally get it.

Sharon: Look, there is no blame here for either of you. Only the person who tried to frighten you.

Rey: You have any idea who would do this? You ever get a message like this before?

Mariah: No. I mean, well... I guess kind of, possibly.

Rey: Can you translate?

Mariah: We're a talk show. We're people's guilty pleasure. Yes, we do cover some actual news, but for the most part, what we cover, it'S...

Tessa: It's like kicking back with your best friends.

Rey: So, like, e-mails, online comments, stuff like that.

Mariah: Mostly, people want to know if I'm a dog or a cat person. Or tell me that they hate my hair or they love my hair. Stuff like that.

Rey: Do you recall getting messages about ruining someone's life or blame or anything like that?

Mariah: No. Uh... maybe. I mean, the truth is, I don't go through each and every e-mail.

Rey: Well, it would help to know.

Tessa: I can do it.

Mariah: No, no. You don't have to do that.

Tessa: Yes, I do. I'll look through each one and see if I can find a connection.

Rey: Okay, good. We might be able to track this person to their phone or computer.

Sharon: Even if my cameras didn't show anything, I'm sure there are exterior cameras on the street or neighboring stores. You would notice someone carrying around a brick -- or fleeing a scene.

Tessa: Oh, yeah, or ---or like a car, a license plate or something?

Mariah: Guys, guys. I appreciate that you're trying to be helpful, and I'm really grateful, but this was probably just a one-time deal. And whoever the culprit is, I guess they're just gonna get away with it.

Ana: And this is an important night for both you and abby. And lola. Especially lola, with everything she's been through. To make an impact, to -- to really get word of mouth going, everything has to be perfect. Including the entertainment. And jett and I, we don't really have that much experience singing together. Meanwhile, there are so many artists on the lp roster that are ready to hit the ground running.

Devon: Okay. All right. If you guys think it's the right move to sub somebody in, then...

Ana: Really?

Jett: You -- you mean it?

Devon: Of course, if you guys are sure.

Ana: I am. We are.

Jett: Yeah, yeah. We -- we don't want to blow this for you.

Devon: No, I wouldn't imagine that you would. But I respect my artists, and I would never force them to do anything that they're not comfortable doing.

Ana: Well, I can text you which acts are local with a set ready to go.

Devon: It's fine. I'll take care of finding a replacement. I just need to figure out what I'm gonna do with this.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Hmm. Hm, hm.

[ Knock on door ] Good idea, keeping me waiting. Really.

Billy: Thought it'd be better I take a minute to calm myself down because, frankly, you're pissing me off. This compulsion you have to come between me and victoria?

Phyllis: Yeah, I saw that romantic little setup you had. That's good. She's really making you work for it.

Billy: This is a mistake. I'm out of here.

Phyllis: No, you're not going anywhere. Because you're gonna be held accountable for what you've done.

Billy: Which is what, phyllis? Kicking your ass out of jabot because you lost all of our new patents?

Phyllis: Mm. You really have forgotten. And you thought I forgot. That's how little any of that pain meant to you.

Billy: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: Summer. She broke down in my arms tonight. It was like her heart was breaking all over again.

Billy: This is about summer?

Phyllis: Yes. My daughter. Who you slept with.

Sharon: Thanks again so much.

Rey: Got it. Get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks.

Sharon: Well [Sighs] They're putting plywood on the window now, and they'll replace the glass in the morning.

Mariah: I'm so sorry. I should really pay for it.

Sharon: No. Mariah, you heard me before -- this is not your fault.

Rey: I spoke to haybach. She's gonna send a black-and-white by your apartment building a few times tonight.

Sharon: Um, I don't know. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm happy there will be a patrol in the area. But maybe you two should just stay here tonight.

Mariah: No, we don't need to stay here tonight, mom. Or move in or get bodyguards or whatever it is I know that you're thinking.

Sharon: Just being cautious.

Mariah: Overly.

Tessa: I'm good with it.

Sharon: Thank you.

Mariah: Oh. Great. Look at you two bonding.

Sharon: You should tell devon what happened.

Rey: Your mother's right. If this is "gc buzz" related, he might want to use his own security.

Sharon: That's perfect.

Mariah: Or a little excessive.

Tessa: Hey, devon should know what's going on.

Mariah: Sure. But I'm not gonna disrupt my whole life over a nasty note.

Sharon: That was attached to a brick and thrown through a window. Look, I don't want you scared, but I do want you safe.

Mariah: I'll figure it out.

Sharon: Since we happen to have an expert here...

Rey: You might want to shake up your routines, okay? Leave and go home at different times. For now, you might want to get coffee someplace else?

Mariah: And pay for it?! Oh, my god. The horror.

Rey: I'm serious.

Mariah: You think somebody is actually following me?

Rey: A brick and a note isn't a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing.

Tessa: But it's also not the work of a criminal mastermind, either. It's more like a bully.

Rey: Either way, this is the time to stay aware, okay? Pay attention to anything or anyone unusual. Most importantly, you need to trust your instincts.

Mariah: So full-on paranoia is the plan? Well, I'm good to go on that, thank you very much.

Sharon: Please stay tonight.

Mariah: No. I'm not gonna stay here. I need our place. I need our bed.

Rey: Well, I'm happy to drive you home.

Tessa: No, it's really okay. We have a car. And I promise, I will take care of her.

Mariah: That's all I need. I swear.

Sharon: If you say so.

Mariah: I do.

Tessa: Thank you so much for all the advice.

Sharon: You guys take care of yourselves.

Mariah: Love you.

Sharon: Love you.

Mariah: Mwah! Bye.

Rey: I know.

Devon: It's too bad we have to let that photo shoot we did earlier today go to waste.

Jett: [ Murmurs ] You look beautiful. I mean, I-I don't look too bad, either.

Devon: I had it touched up, though.

Jett: Y-yeah, obviously.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Ana: It's so... official.

Devon: Yeah. Everybody's getting real excited about you guys.

Jett: "Everybody"? Wait, wait, wait. Who even knows about the show?

Ana: Devon started with social media. A few radio spots. That kind of thing.

Devon: Let me show you what people are saying. Look at this. "The original is back in the game." "Now this is something that i would stand in line for."

Jett: Yeah, I know the ones you're not reading, too. "I thought he was dead."

Devon: No. Not dead. They thought you were retired, though. And you know how fans are. They assume that, just 'cause you're in entertainment, you're probably a millionaire and sipping on champagne in a gold tub somewhere 'cause you don't have to do gigs anymore.

Jett: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah, that's my life.

Devon: Right. But they are thinking about you.

Jett: Mm.

Devon: And they're talking about you. They're talking about your music -- music they couldn't get enough of. I completely understand that you're nervous 'cause you haven't performed in a long time. I get it. But I really believe this could be a great night not just for the two of you, but for your fans, jett, who miss you.

Jett: All six of them?

Devon: No. Come on, man. I wouldn't put you back in the spotlight unless I thought it was the right move for everybody involved. I promise you that. So, do you want me to call in a replacement, or do I get to keep my main headliners?

Ana: All right. [ Sighs ]

Devon: Nice.

Billy: I didn't forget about summer.

Phyllis: You better not be replaying it in your head, or I promise you --

Billy: Come on, phyllis. Just stop. How am I supposed to know that that's the reason why you're upset in this moment?

Phyllis: That's your defense?

Billy: I was wrong. It was a jerk move. Probably one of the worst of my life.

Phyllis: Go on. I'm not stopping you.

Billy: Summer knows that i regret it. You know that I regret it.

Phyllis: Well, when you say it like that, all is forgiven.

Billy: That's not why I'm saying it.

Phyllis: You sleeping with her trying to get back at me, that was not about hurting my daughter. That was about kicking me in the gut. And you did it. And you're still doing it. You're throwing me under the bus at jabot.

Billy: Oh, no. Hold on a second. What happened at jabot, that is 100% on you. Nobody else.

Phyllis: Kerry fooled everyone. Ashley unleashed that woman on all of us, on jack, and yet I keep taking the hit. Every bad thing that's happening in my life, you're cheering on, especially nick leaving me. And while we are on the subject of summer's father, he does not know what happened between you two. Neither does jack. Because I didn't tell them.

Billy: I was gonna say that i didn't mean to hurt you. The truth is, I did. But I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to rejoice in your misery. I just want it to be over.

Phyllis: Okay. Then what do you plan on doing about it?

Rey: Mariah will be safe.

Sharon: You're very protective. I love that.

Rey: But?

Sharon: But not every damsel needs to be your problem.

Rey: Ahh. Nikki newman. You don't want me to take the gig.

Sharon: I'm sure she was very warm and complimentary and persuasive.

Rey: Ah. I bought a snow job.

Sharon: Well, s-- she can sincerely be all of those things. Usually not with me, and not always for the right reason.

Rey: I could read her. Okay? It's not like she wants me to sneak around and catch victor with another woman. She's legit worried about her husband.

Sharon: Nikki always worries about her family. Sometimes for the right reason, like with victoria.

Rey: But victor doesn't qualify?

Sharon: Wherever victor is, I can assure you that he will not appreciate you interfering in his life. He always has, he always will take care of himself.

Victoria: Beautiful.

Billy: Mm. I'm glad you like them.

Victoria: Yeah. I'll be donating them to the hospital. It would be a shame for them to go to waste.

Billy: A-as -- as much as i love the idea of brightening the day of some patient, the point was to brighten your day.

Victoria: I don't look bright to you?

Billy: I was wrong, vick. What I did last night, the way I acted, was --

Victoria: Reprehensible.

Billy: Did you ever believe in me? Or did you secretly believe that I was the screw-up that your father and my brother accuse me of being?

Victoria: I believed in you. Even when no one else would.

Billy: Vick, listen --

Victoria: Clearly that was a mistake.

Victoria: Billy, I don't want to have dinner with you, okay, so please stop pestering me.

Billy: Cane had it right. I don't have the inside track. I'm not even in your universe. You can't stand the sight of me half the time. I'm the guy that cheated on you, that wrecked our marriage. I'm so selfish, so immoral, that I would... sleep with my brother's wife.

Victoria: I mean, what part of that isn't true? Isn't that who you'll always be?

Billy: You know, I used to remember when you used to thank me for showing you that there's more to life than a-a conference room and spreadsheet? Not just thank me. You used to love me for it. Now you can't go there. You can't think that way, right? You can't have fun. Can't possibly have feelings.

Victoria: I had feelings. And they hurt all the time because of you. And I'm not gonna make that mistake again because of you, so you can stop trying to be so sweet-talking to me. I'm not gonna melt just because you offered to give me a ride home, billy.

Billy: How do you expect to melt when you're as stone-cold as reed says you are? Kid's smarter than you think.

Billy: Here's the thing, vick -- I hurt you. I don't mean to. I don't want to. But I do. And I don't ever want to see you cry over me ever again. So you're gonna take the kids. You're gonna love them. You're gonna have joy. And you're gonna laugh.

[ Sighs ] If you find somebody that makes you smile --

Victoria: Shhh. No, stop talking.

Billy: Please listen. I need to say this. You need to be free. I cannot hold you back anymore.

Billy: If your father needs you while he's grieving, I won't get in the way of that, vick.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Billy: I told you, I don't want to hurt you again.

Victoria: Okay, look. Enough, all right? When are you gonna get it through your thick skull that i don't want to be involved with you romantically? After all the times you betrayed me, I'd be insane to go there again.

Billy: You know, why didn't you just say it when I walked in?

Phyllis: Say what?

Billy: Oh, your list of demands. I mean, clearly that's what this production is about.

Phyllis: A little retribution is owed, don't you think?

Billy: Oh, if you think you want to come back to jabot, that's just not gonna happen. So good luck with that.

Phyllis: I never want to see the inside of that place again.

Billy: Then what?

Phyllis: I had a deal to run fenmore's with lauren. Jack canceled my severance package, which cost me the funds we needed to buy back fenmore'S. And, to make it worse, he decided to pull lauren back into the jabot fold, with me on the outside.

Billy: Okay. Well, why don't you lay this at jack, then, because I've got nothing to do with that.

Phyllis: So you're just gonna wash your hands of me like we were never involved?

Billy: Phyllis, we're not together. What do you want me to do?

Phyllis: We were together. I supported you when you wanted to be the C.E.O. Of jabot. I bailed you out when you were gambling, when you lost the company yacht. I protected your secrets. I defended you to anyone who would listen.

Billy: And now, what, you want cash for services rendered?

Phyllis: I want capital. To start my own business.

Billy: Ahh. There we go.

Phyllis: I was your cheerleader. I was your support system.

Billy: And what if I say no? Hm? Then what? You go and tell everybody about me and summer?

Phyllis: My kid doesn't deserve that. Even if you do.

Billy: Then what are you saying?

Phyllis: If you won't help me, I'll get the money. But I don't want to fight with you anymore. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of fighting with everybody. In fact, I want to be done with all of you forever. Just me and my company. My future in my own hands. I am offering you a way to make amends. And then -- then we will finally be done.

Billy: How much do you need?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Elena: Okay. Now, before we do this, keep in mind that I was a very busy med student for a long time.

Ana: So you didn't get out much.

Elena: Exactly. Okay. How 'bout this one?

Ana: Perfect...for an interview.

Elena: [ Sighs ] But not for a party. Okay. What about this one?

Ana: Perfect for church?

Elena: But not a nightclub.

[ Sighs ] See? I told you. Not much of a social life.

Ana: Well, why don't we go shopping? I could use something new.

Elena: And then buy a dress that I might only wear once? I can't do it. Look, I'll reach out to some of my friends, see what they have in their closets.

Ana: Oh. You haven't mentioned your friends before.

Elena: Okay, well, anyway. What about this one? I just think it needs a little shine. We could, like, add jewelry, I could throw on a cool jacket?

Devon: Doing a fashion show?

Ana: Elena's figuring out what to wear to the opening.

Devon: Oh. Why don't you guys go shopping on me? Consider it a gift.

Ana: Well, I don't -- I don't think that --

Elena: That won't be necessary.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: It wouldn't surprise me at all if victor were involved in something shady. Why get involved in that?

Rey: Because I owe him. And nikki.

Sharon: What? How?

Rey: I accused the man of murder.

Sharon: If you have some guilt or ambivalence about victor, you need to work through it, rey, but not like this. He's a manipulator. He knows how to take advantage of anyone who isn't family.

Rey: Well, the only person i want taking advantage of me is you.

Sharon: Oh, we're back to this again? You're changing the subject.

Rey: Is it working?

Sharon: You'll have to try harder.

Rey: Oh.

Billy: Did my mother feed you rum? Sweetheart, you can't handle rum.

Victoria: I could handle rum. It was very smooth rum.

Billy: Mmph.

Victoria: Oh, no. Demon rum. I know. I know that feeling.

Billy: Demon rum.

Victoria: It's so warm and fuzzy, and everything that seems like a good idea is really not a good idea.

Billy: Like crashing a wedding in jamaica? That was a fantastic idea. That was awesome.

Victoria: [ Groans ] It was what came after that that was not a good idea.

Billy: Oh, the music, the dancing. That was all great ideas.

Victoria: [ Groans ]

Billy: And?

Victoria: The limbo.

[ Laughs ]

Billy: Come on.

Victoria: Yeah, the limbo was fun. Do you remember the limbo?

Billy: I remember the limbo.

Victoria: If you limbo very slow

just be sure to limbo low if you limbo -- [ Laughs ]

Billy: Don't -- oh!

[ Laughs ]

Victoria: Are you okay? Are you okay?

Billy: Yes, I'm fine. Are you okay?

Victoria: I'm fine.

Billy: That's good.

Victoria: I'm fine.

Billy: I remember looking at you, thinking you were the most amazing, most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Victoria: Ugh.

Victoria: Free is being with you, billy.

[ Sighs ] Free is... drinking rum in jamaica.

[ Scoffs ] And me burning cookies in our house.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: Watching you roll around on the floor with the kids. You're my second chance. Just as much as I am yours. So... the second that the doctors say that you can get out of here...

[ Sighs ] I want you to come home to me. I want you to come home to us. So we can make this work. So please stop talking.

Victoria: I always thought that's why we clicked. You know, because... I kept you focused, and you brought out my fun sidE.

Billy: Who knows how wild and crazy you can be? I do. You can keep up with me. That's saying something.

Victoria: I know. I mean... an uptight person wouldn't get wasted on rum punch and marry you in jamaica.

Billy: Or get tattoos. Or pick me over your father.

Victoria: If I had to do it over again, knowing how our lives would be... honestly, I wouldn't change anything.

Billy: Me neither.

[ Front door opens, closes ]

Billy: I hope I'm not too late.

Victoria: No. No, you're not.

Ana: Elena is proud, devon.

Devon: Yeah, I wasn't thinking, I guess.

Ana: It's okay. I almost did the same thing earlier -- offered to treat her.

Devon: But you're smarter than me and didn't do it, right?

Ana: Basically, yeah.

Devon: Oh, cool. Thank you.

Ana: Only because she's made it so clear she's not about to take any handouts.

Devon: Well, I didn't consider a gift to be a handout.

Ana: Elena gets to make that call.

Devon: Mm. Like you've been doing, rejecting my help?

Ana: I think elena has the money, but spending it on a one-time dress seems like a waste. That's an actual thought non-billionaires have.

Devon: If she's self-conscious about what she's wearing, she's gonna hate tomorrow night.

Ana: Well, I can help her. And she said she might borrow from a friend.

Devon: [ Clicks tongue ] Mm. Actually, I think I have a better idea.

Rey: What are you thinking?

Sharon: About being alone...

Rey: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: ...In a motel room.

Rey: Oh.

Sharon: Official business turned into something else.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Silent suffering in the dark.

Sharon: Hmm. Only because you chose to sleep in that awful chair.

Rey: [ Sighs ] That wasn't the painful part. The chair. Being alone with you like that, close enough to touch, but...

Sharon: But you didn'T.

Rey: I couldn'T.

Sharon: You can now.

Victoria: It couldn't have been about nothing. I mean, phyllis, she didn't barge in here just for fun.

Billy: I kind of think she did.

Victoria: Well, what about that unfinished business that she mentioned?

Billy: Uh, her urgent way to tell me about a business idea that she has and wants to start.

Victoria: That's it? Really?

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: Well, what did she expect? Your approval? For you to be impressed or jealous or what?

Billy: Something a little more concrete than that.

Victoria: She expects you to invest in her new company?

Billy: A loan or a gift.

Victoria: Well. She must have really lost it when you said no.

Billy: Can we not talk about her anymore, please? I'd really like that, wouldn't you?

Victoria: It's just strange that she expects you of all people to write her a check.

Billy: Well, she's delusional.

Victoria: Does she think that you're still in love with her?

Billy: No. No, trust me. She hates me.

Victoria: She said that? "I hate you. Give me money."

Billy: With a few more insults, yeah.

Victoria: Hmm. That just doesn't make any sense.

Billy: It's phyllis. All right? She wants what she wants. And in this case, it's capital. I don't know. Maybe just to keep the peace.

Victoria: So, she cheats on you with my brother, she ruins your brother's company, she testifies against the mother of your children, and you're the one that has to make nice?

Billy: It's phyllis against the world, right?

Victoria: Mm. She makes me crazy.

Billy: Okay, look.

[ Sighs ] Enough about her. Look at me. A decently handsome but very affectionate man who wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

[ Sighs ] Did you look at the ring while I was gone? Did you hold it in your hand? Did you gaze at it with love and excitement... and think about the all the ways that we'll be so great for each other?

Victoria: I did.

Billy: Excellent.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] And what a disaster we could be.

Billy: No. I mean, theoretically, there's always a chance of that. But not this time. No.

Victoria: See, billy?

Billy: Babe, not this time.

Victoria: You don't know that.

Billy: I do. I do know that. I know it in my head. I know it in my heart. I know -- [ Sighs ] Everywhere in me, I feel it, vick.

Victoria: I'm sorry, billy.

Billy: [ Exhales softly ]

Victoria: I can't give you an answer right now.

Elena: Ugh! [ Sighs ] The man opens up his home to uncle jett and me, and I can't even be civil.

Ana: Devon understands.

Elena: [ Scoffs ] That's even worse. So now it's just assumed that I'm going to throw a fit when someone tries to be nice.

Ana: No one took it like that.

Elena: Mm.

Ana: At all.

Devon: Hey.

Ana: What's this?

Devon: Uh, these are some dresses. I -- I never cleared out everything that belonged to hilary, and these are -- they were gifts to her, and they're 100% brand-new. They've never been touched at all. I just thought that if you -- if there's anything here that you might like to...

Elena: To -- to wear?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, I mean... I think this one has a nice swing to it.

Ana: "A nice swing"?

Devon: Yeah, when she moves, it, like, swings.

Ana: Uh-huh.

Devon: Shut up. This -- do you... there's this one, there's this one here... um...

Elena: Uh, they're beautiful.

Devon: Yeah. And if none of these work, there's a few more upstairs. And if they don't fit, we'll get a seamstress or something.

Elena: [ Sighs ] I-I mean, I think -- I think they'd fit. But... your wife. You obviously wanted to save these.

Devon: No. I wouldn't have offered if i wasn't okay with it. 'Cause I think that she would have done the exact same thing. She was very generous. So I'm more than fine with it.

Elena: [ Exhales softly ] What do you think?

Ana: I think my brother's a sweetheart.

Elena: Thank you.

Devon: Yeah, of course.

Sharon: Did it work?

Rey: [ Chuckles ] You couldn't tell?

Sharon: All the things I said about not taking nikki's job offer. You're gonna do it, aren't you?

Rey: And you're not happy about it.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Well, I'm being selfish. You know, we finally got to this point, and now I have to watch you pack and run off to vegas.

Rey: Hey, hey. It's not running off if it's about work.

Sharon: Who knows how long you'll be gone.

Rey: I promise, it will not be an hour longer than it needs to be.

Sharon: Yeah?

Rey: This is where I belong.

[ Keys clacking ]

Billy: You need more time to say yes? Even after our fun, exciting night? Including the angry-ex portion of the evening.

Victoria: Look, to be fair, before phyllis busted in, I told you I wanted to take things slow. And a ring isn't slow.

Billy: Yeah, but in my mind, we -- we have been taking things slow. I mean, at least for the last four or five years, you know.

Victoria: Oh. Since the divorce. That's very creative math on your part.

Billy: Thank you. It's a point of pride for me.

Victoria: I just want to do it right. So...if we were to do this --

Billy: Or when.

Victoria: If we do this, it has to be for good. I don't want to hurt you. And I don't want you to hurt me. And, above all else, billy, I don't want to hurt the kids.

Billy: I don't want to do that. I never want to do that.

Victoria: So maybe -- maybe -- maybe I shouldn't hold onto this for now.

Billy: We've been through a battle. At least we know where to step. To avoid the slings and the arrows and pesky land mines. We know how to lift each other up, how to support each other, to be our best selves. That's what I want for us. For the kids. I want to be a family. So if you need time to say yes to that, that's fine. As long as you're not saying no.

Victoria: I'm not saying no.

Billy: Good.

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